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Thread: Guatemala City

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    La Linea

    This week I was flying out of Guate early and took the bus to town arriving early around 9 am. Wanting a release before I caught the plane and being limited on time I took a cab to 13 Av and 10 ca zona 1. There was some sort of religious parde taking place and I had to walk about 200 m to get to train tracks because the road was closed to traffic. I always wanted to experience La Linea but I guess I wasn't ready in a street sense sort of way. I followed the train tracks down past dozens of door ways that were mostly closed or had large or aged women hanging out of them. There is probably a lot better selection in the PM but hell at 9 ish I. The morning I'm a little more open. There was a lot of Cops but the girls didn't seemed worried, a copien girls looked like they were strung out on dope and the whole area gave me an uneasy feeling. I got to the end where there was just about no one including the 30 or so local customers I passed on the way through. There was decent looking girls in a door way there I'd say a 7 but because of the cops I was moving slow and a guy on a moto pulled up and entered her place a head of me. The a couple of cops ran past me and tackled a guy in a tank top, holding him down and looking Ganges markings, asking him what he was doing. I turned and headed back to the top of the street / rail tracks. At the last door on the corner there were 6 cops standing but a girls with an attractive face and a body that was not fat but not my type was hanging out the door. I didn't want to talk business in front of the cops so I asked if I could visit with here I. Her room. She close the door behind me and asked what I wanted. She wasn't the kind of girl I would stick my dick but really needed a release before the flight. She provided CBJ for, wait for it 60 Q and then I had her get naked and Tity fucked here for 20 Q more. I have the full 100 Q instead of asking for change. She wasn't all that hot but serviced me well and asked when I was coming back. I hit the road and said thanks. I would say that La Lnea is more of an adventure stop than a good place to monger but I'm curious what talent is available during a weekend afternoon. Either way the place is gang infested and you need to be careful in that place.

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    Great Reports!

    Great reports Ig6!!

    El Mechanico.

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    Now, he tells me!

    As I was on my way to Venus, I walked past a local bar. A patron came out, called out for me "Jefe! Oye, Jefe!" It was the owner of Ladys VIP. He remembered me and told me that on that day (or the day before) he not only had two new girls, but four more new girls. Oh, well, a week late and a dollar short.

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    Friday and Saturday

    On Friday night, my conference was over, and I ditched my co-workers. I walked over to Venus and had another sweet session with the affectionate little Sophia. It was the 3rd session in less than a week, and it doesn't seem like most of the clients of that place take the girls upstairs, being locals who prefer to sit and pay for ficha drinks for the chicas' attention. She said the chicas were lucky to get a couple of entradas a week, an she only had 3 that week, being one of the two petite chicas there. (That got my attention. There was another tenderoni in this club full of MILFs, basketball players, high school female basketball coaches, overweight goth girls, and Minnesota housewives?

    The owner recognized me when I entered, greeted me like a long lost brother, and immediately found Sophia and guided us upstairs. Venus has the equivalent of a small two bedroom apartment with its own stairway entrance right by the main entrance. The stairs lead to a living room lined on three sides with couches, and there is a bedroom with shower off each side. The living room doubles as a waiting room for couples waiting their turn for a room, but since that rarely happens, it seems to be the place for the private dance, or for customers to chill out with a favorite dancer. ("dancer" might not be the right term, because I never saw any chica dance on the pole downstairs).

    I paid the owner Q400, and this time we went to the room on the left, which was much better, light-wise, but had the same mirror image layout as the other, with wall sized mirror, queen sized bed, and full bath. However, the shower was wonky, and we were better off using the hand held hose that used to have a flexible shower head. Sophia was as affectionate as she was the first two sessions, if not more. Before getting out of her comically high heels, she gave me some DFK and deep hugs, and when she got out of them, she came down to my shoulder height. Coming out of the shower, she stood on the bed so I could kiss her neck, her breasts, and look up to her to kiss her. It was another great session highlighted by watching her give me a BBBJ with her small mouth and puffy lips in the wall mirror.

    Afterwards, I asked her to bring back the femi-dom I gave her as a souvenir. I had just used my last one, and if she wanted me to session with her before I left, she would have to bring it back when I came over the next night, Saturday.

    We went downstairs. I sat down. I noticed a local customer in a sport suit jacket and open collar. Watching him cruise the bar, I figured out his backstory: not quite middle age, middle class dude, ditched the family for the evening, drove to other side of town to dip his toes in the municipal pool that is commercialized adultery. As I basked in my own afterglow, I watched the owner find Sophia and sit her down with sports jacket for a couple hours of ficha drinks at the other end of the bar. I watched the music videos, marveled at the mix of junk and classics the DJ played, and started sizing up the talent. Man, there is a guy with a hankering for big boned German and Estonian girls who should come to this place. I noticed a tall blond with a well upholstered bod and a Russian face. Her and her partner disappeared into a private room on the ground floor, emerged a few moments later, and resume their station sitting at the wall on the right of the entrance.

    I made eye contact with a petite, lithe, light brown girl with an eye catching, skimpy, and only slightly provocative little outfit. Very athletic, smallish tits, pretty face, and pert round ass. She reminded me a mestiza twin of the worthless, incompetent, but quite scheming and litigious mulatta Puerto Rican junior analyst I can't get fired or transferred at work. (How many times have I looked at her, disappointed by her work habits but knowing her gravity defying booty will convince some simp to marry the single mother with no career prospects?) After the second time we locked eyes, she came over and talked to me. We started to hit it off, even after I told her I had no money for ficha drinks. "I was told the streets were dangerous at night, and that I should only bring enough for cabs and entrada." She liked me anyway. I guess the testosterone shot I took the week before allowed me to give off the right pheromones. Or maybe the most alluring cologne you can wear for a woman is...the scent of another woman. I asked if she could see me outside the club, clandestinely of course. She was eager. She was living a double life, working a regular job as a supervisor, for a world renown retail chain, driving in her car from store to store, coming to the club at 8pm.

    Teah gave me her number like a pickpocket planting evidence. We agreed I would call her at 4pm the next afternoon and attempt to get her to my room. She would dress like an executive as camouflage to get past the hotel security, and I would put on my work clothes so we would look "corporate." I called her at 4pm, she was able to arrive an hour and half later. No problems this time, because that night, there was hundreds of families showing up for a wedding and two proms, with many of them renting rooms to spend the night. The cream of Guatemala's upper middle class and rich were showing up. Some in the tuxes and evening gowns, some with their hair and make up done up that afternoon in street clothes, so they could get dressed in their rented rooms. There were at least 50 parties trying to check in at the desk, the halls were noisy with teenagers doubled and tripled up in hotel rooms.

    When Teah showed up, it was in a cab. Her car had broken down and she had to leave it at Venus the night before. A mechanic was called, and it would be fixed during the day, ready for her to drive away after work the next day, the key left with the club. She was concerned about having forgotten her phone, which she was charging in the taxi driver's cab. It took several phone calls to her own phone that night, some before and some after we sessioned, to the cabbie, but she eventually go him to drop it off at her of the benefits of having "your" own cabbie. In the room, we got to know each other better and play acted a few scenarios to take advantage of her pants suit executive look. Scenario A) we worked at the same firm, but were having a secret office romance, checking into the hotel for an extended lunch time tryst. Scenario B) I was the young intern and she was the executive, and if I wanted that promotion, well, I better make her happy. "But, but...your husband is senior partner..." "Why are you talking when you should be removing my panties with your teeth?" She got into the play acting of Scenario B, improvising many lines with me and incorporating it into the foreplay, which got hotter and hotter as each item of her pantsuit ensemble came off.

    It was great session, except, like so many chapin women this trip, she did a cbj. It was a good one, but it was covered. Lacking a femi-dom, had to use that antique, latex anachronism to penetrate her, which wasn't bad, but the feeling of having my dick laminated was keeping me from cumming. I positioned her on the bed, with her head half hanging off the side. I stood over her, teabagging her while she hummed, licked my balls, tapped morse code on her clit, and I gave her a pearl necklace.

    It was so great to do it in a nice hotel room. Unrushed, comfortable with the surroundings and comfortable with each other. Afterwards, we got a cab. She would join me for dinner and then we would walk our separate ways to Venus to avoid suspicion. The cabbie found the Korean restaurant on 11 street. The kimchi was good, but the bbq beef was horrible. The stringy, low quality cuts of meat hiding in a haystack of shredded carrots and cabbage. What kind of Korean bbqs their meet with cabbage? You pickle cabbage, you don't cook it in Korea. But the conversation was very nice, and I could feel she was savoring our time together. We exchanged contact info in case I would return to Guatemala. Unlike EStephany, this girl had a phone.

    We walked out and when were a few blocks away we separated. I used Passiones' bathroom and when I got to Venus 10 minutes later, the owner was happy to see me. He asked if I wanted Sophia or the other "flaquita" he spotted me talking to the night before (referring to Teah.) I said Sophia, wanting to cap off my trip with a last session with her. After all, she had my last femi-dom. She was lying down in the back, resting, but the owner got her. She was a little tired that night, but she perked up when we got in the room. While this session did not have the novelty factor of the one I had earlier that afternoon, it was the same "hot chocolate on a cold fall afternoon" experience as the previous three with Sophia, ending a strong orgasm inside her thanks to the freedom of movement and friction of the femi-dom.

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    A night in a no-tell, no-see, love hotel

    EStephany made a date for us to meet after she got off work at Passiones the next night. That would be 3 am, closing time. She told me she had her own car and I would wait for her at the corner, and then we would park in the hotel garage. She'd call me around 3:15 am, when she had signed out, got dressed, and cashed out and was on her way.

    I tried to go to sleep early, ideally at 8, 9, or even 10 pm, so I would have the energy to wake up two hours early, but I didn't. I was asleep and when the phone rang, I was shocked that it was only an hour and some change after I fell asleep. It was 11:30, and she had used the hotel lobby phone. Can you come down? Right away! I said.

    She was seated in the lobby. I told her to dress low profile, and she had a dress with a thick, almost navy wool coat. Why was she here so early? She quit her job at the strip club, which did not surprise me, given how she spoke about it the night before. If she hadn't gone to work, why was she here so late. She wasn't sure I would be in my room earlier, plus she drove around the neighborhood and had a hard time remembering where my hotel was. No problem, 11:30 beats 3:30 any night.

    We tried to take the elevator but were stopped by the two hotel security guys. The place was completed disserted, but there was no camouflaging within the crowd We were directed to the front desk. The guy at the desk looked up my room number and told me no way. I didn't want to go the hotel restroom route like the other poster, so it was Time for plan "B". Her car was parked outside. We parked it inside and then took a cab. She gave him directions to Paradise love hotel, but he took us to one just a few blocks away on the other side of Reforma. It looked good to me, but she "preferred the tension at Paradise Hotel," and we wound up practically around the corner from Ladys VIP on the border of Zona 13.

    We got out, and the taxi driver wanted Q40. Even though we drove for less than 5 minutes, and 3 of those minutes were him taking us to the wrong place. Oh, well. There was an inner courtyard with open and closed garage doors. The walls of the garages had the names of the themed suites upstairs, and packages/prices/services available on the wall. We picked one, entered, pressed a button to close the garage door, and picked up a phone to gain entrance. Q230? Q240? got us 4 hours in the Arabian Nights themed suite. An unseen person opened the door to the suite that simultaneously kept us from viewing each other. We paid through a slot and unseen hands put our change in the tray by the slot. Inside was a big TV, a hot tub, a full bath, a big bed, a little table. I took a shower, and via the phone, she ordered some chicken stir fry, rice, and a roll of bread, which must have been delivered, hot and fresh, through the slot on a plate and tray with two cups and a can of soda.

    She showered, I found the porno channel, just in time for the start of some Private brand euro-porn. As late as ten years ago, Private could be counted for high production value, shot in interesting locales porn with beautiful models on high quality film stock. While this was shot in a ski resort, it must have been the "B" team of not so good former actresses and actors from the Soviet Union countries. Somehow, Private had made scene after scene of anal sex seem as boring and without zest as a six hour old bag of take out fast food. In contrast, the room was clean and well maintained, even if the middle eastern themed wall decorations and displays seemed like chintzy left over and pick-ups from a dozen yard sales in Dearborn, Michigan.

    EStephany was hungry, but not for the food she ordered. She was horny, lovesick, and tender all at the same time. She picked up the honeymoon from where she left off the previous night. Lots of GF kissing and caressing, but with an underlying urgency. She cradled me in her hips went I DATY, grabbing my hands and putting them on her tits, having me alternating between mashing them with my entire hand and treating her nipples like a radio operator trying to find the right frequency. While she did break out a condom for oral, saying she was real careful, the blowjob was better because we had the space of a real bed, and the luxury of a full length ceiling mirror. She also remembered what I liked. She licked me like a lollipop, then took it off, guided me into the femidom, and went to cowgirl to start racking up the orgasms.
    After two, she stopped, caught her breath, became aware of her surroundings, and decided it was my turn. We went to missionary, side-to-side, then did the Barber of Seville and the Kung Fu Fighter before I decided it was time to bust a nut, and we finished in spoons.

    We talked for a while and then we got horny again. This time, she was feeling loving enough to give me a bbbj. I only brought one femidom, so she left it inside after the first go, and slathered myself in a mix of lotion and water I had in a small pump bottle before going in. It was great, but towards the end, the mirror, her moans, the euro-porn, and focusing on her cute ass could not get the rocket to leave the launch pad, so we got side-to-side and started jacking each other off. She tea bagged me while I came all over her tits. She laughed, saying I had painted her with my swimmers. Afterwards, we cuddled, talked some more, and when were good and relaxed, we showered, and left.

    We had to wait a few moments for a cab, but got back to my hotel for less than it cost us to leave there. In the garage, I got her parking ticket validated at the front desk while she wrote down her contact info. She lived with her mom and her offspring, and had no phone, but her mother had one. Sitting there in the cab of her jalopy, almost out of gas pick up truck with no passenger side door handle, I gave her my contact info and she told me her real name. She gave me a heartfelt goodbye, the kind a girlfriend gives a guy shipping out on a year long missionary tour or on the dock of the aircraft carrier that is going underway with him on it in less than hour. When will I be back? I don't know, but we were really good to each other. She left with a bag full of two weeks worth of fancy hotel soaps, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mouthwash, shower caps, etc, and Q900.

    I had an hour to sleep before I would have to get up to go to work. Three nights left on this trip. I had only one femi-dom left, but I was sure I could get Sophia at Venus to have the one I gave her as a souvenir ready for us to use before I left. I would get caught up on sleep on that night, but finish strong with Friday and Saturday night.

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    Passiones, Madonnas, and Excessos

    More Saturday night window shopping. Passiones is new, modern, spacious and well run. The quality / price ratio is a reasonable Q850/45 minutes in a clean room w / shower / bath, although most would say that while a couch in a cabin is enough for watching a private dance, it is not wide enough to do a horizontal mambo. Dancer quality is pretty good by G-city standards, but you will see little silicon, small defeated breasts, and lots of baby damaged tummies on the pole in this town. . or maybe not, the stages are sometimes 20 yards away or more from your vantage point.

    From the moment I went into Madonnas and got free, complementary drink (I didn't want anything alcoholic, so I was given 5 icecubes and a few ounces of orange drik in a chil's disposible cup) I had a minder who could have worked in North Korea, protecting the secrets of the hermit kingdom from inquisitive reporters. Nice talent, Q850. I spotteda a dancer doing her routine who reminded me of Medellin's Kelly, named Lilly. I tried to watch, but my new escort was badgering me for drinks, asking me kind of chicas I liked, etc. Annoying, and didn't sit enough to enjoy Salvadoran Lilly's dance, as he interrupted my attention every 45 seonds. I went upstairs and he followed me like I was a shoplifter in a jewelrystore. He didn't follow into the bathrow but he was behind me while I walked around. Nothing came out of it, but I would been hard pressed to no to 50% of them had I not busted a nut an hour later.

    Went to Excesso's: minder was more tolerable. Hower talent was not worth th 1,200 or 1230 I was quoted, despite most being solis 6-8 range.

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    Moulin Rouge's elastic prices

    I have stepped into Moulin Rouge three times in the last two weeks, and have gotten a different price quote each time: q1200,1230, and tonight Q690, which supposedly included something like a drink or a tip for the chica, could not tell which, music was so loud. This being a Saturday, there was no difference in how many cheeks were in the seats. It is a small venue and it is always full of local customers (about) 50 - but as soon as I walked in, I had a shadow. A guy offering to get me drinks which would have been interesting, because I would have had to drink it standing up, every seat and table was full.

    A doable Honduran latched onto me and got friendly, but she could have been a stealth fighter on my sexual radar screen, as I had already two pops that evening.

    I will upgrade last week's assessment of Moulin Rouge's talent pool. It is a local place, and locals like MR's 60% line up of plush gals. However, there are some exports who are slimmer and trimmer. And whereas you would not bother to sort through the line up at Q1,200, at Q600 price point, you might.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IguanaSix  [View Original Post]
    I'm working on a Andriod tablet when I am on the road, and even with a keyboard attachment, it is a PITA. Why was 60 minute rule implemented in the first place? What benefit is derived and who benefits?
    You mean you were doing all these reports on a Droid tablet? That is absolutely amazing that you actually did such long reports with such a handicap. You have my double respect now. I get frustrated trying to send a text message of more than five words.

    Don't know about the 60 minute rule, but maybe the Mods can take the time to answer that now, since they have been screening my posts for a year now. I'm not sure why. Maybe Mr. Mod can explain why my posts are still on review, even though I have put out some good TRs from Thailand and the DR since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eszpresszo  [View Original Post]

    And since you enlightened me to the joys of the "femidom" (which I previously thought was a fallback device for desperate women in bad situations) I will share will you a workaround on the 60 minute editing rule. Write your TR on a text document (Word, Wordpad, Notepad, whatever). Proofread it. Then read it again until you are satisfied you have got it right. Then copy and paste it into the TR field. In other words, one and done. No need to edit. It's what I do when I make a long TR. And the best TRs are long.
    I'm working on a Andriod tablet when I am on the road, and even with a keyboard attachment, it is a PITA. Why was 60 minute rule implemented in the first place? What benefit is derived and who benefits?

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    And since you enlightened me to the joys of the "femidom" (which I previously thought was a fallback device for desperate women in bad situations) I will share will you a workaround on the 60 minute editing rule. Write your TR on a text document (Word, Wordpad, Notepad, whatever). Proofread it. Then read it again until you are satisfied you have got it right. Then copy and paste it into the TR field. In other words, one and done. No need to edit. It's what I do when I make a long TR. And the best TRs are long.

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    Pasiones (continued)

    (I curse the 60 minute editing rule).

    So, Regina was plummeting in attractiveness, going from being a 10, to a 9, to an 8, to just being the challenge of being the cute, soon -to-be ex-girlfriend of the kid you have to fire at work who is going to dump him when yshe finds out he lost his job. I looked across the other side of the club where some guy was 20 minutes into his lap dance. Not for me, uhh-uuhhh, no blue balls.

    I decided to ask Regina to the cabina before I didn't want to anymore. She reminded me she wasn't a dancer, and even if the entrada was q850. She didn't without a bottle package. What was that? She called a waiter. Entrada, bottle of booze, bottle service. Grand total. Q2350. I didn't bring half of that. Use your card. Don't have it with me. Go get it,. I waited for you for almost 3 hours, and I need some sleep. I don't care, that's my program. How about tonight we just go to the room and tomorrow night I bring my credit card. No.

    What a relief. What a transformation. From expensive got-to-have hottie, to someone who reminded me of the petulant, incompetent, but attractive girl who gets your order wrong at Dairy Queen.....f you live in Montana. As she walked away I got a good look at her ass in the dental floss thong and realized that before the hobby, or if was just 20 years ago, I would have been powerless against the pussy. Man, that would not have been a good session. I paid q2,500 for 6 hours and 3 SOG from a Caprichos pull just 8 years ago (see my report).

    I had a plan B. EStephany was downstairs, sitting in the first chair outside the dressing room, right by the dance floor. Customers were outnumbered by dancers 10 to 1, and she had a rotation on the dance floor in a half hour. We had built up chemistry and I felt liberated by Regina's gold digging. We talked, she asked me to sit, repeated her no-ficha-drink offer, and I countered by asking if we could sit someplace away from the defeaning speakers where I could actually hear her. We talked some more, she made it clear she found me attractive, not in a "hey, Joe, whatta you know?" Full Metal Jacket way, but in a subtle "this first date is working out real well" kinda a way. Personal histories were revealed, confidences shared. I bought her a lady drink, even though she insisted I didn't have to. Q105 for a miniature wine glass with a cut-in-half straw in it.

    Going to the cabin was a mutual decision, and after previewing what I like, I told her to cancel her spot on the dance card and we went to the second level. The cabin had a big mirror, a mini dance floor, and a full bathroom and shower. No bed, just a loooong sectional couch against the wall. Classy, but it would cramp my style. I went in and broke out the party favors - femidom, vanilla spray, lube, anti-bacterial soap, little bottle of hand sanitzer/cologne mix, a nervous parrot, a poster of Betty Rubble from the Flintstones in a saucy pose - while she got the obligatory towel and two condoms. I showered, and she got a second towel, then she showered. They don't use dryer sheets when drying their towels, so I used the last of the vanilla spray to make it smell nice.

    She appreciated the shower cap I gave her, and when she got out, she gave me an incredible session. A mix of GFE, PSE, and "I just got back from the 5 week all girls retreat" She wanted to be fucked and she wanted to be made love and she was going to wring ever orgasm she could out of the experience

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    Pasiones Club 4 a Ave & 12th calle

    I went there last week to do a recon, and was smitten by one of their non-dancer Salvadorans. I returned on Tuesday, assuming that on an off night the club would be empty and the chicas would be appreciative. I was right, but not the way I predicted. However, I wanted to see how much better a q850 session would be over the q400, q500, and q700 ones.

    Between security, bartenders, 2-3 non-dancer staff ladies, bathroom attendants (plural), the cabina timekeeper desk man and one obnoxious DJ who channels the "let's get ready to ruuuuuumble!" delivery, the place is a massive jobs program. With at least 60 of these people, despite occupying a half city block floor plan, you will never be alone.

    On the up side, there is a lot of talent. At least 40 dancers, a very diverse bunch, from numerous countries. Central america, Venezuela, even Colombia. Something for everyone in terms of black / white / mestiza, thin / thick /, (mostly) natural /(a couple) enhanced breasts, blonde / brunette, petite / tall / large. Some of the dancers are skilled, and can really dance the pole, while others. Not so much.

    I wanted to get some sleep that night so I came early, walking since it was so close to the zona viva. I avoided the obnoxious Plaza Espana rotunda...what a construction mess.. Despite being shy of 7pm, the place was open and running, if almost customer-free . I was immediately set upon by a waiter. I told him I wanted to hook up with Regina and chew bubblegum....and that I was all out of bubblegum. He didn't get the reference, but insisted he would get her, and in the meantime, he'd show me a seat. I request one on the upper deck that overlooks the dance floor.

    Very modern dance floor, with many big screen TV sets playing the music video the ladies are dancing to, and two poles that go straight up for 50 feet or so. I watched a couple of dances, then my waiter came back and told me that Regina was on the way. He offered me a free drink while I waited. The music was loud and I wished I brought my earplugs, so I improvised with wet napkins and fingers stuck in my ear canals. Modern pop music sucks and I wished I could use a time machine to kill the guy who invented the voco-coder. The dancer would come out, singly (pretty ones with good dance skills) and in pairs (less attractive and/or no dance skills). All of them worked wiping off the poles with a paper towel into the beginning of their routines. Three song sets, one in costume the 1st song, the beginning of the strip in the second, slower song, top and thong off for the 3rd song, although some seemed to only lesson the g-string half off before leaving the stage. The waiters clapped along and whistled in encouragement, and I joined with them when a couple of the dancers climbed the poles up to the ceiling. ,

    I noticed one slim brunette dancer, a-cups, long thin black hair down to her waist, with very sophisticated Italian 1970s model facial features. Not in the q850 league, I thought, but she got my attention. When she came up to my level to circulate, I made eye contact, and she still looked good in different light and at eye level. So Iasked her name, Esteffany, but made it clear with my demeanor I didn't want her to sit down. The dancers were on the second rotation, and I wondered how long I had been there. The waiter brought over a friend of Regina, a very cute petite Salvadoran dancer, to tell me that she had called, had an emergency, but would be coming in 20 minutes. The waiter brought me another orange juice and a cup of ice to keep it refreshed. I watched more dancers, more music videos, and EStephany and another girl try to keep three local guys at another couch entertained. They were pretty lame.

    She left them, and walked over to my couch. Sitting on the arm of the couch, but not quite joining me she asked why I was alone, I gave her the bubble gum line and even though Rowdy Roddy Piper loses something when said in Spanish, the "they Live" reference made her chuckle. Of course the music was so loud I had to repeat Regina's name several times. She let me know we could talk, and that she wasn't about hustling ficha drinks, that she could tell she could have an interesting conversation. So we chatted a bit. We asked each other a few questions, took turns saying interesting things and making each other laugh. She wasn't an airhead, and despite having very exaggerated press on eyelashes, I was impressed.

    Regina showed up, EStephany dismissed herself, and by then, it was either close to 9pm or 9:30pm. Regina had gone home to El Salvador and came back that night - on bus - and then her ride to work had a flat tire. She wore the little skimpy bikini she had on when we met the week before and told me she did not dance. The conversation was less satisfying than the one I had with EStephany. I wanted to get to know Regina better, but get her to the cabin, but this girl was very much on her program. With every minute she spent on the couch next to me, she seemed to become less attractive. Yeah, all the pleasing parts were there, the firm, gravity defying breasts, the pretty face, the smooth, sculpted tummy, tush that telegraphed that she wasn't old enough to have voted in the last Salvadoran election, but.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eszpresszo  [View Original Post]
    Good visual! I got to see the unedited European version of Caligula when it debuted in Germany (albeit dubbed in German). I know exactly what you mean.

    But this is the second report you mention a girl using the "femidom". I hadn't read other field reports of girls using these. Is this something you personally brought along?

    I've never even encountered a female condom in real life with an ordinary girl or a working girl. I got the feeling it was a product for the Third World and the ghettos for the purpose of preventing HIV. Anyone else encounter these being used by a hoe, and where were you at? How did it feel compared to wearing a condom?
    I haven't used anything else but female condoms (unless it was for anal) since 2000. Very comfortable. Once you try them, you are about as likely to go back the 1860's design as you are going out and buying a typewriter and mailing letters. Very safe. All you have to do is insert yourself inside the ring, and all she has to do is make sure the ring stays outside her labia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IguanaSix  [View Original Post]
    Her facial expression and fine line eye make up and sculpted nose brought up visions of one of the Penthouse pets starring in Caligula's orgy scene. I reached down to help her pull out the femidom, but it had slipped inside.
    Good visual! I got to see the unedited European version of Caligula when it debuted in Germany (albeit dubbed in German). I know exactly what you mean.

    But this is the second report you mention a girl using the "femidom". I hadn't read other field reports of girls using these. Is this something you personally brought along?

    I've never even encountered a female condom in real life with an ordinary girl or a working girl. I got the feeling it was a product for the Third World and the ghettos for the purpose of preventing HIV. Anyone else encounter these being used by a hoe, and where were you at? How did it feel compared to wearing a condom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PutaPunter  [View Original Post]
    Picked up a cute Mayan looking hooker named Michelle in front of the Intercontinental the other night about 8 pm. The Westin hassled us on the way to the room so we phuked in a Westin hotel bathroom. Gave a decent BBBJ and let me do her bareback. Nice little natural tits with long nipples. Came all over the bathroom floor. Nasty but fun. She was in a hurry but overall pretty pleasant and fun for a $60 investment.
    Sunday night I was walking around the neighborhood, getting some take out dinner. But first, I went to get some soda at a small shop a block away from the Intercontinental towards Reforma Boulevard. I heard a woman call out, turned, and before I could enter the store, I saw a woman wave at me as she walked across from the opposite street corner. Brown hair, about 5'5", fair skinned Latina, pretty face. Not obviously dressed, but super friendly as she asked if I wanted company. I told her was going to eat, she asked if she could join me, She handed me a small, home printed card, with name, phone #, and "damas de compania" on it. I thought she was pretty cheeky when she followed me into store afterwards and asked if I could buy her some soda, too. I didn't ask for a price, but she was doable.

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