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Thread: Sofia

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    First time in Sofia

    Just spent almost two weeks in Sofia. My advice for any hobbyists wishing to visit the city would most likely be this: don't.

    Some local Bulgarian girls are very pretty. And Bulgaria is one of the top 20 countries in the world for huge tits. The *average* cup size is a the. I hooked up with a girl from Tinder who wasn't super hot but she had enormous cans. I can't remember ever having a girl ride me cowgirl and when she leaned forward feeling her tits drag across my chest and thinking that they were heavy.

    But working girls are hard to find.

    I went around to the supposed red light districts identified online on other sites. Never found anything. Went to many of the walk-up brothels I found mentioned online. They were all not there. The only street walkers I ever saw were standing at the end of Makedonia Ave near Hostel Mostel, and they were the ugliest trannies I've ever seen in my life.

    I asked some taxi drivers for help, and in spite of advice online indicating that any driver would be a great source of info, they were actually very unhelpful. A few refused to help me or said they didn't know anything. I found one who seemed helpful and spoke good English, so I took his number, but when I called him he sent his non-English-speaking friend in stead.

    The other taxi driver took me to a strip club. If he spoke English I would have told him I wanted to go somewhere else. I know strip clubs usually rip you off. But I went inside with him and the lady manager in there spoke good English, was friendly and direct, seemed like a no bullshit place, so I decided to sit for a while.

    This place was called Kama Sutra. Some of the girls dancing inside were stunning. Really really cute girls with very nice bodies. I got a private dance with one who was sumptuous. Had a short novel tattooed on her side and some religious tattoos on her back. Dusky, petite, tight body, small but beautiful tits. I really liked her. But she wasn't going home with people.

    Actually there were only three girls in the whole place who went home with customers. They were the three ugliest girls in the place. The manager asked me when I sat down what type of girl I liked, but I have no idea why she asked me that. All three girls were the same- late 20's /30's, brunette, Bulgarian, overweight, not super attractive. If I had requested a blonde, or someone fit, or young, or petite, or with a nice body, or pretty face, or blue eyes, or any other nationality than Bulgarian, then I would have been told they didn't have that. Anyway I talked to all three girls even though they were slow to come over. Decided to take the last one with me because what the hell.

    Entry fee 5 lev. Water 5 lev. Private dances 20 lev a dance. Lady drinks 45 or 60 lev. Taking home a girl for sex is 150 lev per hour. (what the FUCK is up with the stupid lady drinks? Why the hell would I pay that much for a watered down beverage she's not even going to drink when I could get a private dance for less than half the price, or actual sex for 3 times. I guess maybe you could try to talk the more attractive girls into fucking you if you buy them enough drinks, maybe after you spend 500 or 1000 euro you could get one of them. Or that's what they want you to think so you'll buy these absurd drinks).

    So I went out with this girl. I told her I didn't have a hotel and asked if she knew a place. She said she did but tried to get me to pay the money to her (100 lev), even though the room was only 80 lev. We got in a taxi. The stupid driver wanted 30 lev. The hooker told me to pay it so he would wait to take her home. Then he claimed to not have change, so I paid 40.4 x what I should have paid. We got in to the hotel. Girl wanted to know if I wanted to get something to eat or get drinks. I kept saying no but she was insistent. We went to the hotel bar and I bought her some whiskey and Red Bull. Another 16 lev. We went up to the room. She sipped a little of her drink, barely touched it though. Smoked a cigarette though I asked her not to. Then said we both needed showers though I told her I just took one before coming to the club. We showered together. Then we got in bed, and the fucking sales pitch started. I fucking hate aggressive upsells. We agreed on a fucking price. Do your goddamned job. IF you do a good job, AND I really like you and you impress me with how good you are doing what I paid you to do. Then. At the end of the service. THAT would be an appropriate time to ask if I wanted something more. AND I would probably say yes. Don't start trying to sell me on something else when we're in the middle of doing the first thing.

    Anyway we hadn't done ANYTHING yet. And she was trying to tell me she really liked me. She wanted to make love not have sex and to do that she needed all night. She wanted to give me a massage. She wanted to fuck without condoms. Slow and sensual blah blah blah. It was already like 2 in the fucking morning. And this was really killing my boner. I kept telling her to shut the fuck up I wasn't interested in the upsell. She wanted me to pay an extra 500 lev for all night. Ridiculous rip off. Finally she said, okay, we didn't have to do all night. But we only had 10 minutes left so did I want to pay for an additional hour.

    I said. What the fuck are you talking about. We've been in bed for 15 minutes and 13 of those minutes were taken up by your obnoxious sales pitch. We hadn't done anything sexual at all. Apparently she was counting the time from when we were still at the strip club. Which I'm sure is bullshit. I mean who ever heard of that before? I asked her at the club, if I pay 150, then we have sex, right? Very plainly. Of course she said yes. But. Now this stupid ***** was trying to tell me that the hour was almost up and I had 10 minutes left. I told her I paid her for sex, I didn't pay her to talk, or give me a sales pitch, or take a shower, or drink whiskey, or smoke, or ride in the cab with me. 1 minute later she said we had 5 minutes left. Interesting math in Bulgaria. She was still trying to convince me to pay for an extra hour or all night, when we had done fucking nothing during the first hour. I told her just to get the fuck out. Much more politely than I am being here in this report. The **** picked up her things, told me I was a bad person (ha!) then walked out. In total I paid about 170 euro for absolutely nothing.

    Don't go to Kama Sutra. What a rip off.

    Anyway few nights later I was staying at Magic Castle Hotel. Small family run business but one of the highest rated hotels on TripAdvisor in Sofia. Reasonably nice place though the rooms are small and a bit overpriced considering. But it's also right next to another nameless strip club. There is a big sign that just says "Erotic Bar. " It's across from CCS (City Center Sofia) Mall.

    I was still very sexually frustrated, I don't know why but hoping for a better experience in this place, so went to take a look. It was obviously owned by the some company as Kama Sutra. Very similar set up.

    The girls in Erotic Bar were not nearly as hot as the dancers in Kama Sutra. But there were a few very cute girls. And. After talking to a few I figured out that there were more girls that go home with customers there and the ones who do are much better looking than at Kama Sutra. So. If you want a lap dance from a super hotty Kama Sutra might be better but if you want actual sex this seems like a better place to go. At least right now.

    I hate the set up at these bars where it's hard to identify which girls will go home. The manager at this place wasn't willing to help me. Just said I needed to talk to the girls. And the girls only rarely come over to talk. There was one very hot petite darker skinned girl, maybe a gypsy, that I really liked. But the first girl who came to talk to me who was also attractive was a 29 year old skinny blonde with some tattoos. The way she did her makeup and the clothes she was wearing reminded me of Avril Lavigne. She was friendly and spoke good English and pretty sexy. So I agreed to take her. Same price. 150 lev. But when we were leaving I asked her about the other girl and she told me she also went home with customers. Which made me regret not asking her. The girl I wanted was named "Assia" I think, or something like that.

    Anyway my blonde girl and I went back to my hotel. Guy at the front desk was cool about it, didn't even ask for ID though she offered. We went up to my room. I told her about my bad experience from a few nights prior and she was sympathetic. Said she wasn't like that and wouldn't rip me off. We talked economics for a while and she said she worked at the bar for a few years but wasn't making any money until she started going home with guys. Everything, dances, lady drinks, even fucking is split 50/50 with the bar. So if you pay 150 to fuck a girl, 75 goes to her. Seems like a bad deal. I guess that's why the ***** from earlier was trying to pressure me to overpay. So partially the fault of the business.

    My girl showered, then got in bed with me. But. Though she was nice enough. She just wasn't turning me on. She would not kiss. She wasn't very sensual or affectionate. She insisted on condoms for everything. Said we could do BJ without but she wanted an extra 50 lev. And she just wouldn't work with me. It's hard for me to keep it up with a condom on. And she was obsessive about the condom staying fully rolled down to the base. I'm also huge. So, it's not going to happen that the condom stays touching my balls the whole time. Especially not if I'm semi-soft. And I couldn't get fully hard because of the way she was acting. Wouldn't let me do my thing the way I wanted, and every time I would start to get soft she would tell we couldn't have sex. I guess worried the condom would come off or something. Anyway, it just wasn't working. She told me to jerk off and cum on her tits. So I did. Better than the other night but still not a good experience.

    TO SUM UP.

    In general, just avoid Sofia altogether. It sucks.

    If you have to get fucked there, try your luck with the pretty busty locals first. Though they are more than a bit conservative and this is annoying maybe you'll get lucky.

    If you need to pay for it. The strip clubs are a big rip off. But there's not many other options. Kama Sutra has some hotties dancing and ugly girls who will go home with you and try to rip you off even more. Erotic Bar by CCS has some very cute girls who will go home with you, but nobody as hot as the dancers at Kama Sutra. Both places offer mediocre experiences at best IMO. Though maybe if I had taken home Assia from Erotic Bar I'd have had a better time. If I was there one more night I probably would have tried. She was hot.

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    Night life

    I was in sofia a couple of weeks ago on business and went for drinks at the roof top bar of hotel sense.

    Great views of the city.

    Met a lot of locals and spend the night with one pickup.

    Expensive but very good full service.

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    Sofia is in my opinion very often disappointing for escort. The best option in town are the massages. But no sex of course there. I always found there very beautiful girls. So all in all, it is relaxing (real massage), you can touch and see, and have your happy end for a very limited price. My best recommendation in this city.

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    One evening in Sofia

    So I was passing through Sofia with only one evening. Got some info from the forum and decided that the top escort website would be he best option. Had looked at a few befor going so a small shortlist was there. Stayed overnight at the Radisson. Very nice location and no issues with Girl coming up. In the evening I was walking around in the center of town and was engaged by a guy walking around. Said has a bunch of girls gave his card etc. Said 50 euro per hour. Had a bunch of pics to show etc. Anyhow I prefer the independent so said good bye and carried on. One of the issues I faced from the website was that if the add poster has not paid the website then the number will not show. You have to have a local number to send a sms (for a charge) and get a code. I did not have a local number so that was an issue. Any how first call was to the good report given by Cheema a few posts below. She did not pick up. So called this girl Unfortunately turned into a real disaster. The person who picked up the phone was someone else clearly since that girl spoke English and the one who came did not more than a few words. The attitude was not even close to GFE. Asked for 100+20 taxi. Instead of 80 as on the addverti. I anyway gave since it was late in the evening and I wanted to get my action going. It went further bad after that. She only wanted 1 position (doggy) even had an issue with missionary!! This was a first in all my mongering liaisons. So after a while I just got pissed off and told her to leave. I suspect some of the posts are from the agencies and others where like mine the one talking was different from the one coming at the door. I guess the only advice I can give is that if you don't like the attitude and the girl just give her 20 for taxi and send her away (but then this is no 1 on mongering 101. LOL).

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    Sex Guide

    I will be in Sofia for three days arriving Sept 19. I want to find a guide that will show us around and take care of the two of us.

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    Lili disaster date

    Attention do not fall into her disaster date!

    I called her l'asta night and after 40 min she was at mt hotel Wintherthur her sister! Which was not planed. Anyhow I went up to the room paid and wanted to start my booked hour. No the girls wanted to drink empty my mini bar) I could escape this by negotiating a red bull with cola. Then the story started sex only 1 position and if you want BJ covered than extra money if you want kiss extra money. After 5 min I told them if you don't go now immediatly than I cannot garantie to keep calm) frustrating to deal with gipsys. Today new strike with a local supporter. We will have fun and forget this disaster of last night.

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    Trip report

    I went to Sofia for 2 days as part of my Balkan trip, booked an apartment with Jacuzzi at Kanyaz Boris near railways station, apartment was good but bit in a good location. First day tried escort-Bulgaria. which was recommended in this forum, they send a ugly looking girl I send her back with taxi money than again send even pathetic old fat lady so do try this company. . Next day tried , she was beautiful young, smart, slim, sweet girl Amsame as in pictures, work at Villa vertigo FKK in Germany near Dusseldorf, speak good English, not at time watcher, relaxed good GFE. I recommend her definitely, price was 220 bgn outcal 20 BGN for taxi.

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    In Sofia

    I will be in Sofia in this week and I am looking for amateur escort girls WHO can visit hotel room. Any help about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheema  [View Original Post]
    I want to visit Sofia for 3 days next month.

    Please recommend Girl Friendly 4 Or 5 Star Hotel.

    If I book an apartment from Airbnb will there be problem to bring girls.

    Should I book Apartment or Hotel.
    You can bring to any hotel, radisson, crystal palace, metropolitan etc are all good / girl friendly, but the problem you might have is that the girls may refuse to go there, for privacy reason.

    Apartment is much better idea, remember there are very few hardened pro's here, 90% of the girls I've seen are all students who need top up funds.

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    Girl friendly hotel

    I want to visit Sofia for 3 days next month.

    Please recommend Girl Friendly 4 Or 5 Star Hotel.

    If I book an apartment from Airbnb will there be problem to bring girls.

    Should I book Apartment or Hotel.


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    I sincerely appreciate your contributions to the forum, but...

    Would you please refrain from capitalizing the first letter of EVERY word in your reports!

    It's difficult to read, it's time consuming to fix, and it takes you more work to write like that.

    On behalf of myself and your fellow Forum Members: Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueTonius2  [View Original Post]

    I am planning to spend a couple of days in Sofia towards the end of April.

    Since I am not interested in pricey escorts or ditto clubs, could someone tell me where and when (day vs. Night) streetwalkers operate?

    I am interested in gypsy girls.

    Unfortunately, I do not speak Bulgarian.
    You can usually find Gypsy girls along the ring road outside the city. There are also reports of street walkers in the evening and night by the Lion Bridge near the city center. I have not partaken so have no input on price. I understand that the big clubs, like Cleopatra and Kama Sutra offer take-out. These places are run by people with big black cars and large men with sun glasses, earpieces and bulges under their coats.

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    I am planning to spend a couple of days in Sofia towards the end of April.

    Since I am not interested in pricey escorts or ditto clubs, could someone tell me where and when (day vs. Night) streetwalkers operate?

    I am interested in gypsy girls.

    Unfortunately, I do not speak Bulgarian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSV  [View Original Post]
    Sounds less like P4P advice and more like social / game advice, unless I've misunderstood you?
    You have. You're right about the hard work aspect, however nowhere is "easy" anymore, not in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johneash  [View Original Post]
    Simply make friends / contacts. Difficult with short visits, I know. Just plan ahead.
    Sounds less like P4P advice and more like social / game advice, unless I've misunderstood you?

    Which is well and fine. If outside the scope of this forum. But after living in Sofia for almost two years now I still have to work as hard for my free lays here in Bulgaria. Actually a bit harder than in Western Europe. As I've had to anywhere else I've been to that's not Thailand (mostly online dating and occasionally bars or clubs, but I've been feeling increasingly too old for and bored with the latter for the last decade. And my very small social circle of Bulgarian locals has not been neither particularly helpful nor unhelpful in meeting women).

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    First timer questions

    Hello all,

    I will be visiting Bulgaria in about a month and had some first timer questions. What is a reasonable rate for an all night encounter with an attractive GFE escort? Also, where would be the best place to find one? I'm not looking for a strip club or brothel, but more of a bar where the higher class girls and gentlemen mingle over drinks. If all else fails, I was going to use the internet, is en. Topescort. Bg a reliable website? I just have a thing about the bait and switch sites, hate them. Even if the girl at the door is a perfect 10, if it isn't the girl in the photo, I'm the guy who will turn her away on general principal.

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