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Thread: Georgetown

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    Dominicana Chicas

    Does anyone have a estimate as to how many Dominican putas are working the trade in Guyana, and is there a turnover rate.

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    Last 3 weekends report

    There was not much happening other than in Baroombar and Rio Inn (as I know from the sources I have), so had to stick to only these two. Tried 2 DR girls in 2 weekends in Rio and 1 Cuban in Bbar on other weekend.

    The 2 DR girls were really good in bed, great service and cooperative for all positions. One of them had given nice body massage in the gap after 1st shot and it was really good and got great relaxation.

    The Cuban was really beautiful and slim, small tits and nice skin but service is not that great, it was average.

    Looking for more options other than these 2 bars, lets hope for the best.

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    BBar again on weekend


    Went to BBar again on last weekend, there were not many, selected one girl who was with me since I entered into the bar. She was not a stunner by look but she promised she will give good service.

    Opted for 30 minutes and proceeded to upstairs, as promised there was nothing she didn't do, started with DFK and then BBBJ, rimming, ball sucking, oh man she didn't leave my johnny for a sec, simply she did amazing job for 20 minutes and then started in miss and completed in 10 minutes and paid GYD1000 tip and left the place happily.

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    Been to Rio Inn on Saturday and it was crowded by people and many girls around. Some girls were really good looking and picked one out of them and proceeded upstairs, paid 30 k Guyana Dollors for 2 hrs.

    The Girl is beautiful and has good structure but the overall service was not satisfied, mechanical and hurried up to finish in 1 HR as she wanted to go and catch more customers.

    I had really awesome service by many girls around 3 years back but missing this time.

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    Back to Guyana

    Back to Guyana after 3 years and been Baroombar on last Saturday. The scene is not same as in 2013, there is no crowd at all and very few girls in the bar but the price is same, USD 75 for 30 minutes, USD150 for 1 HR and USD250 for 4 hrs.

    Selected one of the girls (from Dominica Republican) for 30 minutes, she looks hot but the service was below average, I would say mechanical. CBJ followed by Missionary and doggy and finished.

    Planning to try next time in Rio Inn as there is a review on this place from other monger.

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    Anything new

    Does anyone have anything new for Guyana? Contemplating visiting but surely would like an inside scope on recent happenings right about now. Any locals on the forum? Taxi drivers etc. PM me.

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    First visit to Guyana

    Hey guys,

    Just got back from my first real visit to Guyana. Been to Georgetown before for 2 days but didn't get out at all.

    Went out Friday night first to a couple bars:

    Palm Court: loud loud loud! Good mix in the crowd, started getting busy around midnight. Didn't look like there were many WGs but maybe later on. Some performers were there before and were gone but we still had to pay 3000 $ GYD (15 USD) cover.

    704: big place with good food and decent drinks. Sports bar area is nice. Some girls here but mostly locals to be picked up not really WGs.

    Altitude / gravity: really young and expensive. More like us clubs with fancy lights and bottle service booths. Also playing edm which is not what I want to hear in this part of the world.

    Once my group was sufficiently sauced up we went to the Brazilian bars.

    1. Barroom Bar: stopped in out front, not busy at all, our local "minder" said it was not the night to go.

    2. Rio Inn: WOW!

    Walked up around 1 am, massive crowd outside. Would not have felt as safe without our local "minder", mostly locals outside smoking joints and drinking, some questionable characters amongst them.

    Cover was 2000 $ Guyana dollars (10 USD), beers 800 $ (4 USD), whiskey 1200 $ (6 USD).

    Inside was packed: locals, a few tourists, guys with their girlfriends, non working girls hanging out in groups.

    Couches all around the perimeter with guys sitting around chatting with girls, girls taking breaks, guys getting lap dances.

    Some amazing 9/10, 9.5/10 girls. Small and petite, bigger girls, girls with crazy curves. I was truly amazed at the variety and quality.

    We shuffled into a booth with our large group (8 of us total) and ordered drinks and immediately girls began coming over and dancing, grinding, giving lap dances and generally partying and hanging out with us. No money was asked at all, not even asking for drinks. We offered them drinks anyways and they continued to hang out with us for most of the night.

    Offered 2 options: rooms upstairs or back to your hotel.

    Upstairs is 30 min, the rooms are basic but serviceable and the cost is 15,000 $ GYD (75 $ USD).

    Back to hotel is 2 options: 2 hours is 30,000 $ GYD (150 $ USD) or 4 hours is 50,000 $ GYD (250 $ USD).

    I thought both of those as extremely high for this part of the world and was not really interested. Until I saw one specific girl who was literally my idea of perfection.

    Decide ah what the hell? We only live once! And I took the plunge.

    Went all in and got the 4 hours to go back to my hotel: payment is handled at the club, upstairs with security at the same place where the ST rooms are. She got dressed and we went back to my place.

    Service was great! She was very eager and enthusiastic. We showered together, I got a massage, very good very deep BBBJ and then all kinds of positions for round 1. Another quick shower, a couple of drinks and back at it again. Very eager and enthusiastic about DATY (I know some guys say it's gross with WGs but I love it and make sure to wash well when we're in the shower together) and then probably the hottest reverse CG I've ever had for round 2. Dozed off for a bit and woke up back to see its almost time for her to leave. Tried to coax my way into round 3 but she said the manager would not be happy if she was late.

    Overall unhappy with the amount I spent but the age old adage remains as true as ever: you get what you pay for! Great night!

    Will be back again before Christmas and looking to try Baroom Bar or if anybody else has any suggestions for both mongering and non mongering places.

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    Sureman, any advice?

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    SureMan, thanks for your info. I have been told that close to Ross Street there are clubs where alot of the Brazilians Party and hang out. Was hoping to sample the Brazilian Flavour.

    Do you have links with working girls, classy girls, non pro type girles for GFE? If so what is the price for entire night? What is the quality of the DR Girls?

    Lastly do you know if Marriott or Pegasus is Girl friendly?

    PM me if you wish.

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    Can help

    Quote Originally Posted by TripAdvisor15  [View Original Post]
    Brothers in Guyana,

    What is the scene like in Georgetown lately? What is the quality and prices of the Brazilians there now?

    Not much brazo here but DR girls.

    Price around $75 USD at the bars.

    The clubs around GT you can find WG.

    Also at Demico roof garden ladies are around.

    I wiil get membership here as I live here.


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    Brazilians in Guyana

    Brothers in Guyana,

    What is the scene like in Georgetown lately? What is the quality and prices of the Brazilians there now?

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    May come to GT End of November

    Hey guys,

    May come to GT end of November with a few like minded fellows.

    Would like to get a hold of you AmerIndian maybe to get some guidance.

    I notice I can't send you private messages.

    How can we speak about some particulars?

    Anyone else that can help feel to contact me.

    Hit me back please!

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    LOL. I tried to tell you. That place sucks!

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    Going back a week early

    If you've got while skin you'll pay a minimum of $50.00 for an hour or even a half hour. I did have a few laughs at Rocky's where you drink outside with the girls. Other than that and the ease of talking their form of English I would rather save my money for Colombia or Brazil. I came, I screwed, I fled.

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    Bottom Feeder arrived!

    I stood in line for 45 minutes at immigration and finally took a taxi in to town to find a hotel. With my famous luck it was Emancipation Day and all the hotels were booked except for the Millennium Manor. $100 per night. That is a record for the highest I've ever paid so I'll be moving as soon as the crowd clears out. Last night I found an Indian girl, Monica in front of the Karioki bar and brought her back to the bar at the hotel then spent an hour in the sack for $50. Nice service with nice attitude. Oh yeah, earlier I visited the Baroomba bar with its beautiful girls but it was too expensive and for just 30 minutes. A taxi guy told me of several other cheap places he'll show me tonight.

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