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    La salsa

    Well. I'm here with family. . So I'll be quick. I am under the eagle eyes of my wife.

    Slipped away on a fake jogging jaunt not far from El Cid. Went straight to Saksa where I was accosted by Sayaid. Lebanese background. Hmmmm.

    Any way 1600 pesos later and twenty minutes. I was fine blow job. Too much for the BJ. But I was desperate! I prefer Mazatlan! Seems like this Poon palace is set up primarily for the cruise ship traffic.

    Convinced my brother in law to go bar hopping tomorrow. Oh by the way. Never bring relatives on a five week vacation. And I plan to introduce him to the strip clubs. I'm thinking down town. Anybody have a good idea of what's open around 2 pm.


    I'm nervous about the whole thing. He may be. Mmmm. Prudish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viajero11  [View Original Post]
    El Trebol, Salsa Club, Embassy and Bar and Co. My past experience on CZM is that quality really varies from week to week or month to month,
    I'm familiar with El Trebol, Salsa Club and El Barco but I don't know the Embassy. Where is it? If it's like the El Barco give me a hint to find it.



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    Cozumel Again

    I was back in Cozumel for work last week and had a Friday afternoon free. At about 2 PM, I headed down the street towards Salsa and California Club. I passed a long line of young male tourists presumably heading back to the cruise ships. I kept going to El Trebol where I was the only guy. Before I had even turned off my moto, I had found my girl. Renata was a classic Mexicana with cinnamon skin, long glossy black hair, a pretty but not gorgeous face, and a very nice body with perky firm tits and a nice round ass. Most importantly though was her attitude from the get go. Super sweet and friendly. Awesome sexy performance in the sack with pretty much full on GFE. LFK, BBBJ, DATY, lots of foreplay, etc. She made a superb effort with no rush and had great enthusiasm. Exceeded expectations. Overpriced but not a problem for my budget and worth every penny.

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    I was in Cozumel for work for a single night last week. On a Wednesday afternoon about 3:30 PM, I made the rounds of El Trebol, Salsa Club, Embassy and Bar and Co. My past experience on CZM is that quality really varies from week to week or month to month, and it was slim pickings in the looks department. Mostly older and chubby. But I did find one girl I liked at Salsa. Leyla was 23 years old, no kids, slim with a nice natural body, and a girl next door look that I sometimes really like. No makeup or tattoos and a bit shy, which somehow made her very sexy to me. She did a decent CBJ, and the sex was good. There were lots of girls at Embassy, maybe 10, and some were decent. If I had had the time I would have worked my way around the room and checked it out.

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    A Merry Christmas

    Headed south next week. Any recent info that would be useful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MongerHunger  [View Original Post]
    I really don't understand why you guys are negotiating in dollars in Cozumel for P4P when the Mexican Peso rules in Mexico. Paying in dollars will only keep prices at a higher rate for services.

    Just my opinion!
    No doubt about it, paying in pesos is the way to go. Find an HBSC ATM (they're everywhere and have a far better exchange rate than the cambios) and get your pesos. Hint for those who think too much, when you're making a withdrawal, you enter it in pesos. So it'll be a much bigger number than you're used to putting in. Now when the chica asks for $100 US you can counter with 1200 pesos (about $65) and go from there. On a bad day pussy will set you back 1500 pesos (about $80). If you can't get it under 1500 pesos on a regular basis (and far less for the gordo and / or ugly chicas) you're doing something wrong. For heavens sake, remember its pussy, not gold and every chica has one and most of these places have ladies that go home after making nothing. The one's that dicker make the pesos.


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    Pesos vs. dollars

    I really don't understand why you guys are negotiating in dollars in Cozumel for P4P when the Mexican Peso rules in Mexico. Paying in dollars will only keep prices at a higher rate for services.

    Is there a reason why you rather pay a much higher rate in dollars versus paying in pesos? Its the same service at a discount. The practice of using dollars also contributes to chicas asking for their services to be paid in dollars every time.

    Also, why are some of you paying upwards to $5 USD for a single condom? If you already know that you're going to P4P why not bring your own condoms or purchase them elsewhere? Seems like there is a lot of unnecessary wasting of money in Cozumel that possibly can affect other fellow mongers as far as P4P goes. Some of us want to stabilize P4P prices and make it more beneficial for others. We come to this forum to get information that can be to our advantage, so please consider your mongering techniques. You can help to create a market that we can take full advantage of for future mongers to come!

    Just my opinion!

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    1 AM in Cozumel

    First, I want to preface my post by saying that I have a decent amount of experience punting (Costa Rica, BKK, Rio & a few others). I have to say that after my first night in Cozumel, this is an underrated destination. Here's the recap of my first nigh (a Wednesday) t:

    3:30 pm. Arrive in Cozumel from Texas by way of Cancun airport. Easy to find everything, but I'm low energy from the early flight. Check-in to airbnb, find basic accommodations in my area and decide that I'm more horny than I am tired and jump on this forum.

    8 pm. Arrive at Bar & Co (my cab driver knew where to take me, and the ride was only $P80 from my centro apt). After looking inside (free admission) I see that there is 1 over aged girl in the entire place whose T&A are as spoiled as 3 month old milk. The door guy speaks English and tells me that the party starts between 9-10 pm.

    8:10 pm. I decide to grab a meal while I wait, and walk into Pirate cave restaurant next door. The guy working there is over-friendly and I immediately become suspicious that he is trying to pull a con on me. After chatting more, he seems earnest and tells me all about the clubs and recommends Pascha for finding girls in their 20's. He says he was planning to go there and offers to walk over w / me when I finish eating. This sets off more alarms than I even knew I had, but I think, "what the hell, I only have about $150 on me and Pascha is just a few blocks away". I finish up my tacos (quite good) and head down to the place with my new pal, Juanito.

    9:50 pm. Juanito and I arrive and he starts talking with the guys there, we don't pay entrance and I treat him to a shared bucket of 5 beers + 1 lap dance for $P250 ($13). He calls over a few girls for interviews. Emilia passes with flying colors and my new pal negotiates her down to ($P1500) for an hour of fun. He asks to borrow $P100 and it's not a thing, next thing I know he's off to the bathroom to do some pills / blow. I politely decline participating, as I just want to fcuk tonight. Emilia is 21 y/ o, light-skinned, hard body, beautiful face (no other girls, at either club, were close), Bee cups and a medium culo. She gives a solid, but not mind-blowing performance. Both the main area and the private rooms in Pascha have no A / see, so we're both sweating like Shaq at the free throw line. I like seeing a girl work up a sweat. My new friend disappears to talk with some of the staff at the club during and after my session.

    11:30 pm. Trying to cool down, and still working on the first bucket of beers. I notice a girl who was sitting before is walking around and her ass is on par with the girls in 4 x4 in Rio. We call her over and she introduces herself as Izna, light-skinned black girl who only speaks Spanish. My pal starts hard negotiating and gets her to say that she'll do 24 hour service any day for $P2500! I take her back for a lap dance and we escalate into DATO and me fingering her ass, try that one back home. Since I'm spent from lack of sleep and I take her whatsapp down and she shows her appreciation by sending me some nudes.

    No taxis available at Pascha. My pal's brother has showed up and gives me a ride back to bar & co. I peek inside and the lineup looks decent, 10 ish girls, mostly with the Mayan look. 3-4 are way too old and way aggressive. Unlike Pascha The security is not an inept and calls a taxi for me. Physically exhausted, but horny for the upcoming week, I return to my place, narrowly avoiding paying a MILF at Barco $100 to come back with me for the night.

    1 am. Sit down and write this post.

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    Salsa Club

    I was in Cozumel and stayed at El Cid Hotel (right around the corner from Salsa). The view were great and night was even better. Haha I was down with my Friend with benefits. She was tired on night and I snuck out to try out salsa.

    I met this chica named blue. I had a few drinks and we negotiated $90, for BBBJ and good time. We had a good time, as I got a few shots of tequila. He English was not all that good, but she massaged me and turned me over with a BBBJ. She was a little older, maybe late 30's. But, I can tell she worked out cause her ass was tight. I did her doggie style and she let sucked me dry with BBBJ. That was a happy ending for a visiting person. Haha.

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    January in Cozumel

    I spent a few weeks relaxing in Cozumel, but with family. I was able to sneak away and hit Salsa three times and Barco twice. Everyone wanted 100 or more to start. I laughed and said I wasn't a cruise ship newbie and how much in pesos? With some negotiating I got one gal at Salsa down to 1,300 ($72) peso and another (Doris. Pronounce Dor-eese) down to 1400 $77) at the time. My first round with Doris everything was covered. She seemed new and was in her early 20's. The best eye candy they had. I saw another girl the second time I went (forget her name), tall and almost slender. Very sexy in a dirty sort of way. I asked for a BBBJ and could not get it. No tip would get her to change her mind. She did dry hum me BB with her ass crack and she was better in bed than Doris but not the looker. I hit Doris again a week later and insisted on a BBBJ and anal she said sure for the same price. I thought I had a good deal and made as sure as I could that she understood 'culo sexo why natural chupada. ' Well I got the BBBJ. But it was much more gentle than the covered. I wrapped up and hit her pussy in several positions, starting in missionary and ending in doggie. As I was getting close I pulled out and went for her ass and she hollered 'no, en la panacha' - or no, in my pussy. Oh well. I did go down on both girls and they both seemed to enjoy it. Great hygiene and no ill affects.

    I hit the Barco twice and the first time I met Marisol. About a 6 in looks and 9 in attitude. I drank a few beers bought her a couple, played with her tits in the bar area. Even sucked on them. She played with my dick (OTC. I was expecting her to go up the pant leg of my shorts like a lot of girls do but it didn't happen). I was looking for something better. She came down to 80 (30 for the room and 50 for her) very fast. Demasiado (too much) I gave her 50 pesos and left. I came back a week later and she met me and we had a few more drinks, played a bit in the bar then went to one of the ratty ass rooms. Marisol was a pistol in the sack. She was probably pushing 40, a bit over weight, but knew how to stimulate a man in every possible way. I got a BBBJ (agreed to on day one) and while she's going down on me she starts rubbing my ass and asks if I like it. You bet! Well before I know it she's got a finger in my ass and massaging my prostrate. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it was great. We fucked for 20 minutes then went back to oral and I asked for 'dos dedos en mi oho de culo' and she obliged and about 3 minutes later I exploded on her tits and in her mouth. She just ate it up. If she was 18 and a spinner I'd have married her. Well not really but I'd have found a daily excuse to leave the family.

    Next trip I need to check out the place behind Salsa. I did check it once before and it apparently wasn't open. Also need to find the Ambassador. Apparently near el barco but I'm not familiar with it. Finally some of the massage places north of the main square offered a massage and happy ending for either 50 or 60 usd. I didn't partake. I like more that a he but who knows.

    My bottom line is Cozumel is over-priced for what you get but if you're looking for central American pussy to rent it's all you've got on the island. Maybe I'll get smart and get a phone number next time and save the $30 rental or give it to the girl for a second pop.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodPacker500  [View Original Post]
    It's legal. The only thing that I think is illegal is if a pimp solicits for a girl. Which of course happened regularly outside of the GH and I've had happen once outside of Salsa.

    Thanks for clarifying the legal aspect of the Mexican club scene.

    I also appreciate the tip; cut out the middle man and buy direct! Sounds like good advice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knoteebuoy  [View Original Post]
    I am familiar with the club scene on the Dutch Caribbean islands but not so much in Mexico. Is the action in these clubs legal or simply tolerated?

    It's legal. The only thing that I think is illegal is if a pimp solicits for a girl. Which of course happened regularly outside of the GH and I've had happen once outside of Salsa.


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    Legal or Tolerated

    Quote Originally Posted by Viajero11  [View Original Post]
    Bar & Co, Salsa, Embassy, and El Trebol, all within a relatively short walk from the cruise ship terminal
    I am familiar with the club scene on the Dutch Caribbean islands but not so much in Mexico. Is the action in these clubs legal or simply tolerated?


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    I was in Cozumel for three days for some are & are in between work stints on the mainland, and in between swimming, snorkeling, and just relaxing, took some time to indulge. I'the been there several times before and had pretty good experiences and was also encouraged by the last post. First afternoon I had the time to shop around and scope things out at Bar & Co, Salsa, Embassy, and El Trebol, all within a relatively short walk from the cruise ship terminal if you're on foot. A moto is a whole lot easier. I hadn't been to Cozumel for two years, and this time there were many more girls at each location, and each spot had some very nice looking ones by my standards. What I was checking for mostly was a good vibe from the girl as this just makes a huge difference to me.

    El Trebol, which isn't mentioned much here, is a bit off the beaten path. If you walk by Salsa heading away from the cruise ship terminal, go past California Club about 200 feet to an obvious but unmarked dirt road heading to the right. Go down the road about 50 yards and it's the only building there. Met Ely who was leaving as I got there. We chatted a bit and I liked her a lot so planned to return the next day. The other girl working was decent and I might have gone with her if I hadn't met Ely. At Salsa, Karla was very cute and friendly, definitely worth checking out. At Embassy a Brasileira, Anna, was very much to my liking. There was also a Mexicana named Aline who was drop dead gorgeous. Spinner with a super tight body and great ass, beautiful face, great hair. I was a bit taken aback that such a beautiful woman was working there. The catch, however, was that she seemed icy cold. Now and then, I'm just in the mood to fuck a certain type of girl even if she seems cold and I think her performance is going to suck. If there hadn't been much better choices in the attitude department, I would definitely have gone with her. At Bar & Co the choice was limited and the two attractive girls were occupied with other guys.

    So I started with Karla at Salsa. Short, a bit thick but not fat and with a sexy body, very pretty face, and gorgeous long black silky hair. Super clean and smelled great, but her number one attribute was her playful and sexy attitude. Overall excellent performance and very enthusiastic. Super CBJ with great eye contact and lots of smiling, mish, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggy. Went from light pecking on the lips to DFK as we got into it. Amazing actress, as this was a super happy girlfriend academy award experience. Intense orgasm at 45 minutes.

    Next day it was Ely at El Trebol. Pretty face with the long black hair that I'm a sucker for, very nice and shapely all natural body, and very sweet and friendly. After a few minutes of undressing each other, she drops to her knees and starts a fucking amazing BBBJ. It just got better from there. Multiple positions, DFK, super sexy enthusiasm. I can still see her vividly in standing doggy with her gorgeous hair trailing down her back and her pretty face looking back at me as she thrusts against me. Another rocking orgasm at 50 minutes. After I explode and recover a bit, she's takes off the condom, wipes my dick off and sucks me for a bit. Holy fucking shit, I didn't ask for and certainly wasn't expecting such drop dead GFE.

    Though I work out daily and am fit, I'm in my mid fifties and was pretty whipped after the session with Ely, and my dick was a little sore, too. So I had to dig deep to get up the energy for one last go. Went to Embassy and fortunately Anna was there. Eu gosto muito as Brasileiras, and she was very much my type. Beautiful hair and face with no makeup, clean and smelled great, curvy body with a great bunda, flawless skin head to toe, a nice attitude, and good performance. No lip kissing but she did do a great BBBJ.

    Room, girl, drinks, and tip were $90-100 for each girl. Not cheap but not a problem for my budget and, though YMMV, well worth it to me for these three.

    I was very happy to have been able to fuck my top three choices, and all exceeded my expectations, but I think Ely ruined me for a while as all will now be compared to her.

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    Cozumel. December 2015

    I made it to Cozumel The Saturday after Christmas. Too tired to check out the clubs, so I don't know if anything was open. On Sunday, no cruise ships were in, and nothing was open. I saw the Greenhouse Cigar Bar, it didn't appear to be open any day. On Monday, I walked in Barco around 1 pm, there were 3 or 4 girls in, maybe one 7 or above. I walked to what I think is called the Embassy Club. This time, I didn't see that name, just a sign upstairs that says gentlemen club. I walked passed the tout and walked upstairs. There were about 6 or seven girls, a couple of lookers with large breasts. 4 other guys walked in the same time as me and got the attention of the two girls I was most interested in. I went to the Salsa to check things out, and thought I might come later to Embassy, or whatever it is called.

    I looked in Salsa, there were about 5 girls in sight. I saw a couple of cuties, but was on the way back to Embassy. As I was about to get on the bike, One girl looked out the open window and started talking to me. I let her talk me into come back inside after negotiating the price. She quoted $80 US (approx) for the room and activities.

    I paid at the bar, got a couple of drinks, then went to the room. The rooms are fairly nice, as I remember from a previous trip. I couldn't understand her name, even though she spoke some English. A very cute face, about mid 20's, about 5' 7", full see's, nice legs, a little mommy tummy, not bothersome for me. She was good at CBJ, and we did multiple positions, I finished in Mish. A good 30 or 40 minutes. We exchanged numbers, I was possibly going to repeat the next day, and maybe bring her to my hotel.

    The next afternoon, I checked out the other places, then back to Salsa. I didn't see the my chica from the day before, but saw another cute. Karey, I think. Pretty good English. I asked how much, she said $150 US, I told her what I paid yesterday, she agreed to $90 US. Bought a couple of drinks, when up the the room. She was about 5' 0", no kids, firm curvy body. Very attractive to me. Probably be or small see's, firm ass. Very pleasant conversation, good CBJ, multiple positions. After finishing, we talked a long time. She said she would do anal, so I was going to meet up the next day, but couldn't make connections. The prices were lower than my last trip, last time it was about $120 US at Salsa, although I found one gem at the Embassy for about $80. YMMV!

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