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    Anything recent on Zagreb

    The Zagreb thread seems dead! Where are all the thrill seekers?

    Looks like a business trip to Zagreb maybe in the coming -I will be coming from Germany so not worried about the action there. However the reports on Zagreb look dated and dismal.

    Anyone with recent experiences? Any recommendations of hotel near the hot spots?

    Is Dordica 17 still in play? It's reported as being close to S hotel where I may be staying.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Hotel Questions

    I will staying at the Westin or the Sheraton in Zagreb in September.

    Does anyone know if I will have a problem bringing a girl back to either hotel?

    I going for non- P4 P and a girl might not always have her I'd with her or they try to ask me for extra cash.

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    Planning to spend a weekend in Slovenia, I decided to stay Sunday night in Zagreb, while returning to Bosnia.

    Thinking to nicely round off the weekend with some enjoyable company, I decided to take my own advice (see below) and try the personnel ads in Oglasnik:


    My efforts were not successful but at least I learned something.

    On Wednesday evening I picked out the details and phone numbers of five ladies who advertised themselves as English speakers and one who didn't but looked lots of fun.

    Phoning between 7 pm and 9 pm, using my Bosnian phone, success rate was not good, only one English speaker answered my calls.

    She quoted KN 800/ h (EURO100/ h) for oral and 'traditional' sex but wouldn't commit to meeting me Sunday evening, saying I should phone her on arrival in Zagreb.

    The fun looking girl who didn't advertise herself as English speaking, could speak English but said she was fully booked for Sunday and immediately hung up.

    Thursday, between 6 pm and 7 pm, I called the numbers of the four other English speakers without any answer.

    Friday, I travelled to Slovenia and didn't bother phoning.

    Saturday, I decided on a different tack, using my UK phone, I again phoned the three most attractive ladies, between 6 pm and 7 pm. No answer.

    After dinner I checked my UK phone and saw there was a missed call.

    Very strange, it was a number I had called on Wednesday evening using my Bosnian phone but had not called Saturday using my UK phone.

    I called back, much to my confusion the lady immediately offered me the choice of a blonde or brunette for Euro 150/ h. She also mentioned a dark haired girl but she was travelling and unavailable. However she was reluctant to answer my questions. I couldn't understand her accent too well, she said she couldn't hear me well, so I said, I'll phone again hopefully getting a better line.

    I did and no answer.

    Sunday afternoon on arriving in Zagreb, I again phoned the two English speaking ladies I had spoken to on Wednesday and Saturday. No answer.

    My conclusions are that Zagreb is a sellers' market; don't ask too many questions, if you don't like who turns up, you can always send her away; don't bother calling in advance, arrive early in the day and start calling; call as many girls as possible; Sunday may not be the best day of the week for company.

    There are two new English speaking girls in this week's personal ads but I won't have the opportunity to stay in Zagreb for another two weeks.

    To paraphrase what I've written on another thread, IMHO the easiest and quickest way for a foreigner to get laid in Zagreb is to drive to Austria, Graz (1. 5 h) and Villach (2. 5 h).

    I'll only be too happy, if someone here can prove me wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viajante  [View Original Post]
    I forgot to mention that Hanna explain me that there are more girls at Jurja Biankinija street sallon, you can contact them by 0 9 9 XXXX 7 9 4.
    Thanks for recommendation.

    Tel: 099 xxxx794 does xxxx = 40?.

    Cost of services?

    Massage plus what?

    Look forward to your clarifications.


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    More about Kvatri salon

    I forgot to mention that Hanna explain me that there are more girls at Jurja Biankinija street sallon, you can contact them by 0 9 9 XXXX 7 9 4.

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    New saloon near kvatric

    Hi man,

    Today I meet Hanna, she looks nice anyway, nice slim body with good boobs and a nice relaxing personality. The space is clean, as all Croatian building it looks old outside but the place is new and comfortable.

    She made a nice massage and sometimes. Well discover it your self. I did it in a table, but I know there is also a sauna. The atmosphere is relaxing, it looks as a budhissts space with a nice music.

    She is at Jurja Biankinija street, number 8 (look for Biankinija at google). Unfortunately there are any signal at the ring bell. I prefer not tell you the flat due Croatian laws, but if you phone her, his English is good enough to be understood easily.

    I definitely recommend her.

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    Personal Ads

    As recommended below in this thread, the personal ads could be a useful resource:


    Some interesting prospects here.

    Although for most you would have to take potluck whether or not they speak English, scroll down and you will find at least one young lady who advertises herself as an English speaker.

    Good luck!


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    Quote Originally Posted by RiverPub  [View Original Post]
    I am from Zagreb, if you have any question ask me, I am also a member of felowship forum Croatia escort where we discus ladies.
    I just arrived Zagreb, and I need to have fun with girls? Advice me please as I'm staying for 4 days.

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    New adresses are needed

    Quote Originally Posted by RiverPub  [View Original Post]
    I am from Zagreb, if you have any question ask me, I am also a member of felowship forum Croatia escort where we discus ladies.
    I went to Ignjata Dordica 17 and man, this in only a place to go for emergency cases. Please, add some new adress from nice girls, I know there are some at the city center but they are hard to find.

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    Ignjata Dordica 17 Massage

    I've just visited Zagreb and was in the mood for some punting. Rather than hitting the expensive clubs, since I was near Ignjata Dordica 17 I decided to try it out. At face value you do not realise that there is a massage parlour in the building, as it looks exactly like the adjacent buildings. In any case I saw the 'XXXXXX' label and I knew I was in the right place. It was kinda late. 11pm but I rang the bell, and after a couple of minutes they opened the first door. I climbed some steps and the apartment is the first on the right, and I saw a cure lady waiting for me in he doorway. She introduced herself as Sandra, but when I asked for FS she said that she only offered massage + BJ. She asked me for 700Kuna which is pretty steep but I was horny! She had a nice ass but not as busty as some had described her below. She was also too thin for my tastes.

    She gave me a sloppy massage and a quick mechanical BJ. After I exploded in her mouth (she wasn't expecting it!) she offered me a shower but I declined, preferring to do it in the hotel room.

    For the price, it simply wasn't worth it.

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    Massage in Zagreb


    I am currently visiting Zagreb. The website http://www.oglasnik.hr/oglasi/osobni_kontakti Has a lot of ads for massage but it is hard to figure out the quality. Does anyone have any experience with this?



    Quote Originally Posted by RiverPub  [View Original Post]
    I am from Zagreb, if you have any question ask me, I am also a member of felowship forum Croatia escort where we discus ladies.

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    I am from Zagreb, if you have any question ask me, I am also a member of felowship forum Croatia escort where we discus ladies.

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    I found this website: http://www.escortofcroatia.com.

    The girls looks so nice, but the price isn't in one ou two hours, but in days, and it's quite expensive.

    Does anybody knows and used this website?

    Thank you,

    Jean Luc

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    Strip club Shocker

    so am cruising the street just on dark and come across a strip club errr, gents club not far from where i was staying. rock in and there is nobody, just a few girls. so being the friendly aussie i am, say g'day to the girls, introduce myself to the guy running the show, christian and go to the bar for a beer. hmmm 168 khuna. oh that's 100 for entry and 68 for the beer.

    sit down to watch the one girl on the stage who was stunning, look around and the other two are pretty good too. to their credit, the girls let me get a few swallows of beer down before a nice blondie comes over and sits down to talk. the usual question, where you from etc, rubbing my arm then moving to sitting almost on my lap. christian cruises up."drink for the lady sir?", sure, why not, how bad can it be. a bottle of bubbly magically appears which she proceeds to drink pretty quickly. christian appears out of nowhere."another drink for the lady sir?"

    discussion turns to going for a lap dance. i figure why not, support the local economy. 600 khuna which seemed a bit steep considering i paid 1100 for a good fuck a few hours earlier. anyway, we go to the cubicle, she takes the top off and i grab a nice handful of very nice titties (not sure if i was supposed to or not) and was looking forward to seeing the whole package when she starts to ask for a tip to see the lot, slip 50khuna in the gstring but no pants off. hmmm.

    so back out, the second bottle of bubbly disappears and she starts to tell me how on really slow nights she likes to get pissed and take customers home to fuck them at her place. that got my attention but luckily the big brain was engaged enough that when christian rocks up a third time."another drink for the lady sir?" and this time i ask what it costs. oh. 5000 khuna a bottle sir wtf?

    at this stage i stand up and start to argue the point as i had asked the girl earlier and she told me about 400 khuna. tried to keep it all calm and civilised while realising i had been arse raped when the heavies showed up."problem sir?" umm yes but it would seem i have no choice in the matter. thought about doing a runner, thought about fighting my way out but in the end coughed up the cash and put it down to experience. $1500au for a handful of tits and some cheap bubbly. my mates however thought it was a bloody riot. so my advice fellow punters is not to go to any zagreb strip clubs.

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    Zagreb adventure

    Quote Originally Posted by Costas 69  [View Original Post]
    Have a some plan to visit Zagreb very soon, any advice please? Dangerous?

    I found this one escort girl:


    But don't see much info there about her. Or maybe more local classifieds web site? Please help
    Wow, was in Zagreb a few weeks ago and was quite an experience. I had tried to organise a classier girl before travelling there but didn't have any luck, not even a reply, with the exception of one place that told me their girls were only available overnight.

    A quick patrol of the street scene was no good with one girl approaching me and she was awful. So I went with a girl from the newspaper classifieds mentioned here. 1100khuna for an hour, which seemed a little expensive but at this stage I was getting pretty toey so ok.

    She arrived on time, nice tall girl with longish dark hair, definitely older than the quoted 26. Was funny as she said up front, all business with a condom so I say yeah no problem and then when she is about to gobble it, offers a BBBJ for an extra 50 khuna. It was good too, she worked it really well and I came all over her tits.

    She then ducked into the shower to wash off, comes back and sucks it up to attention again, wacks on a condom and then a reverse cowgirl with a nice view of a great arse. At this stage we are about 20 min in to the hour. She starts to worry about the condom not being big enough and that it might break, fidgeting around hanging on to the bottom of it and eventually just took it off. Then proceeded to give a very enthusiastic BBBJ until I came a second time. So after 45 min she was dressed and out the door.

    Not the best experience, nor the worst and probably a bit more expensive than I thought it might have been. As she left though she did offer to give me her own number and say that she worked with another girl who for the same price would be maybe 2hrs as no booking cost which seemed to indicate that the girls aren't actually independent but run through an unofficial agency. Will share my strip club experience later, now that was something to learn from

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