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    I checked out Danis today. The place to me seems to be a rip off. Their website says 350 pesos, but when I got there they told me it would be 450 pesos. I said what about your website? They say oh that's just for a 10 or 15 minute quickie. They only had three girls there anyway, none of them looked attractive to me. So I left and went to Grecia, located in the Plaza de las 9 Esquinas. It was 250 pesos for a half hour, GFE, and there were about six girls, and a couple of them were attractive. They offer a two girl half hour session for 450 pesos which I'm going to try tomorrow. A few doors down and on the other side of the privada, there's a place called Italia. They offer more of a spa experience with sauna Jacuzzi massage full-service session for 380 pesos. Privada Genersl Pedro Rio Seco 18.

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    A few other places

    Thanks for the info on the board. I have had some time to explore in Guadalajara. Its a great city to visit, it doesn't seem like the best if you're only planning to monger. It seems like there are a lot of options but they are not easy to discover. I should probably find a trusted taxi driver and let him show me around, but I don't use taxis enough to get comfortable with a driver. One thing that disappoints me is there are a lot of white women working in the esteticas and massage houses, I don't find many with the darker skin. Also, I think some basic Spanish is pretty much necessary though I met one guy getting by without.

    I kind of want to check out a titty bar in the city if anyone has any recommendations. They may not have sex in there but maybe I can find a dancer who will meet later.

    I found some places not yet mentioned:

    Estética Mediterráneo. Their address and hours can be found on their Facebook page. A session was 640 pesos a session including a massage (I skipped) oral and penetration (all covered, one shot and your done). They had quite a few girls, but I thought they were average at best and left. But as a left a hottie walked into their garage, I went back and yes she was available. Service was good though not GFE. The room was better than some places, the bed was too narrow though they did have a mirror on the ceiling above which was a nice touch. The room did have a shower.

    Masaje? - I forget the name, its located the northwest corner of Calz del Federalismo and Morelos. It has signs clearly indicating massage is available. Its open from 9 AM to 9 PM, sessions are 350 pesos. I didn't like the women there (overweight), except one who says she only works till 5 PM. I saw her, service was good, nice kissing, oral and penetration. The bed was pretty narrow, the room did have a shower with hot water. I'll probably go back, the location works out well for me though the selection is limited.

    I found the place on Morelos trying to visit a place on Morelos and Avenida Enrique Diaz de Leon Norte. I found it there, but it was closed. I had found out about it through a Spanish site. I have found two good Spanish sites for mongering info, but I haven't really followed up on the information they have otherwise. I'm not sure if I can link them here. I'm tempted to try some of the escorts reviewed but haven't had time.

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    I'm in Orlando in early February and am thinking maybe about a trip south. I've a couple hundred words of Spanish tops and never been south of Mexico. What do you guys think is the best place to go? I kinda enjoy talking with street workers, don't like discos, am OK with parlours.

    Direct flights from Orlando go to Santo Domingo (DR), Bogota, San Jose (CR), Guadalajara and Mexico City so I suppose that's the shortlist.

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    Guadalajara Esteticas

    Quote Originally Posted by MobyDav  [View Original Post]
    I was at Jet Set a couple of months ago. Their price was 1,300 MXN. I used to enjoy this place, but the service and girl quality last time was no better than Danys (although they had a bigger selection) where the price is 350 MXN.
    Thanks. I was in Guadalajara for a short trip last week. On Wednesday I went to Men's Paradise. The door was wide open and you could see the girls from the street. There were six girls. They all looked good but very skinny. Not the type that I like. I selected one anyway (Jennifer). She was friendly and warm. The service was good but not great. The place charges $1200 pesos for one hour. That was on a Wednesday late afternoon.

    On Friday I went to Barba Azul. This is located on Ave. Vallarta. The door was closed so you have to ring the bell. The first floor is a estetica. In fact when I was leaving I saw another guy getting hair cut. He asked me to go upstairs. Upstairs there was an older, very polite man who greeted me warmly. At that moment he only had one girl available. The other six girls were in the room and already with a client so I did not get a chance to see them all. The only one available was actually nice but I wanted to see few more girls before selecting anyone. So I told him I come back another time. I think he said $1100 pesos for one hour but my Spanish is not good and not sure if that is what he said. This is a nice, clean place. This place is within walking distance of Men's Paradise and Oasis. So I walked to Oasis Estetica. I rang the bell and a man opened the door. Then two girls showed up. One with a nice body and the other (Jacki) with a pretty face. I selected Jacki. The service was good. She was warm, GFE type. They charge $1400 pesos.

    All three facilities were very clean and nice. I liked the Men's Paradise and Barba Azul more, they had more girls working. This was my first trip to Guadalajara and these esteticas. My impression is the ones that charge more do not necessarily have better quality girls. Part of it is due to its prime location and very nice, secure, clean facilities that they have.

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    Hey everyone! There's life in this forum afterall!

    Hey All!

    I have been back to Danys after 2 years not being here in Mexico. The place is as clean as it has ever been! And yes, wonderful, HOT showers with plenty of water. Dany is in the process of constructing a 'penthouse' room on the roof. It is going to be small but will include air conditioning! That's something I've never heard at any of the other esteticas but hey, that is awesome. In summer when I have been here the cieling fans work fine but after having an hour long session with the chica it is rather hot and a cold shower is called for. With AC, though. That will be one amazing session! It is still being built but it will be done long before the hot weather shows up. Dany mentioned that she sometimes runs out of room although she has enough ladies to tend to the clients.

    I have gotten to know some of the new ladies. One is Celeste, a dark haired beauty who has sensually soft brown skin and a very nice rear which gives you a nice view while in doggy style mode! I went with her for $450 pesos for 45 minutes, and it was quite nice as my first return to the estetica. You can do $350 for half an hour. I had forgotten that it's only 1 pop with the $450 price, but I got a nice massage and was able to enjoy the shower afterwards. Celeste is a little on what some would say the heavier side but by no means is she out of shape! She showed her prowess riding me like a mechanical bull for a while at the beginning, then by the time we went doggy style it was all I could do not to explode! Anyway, lets just say she's quite a capable chica! She doesn't speak English unfortunately, but does understand some.

    Now on to the second and even better gal for me. Although I paid for a full hour and having the full hour was much better for me. I went with Mariana. She's a short, thin 'spinner' type gal with blonde hair (dyed) and very beautiful eyes and a wonderful face. You'll want to keep holding her close. Having her ride me was a joy, she was quite experienced with clamping on with her legs and giving you a very nice shaft massage. She is also very talkative and pleasant to converse with if your Spanish skills are good. She is skinny so you can pretty much pick scoop her up while she's riding you, but she can take a pounding and likes it doggy style. I lasted longer with her than with Celeste (probably because I was so eager and happy to be back But also Mariana is more sensitive to your mood than Celeste was at least at that time. With Celeste it was close to the end of the day. With Mariana it was in the middle of the day on a Sunday.

    After a wonderful time with her on me and then a little doggy style, we finished in MISH after some wonderful sets of rapid and slow and powerful compressions. She's quite strong and sturdy and capable of pushing herself so far up that you are as far into her as you can possibly go. And THEN some! I was worried about my weight (I have gained a bit of weight over the last two years, not a whole lot but I definitely want to be back to my old weight the next time I come back to Monger in Mexico! But she didn't mind and I had told her to let me know if she ever got uncomfortable but she was just fine, smiling and moaning and nibbling on my ears and sticking her tongue in my ear when she'd get nice and hot and bothered! We were both hot and heavy with each other and though she doesn't allow french kissing, I did ask if she was OK with kissing with a closed mouth and she was fine with that after a little while. It's so nice when you playfully nibble on a woman's lips with your own lips, without teeth. No tongue action but I'm thinking maybe after a few more sessions and as she gets comfortable with me maybe we can do a little of that. Kissing is awesome. Very GFE but you don't always get that from Mexican women. Although two years ago I was getting that from every girl at Danys. They also knew how good I was about brushing my teeth and being clean and shaved (no stubble though I have a beard but the beard is soft) so they were quite into it.

    Anyway of the two I have to say Mariana gave me the better orgasm but it's not Celeste's fault. I was too eager and had been starved from mongering so. I may repeat it with Celeste later on to see how well I stand up to more bronco busting and really give her a good pounding doggy style. My doggy styled out a lot more quickly than I wanted it to.

    With Mariana everything worked out perfectly. I left with a permasmile on my face that must have lit the street as I walked off and headed back to my private apartment room. The bus ride home was great, the driver was going really slow so I was able to simply sit back and relive the entire experience over and over in my head. Ahh. Feels so great to be back in Mexico! (And to be back at Danys!

    There are some really hot looking ladies there too. Jimena is back after 1 1/2 years of being gone. Ivana is a sultry looking brunette with really nice tits! Abril is one I want to try next. She was there two years ago and is one of only two who have been there that long. She has beautiful long dark hair, is thin, not too short and is really friendly and outgoing.

    I'll report back with more very soon!

    I also had the pleasure of meeting a fellow monger who came all the way from Canada. I translated a little for him and he liked it so much he came back to Danys a few times! I hope you still get a chance to enjoy Danys before you head back We'll be in touch!

    As far as the other places. I haven't gone to them. I used to go High Class a long time ago but that facility was very run down when I first went there about 7 or 8 years ago. I remember watching the guy who worked at reception using something to try to unclog and clean the shower heads. They make plenty of money, they could at least buy new shower heads. Oh well, I'm sure they have done that by now. I can't imagine those things hanging in there this long.

    Danys has a website. Don't know about the rules of posting the website but just search for esteticamasculinadanys on google and it will show up as the first hit. Type it in as l one word. You will see actual pictures of the girls! Mariana is there! She is just as I describe her, short, thin and cute! (they hide their faces though).

    Ok if any mongers are in the area let me know. I have just gone to some amazing restaurants and I have their addresses so I can PM them to you. My friend that I have gone out with to eat is vegetarian so these tend to be vegetarian restaurants. But I will tell you, they are extremely awesome! I like meat, beef, turkey, sometimes pork. I'm no vegan or vegetarian, but I know good healthy food when I eat it and pricepoint is good to great. There is one place that was pricey but hey, $65 pesos is still cheap for a safe, healthy, delicious meal that will keep you on a strong mongering track. Sure beats anything McDonalds or Burger King makes! Yuck! And I had the most amazing veggie tacos for $13 pesos each last night. Home made tortillas too. ! 4 of those and I was stuffed. Dessert was even better! (chocolate cake but with 100% cacao, not processed chocolate).

    For those of you curious about hotels. There is a good alternative to hotels that I used this trip. I am paying $10 USD a night for a private room with full access to the kitchen (full sized refrigerator with freezer), gas stove, hot water showers (private bathroom / shower attached to my room for my use only), and very rapid and 24 hour internet. I found it through the airbedandbreakfast website. They go by airbnb and they work like any of those hotel search websites, only I think they're better. Now just don't advertise you are mongering to the host. It's best to do that away from your hotel room, although some of the hosts will be cool with it. (especially if some of them do it too!) But generally it's not the best idea to have the chica you just met for a service know where you live and how to find you. That's what those hotels de paso are for. She goes to the hotel de paso, you do your thing and you both go your separate ways. Safety first. Anyway you will find some things have changed a little bit with the esteticas. Danys, for example, now sends women out to hotels if they are previous clients or are well known hotels. I'm sure they'll come to what appears to be a residence too, as long as they know you beforehand. For me I know I wouldn't have a problem. But I'd rather not pay the extra cost and taxi cost and just enjoy the gals at the Estetica!

    If I can I might go check out the other esteticas. I haven't been to Geisha's in a long time. As far as the others I'll have to see how far away they are from where I am at. I don't have a vehicle this time and oddly it has rained for 2 of the last 3 days. It's very unusual for it to rain this late in the year. Rainy season usually ends by November. So if you are coming down in November, bring or get an umbrella. You can get them here cheaply. If you happen to have a good one or one you like and can fit it in your luggage, bring it along. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Like I did the other day. Same goes with condoms but you never have to worry about that at the Esteticas! .

    OK happy Mongering!

    El Mojado Back in Action!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun08  [View Original Post]
    Anyone knows what the current prices are in some of the esteticas, please post here. In particular, estetica Cristopher, Luigi, Jet Set, Eduar's, Elegance and Select. I am trying to update the list of some of the places including their prices and post here. I may visit 2 or 3 of them myself.

    I was at Jet Set a couple of months ago. Their price was 1,300 MXN. I used to enjoy this place, but the service and girl quality last time was no better than Danys (although they had a bigger selection) where the price is 350 MXN.

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    Esteticas in Guadalajara

    Anyone knows what the current prices are in some of the esteticas, please post here. In particular, estetica Cristopher, Luigi, Jet Set, Eduar's, Elegance and Select. I am trying to update the list of some of the places including their prices and post here. I may visit 2 or 3 of them myself.


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    Looking Forward to Your Reports

    Hey El Mojado.

    I am looking forward to your reports. I will arrive day before Thanksgiving for a week, and this will be the first time.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElMojado  [View Original Post]
    Hey everyone! I'm back to Monger! Oh it's been too long since I've eaten wonderful Mexican food and enjoyed the company of wonderful Mexicanas. So far the trip has been great and I've got a month left before I have to return to the chica desert that is the USA (at least for me).

    OK El Mojado out and will report back hopefully this evening!

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    Return to Guadalajara after 2 year Haitus!

    Hey everyone! I'm back to Monger! Oh it's been too long since I've eaten wonderful Mexican food and enjoyed the company of wonderful Mexicanas. So far the trip has been great and I've got a month left before I have to return to the chica desert that is the USA (at least for me).

    So getting down to the nitty gritty. My favorite place is Dany's. I knew the owner when she worked at Geisha's (and she does go by the name Dany). I called the number a few weeks before my trip and it's still correct. I don't think I'm allowed to post it but I will post the address and the cross streets to find it. It's not difficult and there's a good vegetarian restaurant across the street plus some other good places. I will post later about my favorite place to get home made amazing tamales that used to be $10 pesos. They probably went up a little, but trust me you have one of those you'll really want to go back there.

    Dany's is located on Avenida de La Paz in the section where it has two large lanes divided by a center strip. The address is 1561 Avenida La Paz and the closest cross street is Belgica. That's a small street. On the same side as Dany's is a nice little restaurant on the corner of La Paz and Belgica You can get comida tipica / comida corrida lunches there and it's not bad, prices were good. I'll report back on what it is like. Something extra about Dany's, it has an electric door garage if you happen to be renting or driving a car. You can park there safely while you monger and not worry about getting a parking ticket or driving in circles to find a parking space. It tends to get used most around 2 pm to 4 pm when Mexican businessmen and workers have their lunch break When I have been driving here I've found it very useful.

    As Worldwidetraveler mentioned, the showers are great. The showers and rooms were brand new when they opened a few years ago. I took some pics of the rooms back then and I'll try to take some again this trip to post so you can see what they currently look like. The thing I liked best was their electrical set up. They have outlets with 3 plugs, a ground plug! Very rare in Mexico but important if you don't want to short out anything you want to plug in. I actually do shave at Dany's using a plug in electric shaver and really enjoy using their showers and all the hot water you can handle. Hot water is a luxury in Mexico! (and in general!) You don't know how many cold showers I've had to take in Mexico and they weren't by choice while waiting to bang a hot chica!

    The DIA de LOS Muertos statues were still up on Ave Chapultepek last I saw, very cool. I hope to get pictures. My camera batteries were dead when I last walked through there but I will try today on my way to Dany's.

    And I will verify pricing. I have an old hand out flyer that says mananeros are $250 pesos between 10 am and 2 pm, promotion. Basically 20 minutes time, one pop. No time for a massage just get in there and get going, though they will let you shower before and after, just shower quickly if there are a lot of clients in the lobby (they need the rooms If there aren't many clients then you can enjoy a nicer, longer shower. The standard price on the flyer is $350 for half an hour, one pop. $450 is what I used to get for 45 minutes and two pops. It was 600 for one full hour, two pops or they have a two chica promotion at that price but I never got it. I think they are only there with you maximum 45 minutes and you get two pops. I might have to try it once to see what it's like.

    Let's hope Dany's has held up over time! I'm sure most, if not all, the chicas I knew from two years ago are gone. I will get names and hopefully be able to describe them well enough here so you know who is working there right now and you can get a good idea who to ask for, although Dany is good about keeping the nicer gals around. The ones who treat you like a king, even if they are not runway models like at are are are-A-P- (won't let me write the word here) and such. But I'll go with better treatment and good prices over good looks and poor performance anytime. I've gained a bit of weight myself from not being able to come out here and Monger so I'm not going to judge them harshly on that. More cushin for the pushing!

    OK El Mojado out and will report back hopefully this evening!

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    GDL Visit last year

    I visited GDL last year. It was lovely place. I think it has great looking women ever. I did not visit any sex place but I have been to few strip clubs in GDL as well as PV. Loved the time I spent there. Will be visiting again maybe next year. Looking forward to taking the game it to next level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonWagstaff  [View Original Post]
    With the Guadalajara back page ads? Lots of nice ones there as well. Be nice to know if they are real.
    Never tried BP in Guadalajara. I figured that going with local publication is better, just my opinion and does not mean it will not be OK. Give it a shot and let us know.

    Have you guys noticed that hotels are increasing security and watching / questioning girls coming in?

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    Any experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by GetBusyLiving  [View Original Post]
    I have been to GDL many times and it's a great place with beautiful women. Great place to look is Anumex com in the Amor why Amistad section. Any other suggestions?
    With the Guadalajara back page ads? Lots of nice ones there as well. Be nice to know if they are real.

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    Where to look in GDL

    I have been to GDL many times and it's a great place with beautiful women. Great place to look is Anumex com in the Amor and Amistad section.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomasb  [View Original Post]
    and I saw one insanely fat girl and one chubby young one.
    Sorry a newb here, just reading older posts for my next vacation and couldn't stop laughing at this for some reason. "One chubby young one" - holy shit that is funny.

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    Price "scam"

    BTW forgot to mention! Danny's tried to tell me the price was $450. But as soon as I mentioned the $350 price she concurred and said ok that's a the promotion. Promotion, that's always been the price.

    ALSO, an SW today tried to charge me $270. It's always been $250, don't let them get you with fake inflated prices. Stand your ground nicely and confidently on the regular price. We can't allow inflation especially since the peso seems a bit stronger lately.

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