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Thread: Los Algodones (near Yuma)

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    Slumber Party!

    Hey Granjefe,

    I Will be down Thursday! El Fuego! I PM 'd you 3 days ago. Read your mail! LOL! Will be down for a date with Sara. Then maybe over to the Hawaiian.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Granjefe
    I can be reached for updates my friend.
    Thanks Granjefe, it's much appreciated. Need to get my plan together and then execute it. Regardless, I'll be sure to post the outcome here!

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    Manuevering Algodones

    In response to El Fuego's plan. Since I have lived in the Yuma Foothills for 5 years now I am wired in down in Algodones. Hawaii Club has it going on, Green Door is losing ground weekly. The best location to spend the night is at the motel at the Pemex gas station. It cost only $25. A night and is in easy walking distance to the Hawaii. This way you can invite a lady to visit you at your room. Presently we are in our "snowbird season" so business comes in waves down there. Sometimes there are no gringos in the club and suddenly a wave of birds appear. They usually only stay for one or two drinks. The ladies cater to them at this moment. The club stays open until around 3 am if they have enough customers. Right now the Hawaii gets going around 2 pm on a good day. The recession has hit Mexico hard as well. It is not common for the ladies to offer group sex. They are pretty independent in Algodones. I've found the best approach to hooking up with a lady goes like this. Go in the, find a comfortable place to sit. Order yourself a beer and just "recon" the talent on hand. When you see a lady that strikes you, offer to buy her one drink. At this time question her about life in general. After one drink and some touching you should get an idea of her personality and attitude. You need to find a common bond in order to get good sex arriba. Otherwise you are nothing more than a walking dollar bill. They have some, very young ladies working these days and are fun.

    Happy Hunting!

    Gram Jefe

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    Slumber Party??!

    Never been to Algo, only SLRC - briefly. In Mex, Hermosillo and Mexicali are my favorites. You guys seem to know these bars and these girls pretty well, and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on staying the night in a room at the Green Door or Hawaii Club. Bad idea?

    Please shoot holes in - or provide suggestions on - my scenario below.

    Arrive Algo ~ 5PM on a Tuesday or Wednesday (I've already made a mistake, yes? I can't do the weekend.) Scope chicas at each bar. Inquire about TLN and room cost at whichever bar has the hotter chicas (sounds like Hawaii currently). Have fun with chicas.

    But, ...
    At what time do the girls 'finish'? 3AM?? Not sure I want to wait until 3AM to do TLN with girl that's been with X number of other dudes earlier. Do the girls sleep in the same rooms as one I might rent? Will they want to party with me after hours?? How dead will Algo be on a weeknight? Assuming I'm decent looking / well-groomed, middle-age, but not going to drop $400 (or even $300!), what do you THINK might be possible?

    I'm not opposed to an orgy, given that the price is right (and I'm the only dude)!

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    Hawaii Club

    The Hawaii Club is the place to be these days. Photo is of Iselia, the petite dirty blonde.

    Have fun, Gran Jefe
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ALGODONES.jpg‎  

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    Iselia quits Greendoor

    She has moved over to the Hawaii Club. Iselia is the petite dirty blonde from Mexicali. She is a hot number. I call her Paris Mexicali!!! Hawaii is still the place these days in Algodones. I will be down there tommorow night Sat Jan 30th.

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    Algodones - 1/16/10

    Went down to Algodones yesterday about 2:30. Touristwise it was a little better. I mainly went down for medical reasons and have a cold so I just did some recon.

    Started at Green Door about 4:00. There were dancers but usually 10 to 15 minutes between. Mariana was back. Not a large crowd (maybe half full) but better than it had been doing. Several of the natives that came in went to the back for the cock fights. Several new ladies were there. 3 or 4 were doable even for picky me. One new dancer named Tara (?) about 5' 3", petite, short brown hair, nice legs, good ass with smallish tits (barely a handful but very solid. I tested them). Another girl named Marivan (?) from Guadalajara who I talked to a little at the bar. Again about 5' 3", petite, medium brown hair, good ass, nice legs, small breasts (but larger than Tara- no testing. Damn!) and spoke a little English. You can probably see a pattern for what I like. Did not get any other names. There was some arriba action. I was there about 2 hours watching girls and playoff football.

    Went over to Hawaii around 6:30. Granjefe was there when I arrived so sat and talked with him while observing. Was pretty slow when I came in but would pickup and then slow back down through the night. Several of the better regulars (Maritzah, Claudia, Melissa, Mimi) were there. A few new girls here also but all a little larger (but very pretty) than the four I mentioned. Got some lap dance type action from tipping dancers.

    Left about 9:00 to return to Yuma.


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    When I first moved to Mexico in 2006 one of the first places I went to was the Missionario restaurant at the corner of Avenida A and Calle Tres. In there was a gorgeous waitress named Alma. She was 18 at the time and I felt like a fool trying to make up to a young Mexican chick.

    We got to know each other over the two years I spent in Los Algodonas. She switched to the Rancherito restaurant and then one day I was in the Salud clinic and she was wearing a Club Olympico (Green Door) ID. I questioned her about it and yes, she was waitressing there too.

    I got a few photos of Alma and whomever nails her, Gringo or Mexicano will do real well. It wasn't me but I should have!

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    The border marker

    It was up on the post just across from the bar.

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    I am Sorry! Unfortunately I can't, out of respect for the girl's privacy.But that just means you have to go down and check them out yourself.Which is a good thing and more fun anyway!Any pictures I have posted before,are of girls who are out of the Business and or have moved on.You might also want to check out Marcia, another one of my favorites.

    Have fun! Later!

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    Hawaii club

    Hey Zman1,

    Can you post some photos of any girls at Hawaii club?

    Melissa sounds delicious, have heard many good things on here about Maritza too.


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    My Turn

    Ok Guys,

    I guess it my turn to report. LOL! Well I got to Algodones about 3:15. Past up the GD. Cause my lady friend was still outa town. Made my way to the Hawaiian to meet up with Granjefe and Rxracer. They weren't there yet. So I got a beer and asked if Mimi was Working. She came down, said she, the be right back. I waited but she didn't. So, to my surprise, Maritza was there. Back a week early! I talkedtoher but wasn't keen yet to do her. Wanted to do someone else, then Mimi came back, too late! She was lookin kinda tired so I passed on her. In the mean time Claudia Joined Maritza and I and they decided They wanted a threesome with me! I said maybe next time. Then I saw HER, Melissa! I told Maritza I wanted to do Melissa first. So, she yelled at her to come and see us when she finished dancing. We had a beer then went Arriba. Melissa is a very pretty Brunett. 7-8. Nice long legs and a great ass! She let me take a couple pictures, first, She really like DATYThen CBJ, Sex in a few positions ending in what she liked most. Doggy. I finished CIM. Went down stairs. Thats when I meet Rxracer. He and I Melissa and Claudia had another beer. Then Granjefe came in. By this time I was back with Maritza. Had a drink with her. Went arriba. As always took more pictures. DATY, CBJ She likes her ass played with if your gentle. Sex ending in Doggy. Then as always finished CIM while sitting on top of her with a pillow behind her head! LOL! Went back for 1 more beer. Talked to the guys for a bit then left for Yuma where I saw a Dancer I know. But for only about 15 min. She was busy draining this poor guy of his Social Security money LOL! Went back to the hotel to call it a night. Thats my side of the story. Later!

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    Algodones - 1/2/2010

    Went to Algodones on Sat (1/2) about 3:30 and later met up with Granjefe and Zman1. Entered Algodones and was pleasantly surprised to find that the army had left town. Mexican border patrol was still doing some checking of cars coming in.

    Started at Green Door. Pretty quiet, maybe 10 customers and 5 ladies to start with but nothing very good. No dancers performing so watched bowl games. While watching a cute little spinner that I had never seen before came in but immediatlely sat down on one customer's lap. She was about 5' 2", very petite, good legs and probably about 100 lbs. Just my type. Unfortunately they left and she did not return when the customer returned. Was about to leave when Granjefe arrived. So sat with him and his lady who had come in. Just talked for a while although the lady did do a good modeling job of most of her dance wardrobe for Granjefe.

    I went over to Hawaii Club. Granjefe said he would be over soon. Again pretty slow to start with few customers and about 8 dancers of much better quality. Just had a beer and waited and observed until Zman1 arrived. Connected with Zman1 based on his description of himself. We sat around and watched and drank. Did buy a couple of drinks for girls he knew (Mimi? And Claudia who he has described before). They danced around on our laps (Claudia for me). Was getting pretty interested in Claudia and considering taking her upstairs for arriba. During this time Granjefe also showed up and the three of us talked and watched. Zman1 did also spend some time talking to Maritzah. Claudia's $10! Beer ran out but I wasn't ready to go upstairs so she wandered off. The crowd had steadily picked up quite a bit with locals coming in and several more girls so it was actually getting a littled crowded. The best I saw for my taste were Mimi, Maritzah and Claudia based on names given to me by Zman1. Esmarelda was also there again. Cute body but she had her chance. Several other dancers came in who all were better than only one or two from the Green Door. Unfortunately Hawaii doesn't announce dancer names in english like the Green Door does so no names to suggest.

    During this time I had seen the girl from the Green Door come in and go in the back. When she came out she had changed from a blouse and jeans into a 'schoolgirl' outfit of miniskirt and blouse tied up under her tits. Now I was very interested. She wandered around and did a couple of lap dances in the booths. Finally came by while I was free and I got her attention. Her name is Cintia and says she is from Mexicali but doesn't speak much english so Granjefe helped to translate Bought her a drink before going up to a room She must have been wearing a slightly padded bra (but not enough to mislead) because they didn't keep the same firmness when she took it off. Her tits were still nice to me. Probably a 32 at most. Just a mouthful but that's the way I like them. Did some covered BJ, DATY, cowboy and missionary. She was very wet from the first touch. Pussy was pretty tight also. Finished by giving her a good back rub which I think she liked. Will definitely do her again if possible.

    The only negative is that the Hawaii's rooms are apparently mixed in with some "apartments"? Or something so there was a bit of noise from outside (kids yelling and someone cried for a couple of minutes). May have been kids of the ladies but it was distracting and a little mood spoiling. Don't have that problem at the Green Door.

    Went back downstairs and had another drink with Cintia before leaving around 9:30 to get back across the border. Granjefe again provided interpreter services and was able to get her email although I have not used it yet. I very much hope she is there next time I go down in 2. 3 weeks. During this Zman1 left before me to get back across the border to see a friend.

    Thought about going back by the Green Door to see if it had picked up but was tired out so didn't.

    All in all had a very good time and was good to meet up with Zman1 and Granjefe

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Zman1 and Granjefe will have to provide their own stories when they so desire.

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    Last Saturday Night

    I met up with my wingmen RXracer and Zman for a large time. I am back in at the Green Door. Jorge is so pussy whipped over Mara he can't see straight. Only a few good girls at Green Door that weekend. Hawaii Club still has the best selection and value as you can touchy feelie for one drink at your table. Claudia was totally wasted drunk! Had a great time dudes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rxracer
    Went to Algodones last Saturday around 3:30. First surprise was on entering Algodones. On the Mexican side after walking by the customs booth the first thing I saw was a soldier with an AK47 over his shoulder. Makes you think about going on in! They had also set up a secondary vehicle inspection lane. There were about 8 soldiers manning the post altogether. Did not see any of this type of activity last 2 years ever. Hopefully it is not an indicator of any drug/weapons activity. Though there has been an increase of drug seizures east of Yuma lately. Would hate to see a nice little town ruined.

    Went to the Green Door first. Even though the sidewalks were pretty dead for tourists, it was the busiest I have seen it this year. Probably 2/3rds full. Maybe 8 to 10 girls but only 4 really worth considering. Mara, Mariana and two others I saw. One was medium height, medium breasted with nice legs and tight ass. She did go out with one customer while I was there. The other one was just my type. Think Mariana only a couple inches shorter and 20 lbs less. I stayed there about 2 hours (mostly watching college football) and she never left the booth she was sitting in. I am not real forward and usually wait for a girl to at least come and stand near me but this one never moved even though I did some pretty blatant staring at her both from the bar and unnecessary trips to the bathroom. Probably only 4 or 5 girls went upstairs with someone while I was there. Did have a few dancers but quality dropped off after Mara and Mariana.

    GeraldoFrancesco, sorry but I did not see your decoration or much of any others for that matter unless they were in the area behind the curtain which I did not try to look in though there was some activity there.

    Then went over to Hawaiian. Not as many customers and more of them locals. Much better selection of girls, probably 15 or more. Actually, all but a couple looked pretty good. But in the hour or less I was there I really don't recall any girls going upstairs or going to a private dance. After a bit, I decided to try a private dance with Esmerelda (short, cute, medium build). She was wearing a dress adorned with "Miss Army" on the back. First asked waiter if she spoke English. He said yes. She didn't. Then up to dance room. She took off her dress and bra and immediately asked if I wanted to go arriba for 80$ + room. When I declined she got pretty routine in her dance basically just bouncing up and down on my lap. Did not allow any nipple kissing and was a bit adverse to just having her breasts handled. Never did take off her panties. Definitely do not recommend! Admit I may have been a little down from not getting the girl at GD but if she had been a little more 'friendly' and suggested arriba near the end of the dance she might have gotten better luck.

    So went back to GD for one last drink for about 45+ minutes. Cute thing was still in her booth although she did go in back and bring her BF? Out for 10 minutes or so. The other one was back and sitting just in front of the booths with a couple of other girls. Again no success with heavy looking at either one. Both seemed to be more interested in texting on their cell phones. That was how I noticed the cute little one to start with (from the glow of the cell phone on her face). Oh well, maybe next time.

    So said to hell with it and headed home. More surprises! They are now using the new building. It looks like in the near future they will be able to automatically scan passport cards. But for now manual inspection and then exit to right to go around new buildings and old stuff and exit about halfway between the old cross walk and the parking lot exit. I swear it seemed like I walked 3 blocks to get out of there. Some additional signage and lighting would be a great help.

    Sorry for such a long report but just wanted to cover it all.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.
    Over 5 years of crossing that border I have never seen a military stand up. Probably they are concerned with weapons and ammo being smuggled into Mexico. You are right, I would hate to see this laid back little border town turn Mexican corruption Inc.

    I spent Sunday night (20th) at the Pemex motel for $25. And all was good there. The Hawaii club was full of local Mexicans with little money to spend. Plenty of girls working the floor. Three were young "hotties", the rest fair to midland. Since I am a regular at Hawaii I was given outstanding service and respect. I was not physically ready for arriba so I selectively bought drinks for various girls to sit with me. All was good. Many girls told me they could not afford to go home for Christmas this year.

    RXracer, I miss placed your phone number. Give me a call, stay in touch please.

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