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    A delayed Brussels report

    Hi dear friends,

    I have decided to write my report just after I have returned back from Brussels trip, while the topic was hot for me, but due to work load I forget about it until I start to read the forum again for a trip to Frankfurt. I got many useful information from this site for all my trips and so I decided to write a delayed report about my Brussels trip to have a positive contribution to the forum.

    My report will have information for three different locations, Cocoon (A swinger club, at least so called), LE Bermuda (for me it was a sauna club) and finally RLD area. To make a long story short I will try to give brief summaries for these places. And I am planing to make a more detailed report for especially Cocoon later.

    I went to Cocoon as my first location. I was there at 15:30 on Sunday which is a gang bang day for Cocoon so as it mentioned in their web page you have a definite male plurality. The management was friendly, they give a brief info about the rules which was mainly focused on not being drunk, having drinks only in the bar area, a little bit about privacy.

    In the attached file you can find a simplified layout plan of the club. I tried to make it as accurate as I remember. I won't give details about my sessions but I can summarize it as I have a threesome with a couple, a session with a big MILF who was there with her BF, but he didn't joined us and two sessions with Alina 6/10 (good standard session but nothing especial worth to mention here) and Francesca 7 or 8/10 (a sexy MILF, fantastic long session possibly over 1. 5 hour with lots of passionate DFK, definitely something hard to forget about). At the beginning of the day the atmosphere was something like a f**k factory, with several guys waiting their turn for the two girls (Sacha and Alina) nonstop servicing one after the other. After a while as some guys left, the atmosphere has slow down to, people having sex or teasing here and there or chatting in the bar or smoking areas. Bottom of all I can say it was worth 130 E that I paid as an entry. As an additional information there was a stair going upper floor just behind the bar, but I didn't have a chance to check if it is for just couples or open to everyone. But in the entrance they didn't mention anything that this area is for couples. Also In the lay out you can see a small sauna but at that day it was not available.

    After having 2 nights without any mongering activity on my last night I visited LE Bermude, it was about 22:00 when I arrived, at the entrance I paid 30 E as entry for 4 hours. It was a very calm day I saw only 3 guys one was just leaving when I entered the lockers room, other one was an old guy chating with a lady (she was on her way from MILF to granny) and after a short while both has disappearedafter I had some sauna sessions I saw the lady but never saw the guy again, I saw the last guy on shower after one of my sauna sessions, he was with another lady who was a definitely MILF. For the female side I saw 4 ladies, one who seems as the owner of the place an old lady with a bikini top, one black girl who I have met at the entrance in my arrival, only interaction between us was her smile when I opened the door for her and my smile in return (she was on the fat side which is not my type but has a beautiful smile), one lady who I mentioned before as a MILF near to granny, and the last lady is the MILF I mentioned before as the one with the guy I saw in showers. We had chat with her before I saw her in the showers, after a while of nice chatting she offered me massage for 100 E for half hour and 150 E for one hour. As a bottom line since there were reports informing better action only one visit maybe not enough for a judgement but there was nothing for me except having some sauna sessions and drinking Belgium beer between these sessions. On the other hand on upper floors (305; am not sure but there were 3 or 4 floors) there were plenty of rooms for both private sessions and group actions which may be a sign for better days for mongering.

    I left at 00:30 am I decided to walk to my hotel which was half hour distance by walking. On the way to hotel at street Luizalaan there were some street walkers some were 8 or 9/10 who are offering one hour FS for 100 E which seems a better deal than to have massage for half hour for 100 E or one hour for 150 E in LE Bermude. Maybe next time I can ask one of the street walker to join me in La Bermude, (I am not sure if the management will accept that situation), but for that night it was not a good idea to take one of them to my hotel while my boss was sleeping in the next room, so I passed them with a smile or with some short chating.

    After I arrived hotel probably because of some stunning SW's and lack of action in LE Bermude I feel horny so decided to visit Rue des Commercants, it was almost 01:30 am when I was there but I didn't see anyone except some trannies and ugly girls, which made me disappointed and I headed to RLD. I think it was about 2:00 am when I arrived Rue D'Aerschot. I walked all the street to the end and turned back the scene is same as it is mentioned in many posts. Some hot stunning girls 8-9/10 and some 6-7/10. Some trying to attract your attention by knocking the window, some just sitting and watching the street, some doing something with her cellphone. There were plenty of guys, some groups some single ones. Despite it was late in night I didn't see anything that can be judged as a threat. No body tried to approach me or even say a word. So I felt confident so decided to have look at back streets for other options. There were lots of black girls, majority of them were not my taste mainly because they have extra weights or they were ugly or both but also there were some slim ones which are not stunning but OK or good for my taste. Definitely girls in the back streets were much more eager to have a client when they were compared with the ones on Rue D'Aerschot. Back streets were definitely desolate so at first I felt a little uncomfortable but after a few minutes I get used to this situation so I feel confident in that area too. Like LE Bermude, one visit to RLD at late night may be not enough to say it is completely safe but at least I didn't have any thing that let me decide not to come here at that time again. After have a walk all the area at least once for each street, I decided to pay at least one visit to one of the two black girl, one slim with long legs with white stockings (which is a turn on for me), and nice face, firm ass, small boobs, 7/10 for my taste, and the other a shorter but petite one with a beautiful face and reasonable boobs again a 7/10. They were in the adjacent windows, I decided to go to the one with stockings but she was talking on phone and within a few seconds other one caught my eyes and invite me to the door. She offered 30 E for suck and fuck which was almost standard for the back streets (it was 40 E for the girls at Rue D'Aerschot). I told her 50 for a non rushed service with BBBJ and covered FS, she accepted so entered her room and before I let the money I confirmed that she won't pressure me to cum as fast as possible and won't ask for any additional payment. She accepted and give hug and kiss on the neck so I let the money. Before she take it she told me that if I pay 80 E we can have two pops with a massage between and no time limitation.

    For me two pops generally means minimum 1 hour action so with a massage the offer was a GFE session for approximately 1. 5 hour with 2 pops and for only 80 E so I accepted and add 30 E to the money and let it to the girl. Session was perfect, surprisingly she has one of the tightest pussy that I have been in, so my first pop was surprisingly fast. After first session I asked if we can use her shower and she accepted. After a short shower together we had some cuddling, massage for both of us, and a long BBBJ we started for the second pop which was much longer that half hour. During the second session when I was near to finish she only asked for missionary because she was tired so I can say that she definitely did what was our deal. It was almost 5 am when she was giving me a goodbye kiss. Over all the session was a level of a good FKK session. Only turn off was the room it self, which I can not say it was a clean one. As a bottom line for Brussel RLD, I was well satisfied, I never feel unsafe, maybe a little worried at first few moments of my back street recon but rest of the time I was comfortable. Probably because it was late night and there were not much possible clients around but many girls available, there was no reason for her to hurry about sending me so she offered such a deal which 10 E less than having there guys for standard service. I am not sure if 3 different guys has passed in front of her window while we were in the room. As I mentioned before one visit is not enough to make a judgement as it is safe even at late night but at least I can say you may have good services at reasonable prices. But also I have to say that I was not drunk at all and at full conscious so maybe I was not a good choice for the ones who were there for duties other than mongering.

    For my next visit to Brussels, Coccon and RLD at late night are the spots that I will pay a visit. Beside these I may try to pay a visit to LE Bermude with a SW if I can have a good deal with one of them but definitely not to visit alone, also 5th Avenue is one of the other spots that I want to pay a visit if I have chance to go at early night.

    It had been a post much longer than I have decided, I hope it would be a useful for others especially the ones who are trying to get some info for their visit. At least I was feeling guilty for not writing this report so I can feel OK about it.
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    5th Avenue

    Quote Originally Posted by ParamAhmad  [View Original Post]
    Does anybody have the exact address for this place?
    Place de l'Yser 5.

    1000 Brussels, Brussels.


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    5th Avenue

    Quote Originally Posted by ParamAhmad  [View Original Post]
    Does anybody have the exact address for this place?
    I don't know the address but coordinates in google earth is 5051'26.30"and 420'56.30".

    I think this may help you to locate the place exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripple67  [View Original Post]
    ....Fifth Avenue. A genuine old style hooker bar near Ijzer metro, with bedrooms upstairs....
    Does anybody have the exact address for this place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbleJab  [View Original Post]
    What are the economics of Bar 5th Avenue? Cost / expectation? Reading on some other blogs and it seems an interesting place.
    Room cost is35/25 an hour (with / out shower). Girls expect 50 + per half hour (maybe less per hour for extended sessions). Not all girls kiss or do BBJ. Skill, charm and allure play a big role in getting a better (that doesn't mean cheaper) deal. I have seen guys pay pretty girls just to drink with them here. I once walked in there with a bunch of flowers (initially designed for something else). Half the girls clapped, cheered, whistled, called me over to their tables. I had my choice of the pack. I didn't get or ask for cheaper service but certainly got better service. And don't mind sharing that trick because I don't go there so often. Bonne chance.

    BTW the best times are afternoon - early evening. After say 2100 the numbers / quality / choice diminishes

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    Costs of 5th Avenue?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ripple67  [View Original Post]
    Fifth Avenue. A genuine old style hooker bar near Ijzer metro, with bedrooms upstairs. I've visited many times but only taken two girls. Neither of whom were very good in the room. But I still think this place has potential. You can talk to the girls in the bar / smoking room and find out if there is chemistry... Ripple67.
    What are the economics of Bar 5th Avenue? Cost / expectation? Reading on some other blogs and it seems an interesting place.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    Also, where can I find mature women around Nord Station?

    What are the cheapest possible rates?

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove references to Transvestites/Transsexuals/SheMales. As provided in the Forum's Posting Guideline, members may not discuss Transvestites / Transsexuals / SheMales. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomrifle  [View Original Post]
    I am first time in Brussels and I already found information on the RLD in Gare Du Nord. But I am nostly interested in clubs, not RLD. Are there in Brussels clubs similar to Germany FKK's or Partytreff's? Alternatively, are there gang bang clubs, or good web sites with ascorts / information?
    Hi Tom. In short not really. I advise against the RLD if you want a quality experience. But there are three other options worth considering.

    1, New Coccon Club does gang bangs between Wed and Sun. My experiences there have been mixed: 50/50 good / bad. Some of the girls are good looking / most willling. But sometimes it just feels like there are just too many men there.

    2. If you want to find an escort try I've taken about 6 girls from here in the past year with about an 80% satisfaction rating. Expect to pay around 150 e per hour for most girls here. You need some French to navigate through the site.

    3. Fifth Avenue. A genuine old style hooker bar near Ijzer metro, with bedrooms upstairs. I've visited many times but only taken two girls. Neither of whom were very good in the room. But I still think this place has potential. You can talk to the girls in the bar / smoking room and find out if there is chemistry. Unfortunatley the level of french / english of many of the girls is quite rudimentary. They seem to be mostly Alnaian / romanian. Though there occasionally latinas and black girls to be found.

    Good luck in your hunting.


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    Brussels clubs

    I am first time in Brussels and I already found information on the RLD in Gare Du Nord. But I am nostly interested in clubs, not RLD. Are there in Brussels clubs similar to Germany FKK's or Partytreff's? Alternatively, are there gang bang clubs, or good web sites with ascorts / information?

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    Chez Naomi:

    50 Euros for 30 min, 75 for 45, and 100 for 1 hour.

    There was only one girl available when I arrived. I should have waited. The Brazilian did the whole non-sexy routine of 'did you come yet', move or change things when they were good. Maybe if I told her to stop and continue in Portuguese. I left without coming. The place seemed to be kept busy with customers.

    Just down the street and around the corner is the place from the really cheap web site that was posted recently.

    I stopped by a few of the Asian massage places. To enter one, you had to be buzzed in the gate. Another it looked like it was someone's house now. A guy was puttering (not puntering) around in the front yard.

    Of course, Marktstraat 1 see in Zaventem in still good, particularly if you like Asians and teasing massages with more on the table, err, um, bed.

    Prices are the same 50 for 30 minutes or 80 for 1 hour. I am sure that BJ and FS are still available. I went for the standard service this time. Jenny (is she is the same as Janine?) is said still to be working there. I think. From Wednesdays through the week. 'be' no longer works there. It is always great to have a hot, cute Asian sliding her oily boobs over you!

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    Black girls in the RLD

    I wondered around the RLD near to the North station and saw on the main route purely white girls, most of them with very slim figures, some with big tits. Although I am not into white girls there were a couple that looked quite tasty. Anyway I then went for a look along Rue de Linne and Rue des Plantes and found plenty of black girls. I wanted to try a heavy set girl and decided on one a little too hastily. She was from Ghana, can't remember her name, with some nice big tits but not much of a personality. Her price was Euro25 but she didn't have change for Euro 30 so I told her to just go ahead. CBJ wasn't too bad, only wanted missionary for the price I paid and when it was over and done with was pretty much rushing me out the door which wasn't a big problem.

    Next up I saw another big breasted girl, so went inside for round two. Again big tits, this time she had quite a nice personality and was happy to chat and hug up. Her name was Alice and was from Nigeria and said she was 40 which looked about right. Fairly good CBJ, and missionary again. Gave her Euro30 and was worth it.

    Before heading to the airport I went back again this time looking for a dark skin girl with slightly Chinese eyes that I saw in I think 117 Linne, but her window was closed so as time was short I headed for the next window. This time another big breasted Ghanian, much better than the first, same deal but only Euro25. Pretty friendly and might repeat if I had more time and made my way through the others. That said I usually like to follow the ladies to the bathroom so I can wash myself off properly afterwards but she gestured for me to go by myself, so in view that had cash in my jeans pockets I declined to go by myself. Always good to be careful.

    I did notice that with all three of these girls they were only trimmed, no shaved clean snatches and none of them wanted to come on top and do any work other than the CBJ.

    Not sure when I would next be in Brussels but would head in the back streets again.

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    LE Val the'Amour

    LE Val the'Amour, Brussels (

    This report was long due. This was my first experience of a swingers club. Although I wouldn't describe it as out of this world, it certainly was off the beaten track. Reached the place at midnight sharp. It's a little difficult to discover unless you are sure as to where it is. Went in to be asked to come back half an hour later. Returned, paid the price of 120 EUR for first timers (Usually 95 EUR) and went upstairs to the locker room to change. With only the underpants on, joined the rest of the crowd in the main room. Sadly, business wasn't good that day and I was sitting around almost naked with 2 other guys and an old lady, being served by the bartender and his lady assistant (She by the way was the hottest and prettiest creature I had laid eyes on this Eurotrip, the kind of beauty you don't just feel like bedding but possessing). Later, 2 couples joined but not much action happened. Apparently business can be very good sometimes with loads of couples coming in and lesser number of singles. I guess I was plain unlucky. Ultimately the old woman signaled to the single men by taking condoms from the condom bowl and moving to a love room. All the singles rushed after her. I followed and stood there watching granny getting torn apart by the pack of hungry wolves. It was quite brutal and finally when all had had their fill, granny changed and left. I couldn't help laughing thinking that granny got a lot more than she would have bargained for. Anyway, one couple wasn't interested in swinging (don't know why they came then). The other couple chose 1 guy and went around having threesomes. The rest of us watched and had our drinks. Overall an enlightening experience since this was my first time.

    P.S. A dinner buffet and unlimited drinks are included in the package. So at least you can get sloshed.

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    You can try vivastreet. Be and cyberotica. Be.

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    You can look on vivastreet. Be. You first choose your region and then you search under the "massage&escort" category.

    There is also:

    Cyberotica. Be.

    Most of them are independent although the general price is around 130 eur an hour, 80 eur half hour.

    I have found some Brazilian who takes 100 eur for an hour.

    If you want a stunner, they won't budge from 130 / hour.

    Some are even asking for 180 eur / hour.

    Try to resist those price in order to maintain the European working girl regulator strategy.

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    Escort web sites for Brussels

    Can anyone recommend escort web sites that cover Belgium. I generally use quartier rouge. Be but can't find anyone who suits me there this week.

    P.S. Mean sites that independents use. Not those from executive 'exclusive', and inevitably overpriced model agencies.

    Many thanks in advance.


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