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Thread: Add Test Messages Here

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  1. #872
    Test. Test. Test.

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    Test to post.

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    My first message to ISG.

    Here it goes.

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    Test post.

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    Mongering Test.

    Test 1 2 3 Test Test.

    In the Forum there is Moderation Delay to upload the posts.


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    Test Report.

    Test report is test and test is good test. If we test then all test. So better test.

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    Test 1 2 3.

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    Testing posting.

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    My photo got posted sideways.

    Here's the post with the sideways photo:


    I'm guessing that the software rotated my photo because it exceeded the 640 x 640 pixel maximum?

    So this is a test:

    - I will attach the original photo I posted & see if it gets rotated again.

    - I will then attach a second version of that photo that I resized to 640 pixels before uploading it.

    Let's see if the second photo shows correctly right side up!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BFFDE193-2053-42A7-991E-31B6F7F14C00.jpg‎   52C7E90B-805B-4E2D-8703-4A82624BC2E6.jpeg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerOfGods  [View Original Post]
    How does reply work.
    I'm trying now.

    Because your posts have to pass the moderation, just introduce your username and you will see your posts. But there are Forum rules and not all posts come through.


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    Testing reply

    How does reply work.

    Quote Originally Posted by VikkiFars  [View Original Post]
    Test. Test test test.

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    Is this now working?


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    Prova 1 prova

    My second time in Jakarta, 3 nights / 2 days.

    All opinions and comments reflect and are the result of:

    1- me being a tourist in town for a very short time, no Bahasa spoken.

    2- my own preferences: slim girls with a pretty face and a cheerful disposition.

    8 years ago I did BATS, Kartika, Alexis and Blok M.

    This time around, after plenty of reading and research, I decided and planned that for sure I'the visit Malioboro and King Cross at night, and Hotel Classic in the afternoon, and either repeat them or add other joints to the list once on the ground.

    Went there around 4 pm on a Tuesday, knowing only the Second Floor would be open.

    The inside is cavernous, very big and dark, and at the time quite empty, I would say there were maybe 15 girls, all sitting on couches, and I only noticed 1 other customer.

    A mamasan immediately approached me, so we talked a bit, then I listed for her what I was looking for:

    - slim girl (very easy).

    - no baby (no problem).

    - kiss on the mouth (problem).

    - blow job without condom (big problem).

    - anal sex (concerned look).

    According to her none of the girls working on Second Floor allow kissing or BBBJ or anal sex.

    I went ahead anyway, both because I already half knew it, and because I figured that for less than 500.000 rupiahs you can't expect too much.

    So mamasan introduced me to a couple of young girls, average Asian-brothel-stock, and I selected Vero.

    Unfortunately, the experience was even poorer than my already low expectations. I don't mean the sex, which was a standardized and average blow-mish-doggy. What I refer to was the excessive obsession with cleanliness of the girl: even after the mandatory shower she rinsed her mouth after licking my nipples, the same again after the covered BJ, then cleaned her pussy in between sex positions! I had never experienced something like that, and it totally killed my mood.

    If I lived in Jakarta or visited often I would surely try the Bunker and Terminal floors, but Second Floor no, probably not again.


    I showed up around 11 pm and stayed for about 3 hours, moved back and forth a couple of times between the ground floor and the third floor, and had 1 good session. The place never really got busy, possibly due to it being a Monday night, and so the atmosphere suffered a bit.

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    Test. Test test test.

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    Test message

    Here is my test message to the forum.

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