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Thread: Guadalajara

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    Another Tapatias Calientes experience—Alison-Valentina

    I just realized that I never reported on my encounter from the previous trip. I've tried Tapatias Calientes twice, and twice the original girl I selected was first available and then didn't work out. However, in both cases they found me a good replacement, so it sort of worked out. I supposed if had I gone with an independent I could have just been left high and dry, which is a benefit of an agency, on the other hand I find it frustrating to plan on one thing and wind up with another.

    This time I had chose Fatima, but then something changed and she was unavailable and the night before the agency suggested Alison, who was not on the website (though she had been in the past). Here's where it gets confusing. GoneFishin just reviewed Valentina-Alison. This is Alison-Valentina. Yes, apparently she's changed her name to Valentina. But I'm pretty confident that she's not the same person GoneFishin reviewed. She's still not on the Tapatias website, but she is in the Twitter feed now, still using "Alison". Who knows. I'm sure if you ask for her they'll figure it out. Anyway, she looked good in the photos they sent and without a lot of time to make alternate plans, I decided to go with it.

    Alison-Valentina turned out to be really cute, early / mid-20's, smiley and energetic. She was a great kisser and very enthusiastic. I was pretty satisfied by how it turned out, though the oral was covered (Fatima offered uncovered) and her boobs were fake, which isn't my thing at all, though they were proportionate enough to not be too distracting. Afterwards, she asked me to take a bunch of pictures of her for the website. She'd said she'd gotten out of the business for a while, and was only restarted for a little while before she finished school, which was soon.

    Can't decide my verdict on Tapatias Calientes yettheir communication was good, the girls have been good, and last time when I was basically stood up they gave me a discount (this time they didn't, but I had much more time). Plus they will go to hotels, which is nice as someone from out of town it seems pointless to pay for a motel when I have a perfectly good hotel room. But I don't get a lot of nights in GDL and hate to waste an opportunity on a girl I didn't choose, so I decided to try another option next.

    Attached are some photos she's posted. Unfortunately the photos I took of her were on her phone so I don't have them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails b45281dcc472560ab9dd18c21342225fo.jpg‎   69286b4daa74023701c42a6492165f44o.jpg‎   c85e3721163bd307fbe94437d1b13daao.jpg‎  

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    There are some smaller agencies that will send girls to some hotels but you have to message me to get the phone numbers.

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    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Anything near Hilton?

    I'm staying at the Hilton next Expo, any action around or can I call a girl to this hotel? I've stayed here enough to have seen some int he lobby that I suspect are working, but my terrible Spanish and traveling with coworkers has stopped me from asking. I'd love to have a girl come over, but it sounds like the big hotels are off limits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    But half of the time I stay in Guadalajara I stay at a nearby hotel called Del Marqus Hotel and Suites. So walking to this place or Oasis is very easy. It used to be an awesome place. But, not anymore.
    You are within walking distance from Eduars as well. Its on Golfo de Cortes, a few buildings down from the 7-11 on Glorieta Minerva. Select is also within walking distance. From your hotel it will be 2 blocks past the Centro Magno mall at Av. De la Paz 2546.

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    Ari Kang

    Ari, will be visiting GDL on Sunday to Monday, March 18 and 19 for anyone interested. She hails from Mexico City and has a twitter page at arikangdoll, lots of pics and videos.

    She is very petite and a hot young thing. I have reviewed her before and recommend setting up a date if interested and in the city during those 2 days. I already grabbed the first spot on Sunday. She will be going for 3 k for 2 hours or 2 k for 1 hour and only at Motel California Courts.


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    Stopped in Ximena's about 4 pm on a Thursday. Only three girls were working. The hostess takes you to a room and the three girls all come in, shake your hand and introduce themselves, and take a spin. The hostess then comes back in and asks which one you want and for how long. I would say they were a 5, 6, and a 7. I took the 6 because she had a fat booty.

    Received the standard covered BJ and then picked doggystyle (a la perrito) as my position. It was slightly awkward hitting it doggystyle on top of the massage table, but non the less the deed was good enough.

    I was the only customer in there at the time FYI.

    I was able to take a quick shower in the room and then hit the streets feeling light on my feet again.

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    Lluvia. Yess Agency

    Yess has up to 15 girls and they visit clients in 3 ways. You can order one to your hotel or motel. They install themselves in Motel Pedregal a few days a week or you visit her newly opened estetica. The girls all seem to rotate between the 3 options. If your interested in a particular one then just ask where she is setup on that day or simply order her to your motel. Prices are different depending on where the girl meets you. I went to Pedregal motel and paid for my own room then asked Jess which girls are there for that day. She had like 5 girls to choose from. I chose Lluvia as I was in the mood for petite. Prices were 1300 HR, 1500 1. 5 HR, 1800 2 HR. In the estetica it is priced slightly higher but you don't have the cost of the room. All the girls are MSOG and CBJ, any extras depends on the girl.

    I prefer beds over massage tables so I will always choose a motel room. If I had not ordered Lluvia the girls set up at Motel Pedregal that day will visit your room one at a time for the line up then you choose.

    Lluvia is beautiful, petite and stands at 1. 50 meters. She is small and all natural but a recent mom. She has not worked off the mommy belly so the baby damage is there. The rest of her is perfect. She has a fun personality and wants to deliver a good service. She will say "baby" alot so that does get annoying. She has clear skin or blanca as they say here and long dark hair. She is a real looker so if the face is important to you I can almost guarantee you will like her. I've been banging girls daily for a week so I'm running on fumes here. She did all I asked and enjoyed her reverse cowgirl. I think she likes that as well as doggy. The price and service was a 10 so I do recommend. Yess has many types and flavors to choose from. No English spoken, no website, so either go to the local forum, sexxxyprovincia website to see them all or contact her via Whatsapp. I most likely will go to the estetica to see the lineup then order one I like to a motel later in the day. I really hate those msg tables. The estetica is located at Mariano Otero 822, by the Arcos del Milenio intersection.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1520279013.jpg‎   1520301244.jpg‎   1520312332.jpg‎  

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    Luna. Carro Negro (Alex)

    Decided to try a new girl from this agency. Alex does not do twitter or have a web page. He only operates via Whatsapp but he has a similar taste in women that I do. Many of his girls are teens so they have specific hours that they can arrange a date, like 4 pm to 8 pm. Luna was the only one able to see me at 8 pm for a two hour date. Cost was 1800 pesos but she will do BBBJ for extra and CIM and swallow for more. She is 18 and has that girl next door who attracted you and grew into a sexy body. She is not petite, maybe around 5' 10' and is already carrying a woman's body with be cups. Natural curly black hair and all natural with no tats. Just a clean wholesome type girl that enjoys the sex as much as we do. She is shaved and has some meaty type labias and really gets into DATY. She was a screamer after her 2nd orgasm. I'm patting myself on the back here. Moved to chair for a sit-down BJ and this girl can deliver. She takes care of the boys and looks up at you to check on her progress. How do they become expert at so young an age? I don't remember getting blown like this when I was 18. Anyway, moved her to standing missionary for my first pop and she does not disappoint. Takes it all in with those cute little moans and feet reaching for the sky. We got cleaned up, she orders a pina colada, some rest then it's back to BBBJ-CIM time. I don't normally experience CIM as alot of girls will not do it. So I took advantage of the offer and wow, that's one powerful orgasm. She took it all and swallowed it whole. I think I saw stars. My final bill was 2800 pesos. Recommend and I will repeat with this one.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Luna3.jpeg‎   Luna5.jpeg‎   Luna1.jpeg‎   Luna2.jpeg‎   Luna8.jpeg‎  

    Luna9.jpg‎   Luna4.jpeg‎   Luna7.jpeg‎   Luna6.jpeg‎  

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    Samantha. Independent

    Samantha visited me today for a one hour date. 1000 pesos. Another young one checked off from my list of Tapitias. Funny thing, she comes in and mentions that we have met before. I'm looking at her and realize she is right. I ordered her from Tapitias Calientes during one of my earliest visits in 2016. She still uses the same name. Some of these chicas do remember us, oh, the horror. She has gone independent.

    She has a slightly long face but is still a cute girl, has full lips and likes the ruby red lipstick. All natural with some mommy tit sag. Soft to touch and has big juicy labias. Skin color is darker than light brown so medium brown, ha. She seemed to be getting over a head cold so I let her rest while I did all the damage I could to her body. Decent CBJ and enjoyed receiving DATY. Her favorite position seems to be doggie and that nice behind she has makes it a good show from that view. My first time with her I remember she did alot of twerking in doggie and had me lose it a short time after. She is recommended by many and I do as well. The two clothed pics she let me take and gave me permission to write a review. Other pics from others.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sam2.jpeg‎   Sam1.jpeg‎   Sam3.jpeg‎   Sam4.jpg‎  

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    RE: The Paradise Men's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    It would have been pretty good if they had a normal bed, and if the condom wasn't so damn small. I should have brought my own condoms.
    I've noticed that in some of your other trip reports, you mention "not liking their condom." Get into the habit of bringing your own condoms each time you travel overseas. I bring a fresh box of Trojan Bareskin condoms with me each time I travel. I open the box and put all ten condoms on the nightstand next to the bed before the WG shows up. That way, when she sees the condoms, she KNOWS there's going to be some fucking that day / night. I've had WGs see the wad of condoms on the nightstand, get all wide-eyed, and ask "are we going to be using all of those?" And my response is usually "not all of them, sweetie, just most of them."

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    I finally landed back in GDL and from the airport dropped my bags then headed to Motel Okura for a cita. I wanted to hit the ground running as they say. Uber was no where in site at airport. The app gave me a 30 min wait time for pickup so decided to take the airport taxi. I hope this is not a normal thing as uber is much cheaper.

    Finally got Valentina Gonzalez or Allison Smith for 2 hour date at 1800 with extra 150 for taxi to north side of town. I have been trying to setup a date with this girl for over a year. She as changed her name now to Allison. Met at Okura Motel, very nice place with restaurant on premises which by that I mean with dining room. Only knock is the beds are very low to the ground, Japanese style and they have this 1 foot wide border around the whole bed which will limit your choices of positions. Tower rooms are 400 pesos. This girl is very young, a teen, but experienced and one of the most beautiful women yet I have been with in GDL. Body firm and soft to the touch as would be expected for someone her age. Everything proportioned, light brown skin and few tats that take nothing away from the total package. This young girl has that service experience and provided me with a nice slow CBJ, she allows DATY but does not seem to orgasm from it. More luck to the rest of you, I enjoyed her scent and flavor. We did a quick 69 but I was about to lose it as its been some time since my last adventure. Had her change to cowgirl and she does a nice ride with her nicely sized tits in your face. Rested then went for 2nd pop in doggie. She is young in spirit but very experienced with the service. One of the best dates I've had in GDL.

    She has also began a service for her friends called Bad Girls, which you can find on twitter at Bad_Girls00. Allison uses the same number for herself and twitter agency. I plan to try several while I am here. She is cheaper as the girls pay her commission.

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    Went with Rominita mentioned in this forum and had excellent time. She is showing a little age but excellent attitude. GDL girls win over QRO girls any day!

    Let's see if I get chance with Andrea Neri. She is in my hit list as well. Guys I see that lately there is no contact info but do PM me if there are any others worth going with. I like independent girls over agency!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackRabet  [View Original Post]
    My first impressions quickly gave way to who, in the lineup, was most trying to make a connection. Ended up choosing a different chica than my first initial choice. All were dismissed and I was motioned to a room by a lady attendant to settle details. 1600 p for the lady + a drink for her (at noon?) And me? (agua gracias) + how 'about a propina for the room attendant?. I think then total was now 2300 p (with the haircut). I'm thinking "this better be good".
    I had similar experience at strip club where they force you to buy a drink + girl wants you to buy a drink + there's room fee + girl's charge + waiter's tip for arranging all this. I just said sorry no money and they started dropping all the extra charges. I didn't buy any drink for the girl + reduced cost for room. Still I think I ended up with about 1500 with very reluctant talent. No GFE at all. Even though I paid her full amount of her charges. Decided not to go back!

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    The Estetica that rhymes with GRAPE.

    Seems the name was purged from the published report.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackRabet  [View Original Post]
    Had a dentist appointment nearby. Decided to pay a visit & check it out.

    Arrived about 1130 am. Pretty quiet, but needed a haircut anyway so decided to start there & see what happened. (was time limited).

    Almost finished my haircut and there is the clatter of stiletto heels on tile behind me. About 7 or 8 chicas go by on their way to lineup around the corner. As my haircut finishes, I am beckoned around the corner to view the lineup (minus 1).

    My first impressions quickly gave way to who, in the lineup, was most trying to make a connection. Ended up choosing a different chica than my first initial choice. All were dismissed and I was motioned to a room by a lady attendant to settle details. 1600 p for the lady + a drink for her (at noon?) And me? (agua gracias) + how 'about a propina for the room attendant?. I think then total was now 2300 p (with the haircut). I'm thinking "this better be good"..

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