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    German law and movement to change the law

    With the deadline for BBBJ passing and sometime after that most clubs appear to be back to normal when it comes to bareback. Yet there is still a movement to reverse the laws and change things back to the way they were. is one of those sites. The next big law deadline is the mandatory registration which from what I've heard directly from several girls is that the new "Green card" only has a photo and working name. I'm going to try and get a copy of an actual card to post. Staff at the clubs is making an effort to inform the women and show them that there will not be any public database showing them as having worked as a prostitute. Then there was some talk about via being taxed that tax records would show where they worked. I've not heard this but will ask. What I do know is that things change in this business and from several decades I can say it has changed so it can change back again. We need to take some care in what we post because with Google searches showing posts people who should not see what is posted often do. AO is not a popular subject and with so much open chatter I feel it's also made things worse. Not sure what the benefit of posting so much info is anyway as a decade ago people were more careful and things were different I guess with the relaxed attitude and no fear people get loose lips which we know sinks ships.

    Newbies need to take care in what they do when visiting a club for the first time. Don't wander around and be obvious when you arrive, sit back and watch the flow of what others do before you climb stairs or open doors. Don't talk so loud (learn to have a volume control) half the room hears you and knows you're weird. These clubs are not normally where you meet people or party, this is a very private hobby and some people don't want it known they visit. Learn the basic etiquette about approaching women and what's polite to ask them. The worst thing to ask a woman is her age. Worse yet is to rattle off questions that are none of your business but the better way is to give the same info you want. A good example is "Hello my name is John" what's your name? I'm from France where are you from? If you want to chat with a lady go over to her and don't wave her over like a dog. When you wave a gal over you're taking her away from what she is doing and this is like starting a clock in a way. If you go over to her and sit or stand near her without touching her that's the proper way. They really get disgusted with the touchy feely men who have no intention of going to the room but want to grab some tit or ass. I had a recent chat with several women at the clubs and many thought over 70% of the men at the clubs were scum, this is due to the way they treat the women and act. They can't wait to forget about sessions with such men and often try and cut sessions short. A little respect and manners goes a long way. I mention this because recently there were three guys at a club who spoke English and asked some really rude questions and did not have a clue. Like how many men do you have sex with a day, how much money do you make? The news got around quick to other women and due to the fact these morons had no volume control everyone in the room heard their rants. It made me not want to be known as someone who speaks English. Then again looking at these dorks it's obvious they have no women experience on the outside world, no game either. Worse they were constantly drinking alcohol. That's all we need is a death on the roads by sex tourists.

    If you're not sure what I'm talking about or need some pointers you should look to joining one of the organized tours. Going with people who have a reputation and many years of experience may rub off on you. Plus you won't have to worry about the logistics' of getting to places and where to sleep each night. I say this because so many men drink at the clubs and recently one of these drinkers got into a car and got into an accident. German police set up stings close to clubs where they know guests depart from and do breath testing. Check points are not uncommon and if you drive sooner or later you'll get stopped. I learned more on one trip with a group than you can learn from years of solo travel. Best of all you'll meet a whole group of hobbyist which will be your support group during your trip. Sitting alone in a club is not as fun as going with a group. Take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt because we don't always know who is behind the keyboard.

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    Samya Las Vegas Poker Party 8/14/2017

    Motto-Party Las Vegas-Poker Party.

    At Samya on Monday August 14,2017.

    The highlight of the day:

    Samya's Poker tournament is played without wager, but to win there's:

    1st Prize, 1 week Las Vegas flight and hotel.

    2nd Prize, 1 time free entrance to Samya.

    3rd Prize, 1 bottle of champagne.


    Samya FKK Club.

    Kirschbaumweg 26 A.

    50996 Köln.

    Tel. :+49 2236 969636.
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    Bernd's August Newsletter

    Event: *August Newsletter.

    See all August Events below:

    + + + Raffles with great wins + + + Discount-day + + + Verlosungstag + + + chill-out discount day + + +.

    Hello Dear Schieferhof-Guest.

    August is such a beautiful summer month that we enjoy it under the motto summer-chill-out. That means for you: pure relaxation in our small and fine club. And a real summer feeling for anyone who has enjoyed his summer holiday or who may have to stay at home this year.

    Jacky, Maria, Angie, Mina, Larissa, Katja, Anni, Elisa, Evelyn, Nina, Raisea, Julia, Carmen (2-3 days a week) and Mara (only Fridays) are looking forward to your visit and make the drinks for hot hours cold.

    Our events in August (day. Month).

    Friday, 4. 8. : Raffle Day-win free admission to Bernds Club and enjoy chill-out music and grilled in the garden.

    Wednesday, 9. 8. : Discount-day-Save 20 euro admission and let yourself be pampered so really nicely. So a special break in the middle of the week has something.

    Friday, 18.8. : Raffle day and-in fine weather-will be grilled.

    Friday, 25.8. : Chill-out discount day-by the end of the month you definitely deserved a breather. Beautiful women, a delicious buffet, good mood and erotic fun await you.


    Bernd's FKK Saunaclub.

    Schieferhof 28.

    53773 Hennef (Sieg).

    Tel. : +49 2248 1529.

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    Should you take a tour?


    A good question that we hear frequently. The question is actually, "Is a tour right for you?" If you've never been on a paid tour, then seek out opinions from those who have had the experience. One can only give a valid opinion on things they have personally done. Find someone who you can verify has been on a tour and ask them about their experience. People drive all the time, but if you've never taken a professional course how do you know you won't benefit until you've completed one?

    The short answer is "YES", but it's not for everyone. The long answer is, "Read on".

    Are you someone who travels best alone, on your own terms? Is money a big issue to you to the point that you'd sleep in your car or at a youth hostel? Do you have odd sleep habits and stay up till 5 am or get out of bed at 2 pm? Do you like to get drunk, party loud and create a scene? Then "NO", an organized tour may not be for you. There are a million ways to cut corners and we're aware of most of them. So, if you answered YES to any of the above then maybe a group tour is not for you.

    What we offer is a no nonsense, no worry package deal that includes your hotel and transportation (except airfare), paid by major credit card (no foreign exchange fees), with professional fluent English and German speaking guide / driver. Not someone who speaks English as a second language, or who discovered a club a few years ago, went a few times and now is a self proclaimed expert. We'll provide a professional who has decades of personal experience with the actual club owners, staff and women. Expertise gained from experience, not from reading second hand info on the internet. You'll know this the moment you enter a club with your guide and see how they're treated and greeted. We helped get the clubs to open their doors to non-locals a decade ago. We've built a reputation with the clubs and women via trust, respect and discretion.

    You'll get answers from the source to all your questions, whether it be club history, rules, culture, proper etiquette or who the players are. Too many false rumors exist. We've heard it all, like "A Russian owns this club", when in fact that is totally false. However we can see how people like to make things up, pretending to be knowledgeable.

    Here are the main points to consider:

    1. Don't act like the newbie. Someone who is prone to make all the common mistakes and ask the wrong questions. In any club you visit, you'll notice the newbies climbing stairs, opening doors and doing things they're not supposed to do. By trial and error, they often venture into restricted areas, which results in them getting lectured by staff. You'll get a walk through by our expert guides, who will explain it all and more in plain English. Remember, you're in a foreign country with it's own culture, manners and rules. Many regular tourists make these mistakes constantly and don't even realize it, but staff and the women notice, which leaves a negative impression about you.

    2. Public transportation. Such as taxis, trains and buses. Be prepared to walk, be limited by operational times and high taxi fares. Due to the EU expansion, taxi rip offs have increased. We can give you information on a local German Police department. That investigates them. Remember, with the influx of questionable new immigrants, many are driving taxis and see you as an easy target. Even taxis waiting in front of the clubs can't always be trusted. Take care while walking late at night in poorly lit areas. Germany is not what it was a decade ago. Unlike taxis, which often make a commission of 10 euros or more for bringing you to their favorite club, we get no commission. If anything, clubs give our guides free entry because they see us so often and we bring them a steady stream of high quality guests. A trouble free guest who knows the rules, rates and layout. No newbie issues or problems with the women. Remember, taxies take you to where they make more money, not the best clubs. We want you to have the best time so we take you where you'll have the best experience.

    3. Driving in Europe is not the same as it is in the US. Speed limits are constantly changing, roads are narrower and the rules are different. While Americans tend to keep to the eft, Europeans keep to the right and violating this simple rule may cost you your life. Over the years, we've learned of auto deaths of Americans who thought there was no difference, only to be rear ended or found driving in the wrong direction. If you plan on drinking alcohol then think twice about driving in Germany. It's common for police to set up stings down the street from clubs. Note that fuel is expensive almost twice as much or more than the US. See this story: Eurpoean Fuel Costs

    4. Not everyone speaks English. Hearing people claim this goes against our experience. Often, we witness the person who really does not care if people understand as long as they appear to listen. We hear it all the time from women and staff who say they have no idea what that person was saying. Yet, because they did not say "We don't understand" they claim they understood. Communications in a non-native tongue are rarely 100% and this is how misunderstandings start. Our guides are fluent in German, can point you to the right women and the women who really do understand. We're about first hand info we gather ourselves.

    5. Trouble free travel, no worries. Get off the plane, go through customs and walk a few minutes to meet your guide. We also provide world wide messaging to our guests so they're always in touch with their guide and driver. Before you travel, during your stay and afterwards. No planning needed, no hotel bookings to worry about, no transportation restrictions or worries. On the last day we return you to the same spot a few minutes from check in to your flight. All you need to think about is the great times you had with the best women and your new found travel companions.

    6. Sitting alone at a club is not fun.It helps to have a built-in verified friends network, English speakers from your culture and country. Sure, they claim you can meet other mongers at the clubs, but do you really know who you're meeting? Many of our guests claim that, besides the women, some of the best times are with the group during the drive and at the club between sessions. A group tour is all about the camaraderie among members, which often results in the same people attending future tours together.

    7. Group power means fewer chances of issues and rip offs. While our guide will do his best to steer you clear of known problem women and clubs, the fact that you're with a known group increases your odds. Women quickly learn that if they offer substandard service to a group member the rest of the group will hear about it, which results in less business, whereas if a girl provides great service for one guest other group members will want to try her. Remember, if a provider thinks you're a one time tourist she may not provide good service because you will likely never see her again, while with locals who are frequent guests, providing good service is a way to build a repeat business.

    8. Find out which girls to avoid. Every club has a few of them and this can happen anywhere the hobby is found. The woman who offers totally unprotected services to everyone might be a draw for some; however, the added risk may come back to haunt them when they wake up the next day with an STD. Most of the other women know exactly who the problem women are, and if you're seen with her they may refuse to service you for fear of being infected. We're constantly updating our database with info as to which girls offer what services. Sometimes women find this out from other customers or when a two girl party takes place.

    9. Clubs, girls and owners love us thus they offer us exclusive discount entry to some of the clubs, as well as special deals and attention unknown guests never receive. We get better service at the entrance, in locker locations, bar services and food because of who we are and what we do. This has taken years to develop. You'll be in the best of hands and the women pay attention to who our guests are because we've been bringing the best guests for over 2 decades.

    10. We've been in business for over two decades and if we ripped people off or did not offer excellent services it would be written about all over the internet. While the majority of our guests become appreciated repeat members who enjoy inside info, detailed private monthly emails, frequent traveler discounts and special services, some people don't fit the tour group mold. Ask yourself if what we offered was not worth it, or we had no guests, then how do you explain the longevity of our business?

    11. Getting your information off the web can be a minefield because you don't actually know who posted it or if it's factual. Clubs and women found out long ago that false reports can steer guests their way or away from their competition. Not even the forums know who's posting or whether they can just guess and assume the accuracy of the information. Because we're at the clubs so often, we gather up-to-date, accurate info by making personal repeat trips to each club and finding out for ourselves what's going on. Read a glowing report about a club or girl that makes you want to visit? We hear this constantly from guests who believe they know better from reading such reports. You need to take what you read with a grain of salt in today's world because many posters have ulterior motives, much like the hackers today that post false news.

    12. There will always be imitators as to what we offer. We love what we do and we found a way to do it for a living. To us, that's true success; we excel in what we do by providing the very finest service and information. Beware of those who copy and paste our web text; they're all about stealing and copying, not spending the time to know it and live it. Anyone can offer you a hotel room, house or ride to the club and even a low ball rate, but in the end you get what you pay for. Take care when dealing with people who don't offer full payment via credit card or who ask for a lump sum of cash when you arrive.

    13. Rejected entry? While some people will claim this never happens, at the better clubs it does. It's not always about color or race. We get you in when normally you'the be refused. Now, after the recent law changes, clubs and women are even more cautious about with whom they do business. Fearing internet posting, photography and undesirables, the world is changing and so is the way everyone does business. Don't be a NOBODY when you visit the best clubs, be special when you travel with us.

    14. We were first. We found the clubs back in the late 80's and had to do it all on our own, without GPS, cell phones and with very basic internet. Back then, clubs ran ads in just a very few odd publications. Most clubs were picky about who they let in and some even hid behind memberships. We can tell you stories of guys refused entry for wearing the wrong clothes. Back then, most people you told about the GFE services and low prices of Germany thought it was too good to be true. Especially when legal, paid sex in the US was $200 or more and from less attractive, older women. Plus, the legal aspect of it and the huge variety of women that could be found was hard to believe. Germany's clubs are great because of standards, rules and legality. Knowing them and learning it all from an experienced source makes more sense.

    15. What we did previously and found out the hard way. Even then, we found it was more fun to visit with a group and therefore did it with friends. Thus, FKK TOUR was born and while many claimed it was impossible, stating the clubs would never allow it, we overcame and conquered all obstacles. We did what no one else was able to do; gain their trust just like we hope you'll allow us to do for you. We've visited the clubs alone, we've done it on the cheap and "No, sleeping in your car even in the summer is out of the question". While we come to Germany for the women, the best times can be had with a great group of trusted friends who you'll instantly make after joining one of our tours. Plus, trouble free travel, a comfortable, safe place to sleep and a knowledgeable guide who speaks both English and German.

    Recent Testimonial 2017 June " Some of the best memories are with the group at a local hangout before or after visiting the clubs. Certainly, going with someone who is in with the locals and knows their way around is a huge plus. We enjoyed the drives because our guide knew the best, most scenic routes. Plenty of Kodak moments and even some cool walking tours. We wasted no time, always being at the right clubs at the right times and avoiding wasted time. In fact, we were shown other adult related attractions like Red Light districts, Trailer sex, Apartments and specialty locations as well. Not a dull moment and no boring times alone. I think the same statement about going to court, "The man who represents himself has a fool for a client", applies to going to Germany to enjoy this hobby. It's obvious there are numerous pitfalls, things you need to know and even concepts were taught which greatly enhanced my visit and skills. Yes there is an angle and method to picking the women and it's not by reading reports on the web. In fact, I found much of that misleading and out of date. Did I mention I laughed a lot during the entire tour as our guide had a great sense of humor? Thank you. I'll be back soon. GM USA.

    Finally, you can read all our other testimonials, which speak for themselves. Ultimately, you can decide based on what unknown people claim on the internet, or you can learn first hand from the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the business. Some of our best guests claim we're the "ultimate wingman" to guiding you and watching your back. Testimonials.

    See this page in full at

    Special Offers and Deals of the month

    More pages with Info.

    See this page in full at

    What kind of Women can you find at the FKK Clubs we visit

    What are the costs involved

    Frequently Asked Questions

    From a Customers Perpective

    Trip Planning

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    Bernd's Sauna Club monthly Specials

    February 17.

    Valentine's Day special 50 e entry.

    February 23.

    Women's night party Sexy costumes with big buffet.

    Schieferhof 28.

    53797 Hennef Lichtenberg.

    Tel. : 02248/1529.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoloTraveler  [View Original Post]
    I wish I had known this service 2.5 years ago, when I first travel to Germany for FKK Sauna clubs. I may not need the service now, because I have been traveling to Germany alone for a few times since then. However, I don't understand the reason why some people tend to resist or deny a tour guide's service. This looks like a good option for those who have never been to Germany and want to visit FKK Sauna clubs. Plenty of inexperienced men ask countless questions regarding punting, but in the end, they still have no courage to step outside of their computer room. A tour guide is then a better wing man to assist those men. A tour guide who charges on a time-basis is also far better than the usual commission-basis tour guide. Anyway, good luck and happy punting.
    Our service is not for everyone, plus there are some people who are just not suited to be on tour with a group. We've got something others don't have which is decades of experience and time invested into knowing the clubs. While some may assume "It's legal so no problems" there are many things in the world which are legal yet people still have problems. Most guests who are thrown out of a club are never seen by the other guests. There are still to this day clubs which refuse entry to some guests, if you don't know this you don't spend enough time at the front door to notice.

    You'll learn more on a week tour with us than dozens of solo trips making the typical newbie mistakes. If you're really concerned about costs and money we're not for you, then again spending thousands to get to German clubs and then making foolish little errors also makes no sense. We've been successful at doing FKK club tours for over 20 years so it is in fact a viable, needed service with repeat guests who enjoy what we offer. Want info from the source and from people with decades of experience then the decision is simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExpatLover  [View Original Post]
    Sorry but FKK clubs in Germany are legal so there is more or less never troubles, also if you know who are the owners of some big clubs I think it is better to stay quiet when you go there.
    You don't know about troubles until you run into one. This is the problem with some guests, they assume so much. Connections with people is what it's all about, thus good first hand info is important.

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    I wish I had known this service 2.5 years ago, when I first travel to Germany for FKK Sauna clubs.

    I may not need the service now, because I have been traveling to Germany alone for a few times since then.

    However, I don't understand the reason why some people tend to resist or deny a tour guide's service.

    This looks like a good option for those who have never been to Germany and want to visit FKK Sauna clubs.

    Plenty of inexperienced men ask countless questions regarding punting, but in the end, they still have no courage to step outside of their computer room.

    A tour guide is then a better wing man to assist those men.

    A tour guide who charges on a time-basis is also far better than the usual commission-basis tour guide.

    Anyway, good luck and happy punting.

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    February and March Dates

    6 Nights
    February 26 - March 03
    March 05 - March 09
    8 Nights
    February 25 - March 04
    March 04 - March 11

    What does our service include?

    Our service offers a one payment package deal paid via secure credit card server. We pick you up from the airport, all your transportation needs are arranged while you stay with us. Which include 1-2 club visits per day and transportation to and from the hotel. An experienced English and German speaking guide with 15 years plus experience will show you the ropes, translate if needed and be there for you during your visit. During your visit we often do some site seeing as the tour extends from the Frankfurt Germany area 200 km north to Dusseldorf and Bonn. You'll visit approximately 10 of the best FKK Clubs in Germany on a 6 day tour and 12-14 on a 8 day tour. Every club is different, while the concept is the same they're located in different locations. Most now include food which ranges from fully catered meals to buffet style meals. Drinks such as soft-drinks, coffee, tea and juices are included.

    In your entrance fee. Many of the clubs include free beer, the majority charge extra for hard liquor and cocktails. You're provided with a robe, towels, slippers and a facility with shower, toilets and a secure locker. Our service does not include what you'll pay for entertain to the women, nor does it include entry fees to the clubs, although from decades of working with the clubs we offer discount rates to some of the clubs which we offer our guests. Airfare to Germany is not included in our package deal.

    Heres what we include:

    Hotel accommodations.

    Arrival (Frankfurt International Airport) Pick up and Return.

    Transportation to and from the clubs.

    24 Hour Fluent German and English Guide with 20 years+ Experience.

    Knowledgeable Experienced driver.

    Sightseeing, Club History, Rules and Culture explained.

    Club connected staff who help you get in and stay out of trouble.

    Payment via all major credit cards with discreet secure payment.

    You'll travel with other English speaking visitors.

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    Travel Concierge

    FKKTOUR We are the "Go to FKK Club Experts" with more expertise and experience than all others combined. We take pride in being the FKK Club Travel Concierge at affordable prices. No one has connections with owners, staff and the women like we do. We open doors that are normally closed to others. When you travel with us you'll be treated like a king with special VIP privileges unknown to regular customers. The common question is "what's the best club?" the answer to that question is relative to each guest and why we're so good at what we do. We get to know our customers, their likes, dislikes, needs and desires and with that we direct them to the best clubs and personal experience. While others are wasting time and money experimenting and trying to figure it all out. The internet is filled with cons, so-called experts and even club plants who post false info to steer unknowing guests their way. Our services have been around and trusted for over two decades which speaks for itself.

    Our Group tours begin and end in Frankfurt Am Main International Airport (FRA) Germany's biggest airport with more flight and connections than any other airport.

    We don't cancel tours like the other guys, never have and never will. If you book rest assured your tour will take place. Once booked our staff will help with all logistics, planning and any questions or concerns. We'll be here for you when you need someone most. You'll have constant contact with staff via messaging or phone.

    If you're looking to join a group or create your own tour we can help. Give us your exact dates (start and end) and needs and we'll put together a package.

    We offer three types of tours:

    1. Set date 6 or 8 Day group tours which include hotel and all the logistics during your tour. You'll travel with other guests from all over the world. Calendar dates of these tours can be found HERE. Note 6 Day tours are in RED 8 Day tours begin and end in YELLOW.

    2. Day Tour which can be any number of hours or days and does not include hotel. We pick you up from your the airport, train station or your hotel and transport you to the club. Everything is explained in English, rules, pricing, history, culture, basics and even recommended talent. More on Day tours HERE Price starts at 195 Euros A $30 US dollar deposit required in advance, the balance of 170 Euros is paid in cash Euros to your guide when he arrives. The basic fee includes 6 hours (which includes travel time to and from the club). You can add more clubs, days or hours as needed see the link above.

    3. Private multi day tours that include hotel and all logistics during your tour. Please see our yearly calendar (Dates in Orange) for available dates HERE.

    Should the dates on our calendar not work for you (dates marked in Gray) HERE we can still arrange something for you as a "Custom Tour". Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.
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