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    This is what happened to me at La Merced

    I took the train to Pino Suarez and walked all the way to Circunvalacion, then north to Soledad. It was really bad on Circunvalacion, but there were good prospects on San Pablo, so doubled back there. Found Angelica, a 22 year old brown-haired Mexican beauty. My Spanish is poor. She took me 4-5 blocks north to a small hotel with a locked gate. It was 100 for the room. 700 for her for 30 minutes nude and oral and sex in many positions. Very cute and a voluptuous body. Highly recommended. After, I followed her back to where I met her on the north side of San Pablo across from the park. I started walking back to Pino Suarez and after two blocks (with only 2 more to go to Pino Suarez), a man comes up along side me and touches my arm and tells me to stop. He steps back away from me about 5 feet and pulls out what looks like a police badge, then put it away quickly. He had a plain blue ball cap on, khaki pants, and a dark long-sleeved shirt. In Spanish, he starts talking about prostitution and how they saw me. I played dumb and told him I did not speak Spanish. He then asked for ID, so I pulled out my passport. I am making motions that I am trying to get to the train- I said Pino Suarez a couple of times. He tries to type something in on his phone to translate for me, but the only word that translated was prostitution. I started walking for the train and he stopped me. Now I was standing next to a wall and two younger guys came over to see what was going on. It crossed my mind that maybe I was getting ready to be choked out, but the younger guys left. When the undercover "cop" realized I was from the US, he called someone on his phone. By this time, I had motioned toward the train and started walking again. He hands me the phone and a guy on it starts talking to me in perfect English. He tells me that I am going to be arrested for prostitution and taken to court. I will either spend 36 hours there or have to pay 10,000 pesos. I tell the guy I don't have it and all of my debit and credit cards are back at the hotel. He says fine, I guess he will take you in. I tell him prostitution is not illegal in Mexico and he says it is illegal everywhere. He then says there was a video monitor outside the hotel and it captured me leaving with the girl with the red top. Now I know they are not bluffing. But are they really cops? Now, I am 75 yards from Pino Suarez and all of a sudden, a real cop in a white uni appears across the street at the Pino Suarez station topside. The undercover "cop" sees him and gets nervous, says something into the phone. I had to get back to my hotel. My options at this point were running toward what I knew was a real cop, yelling policia, or giving in and getting out of there. Being taken to jail would have caused me to get fired. It is never a good idea to run away from someone who presents themself as police. I was in no position to fight him either, as he was an in-shape 40 year old about 20 years my junior. So, the phone was handed to me again, and I said "I have 500 pesos. That's all I have. Is that good enough?" The phone laughed and said "he's not going to let you off with that. " I handed the phone to my captor, he listened, I put out the 500 (around $30 US) and he took it. I then walked to the train and rode back to the hotel. Be careful out there. I got scammed, but it was better than getting hurt, or taken to jail if he had been a rogue cop. I am going to go back to the hotel at another time and see if I spot a camera. I sincerely hope Angelica was not in on it- I don't think so. I think these guys just stand near that hotel and follow whoever comes out.

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    Street girls and Escorts

    I had a chance to check out the sgs in Merced. I started out in the Zocolo and walked south to Pino Suarez station but did not see any sgs here. Where are they? I headed east towards Merced station. It's a bit of a stroll but good for sight seeing. I got to Merced and walked north. I saw the first sgs hanging near those chain linked fences that you see on youtube. Walked up four or five blocks and there are sgs on either side of the street. Also don't forget the cross streets. There are girls to be found there too. I was quoted anywhere from 220 to 270 mx for one position which included the room. 20 min session. I only got one to agree with paying after so took her up.

    The right side of the street and especially the cross streets are filled with vendors. I also did not see any street signs so I didn't know what street I was on. I never did feel threatened or unsafe. This was during the day. It is a bit unnerving though when the vendors are looking at me talking to a sg. I noticed a group of policia watching me when I was talking to a sg. They were on the other side of the fence anyway. There are a lot of girls but you have to do a lot of walking to see them. Finding the entrance to the Merced station is also difficult. I had to ask half a dozen vendors where is the estacion.

    A few days later I made a visit to Garibaldi plaza but didn't see any sgs.

    As for escorts I had no luck with any of the "independents" that I contacted. They either didn't answer me at all or ignored my requests for a cita. I recommend Pecoras agency. I got a couple girls from them for 1200 mx to my room for one hour. Cheap! They have a good variety of chicas. The girls I requested showed up and communication through wapp was quick.

    Happy mongering!

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    San Luis Potosi brothels escorts websites

    Hello Juan Carter,

    I am new to Mexico. Could you please share some safe & best escorts websites, forum to contact girls directly in SLP. Also would appreciate the places, hotels, brothels to find girls in San Luis Potosi for full service. Also some rough idea about costs for different services.

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    Rousted on Sullivan & WalMart Report

    I took my wingman Pv188 on a stroll down Sullivan, where we chatted some girls who all wanted $800 for 1/2 HR with oral and hotel. Only Nicol would give BBBJ, total cost $1,000. Then the policia rousted us. I knew we had committed no crime, had not even jaywalked and neither of us was drunk. They admitted we had committed no crime but used a Spanish euphemism that I supposed to be "administrative infraction". We were threatened with 36 hours jail time before we saw a judge who would then fine us $3,000 pesos each but we could pay the fine now. Wingman kept his cool and we never offered a lesser amount. After about 1/2 hour hassle on the street, we insisted that we could only pay the fine before a judge and we were "taken for a ride", presumably to the delegacion. I knew we would never be booked but had a remote fear that we might be cuffed and robbed. I suggested to my wingman that if he was carrying any big money that he put it in his sock. After 4 or 5 blocks we were unloaded on a dark street and the police "out of the goodness of our hearts" suggested we settle for two cokes and a pack of cigarettes at the OXXO on the corner. The cost was something between 50 and 70 pesos (small pack) as I pocketed some change from the 70. Yeah, we paid a mordida, just enough to give them some face. We even all shook hands and promised to do our shopping from a car window in the future. This had happened to me 20 years ago in Guadalajara and dumb, younger me gave them all the cash I had. It was only what I had pocketed to pay the streetwalker, but I did learn from that (1) Do not carry big cash or valuables and (2) Do not pay the mordida unless you actually committed a crime. Chatting up or even hiring a hooker is not a crime anywhere in Mexico. Kudos to my wingman, Pv188 was a champ who stayed calm, played dumb and said repeatedly that he would only pay the judge.

    We took a cab from near there, the police would not even give us a two block ride to a busy street. He said it was against the rules! Walking by the Hotel Ibiza I chatted up a girl at the doorway and as a Sullivan girl with her date entered she smiled and waved at me and said "You are out already?

    I counted 15 all under 30 at 7 pm this afternoon, mostly 7's and 8's and a few of Sullivan St quality. I only chatted Fani who said she would go with me for only $500 and oral natural $100 extra. I cannot believe it but could not put her to the test as I am old and saving myself for my date with Regina Ayalha tomorrow morning. Fani said they work there until 2 am.

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    The. F. Escorts

    Quote Originally Posted by KentJones  [View Original Post]
    Tuesday August 22nd.
    Even without the Colombian excursion Mexico itself is close enough and airfares reasonable enough that I will be going back there, and sooner rather than later.
    Me too!

    Welcome to Mexico! Over on the the the DF. Escorts forum there are reviews by me and several other out of town visiting hobbyists who all have the same issues with flaky escorts. Scheduling ahead of arrival doesn't guarantee the chica will show up but it's a good start. I think every date I've had in CDMX was scheduled on short notice and everyone set-up a day ahead either flaked or rescheduled. Scheduling commitments don't mean much to Mexicanas.

    FYI: Keep that sim card. It's good for about a year and you can reactivate it at any Oxxo or 7-Eleven just by putting a few pesos on it and makes simpler for yourself keeping the same number. Especially if a girl saved your number.

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    Mexico Trip Report

    Tuesday August 22nd.

    Let me say from the start I only had about a day in Mexico (and a 18 or so hours in town a week later) but tried to make the most of it. Reason for this broken up visit was that my real goal was to go to Colombia (will post a TR about that of course) but the airfares were discouraging so I did some creative scheduling and found that I could fly cheaper to Mexico City via United and from there take Avianca to Colombia. So I would use CDMX as a glorified layover and inadvertently get a two-fer. Here's the details:

    Caught a plane at 5 PM to Mexico city and checked into the Hotel Sevilla (no, not Sevilla Palace which is the newer nicer, more expensive one) the old Sevilla Hotel that had a serious mosquito problem at night. Place was cheap and there was a reason for it --among other things the rooms have no wi-fi. The wi-fi is only accessible from the lobby. Had to learn an age-old lesson all over again the hard way --do your damnest to line up appointments before you get to your destination. I was reaching out to girls on Twitter and whatsapp, but they either replied tardy, or not at all. They leave the front doors open for ventilation and the fountain in the lobby draws mosquitoes who attacked me all the while I was trying to schedule something. So the only thing I got my first night in CDMX was mosquito bites.

    The next day I got breakfast at VIPS, which was right around the corner, then had a cabby take me to get a sim card and took some photos of the downtown monuments like Plaza Del Revolucion, etc. I didn't have any use for making phone calls, though wanted it for a communications backup. Around 12:30 or so I reached out to "Aitana" on Sexoservidoaras. I prefer to choose girls from a casa or shop at the Del Rey, so this was my first time choosing a chick online and I did recall the advice of the other contributors here that often the girls will look different (more weight) than their profile pics. But I rolled the dice and hoped to get lucky. Aitana replied to my Whatsapp quickly, and agreed to 2 hours for 1600 mxn.

    She told me that she wanted to finish up at the gym then would catch a cab and come see me. It took a while since Mexican traffic is often in a constant state of gridlock. But she made sure to keep me updated on her progress as she made it through traffic, and when it started to take a while she frequently implored me not to cancel the appointment, reassuring me with several messages that she was definitely on her way. Having been a victim of this or that flaky chica in the past I appreciated her being so considerate.

    When she arrived she greeted me warmly. Aitana speaks no English, but my pidgin Spanish was sufficient. She's a Colombiana, which I'm fond of, and she was genuinely friendly. However the she-buzzards at the front desk spotted her and demanded she sign in. No problem, since as Sage Juan Carter has pointed out, if you make sure to reserve your hotel room with an additional guest you can have them sign in after the fact.

    We showered together, and this was when I realized that she was noticeably heavier than her pics. Not a porker but her midsection's not as trim as the pics on her Sexoservidoras pics either. But her boobs were also bigger than they appeared in the pics, so hey! Besides, I'd been around the block enough times to know that her courtesy and eagerness to be there was far more valuable than whether her body was model tight.

    She gave me a nice massage and then it was a BBBJ that was sloppy and forceful and took a long time, just the way I like it. From there it was straight cowgirl. She put her hands on the headboard for better grip and that was cool too, but then she did something that was new for me. At one point while riding me she got face to face with me then put her hands behind my head and pulled me towards her, all the while never stopping bouncing on me. It's been a while since a girl I'd been with made it a point to F**k and not just screw. She was aggressive and persistent. Yes, a model tight body is important, but to have a girl who rocks your world is better.

    We changed to missionary and she wrapped her thighs around me. I plowed the girl until she shuddered and her face flushed. I kept going until I got mine then we took a time out and chatted for a while. She told me that she wanted me to be a regular client of hers. She's probably trying to build a client base and you know what? Long as she's willing to earn it I don't see any problem with that.

    When I told her I was ready for round two she started massaging my tool and spent a good amount of time on the twins. Instead of regular sex somehow it turned into me letting her show me how good she was with her hands. Now I'm reluctant to let working girls give me a handjob because all too often they're so busy trying to hurry up and get me off so they can get to the next paying customer that Kent Jr winds up getting chafed. But to Aitana's credit she got that second leche out of me without giving me friction burns.

    We chatted a tad more then it was time for me to get a quick nap in before looking for supper. It The next morning I left very early to catch my flight to Colombia. I let her know I'd be back in about 2 weeks for one more day and would give her a heads up when I was back in town.

    The afternoon of September 4th, almost 2 weeks to the hour I was back in Mexico city from Colombia. My sim card wasn't working, had to buy a new one in the airport which, without a proficient Spanish speaker became a headache. It was getting on nightfall when I finally left the terminal. Went to the Hotel Century. Let Aitana know I was town but tired and frustrated as I was it there was no way I could have sessioned with her. Which was just as well, apparently she was a little busy too, so I told her I'd contact her in the morning.

    Around 9 or so I whatsapped her but didn't get an immediate reply. She did get back to me and apologized for letting the matter "slip her mind. " She offered to come by my hotel, said she could be there at 11:30. Well I needed to be at the airport at 1 PM so I could catch my flight back to the USA So the mid-day delight wasn't on the menu.

    I want to give a big thanks to Juan Carter for his tips and advice and tons of leads. He has almost single-handedly kept this forum relevant and he deserves thanks for that. I didn't leave myself enough time to take advantage of his information, but will do so next time. Even without the Colombian excursion Mexico itself is close enough and airfares reasonable enough that I will be going back there, and sooner rather than later.

    Overall Mexico left a favorable impression on me. And the two big lessons I take away from it is 1.) Don't leave yourself with only hours to be in town. Make it a few consecutive days at least. And 2.) I kick myself for forgetting the cardinal rule: contact girls ahead of time --don't wait until the last minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    #1 I can't recommend any hotel in the immediate vicinity but there are plenty within one or two metro stops in the centro historico, one metro stop is "walking distance." SWs will very rarely, never, go to your hotel. etc.

    #2 Streetwalker prices throughout the city are pretty standard, regardless of the location or quality of the girl. It is on a cafeteria plan. They will first quote about $200 pesos, room and condom included. This is lift the skirt, drop panties and poke for 15 minutes without touching. Nude, oral, touching, multiple positions are all extra. Very rarely can you negotiate for BBBJ, it is easier to negotiate anal than BBBJ with a SW. "Servicio completo" for 30 minutes will cost between $500 and $750 depending on negotiation skills and immediate market conditions. "Full service" is without anal, without finger penetration, pecks for kisses and when you come your 30 minutes is over. It is important that you come to exact terms before you pay for the room. She will ask you to front the room money but it later comes out of the final agreed price. Tip her the amount of the room or more if the service was very good, or if you expect to visit her again. Tips, however, are not expected.
    What includes "servicio completo", will she take off her bra? Can I cum twice or just one time?

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    Staying at the Holiday Inn Coyoacan.

    Took a wall SB side going North on Tlalpan. During the day. Nothing great. At night. Get out of town. Ladyboys everywhere. No good.

    Calle Sullivan had some decent girls and chose 1 to Ibiza we went.

    Seems time or cum timer. Not interested in overnighter. Oh well.

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    Gang Bang Queen

    No, not that kind of queen, she is all woman. Dana Barzagli, of TuPornMex videos fame, is going for her gang bang personal record the afternoon of 9 September. The record attempt will be in the late afternoon at the renowned swinger Club Lupita Roma, which is just west of the airport. She also promises a "show de nena stripper" and invited swinger couples for "interaction". The total cost per participant is $1,000 pesos and the club wants $300 pesos advance deposit, the rest at the door. I have never attended a gang bang and am seriously entertaining the idea of now putting it on my bucket list.

    Dana is also currently starring in an avant garde "performance art" event (lesbian trio sex show) "Blanca, Pupa why Nora" at the Centro Cultural El Foco, Tlacotalpan, Col. Roma Sur, just short blocks from the The cast includes Melody Petite on the 1st and 8th of September, my vague impression is that the cast rotates. Tickets are $350 pesos.

    Dana has a dotcom page and twitter. You can do a browser search for her, the events and the locales or DM me. A wingman would be nice to have, I think.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dana2.jpg‎   Dana4.png.jpg‎   Dana5.jpg‎   Dana6.jpg‎  

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    Went to see Candice yesterday. It was the best escort I've seen besides arikang here in Mexico. Her price is kind off steep at 2800 plus hotel but in my opinion she was well worth it. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Going to be here for the rest of the week so I may try to see her one more time.

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    Visiting DF for a few days --Wingman appreciated

    I'm finally coming to DF next Tuesday night (August 22nd) and leaving early Thursday morning (August 24th). After a week and a half in Colombia I'll be returning to Mexico City the afternoon of September 4th and leaving Tuesday night for the States.

    My Spanish is probably 1st grade level, but I'm more or less conversational and so long as the listener is a little patient. So if anyone is in town those dates and looking for a wingman let me know. First rounds on me.

    And yes, I will be providing a ground report.

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    Calle James Sullivan

    You are correct, I was about one and a half blocks east of the streets you mention. I had seen a reference to Hotel Sybhari in the forum, and as it was late and the area seemed deserted, I thought I was pushing my luck to keep walking past there. I'll know better next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    Maybe you stopped a few blocks east of the action. At midnight, even on a Sunday, I would expect working girls between calles Manuel Maria Contreras and Gambino Barreda. Thank you very much for your thorough contributions to the forum.

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    Calle Sullivan

    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeFan  [View Original Post]
    Calle James Sullivan. At midnight Sunday night, it was totally dead, I assume the day and time was the reason. I think I was in the right area, around Calle Rosas Moreno.
    Maybe you stopped a few blocks east of the action. At midnight, even on a Sunday, I would expect working girls between calles Manuel Maria Contreras and Gambino Barreda. Thank you very much for your thorough contributions to the forum.

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    Last day in CDMX

    Unfortunately, a short day as I was flying out in the afternoon. I was thinking of trying to squeeze in 2 chicas, but had a few other things to do, so just decided to head to Merced one last time. I really wanted another coed type for my last opportunity, as that is quite far from what I can get in the states at my age. At around 10:30 AM, I got off the metro at Pino Suarez and started walking down San Pablo toward Circunvalacion. I found one I liked, and we agreed upon a price, but then she asked to see my ID. That kind of freaked me out, I hadn't encountered that before. I said no thanks, and kept walking. I found an even better one, Gladys, just after turning the corner at Circunvalacion. We also agreed upon 600, and then she also asked for my ID. I asked why, and she said for the hotel. I asked to see hers, and she did show it, she was 21. As we started walking toward the hotel, which was buried in the actual market, across the street, some cops seemed to be looking at us. But since I had seen her ID, I knew her age was OK, so I just ignored them, and they did not start following us. We did indeed both show our ID's to the hotel clerk, I really don't know what that was about. Anyway, she was about a 7 or 8, had a nice tight ass, and was at least a little playful. I had my last good time, and to be truthful, don't know how much longer I could have kept it up before I needed a few days off to recover. Anyway, CDMX definitely lived up to what I thought it was based on my reading this forum. A lot of low cost chicas are easily available, and I hope to return sooner rather than later.

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    Monday in CDMX

    Wasn't able to get free until about 5 PM, but still had a good day. This time went straight to Merced, and started walking up the west side of Circunvalacion. For the whole length, up to Soledad, there probably were around 50-60 to choose from. Near the end of that stretch, I came upon Milya. Around 30, probably about a 6, but with a certain softer look that made me feel she would be more enjoyable than some others. And she was, the closest to a GFE that I experienced this trip. We had some decent conversation, including during the act, and she used her hands on my body while we were doing mish and cowgirl, showing more involvement than the others I spent time with. I took advantage of our conversation to ask her schedule, with the idea that I might look for her again. She stated 10 AM to 6:30 PM, so I decided that 10 AM is probably not too early to go to Merced. She asked for my phone number, but I told her I didn't have one, as though I enjoyed her, with my limited time in CDMX, was not going to return to her. After some other non-monger activities, I was out looking again at 11 PM. I was in a mood for a more mature SW, and had been told that there might be such a scene at El Marques on Violeta, which was slightly east of Calle Guerrero. When I found it, I realized it was a dance club, seemingly for more mature people. I can imagine that if I was there near closing time, there might in fact be some of that type of action, but unfortunately, it was closed by this time. Crossing back across Guerrero, I had my most unexpected experience. I should be clear, I do not have game, especially in Spanish. But as I started crossing, I saw a 50 something woman, wearing sensible clothes and shoes, nothing really exposed. Could have been going home from a regular job. I looked up and smiled at her, she smile back, and I spoke the same opening line I did the whole trip, usted trabajando ahora? She responded 500 and I agreed. I guess she is more of an amateur than others I encountered, I couldn't imagine Lucille, standing on a corner, but she certainly was used to picking up some money this way. I would rate her about a 4. Even though we were only a ten minute walk from my hotel, she wanted a cab, so add another 50 to the price I paid. She also wanted something to drink, but there was nothing open in the area, so we just went back to my hotel. La Riviera is a very cheap hotel, and seemed to have regular people staying in it (including me), but they gave me no trouble bringing in Lucille. She was the only woman whose hand I held. I enjoy holding hands, but it never occurred to me to do that with the SW's I was walking with on the way to their hotels. Maybe I could have, I don't know. Lucille asked the guy at the front desk if there were any bebidas, but he said no as well. You might think Lucille would have had alcohol on her breath, but she didn't. Anyway, up to the room and did completo. She went through the act of enjoying it more than most of the youngsters, but it wasn't especially convincing. But it was fine with me, meeting a woman on the street and having her in my bed 10 minutes later was definitely an enjoyable experience for me. After we were done, she left quickly, probably continuing on back home, where I assume she was going when I met her. While I initially had big plans of 3 women a day, with other obligations, and less stamina than I needed, (probably a combination of age and the altitude) that clearly was not going to happen for me, and I was glad to have another day with 2 enjoyable experiences, for the 2nd 2 chica day of my 3 days thus far.

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