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Thread: Colombo massage parlours (spas)

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    T & the Rim queen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy69  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where Sh--ika who was at T & D is? She used to give the best rim job in town and since she left abruptly one day we hardly have a good source for a rim job.

    Any clue will be rewarded.
    She was working at the famous salon chain down marine drive few months ago. Not into her good old day body treatments anymore, but she comes out for FS.



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    Janaki Lane spa

    This is Dil Ayurveda Spa, 18/ A, Janaki lane, Bambalapitiya. It has been going for several years and occasionally advertises on Hitads. As I had difficulty finding the lane, I am posting the Streetview reference:,-8.31p,2z

    There was an ayurvedic doctor and a female receptionist who had previously been at Nirovin. This lady recognized me. Having paid the entrance fee of 1500 I proceeded to select a girl. There were two fair girls and a dark girl sitting in a corner. I selected the dark girl. When she had shown me to the cubicle, the recpetionist came running and told me that this girl was new and won't "do" anything. I hesitated, then decided to stick with the same girl.

    The facilities here are basic, but the sheet and towel seemed clean. The girl said she was 20 years old and from Wellawaya. She seemed to be Tamil, but I did not ask her. This was her first job at an MP and her second day at work. I was her third customer. Her inexperience was obvious, and she seemed nervous. I gradually got her calmed down, and she followed my instructions. She gave a reasonably good "feeling" with attention to the balls and behind the balls. She was okay with access to her breasts.

    Looks - 6.

    Attitude - 6.

    Service - 6.

    Tip for HJ with top access - 1000.

    WIR. Yes, but not too often. It is possible that more extras will be available with the other girls.

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    Spas with FS.

    Quote Originally Posted by ColomBoy  [View Original Post]
    Any spas where FS can be received easily?
    Wasana spa Mt Lavania.

    Wasana spa Col 2.

    Manik spa Borella.

    Orchid executive col3 - if no supervisor around.

    Body to body place at Dehiwala station road.

    Rathmalana 3rd lane spa.

    Marine drive 24 HR space near Ramakrishnan road.

    Ayura spa, Omaya spa welikada Rajagiriya.

    Selena spa Thalawathugoda.

    Crystal spa Pitakotte.

    Any many more if you explore yourself rather than begging for information.

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    I went to Rivihisa last night upon reading Hellboy2's report.

    It was around 11 PM. There were only two for selection. One dark woman about 35-40 years. A 2/10 at best and a younger girl called M. Who was quite attractive with a light complexion and perky boobs.

    So I obviously chose the latter, paid 1500.

    Massage was very poor, and after about 15 minutes she asked If I wanted extras. I said yes, and she gave a generic HJ with top access.

    When I was done, tipped her 1000 and left.

    Its a house converted to a spa, So the rooms are quite large and relatively clean. Privacy is good. They have parking for two cars.

    Looks 8/10.

    Premises 8/10.

    Massage 1/10.

    WIR? No.

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    Salon 44.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craven66  [View Original Post]
    Which town / city was the one you went to? I suppose there is no risk in saying as you didn't get any extras.

    It is in Stanley Thilakarathne MW, Close to Salon Nilminie. The Name is "Salon 44".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElenaDon  [View Original Post]
    No there is not.
    Which town / city was the one you went to? I suppose there is no risk in saying as you didn't get any extras.


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    Visited this place which is located in madiwela road.

    It's a big house with spacious rooms and attached bathrooms.

    The room is so big, in other spas there's probably 3 cubicles managed in.

    Anyhow, paid 1. 5 k and opted for a selection.

    There were 2 MILF aunties and the reception lady was much much better in shape and looks, so for obvious reasons I asked if I could take her. She agreed and entered room.

    Massage was okay.

    When the time for extras, she asked if I want a shake.

    I asked what else is on offer.

    She said just feeling and shake.

    I accepted anyway, she gave a cat bath and a decent feeling.

    Requested to touch her melons and she obliged by freeing them for open air.

    I'll probably visit get again to get little more friendly.

    Tipped her 1000.

    Inbox for name people.

    Thank you.

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    Hey All,

    Above mentioned spa is closed since they've not paid the rent. Legendary "River" now works at Wattala. I'll visit the place in the coming weekend and will let you guys know.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanda  [View Original Post]
    Nowadays she is at a place near cotta road Station. Call her and see but she rarely answering the phone.
    Found her number from my contact list which I backed up from my old phone. Luckily her number hasn't changed and she answered too. Didn't remember my name initially but when I told her of my earlier visits and my appearance, she quickly remembered.

    Gave directions on how to come to her new place and I made it there. She has got her own small apartment in a very private place in Borella.

    Had some chit chat with her about her new place and what she has been up to for so long.

    After the usual undressing and washing up, she started a very nice massage which lasted for around 30 mins and then came the fun.

    She started a nice catbath while I was on my stomach and gave a nice ball teasing from the back. Later turned around and started the massage again.

    After finishing the massage, she started a nice catbath again and gradually came down to junior and was teasing. I started squeezing her boobs and butt from over her clothes and later she took off her dress without me even asking. She was now with the bra and panty and I then unbuttoned her bra too and took it off. Sucked her tits well and also her body and later went down and pulled off her panties too.

    Fingered her wet pussy and got her started to moan. Went on for sometime and then she went down to junior and started licking on junior and my balls. Couldn't hold on for much longer and exploded my load.

    All in all a good session with her after a very long time. Hoping to catch up with her again with much more extras and fun.

    She operates on her own and doesn't advertise or do it public. Says that she only has a hand full of good customers and they are more than enough for her income.



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    Salon 44.

    Quote Originally Posted by Craven66  [View Original Post]
    Isn't there 3 branches?
    No there is not.

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    Unexpected experience.

    I was visiting a certain establishment to get something done (related to office) and had a bit of a waiting time hence decided to drop in at a spa which was around the corner.

    Acted as if I knew the setup and asked them to tell me who are available before paying. 2 names were mentioned and I had heard the second name through the forum so went with it.

    The girl knew that I have never met her before and I had no clue about the current setup but luckily remembered a name of a girl I had taken on my only visit to this place a long time back. The mention of that name paid dividends.

    Long story short here are my personal ratings. "personal rating" being emphasized again.

    Looks- 2/10.

    Attitude- 10/10.

    Services offered. Top access, cat bath, nipple sucking, a lot of play near the butthole but she didn't actually put her tongue in, CBJ (she sucked like her life depended on it).

    Entrance- 2 k.

    Tip- 1.5 k (happily accepted).

    The girl was not my type so I didn't ask for bottom access nor get touchy with her. Just closed my eyes and imagined a hot chick was on me.

    Not naming the place for obvious reasons. If I trust you enough, I will reply to your PM inquiry.

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    Spa with nurse kit.

    What are spas where girls are wearing the nurse kit with plenty of extras?

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    Spas with possible FS.

    Any spas where FS can be received easily?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElenaDon  [View Original Post]
    I went to Salon 44 Yesterday. But nothing Happened. Spent 1800.

    Please advice.
    Isn't there 3 branches?

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    Nowadays she is at a place near cotta road Station. Call her and see but she rarely answering the phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinStephen  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone had the services of Sandali?

    She used to operate from a house on Siebel Avenue earlier.

    She was only available to known contacts or needs a good reference. Good personal service and very discreet.

    Lost touch and don't know where she operates now. Let me know if anyone tried her recently.



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