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Thread: Santiago

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    'Does anyone know of the safety in the Dominican Republic? I heard it was so unsafe that Americans actually had to be off the streets by five in the afternoon, is this true?'

    Never lend an ear to the AI reps!

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    I pm'ed 1553 about a month ago asking for some information, and he ignored my request. I guess he doesn't play well with others.


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    Absolutely not true. At least not in Sosua and not in Santiago, based on my experience. A friend has visited the country five times by himself w/o incident. The thing you have to consider is to be smart and you'll be safe. Use your head, not your head. Dont get drunk and out of control, otherwise you'll learn the hard way.

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    Member #1553:
    Hopefully when I return to Santiago in a few months you'll be willing to 'give up' 1 of your 'favorite normal places to go' to a respected fellow monger!

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    Does anyone know of the safety in the Dominican Republic? I heard it was so unsafe that Americans actually had to be off the streets by five in the afternoon, is this true? I am planning a trip to Santiago and Santo Domingo in a few weeks so this information would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    ATL Dennis,
    A cheap place and the best deal for the money is the Aloha Sol in Santiago, it is less than 35US a night. It is in the heart of Santiago. More expensive places are Hotel Colonial and Gran Almirante. Ask a cab about Cabanas because I have never stayed in one in Santiago and they will know where they are. I don't go to carwashes and don't frequent places like Passions, etc for me they are overpriced and I can speak enough Spanish to get around comfortably. I have normal girls that I see regularly in the DR and I only pay for play in beach towns such as Boca Chica, Sosua, because there are not many normal Dominicanas at all. I am sorry, I won't tell my favorite normal places to go because I like to be the only tourist in these bars and work my game on normal girls. In one day it will be hard to pick up a normal girl especially if you are in a group. I would stick to the clubs on your 1st trip. My definition of a normal girl isn't a girl that works a little on the side (beeper girls, etc that can be found attending college in the DR, etc) but girls that give it up because they like you and no money is intended. You just take them out: movies, drinks, meals, dancing, etc but money is never discussed. In Santiago a girl may talk with you and flirt but won't give it up. Santo Domingo is better to try to pick up normal girls that you can bang your 1st/2nd time of spending time with them. A must to pick up normal girls is some knowledge of Spanish, good natured, lot of compliments, and knowing how to dance: you will have a very big advantage over others. Have fun and stay at the Aloha Sol unless you want to stay at a Cabana.

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    Does anyone know of Good Cabanas and actually have the contact info for a Cabana I could rent in early June. I was reading NYC Travelers about the Helios and those sounded HOT! If anyone has info on those are any more in the Santiago area hit me and let me know. Also if there is a Website on things to do in Santiago that anyone know of pleae inform me.


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    I will be taking a day trip to Santiago from Santo Domingo on a Thur or Fri... June 4th or 5th. I would prefer a thurs because I would like to be in the capital on friday but if thus is not happening I would do Santiago on a friday. I was writing to find out if Santiago 's nightlife (Passions, Illusions, Carwash and social areas are happening on thursday(or friday) and if chicas and non-pros and regular chicas and university students are out hanging out in Santiago on Thur or Fri? Does Anyone know when the University in Santiago commences for the summer and if so do alot of girls hang out during the summer on weekdays.. partculary Thur and Fri? Also anygood suggestions on Sights I should see while I'm in Santiago and any actvities such as water raftign or extreme sports I should partake in? Feel free to PM me.

    Thanks For all your help!

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    Why fly to Santiago on Jet Blue when you can take American for the same price to POP?

    Select Price Per Person 345.90 USD Passengers 1 Total Price 345.90 USD

    Carrier Flight
    Number Departing Arriving Aircraft
    Type AAdvantage
    Base Miles
    Earned Flight
    City Date & Time City Date & Time

    1797 JFK New York 06/10/2004 12:20 PM POP Puerto Plata 06/10/2004 03:54 PM 757 1451

    1798 POP Puerto Plata 06/14/2004 05:05 PM JFK New York 06/14/2004 08:40 PM 757 1451

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    Oh baby, NY Traveler is back in business. On my last posting I left off heading towards Boca Chica, where i have visited several times before. When we arrived in Boca Chica, the first place we were looking for was a massage palor that I was at before. After alittle bit of site seeing, we stopped by the massage parlor who specializes in happy endings. There were several chicas hanging out in the front yard playing dominoes and having a blast at it. (I guess it was a way for them to relieve the stress from the nights prior with international mongers). As we we approached the doorway, I guess it was routine for the girls to line up inside, strutting their stuff to win the playa for the night, I had my eyes set on a chica who had a nice body, but more importantanly, perfect lips. Without any hesitation, I told my chica to hop in the ride for a night she won't forget. I made a registration at the hamaca hotel and paid the additional cost for my chica. My buddies had did the same since they preferred not to hang out at the massage parlor for their activities. I believe that DR women are fed up with their men since it only took minor spoiling for them to be appreciative of me and my amigos. We had some drinks on the beach along with some jokes and grabbing. I eventually ended up in a room my chica, and believe me the sex was all that. At first she dissappointed me by applying a condem to me for the head job, but it wasn't long before I noticed that it didn't matter since she had the perfect lips and skills to fulfill my pleasures. I mounted this babe and started pumping her with maximum force. She couldn't deal with what I had to offer, so she rolled me over and straddled me and continued on without fail. After around forty minutes or so, I got up and decided that since this is my last night, I wanted to hit the local disco for one last fling. I went to club cosmos on the main strip ajacent to the beach and hooked up with the bartender who took care of me during my last visit. She was excellent. She did not hold back one bit when I got on top and started to T-bag her repeatedly until I blew up inside of her awaiting mouthpiece. For all of you guys who are on the fence and haven't decided to hit the DR, get going. You won't regret it at all unless your wife or girlfriend finds out what you were up to. Final words: Wrap it up and don't raise the cost of fun for all of us by showboating. It doesn't cost much for your fantasy to come true, however, it shouldn't be at the expense of others. Be firm and precise on what you want, and do not back off. there are plenty of chicas to negotiate with, so don't settle for the first one who seems to be stubborn. New club called the Americana, where I heard anything goes after hours. Check it out. Peace out and be safe!

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    I am flying in to Santiago July 5th and returning July 10th. I was planning to go to Sousua, but I am willing to try Santiago if anyone needs a partner in crime. This will be my 4th trip in two years. Send me a message.

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    Jet Blu from JFK to Santiago.

    Taxes included round trip is:

    Departing Flight

    Airfare/Adult $ 119.00 USD
    Taxes/Adult (details) $ 41.65 USD
    Subtotal/Adult $ 160.65 USD
    X 1Adult $ 160.65 USD

    Returning Flight

    Airfare/Adult $ 119.00 USD
    Taxes/Adult (details) $ 66.25 USD
    Subtotal/Adult $ 185.25 USD
    X 1Adult $ 185.25 USD

    Total Cost of Flight $ 345.90 USD

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    Well folks, another day of sunshine and high expectations. I been bitching all morning to my amigos about how I was robbed of a day in the DR by some chick who forgot to take her NoDoz. We packed up all of our things and began some sightseeing around the area. If you have never been to the monument in Santiago, you have to add this to your agenda if in the area. The monument is centralized in the city and is the highest point where you have 360 degree views of the mountains and city. they provide a telescope for about 5, 10 pecos so you can focus in on some historic landmarks from the christopher columbus error. There are peddlers that hang out there selling all kinds of items, from beer to balloons and bracelets. We took some pictures and decided to head back to the capital. I was driving in the lead car with the windows down and cruising at mock one. There were street vendors throughout our route as well as hot chicas standing roadside awaiting public transportation. I believe by the time I get my rental back, they will have to change the brake pads from the frequent sudden stops when I observe large breasteses approaching my windshield quickly. My amigo had asked me to do a u-turn so that we can get some roadside country food from an older lady that he sees when in the area. I agreed and pulled right up to a pig (food) that has been hanging from its support for a couple of days, slowly roasting. I don't know about you guys, but pig intestines is by no means on my list of experiencing different foods from other cultures. But I have to say that the fried pig skin was out of this world, washed down with a cold Presidente. We continued on before coming upon a traffic jam caused by demostrators out on a nice day to support their choice for President for the upcoming elections in May. We managed to get around the traffic in a matter of minutes and continued south into Santo Domingo. As we approached the city limits, I noticed a sign that directed traffic towards the airport. At this point, I had recalled an earlier journey that I have made back in january where a hotel attendent had showed me a massage parlor 3:00 o'clock one morning where several chicas got out of their beds to model for me in their skimpy outfits. The attendent had brokered a deal where I had to pay 1500 pecos for a full body massage with a happy ending, in which I complied. I immediately changed courses and headed to Boca Chica with my amigos in tow. To be continued....

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    Upon our arrival at the cabana, I had to reassure my tiger turn kitten that her friends was nearby and I wasn't some sought of pervert who was trying to set her up. I invited one of my friends along with her amigo to my pad for some drinks and conversation. I motioned to her to turn on the Jacuzzi so that we can get in once the company had left. She had danced around the idea by stating that she was hungry and thirsty. Without hesitation I ordered food and drinks for my chica. My company had decided to leave and I figured that this was going to be my chance to spend a night with one of the most beautiful girls that the DR had to offer, but instead this was heading south and fast. First my chica had laid on the couch and opened her arms for me to lay down on top of her (fully clothed) and for us to just hold each other. It wasn't long before I had sucumbed to a long day and fell asleep on top of her. I figured I was asleep no longer than one hour, when I decided to leave the babysitter on the couch and for me to go upstairs to bed and call it a night. I fell asleep in my bed and was awoken to this chica in my bed next to be fully clothed and sleeping. I started shaking this chick to tell her either shit or get off the pot, she instead repeated that she loved me and wanted to just cuddle. I decided that this ***** was as useful as a car with four flats, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Throughout the night I kept getting up because I wasn't comfortable sleeping with beauty queen with locked legs, so I shook her and told her get to steppin'. She just shook off my orders and went back to sleep. Believe me I'm shaking this ***** as if I was trying to retrieve apples from a tree, while yelling go, go now, call taxi. She claimed she didn't understand until I called my buddy who spoke spanish and told him to tell this sleeping beauty to get going. She finally got up and to my surprise, this chica spoke the queens english when asking for money for a taxi.
    I gave her two hundred pecos and sent her on her happy way. I want to remind you that this is the same chica who had chased away any chances of me being with someone else. She is also the crazy chica who I wear a shirt to bed at nights, so that my girlfriend doesn't see the bite marks that tattoo me till this day.

    To Be Continued....

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    Great report, looking forward to the rest. And I thought mine was detailed in the Sosua section, good stuff. Santiago is unchartered territory.


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