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Thread: Cozumel

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    Preparing for a Trip to Cozumel

    I am preparing for a trip to Cozumel in late May-early June 2017. I read this entire thread for my RTFF research, which answered most of my questions. My remaining questions are below, and I think that answers to them would make the thread more useful for other mongers as well.

    1) Can anyone update the locations of the Cozumel mongering venues on this Yucatan monger map? It is old. The locations of some of the venues are missing (Embassy, La Pacha, Caribbean Queen, Flamboyanes, and Camarote). One of the venues has closed (Platinos), and another one is now a normal cigar bar (Green House).

    2) Are the overpriced waitresses in short red skirts at Flamboyanes really the only downtown mongering option? I found passing references to Camarote, a locals' club on 65th Avenue and 3rd Street South. I am staying downtown and would welcome a chance to forgo the trek to the cruise ship pier, and what I read about another locals' club (La Pacha) sounded appealing to me.

    3) Do any of the clubs close on Sundays? At what time does Salsa close for the day? 6 PM?

    4) How would you rank the various clubs in terms of chica quality? Are there any big differences in typical pricing between the different clubs? For example, I read some posts suggesting that California Club may have had hotter chicas and was accordingly more expensive.

    5) What is the standard payment procedure? Do you pay the room fee to the house up front, pay the condom lady on the way to the room, and then pay the chica her negotiated fee at the end of the session? Is the house's room fee fixed or negotiable? Is there anyway to avoid paying the condom lady if you bring your own condoms?

    6) If an hour is the standard session length, do many or most chicas there interpret one hour as "one leche or one hour, whichever comes first," like chicas elsewhere in Latin America, or can one actually expect a full hour of service, like a massage or even a second leche? If they tend to bolt right after your first leche, regardless of the actual time, has anyone tried negotiating a half-hour rate? If so, I would rather save money and just go for a half-hour rate (it does not take me that long to bust a nut). I came to appreciate the virtue of the half-hour rate on Curaao and St. Maarten, where that seems to be the standard; at least those chicas were honest about how long they planned to stick around.

    7) Is CBJ the norm there, and is BBBJ harder to get than elsewhere in Latin America? The trip reports left me with the impression that BBBJ is less common there than it is in the DR, CR, or Colombia. To the extent that BBBJ is available, do chicas often seek a higher rate or tip for it?

    8) How many foreign chicas are there, if any? I saw a few references to Colombian and Brazilian chicas, which would be of great interest to me.

    9) Are there any clubs with consistently air-conditioned rooms? It sounded like air-conditioned rooms, to the extent that they exist at all, are inconsistent in their availability in any given club.

    10) Can you buy Cialis without a prescription on Cozumel?

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    La Salsa

    Took a cruise and arrived in Cozumel last Tuesday. Took a cab from the international cruise port to La Salsa around noon but I could have very easily walked. It was very warm and humid and didn't want to be hot when I arrived. A short petite girl in her early 30's was standing in the doorway to the club and welcomed me in. She had small be-cups and short black hair. I ordered a bottle of water from the bar and sat down with her a table. Her name was Damita (I think). Her English was not great and my Spanish is worse. We said the club offered massage, HJ, BJ, FS. She offered all for $1. 3 (30 to house and 100 to her). I paid and we went through to the back of the club and up the stairs to a room. The room had a bed with sheets that may or may not have been previously used.

    I undressed and she removed her top shorts and started me off with a HJ. I was eager to get a peek of her clean shaved slot but was horrified to find the dreaded tampon string hanging out. I was totally bummed out but settled for a CBJ. It was very hot in the room and my disappointment must have been apparent because it took longer than normal to get hard. After about 5 minutes and to my surprise, she removed the condom and finished with a BBBJ. Most of her work was using her hands but it was a nice change of pace. I finished on her face and decided to call it a day. Not sure if I'll go back there on my next excursion. May try something else next time around.

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    The New Green House

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck13  [View Original Post]
    I was in Cozumel in December and saw a guy working on the old Green House. I asked if it was reopening and he told me it was. What I'm wondering is if they are just a cigar bar or will there be ladies?
    I found this on the internet, so you know it must be true.

    It appears that it's a real cigar bar now. Alas there is no indication of friendly chicas for rent now. That was a great location for a casa de cita because you and your significant other could walk downtown, she could shop for ropa y zapatos and you could wonder off and obtained un poco panocha. And what was perfect was, if I came back with 'cigar breath' the so wouldn't be looking for verga for a while (time to recharge. And get the condom taste off). Alas those are just memories now.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: While I encourage contributions from all volunteers, the Forum is an English-only website. Please do not post reports in any language other than English. If you wish to post text in any language other than English, then please include a full English translation.Thanks!

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    Club by Cruise port

    I was in Cozumel on a Cruise this past summer and got a little while away from the family and found a Gentlemen's Club upstairs above the shops right across the street from the cruise port. Never caught the name. Does anybody know which one it is? Seemed to be full of Cruise workers off ship. Had a great time.

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    La Embajada


    I'm new to this board. I just decided to take this hobby international. I heard about this club la Embajada and was wondering if anyone had any current Intel on it. Any fair skinned cuties with curly hair? Any girls you recommend? I will be in town towards the end of March and early April and would love having a few in mind to seek out as soon as I get there. I will definitely report my findings because I see that this thread doesn't get many posts unlike other ones.

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    Green house

    I was in Cozumel in December and saw a guy working on the old Green House. I asked if it was reopening and he told me it was. What I'm wondering is if they are just a cigar bar or will there be ladies?

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    La salsa

    Well. I'm here with family. . So I'll be quick. I am under the eagle eyes of my wife.

    Slipped away on a fake jogging jaunt not far from El Cid. Went straight to Saksa where I was accosted by Sayaid. Lebanese background. Hmmmm.

    Any way 1600 pesos later and twenty minutes. I was fine blow job. Too much for the BJ. But I was desperate! I prefer Mazatlan! Seems like this Poon palace is set up primarily for the cruise ship traffic.

    Convinced my brother in law to go bar hopping tomorrow. Oh by the way. Never bring relatives on a five week vacation. And I plan to introduce him to the strip clubs. I'm thinking down town. Anybody have a good idea of what's open around 2 pm.


    I'm nervous about the whole thing. He may be. Mmmm. Prudish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viajero11  [View Original Post]
    El Trebol, Salsa Club, Embassy and Bar and Co. My past experience on CZM is that quality really varies from week to week or month to month,
    I'm familiar with El Trebol, Salsa Club and El Barco but I don't know the Embassy. Where is it? If it's like the El Barco give me a hint to find it.



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    Cozumel Again

    I was back in Cozumel for work last week and had a Friday afternoon free. At about 2 PM, I headed down the street towards Salsa and California Club. I passed a long line of young male tourists presumably heading back to the cruise ships. I kept going to El Trebol where I was the only guy. Before I had even turned off my moto, I had found my girl. Renata was a classic Mexicana with cinnamon skin, long glossy black hair, a pretty but not gorgeous face, and a very nice body with perky firm tits and a nice round ass. Most importantly though was her attitude from the get go. Super sweet and friendly. Awesome sexy performance in the sack with pretty much full on GFE. LFK, BBBJ, DATY, lots of foreplay, etc. She made a superb effort with no rush and had great enthusiasm. Exceeded expectations. Overpriced but not a problem for my budget and worth every penny.

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    I was in Cozumel for work for a single night last week. On a Wednesday afternoon about 3:30 PM, I made the rounds of El Trebol, Salsa Club, Embassy and Bar and Co. My past experience on CZM is that quality really varies from week to week or month to month, and it was slim pickings in the looks department. Mostly older and chubby. But I did find one girl I liked at Salsa. Leyla was 23 years old, no kids, slim with a nice natural body, and a girl next door look that I sometimes really like. No makeup or tattoos and a bit shy, which somehow made her very sexy to me. She did a decent CBJ, and the sex was good. There were lots of girls at Embassy, maybe 10, and some were decent. If I had had the time I would have worked my way around the room and checked it out.

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    A Merry Christmas

    Headed south next week. Any recent info that would be useful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerHunger  [View Original Post]
    I really don't understand why you guys are negotiating in dollars in Cozumel for P4P when the Mexican Peso rules in Mexico. Paying in dollars will only keep prices at a higher rate for services.

    Just my opinion!
    No doubt about it, paying in pesos is the way to go. Find an HBSC ATM (they're everywhere and have a far better exchange rate than the cambios) and get your pesos. Hint for those who think too much, when you're making a withdrawal, you enter it in pesos. So it'll be a much bigger number than you're used to putting in. Now when the chica asks for $100 US you can counter with 1200 pesos (about $65) and go from there. On a bad day pussy will set you back 1500 pesos (about $80). If you can't get it under 1500 pesos on a regular basis (and far less for the gordo and / or ugly chicas) you're doing something wrong. For heavens sake, remember its pussy, not gold and every chica has one and most of these places have ladies that go home after making nothing. The one's that dicker make the pesos.


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    Pesos vs. dollars

    I really don't understand why you guys are negotiating in dollars in Cozumel for P4P when the Mexican Peso rules in Mexico. Paying in dollars will only keep prices at a higher rate for services.

    Is there a reason why you rather pay a much higher rate in dollars versus paying in pesos? Its the same service at a discount. The practice of using dollars also contributes to chicas asking for their services to be paid in dollars every time.

    Also, why are some of you paying upwards to $5 USD for a single condom? If you already know that you're going to P4P why not bring your own condoms or purchase them elsewhere? Seems like there is a lot of unnecessary wasting of money in Cozumel that possibly can affect other fellow mongers as far as P4P goes. Some of us want to stabilize P4P prices and make it more beneficial for others. We come to this forum to get information that can be to our advantage, so please consider your mongering techniques. You can help to create a market that we can take full advantage of for future mongers to come!

    Just my opinion!

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    1 AM in Cozumel

    First, I want to preface my post by saying that I have a decent amount of experience punting (Costa Rica, BKK, Rio & a few others). I have to say that after my first night in Cozumel, this is an underrated destination. Here's the recap of my first nigh (a Wednesday) t:

    3:30 pm. Arrive in Cozumel from Texas by way of Cancun airport. Easy to find everything, but I'm low energy from the early flight. Check-in to airbnb, find basic accommodations in my area and decide that I'm more horny than I am tired and jump on this forum.

    8 pm. Arrive at Bar & Co (my cab driver knew where to take me, and the ride was only $P80 from my centro apt). After looking inside (free admission) I see that there is 1 over aged girl in the entire place whose T&A are as spoiled as 3 month old milk. The door guy speaks English and tells me that the party starts between 9-10 pm.

    8:10 pm. I decide to grab a meal while I wait, and walk into Pirate cave restaurant next door. The guy working there is over-friendly and I immediately become suspicious that he is trying to pull a con on me. After chatting more, he seems earnest and tells me all about the clubs and recommends Pascha for finding girls in their 20's. He says he was planning to go there and offers to walk over w / me when I finish eating. This sets off more alarms than I even knew I had, but I think, "what the hell, I only have about $150 on me and Pascha is just a few blocks away". I finish up my tacos (quite good) and head down to the place with my new pal, Juanito.

    9:50 pm. Juanito and I arrive and he starts talking with the guys there, we don't pay entrance and I treat him to a shared bucket of 5 beers + 1 lap dance for $P250 ($13). He calls over a few girls for interviews. Emilia passes with flying colors and my new pal negotiates her down to ($P1500) for an hour of fun. He asks to borrow $P100 and it's not a thing, next thing I know he's off to the bathroom to do some pills / blow. I politely decline participating, as I just want to fcuk tonight. Emilia is 21 y/ o, light-skinned, hard body, beautiful face (no other girls, at either club, were close), Bee cups and a medium culo. She gives a solid, but not mind-blowing performance. Both the main area and the private rooms in Pascha have no A / see, so we're both sweating like Shaq at the free throw line. I like seeing a girl work up a sweat. My new friend disappears to talk with some of the staff at the club during and after my session.

    11:30 pm. Trying to cool down, and still working on the first bucket of beers. I notice a girl who was sitting before is walking around and her ass is on par with the girls in 4 x4 in Rio. We call her over and she introduces herself as Izna, light-skinned black girl who only speaks Spanish. My pal starts hard negotiating and gets her to say that she'll do 24 hour service any day for $P2500! I take her back for a lap dance and we escalate into DATO and me fingering her ass, try that one back home. Since I'm spent from lack of sleep and I take her whatsapp down and she shows her appreciation by sending me some nudes.

    No taxis available at Pascha. My pal's brother has showed up and gives me a ride back to bar & co. I peek inside and the lineup looks decent, 10 ish girls, mostly with the Mayan look. 3-4 are way too old and way aggressive. Unlike Pascha The security is not an inept and calls a taxi for me. Physically exhausted, but horny for the upcoming week, I return to my place, narrowly avoiding paying a MILF at Barco $100 to come back with me for the night.

    1 am. Sit down and write this post.

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    Salsa Club

    I was in Cozumel and stayed at El Cid Hotel (right around the corner from Salsa). The view were great and night was even better. Haha I was down with my Friend with benefits. She was tired on night and I snuck out to try out salsa.

    I met this chica named blue. I had a few drinks and we negotiated $90, for BBBJ and good time. We had a good time, as I got a few shots of tequila. He English was not all that good, but she massaged me and turned me over with a BBBJ. She was a little older, maybe late 30's. But, I can tell she worked out cause her ass was tight. I did her doggie style and she let sucked me dry with BBBJ. That was a happy ending for a visiting person. Haha.

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