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Thread: Los Algodones (near Yuma)

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    Long time International lurker here. This thread was invaluable to my visit last fall.

    El Fuego, I can see how an experienced hobbyist could easily be disappointed with Los Algodones, especially if he made a trip to the region exclusively for mongering. "Sleepy little town" is an understatement. Does Los Algodones even have a stoplight?

    I was in the area on business last September. With a Friday night to kill, no Yuma BP ads to speak of, and the curiosity to visit Mexico, I walked across the border at 4:30pm. Since it wasn't Snowbird season yet, I had no difficulty finding a parking spot amongst the other 12 cars and went virtually unnoticed while walking into Mexico. Los Algodones immediately begins, but I'm taken aback by the narrow road and claustrophobic construction of the 2-story villas/office buildings.

    Continuing down the left side of the road past closing street vendors, I find the Green Door exactly where I expected it. It's early so I want to continue my tour. I double-back on the opposite side of the road to check out some of the infamous drug stores that are still open (later, a US customs agent tells me that the town shuts down everyday by 5pm except for a few bars and drug stores). Uneventfull visit, but I buy a prescription drug at a slightly discounted rate. I continue east to the next block and to the left is Club Hawaii.

    I'm hesitant before I enter Hawaii because I've never even been to a strip club solo, but it's 115 degrees(!) and Hawaii has to at least have cold A/C and cold beer. Easy decision. The bouncer waves me in without an ID check or cover charge and then a host, fluent in English, immediately seats me and asks if I want a girl and/or beer. "Mas cervesa" I tell him, but no woman right now. I'm very particular and need to survey the place first so he points a few ladies out then leaves. It is quickly apparent that Hawaii isn't a strip-club in the American sense. They have a stripper pole but a girl only dances for a few songs every 30 minutes or so. She'll only take her top off at the very end. Many are very shy and are obviously not here for dancing and tips. Overall, the quantity and quality is hit-or-miss, but patience can be rewarded.

    I'll save my mongering details from that night for another post. The point of the story is that Los Algodones is a nice, affordable, low-key night of fun for someone already in the area. If your planning a mongering trip from Phoenix/San Diego/LA/wherever to arriba with a Latina supermodel, look elsewhere. I recommend reaserching Tijuana, Mexicali, or even San Luis.


    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Sad, Sad News

    So, it has finally happened.

    I've mongered for so long and with so many high-quality hos that I have spoiled myself to the fun that could be had in a sleepy little town like Los Algodones. My trip report is as follows:

    I visited Thursday night (3/4), arriving around 5PM, parking in the U.S. lot and walking across the border. That is, by the way, the easiest border entry (and exit) I've ever had. No touts, no other gringos, no problems. There was hardly anyone on the street, for that matter. I will also add that if you cannot find the Green Door or Club Hawaii based on the directions already posted in this forum, then you have no business driving TO Mexico, let alone walking around in it!

    I didn't even bother visiting Green Door / Bar Olympico first, as Club Hawaii has been highlighted as the place to be. As I entered, there were quite a few girls working, but there were also a LOT more men than I expected (in groups), and it seemed most of the girls were occupied. I took a seat on a stool at the bar, facing the dance floor and ordered a Tecate. I was only seated a few minutes taking in the scene before me when a few more girls entered the bar, one of them approaching me (to speak to the bartender behind me) and purposefully 'enveloping' me with her fantastic tits while speaking to him. That was nice, but she was a bigger girl than I normally like, and she disappeared almost as quickly as she appeared. I couldn't see the other girls very well due to the lighting, but I really only saw one or two girls that *might* interest me, but that would require a closer inspection.

    No girls were dancing currently, but I think that was because a few guys were welding a metal railing in place near the dance floor, which filled the place with smoke, noise and a strobe light effect that you obviously cannot look at without a welder's mask. I endured this scene for a few more minutes before I had to step outside for some fresh air. I was then notified that I couldn't have my bottle of Tecate outside, so I slammed it and handed the empty bottle to one of the maseros.

    At this point, somewhat disappointed, I decided to check out the GD and give Hawaii some time to air out, and clear out. As I entered GD there were a few girls sitting near the door, and I took a seat again at a stool at the bar and ordered another Tecate. An unattractive girl was dancing, and as I looked around the bar I didn't really see any girls that appealed to me. You know what I mean - there were simply no girls that just 'popped' for me, giving me that immediate desire and urge to phuck them.

    However, after a few minutes, a blond approached the dance floor. She had overdone 'Angelina Jolie' lips, likely good for sucking cock based on my experiences with Flippers, and a pretty good body. Sadly, as she danced and stripped, she exposed several ugly, dark bruises on her ass and thighs. That was a huge turnoff for me, and the remainder of the time I couldn't even look at her. Yuck. As it turns out, this was likely for the best as I discovered that she was the girlfriend of the guy behind the bar. Why the owner/manager/bartender/whatever would want his girl working in this bar is beyond me, but I guess we each get off in our own way.

    Not the slightest bit excited by the scene at GD, I finished my beer and headed back to Hawaii. Thankfully, the welders had finished, though the groups of guys there originally had not, and there were now even a few more guys in the 'more private' section of the bar, being mauled by some seemingly semi-attractive girls. I ordered a Sprite as I realized my plans to stay the night in Los Algo with a hot latina were quickly evaporating, and I may need to drive later. Plus, I had spotted a CHP sitting near the exit to the parking lot on my way in, and that tempered my drinking quite a bit.

    There were a few more girls who danced while I sat, and one group of guys sitting on the couches right next to the dance floor were having a GREAT time sucking the tits of - and fondling the bodies of - a few of the dancers while feeding them singles, or maybe fives, I have no idea. The girls were pretty into it as well, and I have to admit, one of the fatties dancing almost gave me wood with her performance and I wished I had been sitting there. However, after she finished and walked past me, I realized she was much too 'thick' for my taste, and besides, she now had another guys' spit all over her tits and body. There was another girl who danced, but didn't get into it with the onlookers, and though she was somewhat attractive, again she was just too big for me to get excited about her.

    At this point, a much hotter girl came out from behind the curtain in the more 'private' area of the club, and she danced for two songs. Now, I could have fucked her, but I had seen her previously getting it on with the guys behind the curtain with her, and they didn't appear to be leaving anytime soon. So, if you are keeping score at home, it was currently about 15 'barrel-bodied' fatties to one hottie, and I couldn't have the one hottie. Sigh.

    After finishing my Sprite and taking a [CodeWord140], I headed back to the GD. Downtrodden and discouraged, I might add. Predictably, the GD was even more lame now than it was when I left. The place had pretty much cleared out, with only the working girls still there. Sadly, NONE were hot. I ordered a diet coke for some caffeine, as I was now SURE I'd be driving later.

    One of the girls sitting along the wall towards the back of the bar eventually came up to me and we spoke for a while. This is how I found out about the blond being the gf of the bartender/owner/whatever, and she also told me that the girls there didn't want to work at Hawaii because Hawaii had a drug problem. I suspect there may be some truth to this, but it might also be the case that they just don't let the less attractive (of the already unattractive) girls into Hawaii. I thought for a moment that I saw a few of the girls from the Hawaii enter GD, but I'm not sure. Maybe they mix it up too, as I was doing.

    This girl I had been speaking with - well, woman really as she was no longer young - told me that she wanted to suck my cock and lick my balls. I told her that I was sure she did as I'm fairly attractive, but that I wasn't the slightest bit turned on by her and that unless she was going to pay ME, I didn't feel like working to fantasize about a hot girl in order to blow my nut. She returned to her friends. I pissed again, then left and returned to my car.

    Now, in fairness, let me say the following:

    First, don't take anything I've said personally. If you have a favorite chica or novia working at one of these clubs, I'm not calling her out personally. I just didn't find any of the girls at either bar worthy of phucking for $$. As I mentioned when I opened, I'm likely spoiled (and quite possibly retarded), and to each his own, YMMV, and all that jazz.

    Also, I do believe that if I was visiting Algo on a different night, with a group of buddies, and planning to stay the night - I could definitely get my party on with some of these girls and reach a point of intoxication where I could have some serious fun with them. Sadly, it just didn't happen on this particular night.

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    Price Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Granjefe
    I spent Thursday and Friday night in Algodones. The Green Door seams to be dieing on the vine. The Hawaii is rocking and had some talent working the floor. A lot dancers available. Business got going around 4 pm with Friday night rockin about 8 pm (mexicans & gringos). The current rate for arriba is $60. Average. The crowd was happy and laid back. I had a large time. My sweetis "Isela" spent both nights with me in my motel room.
    When I read "The current rate for arriba is $60. Average", I figure some prices below 60 and some above. You know average. That was not my experience at all.

    Spent some time in Algodones at Hawaii on Friday 2/26 and Sunday 2/28. Didn't find any $60. 00 dollar deals. All the girls I spoke with started off at $100. 00 and the best I could get was 1000 pecos.

    However, at closing on Sunday did get one lady to agree to 800. Of course after 30 minutes there was a knock on the door and I was told my time was up.

    I guess it takes a lot more time and money invested to figure out which girls can be had for $60.

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    I will be in Algodones

    Thursday night. I will be hanging out at the Hawaii. Also will spend the night down there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Granjefe
    To hell with white women. LOL.
    Amen to that!

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    Weekend at the Hawaii Club

    I spent last weekend with my baby aka "Paris mexicali" who works at the hawaii. We took a nice country ride on my Harley. Both evenings were spent in my motel doing the nasty. All was good. To hell with white women. LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granjefe
    I was just hangin out with my mamasita at the Hawaii.
    Hey look! It's Adam Savage from Mythbusters! LOL. Just messin around.
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    Hey fellow Mongers, listen Up!

    I will be spending Friday and Saturday night in Algodones. You can find me at the Hawaii Club. Catch you later. LOL

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    Hawaii Club

    I was just hangin out with my mamasita at the Hawaii.
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    Friday Night at Hawaii

    Just me and my mamasita.

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    More New Talent at Hawaii

    I spent Thursday and Friday night in Algodones. The Green Door seams to be dieing on the vine. The Hawaii is rocking and had some talent working the floor. A lot dancers available. Business got going around 4 pm with Friday night rockin about 8 pm (mexicans & gringos). The current rate for arriba is $60. Average. The crowd was happy and laid back. I had a large time. My sweetis "Isela" spent both nights with me in my motel room.

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    Algodonas. Thursday

    I got to Algodones at around 3PM. The parking lot was kinda full but I didn't see alot of people walking the streets. Went to the Hawaiian. Was kinda quiet at first. I was sitting at the rail when, a regular named Marcia walked up. We had a couple of drinks. One thing led to another, LOL! And we went arriba. She is an attractive brunette and one of the best dancers there. AND she is an Eveready bunny in the sack. She gave me a BBBJ. Some DATY, and we were off to the races! Finished doggy. And both of us were happy. Went back down for one more beer. Then back to Yuma. Never made it to the Green door to surprise Sara. Maybe next time LOL! Will probably wait for a Friday or Saturday the next time I head down.


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    Sunday afternoons

    Quote Originally Posted by Gallo Ingles
    How is Los Algodones on a Sunday afternoon? I may have some time to stop by, but is it worth the effort?
    Depending on the flow of traffic, things can get going after 4 p.m. at the Hawaii Club.

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    How is Los Algodones on a Sunday afternoon? I may have some time to stop by, but is it worth the effort?

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    PMs Returned!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zman1
    Hey Granjefe,

    I Will be down Thursday! El Fuego! I PM 'd you 3 days ago. Read your mail! LOL! Will be down for a date with Sara. Then maybe over to the Hawaiian.

    Sorry for missing the PM. I need to be more attentive!

    Should have mentioned I'll be parking in the $22 lot and walking across, so hotel security for vehicles isn't an issue. I know more than one latina who looks for my truck everywhere she goes. :^o I swear, give them the good stuff just once ...

    Anyway, I digress. If I want to cement a girl for the night and I get there around 4 or 5PM, does that mean I'm gonna be buying her $10 drinks every five minutes until I leave? Damn I hate that. What Mexico needs is a Hotel Del Rey and Blue Marlin bar!

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