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Thread: Winnipeg

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    Weather's really nice this week! Good for ice fishing and west and north end fishing!

    Anybody been out lately.

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    Was out last night in the West End, just missed a white brunette hottie just as I got out there that I'm kicking myself over still. To make matters worse, I missed a fit, blonde white hottie about 20 minutes later. Sadly, I ended up with a chubby native girl who said she was 18.

    I probably would of been better off just parking my car and waiting for something new to come out. The native girl was a little intoxicated already and we agreed on $20 for CFS at my place. About 10 minutes of Doggy and I wasn't feeling it too much. I promised her an additional $10 for anal and she agreed. On the way back to dropping her off she tried to steal some alcohol from my car and was let out. She also didn't get the extra $10. All in all a pretty mediocre pickup with mediocre results.

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    I went walking down sargent the other day, it was around six oclock I guess. I was approched by a young decent looking mixed race SW. She asked me for a smoke and so I gave her one, then she asked if iwas looking for any company. I told her I only had 20 and no place to go, so she brought me to a spot behind some appartment buildings. It was another strangley warm winter day in winnipeg, so the cold wasn't a factor here. I love doing this outdoors, maybe its the added sense of possibly being seen. Anyways, she told me she ddn; t have a condom and asked if I had one. I did not, so I told her just to do it anyways and that I was in a rush. She agreed as long as I told her when I was about to cum, I guess she doesn't like the taste. She did the job and I enjoyed it greatly, she was very good with her mouth. She blew me for about 2 mins or so before I came. I told her when it was time, I pulled it out of her mouth and grabbed her hair jerked off all over her face. She was pretty pissed off about that, but I laughed, pulled my pants up and casually continued my walk. I'm loving this warm winter we've been having. Oh yeah, I gave her another smoke as a tip!

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    I see them standing in pairs of 2 and sometimes 3 in the West End very often, never in the North End.

    They usually don't stand in pairs because they know they'll scare people off, or argue over who goes in the car.

    But, they see each other at the crack houses and probably walk to a corner together, seems logical.

    I've been propositioned at a strip club twice now, by semi-pros. Attractive girls that I assume are massage parlor girls or something that want free drinks and to meet a guy who will pay them. But at the prices they wated ($200ish for an hour) I refused.

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    North End

    I was downtown for dinner and on the way home around 8:30 tonight I thought I would go around and check things out. Nothing in the west end. As I was making my way down Charles I saw two GORGEUS girls crossing Burrows, and I thought no way! I'm very picky and a lot of the girls in this city don't do it for me, but these two were unreal! They both smiled and gave the wave. I thought it was too good to be true and I kept driving, as I contemplated things I looped back and they made their way all the way down to Charles and Pritchard. I was going to go for it then one jumped in the back of an SUV and when I went to look for the other one as they had taken different corners but she was gone too. Seemed odd to me. Whats everyones take on seeing two girls together? Are they usually out in pairs often?

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    I suppose there will be strict police presence in the north end after this!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzen  [View Original Post]
    Checking licenses or catching Johns?
    Checked licenses from whT I've learned. But it's business as usual!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grifter76  [View Original Post]
    Heard our favorite establishment s got raided last Thursday. Nevadas and EHB!
    Checking licenses or catching Johns?

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    Heard our favorite establishment s got raided last Thursday. Nevadas and EHB!

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    New here

    Hi all, just found this site trying to info on the parlors around, you guys post helpful stuff, So I'll contribute to the forum, the other night picked up a girl one street over from charles,

    Got change for a twenty and offered a girl I seen 10 for a BJ, said yes, and saved 10 in the process! Anyways she was tripping about LE so we went far up past inkster, did the damn thing and enjoyed it, good looking girl to. Did get to rushy about it, best ten I've spent in a while. So hope to hear more stories soon.


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    Thats a good way to get SHANKED

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    Counterfeit money

    I don't agree. I don't care if it is a cracked up lady or a lady trying to pay a bill or even a lady getting meth with it. You made a deal and you should honor it in good faith by using real money. These are real people turning tricks for whatever reason they need to justify turning to hooking. You could be robbing a down and out lady who is trying to feed an infant! I know some will rob you blind but don't turn to this plan to take care of yourself. I got ripped off myself once but I would never consider what you are planning. Play fair and hopefully get treated fair. 'Entertaining' is 'almost' a legal profession in Quebec (court ruling pending). Ripping off a lady will give you a record that will follow your car plate and if LE see it and you have a lady; it's a guaranteed impounding of your car and a trip to court and attending 'John' school. She will roll on you once they review your record with her. Reminder; these ladies have an incredible street given memory, even if they are high. Explain all this to your wife if you have one where your car is.

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    As long as it doesn't lead back to you, that's great. If it gets traced back to you that sucks.

    Yeah, these girls will roll over on any john in a second.

    Let us know if it works though, I'm giving you props in advance.

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    Not if you can get away with it LOL

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