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Thread: HKG Kowloon

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    My new Friend

    Met this beauty on DIA. Awesome company and every thining is on the menu but not sure if she is open to other business.


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    Daily Spa

    Two things to add to what was previously posted. It has moved to Kimberly. Surprisingly, this actually happened back in Jan according to their manager. The other thing, yes it is expensive and any recommendation for a provider is meaningless because they rotate so frequently, but IMHO it is better than the other options.

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    Spicy / Sticky Fingers and the Mysterious Rainbow

    I was too lazy to cross the harbor to Hong Kong Island, so wanted to check out SF based on earlier reports. Place was empty / closed although lights were partially on. I wonder if someone knows the status and if the filis have gone to another place.

    I crossed the street into the green area and noticed several sexy beautiful girls arriving separately into a building that looks like a shopping / restaurant plaza. I followed a couple of them and they were going upstairs to second level. The name of the place is Rainbow. I went through the solid doors into a reception area in what looks like a bar / night club, but a guy came immediately to me and told me it was a private club. Hmmm, I am really curious to know what it really is because it did look like a happening place.

    I also tried to check out the Red Lips bar based on earlier reports, but no luck finding it.

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    Spicy Fingers and the Mysterious Rainbow

    Following earlier reports I wanted to check out Spicy / sticky Fingers. Went there but it seems closed. Only one guy inside who waived to me that it is closed. Any idea if it will reopen? Is there something similar to it in TST?

    So I crossed the street and walked in the small green area and noticed many beautiful and nicely dressed girls going towards the building with restaurants and bars. I followed them and found that they went two levels up to a place called Rainbow. I entered through the solid doors and there was a small reception area in what looked like a bar or nightclub, but a guy immediately came to me and told me it is a private club. Any idea what it is?

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    Wonderful Kowloon Thread

    Wow, I have been going to Hong Kong 2-3 times a year for the last 5-6 years. I never thought of mongering in HK because from her I would go to China, the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam, and get plenty of action. You guys provided some great info. I will be in HK again in November. I must try some of these places. Keep up the reports.


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    Hong Kong Glendel

    Anyone seen this Puta around Wanchai? Be careful a wallet lifter.

    May the force be with you.
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    No appointment needed

    So I finally put this to the test, after a few times taking appointments to 141 girls.

    James S Lee building, Carnarvron road. Plenty of action, and while I planned to work my way top down, ended up strolling around like a kid in a candy store. Big grin on my face included!

    Ended up with the girl advertised as Pizza, but it wasn't her. No complaints, this chick was better. I chose the 750 massage + BBBJ + whole package. Quite the treat.

    This girl gave me the best blow of my life by far, and I have been around the block a few times. She's got the rhythm and pressure down to an art. Pretty stressful keeping myself from losing it too quickly.

    She's Thai and speaks good enough English. Nice experience. We enjoyed a few more positions before winding up.

    Now, on to the next building.

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    Sticky Fingers = Spicy Fingers and then Myles walk in

    Was at TST for about a week and was staying within a very short walking distance from the Empire center. During my stay, I paid a few visits to the 141 walk ups in TST (no need for a review) and was even introduced to three young Thai girls on Temple street by their aging mamasan Took the cute spinner with the best smile to the adjacent room and had my way with her for HKD 180. She was fun put the place is a dump.

    Any way, my main reason for the post is my surprise to see sticky fingers come alive and change name to spicy fingers (go figure). Same set up of a bar with working filipina girls ranging from drop dead beautiful to just pretty. A filipina MILF with an awesome body in a tight dress was trying hard to get my attention, but I was having drinks with some friends and I am discreet so I didn't invite her over, but managed to have a couple of chats with her at the bar as I was getting water to drink. As it is the case YMMV, but there was some chemistry between us so I told her to meet me in my hotel Lobby in 1/2 hour. A few more minutes with my friends and we all left.

    At the agreed time, I walk to the hotel lobby and she is there waiting. We go up to my room, and had one of the best sex in a very long time. She has awesome BBBJ skills and 1st pop, she wanted me to deposit in her mouth. Second and third pops came later and were fantastic. She will do anything except anal and BBFS. She accepted 1200 as a token of attraction and friendship and a promise to meet again. We parted ways around 5 AM after some steamy 6 hours. I will see her again when I come back to HKG in a couple of weeks.



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    First visit to K Pressure in Jordan

    Today I finally broke down and tried K Pressure Gentlemen's Spa on Woosung Road in Jordan. Not much I can add that hasn't already been discussed on many occasions in this forum. It is disappointing that the madam (who I don't like because of her surly attitude) only brings in one girl at a time. I sure do miss the fishbowls of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

    I broke down and took the first gal she brought, an older Chinese gal named Po Po. 38 years old with two kids, somewhat large body and average face. At least she was able to talk in rudimentary English, which helped the mood of the session. Her looks were nothing to write home about, but my gosh her attitude and performance were outstanding. On the way up the stairs to the "hotel" she kept commenting on how handsome I am (I look more like George Burns than George Clooney, but who am I to argue). Once we got into the room, she put her arms around me and started sticking her tongue down my throat and eventually rubbing my crotch while I moved my hands under her dress and started rubbing her clit and all around her nether-regions as we slowly undressed each other.

    We were both so darned horny that we almost didn't make it to the shower, but I put on the brakes and wanted to get cleaned up. Once in the shower, she soaped me up thoroughly as we resumed deep french kissing and fondling each other's fun body parts. She offered the mutual body rub on the air mattress as well as the fire and ice BJ, but my motor was running hot and all I wanted to do was head to bed. So eventually she joined me there and ended up with a mutually-satisfying session. It was nice to feel her pussy quiver a few times after I blew my load. After disposing of the condom, she cuddled up next to me for about 10 minutes and we talked about general stuff, then it was time to go.

    390 for the service and 120 for the hotel room. Normally I am not a big fan of repeat sessions, but I definitely would visit her a second time.

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    Daily Spa

    Quote Originally Posted by Sammi123  [View Original Post]
    ,,,,,so I headed to the Daily Spa (Room 1201,12/ F, Tern Commercial Building, 39 Granville Road, TST) -- you do have to call first for an appointment (+852 5118 9546). The place is expensive ($HKD2000), but I chose to go their for what I was told would be an excellent nuru massage. The masseuse was a pretty girl (8/10), with most importantly for nuru -- large tits. She took me to the shower and washed me thoroughly paying good attention to the jewels). She then proceeded with a nice oil massage before starting the nuru session. She is very skilled. One of the best nuru experiences I have had. After the flip over she really used her body well to massage my dick, before finally slipping a condom on and riding me cowgirl. I think a low more was on the menu (kissing, blowjob, prostate massage), but unfortunately didn't ask. Based on reading this forum, this seems like a steep price for Hong Kong, but the place was very clean, the owner and the masseuse spoke excellent English (which is great for foreigners), and most importantly, it fulfilled my fantasy of a nuru experience seamlessly transitioning to sex and so I was quite please. Also highly recommend this place.

    Hope these reports will be of some help.
    I had a similar experience at the Daily Spa. Howard, the manager texted me directions amd I had no trouble finding it. Two GORGEOUS Thai women were there. I chose Boon, who is in Hong Konh on a 2 wk tourist visa with the other girl (whose name I cannot pronounce). Boon had enhanced breasts but this is actually a plus for the body to body massage. In any case, her massage skills were as good as any therapeutic massage I have ever has, the B2 B was fun and the BBBJ was exquisite. She then covered me up and after trying several positions, with a few interludes of DFK, I popped.

    Surprisingly to me, what followed was another 15 minutes of massage. We showereed, I paid my $2000 HNG dollars and left. It was a great experience.

    The best part for me was that I got her number in Thailand and the next time I return there, she has agreed to be my guide. A good guide is invaluable in BKK, where all types of experiences are possible.

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    Full night prepositions

    Guys, can you suggest some options where I can get a fairly attractive girl in my hotel for the night reasonably priced.

    The problem with walk-ins is a limited show. Any advice on any drug easily available which make me last for 30 minutes or more.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pushkin13  [View Original Post]
    Checking into hotel and your mode of transport to Jordan and TMT you might be there at 2:30 am. Yes, there will be action. Whether you see it, or whether it sees you will be another thing entirely.
    I had a slow walk tonight at 12 am, around Temple st. There is a market but the only pussy meat you can buy is toward the very T-end, in the form of 2 (two) aged Asian gals, or 3 equally unattractive Africans on the other curb.

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    Any phone number.

    Quote Originally Posted by EdmundChaiHk  [View Original Post]
    Date and time: 4/9/2016.

    Location: 4, 1/ F, James S Lee Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Name: Nadia.

    Nationality: Thailand, Thai.

    Age: 25.,,


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    Best hotel in Kowloon area

    What's the best hotel or some choices in the Kowloon area to walk to everything I would need for entertainment thanks.

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    First time In Hong Kong

    Date and time: 4/9/2016.

    Location: 4, 1/ F, James S Lee Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Name: Nadia.

    Nationality: Thailand, Thai.

    Age: 25.

    Face: Friendly and cheekily naughty face, 3/5.

    Body: Small and short, slightly on the plumb side 3/5.

    Skill: Super wild girl but basically she does everything including BBBJ, Anal sex, 69's. Very experienced and skillful 5/5.

    Service: Fantastic, what she slightly lacks in physical beauty she makes up with it superbly through excellent customer service 5/5.

    GFE: Friendly and intimate! 4/5.

    PFE: Due to skill and wildness of sexual vibe she definitely takes this one.

    Price: 380.

    Session Length: 45 m.

    Repeat: Haha I am confused, she's not the prettiest but strangely I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter. Its not often I get this level of steamy sex after a day of walking about needing relief and relaxation. So the short. Hell yeah!

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