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    Cash at any Casa de Cambios. New $100 bills.

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    Thank you David! Despite some initial misunderstanding and short notice, a slim lady in her mid-20's showed up, normal face with remote Chinese influence, harmonious body and. What a good surprise! -some hair. I am not as gifted as Mango Head in writing up my experiences, but I can say that I had a good time and we talked quite a bit. In bed she initially seemed a little bit in a hurry, but improved over time and we had another very inspiring conversation afterwards. She studies English and is preparing her final exam to pass it some time soon.

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    Aloha All!

    Sorry for this noob question: Although I have been to Lima a few times, it has been a few years. I was just wondering what is the best way to change about $500 USD to Peruvian Nuevo Soles. In the past, I have used an ATM but hate paying the fee & it's limited to about $200 per transaction for me. Yes, I have RTFF but didn't find any recent info about this. What is better: cash or T / see? Thank you in advance for your help.

    I will be in LIM Oct 28 & 29. Please PM if anyone wants to meet up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MangoHead  [View Original Post]
    As far as I'm concerned, this was a great experience and probably the closest thing I have had to real girlfriend sex in 15 years. Now that I have her contact information, I definitely plan on seeing her again before I leave.
    How much money did you give her for 4 hours?

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    Videos XXX and normal

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPan2  [View Original Post]

    On previous visits to Lima I used to go to Polvos Azules to pick up DVD's (normal and X rated) to view with the girls in my apartment. I just like to watch movies. On the net I saw a report that PA was raided for these pirate DVD's. Does anyone know if this is true? Are all the stalls then closed? Or has trade in the mean time returned to normal? If not does anybody know a good alternative to find these DVD's in Lima? I will be there November 6-21.

    Still there just under the counter.


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    Question on DVD's


    On previous visits to Lima I used to go to Polvos Azules to pick up DVD's (normal and X rated) to view with the girls in my apartment. I just like to watch movies. On the net I saw a report that PA was raided for these pirate DVD's. Does anyone know if this is true? Are all the stalls then closed? Or has trade in the mean time returned to normal? If not does anybody know a good alternative to find these DVD's in Lima? I will be there November 6-21.


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    Beer tonight. Friday 17th Octomber 2014

    I'm going for a beer tonight at 9:00 pm with a couple of party girls.

    Anyone in Lima who would like to join me is welcome.

    No obligation for nothing just pay for your own drinks?

    Pm me if interested and I will give you the location.


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    Visiting lima for a week

    Hey David,

    I'm in Miraflores for a week. Please let me know if you can help me out with some girls all week.




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    Final day and some summary information

    Packing for home. One final giant thank you to David for all his help. HE introduced me to four outstanding ladies over the past few days, and every one of them is a true gem. In chronological order, they included:

    Lady number one: the firecracker. Passionate with excellent English and a lot of fun to hang around with. Mid to late 20's? But fit as a fiddle and very strong in all relevant muscle groups. Wild abandon and intensity in the sack. Saw her three times, including once as a duo with lady two. Probably my favorite in terms of all-around fun.

    Lady number two: the twenty something mom. A real sweetheart with eyes that stare into your soul. A gentle and tender partner in the sack. Some English but limited. Saw her twice.

    Lady number three: the true girlfriend. Despite very little English, a charming person to spend time with in and out of the sack. Probably the top sexual encounter of my life in terms of feeling like I was sleeping with a real lover. Saw her three times.

    Lady number four: the student. A stunningly beautiful Peruana. According to David, does not meet as many friends as the others. I was a bit unsure how this one would turn out, thinking she might be shy and reticent. But a real stunner, and passionate in the sack. Willing to take the lead. Best BJ of my life. Tragically only got to see her once.

    Everyone of these ladies provided true GFE companionship that is among the very best I have ever experienced.

    So in summary, Peru has been an excellent trip. If you want to hit up David's generosity, go to his forum and read all of the threads very carefully. He is swamped with requests, and following his directions to a T will make things work out. And as always, respect the ladies. It is not only the right thing to do, but will pay off handsomely.

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    Holiest of Holy's

    I have had some great sex with various Eastern European nationalities, particularly my lovely Romanians from FKK land, plus the odd Canadian. Some of those experiences count among my all-time favorite sexual encounters. But I would never move to Romania or Canada, whereas I'm pretty sure that I will be moving to Peru. There must be some catchphrase along the lines of "once you go Peruana. "

    But first, let me just say that David is going way way beyond the call of duty in organizing his help from Asia. It's one thing to lend a helping hand when you're in your hometown and can manage various logistical challenges, but doing it from 12 hours away while trying to enjoy your own holiday? This is Mother Theresa caliber charity work. At this point, if he needed some help in the ISIS controlled territory of Iraq or Ebola infested Liberia, I would head the advance party to make sure he was hooked up.

    Onto the narrative. Sunday morning found a message that it was going to be difficult to coordinate the fourth and final introduction at noon that day. I figured oh well, I had already arranged for a repeat with lady number one for that evening, and figured that I could slow down the pace a little bit. It actually turned out for the best however, because by 10 AM I was dealing with a series of home fires started by some idiots who took advantage of the cat being away to nearly blow up the office. I spent most of the day cleaning up the mess via email, but also eagerly looking forward to my 8 PM repeat with lady number one. As usual, Lima traffic interceded, but she was only about 20 minutes late. We had a lovely dinner at Tanta, which I can highly recommend, and then returned home for fun and games. This time I was able to last quite a lot longer than the 3 minutes that I lasted on day 1, and the sex was intense. One notable change from our first encounter was that on day one she drank most of a bottle of wine before we started, which resulted in some pretty intense and sloppy DFK, whereas Sunday she was sticking with juice and was a bit more refined. Fine by me. But refined in the context of lady number one is still quite a hot tamale. Afterwards, I gave her a long gentle massage, which she really seems to appreciate, thanking me profusely via text ever since.

    For today, David had arranged a special treat for 8 PM this evening. A young, and relatively inexperienced student who does not meet too many visitors. Meanwhile, I had arranged a repeat with lady number three for 2 PM. I won't go into the logistical mishaps that followed, but it proved quite a day where I nearly had two ladies showing up at the same time, completely unaware of the other, and it nearly happened twice! Luckily it all got sorted out, and lady number three showed up exactly at two.

    I am unsure what happened to lady number three over the 36 hours since I last saw her, but during our first meeting she was probably the most reserved of David's friends. I had chalked it up to language difficulties, but I still had such a wonderful time with her, that I arranged for the repeat. But today it was like the most passionate lover that you ever had arriving at your door. From the moment she entered the room, she had this shy but intense look that seemed to scream "I want you. " I did manage to slow her down, and we chatted for a while via google chat and broken Spanglish about various beautiful places in Peru before she grabbed my arm and said something exotic sounding. The meaning was clear.

    What followed was simply the best GFE sex I have ever had in my entire life. I really can't describe it, the passion and intensity was so overwhelming that at one point I had to stop and pretend to go to the bathroom just to calm down a little bit. I even flushed the toilet before heading back to the bed, although there was no good reason to other than to maintain the fiction that I actually had to go. The only other thing I'll say is that my previous comment about BJs in Peru was completely invalidated.

    Lady number three stayed for well over three hours. The first half hour of chitchat, then a solid two hours of acrobatics, followed by an hour of extremely tender caressing and cuddling. It goes without saying that I will see her again tomorrow.

    By now it was getting on toward 6 PM, and I only had two hours to recover, shower, make the bed, and get ready for the fourth and final introduction. Lady number four proved among the most punctual of David's friends, ringing the apartment buzzer at 7:58 PM. When I opened the door, I was facing one of the most attractive people I've seen in Peru. She is tall and thin, with long dark hair and an amazing set of beautiful eyes. Not so good at guessing ages, but probably 18 to 20. Best of all, as I was to discover later, she is unshaven down there. We chatted a while via Google translator but it was not easy, although she seemed to be enjoying the conversation and my periodic swearing at the uncooperative tablet. Finally she indicated that it was time to take a shower, and off we went. We started with some outstanding DFK, after which I went dining at the holiest of holy's. The response was intense. After a good 10 minutes of that, she swung her body around and went after the little mango, which was ripe and ready for attention. I rarely do BBBJ, but the first sensation as she took me in her mouth was so exquisite that I did not stop her. I forget just how awesome this activity is, and she was very very good.

    Holy shit, I'm going to have to stop here for a few minutes because just thinking about it has made my head spin.

    Ok, we're recovered. The rest of the session was lovely. I seemed to have quite a lot of reserve stamina, and we rocked and rolled in many positions for a long time. Afterwards, we both took showers and she was off with a long tight hug and gentle kiss.

    So those of been my last two days. I have rather enjoyed them. Tomorrow is also looking very promising. First up, at 9 AM, ladies number one and two will be joining me to break my duo virginity. Then at some point in the afternoon, my third visit with lady three.

    Buenas noches,


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    David your inbox is full

    Hey David,

    I responded to your PM, but your inbox is full.

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    My turn come Monday!

    Good report! I get to Lima on Monday afternoon and am there until Thursday morning. David has helped me in the past and I am looking forward to his assistance this time as well! In my opinion, without him, Lima just would not be the same.

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    More adventures

    So day number two came and went, and along with it two more of David's friends.

    First up was a young mother who arrived promptly at one. She has a stunningly cute face, and the kind of small but deliciously squeezable body that I love. She claimed her English was very poor, but she was surprisingly communicative, and we had no trouble carrying on a conversation over wine and snacks. David had alerted me that she is great friends with girl number one from yesterday, and that I should not be surprised if she mentioned her. Of course the topic came up, and she let me know that they had already been talking about me and flattered my ego a bit by saying that girl number one had been raving. Might just be a ploy to organize a duo, but who cares, all of this is just a giant fantasy anyway. And suddenly a duo sounds really interesting. This would be my first experience with one, and I can't think of two ladies who I would rather have break my virginity in that regard.

    Anyway, we chatted for close to an hour, before she took the lead and marched into the bedroom, cocking her head over her shoulder to look at me on the sofa with an extraordinary "come hither young man" look. I am by no means a young man anymore, but in the moment my metabolism felt like it was 18 years old. That surge of adrenaline propelled me out of the couch, where I immediately tripped over one of my shoes, and banged into the door of the bedroom. What a stud! Either she played it cool, or did not notice, so much relieved I collapsed on the bed.

    As to the nitty-gritty, I would once again say that this was excellent and passionate sex. The DFK was not quite as deep as with lady number one, but it was tender and seemed to last for hours. I was in heaven. She has the wonderful body of a 20 something mother, with enormous succulent natural breasts, and I just wanted to stroke and caress her for the rest of the night. Reluctantly, I eventually forced my hands and mouth to stop acting like a hormonally challenged pubescent teenager, and donned a cap for the final act. It was exquisite tender sex.

    Meanwhile, David had messaged me asking if I might be interested in a girl with a particular set of physical characteristics for that evening's appointment. HE said she was relatively new and needed his help given a financial emergency. I was intrigued, and said yes. As the day progressed however it turned out that she had backed out while HE was asleep, and HE was very apologetic. I had no idea why HE would be apologetic, Life happens. I never had any doubt that whatever knocked on my door would be a wonderful encounter. From 12 time zones away HE managed to organize a replacement on very short notice, and exactly at 8 PM she rang the bell.

    Friend number three was simply a stunner. She spoke the least English of any thus far, but immediately we got Google translator set up on my tablet and on her phone and carried on quite a conversation about her travels, my work, and other chitchat. Of all the girls, this was the one where I was most impatient to get done with the conversation and onto the main course. She had that smoking hot short Peruvian tight but squeezable body, and I wanted an all access pass. She must've sensed this, so after sharing a cigarette on the balcony she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bedroom. It's been quite cold in the apartment, so I found a big thick comforter in the closet and we snuggled up beneath it. Once again, passionate and tender DFK for what seemed like hours. This was followed by some relatively straightforward missionary and cowgirl activities that resulted in me popping earlier than I had hoped. We collapsed under the comforter and cuddled for a few more minutes. She was the first of the three to start dressing and get ready to leave fairly soon after the act. No problemo, I was exhausted and ready for sleep.

    So that is three experiences thus far, and one more introduction scheduled for today at 1. And I must say, that all three experiences I've simply been outstanding GFE style sex. I am in heaven. I have already contacted lady number one about a repeat visit, and will probably do the same with several of the others.

    Just a couple of observations based on my admittedly low-and sample size.

    1) There's something funky and cool about the legs on Peruvian ladies. They're so short and you almost feel like you are holding a toy when grabbing their legs when engaged in the missionary position. I find it charming.

    2) BJ, whether covered or uncovered, does not seem to be high on the priority list. I never asked for it from any of the three, and only one made a halfhearted attempt prior to moving on to the final act. Not a real problem for me, but maybe I just need to be a little bit more specific in my requests. I don't actually make any requests at all, and just let things unfold as they may. Maybe I need to provide a bit more direction?

    3) DATY, on the other hand, really gets these girls soaking wet and horny. I have given plenty of DATY to pros over the years, and would say that on average, about one in three will respond this way. Here I am batting 1000.

    Oh, and one other thing. I have no idea why the form always forces capitalization of the word "HE". I am not typing it that way. It makes it read kind of funny.

    So with one more new introduction scheduled at midday today, I then confront the tragic problem of deciding how to coordinate repeats over the next few days. It's a tough life, but somebody has to lead it.

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    Tequila suck, er, rock

    I went to tequila rock with my girlfriend. I convinced her to bang a girl with me and when my friend was unable to make it, my girlfriend was still interested.

    So we went to tequila rock to find a willing partner. What a fucking dud.

    First off there were perhaps three beddable girls among the 30 or more there on a Saturday night. They each got less beddable drawing closer to them and even less so talking to them. One flat out shot down the idea of a three-way, one feigned interest but seemed rather mechanical and one was a mix of obnoxiousness and boredom. All wanted 500 soles for about 90 minutes of action. Cover was 40 soles (80 for both of us). Drinks were about 12 soles I think, twice that for the girls. The waitresses were extremely annoying, periodically shining flashlights on our drinks to make sure they had something in them. This was presumably to harass us about more drinks if there was not. What kind of Bush league shit is that? One daft **** kept offering us both tequila shots and pretty aggressively, even though we'd established neither of us drank liquor.

    I just found this place to be absolute shit. Poor ambiance, lousy selection, shitty attitudes, horrible service and high prices. I'd rather hang out in some divey sint maarten shithole with a bunch of middle aged dominicans who were 6000 fucks into a 3000 fuck pussy.

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    First time in Peru

    So I landed Saturday at 1 am or so and was transported to my hotel. I had contacted David a day or 2 prior to me leaving the states and not knowing he wasn't in Peru until HE responded with his two post, being out of Peru and his list, I responded quickly explaining my situation. And I got to say without giving to much detail away about me personally, I am travelling with a group and have a roommate in my hotel room. I asked for some suggestions from David on some work around and HE provided me with a a location not to far from me that I can rent out. Talking back and forth with him we setup a date for tomorrow and I am looking forward to it.

    But since I had about 6 hours of available free time I decided to go find some action tonight and after reading the other sections of this board and hearing about Las Cucardas, I figured why the hell not. Got a good taxi to drive me out there, HE spoke decent English, parked when we got there walked me to the door made sure I got in ok and told me to give him a call when I was done. HE was reasonable as from my location HE only charged me 15 soles which was fair. So going inside was certainly something that I've never experienced before. Walking through that door was like walking into a different world, which I guess from back home in the US it pretty much is. I walked around for a bit this is now about 7 pm on a Saturday night, and man was this place jumping. I counted through my walk around about 20-30 girls working although it was kinda hard to tell as door were closed and occasionally you could hear noises coming from the other side. There were a few girls at both the bars that I'm not sure if they were working there or not but they were certainly dressed like they were. One approached me for a takeaway but like I mentioned earlier that's not really possible. BTW the door fee is 35 soles includes the condom and a beer. Finally after having a beer and through talking with the bartender and giving him a little tip he pointed me in the direction of this smoking hot little chica I would honestly say about 8.5 or 9 out of 10. She spoke moderate English and to be honest there wasn't really much talking going on. The minute the door closed and locked we exchanged names, got some prep out of the way and as soon as the business side of things (100 soles) where taking care of and we both partook in some mouthwash it was pretty much a frenzy of her pulling off my clothes and exploring. I'm telling you what this girl was an absolute wildfire. First time I've seen a girl squirt which was something that took me for a bit of a shock. Anyways, I do suggest if for some reason you fail to contact David or Sly or you find yourself with some unoccupied time on your hands and have an itch. Give it a go, make sure you have a good taxi guy though as they dang near bum rush ya when you are coming out of the place. If this week plays out as well as I think it will this will be a very exciting and fulfilling week for me.

    Looking forward to tomorrow and I will post more when I can.

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