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Thread: UTR's, Non-Pros (NP), and Sugar Babies (SB)

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    What is a blog?

    A blog (a truncation of the expression "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts".

    This is a "user blog". It's been proffered by other posters that I am having a conversation with myself. This is the Logical Fallacy: Argument From Authority Tell me where in this definition that it says that by posting my diary-style text entries that I am having a conversation with myself? Because if that is the case then everyone who posts is having a conversation with themselves. Because that is the true nature of a blog.

    It has been proffered by other posters that this is the most boring blog ever started on ISG (Straw Man logical fallacy). This is actually a type of Logical Fallacy that I never make and so it's impossible for someone else to shoot down. Other posters have also said that no one reads my blog. This once again the Straw Man logical fallacy is making its way into the argument. Because we have posters replying to my posts in my blog. And we have posters claiming they don't read my blog, but are able to reference it and claim they received information about it through PMs. Somebody read the blog and sent you a PM on it, didn't they? LOL!

    Now I've been on ISG for a quick minute. And anyone who has read a post or two of mine no matter what section it is in knows I don't have a problem having a vigorous conversation with anyone who chooses to engage me. I also do not have a problem sending a positive PM about a particular post. That's where posters get it twisted. I am not giving praise to the poster but to the work that he posted. There are a few posters that I don't get good vibes from who still may on occasion make a quality post that is informative or entertaining. But there is a much longer list of posters with whom I've had a minor disagreement in the open forum who turned around and helped me when I sent them a PM requesting assistance in their area of expertise. Mr. Grownman, Mr. E, Mr. Knowledge, Professor Frannie to name a few (forgive me if you have given me assistance and I not giving you public credit here, I hope I least thanked you via PM).

    Words like war and shot are being thrown around like a baseball tossed around the infield after a strikeout. Seriously? When the objective is about pussy (let's keep it real please) no matter how you get it, why do you want to take issue with others when they when they actually take the time to post about it no matter what your feelings are on what they post? Remember I said feelings and if that's what your response is about then in my hooka opinion that some serious girly man shit! I don't get that. When I read post that says nothing more than "I went to the store to buy a box of cookies. I looked in the cookie section and didn't see anything I liked and went home". I'm thinking WTF? That post is some bullshit! But I keep that to myself. When I read a post that details an adventure but there is no naming of the particular places that ventured into only obscure references. I also think that post is wack. Now you will not see me take issue with the poster over his post. I happen to know where a "Haitian spot" is in Boca Chica. But because the poster did not name names, I don't know if it is the same spot I know about or if there is a new spot. And yet we have another poster throwing up a "me too" post that he complains about when other posters put one up in a another section. I don't think this a logical fallacy but it most certainly is a double standard. I see questions posted asking when other posters have last been to a certain area or made a report. But others who have posted in the same section that they are offshore and counting the days to wheels down remain unchallenged. That once again is a double standard.

    When a individual is writing from the white hot emotion of incorrect perceptions and knee jerk reactions that is fueled by a instigator willing to tell you lies, it's too much to expect that they will be paying attention to make a logical argument and avoid logical fallacies. I understand this. But the personal attacks when you don't even know someone, I don't get that. Most responses to my posts are emotionally based. There is only few select posters that have gone head to head with me and given me a WWF beat down on a logical basis. They know who they are. And I took it like a man in the arena, without the need for a PM cheer-leading section. You shouldn't be posting to a forum of men from an emotional basis. My advice is if your are then take a moment, pause and proofread your work carefully. I've assisted others with this process, they know who are and I still have the copies of their original work. My apologies for the digression. I don't like advice either.

    There is no correct section for the majority of the most outstanding posts that I write (oh, there is a bit more of that self love). This post for example: Where should it go? Right here! That's where. I started my blog because no one was playing the game the way I choose to play it (read the responses to my initial posts in the Santo Domingo section). I wanted to talk about how I was making my moves in the game and not catch all the flack about this being the wrong place etc. The plan didn't work. My haters and critics followed me here.

    The one thing I noticed is that everybody seems to have their thing. There is a MNLC (me not like casas) guy. There is MKOS (Me king of Sosua) guy. There is IDE4 you (I did everything for you) guy. There is 20 Year+ (I've been living here for 20 years plus) guy. There is IKEAE (I know everything about espanol) guy. These are not intended as insults, but as observations. And I'm not the only person that makes them. Reference is made to a Grownman post where he is also pointing out the particular characteristics of the cast of characters that make up the active posters of the Dominican Republic Forum. And I know you are trying to figure out who I am talking about (come on admit it).

    I consider myself a sexual explorer. I hit the island playing the game one way and I evolved. If years after we have being doing something and we are doing it the exact same way then we have wasted our time. I can now get pussy on this island in almost any way I choose. I'm more like a utility man in baseball (except my playing field is the Dominican Republic). I couldn't play all the positions well, but I could play seven of the nine positions well enough to get my team through a inning or two or even a game if the coach needed me to.

    People want to keep it real? If you goto Sosua (sexual tourism capital of the world which is not from me it's what's all over the internet about the place just look it up) you find a ho, you fuck a ho, you pay a ho, and the ho leaves. Nobody wants to read that story from anyone so we all spice it up with a few details (that some posters think should not be given) in order to make it more interesting and complicated than it really is. Maybe you can get a newbie to believe that there is something more complex about Sosua? But not a man who has more hours on this island than most of the sexual tourists posting up in here.

    News Flash: Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic. If you have the ability to communicate you can ask any girl to be your prostitute and Slick Rick them. Now on a social level you are on your own there. But I've never faced a physical challenge here before. But I tend not go get into conflicts with individuals who have less to lose than I do. Being a larger human being on the dark side may help also. And before any of you mother fuckers get it twisted come with me on my barrio tour of Santo Domingo este and tell me I spend all my time in my apartment and never get out. "Everywhere that I go, I got people know, they got people they know so I suggest you lay low. "-Jay-Z.

    I have people I trust that have seen my pictures and it's not any of the people others have listed in their posts. The friend who encouraged me to move to the Dominican Republic has seen a picture of almost every girl I've ever fucked on the island. Sorry gentleman but he isn't part of the ISG ecosystem and does not want to be. And I understand that completely. He hears all my stories. And no I don't post everything here. And I don't want to hear it because others say the exact same thing.

    No one can successfully challenge my Curriculum Vitae (of sex) in life or the Dominican Republic. Especially the self appointed expert that's only been living on the island for 8 months or the poster who claims to have retired here but really lives full time in Florida and visits for one month at a time and lives in hotel or fully furnished apartments while he is here. The only ones I present my CV to are my true friends in life. They know who they are and I don't have to brag about them here.

    Goto the doctor, have surgery, buy a vehicle, rent an apartment and start with four bare walls and your first trip to the hardware store is to buy light bulbs. Go through the process of having your electricity turned on, signing a legal contract to lease your apartment. Open your bank account here in the Dominican Republic. Create jealousy (accidently) in the family of the "hottest chick on the island" wearing your chain because you brought her back a pair of Levi's 535 jeans. I have knocked off things on my non existent "bucket list" and have stories to tell only those that live here believe.

    Build a harem from scratch using Dominican cupid and google translator to communicate. Bust your nut in the mouth of the first four women you meet (with three of the four swallowing) after you hit the island and have them all ask to be your girlfriend after the first sexual encounter.

    When I tell you I don't know about any of that shit about the problems people have with girls on the island I'm telling you the truth. Everything has not been perfect. But I've never been ripped off by a girl. Only by the male hustlers on the island. And everytime that happened it was over some home improvement issues involving my apartment. Yes, it pissed me off. But it was my bad. But I learned every time and it was a payment of tuition in the school of hard knocks.

    When people want to brag about taking me to a puta pueblo I laugh. I went on adventure and returned to my harem in Santo Domingo whom (with the exception of one. You know who that was Mr. Grownman. You saw the picture) fucked me better and were hotter than any of the girls I fucked in Sosua or Boca Chica. The real question is can men have difference opinions, different experiences and express them in the open forum anymore?

    I'm a "by any means necessary" kind of person. I don't turn the other cheek. But I do believe that if you don't start no shit there won't be no shit. And if someone breaks bad on me, I have no problem finishing what they started. I want everyone to enjoy themselves when the come to the island. I want them to travel to places where the real Dominicans are. And I don't want them being misled because some posters think they know it all or that they have some ax to grind with me on a personal basis. This is a hand extended in friendship, a "olive branch" so to speak to all my haters and critics. My lethal weapon has alway been my mind, but like a phaser in Star Trek, I keep it on stun.

    From the light side or from the dark side: Be strong in the ways of the pussy. And may the pussy with you, always!

    *No hooka was smoked or rum drank before the posting of this message.

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    Just a thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldKool  [View Original Post]
    Sub man has a hard time getting any response because he tends to be an ass.
    OldKool has never met me before and yet he feels the need to repeatedly insult me because simply because he has different personal preferences.

    That makes him my critic. And we all know critics do not count. I'm not engaged in a schoolgirl popularity contest. I am here to share information and learn from others.

    Be informative not critical!

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    Sex, lies, and youtube video.

    I was not on the island or in the position to dispute the information about Passions that has been posted. But the wonderful thing about the internet is that it allows a motherfucker making claims to be fact checked (emphasis on checked).

    The hypothesis (borrowed from you know who): Publicity provided by ISG postings feeds into the general tenor of the political move to shut down establishments that operate on the very periphery of the "no pimping laws".

    An example was given of Passions, a nightclub that was shut down in Sosua in early 2014. It was stated that they were a little too public and drew unwanted attention to themselves from the local politicians. These statements are beyond the realm of proof. Because unless you were in the room when the decision was made to move on the owner of Passions legally and shut his business down, you have no idea the real reason behind that particular political decision unless someone has personally told you. Furthermore the official account of why the closing occurred indicated that the owner of the establishment had indeed crossed over that bright line of legality and it resulted in his business being closed and jail time. Unless he proffered the "Marion Barry" defense, my thoughts are to operate with the law, and if you are not going to then treat the people who could rat you out with a very high degree of respect.

    When it comes to publicity, from what I been able to find on the internet about Passions there is a short but detailed video that was posted before the raid happened that showed the inside of Passions and it left little to the imagination. Now this was not a undercover video so I doubt it was taken without the permission and knowledge of the former owner of the business. I did not see Cuba Dave taking credit for this video. And from what I have read of his personality he was not shy about taking credit for his work. So, I am not buying the Cuba Dave did it, ISG posts were too explicit, there was too much publicity argument, no matter how dogmatic is it being made.

    There was publicity about Passions that was generated independently from ISG and Passions that wound up on youtube and in many other places on the net. One individual proffered it simply may have been that the owner lost his political clout compared to the other property owners. It was bar located across the street from two apartment complexes and a house. And although there are often no zoning laws like in my country of origin so as a business owner and a property owner you are left at the mercy of your the property owners around you and since this more often a nation of men more than a nation of laws the individual that is best able to draw the attention of prevailing legal authority often prevails.

    From what I read the owner ran afoul of the no pimping laws. And we all know pimping ain't easy or else everybody would be doing it. He ran his house with a large pimp stick and although he was not hitting his girls with it, he was hitting them with a much more powerful too (and I'm not talking about my dick either). This motherfucker was putting a charge on his girls that cut into the their earnings. He was charging them for stupid things. Now that's some cold blooded mafia type shit! "But I didn't make that much this week. I don't care fuck you pay me". That's some cold blooded US government IRS type shit right there. Now I don't know any of this for a fact. I'm just sharing what I have read in response to what an individual claimed has happened and what he has posted about the incident.

    Furthermore I've been unable to verify that Cuba Dave was ever prosecuted for anything in the Dominican Republic. I know he wrote a book about Sosua. Might not of made people happy but it certainly was not illegal. And although he got pinched in Costa Rica. With the help of some very competent attorneys that also figured out that since the "gloves didn't fit then they must acquit". Yes, Cuba Dave beat the rap in a foreign country. That's some straight Chappo type shit if I've ever seen it.

    Now if someone wants to help a brother out and bring some real facts to the table then this will continue to be a discussion filled with any number of alternative facts and logical fallacies of all types. I drink and hit the hooka a lot. That's my excuse. But I don't know what the other posters problem is. Did I wander into the shrine to the great pussy pueblo of Sosua (AKA: The Sosua Forum in ISG) and someone felt umbridge? I honestly don't know. And I really don't give a fuck!

    But the reaction has been worse than rich Dominicans having to rub elbows with Haitians in Blue Mall. Call fucking 911 because somebody up in here is having a straight apoplectic fit. My offer to entertain have a rum and smoke (complete with putas) was not even addressed. At least my fellow man in the arena did not feel the need to resort to personal insults and name calling like my critics proudly do.

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    Are you sure?

    Quote Originally Posted by AllTooHorny  [View Original Post]
    In any case, Spanish is spoken by many people in the US, too. The vast majority of Americans are English-only speakers.
    With the vast demographic changes occurring the US I question the accuracy of that statement. 52.6 million people speak Spanish in the US. It is a country of 312 million people. There are more Spanish speakers in the US than are in Spain. 17 percent of people speak Spanish in the US. They are often clustered in regions. Try operating in California without Spanish. You can, that is if you are comfortable with a large majority of the people around you speaking a language you cannot understand.

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    Don't worry, be happy!

    Six out of the top ten happiest and healthy places are in Latin American and the Caribbean. No wonder I'm filled with happiness and self love. Maybe my critics should take note. Being a man in the arena in Latin America and the Caribbean is good for ya!

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    Living Overseas.

    I saw something in one of the blogs that made me think. It was a comment about wanting to remain in the US or the dollar economy. It was something like that. The reason for wanting too do this was not given. It was a puzzling statement because all my financial training (and trust me I've had a lot of it) has taught me that it's your personal lifestyle the determines your cost of living, not where you live or the country that prints you the paper you spend.

    Almost anyone can live cheaply or break the bank in any country they choose to live in. In fact if you were to come to the Dominican Republic (something I have actually done) and insist on living the exact same lifestyle you live in (say for example my country of origin) you are going to pay dearly for that! I'm not the first person to say this. You can find posts from Mr. O and Mr. CP that say the exact same thing. If you are living here in the Dominican Republic you are simply going to have to give up some aspects of cushy living that you can easily purchase in your country of origin.

    As an example, I happen to like having electricity all the time. Call me soft if you want to but when I'm in the Dominican Republic without electricity I'm pissed about it. Now my solution for this problem cost me 2000 USD and I still have to pay my electric bill every month. Don't get me started on why the mother fucking electric company can't keep the lights on in this place. But needless to say, that particular lifestyle issue forced me to reach deep in my pocket in order to mitigate it. Now when the electric company is fucking up all I hear is a beep from my back up system letting me know it's putting in work. Sometimes I don't even hear the beep and I don't even know my back up system is putting in work. Either way, my lights always stay on and I get to keep putting in work (when I'm using electricity instead of my own personal energy) even when the electric company is fucking up the program.

    That being said, the cost of my lifestyle here in the Dominican Republic is not less than in my country of origin. But the exchange rate advantage (it's called international arbitrage for my more sophisticated readers that understand that sort of thing) allows the little money I do have to buy me a better lifestyle than I could afford in my country of origin.

    Of course there are several advantages I get to experience when I am in the Dominican Republic that have nothing do with money and everything to do with the culture to be found in the Dominican Republic. I don't have to worry about being shot just because of the color of my skin when I'm stopped by the police here. More people look like me than than they do in my country of origin (and I might add they are often in charge). Nearly everyone in my bank knows me personally (probably because I'm just that sort of personable guy). The tellers and the manager greet me in Spanish and English. I receive excellent customer service. And I'm not not even rich. Girls don't have a problem with my advanced age (anywhere from 50 through 60 depending on who you happen to believe). I receive deference when I pull up at the curb of anyplace I arrive or park because of the vehicle that I drive (one I might add is totally unimpressive by the standards of my county of origin). And it's very inexpensive to keep it nice, clean and looking good. I have a view (off the balcony of my apartment and out of every window in the place) that I could not afford to pay for in my country of origin (more than one ISG person has been in my apartment seen my view and knows I'm not lying or stroking my ego about that). I've made friends of all ages (but mostly younger) that I would have ever had the opportunity to meet and socialize with in my county of origin. I've entered the real club that I'm interested in being in since I've made my move offshore (expat or sexpat depending upon who you ask). My network of Dominican contacts here have real pull in the government and businesses they work and can counsel, give me advice and throw their weight around on my behalf (and they have) within their government and businesses.

    Now for you younger big dogs out there who want to get off the porch, I'd like to introduce you to a gentleman that I was turned onto by another young brother I met here on ISG. He is someone who found their path offshore. And he is grinding in Santo Domingo. A younger guy that does not have a retirement income or large portfolio backing him up which only makes what he's is doing more impressive. He's into non pros and everyday proves my point that it's more important to be a man in the arena and to be able to think your way into a situation that you want to be in. He is a living example that critics don't matter. In fact so am I, because if they did I certainly wouldn't still be posting here. And if you followed their advice you wouldn't be reading this because you would have me on ignore right now. LOL! To avoid controversy hit me on the back channel for more info.

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    Big Tent Theory (The Remix).

    Quote Originally Posted by GrownMan1  [View Original Post]
    5. You have putas for play- and girlfriends for the lay. Some of us don't know the difference.

    6. You know how to operate the sites, Casa, and the streets with no problem.

    7. You are not on this site for help. You are here for entertainment and to help others.

    8. You are the SD expert of the board. Next to BQ ribs.

    Sub IMHO ole skool does not describe your age. It describes your wisdom of operation. You ole skool G.

    Put some of this OG kush in the hoolker and let me hit it!
    Mr. Grownman,

    I like all eight. But these are my favorites of your list. Number five: You are dead on point. Who of us satisfies our sexual hunger on puta play alone? I know I don't. Number six: Is a very astute analysis by you. Who of us restricts our pussy procurement efforts to just one avenue? I know I don't. Number seven: Who needs unsolicited advice? I know I don't. It's useless to me. But real knowledge like the kind you kick or that Mr. Knowledge posted in the Santo Domingo forum about a casa I did not know about, now that is an example of the sharing of information about women that I'm looking for. I followed it up with a personal thank you to Mr. Knowledge and are report on my visit to said casa. Number eight: I'm most honored. It's only important to be a man in the arena. Because we know the critics don't count!

    Damn straight my brother, let me put some of that OG kush in the hooka and I'll pass it to ya!

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    The Cmdr's Report on Puerto Rico.


    About a month ago CNBC reported that six months after Hurricane Maria, approximately 121,000 residents remain without power.

    Power trucks and a donated mobile solar generator finally arrive in coastal towns still reeling from the aftermath of the storm.

    There are demands for action and a inquiry into allegations of corruption against the island's power authority.


    So, fly to Puerto Rico and sit in the dark. Sounds like a wonderful vacation spot, doesn't it?

    Real Estate.

    What exactly constitutes a fire sale? We have been told that one is going on in Puerto Rico. No proof has been provided. How about some verifiable information and you can decide for yourselves.

    "Demand for luxury beachfront properties in exclusive areas such as Dorado, Palmas del Mar and Rio Grande is expected to outstrip supply in the coming years, according to Carlos Xavier Velez of real estate consulting firm, RE Advisors.

    Prices of beachfront luxury homes have remained stable or in some cases increased from 2012 to 2016, according to Leticia Brunet Gonzalez of Trillion Realty Group. Prices range from US $400 to US $600 per square foot. More specifically in Condado and DoradoBeach, prices of luxury properties can reach US $1,000 per square foot, said* Hiram Albino of Luxury Estates Puerto Rico. " - Global Property Guide (August 2, 2017).


    Doesn't exactly sound like the nice places to live in Puerto Rico are going for pennies on the dollar, does it?

    But out of fairness, and to show I'm not just trying to make a point, here is the link to the CNN Money article quoted by Mr. GoGo from February 21,2016. Gentlemen, I have given you the opportunity to read the entire article instead of just a quote that he presented.


    Crime is usually not something I worry about. If I am thinking about traveling somewhere if I don't think I'm going to be safe there I just don't go. After all why spend the money traveling to a place, even if it is just a short domestic flight available many times a day and you get to check your bags for free, if you are going to get jacked after you get there? World Nomads reported that Puerto Rico is generally a hospitable and safe place for tourists.


    Here is my Big Boy Rule about how to avoid crime when you travel or even in your own home town: Stay away from areas that are filled with people that don't have much as you to lose if you wind up with a violent encounter with them. I know that's unsolicited advice, but humor me on this one gentlemen.

    Third world country is a term from the Cold War era only used by those who have failed to keep up with current development and economic models.

    President Danilo Medina said his country is no longer poor. His statement is backed up by the World Bank list of economies (June 2017) where the Dominican Republic is listed in the Upper Middle Income Group.



    Although I appreciate the sharing of insights into your personal preferences for where to live, I value a more expansive look at the big picture and the sharing of current facts and information with my readers. I have always preferred facts over opinions and knowledge over advice. Knowledge and facts are always welcome in my blog as I hope they will be in yours also.

    Now I'm going to get back to my regularly scheduled enjoyment of life on a Caribbean island where I'm not concerned about using the dollar, real estate prices, who speaks English & Spanish (because I can speak both) or crime. Where is my damn rum and pass me the hooka?

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    Spoiler alert!

    Puerto Rico is a US Territory and the last time I checked their passports looked like mine. So it is considered a domestic flight if you happen to be leaving from Florida. It has a US system with US problems and a dollar based economy. So, no real economic advantages on that front. Of course with English spoken there it would be easy for the linguistically lazy folk who only read and speak it well.

    Visited twice before. Read up quite a bit on the new problems they are having. No fire sale when it comes to property values. And when they come down it will be in relationship to the US real estate market.

    In conclusion, I really don't see any advantages of living there compared to the numerous better choices there are all over the world. And if you are just going for a vacation then Hawaii sits on the same latitude line. Pull out a map and check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrGogo  [View Original Post]
    Apparently as people are fleeing Puerto Rico others are seeing opportunities. Real estate deals, good airport, English spoken, American based system. Crime would be my main concern.

    The infrastructure is bad right now, so it can only improve. I'm not high on the idea right now but if I keep hearing about the possibilities maybe I might take a visit in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubCmdr  [View Original Post]

    Balls drained. All that really remains is for the old school folks to complain!
    I don't know my brother I can quiver with you on this. 8 reasons why Sub is Ole Skool.

    1. You always on time. I have dealt with the your Wolfpack. They hunting groups and always are late.

    2. A puta not on time you dismiss her ass.

    3. You have your own vehicle in a foreign country. Because that's how you roll.

    4. You easily adjust when plan A doesn't work. So many of us will have waited for the rain to stop, only for the 1 hour to turn into three hours and / or the next day.

    5. You have putas for play- and girlfriends for the lay. Some of us don't know the difference.

    6. You know how to operate the sites, Casa, and the streets with no problem.

    7. You are not on this site for help. You are here for entertainment and to help others.

    8. You are the SD expert of the board. Next to BQ ribs.

    Sub IMHO ole skool does not describe your age. It describes your wisdom of operation. You ole skool G.

    Put some of this OG kush in the hoolker and let me hit it!

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    Clear and in focus.

    Clarity and focus is something I am very good at! And it very clear to me that their are a number of people clearly more focused on what I do and write about in the Dominican Republic than on their own pussy business. I understand why this is. When you are old school, retired and bored, stuck writing critical comments about others from off shore while you wait for the opportunity to come the tropical oasis where I live because you have no real information to share about the Dominican Republic it can be very frustrating.

    For example, the photos below were taken off the balcony of the apartment I spend most of my time in when I am in Santo Domingo este. There is so much new construction here and the competition is so fierce, last month my landlord LOWERED my rent. Yes, my brothers you read that right. No new lease, just a straight rent decrease. Care to guess how much it costs me a month now?

    Think that being able to invite a girl over to enjoy this view with me does not help me get pussy. Think again my brothers posting your critical words from behind your screens off shore. It's called mental foreplay. The girls enter my apartment, they go straight to the balcony to check out the view. The panties drop. And you know what happens next.

    Standing offer for anyone visiting Santo Domingo, hit me via PM, I'll give you my whatsapp number, hit me when you are wheels down, and I will show you around mi bario. Just like I did The G man and many others. The G man even wrote about it in the Santo Domingo forum. The Gran Jefe mobile always has a full tank of diesel fuel. And that shit is getting expensive. 196 DOP / gal. But for my ISG brothers I'll roll til we are on E. And fill it back up again.

    But I do have one question: How does a person who has failed at everything in life manage to live like this?

    I once got a low grade in a class while I was getting my Ivy league education. But still finished with a 3. 8 GPA in my major and 3. 6 over all. So either someone has reading comprehension problems (that is if they actually saw my university transcripts and they haven't) or they simply do not see eye to eye with me on issues in the Dominican Republic, pussy business, or how they think (because they have not spent any real time with me to know) I conduct my life here.

    Focus on getting your nut my brothers. Being critical does not help anyone get more pussy nor does it constitute sharing of information about women.

    Enjoy my work!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20180421_073542.jpg‎   IMG-20180329-WA0001.jpg‎  

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    How we continue to do it Santo Domingo este!

    Hit up my booty call girl cutie I spoken about before because she sent me a message on whatsapp saying she wanted to see me. I hit her back with a few changes I wanted to institute for the second session which she enthusiastically agreed too. Set the meeting place and the time. I'm at the spot five minutes early waiting for her when she hits me with the following message: "It's raining can we meet one hour later". What the fuck? It's raining so you need a one hour rain delay? I sent her a picture letting her know I'm waiting for her at the spot we discussed and she responds that: "I'm a very prompt man". If course I am. I take it as a complement. I'm not Dominican or old school and therefore in my own world. I live in the hear and now. I live in the expanded present where we adapt, survive, improvise and over come. I'm not locked into one way of thinking. I don't call names. I don't have time for that. I'm a man in the arena right now that knows critics don't count. I'm a man that values the information you have for me but who does not need your advice unless I ask for it.

    She asks me if will I wait there a hour for her. I tell her no. I know that this is one of those short term rain showers. The sun is going to be out and drying everything up in 15 minutes. And wouldn't you know it was. She sent me a sad face because I won't wait. I tell her perhaps another time very soon. I will not tolerate or reward flaking activity. This is Santo Domingo este where the big dogs roam not some puta pueblo where old school types hang out when they are not writing fictional stories from off shore that are personally critical of others because they don't have the skills or experience to operate in the big city. A man has never held my hand unless they were one of my adult male relatives when I was a child or helping me up. Now I'm all grown up. Much closer to 50 than 60. But that only proves that simply having a few years on ya does not lock you into old school thinking. No one needs to be shown Sosua and Boca Chica because they are both easy. Santo Domingo este and Santo Domingo are hard. Anyone can operate with impunity in a puta pueblo. But in the big city not so much. And quick review of the posts in the Santo Domingo section will verify my statement. Even Grownman has said this in his own user blog.

    Back up plan.

    Honestly I didn't have one. But then I decided to hit my favorite online provider web sites. I had reviewed things before and saw a couple of promising advertisements so I followed up again with a few "holas" and started to get some responses. Got one from someone I was previously interested in before and found out she was still working in of Zona Oriental. Great, that's close and keeps me for having to cross that mother fucking bridge over to Santo Domingo at peek traffic time. She is available immediately and I'm ready. Initial location is 20 -25 minutes away. Wander around a bit after I get on her street then find a place to park. She gives me a colmado reference point and then gives me the exact location after she scopes me out from the window. I see her and she has a pretty face. I get to her apartment door and her pictures that she posted online are completely accurate.

    She is a morena V who has a body type I like. Her smile is warm and genuine. Her voice soft spoken. She leads me back to her bedroom. Offers me something to drink and a opportunity to wash up. I'm already freshly showered as is she so we get undressed and I start to enjoy her soft and sensual nature. That enjoyment leads to doggy style with me finishing up with some hard pounding in prone bone with her pushing that nice ass back at me and giving me proof she has been doing her kegel exercises. We clean up, take a little down time and start on round two. Even more sensual the second round with a little playful banter to boot. She finished me off. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I'm adding her to the booty call time line up. A line up I might add that does not have a girl over 30 in it. I don't need any of that fake girl friend shit, because I have real ones! I'm not looking for loving because I'm about straight fucking no kissing. I got real girl friends for that! My CPO is right on target (new school). Hit me on the back channel for the web site, prices, approximate location and phone number. And of course always remember YMMV.

    Balls drained. All that really remains is for the old school folks to complain!

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    Telecommunications in the DR.

    If you are traveling from the US, Fry's has BLU smartphones from 35 USD and up. They work perfectly fine. I have used several different models of them in several different countries and have given them as gifts. Altice is my go to carrier in the Dominican Republic. Show your passport and you can buy a SIM for 100 pesos. You can add as little as 100 pesos for talk minutes or go straight new school baller status and purchase a full unlimited package that includes data.

    Don't get stuck in that rut lamenting how the internet has ruined to the good ole days. You can call a chica on whatsapp with just a finger, deliver her to your door using uber, bust your nut in a hour (or whatever your preferred arrangement is) and sent her right back the way you had her delivered. Don't hate! Adjust, adapt, improvise and get your nut.

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    Shared experiences and information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie  [View Original Post]
    I don't know about you but I couldn't live in DR without instant internet access to the outside world, banks, insurance companies, officina, familia. Instant access to schedules, transportation, chicas and no wasted time waiting around, or trying to hook up with friends and chicas. Wifi almost everywhere, bluetooth and Youtube for any kind of music you like! More hot water and A/C.
    You and me both brother! Old school people lament progress. Inflexible, binary, narrow minded, backwards thinking is the Achilles heel of those stuck in old school thought. Hey I know some old school people. They do what they do. But I don't waste my time talking to them or hanging out with them anymore. I'm completely lost without a speedy internet connection. Last night I was working with the Educator. We both trade in the FOREX markets. I'm on a serious roll and wanted to share some new insights and methods with him. I called the meeting of the minds at the McDonald's on Lincoln Ave. Not only does it have a speedy free (but unsecured) internet connection there were some big booty MILF's and young hotties up in there too. So there we are there (and we were not alone using the free WiFi) him with his laptop, and me with my iPad and both of us with our smart phones looking at the charts and doing analysis of the markets. Third world country my ass! Get out of your puta pueblos and check out what a real city in the Dominican Republic looks like.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie  [View Original Post]
    For me personally things are better than ever in Sosua. I thought I was "old school". After my last long term relationship with a local, I leaned a lot, like how to set the ground rules from the beginning, stay in overall control of the relationship and budgets. It requires saying no, firmly and meaning it!, and being willing to walk if you have major differences of opinion! Training. It's not easy but when it works, it is great!
    Nothing "old school" at all about learning from your current experiences and sharing them with other. Visitors will never be able to understand the culture the way those that live here do. I'm I'm surprised at how much advice is offered by "old school" people that don't even live here to those that live here or even going as far to be critical of those that visit and choose not do do things the way they like. Advice is useless. Information is useful. And that's what I seek in my exchange with others that I have interacted with here. I feel the same way about Santo Domingo este. Things are better than ever for me here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oakie  [View Original Post]
    Lost 35 pounds, thanks to mi chica's home cooking, and encouragement. My fridge is always full of home made food so literally I only get to a resaurant about twice a week, But lots of Predidente Lite which agrees with me and seemingly I can drink with no loss of control, just a nice little buzz! Spent a long weekend with great local family campo up in the hills, and had the best time of my life! "Livin' the dream", as they say!
    Living the dream! That's right. Living the dream not looking at it from off shore through the "old school" paradigm (love that word). We are "all in" on the Dominican Republic. Not just 1 week or 1 month visitors who can't hack a few inconveniences and run back to their North American havens. "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena".

    Your experiences closely mirror mine. I've experienced many of the things you have written about. I've also experienced health improvements and home cooking. I have no need to be in a restaurant or on the street every night in order to validate myself or feel entertained. I've experienced going out into the country and enjoying the unique hospitality that Dominican country folk give you. I've also returned with a huge bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But more importantly I just love the sugar cane just cut from the field and fresh coffee directly from the country not processed by the large companies. There is much to be experienced in Republica Dominicana. It's more important to enjoy yourself while you are here than to slavishly adhere to someone else antiquated version of how they should live their life or even spend time on their vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tempoecorto  [View Original Post]
    BTW, speaking of my haggling "skills", a 19 year old on Tinder, was okay coming to see me today from Pto Plata for 1200 pesos. She started at 2500 but I reminded her that I was not a rich gringo, and she quickly acquiesced! LOL.
    Mr. Tempoeorto, you are a serious man in the arena. You going hard on them. Who you representing? Throw up your sign. LOL!

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