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Thread: Los Algodones (near Yuma)

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    Will the clubs be open December 24?

    Thinking of stopping by on December 24. Will any of the clubs be open during the afternoon? I hear the border crossing back into the US can take several hours during the winter. Any thoughts?

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    Algodones - 12/19

    Went to Algodones last Saturday around 3:30. First surprise was on entering Algodones. On the Mexican side after walking by the customs booth the first thing I saw was a soldier with an AK47 over his shoulder. Makes you think about going on in! They had also set up a secondary vehicle inspection lane. There were about 8 soldiers manning the post altogether. Did not see any of this type of activity last 2 years ever. Hopefully it is not an indicator of any drug/weapons activity. Though there has been an increase of drug seizures east of Yuma lately. Would hate to see a nice little town ruined.

    Went to the Green Door first. Even though the sidewalks were pretty dead for tourists, it was the busiest I have seen it this year. Probably 2/3rds full. Maybe 8 to 10 girls but only 4 really worth considering. Mara, Mariana and two others I saw. One was medium height, medium breasted with nice legs and tight ass. She did go out with one customer while I was there. The other one was just my type. Think Mariana only a couple inches shorter and 20 lbs less. I stayed there about 2 hours (mostly watching college football) and she never left the booth she was sitting in. I am not real forward and usually wait for a girl to at least come and stand near me but this one never moved even though I did some pretty blatant staring at her both from the bar and unnecessary trips to the bathroom. Probably only 4 or 5 girls went upstairs with someone while I was there. Did have a few dancers but quality dropped off after Mara and Mariana.

    GeraldoFrancesco, sorry but I did not see your decoration or much of any others for that matter unless they were in the area behind the curtain which I did not try to look in though there was some activity there.

    Then went over to Hawaiian. Not as many customers and more of them locals. Much better selection of girls, probably 15 or more. Actually, all but a couple looked pretty good. But in the hour or less I was there I really don't recall any girls going upstairs or going to a private dance. After a bit, I decided to try a private dance with Esmerelda (short, cute, medium build). She was wearing a dress adorned with "Miss Army" on the back. First asked waiter if she spoke English. He said yes. She didn't. Then up to dance room. She took off her dress and bra and immediately asked if I wanted to go arriba for 80$ + room. When I declined she got pretty routine in her dance basically just bouncing up and down on my lap. Did not allow any nipple kissing and was a bit adverse to just having her breasts handled. Never did take off her panties. Definitely do not recommend! Admit I may have been a little down from not getting the girl at GD but if she had been a little more 'friendly' and suggested arriba near the end of the dance she might have gotten better luck.

    So went back to GD for one last drink for about 45+ minutes. Cute thing was still in her booth although she did go in back and bring her BF? Out for 10 minutes or so. The other one was back and sitting just in front of the booths with a couple of other girls. Again no success with heavy looking at either one. Both seemed to be more interested in texting on their cell phones. That was how I noticed the cute little one to start with (from the glow of the cell phone on her face). Oh well, maybe next time.

    So said to hell with it and headed home. More surprises! They are now using the new building. It looks like in the near future they will be able to automatically scan passport cards. But for now manual inspection and then exit to right to go around new buildings and old stuff and exit about halfway between the old cross walk and the parking lot exit. I swear it seemed like I walked 3 blocks to get out of there. Some additional signage and lighting would be a great help.

    Sorry for such a long report but just wanted to cover it all.

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    Decorations in the Green Door

    It may interest you visitors to the Green Door where they obtain their decorations. Well one of them came from Estados Unidos, thanks to our friends in Homeland Security. The Border Patrol in their efforts to keep the wetbacks on their side of the fence (What fence?) put up flexible markers along the border just across the road from my house.

    Naturally I went to look. These wavy little markers had "Stop, you are illegally crossing an international border." Spanish on one side facing Mexico, English on the side facing Estados Unidos. Amazing! That's going to stop a thrifty, hardworking Mexican from crossing the border?

    I did what every red-blooded Mexican would have done. I hefted one out of the ground (being on the Mexican side of the border) and took it home. I couldn't take it to Cambodia with me so I carefully wrapped it in a plastic bag and rode down the the Green Door on my bike.

    Inside was our amigo, Amerigo, with his electric drill putting up this and that. I handed it to him and he immediately screwed it to the upright post across the bar. There it is today, I hope.

    Now if you think I committed a federal crime, consider that I was on Mexican soil when the sign disappeared. Mexicans don't care about U.S. federal laws as long as it doesn't bother the inflow of dinero. So there it is...

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    Christmas and New Years in Algodones

    It is a crap shoot this time of year. The girls who can afford to take the time off will travel to their home for family holiday (this is very important throughout Latin American). You will find some stray girls stuck in Algodones. But of course they will not be the hotties. Best strategy is get yourself a hotel room for the night and rent a girl to stay with you. Offer no more than $60 as you are doing them a favor. The girls at the Green Door are not allowed to leave that hotel after hours. Hawaii is your best bet amigos.

    Happy hunting. Gran Jefe (Yuma, AZ)

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    Watch for this one too

    Watch out for a big gringa named Mary. She is also known as Heroin Mary and has bad friends. I have two stab wounds to show for associating with this woman. I hope they have kicked her out of Mexico and sent her back to Phoenix.

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    What I almost got, for free...

    Speaking of Lupita, one Sunday Lupita showed up at my door with her stepsister, Anita. Anita was an absolute knockout, age 42, big breasts, tiny ass, gorgeous face and great hair. She was from Cuidad Juarez and was looking for a husband.

    As I had a Thai wife, I wasn't ready for this frontal attack, even when she got rid of Lupita and showed up again dressed to the nines. God, she was ready for some action! I had to tell her I didn't have much dinero and sent her on her way.

    If I had known that my Thai wife was more interested in her family than me, I would have taken Anita, fucked her stupid and kept her. But now I am in PR, I can fuck all the pussy I can get. Which reminds me, Sandra at Walgreens is still available, no boyfiends. But I think she has the Virgin Mary complex.

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    Beware of this one...

    If you should be approached by a petite blonde, very thing named Lupita, beware. She has a drug habit and is said to have AIDS. While she is a poor little thing, she has been in rehab more than once. Let her brothers take care of her. She needs retirement after 25 years in the business.

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    Yes, it's a small town

    Los Algodonas is a small town that's true. But the people are friendly and you are safe. There's not the action of Mexicali, TJ, or San Luis but consider that the copshop is just across the street from the Green Door. That's your protection! So quit crying about the poor selection of girls, if you want a better selection, go elsewhere where it's not so safe.

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    Watch out for little Rosa. She is bad news. Took her home once and she didn't deliver. They should run her out of town!

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    Enjoying Los Algodonas

    As a former resident of the pueblo, I recommend staying on that side of the border when enjoying indoor sports. The Central Hotel is close by but there is an unnamed hotel/motel several blocks from the village center. Much nicer, quieter and cheaper.

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    Massages in Los Algodonas

    Yes, there are massage parlors in the pueblo. But all you get is a massage!

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    Wow! The Green Door!

    I lived in Los Algodonas for two years. I did it to avoid all the Homeland Security shit in Estados Unidos like the border patrol, the local Yuma cops, the sheriffs department, highway patrol, did I miss anyone?

    Anyway when I could afford it I began frequenting the cantinas in the pueblo. The bottom of the barrel is the Sonorese. The Gaillo de Oro has a few independents who will go home for about $40. I met Lupe, Vicky and Maria there, all good in bed. Their ages were in the late 40s early 50s but the price was right. Watch out for Blowjob Betty! Nasty woman! You get what you pay for.

    The Hawaiian use to be a good place to pick up women until they remodeled it into a disco. Now its nuts. Yes, there are a few good ones there but have wild expectations. Forget it.

    On to the best of the best. The Green Door has been in business since 1967 and have got it right. During the day you have your local bar. In the afternoons the girls start to strip and it can get crazy. Had a blonde from Mexicali name Mara who loved to sit in my lap and rub herself. I naturally took advantage of it and checked for pubic hair, etc. I had my 63rd birthday present there from Alcapulco, Margarita, age 32. She was a wild woman and we ate up an hour having fun. Got photos too, panties off and on. Best little girl in there was Michelle, age 19 at the time. She went and got married to some grateful Mexican hombre. Got her pregnant right away, again.

    Many many girls from all regions of Mexico. The owners, Amerigo and his brother know what they're doing. The place will be in business for many a year with all those gringos coming to get what they can't get across the border!

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    New Years?

    I would think it might be a 50/50 chance. I wonder if any of the girls go home for the holiday. A couple of years ago I went down on Christmas afternoon and there was only one girl (maybe a 5 or 6) there. Lots of cars in the parking lot so I thought it might be better. Must have all been visiting family.

    Also, if any thing like the Yuma clubs, most of them tend to disappear just before midnight. If they are there, it would probably be pretty good, especially if you stayed in Algodones. My guess is you might have more of a sure thing in Mexicali if you know much about it. I'm guessing you wouldn't want to do Tijuana on New Years and I wouldn't blame you.

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    New Years??

    I don't know about New years, Never done it but, it could be fun. Now. I just got back. Went to Green Door, was slow about 7 dancers, 12 girls. Mariana was dancing, saw me and smiled. We had a beer then went arriba. I got BBBJ, DATY, sex in several positions then I ask to CIM for a tip. She hesitated. Then said YES. Sweet! She didn, t swallow but that all right. 75US! What a deal!. Went back downstairs. 7 or 8 guys, But now there were 28 girls! I counted them. 7 0r 8 I would do. After having another beer. I look around and saw a familiar face, she smiled at me and I went over. It was Karla, pretty brunette with a good figure. She asked me to buy her a beer, I said how much to go arriba. She said 50US! Sold!. She never got her beer. LOL! What a deal, she was teriffic. I decided to go back to Yuma to see a friend, who now dances there. Saw her for awhile, arrange to meet her tonite at my hotel. She was GREAT. Always was my favorite. All and all a Great trip, altho I didn't expect that. Well guys it's a buyer's market now. Have some fun.

    Good Luck! Later!

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    New Year's Eve

    I have some traveling to San Diego to do. Tell me, would it be worth spending the night in Algondes, across the border, on New Year's Eve? Or would it be dead boring?

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