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    Another MTY Chica

    Just got back from another MTY trip. This time, I saw Allison Pink in addition to Regina. I've already reviewed Regina so we'll just focus on Allison in this review. Allison is a 22 year old college student who speaks some English and is petite with very nice curves. She has a very pretty face, be-cups, long black hair, dental braces and shaved, tight kitty which tasted delicious.

    Allison can be found here:

    I found Allison on Twitter and learned she's a travel partner to Regina when they travel to DF. It just so happens that she and I were in MTY at the same time so I jumped on the chance to see her. Allison was easy to schedule with and very responsive to WhatsApp messages. Her phone number can be found on her page.

    Allison arrived on time and walked into my hotel room with yoga pants and bustier on which accentuated her already curvaceous figure. We made small talk on the bed then started kissing. She's sensual compared to Regina but she's very good at making you feel like a king. She's patient, sensual and accommodating. She must've given me BBBJ for ten minutes without complaining and her oral skills are outstanding.

    Long story short, we went through all the standard positions with protection, had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and finished in BBBJ CIM. She doesn't swallow though. Round one lasted probably 25 minutes.

    After chatting some more, we started round two then finished with missionary.

    Her visit was supposed to be 90 minutes which costs 1700 pesos. I think we went a little over but she doesn't clock-watch and she is low-volume so she didn't have other clients scheduled after me. She stayed a little longer as we had a lot to chat about had a lot of fun. She's a sweet chica, be a gentleman and treat her well and she'll treat you well. Will definitely repeat; and even a trio with her and Regina (both bisexual). No doubt about it that you'll have a lot of fun with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GerYahoo  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone hired Zully nalgona from twitter?
    Am curious about her too but my to-do list long. Please report back if you get to experience that nalgona.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    What is this 200/400 200/500 code mean? Brianda has long been on my wish list. Do any give BBBJ?
    CBJ / CBJ+CFS.

    Brianda is great, her little cute moans will make you pop in no time.

    None that I have run into at Matehuala do BBBJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unstoppable  [View Original Post]
    Michele - 200/500 - she's a light skinned Mexican, got a beautiful face, petite body with fake DS, great fuck with a mouth that sucks like a hoover.
    Brianda - 200/400 - beautiful face with petite body. Olive skin tone. Fake Cs that almost feel real. Great fuck and BJ to die for.
    What is this 200/400 200/500 code mean? Brianda has long been on my wish list. Do any give BBBJ?

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    Has anyone hired Zully nalgona from twitter?

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    Delightful Emma.

    After a good experience with EXE a few night's prior and a lot of supposedly available options on their website, I thought I would try again to see how things went. After explaining to the agent what I was looking for (I. E. Cute, big boobs, etc.), they suggested Emma. After checking out her photos, I agreed she's be worth a shot. About 30 min later, she arrived and we met in the lobby. Total cost was 1800 MXP for an hour (actually about 70 min all considered) with no taxi fee to San Pedro.

    Dressed very conservatively, with large round glasses, and a facial structure / complexion that had a hint of Asian in it, I had a hard time believing that this was the girl in the photos. However she insisted that she was 100% Latina from Zacatecas. She actually found me in the lobby, because I had overlooked her initially when I saw her enter. Nevertheless, we went up to the room and any suspicions about her body were unequivocally and immediately put to rest!

    Her breasts were decent quality aftermarket the's, and probably be cup's originally. Her stomach was flat and but was awesome and perky. She may have had some work done on her rear as well, but I couldn't see any scars and boy did I check! She claimed to be 24 with a 5-year old, but I would never have known had she not said that. Her performance was compliant with everything I wanted, and passionate. While not an overly dramatic porn star, she seemed to be having enough fun to be believable.

    Overall, I would rate her a 5/5 and would definitely consider seeing her again. As with before, she only speaks Spanish.
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    Flor the Latina Flour.

    With a free Monday evening, I checked the local Backpage listings to see if anyone was running a special that evening. After reviewing an ad for Flor, I contacted EXE Escorts via WhatsApp. 1 Hour was 1750 MXP, plus 250 for the taxi to my MS Milenium hotel in San Pedro. Yes, that was probably more expensive that it could've been had I contacted one of the independent operators on Twitter, etc. , but I wanted someone else to coordinate with an available girl so I was happy to pay 500 MXP extra for the "one-stop shopping."

    It took her about 40 min to get there in the evening, due to several of the streets around the hotel being closed for construction. However once getting there, she was pleasant and friendly. Supposedly, she is originally from the Tamaulipas area and only works 3-4 nights / month for extra money. Apparently her main vocation is as a student, studying for a degree in Construction Management.

    Her pictures on the website were generally accurate and recent. In her early 20's, she has nicely perky natural breasts that are probably a full be or hopeful see cup, and a cute rear. According to her, she has 2 kids, but she's recovered nicely from them! Her performance was engaging, active, and fun. Perhaps she's a good actress, or perhaps she actually enjoyed herself too?

    Overall, I would rate her a 4/5 and would consider seeing her again if in town. One warning for the mono-lingual Mongers in the audience though she only speaks Spanish, but should otherwise be a good choice.
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    MS Milenium Feedback?

    Hi Kurtie,

    I appreciate your posts to the area. I'll be in town next week, and was considering staying at this hotel instead of my usual. I wondered if you would recommend it. Both from a clean, comfortable standpoint, and from a "guest-friendly" standpoint? Also, did you have any luck connecting with Marla or anyone from Backpage?

    I'll be sure to share any feedback from my visit as well.

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    I was made the Mafer VS Hellen.


    You can not write with your normal user because it is blocked and you do not know why.

    Time without writing, I've been traveling quite lately and going through some complicated personal situations. As always, I try to share some of my experiences. I only write about those that are worth telling, I have had some other experiences in Guadalajara that do not deserve to be told, because they were not good or bad. I regret my basic level English, I do my best effort.

    Agency: Aliciadollshouse.

    Cost of service: 5.500 1.5 h.

    Place: Novotel.

    Years ago I met Hellen, when she was much more voluptuous, easy about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then, she has been one of the escorts that I have frequented so often. I like to try new options, and I always have 4 or 5 escorts with which I repeat from time to time, the new ones are always blown up.

    I spoke with Alicia, I had another option in mind, but it was not possible, she recommended me to Hellen in a trio with Mafer, and how I had not thought of it before.

    I made an appointment at the Novotel, late in the afternoon (I will not give more specifications for privacy, as you will understand). I booked two rooms, not to make it obvious, one in which I registered myself, and another in which they registered.

    I contracted the 1.5 h service, my only request was to see them at the bar, have a drink and go up. After consulting Alicia with the girls, as I was already known by Hellen, she did not give me any problems and we did that to her.

    I arrived one hour before the agreed time, I washed, and went down to the bar to have a whiskey on the rocks, as my father taught me to drink. After a couple of drinks, the girls arrived, both together in a van (I guess it's one of them, do not ask, the truth).

    Hellen greets me as if she was glad to see me, I want to believe that she is. Mafer smiling, but a little cooler. I did not give importance. We went to the bar. I ask for a beer and a tequila, to get hold of value. They ordered two strawberry martinis, until the cup was sensual at that time.

    We talked for a while, we laughed, we drank, and we went up to the room. When they arrived, they both asked me to enter the bathroom, and after a few minutes they left in a pair of lingerie and stockings that fit perfectly. I think they already had it ready.

    I had not been with Hellen for a long time. She is a little thinner than before, she has put him in the gym and some diet told me, the same rich tits as always, and the same attitude that makes you want to see her again, that has not changed. Physical, I do not know if I would stay with the girl before or now, they are different, neither better nor worse, it is not the same girl, I think it will be about two sizes less than when I met her when I just arrived to adh until now.

    They played very well both in their work, Hellen took the baton. Of what happened, what I liked the most was the oral, with me sitting, Hellen standing and Mafer on his knees, sometimes Hellen kissed me, other times I pushed Mafer's head against my member, putting it to the back of my throat, I picked him up the hair so that it would not bother her. Of film.

    We only had sex on one occasion, but it was memorable. They never stopped touching me, playing with each other and with me, they did not stop changing their position. In one of them, I was reclining,
    Hellen climbed on me with my back, and Mafer took my member to hit some sucks, and I re-introduced it. What a pity for the pose, it felt very rich, I would have liked to be in a motel with mirrors on the roof to see it.

    Honestly one of the best trios I've ever done in my life.

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    BP Maria.

    Has anyone experience with this lady I found on BP?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vip6682  [View Original Post]
    What I meant is do their faces look like fresas. Thanks.
    Can't say that I have seen any.

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    Hotel massage MTY?

    First of all thanks for all the info in this thread, gives a good impression of what's going on in mty.

    In a weeks time I will be staying in the MS Milenium hotel (think it used to be Intercontinental), been browsing for outcall hotel sensual massage service preferably with a he (HJ, BBBJ) don't mind mature and / or BBW ladies.

    Been looking at a couple of backpage profiles. Anyone know if one will be allowed a "massage" girl to the room in this hotel and if the BP is a risky placed to look (risk of being rolled), any recommendations on girls would be very welcome / appreciated. Not possible to explore the stripclubs on this trip (even though sounds like fun),


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    Quote Originally Posted by Unstoppable  [View Original Post]
    It's hard to tell when they're all dressed in their dancer attire. I did see a new light skinned chica with black hair acting like a fresa. I'm going again this weekend so I'll see if she's still there.
    What I meant is do their faces look like fresas. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vip6682  [View Original Post]
    Have you seen some strippers, who resemble upper class Mexicans.
    It's hard to tell when they're all dressed in their dancer attire. I did see a new light skinned chica with black hair acting like a fresa. I'm going again this weekend so I'll see if she's still there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unstoppable  [View Original Post]
    I don't think they would risk the exposure since upper class families may be politically connected or simply don't need the money. However, if one decides to prostitute, I'd imagine they'd go the escort route where some anonymity can be had to a certain extent. I could be wrong; perhaps other brothers might want to chime in on this topic.
    Have you seen some strippers, who resemble upper class Mexicans.

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