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Thread: [AO] Club La Luna - Moers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Yes, it is a land where time does not exist and truth is never told.
    Thet have the philospohers stone there.


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    Yes, it is a land where time does not exist and truth is never told.

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    Funny those were my two first girls in Club Angelique more than 4 years ago. I wonder how the have evolved. On their website they found the secret of eternal youth, Vanessa is still 19. I miss Ruby.

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    Myrrh. Yes it is amazing the club survives with tiny lineup. If Kathi and Vanessa left I think it would die. On the other hand, it only needs a small local clientele and doesn't have much local competition.

    They obviously expect to survive: at least one of the rooms has been freshly decorated.

    Definitely no way anything to do with any legends

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    Only 5 girls are currently advertised, 2 of them having been there for years. The continued longevity of this club I can only put down to the fact that German guys are notoriously reluctant to travel anywhere outside of their immediate vicinity for sex no matter how good these opportunities happen to be. This contrasts with other Europeans, like Brits and Nordics, who are forced to travel because of their restrictive paid sex industries. So this place continues to survive based on local trade and the 'legend' lives on. At least for now.

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    After meeting the beautiful Bianca at Dietzenbach (think early Christine Pucean with black hair and pre silicon), I wondered what the next four weeks before my return to her embrace and her shy smile could offer.

    After driving up to Dusseldorf to a hotel 30 minutes drive from La Luna I saw that traffic delays meant a 90 minute drive. So often this happens. I waited an hour and it had got down to 60 minutes and as it was getting late off I went.

    I drove into the small parking area and saw only two cars thank goodness. Got my 20 euros out, the door opened before I touched it, and my eardrums felt the impact of what sounded like a mad party. I looked around, saw a quiet romanian man, two cheerful girls behind the counter, and Vanessa on top of the counter, long legs spread all over the place. She started talking to me really loudly and I managed to understand maybe 25%, but I managed to indicate that I really had come back, that I had come for her, and that I wasn't interested in going to a room with the nice romanian gentleman.

    While changing, Vanessa accosted the other man in the changing room, who was leaving. We had a brief chat but ti was interrupted by Vanessa inspecting the size of his "pula".

    Showered, got back to main room, and Vanessa and another regular (can't remember name but I did her at Grimberg a year plus ago) were using the long mirror on the wall to practice their dancing (manele style). Vanessa really can dance, with considerable talent. I usually find pole dancing, stripping, lap dancing type stuff really boring, but Vanessa's hips moving are one of the wonders of the universe. Ten minutes later we were in a room, quick DFK, and a quick fuck. Anyone who knows me will know that a quick fuck is not my normal, but Vanessa had me finished within five minutes, with me doing all the work. We lay and had some desultory conversation (she has no English) and left the room. Not quite up there with Miruna (past worker at LL, but getting a bit towards it).

    Showered, and Kathi became free. We sat and she did the sweetest endless DFK on the couch. She is a really quiet girl and didn't take part in Vanessa's running around the club chasing another girl. I sensed she wasn't at her best. After ten to fifteen minutes I suggested going to a room. Everybody knows that she is one of the most taciturn workers, but she has started to talk to me, and in fact talked a lot: I only understood about half of what she was saying as she spoke in romanian (she does have some English but doesn't use it with me). I only had an hour unfortunately, but I believe that I let her have a nice time and rest. My reward was that she was very grateful, and the visit by her to me in the changing room as I was leaving was even sweeter and longer than usual.

    Left immediately, quick kiss from Vanessa, whose lips are soft and large, an exchange of pleasantries with the nice romanian gentleman, and 30 minutes later back to hotel, sleep, and ready for plane

    Bianca from Dietzenbach was still with me, but the LL visit was great, and a reminder that quality can be found if we make the effort, and that we can make our relationships with girls in all different ways. They are all different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBuddy69  [View Original Post]
    And Denisa seems to be gone.
    I didn't see her, but I am not very observant.

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    And Denisa seems to be gone.

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    Auto correct changed condoms to conforms. Apologies.

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    Will do proper report when I get WiFi.

    I had a great quick visit. Vanessa was in a great mood and was dancing showing her talents (Cristina Pucean eat your heart out).Great no nonsense fuck

    Kathi was as lovely as ever. If overpopular. I remember now why she is my favourite, the sweetest silkiest DFK in the known universe.

    Great great atmosphere in this tiny club.

    Confoms (decent ones) out in every room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrh  [View Original Post]
    Roberta started off with black hair and no tattoos but then dyed her hair brown and discovered the love of the needle. First, just a simple small cross in the centre of her chest which later mutated into a large complex square shaped block.
    I barely recognized her, but not because of hair colour or tattoos. Man was she fat! That was a while ago, but girls tend to gain weight more than slim down.

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    Roberta started off with black hair and no tattoos but then dyed her hair brown and discovered the love of the needle. First, just a simple small cross in the centre of her chest which later mutated into a large complex square shaped block.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Roberta Club La Luna.jpg‎  

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    For those asking about Roberta, she is back from 11th. She looks a bit different with black hair, but is I am sure the same Roberta.

    Very nice girl, but a bit out of my size range

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    Would you turn down a 100% pay rise?

    Quote Originally Posted by Optimist  [View Original Post]
    Kathi was busy so in the interregnum I checked the girls. One or two I had previously done in Grimberg etc: that struck me as odd, given the historical sedation of LL from the rtc. Also gone is the Manele, and now there are porn movies. It felt more like Grimberg or Venus than the LL of the past. There were about ten girls, of which 3 were doable.
    So a few fuglies from Grimberg have at long last realised that if they get off their lard asses and travel a few kilometers down the road (around 40 km) then they can effectively double their money at Luna because there "the basic price is 40, and 20 euros for extras" rather than 30 euros all-in and the customers are prepared to pay this. So Optimist I don't find it odd that these girls have made this move. I am just thinking what took them so long.

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