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Thread: Sofia

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    Sofia notes

    Been visiting Sofia on work for a few years and haven't really played here much but this is my experience for you. Hope it helps.

    1- Strip clubs: Would agree with most on staying away from Fetish, they'll push drinks and extras very aggressively on you. But if you say you don't want to pay that kind of money & just want lap dances or to watch the show and then decide on a woman, they should leave you alone; they need the business like anywhere else and aren't going to throw you out. I recall their lap dances being more expensive than at other clubs. You have to be as aggressive with them at least that's what I did and it worked, but I've only been there once and won't go again because I don't have the patience for that type of pushiness. I think most of the girls will go home with you although I didn't partake as I didn't find any particularly attractive. Cleopatra, Kamasutra and Velvet are better clubs to go to. They are all about the same quality level. I've taken home a few of the more attractive girls from each club and for the most part the sex was pretty lousy, rushed and almost always came with excuses to cut things short. I would also say that the quality of the talent is low at all of the clubs. From all of the clubs I've been to, I've only seen 1 girl I would consider gorgeous. I think it was at either Kamasutra or Velvet. She was super hot with an unreal body and she said that she was only a dancer and wouldn't go home with me so I didn't bother to pursue her. All the other girls are mediocre*and most will go home with you. Some have nice bodies, but their faces leave a lot to be desired and I would rank the talent in Sofia on the very low end of the spectrum. In my experience, the process has been to sit down, order a drink and call on a girl or ask the waitress to send you a girl that you point out. Order her a drink which can cost up to 60 levs and maybe a lap dance to test the chemistry which tends to be around 20 levs; then the discussion begins; with some it's fast and others need will some coaxing. Girls will generally typically walk by or try to make eye contact with you to see if you're interested but they won't tend to be pushy (Fetish on the other hand is a different story).

    2 - Discos & Bars: Slightly better talent pool than the strip clubs but hit or miss and a touch more expensive. Sense hotel rooftop bar or Bedroom, PM, or the club at the Radisson. Generally, I've taken a table with some colleagues and tipped a waiter or bouncer and asked him to send some girls to our table and generally they'll send a few WGs to join your table. Again the quality is perhaps marginally better than at the strip clubs but a touch more expensive because they will have to pay the bouncer / waiter a kick back on the night with you. I later found out that some of those girls post on Alo or topescort and some of the others do work at the strip clubs. One of the girls I came across had been in porn, she was bright company and had a pleasant character. She's since had tit implants. I've seen her around as recently as July at one of the bars. I would say that she's indicative of most of the quality. Slim physiques but average to below average faces. She wasn't my type but one of my companions bagged her.

    3 - websites: Stick to topescort or Alo (anyway they're the same site. Topescort is the English version). The rest of the sites out there are probably scams and I haven't found or heard about any others that are good. I've sampled a few of the girls on the high end of the price range. Only one of the girls I called was decent in bed, she was a redhead with a full blown tattoo on her back and she was recommended by the bellhop of a hotel I stay at. The rest were consistently lousy and much like the girls at the strip clubs I always felt like it was mechanical. Generally though the girls at these sites are true to the pictures and they show up on time. But it's par for the course that some girls will try to blow out early or not show up, etc. Like anywhere else. I haven't had a girl show up who didn't look like the pictures and I haven't visited any of their locations so I can't comment. Some will also charge you extra if you're a foreigner; an insignificant amount really but it amounts to adding at least 20 levs per hour to their published rate. Hotels in general tend to be WG friendly and I haven't had an issues.

    4 - Prices: they range from 100 to 200 levs per hour. Bar / clubs and the hotels are the most expensive. Strip clubs typically cost 150 levs per hour, or 600 levs for the whole night and the girls sometimes they will expect a tip of up to 100 levs.

    So overall I would echo what everyone else has been saying. Sofia isn't a good place to play, not by a long shot. There are much better destinations for that. But if you're in Sofia then I would say that those recommendation are your safest bets.

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    I've been in Sofia twice this year and my impressions on the local talent:

    1. "Escort" sites. Most of the girls are Roma gypsies, fake pictures but some are cute, almost all of them will provide shit service and steal your belongings when you're not looking (be careful! Also, many of the numbers lead to the same groups of people.

    2. Strip Clubs. Kama Sutra was the most tourist friendly and didn't rip you off buying the girls drinks (it was closed for renovation in Aug and instead they had a lame party bus outside). When it WAS open, I never tried the back room where apparently "anything is possible" but I did bring home a couple girls I chatted up on occasion. Take-out is limited to only a few options, and they're about a 7 (especially compared to what's on stage).

    3. Taxi drivers will take you to a couple well known brothels. Sometimes they can be fine if you're willing to hang-out and wait. Talent will pass through randomly and sadly the places I've seen your options are between 3-5 girls usually not that impressive.

    4. Local girls. I've found basically three types here: A. The Chalga party / mafioso loving skanks. Be. Studenskigrad international students and broke locals see. The more hipsterish / vegan / health conscious ones who want to be more Western European and will refuse to listen to Chalga, but who will also want to impress you. All of these are viable options and IMHO better than the hookers in this town. Almost all Sofia girls like to drink and are down to earth.

    But you can also take a short bus ride to Plovdiv. The girls are much hotter in Plovdiv vs Sofia Н1072;1079;1076;1088;1072;1074;1077;!

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    Had a few days in Sofia recently met up with Myrtille

    1 HR outcall to my hotel 200 Bulgarian lev (which works out about 100 euro 86 gbp).

    Via WhatsApp in the week before I arrived she speaks perfect English so nothing lost in translation all good there.

    Now we all see things in our own way this is my take on it she has a girl next door kind of look.

    Facially I would say 7.5/8 I thought she was pretty anyway.

    Figure 8 she was tall well taller than me about 5.8/9? Slim nice curves but not skinny a nice handful and a great arse and the eyes just did it for me nice dark and when we were at it well they don't lie go and see her and you will know what I mean.

    GFE was provided with plenty of DFK BBBJ fingering all the rest of it had her sitting on my face which she seemed to like quite responsive or a good actor: P she has a great technique when she had my sausage in her mouth nice eye contact I do believe I could have easily shot my load but that was to come later I spent some more time having my way with her delightful moggy could have stayed there all day then I got her to straddle on top which again was great she rode it like a trooper I was loving it then onto some mish and on her back with her legs over my shoulders well it was close so I finished off with her lying on the bed playing with herself and I shot my load in her mouth / over her face.

    So my trip to Sofia was great the weather was awesome nice cheap beer the girls were getting me steamed up and then meeting Suzy was the icing on the cake as she provided a GFE as real as you could ask for I will go back to Bulgaria and if she is there I will deffo see again I cannot recommend this girl highly enough go see her you will not regret it.

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    Any idea on these two clubs?

    Has anyone heard / been to any of these strip clubs and can provide some info on timings and prices?

    Club Dolls (playboy bar) - Kempinski Hotel Zografski.

    Erotic Club Angels - 5, Sveta Nedalya Square.

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    Fetish club is not just a rip-off, they will bully you- when you say no to drinks.

    However, I must say. The best looking girls I have seen in Sofia is here. May be because they are in the centre of the town and most tourists end up here.

    Quote Originally Posted by GuillerModeJ  [View Original Post]

    I was in Bulgaria last week. I decided to go to Fetish club, since the entrance is only 10 lev. However, the prices are quite high. For a drink it is 200 lev, to go to a private room you have to pay 400. In the end I had to pay 300 lev for just 1 drink, otherwise the bouncers would make me pay. Please stay away from this strip club.

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    I couldn't agree more with the comment below.

    Escort businesses in Sofia are totally sham and run by con men (especially the ones they advertise as 'English' speaking. Joke!) There are no real genuine trustworthy ads or service that comes with real photos -having tried 3 times.

    Girls are greedy, they barely speak English and they all seem to come with a bargain machine implanted in their brains and clock inserted in their eyes.

    My advice is. Do not take chance!

    The strip clubs, of course are a rip off. But unfortunately that is the only place to visit if you want to see some gorgeous looking girls / ladies in the night. You will understand how badly wanting to suck your wallet.

    The nightlife in the city is still in the communist era, I. E, if you are a local macho who throws money and speaks Bulgarian. You get plenty of slutty local girls at your feet.

    There is nothing for a mongering tourist / non-Bulgarian speaker in my opinion. Avoid Sofia if you can.

    Quote Originally Posted by Berrys66  [View Original Post]
    I had a bad time in 2015 in Sophia due to the fake escorts shown on sites like Adam I Eva. And most were using fake photos of a hotty then a shocking old hag arrives. Some had multiple phones to answer all the numbers of the different profiles. I had to wait outside the hotel in the dark to see what they looked like and then blow them out as they wanted 30 levs for the taxi. One escort arrival was actually driving the taxi and was a munchkin. Any hot lookers would moved to Germany to work and make more cash. Sophia is rubbish for women on the game. I had more luck chatting normal women in the street. Wiki sex guide was total fabricated nonsense so don't get taken in.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    1st night in Sofia

    Arrived in Sofia last night, solo traveling. Came from Romania which was awesome.

    Tried calling some phone numbers from topescort but they don't seem to answer if you call from Skype.

    Went out to the clubs around the university area. Lots of beautiful women but in their groups and hard to approach. After that took a taxi to Vitocha Blvd then Lion's Bridge. Not one girl in sight. Not even one. A bit disappointing.

    Will be here two more nights will report if I find anything.

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    I have finish my work in Sofia and to the end I have visit Melina Incall.

    60 lev -1 Hour and 20 BJ without.

    Pic is real, Melina is round about 40 with a good handful boobs. Apartment is clean and very discreet (privat flat).

    I have enjoyed a friendly woman and very very good blowjobs.

    She don't speak English but a little German because she worked in my country Austria a short time, so all arrangements are easy for me.

    I would visit Melina again.

    For the next Week I stay in Veliko Tornov and actually tips / addresses from this area are very welcome.

    So if someone can help post it in the section other areas please.

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    Sofia Incall and Outcall


    Pics are 15 years old. This Woman looks bad and the Services are bad two.

    BJ are Level 1 from 10, English is very pure so no communication and arrangements are successful.

    Price + 30 lev Taxi.

    This info is close to warning.

    You waste time and money.

    Never more for me.

    Try to find more Escort / Outcall but almost Numbers are not available or do not speak English.

    So I have try some:


    Pics are real, Monika is extremely small.

    The Service is 5 from 10.

    BJ not constant, change here -change there, for my pleasure it is nothing so it was hard to find the finish (CIM).

    Monika looks not bad and Apartment is OK and looks discreet and safe for foreign visitors.

    Have someone actually news let me know please.

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    I stay in Sofia for some days. Looking for actually tips. I prefer escort girls visit my hotel.

    If someone have fresh experiences and / or websites with real girls and real service info please give me a hint.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Salonicam,

    You can find all details in the classified adds section.


    Looking forward meeting you then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrtille  [View Original Post]
    Hi gentlemen,

    My name is Suzy, I'm a french escort based in Sofia at the moment, looking to extend my circle of friends in this city. And maybe you happen to be looking for some nice company too Please check my add in the Bulgarian classified adds section.

    Looking forward hearing from you xxx.
    How can I see your add and photos? I will be in Sofia tomorrow.

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    Don't go to Fetish Club in Sofia


    I was in Bulgaria last week. I decided to go to Fetish club, since the entrance is only 10 lev. However, the prices are quite high. For a drink it is 200 lev, to go to a private room you have to pay 400. In the end I had to pay 300 lev for just 1 drink, otherwise the bouncers would make me pay. Please stay away from this strip club.

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    New GFE escort in Sofia

    Hi gentlemen,

    My name is Suzy, I'm a french escort based in Sofia at the moment, looking to extend my circle of friends in this city. And maybe you happen to be looking for some nice company too Please check my add in the Bulgarian classified adds section.

    Looking forward hearing from you xxx.

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