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Thread: Havana

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    Hi all,

    I'll be traveling to Cuba on Sunday. Can anyone recommend any girls or good locations to meet them. I'll be spending a few days in Havana and then plan to go somewhere else on the island.

    If anyone is currently on the island and meetup that would be great. This will be my first time in Cuba, I'm usually in Colombia and other Caribbean islands.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Erika's anal adventure.

    Re: Erika's anal adventure.


    The girl was in pain and when she was yelling "Ya" It was without the I, and it meant "(come) already. I've had enough.

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    Hey guys,

    Just got news about the tunnel that joins la Habana with Guanabo / Habana del Este just re-opened today. So, seems like things are getting back to normal slowly but surely.

    Now all 3 tunnels in la Habana are open and working. No more going around the bay to get to the east side of the city & Guanabo. Also, getting to Varadero is a lot easier by going via this route.


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    Thanks Uncle Volodya!

    Quote Originally Posted by UncleVolodya  [View Original Post]
    I beg to differ. I find your prose both riveting and engaging. Great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.

    It really sounds like you know what you are doing! I am planning my 2nd Cuba trip in November and l look forward to reading more about your exploits. Hopefully I can absorb some of your lessons.
    Thanks Uncle Volodya! I appreciate it very much. I will try to be as helpful as I can. I hope you have fun in November hermano!

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    Mony's 1st Cuban Trip. Day 5 Part 1 (Erika Loves little Miguelito!)

    Its day 5 (Wednesday) and Lili just left. After I met Erika on Monday she has been calling me non stop. Maybe 30 minutes after Lili leaves that afternoon Erika calls me. I'm in the mood for some chocolate so I pick up, agree on a price of*$35*for 2 times and I would give her*$2*for the collective taxi both ways. I also told her that if she hasn't eaten yet we could eat somewhere. Maybe 30 minutes later she calls me and I come down to the entrance of my building to pick her up. I feel the humidity and think to myself "fuck this". When we get back to my apartment I order some pizza from El Vampirito for delivery (yes they deliver). *We start to talk and Erika is telling me how her little nephew Miguel needs new shoes and school supplies for school since it was about to start soon. I immediately pick up on what she is hinting at. Me being the big pervert that I am make a proposal to her. I proposed that I would give her an extra*$20*if I can fuck her in the ass and if she can try her best to deepthroat my cock and swallow my cum.

    Negotiations has now started between Erika and me.

    *It seems that Erika is pliable so I try to get as much from her that I can. When she asks what I mean I exactly by deep throat I show her a few videos of Heather Brooke making cocks disappear (so heart warming) and of her swallowing cum with the whole cock in her mouth / throat. As Erika looks her eyes get big and say "Mierda" (jajaja). She says she doesn't mind trying*anal sex but she doesn't know about the deep throat and swallowing cum part of my deal. I try to coax her into it but she still seems kinda apprehensive. So I ask Erika if she wants something to drink and get her a soda from the kitchen. While I'm at the kitchen I call Tina (from Day 2) and hang up. I go back to living room to give Erika her soda and a minute later Tina calls up. When it rings I show the caller ID to Erika and answer the call when I'm close by her so she can hear Tina's voice. As soon as I walk away from Erika towards the balcony, I hang up on Tina, pretend that I'm still talking to her, and mute the volume so just in case she does call back Erika can't hear my cellphone ringing. In my short imaginary conversation with Tina I make it seem that Tina didn't mind anal sex but absolutely loved to deep throat my cock and swallow my cum. I made it seem that she wanted to see my again and I stated a price of*$50. I said that I would call her back to let her know (in my imaginary conversation with Tina). When I finished my fake conversation I turned around to Erika and saw that she has a "deer in the headlights" look. She seems surprised that I would talk like that to another woman in front of her and I just shrugged my shoulders and asked her what she wants to do. But I immediately remind her how close school was going to start and how her poor little' nephew Miguel still didn't have any shoes and whatever else he needed for school. What is she going to do for poor little' Miguel? I told her to think about it while we eat and afterwards she can decide what she wants to do. We start to watch "Mad Max: Fury Road" and 15 minutes later the delivery person gets to my place. After we eat our pizza and drink our Malta I show her 3 Snickers bars (King Size) from the refrigerator and tell her that she can take them home for her, her sister and little Miguel (I'm trying to sweeten the pot). We continue to watch the movie. After 30 minutes *I stop the movie (I needed some time to digest my food) and ask her what she decided so I can make a decision on whether or not to send her home and have Tina come to my apartment to service me. She was a little taken back by my bluntness but understands that I'm ready to send her home empty handed. She finally relents and when she does I become very "cariņoso" (sweet) with her. I turn on some Reggaeton and bachata music to try to set the tone. *.

    Erika's anal adventure.

    Before we start I get some K-Y jelly and set it by the bed. We get it going with "normal sex" and after awhile I take off the condom and put a generous amount of K-why on my cock. She gets on all fours and holds on to the railings of the bed. I ease my cock into her lovely brown ass and slowly start to pump it. I see her face grimace, her ass cheeks gently shaking, and see her knuckles start to change color a little. My instinct is to pump as hard and as deep as I can but I consciously control the tempo of my thrusts inside this cute morena's ass. Soon she starts to yell and shakes her head a little. I keep pumping her ass like the "little engine that could" and slap her ass to try to distract her. I periodically stop and put more K-why jelly on my cock to keep her asshole as moisturized as possible. Towards the end I start to see a little blood on my cock but I keep pumping. She starts to say "yay yay!" (That's it! That's it! Hurry! I say "casi! Casi!" (almost! Almost! I get that tingling feeling in my cock and know I'm about to cum. I start to call Erika's name so she can look at me in the mirror. At this point I start slamming my cock, she starts screaming and finally I shoot my load inside her warm asshole. I collapse, grab Erika and hold her close to me as we both gasp for air. After a minute or so I realize that Erika must want to take a shower and recover so I let her go. She gets up, gingerly walks to the bathroom carefully holding her ass cheeks (I'm fucking dying inside because I want to laugh so hard). *.

    *Afterwards I give her an Advil, than I take a shower and after that we watch the rest of "Mad Max: Fury Road" (she really liked it). I have to give it to Erika (well actually I just did); she is a trooper but she still had one more task to do for me so she can help her poor little' Miguelito: trying to deep throat my cock and swallowing her reward for doing such a great job.

    Erika's deepthroat lesson.

    After the movie I show her a little bit more of the glorious Heather Brooke and tell her to get her lipstick from her purse. I explain to her that the key to deepthroating is to relax her throat and to not panic. I don't know if it's a Cubana thing or not but it seemed like she wanted to give me a hand job with just a tiny bit of sucking of the cock (c'Mon. Girl! It's not going to suck itself! Erika was acting like she was afraid of sucking all my cock and kept wanting to use her hands a lot. I told her that she needed to use her mouth the majority of the time and that it was a blow job not a hand job. I told her to put her hands on her lap and just to use her mouth. I drew a circle with her lipstick above and around my cock and told her that by the end of our session she had to be able to put her lips (w / my cock inside her mouth) on that red circle. At first she gagged and eyes watered (that's so hot) in the session but, either she was lying that she never deep throated before or she had a weak gag reflex that she was able to overcome, because eventually she was able to take all of me in without any significant gagging (I'm average size). I made it clear to her that I was very happy with her progress. When I felt that tingly sensation in my balls that I was about to cum I told Erika that I was close and that when I cum that I wanted her to keep sucking (but not to move her head that far up when she moves her mouth up on my cock). I also told her that when I start yelling that means that I'm cumming but not to worry because I probably will shoot my load in the back of her throat. I finally tell her to look at me when I'm cumming. Finally that moment arrives and I ball up my left hand and clutch the bed railing with my right hand in order not to face fuck Erika as I'm cumming. Instead of saying the usual dumb shit when I'm cumming (like "fuck I'm cumming! I say,"Mira! Mira!" (look! Look! As I'm cumming I stare in Erika's eyes and see them start to water when I shoot my load in her throat. She tries to move her mouth off my cock but somehow between my gasps I say "Quedate alli" (stay there) and keep her mouth down on my cock as I recover.

    Jesus Fucking Christ that felt so good.

    Erika definitely showed me her sexual prowess and I was damn impressed with her. Afterwards we chit chat a little bit more and eventually I sent her on her way home with $57 plus $2 for cab fare.

    Little Miguelito; your tia Erika loves you very much!

    Day 5 to be continued.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RamoneAustin  [View Original Post]
    As I write this I am so hung over from a friend's wedding in Dallas yesterday / last night so please bare with me as I stumble through this Trip Report. I'm also a shitty writer. Anyways here goes.
    I beg to differ. I find your prose both riveting and engaging. Great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.

    It really sounds like you know what you are doing! I am planning my 2nd Cuba trip in November and l look forward to reading more about your exploits. Hopefully I can absorb some of your lessons.

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    Nice video! Is it difficult to find jineteras this attractive in Havana or elsewhere in Cuba? Most of the photos I see tend to be of girls who appear older and less fit.

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    Me and my dad stopped in at the cigar factory that is directly behind the capitol. It was a Sunday afternoon August 27. We went up to the door and there was a guard and a janitor. They had the doorway half blocked from the bottom by a piece of plywood. They said the store was closed. I said we did not come for the store anyway. We came to buy from you. He directed us to the broom closet where he had a few boxes of Cohibas. He said the normal size goes for 10 CUC and the larger ones 13 CUC. He said in the store for regular tourists they are 20 CUC. I told him that I didn't want it to smoke, I just wanted it for a souvenir to put in my curio. I told him that I would give him 5 CUC. He agreed and my dad bought one as well. The next day we saw them in the airport for 15 CUC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RamoneAustin  [View Original Post]
    Before I take off I notice all of the gleaming and shiny old American cars driven by Cuban guides ($60/ hour) in front of the Hotel Cohiba waiting for their next chumps. Err. Ahm. I mean their next clients to show around Havana. I look for the most raggedy taxi and see this old Russian Lada and walk to to it. I see the owner and it's an old black Cuban named Ernesto. I ask him a few questions and ask him how much he charges to go fo Old Havana. The price I got to go to Old Havana from drivers of "taxis particulars" is $10. Ernesto quotes me $7. I found my 1st "taxista".
    It does not matter what you are quoted. It matters what you negotiate. The quoted price is for their most cherished chumps. Err. Ahm. I mean clients. LOL. Great reports RA.

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    Cool Mony's 1st Cuban Trip. DAY 4 (Lili And My Friend "Molly")

    Its day four I and I start the day by looking through a a dossier full of restaurant menus / flyers that my kick ass landlord (Maribel) compiled for her teants. I see a menu from a restaurant called "El Vampirito (Little Vampire) that Maribel had suggested when I first got there. I check the address and I see that it is pretty close to walk to from my apartment (corner of Calle 6 and 19). I walk to it and order a double cheese burger with all of the fixings including an egg. I order another one for later on that day.

    In order to full fill my duties as Mony the tourist I call Ernesto and ask him to take me back to Old Havana so I can I see the Florida Bar where supposedly Ernest Hemingway used to hang out, go to the Castillo De LOS Tres Reyes Del Morro and to take pictures of it and of Havana from that vantage point. Ernesto drops me off the Hotel Inglaterra and I walk my way to the Florida Bar, take pictures of it and other places, go up Obispo Street and buy a few more souvenirs (again I have my small backpack), and finally go to El Morro. It was another maldito humid day and I was thankful I was wearing my white under armour shirt to help with the sweat.

    As I walk back on Obispo Street after visiting El Morro I see this cute flaca (skinny) "triguena" with a ass that made my mouth water outside a store with an older gentleman. I stop walking, get out of people's way, and stare in her direction (I have sunglasses on) to ascertain the situation and what my chances are of hooking up with her. I try to figure out how to talk to her with this older Cuban man (50's) nearby. What do I do? I inch closer to them pretending to be sending texts on my cellphone. At times it is kinda hard because there is so many people on the sidewalk. I have to act quick I think to myself. Than just like that the older gentleman goes inside the store and it looks like she will wait for him outside. I have to act now so I immediately regain my composure and walk over to this beautiful triguena. It's now or never. I take my sunglasses off and ask her in English what time it is (lame I know). When I ask her that she gives me this look like I am annoying her (I probably was) and says "Que? I ask her again in English and than switch over to Spanish. She tells me what time it is and me sensing that I don't have a lot of time I tell her how beautiful she is and ask what her name is. She tells me her name is Lili and says that she is a student in the University of Havana. I told her that I went to her campus the day before and said some bullshit how impressed I was with her campus. During this whole time I try to get a feel for her and try to read her body English. I see she has her cellphone in her right hand and some ear buds in her other hand. I ask her what she was listening to and she tells me that she can't listen to anything because her earbuds died on her. BINGO! Here's my chance. I brought 2 sets of wireless Bluetooth ear buds with me that I don't use anymore. I told her that I have a spare Bluetooth ear buds that I have back in my apartment. I tell her that maybe when she has time she can come over and she can pick them up and while she is there she could listen to some music on my laptop or maybe watch a movie on TV (my sales pitch). I crack a joke and she laughs (good sign). She tilts her head a little and with a sly grin says that she understood me when I originally asked her what time it was. I become cognizant that I have been talking to her for a few minutes already and ask her for her cellphone # which she gives to me (yes! I lie to her and tell her that I might have to leave Cuba sooner than originally planned because of a imaginary potential family situation back here (I am a lying bastard I know) to try to put some gentle pressure on her. I ask her if she can visit me today and she says that she will try. She said that she will call me in about 4 hours to see if we can meet up somewhere. She finally tells me that the older guy is her uncle and she was accompanying him while he buys a few things. The whole time we are talking I try not to stare at her phat ass stretching her shorts out. So I leave Lili hopeful and call Ernesto to ask him to pick me up by the Hotel Inglaterra. 15 minutes Ernesto picks me up and asks me how it was for me. I told him about Lili and he says that it is good that I try with a college girl (thanks Tio Ernesto! LOL). After lunch (the other double cheeseburger back in my apartment) I shower, change clothes and walk to the Colon Cemetery, take pictures of it and afterwards walk along Avenida 23. I see a couple of cuties but I feel a little tired because of the damn humidity and am hoping that Lili will call me so I am not too pressed to flirt with them.

    I walk back in front of Hotel Cohiba and recharge my "saldo" (minutes) at an ETECSA kiosk, backtrack to my apartment and take a nap. I wake up to my cellphone ringing and see its Lili. She says that she wants to visit to pick up the spare Bluetooth head set but she needs a ride. Again I shower and than call Ernesto and ask him where he is at. He says that he is in front of Hotel Cohiba so I ask him if he can swing by and pick me up so we can pick up Lili. He says sure and I get ready. When I get inside his old Lada I give him 2 gifts. I "re-gift" him a small towel (still inside the box) that supposedly keeps him cool when it is wet and a ridiculous (to me at least) ball cap I received last year. He especially appreciates the "cold towel" and asks me where we are going. I tell him the Hotel Nacional De Cuba. We see her on the street close to this hotel and I get out to get her. We get in the back of the car and I introduce Ernesto to Lili and I see Ernesto grinning in the rear view mirror as he talks to us. Lili says that she is hungry and Ernesto suggests a restaurant called El Catedral. We have an early dinner, have a few drinks with our dinner and we get to know each other a little better. I definitely recommend El Catedral. We walk back to my apartment and she is impressed with my apartment.

    OK let me stop here for a second. In addition to all of the movies (with Spanish Subtitles) that I brought a huge amount of music on my American cellphone and on my laptop. I have a lot of Reggaeton, bachata, pop, dance music, etc. And made a lot playlists. When we walk inside I ask her if she wants to listen to some music and when she does asks if I have any Chain Smokers, Ed Sheeran, and Maroon 5. I smile like a Cheshire cat and say that I have all of it. I play a playlist with all of the people she asked about (and more) on my American cellphone and play it on a portable blue tooth speaker in the living room. At this point it feels more like a date than me just trying to bang a jinetera. We talk and I show her some things on my laptop for about 10 minutes. At this point things seem to be cool between us. Than I purposely show her a scene out of a a movie call "Groove" (which is about some young people going to a rave in San Francisco) in which 2 people take Ecstasy ("Molly" We talk about that and than I asked her if she had the chance would she take "Molly". Let me stop again. With a friend's help who used to work at TSA I figured out how to bring some Molly with me which was really easy (please don't judge). When I tell her I have some she acts very surprised and asks me to show her. The Molly capsules look just like Ginseng capsules so I hid them in a Ginseng bottle. I show her and asks her if she wants to try with me. She seems a little nervous and I tell her that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. I put the Molly away and we start to watch another movie (The Town) and 15 minutes into the movie we start to kiss. We keep kissing and I rub her ample ass. She stops me asks me if the Molly is safe and I tell her that it is (which it is because I tried that same batch before coming to Cuba). Than she looks into my eyes and says that she wants to try with me. Me being the big piece of shit that I am I pretend to take Molly with her (instead take a Ginseng capsule) because Molly makes your cock like a useless wet noddle. When she swallows Molly she looks a little apprehensive but I comfort her and tell her not to be nervous. I divert her attention by kissing her, undressing her and carrying her to the shower to freshen up. We shower together and keep kissing each other. At this point I figure that I have about 30 minutes before Lili starts to feel the Molly. During this time the huge music playlist is still playing keeping the atmosphere romantic for Lili and me. I start to kiss Lili's body and gently run my fingers on her body to arouse her even more. Her nipples feel like pencil erasers at this point and she starts to moan. I open her legs and start to eat her pretty pussy out. Her clit is gorged with blood and I get to work with my tongue. She moans loudly and caresses my head as I work on her clit. I gently rub her nipples as I keep licking her clit. Soon she starts to shudder a little and I know I am almost there with her. She starts to hold on to my shoulders like she is holding on for dear life and I can feel her body almost getting to that point of no return. Finally she starts to convulse, starts to curse in Spanish and starts to squirt.

    TOUCHDOWN [Deleted by Admin]!

    My bed is wet because of her and she literally needs like 5 minutes to calm down. Afterwards she tells me that she can't believe she squirted, that she has never squirted before and feels terrible for getting my bed wet (hmmmm. Ok if you say so). We change my sheets and after that she grabs me, kisses me like a long lost lover and we start to french kiss. I look into her eyes and ask her how she feels. She says "I feel warmth and love from you" (yes Molly!) I say "Claro que si mi amor" and lay her down with me on my bed. She starts to kiss my chest and works her way down and engulfs my cock in her hungry mouth. I let her know I am ready to be inside her and when I start to mention condoms she looks lovingly looks at me and tells me that she wants to feel my cock and my cream (I wasn't too worried because I also brought a few Plan be pills. You can find anything on the dark net). We make love; not fuck (3 times. My balls were drained) kiss, and talk about everything until we fall asleep in each others arms (which was really late because the Molly kept Lili awake for a while. I gave Lili half a trazodone to help her go to sleep). It was a great end to my 4th day. We woke up late the next day and Lili panics because she was supposed to call her uncle around noon but we woke up around 2 pm. When she calls him I can hear him over her cellphone. She is in trouble and has to leave now. When she goes to the bathroom I put $30 in the carrying case of one of the extra blue tooth headphone sets and put that carrying case in her purse. When she comes back out of the bathroom I tell her to take the Plan be pill (I explained to her what she was taking) and call Ernesto to have him pick her up from my apartement. As we wait for Ernesto Lili tells me that she had a wonderful night with me and hopes that we can see each other again. Even when she knew she was in trouble with her uncle she couldn't help but smile when I kissed ler like it would be my last time. Ernesto shows up about 10 minutes later and I blow a kiss to Lili when they take off.

    Unfortunately I never had a chance to see Lili again because supposedly her uncle found out about me and didn't want her to see me again. Who knows? Maybe that's bullshit but that doesn't take away that I had a great night with Lili. I will try to contact Lili again when I go back in January. Sorry fellas I completely forgot to try to take a picture of Lili because I had such an engrossing night with her.
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    Mony's 1st Cuban Trip. DAY 3 (Erika & Aniuska)

    DAY 3.

    I woke up, unpacked my luggage, took a shower and planned my day. My 1st priority was converting the Euros I brought to CUCs and getting an ETECSA sim card. The apartment owner told me that I can change my Euros to CUCs at the Hotel Cohiba which was about 7 blocks away. I go back to Mangos to have some breakfast and than from there walk to the Hotel Cohiba. I ask the doorman where the "cashier's cage" is at and he points it to me. I wait in line behind a German family talking to their Cuban guide about what they will do for that day. Eventually I show my US passport to the cashier and exchange my Euros to CUCs. As I walk out I ask the same doorman where I can buy an ETECSA sim card and where the nearest market is at. He points right across the street (Paseo street) and shows me Galerias De Paseo which is a small mall which has a tiny super mercado. He also tells me where the nearest ETECSA store is at which is on the block between streets 19 & 21 and streets be & see. I check out the small mercado in Galerias De Paseo and notice that they don't really have that much.

    TIP: Bring wet wipes and an extra roll or 2 of toilet paper.

    I bought a few snacks, juice, some more beer and sodas (I got charged with whatever refreshments I use in the apartment). Luckily I remembered to bring my spare backpack with me to carry all this stuff around.

    Before I take off I notice all of the gleaming and shiny old American cars driven by Cuban guides ($60/ hour) in front of the Hotel Cohiba waiting for their next chumps. Err. Ahm. I mean their next clients to show around Havana. I look for the most raggedy taxi and see this old Russian Lada and walk to to it. I see the owner and it's an old black Cuban named Ernesto. I ask him a few questions and ask him how much he charges to go fo Old Havana. The price I got to go to Old Havana from drivers of "taxis particulars" is $10. Ernesto quotes me $7. I found my 1st "taxista".

    I get to the ETECSA office and after waiting for hour I finally am able to get my new sim card. The woman who helps me tries to "pull a fast one" by pretending that the sim card doesn't work in my unlocked AT&T cellphone (Amazon) and suggests I buy one of their basic cellphones. I smile at her, say " that's ok. I will try to get it to work" and in my mind I think " Fuck you". 10 minutes later my ETECSA sim card is working.

    I walk back home and get home drenched in sweat. I showered, take a nap and after about 2 hours called Ernesto to pick me up. First he takes me to to the Plaza De Revolution (waits for me while I take pictures) ,University of Havana (no day game since school hasn't started yet) and than drops me off at Old Havana by Obispo street. During this whole time I do the obligatory tasks of taking pictures and buying some souvenirs for my friends and family (let's get this shit out of the way huh? I decide to try my luck with day game but can't work up the nerve (pussy! I do the next best thing and flat out ask a pedicab driver to help me find a morena in the streets. I give him $10 for the "ride" and he starts searching for a morena in old Havana. Eventually we come across a young 18 year old morena named Erika walking. My fat and sleazy pedicab driver gets Erika to come over to sit with me. I start talking to Erika and start to try my "day time game" on her in Spanish. We agree on $40. After giving my pedicab a $5 tip he drops us off close to a point where we take a collective taxi back to my apartment. I noticed that it seems (I could be wrong) that Erika hasn't done this very often.

    When we get to my place, I show her the $ and tell her that I will give her the $ after I cum 2 times (2 leches). She agrees and just like for all of the girls I saw there I show her all of the movies that we could watch on TV (via my laptop. I downloaded the movie posters for all of the movies I have). After maybe 10 minutes of watching Bridesmaids and drinking some soda I tell Erika that I'm ready to go. We go back to my room and start fucking. This ***** knows how to ride a dick! She shows her youth and tries to fuck the hell out of me like I'm the ***** and she's the dude (fuck this cock Erika! LOL! I start talking a little shit to her as she slams her pussy on my cock by telling her she can't me make me cum. I cum and say "Fucking shit!" in the cowgirl position. She says "que? And starts to giggle. We go back to the living room and resume watching the movie. After 30 minutes we get back at it again and I decide to fuck her in the balcony in standing doggy. After I cum and I pull out I discover my condom broke and came inside her (no wonder her pussy felt so good). I have an "oh shit" moment at this point. Erika runs to the bathroom and frantically washes herself. When she finishes she tells me not to worry, says it's ok, and tells me she wants to see me again. She leaves me with her $40 (plus $2 for her collective taxi) and a tinder kiss on my lips.

    After she leaves and as tired as I am I make myself walk to John Lennon Park about 5 blocks to try my luck in using the wifi. When I get there I see a dude that looks like Dave Chapelle selling internet cards and I buy a Nauta wifi card for $3 (for an hour). After telling everyone I'm ok online I get off and go back home.

    I get home tired and take a little siesta. Maybe an hour later I wake up hungry and decide to go to the Tabalzo restaurant on calle 1 (1st street) Number 111, between see and the also in Vedado, just off the Malecon not far from the Cohiba Hotel. I actually got this bit of intel from a forum member here. After eating some "ropa vieja" in Tabalzo I leave the restaurant and see this white bleach blonde cutie with big tits that looks a slutty librarian in her glasses wearing a form fitting blue dress named Aniuska (from Guantanamo). I start to talk to her and we agree on $50 for ST (short term). As we walk back to my apartment I try to convince her to spend the night but she tells me that the she can't because she has to help her cousin back home (whatever). When we get home we took a shower together and when I offered a movie to watch and some refreshments she declined. She was all about business. We get to it and I start to grudge fuck her because her cold and business like demeanor annoyed me. When she started to moan loudly that got my engine going. I stared at her big milky white tits in the mirror when I was banging her doggy style. I slap her ass and start talking shit to her in English. I decide to bang to her out in this position until I cum. I see her face grimace and I could feel how wet she became. Finally I shudder and cum. When I take my hands off of Aniuska's ass cheeks I see them bright red. I give her the $ and she takes me on the offer of a soda. She asks if I have any American candy and I give her 1 of about 20 Snickers bars I have in my refrigerator. When she gets it her face lights up and tells me to call her to meet up again. I joke and say that she seemed kinda "cold blooded" but she says that she is like with everyone for the 1st time. She promised that she will be friendlier the next time we meet (hmmm. We will see). When I asked her if I could take a picture of her she smiled and politely declined (LOL).

    She gave me a kiss and when she left my day was essentially over.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Map John Lennon Park (WIFI).jpg‎   Map Hotel Cohiba & Galeria De Paseo.jpg‎   ETECSA store map.jpg‎   Me Front of Cohiba.jpg‎   Me & Silly Erika.jpg‎  

    Hotel Cohiba!.jpg‎   Erika!!.jpg‎  

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    Same here

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    There is your difference. Maybe customs is searching the luggage. I do not check luggage in. I can take 9 days worth of clothes in my carry on and if I have to stay somewhere longer than that I can always take the dirty clothes to be washed.
    Hey Mr E.

    Good advice, I also travel with a carry on and a garment bag and that takes care of business for the 2 weeks of my visit. If I need anything washed I either have the person cleaning my place or someone do whatever I need washed and cleaned.

    On a side note, there are some folks (called mulas / mules) that take down lots of stuff to sell or whatever and customs are up to speed on them so if you're traveling with a carry on that makes life so much easier going thru customs. Never had an issue with customs, in & out in 5 minutes max.


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    Mony's Official 1st Cuban Trip Report. Remember Your Memory Cards!

    Make the long story short I banged about 10 different Cubanas in a 13 day time span. I had another (and bigger) memory card and a ETECSA sim card in my Cuban cellphone. I wasn't able to take pictures of all of the chicks I banged and I took the majority of the pictures and videos I took on my "Cuban" cellphone. On the last day that I banged the strawberry blonde Melissa I bartered my $45 Cuban cellphone (Amazon bought) because her cellphone was completely destroyed somehow. I remembered to take my ETECSA sim card out of it but like an IDIOT I forgot to take out my memory card out of my (now) last Cuban cellphone (mierda! Luckily I password protected the app so I don't know how Melissa will see pictures / videos of her and the others. Oh well. For the 1st set of pictures these are the names of my guests in chronological order: Erika, Claudia AND Jackie, Claudia, Melissa, Yaniesa, and Jackie. Out of the other 5 chicas (Aniuska, Lili, Tina, Maria and Isabella) I was able to take pictures of 3 of them.

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