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Thread: La Vie en Rose & Perla Negra (Advertiser Thread)

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    Kim is a stunning Venezuelan luxury escort with large breasts and a delightful rear.

    She has a seductive smile and the gaze of a kitten in heat. She loves to give pleasure, at all times, in all the postures, she's a real nymphomaniac, an expert in every service you can imagine.

    From a bareback CIM blowjob with a real deep throat, very kinky snowballing as you always dreamed of. She has no limits or taboos in sex, you can ask her for whatever you want.

    If you like high voltage sex, ask her to be your sexual mistress, dominant and sexy, or your submissive and obedient lover if you like to take control. All the sexual fantasies you always dreamed of will come true with this Latin beauty, intense and sophisticated.

    Come to Perla Negra to enjoy a very wild session of sex with her.
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    Lucy, very sweet and naughty, would you rather try her CIM blowjob, or her Greek?

    Lucy is a very hot and sensual mulatto girl. She has dark eyes and a deep gaze, a round face and full lips. She's ready to give you pleasure without limits and she'll start caressing and French-kissing you to speed up your heartbeat. Lucy's girlfriend experience is so warm, loving and naughty as she is and includes the most exciting and intimate services like CIM blowjob and very special services like rimming and snowballing.

    Touching her booty and watching how it moves while you have sex will be pleasurable, but practicing Greek or anal sex will be extremely pleasurable and intense for both Lucy and you because it's one of her favorite services.

    And, if you'd rather have double pleasure, then try her duo with two escorts, a unique experience only available for lucky men like you. Come and meet Lucy at La Vie en Rose, your trusty brothel.
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    Charlotte is a Latina luxury escort, a very accomplished sexual expert, feel her.

    She has very large breasts with large nipples and wide hips crowned by an ass that will leave you breathless. She has been enjoying for years free sex without complexes and has plenty experience making the hottest and most exciting fantasies come true.

    You'll love her staring into your eyes while she gives you a bareback blowjob to welcome you, or perhaps a titfuck bteween her unforgettable breasts.

    You'll fall in love at her feet when you find out you can turn the bareback blojob into a come in mouth blowjob if you wish. You'll also love to enjoy sexual trios with her, including duplex, lesbian and services to couples.

    Come to Perla Negra to meet Charlotte and see for yourself.
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    Gabriela wants to see you enjoy a deep Greek in her divine ass, want to try it?

    She's a 20 years old stunning Venezuelan luxury escort ready to drive you crazy with her dangerous curves and her insatiable sexual desire. She has a gorgeous face, enigmatic, with a penetrating gaze and long jet black hair that will seduce you.

    Has large and juicy breasts, perfect for a good titfuck. Imagine yourself between her breasts while she gives you a bareback blowjob that makes you reach the most intense orgasm. She's a hungry kitten and won't stop until she makes you tremble with pleasure.

    If you want to make a trio, she's the ideal girl, she's bisexual and her lesbian show with another escort will really turn you on or enjoy a duplex with two stunning women in bed exclusively dedicated to giving you pleasure, like you always dreamed of.

    Come to La Vie en Rose to enjoy this irresistible femme fatale, it'll be unforgettable.
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    Ruby loves unlimited sex, come here and she'll prove it to you! Super sexy doll!

    She's a stunning mulatto with an amazing body. She has curly dark hair, piercing gaze and a big and sensual mouth. Her perky booty and slim thighs are very attractive and seductive, really delightful to practice anal sex and enjoy beautiful views in the meantime.

    This young Caribbean is a passionate and daring girl who enjoys life to the fullest. She likes sunbathing, listening to music and dancing. She is very passionate on everything she does and doesn't set limits to sex.

    Do you want to enjoy her lesbian show, or you'd rather come with your girlfriend and try a service for couples with Ruby? Would you rather have two escorts focused exclusively in pleasing you? Everything is possible by her side, you just have to choose what you want.

    Come to La Vie en Rose to find out the real Latin passion and discover all she can give you.
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    Sofia, gorgeous brunette very erotic, fetishistic, she'll will leave you speechless

    She has very long jet black hair, a sexy mouth with full lips and a nice smile, she also has a deep and mysterious gaze that will be an invitation to get into the world of sex with her. She'll give you a first-class titfuck with her large and firm breasts, move her hips and offer her perky ass so you can explore anal sex's pleasure without limits.

    Being with Sofia is a roller coaster of emotions that will take you from the sensuality and relaxation of erotic massages to the intensity and eroticism of cum in mouth blowjob, duo service with two escorts or a service for couples.

    This Latina bombshell is collaborating as a luxury escort at Perla Negra, come to enjoy with her!
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    Sabrina a dream Latina with XXL breasts for a perfect titfuck! She has no limits!!

    Her French kissing will be the perfect starter while you both enjoy an erotic shower together. She'll slide with her breasts all over your body and you'll notice how her nipples get hard as they touch you until she stops and stimulates you with her titfuck or gives you a bareback blowjob that can turn into a cum in mouth blowjob with a lustful and fetishistic snowballing, if you want to.

    If you ask for it, she'll be your loving girlfriend or call another escort with big breasts to please you together with a duo service or enrolling with you between the sheets during a lesbian show the three of you will enjoy. If you like a pair of breasts, imagine that pleasure multiplied by two.

    Come to La Vie en Rose and enjoy sex with a luxury escort without limits or taboos.
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    Ariel is a sensual Latina and sexual expert. Try her cum in mouth blowjob and titfuck

    She has a bold and adventurous personality which has helped her to be an expert in unique and very fetishistic practices like rimming, which is practiced by using the tongue and the mouth to stimulate the anus and increase the intensity of the pleasure.

    You will really like her French kissing and girlfriend experience, but you'll love experimenting her duo service with two escorts, both of them will devote exclusively to give you double pleasure with their four hands and two pairs of breasts.

    Come to Perla Negra to check out for yourself how hot and sensual she is.
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    Alison is a Colombian luxury escort with beautiful skin, big breast and a firm ass!!

    She was born to give pleasure and devotes on full in each encounter. She likes starting by a very sensual erotic massage, caressing your erogenous parts with her delicate hands and giving you a delightful deep throat.

    Alison is the ideal girl to make a duo service with another escort and fulfill that fantasy you have always had.

    You'll love enjoying a session of wild sex while both slide into your legs and the three of you enjoy unforgettable moments. Who hasn't ever dream of a very hot threesome?

    Come to meet her at Perla Negra, you'll be able to have some drinks with her and go with the flow with a real sexual expert.
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    Susy is a very sexy girl with XXL breasts to leave you speechless, try her titfuck!

    This Brazilian luxury escort will be your tender girlfriend and will be happy to join you to any commitment you may have, from a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant to a wine tasting with friends.

    She's also erotic and sensual and you'll enjoy all the services she does to the maximum as she loves sex and has the best conditions to do it.

    She'll give you an irresistible titfuck with her dreamlike breasts and you'll enjoy to the maximum the Greek service with her incredible knockout ass.

    You just have to come to La Vie en Rose to make your most exciting fantasies come true with Susy.
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    Mia is a stunning Venezuelan escort with large breasts and a knockout rear. Try her!!

    She loves sex and gives herself full to her lovers to make them feel very special. She has long hair, silky skin and long legs. She's a beauty with a totally natural body.

    She'll give you a delicious titfuck between her juicy breasts while she gives you a bareback blowjob, do you want it?

    This insatiable young girl is addicted to trios, you'll be able to come with your partner and let her give you both pleasure or enjoy with her and another escort in a very intense duplex. And if you want a real deep throat she's your perfect girl, she loves to give pleasure to the maximum.

    Come to Perla Negra to enjoy a very sexy encounter with her.
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    Soraya a Spanish escort loving and open to everything, loves anal sex and trios!!

    She's a young and dynamic girl, she has long brunette hair, brown eyes, a deep gaze and a petite body with delicate curves that will make you lose your mind. She's thin and slim, has natural beasts, a narrow waist and a a round and small ass.

    She's already skilled in some basic services like erotic massages, but she also enjoys other more exciting services like anal sex. If you are curious to try a threesome with two young escorts, don't miss your golden opportunity to ask her for her duo service.

    They will take care of making your fantasy come true, you will only have to enjoy and wish they never stop pleasing you.

    Come to La Vie en Rose and live a unique and unforgettable experience with her.
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    Mar is a stunning luxury escort with impressive curves, large and juicy breasts, Try!

    She's bisexual and loves trios, dare to try a delicious duplex between two amazing escorts or let her excite you with her irresistible lesbian show. She has no taboos and with her you'll explore all the corners of sex and make your most intimate desires come true.

    She's a very kinky brunette, she loves the most passionate sex and is a real sexual expert. If you are looking for a woman to make your hidden sexual fantasies come true, she's the ideal girl.

    You can ask her for a CIM blowjob, a very kinky rimming or a movie like deep throat.

    Come to meet her at La Vie en Rose!
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    Lara, a hot blooded Brazilian escort, is 20 years old and has the body of a goddess!!

    She's a determined and affectionate woman, passionate for the most intense sex with the sweetness of a lover, as you can see, she does all the services, she's very accomplished and has no taboos or limits in bed.

    She'll give you an impressive and very wet CIM blowjob with a real deep throat, an erotic massage or a delicious titfuck.

    She does anal sex, snowballing and rimming. Despite her youth she doesn't lack experience, she has it all.

    Come to enjoy her company at Perla Negra, you'll go crazy with pleasure!
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    Anabella is a beautiful girl with large breasts who loves CIM blowjobs, try them!!

    She loves free sex without complexes, she enjoys cum in mouth blowjob, but her specialty is mild BDSM. This Latina with the sweetest smile hides a real inner tigress who will even whip you, if you've been naughty.

    Her large breasts are perfect to touch, you'll like caressing and massaging them, but you'll drive crazy when she gives you her titfuck. Her round booty is perfect to fulfill all your fantasies, including Greek or anal sex.

    Come to Perla Negra and give yourself a treat, Anabella is waiting for you to have a perfect date of wild passion.
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