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    Where's the best places to stay in proximity to Campo, beach, night life? How's the action in the redlight district in Willemstad.

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    I flew to Campo twice and twice to Aruba Just for Annie. She is a 4 foot 11 95 pound world class spinner.

    Unfortunately I can not get to see her before she leaves. I will fly her to Bogota after Navidad, She is just that good.

    My Campo ATF.

    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvBrownGirls  [View Original Post]
    I saw Annie last night. Her door was finally open. She is a cutie for sure but I had just nutted 5 minutes ago so I wasn't ready for her yet. Will try again tonight.

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    It depends on who you pick. Some chicas are just mechanical. But hem a drink and chat for a bit. I find I usually find hotter Colombianas than Dominicanas (watch your wallet with them).

    You can also keep track of the red lights over the door. The best chicas are very busy.

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    Are Campo Girls GFE?

    Are the girls at Campo in general quite GFE or just mechanical with little passion involved?

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    Places to stay.

    Where are some places recommended to stay that are conveniently located to night life, campo and beach?

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    Last Saturday there was a big concert in Curacao called Furia Latina (main act were Plan be and Ozuna) at the Sambil ShoppingMall. , Ozuna is probably the #1 Reggeaton Artist at the moment so you know the place is going to be filled with a lot of fine chicas especially Latinas so me and some friends decided to go VIP. Walking there I saw some familiar Venezuelan and Colombian faces. One in particular is a Venezuelan chica I met a Cubaweg 2 years ago. She is a 10, around 25 yo, nice ass, with some nice fake tits. She was with this older guy so I didn't approach her and I knew she saw me so when I saw her was heading to bathroom area I did the same. When I was there I came face to face with her and said Hi she smiled and I asked her where she is working now, she said she is not working no more She is here for the concert and that she lives in Panama the older guy gives her money and pays her rent money of her nice condo in Panama for her which she showed me on her phone and said as long as the guy is taking care of her she is not seeing anyone else. She told me she stays in Panama because she she had problems with immigration here but it is all good now but her baller doesn't want her to meet with other guys she knows here in Curacao he wants her for himself and because he is married he can't be around her everyday so every 2 weeks he takes a business-trip to Panama to be with her and on special occasions like this concert he fly her to Curacao to be with her at the concert. I told her we can exchange whatsapp# so we can talk. She said she doesn't want to risk that since the guy is taking good care of her and she shows me her bag which she received last week as a gift a LV bag worth 4000 $ , she told me I can follow her on Instagram I declined I knew I wouldn't fuck her anymore as long the dude is taking care of her probably when she looks fell and she isn't young anymore the guy will replaced her.

    I also saw 3 fine Colombian chicas I have seen before in Campo about 2 years ago. 2 of them were there together with a guy and other came alone with a guy. I knew one of them saw me but acted like she doesn't know or remember me maybe she doesn't want me to approach her LOL I know some guys will approach you if they have seen you in Campo even you are with a guy but I ain't on that type of thing. I am not sure if they were in Campo or if their baller paid their airplane ticket to be with them in the concert. So Sunday I decided to visit Campo as I was parking my car I saw the 2 chicas that were together leaving with the same guy they were dressed like they are going to some party so I was late, good news is they are in Campo bad news I don't know room# . So I decided to walk around to see If I can find the other girl I have seen at Ozuna / PlanB concert she wasnt around maybe she is occupied in her room or maybe someone or same guy took her out of campo who knows but I have seen 3 other chicas around that I have seen in the concert they are probably more but I don't remember them all. All those 3 chicas were at the bar drinking with guys so I could approach them. The place was packed with ugly / fat / old girls that were not occupied so I decided to leave Campo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbertz  [View Original Post]
    Is DATY and DATO extra? Do you ask them to shower before DATO? I'd love to try face sitting at some point.
    DATY and DATO were mostly not extra. Some girls were upfront about saying that they like it. I did not ask them to shower. One thing the Colombianas at Campo have in common with Filipino bargirls is that they are both incredibly hygienic. At least all the ones I played with were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonnynonny  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for all of the helpful info! I'm curious about how many guilders extra the chicas typically were asking for anal or BBBJ?
    Anal typically doubled the price. I feel like I could have talked it down but I think a happy girl gives much better service. BBBJ was a modest upsell. Some didn't even charge extra for it, they just offered it in their original price. I chose what I felt were the top 10% so I'm guessing anal an BBBJ would be cheaper with a less attractive chica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvBrownGirls  [View Original Post]
    Moved on to Catalina, 23, absolute dollface. No surgery at all, small natural tits with puffy nipples. My favorite. Long black curly hair, big fat brown ass. Avoids kissing but let me DATY and DATO, something I really love to do with a big assed latina. No kids so very tight pussy. She kept trying to buck back at me and control the pace and depth since I am not small but I managed to draw it out and get a good nut regardless. Would consider repeating. Afterwards she complained that I was too large. I am 7" but very average girth. I guess most hookers prefer super small so there is less wear on their professional gear. LOL.
    Is DATY and DATO extra? Do you ask them to shower before DATO? I'd love to try face sitting at some point.

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    What is the typical upcharge for anal / BBBJ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvBrownGirls  [View Original Post]
    2. Anal is OK the menu with quite a few women. I chose from what I thought were the top 10% of the Columbian population at Campo and half of those that I asked, did anal.
    Thanks for all of the helpful info! I'm curious about how many guilders extra the chicas typically were asking for anal or BBBJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon14  [View Original Post]
    Do you remember what room number or which area she is in?
    Hmmm, as you enter the compound her room is to the right of the main building where the bar and stripper pole are located. I would say she is in the second to last row of rooms from the back of the compound. She usually had her hair back and an ear clip she wore in her right ear. I bet if you ask the girls for the pretty young Columbian named Annabel they would be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvBrownGirls  [View Original Post]
    Next night started with Annabel. A solid 10, Colombian dreamgirl, only 22 years old. Perfect be cups and big round ass without any surgery. This time I had guilders. Standard rate of 50 G for pretty unremarkable service. Nice tight pussy, OK, BBBJ. Maybe she warms up with repeat customers but would not repeat myself. At least for me, I would take an enthusiastic 7 over a bored 10 any day.
    Do you remember what room number or which area she is in?

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    Final Observations.

    So after five nights in Campo, I've come up with the following observations:

    1. Be very specific in negotiations. The 50 guilder average price will probably get you covered BJ and very basic sex. Don't assume DFK, BBBJ. Some girls charge extra, some girls won't do it at all.

    2. Anal is OK the menu with quite a few women. I chose from what I thought were the top 10% of the Columbian population at Campo and half of those that I asked, did anal.

    3. Sex is kinda mechanical. The girls want to do volume. Due to the fact that they have three month contracts, most of them work for three months and then go home for a year or so to their kids / family. In other words, they are hustling when they are at Campo. My baseline of experience is the Phils. This is nothing at all like the Phils.

    4. Bring your own condoms. I mentioned this before but it's worth repeating because the condoms that they have there are awful.

    5. If you see a bunch of big dildos in the girl's window, they are usually for you, not her. If that's your thing, knock yourself out, at least you know which door to knock on.

    6. Use guilders. Most girls want to charge you about the same in dollars. I can't remember how many times I had to explain that dollars are worth 1.75 guilders. I even had one girl quote me $100 for an hour. When I asked what her price was in Guilders, she said 75. I tried to explain that guilders were worth less. She would have none of it. Oh well, it worked for me.

    7. If you are weak willed, don't go into her room until you have conducted specific negotiations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie876  [View Original Post]
    The management are getting ready for the holidays it seems, last night the official count is over 200. They have some girls doubling down in the rooms. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the available selection, Annie was pretty busy unfortunately but will give it another try tonight.
    Campo is trying to compete with chicas in Venezuelan bars. I went there last night I saw Annie she is very short, I didn't went with her because she was busy and I already fucked a Venezuelan chica that day. Since its Friday and end of the month the place was packed with clients. I noticed a lot of hot chicas. I didn't feel to ask them 1 by 1 mostly were having a conversation with a clients so I had to wait till they are finished so I can ask. There was this young girl in room 101 I wanted to bang don't remember her name but she looks hot as hell but she was busy almost all night and every time I checked on her room one of her nosy neighbor keep approaching me and tell me she is busy I am free but she is not my type so I said no thanks, the 4th time I passed in front of 101 I noticed there were 2 guys waiting for (chica in room 101) they were sitting on the concrete in front of her door and I saw the nosy girl was walking toward them so I slowed down to see if she is going to tell them the same and yes same shit and as she noticed they were not interested she told them them they cannot sit there because sitting there makes it difficult for her potential clients to approach her they need to sit at the bar, you can notice she is jealous. They told her to fuck off and left LOL.

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    Traveling to Curacao in a few days for a week. I would like to see if any of the members knows how to contact / hire a reliable wingman to help find / negotiate with some young Venezuela girls to play with in my room? Of course I will venture into the compound but my preferred taste are for thin natural girls as apposed to the silicone heavy Colombians woman I have encountered.

    Thank you for any input.

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