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Thread: Quito

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    Nice time in Quito

    Hey all,

    Just returned from Quito and enjoyed my time there. Special thanks to WT69 for providing additional info. Spent 6 days there and checked out 6 chongos. Also, did several outdoor tours to take advantage of the natural beauty the country has to offer. Thought the altitude was going to bite but it wasn't bad and quickly adjusted. So here's my summary:

    Day 1- Landed in Quito and was impressed by the modern airport and the fast processing through customs. Met with a prearranged taxi and headed to Cental Quito about 45 minutes away. My hostel was located in a perfect location only a few blocks from Plaza Foch. Very quiet and didn't have to worry about the noise from the bars and clubs during the evening. Didn't use the services of Jesus, but there was a taxi that just happened to be near our hostel during the evening. Luckily he spoke a little English and offered to drive us to the chongos. We decided to pay him per / HR which was a cheap option. First, we headed to a place called Manzanas (Apples) - not sure exactly where it was or whether it is on the list but it was close to Cafe Rojo. $3 to enter and had 15-20 chicks. I saw about 3-4 that were doable. After a drink or two decided to move on to Rojo and see what they had to offer. It was about 10 pm and the place was crowded. Nice line-up and decided to take one upstairs to the room. Can't remember a name but a good time in all, not GFE though. After my wing got his rocks off it was time to close the curtains and turn in for our early tour the next AM.

    Day 2- After a 9 HR tour returned to central Quito during the evening. After watching the USA vs ECU futbol match in the Plaza we decided to check out a new spot and since it was within walking distance we decided to check out Body's on La Niņa. There were about 12 chicas on tap. Not too impressed with this place as I only saw 2-3 quality chicas. I decided to pass but my wing went with a light-skinned Ecudorean who was tall, gorgeous and had the perfect body. He was having some technical difficultly with his plumbing so he didn't last long, in and out of the room almost like a revolving door. It was getting late and had another early tour the next morning so we checked-out for the evening.

    Day3- After returning from our tour we went and ate at one of our favorite spots-a little hole in the wall schwarma place called Lot 10 I believe right near the Magic Bean in the center of the plaza. Great food and very inexpensive. Didn't have a lot of time to play this evening so decided to walk to Habana's near by. This was my favorite place of all the venues we went to. About 25 chicas present with all shapes, sizes and colors. More dark-skinned girls than the other spots and had Domincans, Colombians, and Ecuadoreans. The girls wore sexy nurse uniforms and while drinking at the bar we enjoyed seeing the strip dance routines. I chose a dark-skin Ecaudorean and she put on an energetic performance and I was satisfied with my choice. Now it's time for bed and yet another early tour in the morning.

    Day 4- It's Saturday and started late in the evening after eating with trekking buddies who are not in the game. After ditching them we decided on 515 who several taxis said was the place to be. I assumed the talent would be better than the others due to prices but was sadly mistaken. $10 to enter and a mandatory $10 drink upon entry. This was around 10 pm and about 15 chicas were sitting around and apparently had better things to do as they were all glued to their cell phones. Didn't see a single stunner and couldn't understand the high $60 price tag. If I understood him correctly, one of the employees was saying that this place is considered more of a gentlemen's club than a chongo, hence the high costs. Me and my wing made up only a total of 4 dudes in the club. Guess the good thing is you don't have to compete with a bunch of other dudes as was the case in the other places. Here you could take your time and choose. Unfortunately, there was nothing good enough to choose other than an ice cold Pilsner. We slammed them down and took the 1st taxi smoking out of there.

    Headed back to Plaza Foch after that and checked out Vibracion. Only 6 or 7 chicas here and the quality was pretty good. Problem was there was about 3 dudes to every chica which was quite annoying! And even more annoying was the local guys who wanted to treat these chicas as girlfriends and salsa dance with them on the middle of the floor. Really? Oh well. To each his own.

    Decided to leave Vibracion and head back to our favorite spot for the trip, Club Habana! When we arrived, there was a security guard standing out front who said the place was closed. Couldn't understand why on a Saturday it was closed but since it was getting late we decided to head back to Vibracion. We didn't bother to ask why since our Spanish is muy paquito. Once inside Vibracion, we saw a chica that was working a Habana's the previous night. Since she was attractive and also eye flirting I decided to take her to the habitacion. There I asked her about Habano's and she seem to say that the place was shutdown due to them not having some type of paperwork. She said they were reopening on Monday or Tuesday. Oh well, we did our thing and she turned out a stellar performance. A perfect cap for the trip as Sunday was ahead and slim pickings on that day.

    Day 5- It's Sunday and decided not even to bother to see if a chongo was open. Went to the plaza and watched the NBA finals game 7. Luckily even though the country has the alcoholic laws for Sunday, guess the local restaurants figured out a loophole that allows you to buy drinks with the purchase of a meal.

    Finally, I enjoyed Quito. The friendliness of the local people, the outdoor beauty, and the variety of chicas available for service. Wish I could've checked out some of the other popular spots but time was not on my hands. Even so, I hope to return soon!

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    Cafe Rojo

    Here is the Facebook page for it.

    I put it and Night Club 155 back on the Map.

    Here is another in a different area.

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    Location of Club 155

    Quote Originally Posted by Thermo480  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know the street address of Club 155. Someone told me that it was near Cafe Roja on Amazones across from the old airport. BTW, Cafe Roja has re-opened, alive and well after the "permanent" closing. M-Sa 4-2. You can PM me.

    OK, I found Club 155 and it was definitely worth the effort. I had met some locals waiting outside 817 El Espectador. They said better than Cafe Roja (CR), more girls. Definitely more girls and quality seemed better too. They charged me $4. 50 for entry and one drink, though their website ( says $3 and the door sign said $3. 50. My time was limited so I wasn't going to argue. Both CR and 155 now require a passport and they now look for the entry stamp, so using an old passport (like some previous posts) isn't going to cut it anymore.

    It's on Lograno off of Av Amazonas across from the old airport. If you use their website, it has a map of the club. However, I still had a really hard time finding it. If you do google maps street view, it shows a bldg with a green rolling metal door. The front of the building is now painted all black. There is no street entrance. The entrance is from the alley to the right of the building between the black 155 building and the car wash / oil change on it's right.

    Hope that helps. Didn't have time to sample anything, but the club looked pretty clean (as chongos go) on par with CR.

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    Does anyone know the street address of Club 155

    Does anyone know the street address of Club 155. Someone told me that it was near Cafe Roja on Amazones across from the old airport. BTW, Cafe Roja has re-opened, alive and well after the "permanent" closing. M-Sa 4-2. You can PM me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldTravel69  [View Original Post]
    I guess you are talking about Manta Beach?

    How about the names, addresses and prices?
    Yes Manta beach the one I visited is in Manta beach I don't remember the exact name of the chongo but it's on the main road when you first enter manta before you get to the new air port. 2 $ with a beer and 12 $ ficha the women are friendly and have better service than Quito I also visited the Luna in Santo Domingo. The price there is 15 $ ficha and 2 $ entrance with a small beer.

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    Names, Addresses?

    I guess you are talking about Manta Beach?

    How about the names, addresses and prices?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tourquito  [View Original Post]
    I found the chongos in Manta a little bit cheaper than Quito.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldTravel69  [View Original Post]
    Maybe the prices in the South are cheaper, but in the North I found most were $12-15.
    I found the chongos in Manta a little bit cheaper than Quito.

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    First day in Quito

    Arrived in Quito around 3:30. Took a $20 cab to Plaza Foch area. Negotiate with cabbie he first started at $25. Took nearly an hour to get there due to traffic. First place I went to was Club 122. WorldTraveler69 map is excellent. Easy to spot. You will likely see two men (a bouncer and a cop) standing in the doorway. There is also a neon sign that says 122. Paid $3 to enter. They offer you a beverage if you want. Downstairs is where the action was. More guys then girls but most of them where only there to look. No stunners I would say but some fuckables. Range of different looks but most looked to be aged around 24-28. I chose one Ecuadorian with big silicone butt. Price was $15 for twenty minutes. She was very nice tried very hard to please. Offered anal but I didn't accept. Session was OK nothing special. She did let me get picture and I will post it for you guys. Funny side story: after we were done she cleaned herself and this pissed in a trash can LOL. I'm like you don't want to use one the bathrooms in here LOL. I digress. Next, I walked down to a spot right around the corner. It's located on the map as Blush but the name was different. If was Club Mar something I can't remember. Again entry was $3. They actually hold your passport and give you pass to get it back. The talent here was severely lacking. It was around 5 pm so maybe alot of girls were not there yet. I left with the quickness. I went to eat then relax in Plaza Foch. After that I want to Habanos. About 10-15 grown women there LOL. Again age range was from 25-30. As stated earlier, heavy silicone here everyone had it but two girls. One Dominican and other was Black Ecuadorean. I went with the Dominican. She gave me good performance but complained about getting fucked deep but was very sweet. After that I go to the Plaza de Independencia to take some pics while no tourist would be around. I tried to take a taxi too the north chongos. But I stopped in between and discovered one that was not on the map. I tried to get the name but I couldn't understand what it was called. I will provide the saved location on my phone. Entry was $3. It looked more upscale then previous places I went. About 20 girls there. I quickly scooped a big silicone butt Colombiana. She had a lot of energy which was the perfect ingredient to put me to bed. Cost was $20 for 20 minutes. I am going to Guayaquil then Cali then back to Quito. I will try to post a new Intel I can get.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Maybe the prices in the South are cheaper, but in the North I found most were $12-15.

    Quote Originally Posted by GringooFuk  [View Original Post]
    Is Ecuador the cheapest country around there to go as many posts saying like $7 to $20 a lady in Chongos etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GringooFuk  [View Original Post]
    Why is Quito dangerous you say?
    Some of the chongos are in some bad neighborhoods, but once inside the chongos themselves, you are very safe. Jesus knows this and can take you to these. He also avoids south Quito, and you should too. All the chongos he will take you are in the north, but, as I said, even in the north, many neighborhoods aren't safe at night. He also told me to avoid Club 122, he took another monger there a couple of weeks ago and it was a bad experience.

    I walked all over central and north Quito during the day for the usual tourist locations and it felt very safe.

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    Trust in Jesus

    Based on recommendations from World Traveler 69, I heavily used Jesus Gonzalez for airport pickup and discharge and various short and long trips in and around Quito. He has working knowledge about most of the clubs in Quito and can help guide you to the right clubs, based on your needs and wants.

    I also rented Jesus for a day trip to Mitad del Mundo. Calacali and Mindo. He's honest, helpful and works to keep you safe. I taught him a lot of English, so he's getting better at it!

    Can't say enough good things about him, made my travels around town so much easier. Whatsapp +59 395 954 1332 or email him at jgpraddo at hotmail.

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    Is Ecuador the cheapest country around there to go as many posts saying like $7 to $20 a lady in Chongos etc?

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    Tour Specials

    Jesus has some specials for a few guys:

    I would like to indicate to friends who want different tours on the outskirts of Quito, for example:

    Quito-Equator-Pululahua-Calacali (the true half the world) - Mindo-Quito, with their respective time visiting for $ 185,
    or can be Quito-Otavalo-Ibarra Quito, also for $ 185 or maybe
    Quito-Otavalo Quito, for $ 160 the same with their visits.

    If your friends are interested in this kind of tours, will have a free visit to the Panecillo.

    The WhatsApp number is the only number he is using. +59 395 954 1332

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    Hi Ssoubs,

    Please PM me in this forum. I will arrive in Quito within a few days.

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