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    Dick Head has no clue!

    Dick Head does not know what he is talking about! He was not there! Maria / Aurora on the AP (Argentine Private) board had tried to rip-off several members. I was the first one to call her out on this! It's that simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny12  [View Original Post]
    Hilarious! There's no need to worry or speculate. Recalling Hollywood's and David's comments about Aurora and Toymann respectively, I'd say both men are very logical and fair-minded so should have absolutely no problem getting along well.

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    Hello David and members of the Lima, Peru board!

    I am here visiting Lima for a few days in which I do on a yearly basis. I also visit try to Asuncion, Paraguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    For several years now David has kindly taken time to set me up with his girlfriends who are struggling university students in order to help them with their studies. All have treated me very well and I only had one mix-up in which the lady had an emergency. I always tell David to not worry should one of his friends cancel or not show up. I can always take a bus to the Uni Centro Mall and then take a taxi to Cucardas or Trocadero since I have never visited either one. I have never had the need to go there as I have been always busy with David's girlfriends.

    For those Newbies to Lima, after touch down at LIM (Jorge Chavez International) you get in line for your immigration stamp. It can get very crowded as it seems all flights arrive at the same time just after mid-night. After you go through immigration you pick up your bags from the carrousel then get in line for the X-ray machine. Give your Declarations form to the officer and after the X-ray machine you pick up your bags and then you go straight out the doors. Reminder not to rent a cellphone from the young ladies of the rental company nor buy a SIM card at the Claro Kiosk as both charge tremendously high prices. Buy your SIM card in town at the Claro office for 8 Soles. I purchased my SIM card at the Claro office on Larco in Miraflores the other day but the Activation system was down and it took a day-and-a-half to Activate. Also bring an unlocked, 4 band cellphone which you can buy cheaply on so you won't have to buy a phone here.

    If you do not have any Peruvian, Soles I suggest that you use a Debit card from one of the Investment Brokers like E Trade, Fidelity or Charles Schwab as they return all fees and taxes and withdrawal the Soles from an ATM at the airport. You also can exchange Dollars at one of the Cambios. The Dollar was getting 3 Soles Pervian to 1 USD in most of the Cambios I passed in Miraflores today.

    If you do not have transportation, ignore the independent taxis and go straight to the Green Taxi service called "Taxi Green" and pay at the kiosk almost at the exit door to your right. The cost was 50 Soles to Miraflores. The costs are posted on the board there.

    From LIM airport we went to several sides streets in neighborhoods which did not look too safe. Finally we met the sea road and it was smooth sailing to Miraflores. It took about 30 minutes. Remember when going back there may be horrendous traffic so I usually leave myself about 3 hours before flight time. You also have to get in line to Check-in, then go through Immigration and finally through Security so 3 hours is about right in my opinion.

    Staying at one of the apartments is better if you are staying more than a few days and you don't have to go through your hotel's security to bring your lady friend to your room. It is more economical also depending where you stay.

    There are many places to meet ladies, read back maybe one year's posts to get a good idea of what is trending. David_33 also helps members with introductions. He does not get anything out of this, just helping his girlfriends and members on this board. Thanks again David for your help, I really appreciate you setting me up over the years. Hollywood.

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    Thanks again David! Senorita #2

    Wow, I had another great time today with Senorita #2! Petite in stature, pretty face with bronze colored skin, she was quite talkative and very interesting to chat with. In bed she was a quite aggressive and to the point! She really knew how to make a man happy! Highly recommended and I will surely repeat again! Hollywood.

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    Thanks David! Senorita #1!

    Thanks David very much for setting me up with Senorita #1 yesterday. Taller than most of the ladies I have seen here over the years, very pretty face and perfectly proportioned body. Having bronze colored skin she wore no makeup as she did not need any. Very gentle and very sensual I had a very good time. Recommended and I will repeat next time I'm in town. Thanks again, Hollywood.

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    Peru Forum Moderator

    Quote Originally Posted by Dickhead  [View Original Post]
    Is Hollywood 124 going to try to fuck David 33's chicas for candy bars like he did in Buenos Aires? Inquiring minds want to know.
    So far he has happily paid cash. I don't think there will be any issues. He has visited a few times before and hasn't caused any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickhead  [View Original Post]
    Is Hollywood 124 going to try to fuck David 33's chicas for candy bars like he did in Buenos Aires? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Hilarious! There's no need to worry or speculate. Recalling Hollywood's and David's comments about Aurora and Toymann respectively, I'd say both men are very logical and fair-minded so should have absolutely no problem getting along well.

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    Is Hollywood 124 going to try to fuck David 33's chicas for candy bars like he did in Buenos Aires? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Peru Forum Moderator

    No problem. Welcome back to Lima. By the way, my "family" consists of three parrots which hate me.

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    Thanks in Advance David!

    Hello David,

    I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas and that you all have a nice 2015 New Year! I'm here in Lima and if you are not too busy if you could set me up with some of your friends. Over the years you have always helped me with some comfort and cheer! You don't know how much you have helped me and I really appreciate your kind thoughtfulness. You have Work, Family and then you go out of your way to help us members on this board. Thanks again, report to follow, Hollywood.

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    Wonderful preview of Lima

    Wonderful preview of Lima before travelling.

    Will be there on June 2015 and now I know what a good life it can be.

    David & friends. I am sure you'll be helpful.

    Keep up the good work.


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    LOL. Well right now I'm finishing up a dual masters program, and working towards my Ph. The. I was able to be a guest lecturer at San Ignacio de Loyola University, and meet some good contacts there that might lead to a position there. But that being said I still have about 5-7 years left here in the states before I'm done with all of that. Seriously though absolutely loved Lima.

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    Peru Forum Moderator

    Thanks Sgt, that was a great report. It seems you had an excellent time in Miraflores, congratulations on winning some money in the casino. I really didn't understand about your shrapnel situation until you explained it to me after your meeting with the first girl. After that I could focus on a "cowgirl" position chica and things went better for you. If you decide you want to come live in Peru I'll sell you my company.

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    My trip (belated update)

    I wanted to say thank you to David. It was amazing what he did for me on somewhat short notice as I had just learned about this site shortly before my trip. This review is from back in October so yes I'm sorry it has been very delayed, but unfortunately when we get back to the states well life has a way of keeping you occupied with other things. Due to my business schedule as my trip was not for just pleasure I was only able to meet up with 3 girls during my trip.

    If you look back a couple of pages you can see my post about the first night I was there.

    The first girl I meet was Miss A, spinner body easy to talk to and very friendly. After talking for a bit we both decided it was past talking time. Starting with a rather well performed BBBJ, we moved forward onto other things and we did have alot of fun, and due to me being peppered with Shrapnel in my back while some things where wonderful other things made it a bit difficult for me. Both of us had a lot of fun though. I felt like such an ass afterward though, as I had set the money aside and I had 2 stacks one was for her and the other was just leftover change. I grabbed the stack and gave it to here. Turns out she called me about 20 minutes later and said I had given her less than the agreed amount. I was mortified. She came back to the hotel though and I then proceeded to make amends by adding extra to the original agreed upon amount. Lest I could do.

    The second girl while not exactly set up by David, David did point me in the right direction for a very specific request I had, and I certainly had a blast with her for about 2 hours. It was certainly a first time experience for me in this regard and something I wouldn't be opposed to if the right situation came along again.

    The third girl was Miss A, a firecracker and after a slight miss-communication on the day we were to meet, we got together on my last day in Lima. She spoke a lot less English but hell that was half the fun trying to communicate, through Google Translate and at one point both of us just showing each other on certain things which was amazing all in itself. She was very understanding with my physical limitations and had no problem taking the lead. And lead did she. She certainly blew my mind, I've never experienced a girl move, gyrate, and enjoy sex more than this girl. After round 1 we both hopped in the shower to cool off a bit then just laid and talked a bit. Then she was ready for round 2. Round 2 she actually asked for me to CIM as I was getting close, and of course being the fine upstanding gentleman that I am couldn't say no to such a wonderful request. Laying breathless as this time she damn near stole every ounce of breath I had in me. We decided to hop in the shower again as we both had worked up a bit of a sweat. Got out and I will be damned if she wasn't wanting to go a 3rd round. I was rather unsure if my body could take another but she was very insistent and well after a bit of work on both of our parts round 3 closed and I damn near at this point was at heart attack stage. I wanted to stand up and take a bow and give her a standing ovation for a performance unequaled. I did end up tipping her rather generously at the end of our meeting and as it was my final day in Lima and I had no use for the phone I had purchased while I was there due to my supposedly unlocked by AT&T phone not working, I gladly cleared it, wiped out all the data and kept the SIM and passed the phone along to her. It was actually an upgrade from what she originally had, and to me she was worth every bit that I gave plus.

    All that being said I kind of fell in love with Lima. While a bit humid that I can get used to but the weather was great, the people very nice, and well ya the women.

    I am seriously considering trying to find employment in the area and although it will be a couple of years from now when that will happen, I am certainly keeping it open as an option.

    After the second girl I left her appt and went to one of the casino's and sat down at a card table, had no clue on what I was playing or how to play it. A older gentleman took pity on me and sat down next to me and started explaining the game. I still really didn't understand it, but this guy was awesome. Talking with the casino staff, most of them coming up and giving him hugs, him introducing me to the pit bosses and the dealers and such. It was crazy, I wasn't sure who the guy was but after about 2 hours of talking and at this point with his help being up about 4 k soles from where I started, a prego pit boss came over and was talking with him. He asked me to join him and we stepped away from the table, turns out this guy is part owner for the freaking casino, Blew my mind. He ended up taking me around the town that night and I didn't touch another dime of my money the entire night and whatever I won he let me keep. Crazy dude, after it was all said and done and about 5 am we exchanged contact info as he wanted to introduce me to his daughter, who was looking for work in the US. After talking some more throughout the next couple of days, I found out his daughter does not live to terribly far away from my home town. Was very surprised, but we have meet up a few times since being back in the states. I just actually got her a job in the local area using one of my contacts. So all that being said, I had one hell of a trip and I can't wait to at least visit again.

    Thank you again David, you my good sir are an amazing man.

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    Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!

    Dear David,

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!

    Sorry for not writing earlier, I've had a bad case of the flu. I do want to thank you for over the years helping me out when visiting LIM (Lima, Peru). You have selfishly worked hard to provide me and the other members on this board with a helping hand. And you have never asked anyone for anything. Not one cent. Furthermore, you have gone out of your way to help us when you are on vacation which sometime can be 12-15 hours difference from LIM. I get worried that your over-stress yourself while helping us! And contrary to what this guy Rjsss12 says of you, you are just helping all of your friends out. You understand that we live in "Sex Prison" that you want to help us members out with a little Rest and Relaxation. BTW, I do want to speak to Rjsss12 personally, how about if we meet for some beers, my treat, please PM me and let's get together. Thanks again David and see you soon!

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    Charity Super Bowl party in Lima


    This is a cross post, so admins, let me know if this is OK.

    Come and join the fun this Feb. 1st for a Super Party in Miraflores, Lima!


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