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    Some new info and questions answered.

    Still currently in GDL, there are sporadic protests of the gasoline price increase but all peaceful and has not affected my day one bit. All the estiticas I have visited have showers and since I prefer to shower alone cannot comment whether the chicas will shower with you. My guess they will if asked although some showers were to small for 2. For outside dates is hard to say as many work days and will be with family afterwards. Best is just to ask if you click with one.

    Been hearing about 2 places with chicas that were not the normal mongering scene so decided to explore abit. First is called Wn business club. Its on the second floor of Centro Magno, Av. Ignacio Luis Vallarta 2425, Arcos Vallarta 3317518623. Small mall with an elephant statue out front. Its an executive type place so don't go with shorts. Very nice club, international dining and good bar selection. Many chicas there to entertain you while you eat and drink. More like a hostess bar in Asia. If you invite a girl to dine / drink with you the prices are the same. Thursday they have a theme party but did not go experience that as of yet. If you spend alot of time in GDL may be worth the challenge to get to know one of the girls for a outside date. Otherwise the ribeye I enjoyed with some nice conversation with a lovely senorita.

    Roxy's, Av Espana 2095, Moderna. I thought it might be a hostess type club as well but was a strip club. Unique in a way as there are no stages. On the main floor there is a runway of sorts that the girls use to dance. Since its floor level you get a good view of their assets. Nice small club, no cover and sex on site was alittle pricey at 2700 for half hour.

    Taptiacalientes agency is having an anniversary, discounting all chicas for the month. Tried a few, Ashley and Luna, both did the job but would not repeat. I would say at price point was a good value for agency chicas.

    Explored the town of Tequila for fun. Nice place to spend the half day.


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    Esteticas - Showers? / Are Girls Available for Dates?

    Thanks for the many great reports here.

    Do the esteticas generally have showers? If so do you shower alone or will your chica assist you in the shower?

    Also. My MO in Argentina has been to find a girl I like at a massage place and then make an arrangement to see her at my apartment. For a lower per hour cost of course. Do any of you know if that is possible in GDL? From what I have read I'd guess that the girl would be willing to see you only at a love motel, but that would be ok.



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    One more thing, Lodging Suggestions! Airbnb!

    On my last trip I stayed at an Airbnb that happened to be within easy walking distance of Danny's Estetica and other Esteticas in that area. I found the one that cost $10 USD a night and it was great! I had my own room in a two bedroom apartment. The guy who advertised spoke great English and was very friendly and I had run of the apartment. I could use the washing machine, refrigerator, stove and microwave. Drying clothes was limited to hanging them up to dry. I actually didn't have much to wash so I handwashed my clothes 'old school style' in a cement basin that is amazingly smooth and a built in feature in many old buildings. If I had stayed longer I would have used the washer.

    The really cool thing is that the longer your stay, the lower the price depending on where you pick to stay. Some places offer very decent discounts for staying a week or two weeks, etc. This really helped me have more money available for mongering, although I brought more than enough money with me to monger twice a day every day I was there if I wanted to. I probably could have brought a girl to the apartment if I wanted to, my listing accepted two people in the room and I casually mentioned to the host half jokingly about it and he actually said that as long as I was responsible for things that would be OK. It was his living space too, so I figured I'd just keep my activities to the estetica.

    Anyway, it was my 3rd time using Airbnb in Mexico and this was by far the best in terms of price, location and overall quality of the place. Fast internet too. Can't beat that for $10 USD a night! Most of the time I had the entire place to myself. The guy worked and had a girlfriend so he was out a lot. And I used Uber to get around, aside from short trips on the bus to downtown to buy things and see how they've torn up the area near the Cathedral for the subway system they're putting in. It's pretty bad, looks like they dropped a WWII era bomb on the whole area, it's all dug up. They're doing a lot of construction in Guadalajara and they're going about it in a really stupid way. Everything at once, so they don't have the manpower to finish any jobs quickly and that translates into getting around on foot being better than taking a cab or bus or uber at times. It will be wonderful when they are done, but getting there won't be fun for anyone.

    OK, that's the final part I wanted to mention.

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    Last call hours for Estetica. Danny's Estetica offers 'extensions'

    Hey everyone! Been some time since I have posted! I just returned from a trip to Mexico and enjoyed spending some quality time at Danny's Estetica. There are a lot more esteticas now but Danny's is still my favorite. Capricho still works there, she's extremely enthusiastic! She's not the most beautiful, but dang she will ride you like a hurricane and leave you hot, wet and relaxed. She also gets off on getting her ass slapped hard. The harder the better! (well within reason you know She doesn't really speak English. Just a tiny bit. Right now Capricho has semi-short blonde hair. It's does a cute flip. Very nice ass if you like them pumpable. : the And slappable!

    Another woman worth mentioning is Nicole. She's a cute little spinner, about 24 years old. She speaks quite fluent English. She's a sweet short thing and she prides herself on not having a scent. She doesn't use perfume or colognes and she uses some kind of natural deodorant and says her regular clients appreciate that. So if you have some aversion to strong scents or perfumes and want a more 'all natural' gal, Nicole is a great option.

    Neither Capricho no Nicole have fake boobs, they're all natural women!

    Ok now as to the hours. If you get to Danny's by 8:30 PM, they will honor your hour and run late. If you call them and ask if they will remain open for you after 8:30 PM, provided you can get there within 10 or 20 minutes, they'll stick around. You will not have as many women to choose from, but I do know Capricho stays late. She tends to arrive around 4:30 PM so she's the evening shift. Nicole tends to leave around 6 PM and she arrives sometimes when they open at 10 AM.

    I asked the gal that runs the phones (she doesn't do services) and she said that there are about 26 women working there now, but they're not all there at the same time of course. So you really have a lot to choose from. I believe this is happening at all Esteticas. The economic situation in Mexico is driving more ladies into the 'workforce', so enjoy fellow Mongers. Plus the Mexican Peso hit an all time record of 22 Pesos to the $1 USD before ending at 21.50. It's likely going to keep weakening against the dollar. The prices are staying pat at $600 pesos for 1 full hour of full service sex. That's just under $28 USD for an hour of full service (with condom) sex! Quite worth it!

    I pretty much bounced between these two providers when I was there and went with Capricho most often. Nicole is great but she's tiny. I liked pounding Capricho as hard as I wanted and not worrying about causing any 'damage' to Nicole. Nicole was more like a delicate flower that you can 'deflower' but not put so much power into the 'deflowering'. Nicole does have a really awesome sexual position that I had never tried before. She can really get herself revved up going that way, and I'll let you discover that for yourselves if you ever go with her. Just ask for her 'Special Position' (Posicion Especial). Anyway, she speaks fluent English. You can't miss with that. She can even help with another girl if you choose to do two at once for $600 pesos, but you only get a half an hour with them total. That is a nice way to 'branch' into another provider and explain what you want.

    OK mongers, enjoy and hope this helps! You can find Danny's by doing a search in here. It's on Avenida de La Paz between Calle Belgica and Enrique Diaz de Leon, opposite from the Vegetarian restaurant called El Jardin. That's a pretty decent restaurant too, the lunch buffet is great! Lots of restaurants in the general area if you look around. I even found a place that serves a mug of Leon dark draft beer for $10 Pesos! That's less than 50 cents USD! I had two of those and was quite on my way to 'happy'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoneFishin  [View Original Post]
    I agree with JD, I mostly use Hotel Portobelo and Hotel Six, no problems. Worse is they call your room if its ok to send chica up. Uber is cheapest and convenient and all hours. Tapitias Caliente is an Agency that will send chicas to your hotel, others have a strict love motel only policy. Action is mostly from noon to midnight. Esteticas day action only and escorts all hours before 12 am. Very little action outside of table bars (strip clubs) after midnight. If you do want an escort after 9 pm, best to confirm with agency early in the day.

    Thanks for the info everyone. I heard in latest news something about strikes due to oil prices. Is the Guad still safe place to monger or should it be on hold for sometime? Any info will be appreciated to stay safe.

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    Possible Return to GDL

    Hey fellas,

    Just want to announce that I'm seriously considering returning to Guadalajara for a few days in early March. Being sick for several days during my time in GDL back in December and not mongering as much as I wanted to, combined with some fresh talent advertised on the Paramour and Joyeux websites, has my desire to go back at a pretty high level. If / when I get my plans firmed up, I'll let you all know. In the mean time, monger safely, and keep those trip reports coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyDrama  [View Original Post]
    I think the consensus amongst the forum is most GDL hotels are GF. I only use Uber when I'm in GDL. Cars are everywhere and very inexpensive (I. E. Like $10 from my hotel to the airport). Why use anything else?
    I agree with JD, I mostly use Hotel Portobelo and Hotel Six, no problems. Worse is they call your room if its ok to send chica up. Uber is cheapest and convenient and all hours. Tapitias Caliente is an Agency that will send chicas to your hotel, others have a strict love motel only policy. Action is mostly from noon to midnight. Esteticas day action only and escorts all hours before 12 am. Very little action outside of table bars (strip clubs) after midnight. If you do want an escort after 9 pm, best to confirm with agency early in the day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HeadFirst80  [View Original Post]
    I'm planning a trip in a month or so. I see lot of good info here. Thank you for sharing.

    Some questions I still don't find satisfactory answer to. Is it safe to bring escort to your hotel? Reading the forum there seem to be some discussion on it but may be if you can share which ones were safer to bring to your hotel and which ones were not good to bring?

    Also, as of current situation how hard is it for someone to get around who doesn't have his own rental vehicle? Any recommendations on how to get to these places?
    I think the consensus amongst the forum is most GDL hotels are GF. I can only speak to my experiences at Demetria and Square, but no problems at either of those properties.

    I only use Uber when I'm in GDL. Cars are everywhere and very inexpensive (I. E. Like $10 from my hotel to the airport). Why use anything else?

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    RE: Getting around in Guadlajara

    Quote Originally Posted by HeadFirst80  [View Original Post]
    I'm planning a trip in a month or so. I see lot of good info here. Thank you for sharing.

    Some questions I still don't find satisfactory answer to. Is it safe to bring escort to your hotel? Reading the forum there seem to be some discussion on it but may be if you can share which ones were safer to bring to your hotel and which ones were not good to bring?

    Also, as of current situation how hard is it for someone to get around who doesn't have his own rental vehicle? Any recommendations on how to get to these places?
    It's not really a question of safety. If you decide to session with a girl from Paramour or Joyeux, you will have to session with her at a love motel like Motel California Courts because she will not go to your hotel, even if it is chica friendly. And when I was in Guadalajara, I didn't have a rental car. I simply stayed in the historic center at La Perla Hotel Boutique Bed and Breakfast and walked to where I wanted to go. If it was too far to walk, I had an employee at La Perla contact an Uber taxi for me.

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    Getting around in Guadlajara

    I'm planning a trip in a month or so. I see lot of good info here. Thank you for sharing.

    Some questions I still don't find satisfactory answer to. Is it safe to bring escort to your hotel? Reading the forum there seem to be some discussion on it but may be if you can share which ones were safer to bring to your hotel and which ones were not good to bring?

    Also, as of current situation how hard is it for someone to get around who doesn't have his own rental vehicle? Any recommendations on how to get to these places?

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    Guadalajara Trip Report: Part 3

    Hey fellas,

    So here's the third and final part of my recent trip to Guadalajara. On a side note, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your mongering in 2017 be even better than it was in 2016.

    1) Session 2: After my session with Akane Smith on Monday, I had planned to monger again around the middle of the week. Unfortunately, after my session with Akane, I went out to a local restaurant, ate a big platter of greasy meat, and nearly immediately went to bed. By 5 o'clock the next morning, it was coming (violently!) out of both ends of me, and I ended up having a queasy and unsettled stomach for nearly the remainder of my stay in Guadalajara.

    On Friday, I felt a lot better and decided I would give mongering in Guadalajara another shot. But first, I took a day trip to Chapala and Ajijic and by the time I got back to Guadalajara, it was around 6 pm. Having pulled Akane Smith from Joyeux, and not interested in pulling any other chicas from that site, I turned my attention to Paramour and tried to pull a chica from there:

    Unfortunately, after just a couple of messages with them through WhatsApp, I discovered that all of their talent already had appointments for the night. Luckily, I had discovered a few independents through Twitter and Skorto that I thought might be interesting to try. I exchanged a few messages through WhatsApp with Karen from Skorto:

    After a few minutes and a few messages, we agreed on 2 hours of MSOG for 2500 Pesos. I went to California Courts, got the room, and texted Karen the room number.

    Karen arrived 20 minutes early. She walked into the room and was completely different than the chica in the pictures on Skorto. That's right, fellas, the old Bait-and-Switch routine! This is the girl who showed up:

    If that Facebook link doesn't work for some reason, just do a search on Facebook for Miriam Griselda Cuevas Munguia.

    We exchanged pleasantries and I discovered that she does speak a little English. I was miffed that she wasn't the chica I was expecting, but as she got undressed my interest in her rose quickly. She was 26, about 5'2" tall and about 120 pounds with small Cee-cup titties, a tight body, and a perky and juicy bubble butt that was better than Akane Smith's. The only body flaw she had was a slightly visible Cesarean section scar on her abdomen from when she had a child a few years ago.

    We slip into bed and I soon discover that kissing and DATY isn't included in the 2500 Pesos I've already paid. After a couple of questions, she suggests a propina (tip) of 500 Pesos for kissing and DATY. Big whoop, 500 Pesos is $25 US so I paid it and started exploring this Tapatia with great curves. After about 20 minutes of foreplay and action, I pop in mish.

    And this is when the session really started to go wrong. Immediately after I pop, she grabs her phone and starts texting other clients for late-night sessions (it's about 9:15 pm at this point). At first, I don't mind because I just popped and need time to recover. But after relaxing for a few minutes, I start getting warmed up again and want to play. She, however, acts uninterested and continues to text on her phone, which is ringing off every 30 seconds or so with texts from other potential clients.

    After several minutes of gently complaining, she briefly puts down her phone, grabs one of my Trojan Bareskin condoms, and starts giving me a CBJ. After about a minute, she picks up her phone and starts texting with her left hand while giving me a CBJ with her mouth and right hand! I'm fully aroused and she mounts me cowgirl-style. Does she ride my hard cock like a champion? No, she does some sort of back and forth grinding motion with her hips while still texting on her phone! I go limp after about a minute and I'm pretty fucking irritated at this point but keep my cool.

    She climbs down off of me and lays on her back. I make some sort of comment about having paid for two hours and her not paying much attention to me, and she doesn't say anything, she only keeps texting. I'm really irritated but I relax and there's porn on the television so after a couple of minutes, I get hard and glove-up with another Trojan. She puts down her phone and I motion for her to lay across the center of the bed. I push her phone under the pillow and out of her reach, push balls-deep into her, and for the next 7 minutes, absolutely pound her pussy in mish until I pop hard.

    I pull out and collapse beside her, and she gets up and takes a two-minute shower. I decide that I want a shower, too, and I take one for five minutes after she's out of the stall. By the time I get out, she's dressed, says "Bye, amor" and is about to walk out the door! I notice my clothes on the padded stool are a little displaced, so I tell her to wait while I check to make sure my wallet and all my money is still in my pant's pocket. I still have a full hour left in the session and I tell her this, but she just laughs. Figuring after that second good nut that it was going to be at least another hour before I could pop again, and still irritated about her focusing on her phone the entire time, I kiss her on the cheek, let her walk out the door, and leave the room myself after another ten minutes.

    So I paid 3000 Pesos for one hour of mediocre service. Since ISG is funny about not letting people post phone numbers in threads, all I'll say is that the last four digits of the agency she was working with are 6665, and the last digits of her personal phone number are 740.

    2) Final thoughts: I really think Guadalajara is a hidden mongering gem. The strength of the Dollar against the Peso, the ease with which you can contact reputable agencies like Paramour and Joyeux through WhatsApp and arrange sessions, and the low cost of love motels like California Courts make Guadalajara a prime hunting ground. Since I was sick nearly the entire time I was there, I'm really considering heading back to Guadalajara sometime in 2017 and tie up the ends I left loose. Probably what I would do is fly into GDL on a Sunday, monger Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then fly out on Thursday because demand for the chicas and love motel rooms would be low on those days in my humble opinion.

    So that's it, guys. If anyone has a question about part 1, 2, or 3 of my trip report, feel free to ask publicly or send me a private message if you have the ability to do so.

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    Guadalajara Trip Report: Part 2

    Hey fellas,

    So here's part 2 of my recent trip to Guadalajara. Sorry for the delay, but after all, it's the week of Christmas:

    1) Partying: I forgot to mention while discussing La Perla Hotel Boutique Bed and Breakfast that the raucous bars and restaurants on Av. Chapultepec are located only a ten minute walk from the hotel. This tidbit might be beneficial for you mongers who are fluent in Spanish and are interested in attempting to poach a local girl for a session.

    2) Medication: I purchased 12 tablets of 100 milligram generic sildenafil at Farmacias Benavides on Av. Chapultepec Sur 249 for 418.50 Pesos. I did not need a prescription to make the purchase.

    3) Love motel: I used Motel California Courts for two sessions:

    This love motel was only a 25 minute walk from La Perla. Getting a room was a little more intimidating than I thought it was going to be. When I walked up to the motel at 3 pm on a Monday, I discovered that you have to interact with reception through an intercom and one-way glass window, meaning, the employees in reception can see you but you can't see them. My Spanish is decent but not excellent, and after a little miscommunication I secured a Habitacion Torre sin Cochera, a basic room without a garage. I went to the room (109), turned on the television and air conditioner, and waited. After about 10 minutes, I called reception on the motel phone and stated that I needed to pay. An employee knocked on the door two minutes later and requested 380 Pesos for the room for 12 hours. Wow, what a bargain! She also asked if I needed food or drink but I had stopped at the Oxxo (Mexico's version of 7 Eleven) across the street from California Courts and bought a bottle of water.

    For my next session on Friday, the process of getting a room was a little simpler. I got to California Courts around 9 pm and the place was packed, with quite a few people sitting in their cars and waiting for a room. This time, an employee was standing next to the intercom / glass window and directing customers where to go. Again I requested a Habitacion Torre sin Cochera and was sent to room 208. I paid another 380 Pesos but this time I had the room for only 8 hours instead of 12.

    Both rooms I had were basic but clean, with king-size bed, two pillows, a small table and two cushioned stools, air conditioner, and small bathroom. A television was also provided with (I think) three channels of free porn movies. There was also a menu in the room with which you could order food and drinks. Since no keys are provided when you get the room, you simply leave after you're done or your time is expired.

    4) Session 1: Thanks to ISG member GoneFishin, I had a thorough look at Joyeux before I arrived in Guadalajara:

    And I decided that Akane Smith was the target for my first session:

    So on a Monday, I texted Joyeux through WhatsApp around 1 pm and secured an appointment with Akane for 4 pm to 6 pm. I was quoted one hour for 1700 Pesos and two hours for 3200 Pesos. I got to California Courts around 3 pm, got a room, and texted Joyeux my room number (109) through WhatsApp. When Akane arrived at the motel, reception called me to ask if I was expecting another person. I said yes and then they hung up the phone. About a minute later, there was a knock on the door and Akane stepped in. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked for payment, and then stepped briefly outside to give the money to a male handler who had accompanied her to the appointment. He left and then she walked into the room and closed and locked the door.

    This girl was beautiful and a total spinner! About 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, tight body with not an ounce of fat anywhere, large and perky Bee-cup tits and a round bubble butt. She was wearing a lacy black dress and wedge heels, and took that off to reveal a black bra and burgundy lacy thong. She has a large (but tasteful) rocket tattoo on the upper and outer portion of her right leg. Her Joyeux profile states she is 18 but she told me she is now 19 years old. She had nice teeth and lips and didn't smoke. Over the course of two hours, there was kissing (but not DFK), plenty of DATY, mish, and reverse cowgirl. I popped three times and there was no problem using the Trojan Bare skin condoms that I had brought with me. She was very relaxed and not in a rush. My only complaint is that she had a bit of dragon breath going on during the session, and I so badly wanted to give her a mint or stick of gum to kill it off. Still, I would repeat if given the chance but would be sure to bring gum or mints next time.

    That's it for now. In part 3, which I'll write sometime this week, I'll discuss a session that didn't go exactly as I had hoped.

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    Men's Paradise estetica and Cesar's club

    Earlier I posted VIP Paloma was my preferred estetica so far. Well I ended up having a very good session at Men's Paradise (1200 pesos a session / hour). I think I had also gone there a few years ago and then had very GFE service, so I want to check it out again soon. They only had two girls when I went (after 5 PM) so like any estetica its better to get there earlier.

    I met up with a fellow board member to go check out some strip clubs. I don't really like going to such clubs by myself, but was curious what the scene was so I was glad to find someone else interested in checking it out. We went to Lipstick first. I've never seen many girls there, but have probably been going at the wrong time / days. Maybe Friday Saturday after 11 are best, and / or around payday. Allegedly there is a private room for full service here, I don't know. There weren't many girls when we went so we left.

    Next we went to Cesar's Club, a strip club. 200 peso entrance included a free lapdance (2 minutes). 60 beers, 120 mixed drinks, 300 chica drinks and 300 for a 3 minute lapdance (there are more expensive options too of course). It was fun but not really my thing, I was more interested if with a little investment if I could get some girls numbers, and I couldn't.

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    Guadalajara Trip Report: Part 1

    Hey fellas,

    Here's the first half of my Guadalajara trip report. Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the Guadalajara thread. Special thanks goes out to GoneFishin and Jasoonnn, who directly answered my questions on the thread and / or corresponded with me through private messages. All of the contributions ensured that I had a smooth trip with no surprises or hiccups.

    1) Book: I used the Lonely Planet Mexico guidebook, which was just updated in September 2016. The information about sights in Guadalajara, Chapala, Ajijic, and Tequila was accurate and excellent, as were the restaurant recommendations for those areas.

    2) Lodging: I stayed in La Perla Hotel Boutique Bed and Breakfast:

    Now, you wouldn't think that a place that partially describes itself as a bed and breakfast would be chica friendly, but that isn't the case with this hotel. In fact, it explicitly states on their website "you are welcome to have visitors at La Perla. You must accompany your guests at all times and you are responsible for your guests. " I confirmed this with the owner of La Perla (a white guy named Lorenzo) at around the same time I made my reservation.

    After I arrived in Guadalajara and checked in, I made it known to Lorenzo that I planned to do a little mongering in addition to my tourism activities. He was completely fine with this and mentioned La Perla was no stranger to mongers. In fact, he told me the story about how three guys arrived from overseas and rented the entire hotel for a weekend. The guys had a party on the pleasant rooftop of the hotel and invited 30 local girls over to party. The girls that were judged to be beautiful were allowed to stay and party and maybe get fucked that night. The girls that were judged to be unattractive were sent right back out the front door of the hotel.

    Now, there's one caveat. If being around gay people makes you uncomfortable, you will not want to stay at La Perla because Lorenzo and the hotel staff are openly gay. In fact, La Perla used to service a mainly gay clientele in the past, but nowadays 60% of the guests are gay and 40% are straight. I never felt uncomfortable at any time and Lorenzo and his staff were some of the nicest people I've ever encountered while staying in hotels overseas. The level of service I experienced at the hotel was far and above the best I've ever received in traveling through 25 different countries since 2008.

    3) Phone: to get Telcel service for your unlocked smartphone, go to the Telcel office located at Av. Chapultepec Sur 408, Sector Juarez. Go into the office and tell the attendant sitting at a booth near the front door that you need cellular service. He / she will give you a number corresponding to an employee sitting at the customer service window with the same number. Tell the employee that you need cellular service. You will likely be shown the following plans:!tarifas.

    Once you select your service plan, you will then be sent to the cashier where you will pay for your plan. Once this is done, return to the employee assisting you, where they will set up the plan on your smartphone. The entire process of selecting, paying, and set up should take less than 30 minutes. Note: you will need to show your passport to the employee when purchasing your plan.

    I selected 9 dias (9 days) of service for 50 Pesos. Since I also needed a SIM card, I paid an additional 79 Pesos for a total cost of 129 Pesos. I received unlimited messages, calls, and 1000 mb of data. By a pure stroke of luck, I interacted with the only Telcel employee (Ms. Karina Aguirre) who spoke very good English. Just to be sure everything went smoothly, I also brought along Adrian, one of the employees from La Perla, who is fluent in both English and Spanish.

    4) Money: casas de cambio (money exchange booths) are located on Lopez Cotilla east of Av. 16 de Septiembre. You will need to show your passport only if attempting to exchange more than $1,000 US. Since all of the rates are usually the same at the casas de cambio, choose the one that looks more secure and safe to you.

    5) Excursions: if you have a significant amount of time in Guadalajara and need a break from mongering, I recommend the following fun activities:

    Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling): is held Sundays at 6 PM and Tuesdays at 9 PM at Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara at Medrano #67, Barrio de Analco. Tickets are priced depending on where you want to sit inside the arena. For the Sunday show, I paid 160 Pesos (130 Pesos ticket + 30 Pesos service charge) to sit in Row 1 Seat 3, while on Tuesday I paid 240 Pesos (200 Pesos ticket + 40 Pesos service charge) to sit in Row 2 Seat 13. I had no problems showing up 45 minutes before the start of the shows and buying my tickets at the box office. Matches last about two hours, and food / beverages are constantly sold ringside, so you'll never have to leave your seat to go to the concession stand. Note: cameras and video recorders are not allowed inside the arena. If you want to take pictures / video of the matches, you can do so with your smartphone, which are allowed inside the arena. Matches on Tuesday are wilder and more exciting than on Sunday. If you want to get just a little taste of lucha libre in a calmer environment, go on Sunday. If you want to completely immerse yourself in the full lucha libre experience (and have a lot more fun) with a raucous crowd, go on Tuesday.

    Tequila Tour: I chose Mickey Marantes:

    The tour cost $125 US and lasted about 10 hours. The tour guide, Rocio, took our group (myself and a couple from Germany) to two different distilleries in the town of Tequila where (A lot of!) tequila was tasted. We also had lunch in Tequila and about 30 to 45 minutes of free time afterwards before we returned to Guadalajara. Since Rocio was an excellent guide, I gave her a 200 Peso tip at the conclusion of the tour. I guarantee that by the end of the tour, you'll know pretty much everything there is to know about tequila.

    That's it for now. In part 2, which I'll write probably sometime this weekend, I'll discuss the love motel I used, the two sessions I had, and the chicas I targeted for sessions that never materialized.

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    A couple visits today.

    I'm typing this on my phone, so I'll be much shorter than usual.

    I went to Men's Paradise today at 7 PM. There were only 2 girls, one was busy though. I didn't really like the one girl that was available. I met a Brazilian girl there before and a young local girl that was awesome. I asked the guy and he said the Brazilian girl will be working tomorrow. She has always given me a love making session. She is older now, probably about 29 now, but she has a very nice natural body. Wonderful tits and ass. I'll see if she is indeed there tomorrow.

    After I left there, I walked to Oasis. I went there before and it was only OK. This time was pretty good. It seems like you are given the next girl in line unless you ask for someone. I was taken to the room and only allowed to chose the woman that I took, but I did see another one sitting around. I think this is what happened last time I came here. Anyways the girl was cute, but she had fake everything. I was going to to say no and leave, but she said the price includes kissing and "oral natural" a BJ with no condom. I reconfirmed what she just said, and I agreed.

    The price is. Pricey. 1,200 pesos for it was either 40 minutes or 45 minutes. The rooms are pretty decent, and thr room was cool. It had central air. She actually gave me pretty good service. She probably had ever fake part available though, but for her ass I think she just had the fat sucked out of her stomach and put in her ass. Her body looked exactly like a Colombian woman with all the surgeries done. She had a good attitude though. She told me when I left that if I come back, only ask for her name. Violeta. Ha! When we left the room another guy and woman left a room. This woman was really good looking. She is a premium looking natural young lady. I didn't have a chance to ask her name though. I like the service and BBBJ and kissing, but with all the fake parts, I wouldn't go back for her 2 days in a row.

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