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    Jade. Independent provider

    Contact +52 33 1397 4191 by whatsapp.

    I don't think she has been mentioned here before but has multitudes of positive reviews on local site. She has a 12 year old daughter and is quite active with non-escort endeavors. Can be hard to pin down. It took me 3 trips before I finally got a date. Will do mornings and go to hotels best to arrange day before. Good deal as cost for me was 1400 for 2 hours (I think 900/ HR) of service, MSOG, GFE. All with condoms but that's my preference as well.

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    GDL again and again

    Spent four days near Plaza de Sol in an Airbnb. Thought to use it for chicas but never happened as I used Bouguet agency girls mostly this trip. The high end agencies usually only allow the girls to go to motels / hotels.

    Price for girls are 1700/ HR or 3000 for two generally. Nataly is double as she works very seldom.

    Tried three and all spinner types, natural bodies and refined women. All had regular jobs so date hours are mostly after 7 pm. Website is

    A few photos from the website attached. Ivanna and Nataly spoke good english. Mia has a husband but they are swingers. All fun to chat with and play with of course. Recommend them all.

    I was able to try one independent mentioned in the local forum as a long time quality provider. Name Jade, MILF type, no english, fun to be with, added some pounds to her pics. I will post one as they are on whatapp with number.

    On the side, I went to Majestic casino, they have craps table, which I love to play. Also cinema in same complex. Unique as both are inside a glorieta close to Plaza de Sol.

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    Thanks guys for the info.

    I've had some experience with Danny's before. So this time I had the taxi drop me off near the place so he doesn't try to jack the price up on me. I went inside and since my Spanish was very limited, the mamasan handed me a "menu". Blah blah blah, basically any option is only one pop. So I took the 30 min for 300 mxn. There were only three to pick from. All were young. Two were heavier for my tastes. I'll be honest, more fat. One was pretty nice looking, I'd give her a 7. Skinny. Nice little ass, but very small tits. She was the best looking out of the three. We went upstairs into a room. The room was small. Small table. She was pretty rushed and mechanical. Her name was Leslie. You have to walk across the hall to the bathroom for the shower. We showered up and that was that. I don't think I will repeat there unless I need a quick fix. At least I know what to expect next time. I was not able to contact any of the escorts that were listed. Must have been a busy time for them.

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    RE: Fresh Information from Guadalajara

    Hey fellas,

    An update to my trip report written earlier this month. Veronica is no longer listed on the Paramour website, so it looks like they may have parted ways. Not surprising, given what I was told by Paramour, Larissa, and Kelly about Veronica.

    Fortunately, it looks like Paramour has added a couple of fillies to their stable, including Belissa:

    And Helena:

    Safe mongering, gentlemen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PVLocal  [View Original Post]
    Hola Amigos,

    I have a very important business trip with a huge client who wants the best GDL has to offer.

    Looking for recommendations for the right hotel and the right girls for a three night stay downtown.

    Please no esteticas or low rent joints.

    Celebrating the closing of a large biz deal and he wants to have a great time for a couple days.

    We will be there for three nights, so we'll probably work one day and night and then play for the last two.

    Nicest Hotel? Close to Hourly Motels or a nice hotel that allows the girls in.

    Best Restaurants? Cigar Bars?

    Is there a place where the independents hang out?

    Most important. Best Girls? Reliable and fun. Threesomes? Please PM me with numbers or contact info.

    Thank you in advance for all of your recommendations.

    Greatly appreciated. Saludos!

    Get a suite at Demetria. No problems bringing girls back and I feel it's the most impressive hotel in the city.

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    RE: Very important GDL trip in April with client- need advice hotel / girls / etc Hel

    Quote Originally Posted by PVLocal  [View Original Post]
    Hola Amigos,

    I have a very important business trip with a huge client who wants the best GDL has to offer.

    Looking for recommendations for the right hotel and the right girls for a three night stay downtown.

    Please no esteticas or low rent joints.

    Celebrating the closing of a large biz deal and he wants to have a great time for a couple days.

    We will be there for three nights, so we'll probably work one day and night and then play for the last two.

    Nicest Hotel? Close to Hourly Motels or a nice hotel that allows the girls in.

    Best Restaurants? Cigar Bars?..
    The fact that you even mentioned esteticas tells me you've RTFF. But quite a bit of what you're asking is already here in the forum, so I would go back 15 pages and read it again a little more closely. As you do so, have Google Maps and TripAdvisor open so can put the information into proper context.

    From your post, it sounds to me that as mongers, you and your client prefer to eat steak instead of greasy hamburgers. So I would focus your mongering efforts on Paramour and Joyeux.

    Restaurant-wise, I liked El Sacromonte and La Vaca Argentina (they are located adjacent to each other), Santo Coyote, Hueso, and La Fonda de la Noche. For low-key lunch spots, I liked Birrieria de Nueve Esquinas and Karne Garibaldi.

    Have a great trip and please contribute a trip report when you return.

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    Very important GDL trip in April with client- need advice hotel / girls / etc Help!

    Hola Amigos,

    I have a very important business trip with a huge client who wants the best GDL has to offer.

    Looking for recommendations for the right hotel and the right girls for a three night stay downtown.

    Please no esteticas or low rent joints.

    Celebrating the closing of a large biz deal and he wants to have a great time for a couple days.

    We will be there for three nights, so we'll probably work one day and night and then play for the last two.

    Nicest Hotel? Close to Hourly Motels or a nice hotel that allows the girls in.

    Best Restaurants? Cigar Bars?

    Is there a place where the independents hang out?

    Most important. Best Girls? Reliable and fun. Threesomes? Please PM me with numbers or contact info.

    Thank you in advance for all of your recommendations.

    Greatly appreciated. Saludos!


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    Looking for road trip buddy.

    I don't know the exact dates yet. Maybe starting in about 12-16 days from now I will be in Guadalajara. I would stay there a few nights. I want to maybe have a look or stay 1 night in Ajijic. My parents want to look around there in a couple months, so I want to have a look before I guide them around. For the road trip I would rent a car and drive to places like Aguascalientes, then stay 1 or 2 nights, then go to San Luis Potosi and stay a night or 2, I would also go to San Miguel Allende, maybe go to Santiago de Querétaro, Guanajato (there is no mongering there) look in the clubs in Silao (again), and stay at least 1 night in Leon, then back to Guadalajara. If you are adventurous I'd even add Tampico to the list. My Spanish is only about a 3/10. So a Spanish speaker would be useful. As a different trip I'd even drive to PVR and Mazatlan, and places in between. I started making travel videos, so besides being adventurous I'd be making videos from each city. Send me a PM if you might be interested. I can make the dates to later in April or early May if you are serious.

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    What hotel?

    Quote Originally Posted by KingJack  [View Original Post]
    Day 2 - afternoon was spend on sites like mileroticos, sexservidoras and backpage to get numbers. Send messages via whatsapp using google translate. Chatted with a few and fixed an appointment with a girl called Venus / Xcarlet. 1200 for one HR. She arrived in my hotel at the appointed time. She looks to be in late 20's and has a very sexy and tight body. We started with some light grinding and then took a shower together. Then she gave me a light lap dance before putting on a cover and giving a CBJ. I had fun playing with her body and spend some time on DATY and 69 before she rode me. Multiple positions to finish. She was a real trooper and we had a lot of fun together. We were done in 45 minutes. She took a shower and kissed me goodbye. Over all it was a good experience.

    Day 3 and 4 - was busy with work related engagements so could not monger. Will post day 5,6 and 7 soon.

    What hotel did you stay at? This is always good for others to know about. Some hotels don't let you bring girls to your room, or they charge extra. In Guadalajara I always bang the girls where they work, so I don't know much about this in Guadalajara.

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    Hotel Casino Plaza

    Quote Originally Posted by Russell62  [View Original Post]

    Just a quick question. I was planning a trip to Guadalajara in a few months and was considering the "Hotel Casino Plaza" in the Centro Historico. It has great reviews on Expedia but I would like to know if it's guest friendly or not. Or, are most hotels in the city GF? It's my first trip to this city although I've been to Mexico several times. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.
    I've stayed here 4 times, but, I never tried to bring a girl in. If you were to rent a car and park in their garage you would have a high chance of them ignoring you when you come in from the garage. Most of the time that you walk through the front door they don't even acknowledge you. I thought that was rude at first, but if they don't want to say something it doesn't bother me. They always seem busy on the phone or computers. I kind of don't think they will have a problem with you bringing a girl in, especially during the day. If you had to tell a big lie maybe tell them you are going to eat in their restaurant which I think is on the 2nd floor. Also to know, there is no casino in the place, that is just the name.

    So why do I stay there? The location is decent if you want to walk to the historical center, and not too far from the mongering places. It is close to the metro if you want to give that a try, I never tried it. If you rent a car they have a nice covered parking place that is free. Also the internet has always been nice and quick and reliable. If I remember right you get about 20 - 30 mbps download and about 15 mbps upload. Also you can book it cheap if using Orbitz. Find the current 15% discount code from Orbitz, then use that code and that code works for this hotel. And you will get something called Orbucks. And if you book the hotel with the Orbitz app and the Orbitz credit card you will get 10% back for future hotel use. Sometimes this gets the room down to about $26 a night. I just checked now and I can get it down to about $32 a night. Also the air conditioner has always almost worked too good in all of their rooms.

    I stayed at Hotel Laffayette once, and it really sucks. It is usually so busy that they might not notice if you brought someone in, but I hate that place. I've stayed at Del Marqus Hotel and Suites a couple times and I like it, but I'm not sure what they would think of you bringing a guest. They will see you for sure. One of the members was just talking about bringing in all kinds of girls to his hotel but he didn't say what hotel. I'll ask about that now.

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    GDL Trip Report

    Men's Club.

    This place was the first Teibol mentioned by any uber driver so I decided to check it out despite it having acquired in the Spanish language GDL forum the reputation of being overpriced.

    No pressure, they let you know up from that you'll be getting figuratively fucked presently.

    Palatial decoration. Mostly English spoken here. I doubt many of the girls speak any Spanish.

    Few girls for a weekend night 5-7, about 25-35 years old various nationalities, some Russian lurkers, bodies types either seemed to fit the adelita's mold, of an implant butt, liposuctioned, pouty lips or the hard Eastern European type, there was one who was a straight 9/10 especially if you like tall, slim, natural bodied blonds who flunked out of modeling school and have nowhere else to go. But I didn't fly to GDL to fuck Moscow girls. No matter how much they look like Sarah Chalke.

    No pressure to buy lady drinks at all.

    This place has a lot of seating. 40 tables on the main floor, 12 VIP booths upstairs, and more tables I dunno how many upstairs.

    Dancing is okbut nothing too provocative, with long break between each dancer. While I really enjoyed the no pressure sales tactics, I found myself nodding off at times.

    I didn't buy any lady drink or partake and I didn't see any girls leave with a client.

    Rap é.

    Here you, talk to the receptionist, pass the barber shop, and she seats you at the end of a hallway. About 12 girls appeared ages 20-27, with varying degrees of plastic surgery. I was really looking for the natural GDL type that you see all over plaza Antares in Zapopan. Slim, tallish, medium breasted tapatias with pale white skin and long black hair from a Pantene commercial but didn't see any in the lineup, so I politely said, " lo siento, pero no hay nadie que me interese," which drew a round of lighthearted laughter from the entire lineup. With that I took my leave. They did have some 7's in the lineup but I just wasn't feeling it, with the pressure to choose in 10 seconds.

    Grecia Teen.

    I tried setting up an appointment but she doesn't work weekends.


    Arrived a little after 9, and was the first customer. It was empty and they even warned that the Chicas wouldn't be ready for another hour. At 10, they started arriving and heading to the dressing room. Quantity was low, but there were a few 7's, but the Saturday night vibe here felt more like a 5 pm vibe on a Monday in Hong Kong. They also shine these bright rotating spotlight on the floor, which gets really annoying once I got a headache from it.

    A couple things about GDL strip clubs. There is a lot of downtime in the GDL Teiboles. A girl will dance for two songs, followed by a 15 minute period of no dancing at all. The result is that these bars are no fun at all at times and kinda boring. Overall, the quality and experience adds up to something like BT or Adelitas on a quiet night minus the older sharks, with a couple of Hong Kong style hotties thrown in for good measure.

    But what was really missing is that none of the girls had that FOB unjaded look that you can find on occasion in the zona.

    Nothing really compares to Hong Kong.

    Lacked the illicitness and impropriety of my favorite places not to mention a sense of danger.

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    RE: Fresh Information from Guadalajara

    Thanks for the update. Very helpful. Still trying to make to GDL soon and plan to use the information you and others have provided.

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    Fresh Information from Guadalajara

    Hey fellas,

    I've been back from Guadalajara for a few days and have had a chance to relax and get back into the daily rhythm of life, so it's time to share what I experienced during my second trip to GDL. Keep in mind that in December 2016 I wrote a lengthy report (in three parts) about my first trip to Guadalajara, so if I discuss something only very briefly below, I likely discussed it in greater detail in my December report. Here we go:

    1) Hotel: once again I stayed at chica-friendly La Perla Hotel Boutique Bed and Breakfast:

    Staying at La Perla is not like staying at a hotel, it's like staying with family or old friends. The only thing that has changed at La Perla since my December 2016 visit is that if you intend to have outcall (the chicas come to visit you at the hotel), the owner (Lorenzo) is now asking that you have your outcall finished by around midnight, if you don't want the chica to stay with you, so the hotel can be locked up and everyone can go to bed. Apparently in the past, Lorenzo had a couple of instances where a couple of guys were having guests come and go at all hours of the night, creating a lot of noise and an insecure environment for the other guests.

    2) Phone: once again, with help from an employee at La Perla, I bought a plan and SIM card from the local Telcel store on Av. Chapultepec.

    3) Motel: I used Motel California Courts for two sessions:

    This love motel is only a 30-minute walk from La Perla. Guys, it is laughably easy to get a room here. Both times, I simply walked up to the reception window and said "Disculpame, mi espanol no es bueno. Necesito una sala, habitacion torre sin cochera, por favor." The receptionist told me the room number (103 for the first session and 203 for the second session), I went to the room, paid the employee 380 pesos for the room when she came by, and then waited for my chica to arrive. For both sessions, when my chica arrived, reception called me in the room to let me know that she was downstairs and on her way to my room.

    4) Session #1: it was a Monday and through WhatsApp, I contacted Paramour around 11:30 in the morning:

    And requested Veronica:

    Paramour responded after three minutes and said they would contact Veronica to see if she was available. After almost ten minutes, they sent me another message and said the situation with Veronica was "complicated." I took that to mean she was probably on her period. Paramour also said that their other ladies were available, so I requested Larissa and made an appointment for two hours that mid-afternoon:

    I went to California Courts an hour before the appointment, got the room, texted Paramour my room number, and waited for Larissa, who showed up right on time with her handler. I paid the handler 3,200 pesos, he left, and then I turned my attention to Larissa, who was wearing black shorts, a black and white striped shirt, and tan stiletto heels.

    We made small talk in Spanish and I discovered that she recently turned 19 on February 9 and was studying what she called "derechos" in a local university. I also found out that she's not a smoker (but does enjoy a cigarette every once in a while), doesn't have any kids, and has been working with Paramour since December 2016.

    She got on the bed fully-clothed and with her heels on, and I got mostly undressed and joined her. I started kissing her neck, which got full of goosebumps, and before too long I started working my way south, taking off her shirt to reveal a black bra and then taking off her bra to reveal firm and perky large bee-cup or small C-cup tits. I kept working my way south and slipped off her shorts to find pink panties with black trim, which I also slipped off to discover a perfectly smooth and meaty pussy, the kind that looks so plush you know it's going to grab and wrap around your cock as you push into it.

    I gently spread her legs and indicate I'm going for DATY. Nope, she won't let me! Seriously? What the fuck!? She gave me some explanation in Spanish, and I offered to pay her a propina (tip) for DATY, but she still wouldn't budge. Damnit, DATY is half the fun, in my opinion!

    So for two hours, it was MSOG with mish, cowgirl, and CBJ. Her pictures on Paramour are accurate, and she has a firm and petite body (about 5'2" or 5'3" tall and 115 pounds) that resulted in me popping three times in two hours. She doesn't have any tattoos, either.

    In between pops we made small talk. She told me that with Paramour, she got 60% of the 3,200 pesos and the agency got the other 40%. She also said that she has one client a day. Most interestingly, she said Veronica was a problem, but didn't go into specifics. And she mentioned that her friend and co-worker at Paramour, Kelly, had the same petite frame that she had.

    The two-hour appointment ends, Larissa leaves, and I jump in the shower to wash off the lube and sex residue. As I'm stepping out of the shower, I hear a knock at the door and figure Larissa forgot something or a California Courts employee has a question. I answer the door in a towel and there's a guy standing there. And in perfect English he says "Hey, I just delivered a girl to a client here and I have another girl downstairs if you want her." I'm a little surprised by this, but I tell the guy "no, thanks" and he leaves. I finished drying off, put on my clothes, and left.

    5) Session #2: it was a Tuesday, and once again through WhatsApp I contacted Paramour, this time a little after noon. Having remembered what Larissa told me about Kelly, I requested Kelly herself:

    Paramour responded, said Kelly was available, and told me they would make the appointment (I requested two hours with Kelly at California Courts). After a few minutes, they messaged me again and asked if I could change from California Courts to Picasso:

    I asked why they wanted me to change from California Courts to Picasso, and Paramour said "it's just that in California are not fans of us, so there's a chance they don't let us enter always." Not sure if I was trying to be scammed or what, I held firm and said California Courts was the place to meet, to which Paramour responded "okay."

    An hour before the appointment, I got the room, texted Paramour the room number, and waited for Kelly. She showed up with her handler right on time, I paid him 3,200 pesos and he left, and then settled in with Kelly.

    Kelly's pictures on Paramour are both truthful and deceiving. Yes, she has the same petite frame as Larissa, but she also has eight tattoos (fish on an ankle, bouquet of roses on her right hip, a bird on her left abdomen, symbols on her wrist, etc). I asked how she had concealed her tattoos for her pictures and she stated that she did so with makeup. Most of her tattoos were tastefully done, and I found them to be much more of a turn-on than a turn-off.

    Kelly allowed DATY, which I did for about 30 minutes until she orgasmed. I followed that up with two pops in mish for the remaining hour and a half.

    After the DATY and in between pops, we made small talk. She was friendly and talkative and even knew a little English. At the time of our appointment, she was 18 but stated that her 19th birthday was on March 10. She said that 30% of her clients were nice guys but the other 70% were rude or mean. I asked her why Paramour tried to pressure me to change to Picasso and she said that the California Courts employees are sometimes rude to the Paramour girls because the girls make a lot of money while the motel employees don't make much money at all. We started talking about my session the previous day with Larissa, and Kelly said Larissa wouldn't allow DATY because she has a boyfriend, who apparently watches her like a hawk and sounds (to me) more like a pimp than a boyfriend. Kelly also said that Larissa dances in one of the local strip clubs, but I can't remember the name of it. I mentioned Veronica and Kelly rolled her eyes. She typed a word in Spanish into Google Translate on my phone to describe Veronica. It was something along the lines of "jealousy" or "rivalry" but it was obvious that there's friction between Veronica, Paramour, and the other girls.

    6) Joyeux: I pulled a chica (Akane Smith) from this site in December 2016 through WhatsApp:

    On Wednesday, my final full day In Guadalajara, I decided that I wanted a one-hour appointment with Cintia Carusso:

    I contacted Joyeux through WhatsApp. They immediately wrote back and said that arranging appointments now had to be done through phone calls and not WhatsApp. Now, my Spanish is pretty good in face-to-face conversations, but over the phone it's pretty crappy. I'm sure I could have powered through it and made the appointment over the phone, but being late in the day and battling a cold, I gave up on the appointment.

    7) Final Thoughts: I'm going to disagree politely and respectfully with Viajando Musico and say what I said back in December 2016: Guadalajara is a hidden gem as far as mongering is concerned. The ease with which you can get a room at a love motel like California Courts and the ease with which you can make appointments with young, beautiful girls through WhatsApp (except for Joyeux) make GDL a prime hunting ground. And I would not repeat with Larissa in the future because of the refusal to allow DATY, but absolutely would repeat with Kelly in a heartbeat if given the chance.

    So that's it. Hopefully I didn't ramble on too much. Questions from other ISG members about my experience are welcome here in the forum or through private message, if you have the ability to send one.

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    Recent GDL trip

    This is a quick write-up for my short trip to GDL last week. Arrived on early Thu. Evening. Stayed at Downtown. Went to La Victoria Cantina mentioned here on previous post at Plaza 9 Esquina in the Center after checking into my hotel. The place was the only happening place in downtown area. About 15 girls working ranging from 6-8. 5. There was a live band playing mostly cumbia. I chose a 30 year old MILF Marinlena who besides a beautiful face, still possesses incredible figure after giving birth to 4 kids. My only problem with her was, she was downing a diluted brandy every 10 min. At $150 a glass. When I complained to her, she admitted and felt sorry, but also told me she was required by the management to do so. At 2 AM, she agreed to leave with me for $1500 plus $800 salida for the house. But the manager refused to let her leave early saying she came in late that night. I didn't know if it was true. So at the closing almost at 4 AM, my bill came in a little over $3,700. I checked with my girl how many fechas she got, she counted and told me she only has 16. So I argued with the masero, but the management insisted they have 20. I felt like I am scammed by the way my girl consumed the lady drinks and they tried the jacked up the number of drinks. So I just pulled out all the pesos I had on me about $3,250 and settled it with them. After this argument, I lost the interest of taking the girl back. So don't waste your money on La Victoria. It is a rip-off joint. There was another similar operation closed by also mentioned here previously, La Condensa Cantina. I passed by the place and took a quick glance inside. It was dead. The lady drinks are half the price of La Victoria's. But the few WG's there also looked uninspiring, below 5.

    On the second day, I set up a date with one of the girl published by the recent report here, Karina. Had communicated with her through whatsapp prior to my arrival. She was 40 minutes late due to Fri. PM traffic. Service was as described on the previous report, but she tried to up sale for BBBJ. Prices were $1600/2200/3000 for 1/2/3 hours. I chose 2 hours, and with another $410 for a Jacucci room, total damage was $2,610 for 2 hours of fun, about $130 USD at current exchange rate. I also communicated with Connie Garcia who has been highly recommended here. Her price now, after all the publicity, $1800 for one hour, and 3,000 for 2 hours, $300 upcharge for weekend dates. I wasn't sure if it ass worth it as I didn't set up a date with her. Sent text to Romanita as well, but she never responded.

    The next day, I tried the dating game again with a girl recommended by the local Spanish forum, Angelita. A 22 year old who said she had to travel almost 2 hours each way from Xacateca for our date. Her quote, $600/800/1700 for 1/1. 5/3 hours. So I order 2-1. 5 hours for $1600, easy math. She was a little reserved in the beginning, and didn't provide service as recommended, but after my complain and threaten to let her go after the first 1. 5 hour, she changed completely and gave me a totally satisfactory GFE. We spent the whole second 1. 5 hours cuddling inside the Jacucci. She look a little indigenous and a little saggy on the stomach. I also checked out about 7 esteticas and low cost chica houses during my trip. I can only say I was very disappointed with the selection in each place I went ranging from the $250's to the $800's. When comparing these places with the massage parlors in Colombia, for about the same cost, you can find much more beautiful and younger chicas in Colombia whether in Medellin, Bogota or Cali. But to be fair, I also need to mention the 2 services I received at these esteticas were both quite good. I just wouldn't travel this far for these places in GDL.

    The final thought, GDL is not as good a mongering destination as other Latin cities. Some here described it as a hidden gem that I found difficult to agree with. Esteticas are all over the City and prices are very low, but I found nothing above 5. Setting up citas at the motel most likely requires Spanish skill and if you go with the recommended girls who doubled their prices after gaining publicity, kind of makes you wonder. But as a tourist city, GDL definitely has its own charm. It actually changed my impression about a Mexican city. The Tapatias are beautiful and friendly. The City is very safe, maybe not clean looking, but safe. I walked late at night in the city center alone, and never felt unsafe at all. The area around Chapultepec is certainly worth a night out. I will return to GDL as a regular tourist, but will not dedicate a trip for mongering.

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    Russian or Ukrainian Mamacita

    Any Russian or Ukrainian Mamacitas in Guadalajara?



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