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Thread: AMPs in other areas of Dubai

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    Miss M one more report for the Diva

    After reading Joe's post, I decided to give it a go and report about it even if it is quite difficult to match the master's prose. I got the details thanks to Gunners and headed to the location. I realized that it was very close to a place where I encountered one of my regulars, an African lesbian. I found parking easily right in front of a restaurant I went to once or twice. The center was inside a building with very little indication. It seemed part of these places which survive thanks to a customer base of locals and other gulf nationals who care a lot not being seen getting in spa. When I arrived there was a no man allowed sign and the South Asian man I had discussed with prior to coming. We agreed on 30 minute massage and 45 minutes ham for 250. He led me to another floor and invited me to a room which had a massage table and a door that leads to the Moroccan bath, and he asked me if I May wait for the masseur I asked for.

    Truth be told I am not a big fan of this, and only tried it once before with not so much success, but after reading brother Joe's FR, I was just willing to be converted to this cult.

    Then she arrived, she was petite and better than what I expected based on reports: the denim shorts she was wearing were sexy as fuck. We had a little chit chat and this time I mentioned that a friend recommended me the place. She started a nice foot and back massage and at times she would caress me with the tip of her finger all across the body, from the back to the ears. It was a delicious sensation although not 100% erotic. It felt a bit smooth and a bit ticklish. She also teased my crotch which was a good sign. As I was lying on my belly I could feel the soft and silky caress on her legs against mine. Never felt this before. I was hoping for the action to start here, but it didn't. This got me a bit worried, as I thought she was too scared to start her show for whichever reason. Instead as massage time was over, she invited me to the steam room and left for a while. After removing the ugly shorts. The steam was at full throttle and really seemed unreal as per the previous reports. I was still a bit worried of no getting action even if I was naked. She came back, with towels and her smart phone with which she started playing music. To my relief got totally naked and started a mesmerizing B2B. Her skin was so soft and smooth that I was shivering all the time, despite the rather hot temperature. She rubbed her pussy on junior and it felt so good that I had to refrain from just pulling her by the hips and shoving it all the way in her pussy. Sometimes nothing beats bareback sex. Instead I had her move all the way up and tasted her juices, she started shaking in no time seemingly having an intense orgasm. Then she started her crazy body to body not forgetting any part of my skin. That was insane and got even more as she started a vigorous BBBJ. She varied intensity and explored all parts of my manhood not forgetting the balls. This had been going for a while when I erupted in long and almost painful orgasm. She gracefully took it all in her mouth and a good girl kept on pumping till the last drop. We stayed there for a small nap before I decided to go. It was almost a rude awakening as I had to rush in a meeting. IT was my best experience for a while and I am glad to say that I find my way as a new convert to the cult of the Moroccan bath. She mentioned that 23rd was her last day and she should come back after Ramadan.

    Damage: 250 at the counter + 200 for the extra.

    Place: 7.

    Hygiene: 6 (there was no disposable sheet on the steam room table).

    Massage: 7.

    Extra: 9.

    WIR: sure I will.

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    That's why

    Quote Originally Posted by IAintSpecial  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Usual pre ramadan crackdown has begun. I heard a lot of AMPS in Tecom got raided yesterday. Usual horror story from girls getting their money robbed etc. Best avoid the obvious places until 2nd week of Ramadan when things seem to cool off.
    As a matter of fact I tried to visit a recently discovered place and as I walked in, the watchman asked me where I was going (which he didn't do usually) to inform me that it was closed. Once back to my car, I called the manager who indicated that they moved to another apartment in the same building. These guys are really resilient, but better be safe than sorry: I was caught once on the midst of a raid and albeit I found out it was a labour compliance inspection, it wasn't a nice experience.

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    Tecom K

    Ms. K of Tecom is back. She said last week, reaching on 19th and now her status says Back in Dubai.

    Can't wait to go for the rear action.

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    Massage and wax


    Am anyone recommend a place that offers male grooming (wax) and massage with extras?

    I know and have visited most of the regular locations but actually need some grooming time to go with my personal pleasure!


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    Before Ramadan

    This is time of the year when all of you have to be careful. There is a cleanup operation going on as usual all over town including the places where or GEMS displays their skills.

    Hold your horses (pun intended) for few days till the Holy month settles down. When you walk in a place of your pleasure check around like James Bond before entering for any suspicious activity.

    My friend had scary encounter yesterday at our Gem's place. He was clever enough not to get caught with his disposable down!!

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    May. What a gem

    Thanks Joe for the info.

    This was by far the best body to body I've gotten ever.

    This girl is fantastic and her service levels are way above par.

    The started with a normal massage with me fondling her ass and tits whenever she was within my reach. More than sufficient attention was paid to erect studley.

    Soon, it was time for the Moroccan bath, with the room next door steaming. I entered and was asked to lie down. She walks out and enters back in her beautiful birthday suit. Then started the best body to body massage that I've ever gotten. Very nice sensual touches, deep FK and awesome BBBJ and I finished with CIM. She Spits, but she did spend enough time draining the lizard.

    Pity she is leaving soon.

    Thanks again Joe.


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    Thai at Barsha Heights

    Hi guys,

    This contact was passed on to me a fellow monger. Thanks mate. I have been planning to meet her for almost three months and somehow once or twice after booking I got busy and on one instance the AMP had a brawl and hence the booked date the spa was closed.

    It looks to be a non-legit AMP place as no mention of name anywhere and just arrive at the door. Note that ID needs to be produced at the tower reception and he diligently notes down all details which is slightly unnerving. I have been to this place earlier for a different girl when Miss Thai was in Bur Dubai. I booked an appointment with her as her first appointment and arrived at designated hour. It's a small flat with makeshift 8 feet wooden partition with just enough space for a mattress. After submitting donation at reception to a girl, Miss Thai came to receive me and I was amazed to see her as she looked so appealing in her open flowing hair with a black gown with her voluptuousness on display. She is 28. She smiled and escorted me in and after leaving me in room she went out and music a slightly more pitch was put on and I knew that this session is going to be good. I soon reverted to my birthday suit and lie down on the mattress. She came in and after exchanging the pleasantry I could see that her English is good enough to have a conversation which is always a plus. She then removed her gown and wallah she was in her micro panties and her boobs were just too good and big. I didn't want this session to be bang bang and hence decided for a massage first and she did my legs first and her touches were giving me goosebumps and the massage was above average but better than I had expected. Her deft touches at nether regions made me rock hard in no time. We continued to have a small conversation. She thereafter did by back and whilst doing that she managed to touch my back by her tits which was sending a tingling sensation in my body. After about 20 min or so I was unable to prolong any further and asked her to commence magic. What followed was a long DFK and sucking her twins for next 05 min or so as I love this part. She then extended the tease by giving me a B2B with those monsters and I was in heaven. This was followed by a slurpy BBJ with DT and it was bliss. More DFK and Twin gobbling and I decided to ram it in. We finished in mish and she was totally into the game. After a brief massage thereafter I left that place with a few pecks and kisses. As I was the lone guest there so the session despite the small AMP was more private. Despite the tiny place I was more than convinced to return as the girl is amazing. Just to update she is off for a vacation in next two days and may return after the up gradation of boob job post fasting period.

    Rating for girl looks: 08.

    Body: 08.

    GFE: 10.

    Damage: 100+200.

    WIR: Do I need to spell that out.

    P.S. May not return to the same place. So hold your PMs for her to return. The contact will be shared with utmost discretion.



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    Quote Originally Posted by IAintSpecial  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Usual pre ramadan crackdown has begun. I heard a lot of AMPS in tecom got raided yesterday. Usual horror story from girls getting their money robbed etc. Best avoid the obvious places until 2nd week of Ramadan when things seem to cool off.
    It would be pretty terrifying to be caught in middle of these clean up raids.

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    LE Raids in Tecom

    Hi all,

    Usual pre ramadan crackdown has begun. I heard a lot of AMPS in tecom got raided yesterday. Usual horror story from girls getting their money robbed etc. Best avoid the obvious places until 2nd week of Ramadan when things seem to cool off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleShooter  [View Original Post]
    Gunners had kindly provided the contact some time ago, but it took the deadline of May 25 to galvanise the Shooter into action.
    FYI she's leaving on the 23rd and not coming back.

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    Amp Al nahda

    Hey guys!

    Was out of town and returned to Dubai a week ago. Thought of re-visiting a spa in Al nahda ("HS") and go for the Viet gal I had previously posted FR about. Unfortunately I reached quiet late and she was busy. So I tried a new Thai gal, "Ms L", she's tall and cute although small tits. But what's good is she is extremely friendly. Throughout the massage she was teasing, tickling and flirting. She provided HJ with access to top and bottom. That with tit sucking made it joyful (No DFK).

    Damage: 120 (counter) + 100 (tip).

    WIR: Yes.


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    Thai B2B

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKarnavic  [View Original Post]
    M has informed that she is going to Thailand on 25th May during Ramadan and will be back after a month. She also requested not to tell other girls about her special service to few select customers. In short what she is saying is do not tell other girls that you expect service same as M from them. We need to be careful to continue getting special service from our Gem.
    Gunners had kindly provided the contact some time ago, but it took the deadline of May 25 to galvanise the Shooter into action. The trip into deepest darkest Deira was totally painless early on a Saturday afternoon, and parking was plentiful. There was some confusion about location, as there are 3 joints under the same management, and each time you call the number they direct you to a different one.

    Following in the footsteps of Gunners, Shadows, Joe & others, the Shooter dispensed dh250 to the Indian receptionist for 60 minutes' massage + 30 minutes Moroccan. M turned up in T-shirt and ultra-short shorts. Excellent legs, small perky boobs and an average face.

    Massage was about average while lying on the front. One suspects that she can do better if in the mood. Just a tad of titillation, nothing to write home about. The flip was more interesting. Her legs have very soft skin, and they go all the way up to her bum, which he caressed while she massaged all around the groin. He even slipped a finger under the panties and into the pussy.

    This was however only the prelude to the main act, which is in the Moroccan bath. As others have reported, this is very well executed. In fact, this is probably the closest you can get in Dubai to a Bangkok soapy experience. The B2B includes a prolonged and vigorous pussy frottage, although unlike SSCFan there were no accidental bareback insertions. The finale was by Bravo Juliet, skillfully executed and taking the full load CIM, not yielding until the proud member subsided.

    A very good experience. Sadly not to be repeated before the May 25 deadline. She mentioned that there is another Thai in the spa, but she does not suck (which sucks). The Shooter tipped dh250, which was gracefully received.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SscFan  [View Original Post]
    Did You fuck LiNa bareback? Anyone else did?
    AFAIK Lina always insists on a condom. If you got one FS is on the cards else no. She is pretty strict on that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbdbbd  [View Original Post]

    I then whispered into her ear that I wanted to fuck her. It seemed that she forgot her enjoyment for a second. Her face turned a little serious and she asked me how much I was willing to pay. I mentioned the standard rate. She agreed and spread her legs. She used a little bit of the oil and soon, I was inside her, pumping my junk like a hormonal teenager. It was an amazing feeling, watching her muffle her moans. The walls of the rooms weren't thick at all. I was at it for around 15 minutes, and I came all over her tummy and boobs. She cleaned me and herself up, and I lay down for the rest of the massage. As expected, the massage was extraordinary, with access all over her body. I got a little extra time, since the shower was occupied by other customers.

    When my time for shower came, she escorted me to the shower. I started on my own, but she quickly joined and gave me a full soapy rub-down with attention at the right places. Towelled down, paid her with a kiss, a hug and a grope, and left.
    Did You fuck LiNa bareback? Anyone else did?

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    Different Experiences

    I've been away from the forums for a bit but not away from MP's and today I finally got some time to write about few of the experiences.

    1. Deira MP. This was a sister concern of the distance marker spa and I went in blind just going with the Viet choice given by the dude at reception. She had just had a quarrel with him and carried on talking as she ushered me into the room. Anyway clothes off and I laid down and she started touching me in a flirtatious way. I asked her what was on the menu and she gave me a run-down. I chose FS for 300 and proceeded with some light kissing and she responded by sucking my cock. This wasn't DFK which Zi would've preferred. I proceeded for DATY and man she was into it. So much so that I could see some light squirting and she was ultra wet. She pulled out the condom slipped it on me and off we went for a good session in a coiple of positions.

    Overall not a bad experience but I did want to come back and try some of the others.

    2. Business Bay MP. I went to the same one that I had posted about earlier. Again got a Viet chick who was a professional masseuse in Sheraton (atleast that's what she told me) and she was really good. If someone's looking a very good massage I would recommend her. The extras on offer were handjob and B2 B and I chose the latter. But I was disappointed with this part of the service as it was very mechanical and no kissing was allowed. Anyway total damage was 100 + 200 tip and I walked out of there.

    3. Deira MP Again. I mentioned above that I wanted to try a different flavor and this time at the same joint I asked for a Thai but unfortunately she was busy so I ended up choosing a Moroccan. She had some absolutely excellent curves. Guys who like to grab and grope will understand where I'm coming from. Amazing flesh and the right places and fantastic boobs. So she took me into the room and I undressed following which she sat on top of my back and asked me if I wanted massage, B2 B or fuck? This was my first time with a Moroccan and I was super excited so obviously chose FS but in my haste I didn't negotiate whether BJ or kissing were part of the package. Unfortunately for AED 500 and being a first tiner I wasnt allowed thise pleasures but was promised them next time. Before I digress further, she undressed and the best part was she was without makeup and still looked very naturally pretty. She did a nice belly dance wolith only the hips and the booty shaking and I was truly mesmerized. She laid down and I started kissing her neck and those beautiful natural boobs and then went in for DATY. I was down there for about 15 minutes and she was enjoying it too with one finger in her pussy. Suddenly she pulled me up and slipped the rubber and we went at it missionary style for some time. She was a bit tired though since she hadn't eaten and was now begging for me to finish. I obliged and then she cleaned me up and allowed me to suck on her tits for a few minutes as a bonus. She is not very good in English but did tell me that next time for AED 700 I would get everything. Although that's a steep price at an MP, I don't know if a Moroccan could be had at that price. Total damage 150 at the door + 500.

    4. Karama MP. I thought of visiting Lina's MP after a long time but drove away when I saw a couple of men in local outfits standing outside. So while Waiting I noticed the number of an MP card in the car next to mine. I called and asked for the location and the price was 80 dhs so I thought let's run with it. The place is in a building next to one of the iconic buildings in Karama that's being demolished. I walked in to the mezzanine floor as directed and this was an office converted into an MP. Anyway chose the Thai as the others were Indian that I didn't want and she guided me to one of the partitions. Shorts were offered and I wore them and got on the bed. What followed was a pretty decent massage but to my dismay there was no customary tearing of the shorts and some titillation while I was on my back. I was asked to turn and then I asked her to tear the shorts from the sides after which she asked if I wanted a happy ending. I asked for a menu as usual and she said 50 bucks for a HJ, 100 for HJ and access, 150 for a BJ and 200 for a B2 B. I opted for B2 B but yet again was let down as she didn't allow for some FK. Anyway I said that I've had much better B2 BS and wouldn't be visiting this shabby joint anytime soon.

    So all in all, a couple of duds mixed in with some decent experiences as I tried to foray into some newer MP's rather than the usual tried and tested ones.

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