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Thread: AMPs in other areas of Dubai

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    Bur Dubai experience

    Wanted to explore the Bur Dubai scene since heard a few good reports about the place.

    Contacted a seemingly legit place. And he straightaway sent me all the girl's pics and claimed FS for 200.

    This was too good to be true and smelled a fish, but the 'budget monger' in me thought what the heck. Let's give it a try.

    Reached the agreed location, and the guy took me to a flat that had a proper reception with the rate card (signifying that this indeed was a legit establishment). However, when the girls were paraded, I quickly realized that there was not even the remotest connection between the shared pics and this stuff. However, took my time to look at all the chic's assets. The (so called) 'Indians' had big boobs and ass but their faces were more like they are coming from a red light district, so could not dare to take them.

    Finally took the Indo chic, petite but yet innocent looking.

    Went inside the partition (very hot), and asked them to start the A/C. The chic just sat next to me while I disrobed (got a kick by my semi erect tool almost touching her face. LOL).

    The massage was not at all bad, and the girl was trying to please me with her massage skills. However, I indicated that she could only please me by sinking in the by-now erect tool in her small mouth. Paid 100 to her and she was nude in a jiffy. Played with her pussy / body and came on her tits after a so-so BBBJ.

    Damage: 100 counter + 100 chic + 50 tip as she really tried to please me. Did not take the FS, as I was not interested in such a small partition.

    WIR: made a mental note to never revisit the place again, as LE activity can be a possibility in such a place. Moreover, the chicks were shabby and non-bang-worthy.

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    4 Hands

    In all my previous sessions I always have 2 hands massage. Willing to go for 4 hands type of massage but don't know the routine and things to do / don't and "tip" routine as well. Appreciate the feedback.


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    Great report! Will help us all, much appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lippin227  [View Original Post]
    Jeez I've blown a load of money at a particular Thai chain over the last 8 months. But I guess if you're single in this town, enjoy massages, are into Thai women and are making your commission bonus every month. What ya' going to do?

    My top 3 Delights are:

    (1) Miss C, MILF near wild place.

    Considered to be the best masseuse in the business, and I've always had a 10/10 from her consistently in that regards. Echoed by others. Her HJs are also the best in the business, lots of variety from stroking, cupping of balls, gentle twisting of the shaft area, kneading of the knob end with her thumb, and the two hander to completion is fantastic. Which is so different to the usual jerking up and down HJs you get.

    I also enjoy unlimited play with her (not obviously augmented) Whoppers Delights, and after 3 years of visiting. She's only just started blowing me off for free, but not sure if she does this for others. I also once had some good pussy play where she took 3 fingers, and was flowing like lotion. Seemed quite embarrassed that she came, which I found endearing.

    If you want a fantastic massage, with some good titillation as well, she's definitely your lady.

    Famous quote: "I know my job very well, and I train new ladies to do 'special' on my day off".

    Money: AED300 + AED300, no upselling ever or painful negotiations, it's just what I pay her at the end.

    Negative stuff: Can have off days which doesn't always give a great CX. Hairy pussy.

    (2) Miss A, naughty minx near Internet City...

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    Back after long

    Long time lurker but became a member recently.

    Used to post a lot on ISG forums some years back but then was off for an year and so.

    Have been mongering for quite a long time in Dubai, and have samples the goodies at many joints.

    My fav hands down are the MP's, mostly in Deira as it is near residence.

    Back from vacations, and the family still happily back home, decided to give myself a 'welcome back' gift.

    Headed to one my usual joints in a Deira hotel near the famous roundabout. Asked the receptionist to parade the birds to check if some new staff is there. Huge bazookas of an 'Indian' girl caught my eye (yes, yes. I know all these are Bengali chicks, but get paraded as Indian almost everywhere). Pointed to her, leering shamelessly at her mammaries, to which she smiled.

    Inside the chamber, shorts were neither offered nor was I interested. Once my girl enters the room, I grab her by the tits, and she starts the negotiations. I am normally not a FS guy, so just negotiated to enjoy her nude body and get her lips on my soldier.

    Pumped her mouth to my heart's content, finally came on her big mammaries, and cleaned by wiping over her big areola.

    Damage: 100 + 200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asterfero  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys!

    Returned to dubai after a few months. First day back in my office and I was surfing online looking for a MP nearby. Hadn't slept the previous night and was looking for some nice relaxation. I found a website listing 4-5 places. I decided on one close by. It was in a hotel apartment near a mall in Deira. I reached the building and asked at the reception as there were no signs and the apartment no. Wasn't mentioned in the website. The receptionist was busy on his mobile and looked at me irritatingly and told me the room no. I went up to the room and fond no sign outside. The door was open so I walked in. It was a normal apartment with a desk right in the middle of the living room. I told the guy behind that I'm interested for massage and told him my preference for a Thai gal. He called a girl out. Although it was printed on the menu that 60 minutes is for 250, on the website it was mentioned 100. I told the guy ill be paying 100 and he readily agreed. The gal was cute, short, bubbly, medium tits and good ass. I followed her to the room which was quite big with a double side bed (very rare for an AMP). I happily put on the shorts offered and lay on my back comfortably. She started the massage which was OK. In a short time she tore the shorts and was playing around. Her English was alright so we spoke a bit, at one point she asked me if I'm a virgin (Understood that she's down to FS). After seeing my erection she offered me HJ. I asked her for FS and was offered for 300. I negotiated it to 200 and we got down to business. She started with a bit of foreplay and kissing around (although no DFK). I was quite exhausted to be honest so I quickly put the rubber on and got down to it. After some of missionary and cow girl, I exploded happily. She cleaned me off and gave me a head massage for the remaining 5 minutes.

    Damage: 100+200.

    WIR: Yes, next time well rested and have some more fun. Will be interesting to check out other talent there also.
    Nice report Asterfero. I have seen friends paying 400+ at such locations, which is not justifiable. Pussy is aplenty everywhere. Let's keep the prices in check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmRev2017  [View Original Post]
    Try using Browsec extension on Chrome. I use it and it works fine.
    A big thanks, AmRev bro! Finally got through with your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyGuy2017  [View Original Post]
    Hi all forum members,

    Any idea how to subscribe when behind a proxy. I am trying to subscribe, but the quick pay. Gtbill page doesn't load, so I am not able to subscribe.

    (FYI. I am behind a web proxy).
    Try using Browsec extension on Chrome. I use it and it works fine.

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    Subcription. Not able to pay

    Hi all forum members,

    Any idea how to subscribe when behind a proxy. I am trying to subscribe, but the quick pay. Gtbill page doesn't load, so I am not able to subscribe.

    (FYI. I am behind a web proxy).

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    Amp al nahda

    Hey all!

    Visited one of my regular AMPS in Al Nahda yesterday. Although this time I decided to go for someone different. Last time I had gone for a Viet gal which I had previously posted FR for. This time I chose a Thai gal. Ironically she wasn't a typical Thai looking gal. Nevertheless she was cute, a bit chubby, but amazing tits (which BTW I didn't notice at first for some reason). Entered the room which has floor mattress which I don't like. She started with the message, I opted for Hard one. Still it was an average massage as even though she is strong, she lacked in technique. She did not play around or tease which was a downer. 40 minutes into the massage she offered extras. I didn't ask for the menu, She offered HJ with top off which I accepted. It is only then I realized how awesome her tits are. She asked me how I like a HJ, I told her a slow build up. She was quite good at that, She slowly stroked my dick as I played with her tits while she was moaning. She was patient and involved which is important to me. It lasted about 10 minutes. While leaving I asked her if next time there cud be more on the menu and she said sure.

    Damage: 130 at counter + 100 tip.

    Place: 6/10.

    Girl: 7/10.


    WIR: Some day.

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    Spa at Dubai Bowling center

    Hi chaps,

    Bought a voucher from the yellow fruit for 1 hour marocan bath and 1 hour massage for 200. Was assigned a pretty and slim Thai girl. We started for the Marocan bath which was not sppecial. After that we started with the massage. She asked what I wanted and I asked for the menu.

    HJ100, B2 B300 and FS 500. No way to negotiate. I told her just to finish the massage and she was a bit dissapointed. But did a great massage. The room was nice since it was connected to the marocan bath suite. But will not return for those rates.

    Room: 9/10.

    Girl: 7/10.

    Massage 8/10.

    Service: and. A.

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    Thai at Barsha hights

    Hi chaps,

    Went there last weekend and asked for MissT. Rooms are aweful. Just partitions with open walls and a matrace on the floor. She switched on really loud music to cover the noise from the room. Anyhow she asked quite quickly what I want. I said full service please. She asked how much I usually pay for that and I said 200 and she agreed immediately without negotiations. She started the massage which was not bad. After 30 minutes she got undressed. Her body is fine for 38 years but she got a really bad boob job. Huge melons which are sacking already and you can feel the scars from the operation. But she did a great BBBJ and the rest was also very good service.

    Room 3/10.

    Girl 6/10.

    Service /8/10.

    Value for the money 8/10.

    Damage: 100 + 200.

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    Moroccan bath

    I was in Deira and went to Ms M's AMP. It was easy to find after RTFF. Unfortunately Ms M has not come back and will be back only after a month. Tried her friend Ms H. He massage was very ordinary as she has no strength in her hands. The Moroccan bath was not extraordinary. She did b2 b butt with small boobs it was not great. Wasted my time.

    There are hardly any punters going there. Ms H told me that I was the only customer that day.

    Gave her 250 as tip and 150 to counter (30 min massage and 45 min bath).

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    A is sorting her visa out for DXB but she desperately is trying not to come back to the DIP AMP but if no choice she will be back there itself. Hopefully should be back by the end of the month or maybe even before. The receptionist is the madam and man wily is a freakin understatement.

    Quote Originally Posted by PuristicRook  [View Original Post]
    Very nice FR. A should be back soon too. But I wouldn't mind trying this one. The receptionist is a real wily one at times.

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    You're not wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by PuristicRook  [View Original Post]
    Very nice FR. A should be back soon too. But I wouldn't mind trying this one. The receptionist is a real wily one at times.
    Indeed, need to watch out in general.

    By the way tried her again and can confirm the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daliah123  [View Original Post]
    I think I have found the most incredible chick in Dubai. No joke.

    So I was looking for Miss A, formally of Coin fame. Found the place but A was not there. I am always up for anal, so I always ask if that is on the menu. Two photos were sent on whatsapp. Looked decent enough. Prices were 200 for the desk and 200 for the girl.
    Very nice FR. A should be back soon too. But I wouldn't mind trying this one. The receptionist is a real wily one at times.

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