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Thread: Prague

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubarish  [View Original Post]
    I'm in Prague between 22/11-27/11. If anyone would like to team up and check out what's on offer together, drop me a PM.
    Maybe I should add I'm in my mid 30's. Aiming to checkout the Prague nightlife (regular nightclubs / discos) tomorrow Friday. Wouldn't mind company.

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    I got in touch with Chic Babes once and they were really professional.

    I did want to book pornstar Jenny Simons and finally booked Annely Gerritsen. ;the.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardy73  [View Original Post]
    When I used them this summer it went smooth and easy, the person handling the emails write excellent English and quick response time. Nothing to complain about really.

    Good luck and good hunting.
    Thanks WaranMax, ASUDevil1, and Bardy73.

    I will report back my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gino02  [View Original Post]
    Hello my fellow mongers.

    Do you have any experience or feedback on this agency Chicbabes?

    I am thinking of hiring someone 18 - early 20's for a few days trip to France (obviously will do a short session first to see if we click). If you have any other Czech or Hungarian reference, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance.

    When I used them this summer it went smooth and easy, the person handling the emails write excellent English and quick response time. Nothing to complain about really.

    Good luck and good hunting.

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    In prague 22/11-27/11

    I'm in Prague between 22/11-27/11. If anyone would like to team up and check out what's on offer together, drop me a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fladventurer  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have any insight into Privat Prague?

    I have google searched and looked here, and see nothing.

    If I hear nothing on here, I will check it out in person this week and provide info.

    A good friend of mine, who lives in Brno, visits such brothels from time to time. I remember him telling me that he got an erotic massage at the Privat Prague. I don't have a lot of information if you are looking for sexual experiences, but he told me that he went back a happy man and liked the massage a lot. Going by what he told me, he got a body-to-body massage and was very aroused hahahaha I am sorry not to have any more information for you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gino02  [View Original Post]
    Hello my fellow mongers.

    Do you have any experience or feedback on this agency Chicbabes?

    I am thinking of hiring someone 18 - early 20's for a few days trip to France (obviously will do a short session first to see if we click). If you have any other Czech or Hungarian reference, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have not used the agency before, but I have heard that are highly reputable.

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    Positive experience. Weekend near Prague, service as agreed, no problem. The girl (I don't see her portfolio at the moment) was about 22-23, pretty well companion for lazy relax and quite hot in the room. Although not a GFE style, with some distance. The only minus I can point out was language, pretty basic English.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gino02  [View Original Post]
    Hello my fellow mongers.

    Do you have any experience or feedback on this agency Chicbabes?

    I am thinking of hiring someone 18 - early 20's for a few days trip to France (obviously will do a short session first to see if we click). If you have any other Czech or Hungarian reference, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinV  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I need your help please, had awful trip Prague as nightmare and robbed by a prostutelearned her name Katie Belle, met her at Bar13 on Chlumova, we drunk at there and deal for 600 for overnight, then we turn back my hotel by her car, at room I gave her two 500 papel and she told she forgot her bag at the car for give me back 400 , she left room suddenly and never turn back, of course I called police and embassy but they told me nothing to do ((I did my search and found advertisement of her escort-guide. Cz / girl5206. Htm and learn that she went Brno now, if she know about her please let me, She is the worst thief and a fox type of escort I have ever seen in my life, at least I will find her.
    Hi KevinV,

    I was in Brno almost one month and I was in Finland almost a month before. So I was not working in Prague +- 2 months.

    And the important thing is when I'm with a client I'm drinking minimum of alcohol and always prefer water or some non-alcoholic drink because I have really bad experience with alcoholic in my family.

    Have a nice day.

    Katie Belle.

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    Experience with Chicbabes?

    Hello my fellow mongers.

    Do you have any experience or feedback on this agency Chicbabes?

    I am thinking of hiring someone 18 - early 20's for a few days trip to France (obviously will do a short session first to see if we click). If you have any other Czech or Hungarian reference, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance.


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    That's a great report! Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!


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    Prague weekend.

    Juts my two cents of review, I went to Prague on Saturday so around noon booked a reservation with Ivanka from mazlivestudentky for 1 HR and Sofia from sexno1 for 1 HR. Confirmed my arrival 30 minutes before to Ivank and once in the room she said she can only do 30 minutes and she is sensitive so pressing boobs and bla bla which was a turn off but still I agreed 30 for minutes. She is an average girl with average attitude.

    Then later at sexn01 confirmed 30 minutes before arrival. And waited for sometime at door before the girls came and accompanied me. In room came Sofia. A complete diff girl the only thing what's in the pic is she is tall around 1. 8 m rest all fake. Not a blond. Big belly. And she asked if I need any extra service. I insisted on Classic sex. She said then its only 30 minutes for 1200. Since its Saturday. So I said by bye.

    I guess Saturday evening girls prefer 30 minutes and its quite a challenge to get some good service on Saturday evening.

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    Prague sex, spanking and BDSM reviews.

    In the following post I will report my experiences in the wonderful Prague. I expected Prague to be mostly a sex tourist trap, and it is if you go to all the places with over inflated prices such it seems the one.

    Fortunately, it turned out I was (mostly) wrong, having 2 excellent experiences out of 3! I did my homework diligently, trying to proceed according to the protocol reported in my Madrid post in this same board. When I deviated from that, I got punished.

    Let's get the bad out of the way first and then go on to the juicy ones!

    Viki @ Privat Milenky

    I have chosen the place trusting the positive reviews posted in an Italian forum for another girl, Zuzanka. I started very early by sending email weeks before the day: however, all I got via email were some canned always identical replies with no real information at all. Since Zuzanka was on her day off, after seeing Viki's pictures on the website I got lured by the low prices (it seems that the Privat Milenky is also used by locals) and my little head doing most of the thinking once reading "18 years old" and seeing the pictures. So I started calling and texting and sending whatsapp.

    However, I should have listened to my sixth-sense that screamed "bad attitude" at the mail, messages and phone replies, which obviously came from a mamasan rather than an independent girl. I wanted an outcall and it was denied for mysterious reasons (maybe unknown client? So I decided to switch for a much cheaper incall, but even then the taking was short and abrupt, with the mamasan generically stating that services are "up to the girl" and "should be discussed in person".

    The provided location was quite far away from any metro / tram line. After I got completely lost, I had to take a taxi there. On a side note, my experiences with taxi in Prague have always been great so far, with very honest drivers compared to my home town!

    I arrived slightly late outside an house in the suburbs of Prague, and I had to phone and ring to get in. Once inside I was immediately welcomed by Viki and I never saw another working girl, although I crossed way with one of my colleague when I was getting out of the shower.

    Viki is a 18-20 yo girl with a beautifully small fresh body and a pretty innocent face and big round eyes to match, like the one you dream in your teens to lose your virginity with. The photo on the website are definitely genuine, and do not give her justice.

    She quickly brought me to a room upstairs. As I was passing by, I got the impression of an organized small scale brothel, with attention to cleanliness (E. G. , disposable massage bed sheets). We ended up in a rather cold room (so I felt while being fully clothed) with a big bed, one bedside with her purse for condoms and lube, and the other one showing a rather big old fashioned seven-segment display alarm clock, with a local radio playing pop music on the background to fill the awkward silences. She asked me what I wanted and I said I would have liked kissing, BBBJ to completion, DATY. She sized me up and made some complex lengthy calculation to convert CZK to EUR, in spite of that being clearly listed on the website.

    But I did like even less her bringing the money downstairs. I wish I could should say that she put the notes in her own locker, as I saw many times in the RLD, but I got the bad feeling that she handled it to the "manager" in charge. And it got even worse when I was asked to shower alone before her! Damn, I forgot to ask that and it was too late. I wish I had some kind of boiler plates like lawyers do to cover up all the common angles.

    When I got back, I was almost freezing now and I eagerly waited for her to warm me up. As she got back, Viki removed the towel wrapped around her porcelain skinned body and sit right next to me on the bed. I tried to make small talk by saying at least my name. But even introducing myself was welcomed by the coldest "Oh great!" I ever heard from a girl. Yes, a reply even worse to the ones that I got from girls just met at the bar while very clumsily trying to chatting them up. It made me seriously thinking of going straight away, but I was in, and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, I. E. , to be more brutally honest, to get at least something out of it.

    So I tried to hug her and she was stiff and distant. Kissing felt like an intrusion between her lips. No tongue at all, not opening her mouth, basically only small pecks on the lips. She started an uninterested uninspired massage just to kill some time. Her reluctance showed also in spreading her legs, with feet wide apart and thighs close together so as to restrict access to the pussy.

    I felt that if I couldn't DFK I could at least kiss Viki on her sweet spot. And here I went on being for quite some time being annoyingly interrupted any time I got a bit of momentum going because "that is too rough", "I don't feel much", "don't open my lips with the fingers", "careful with the beard and nose" and so on and so forth. I tried to comply the best I could and, after a while, at least the atmosphere got slightly warmer, her legs were more relaxed. However, after the "no kissing after licking the pussy" I found myself wondering how should I masturbate her, let alone get her ready for sex and penetrate her.

    And then it finally struck me the cold truth: this girl is not enjoying any of it one bit. I am not saying that she is forced to work as an escort, but I am sure saying that she doesn't like it (at least with me) and she wished that the time were up right now. Even if I missed the slightly more subtle clues, there is nobody that could miss her gaze locked on the nearby alarm clock ticking away, while the time almost crawled to a stop for her.

    In retrospect, this was the second or third time I should have just said a polite goodbye, apologized for the trouble, and walked away to stop this torture for her, and to a lesser extent even for me. However, I am deeply ashamed to say that I continued (against my better judgement) so as to prove my being "a true man".

    I tried to focus completely on her, by giving her a relaxing shoulder and back massage beforehand. And, believe me, I was much better at this than her, having learned a trick or two in Madrid. I sensed her hostility towards me at least decrease, and I got the possibility of more truly licking her pussy.

    I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy feeling her youthful body, licking her sweet pussy, or slipping one finger in to explore the deepest recess. However I still maintain that the proper course of action would have been just to walk away. I went down on her for quite a long time, and at last she started to get somewhat wet and moving around faster and faster until some contractions made it seem like she had an orgasm. I will never know if that is true. But it is sure that it was the reason for a separate shower break for both of us.

    Afterwards, it was my turn. Her attitude in trying to pleasure me with her hands and mouth was simple. Going straight for the kill by being rough and hard so as to avoid sex, regardless of what I felt or even what I said. I managed to cum two times, but it only added some guilty feelings to me. The BBBJ was shallow and the cum was avoided at the last moment, deflecting my cock.

    After the two times and another two separate showers (that is 4 each up to now!) she looked at the clock to send me away quite early with the excuse of calling me a taxi so I would not get lost. I did not have it in me to complain and I saw no point in that. Overall I don't think this classifies as a full rip-off, but it is a no repeat for me, possibly crossing even the whole privat from the list.

    As I was getting ready and leaving, Viki said "I felt very good with you" in what seemed a slightly kinder softer voice. I couldn't say the same but I strongly wished it were at least partly true.

    To Viki, if you happen to be reading this, I am deeply sorry for how I behaved and I wish you best of luck in any of your other endeavors. It would have been better to just turn me down if I was this repulsive to you. Or even better, please reconsider being an escort for doing anything else you enjoy more.

    On a more cynic note, this is what I got for choosing a fairly low end establishment.

    *) Alex Zothberg (Flexislave/Paingate)

    Alex Zothberg (artistic name) is a well-known model providing role play and spanking only with corporal punishment. I remember having downloaded her Lupus (at first) and Paingate (later) videos with rapidshare, long before even considering the possibility of a private session. If you search for her name in you should be able to find many videos that might give an idea of what to expect, although these were shot a couple or so years ago. I did not ask for her age, but should I venture a guess, I believe that she is in her mid-30's, and in magnificent shape.

    In the listing it is written that Alex is "very down-to-earth, friendly, and approachable", and indeed she is. I tried last year to book a date with her since I was scheduled to be in Prague in April 2016, but then the trip got canceled. When I wrote back to see her this October, she replied very kindly and the fantasy discussion restarted exactly where we left off one year ago.

    Since it was my first session the rules were: no long lasting marks, symbolic bondage only (I. E. , it should be always possible to remove it quickly by her), and no sexual contacts of any kind. I believe that the only very strict rule is the one regarding sex. I would think that repeat visits might get you bondage, and maybe even the possibility of marks (with appropriate rates and choice of days).

    The mail exchange before the meeting was very professional and detailed, matching her attitude in person. My original fantasies involved a kind of CodeWord123- play and punishment. In this RPG scenario, I was a rejected admirer that lured her victim Alex into the play dungeon (very kinky and kindly suggested by her). The victim was then "kidnapped" and given the choice between succumbing to my sexual advances or get punished for teasing me in the past, choosing the second option. My requests for this script were for her to resist and run away allowing me to catch her (she is way fitter than me and could easily subdue me if she wanted to! (light) belly punching, hair pulling, hand spanking and tit slapping, and body flogging including pussy whipping or cropping (with slapping not allowed due to the "no sexual contact" rule), and the possibility of tearing off her nylons, dress and panties with my bare hands (no scissors for safety reason). As acting requests, I wrote that I wanted her to scream and shout, to move sensually at every hit so as to entice me to give her more as she does in her videos. I also asked and defy and insult me in any way she deemed necessary so as to make me hit her harder.

    In order to get a more relaxed experience and some introduction / debriefing I also asked for additional social time, which is billed differently. It is totally worth it and just ask her via email. As I welcomed her in the dungeon with some chocolate and alcohol free drinks, we got the opportunity to get to know each other better. Her demeanor was calm, fun, welcoming and professional. At no time I felt weird talking about my fantasies and Alex drove many times the point home that she was there for me to play with, and that I could do to her what I wanted within the rules agreed upon and the standard green / orange / red safe words are to be used. It was pretty clear that I was very much inexperienced and I needed some kind of encouragement. As it turned out she knew much more about my fantasies than I did myself. Alex also brought some very high-quality equipment with her (suitable for beginners) - real leather floggers and crops, two sided paddle feathered for good girl and studded for bad girl, a collar and leash, ball and mouth gag (which I declined to use since I wanted to hear her screaming at with the possibility of talking with her at any time).

    After chatting a while, Alex confidently stated that the right energy will flow when the session begins, and so it was. I waited in my bedroom with my heart pounding hard while she got dressed and ready, until it was time for her to get into the scene.

    "Where is the party? I was supposed to meet my friend there! Where is everyone?" Alex shouted at the top of her lungs in the lounge close to the bedroom. This was my cue to get in and jump and start the scene. I got close to her and started (very badly) acting. I was fortunately led and rescued by her running away in the lounge, and offering her back for me to spank her ass. I got the memo and as I started touching her all the tension dissolved and I slowed starting building confidence at each slap on her ass. I pushed her around and ripped the front of the dress to show her nice perky tits that I slapped, pulling her sensitive nipples. Then I pushed her down and started ripping away the stockings, the panties and I had to say I got quite impatient and she was nude very soon after the beginning. As a side elements she tried to introduce the "I loved this dress very much" to see if it excited me the idea of destroying something precious. I instead insisted on "why did you tease me?

    I started spanking her hard toned ass with my hands, alternating with the flogger when I got tired. It was very easy for me to follow her instructions in the scene: a soft moan or loud overacted scream with sensual ass movements meant that everything was ok and I should give it to her harder; if she stayed stiff and tense with more shallow breathing, this meant that I had to do something different (changing implements, strike somewhere else and so on). I asked her to count the strokes for me, to thank you for each one of them and to spread her legs for whipping her pussy, which I did much to my pleasure.

    The play then moved to the bedroom and I spanked her in a way that I thought it was quite hard. Then I whipped her and cropped her all over her body and enjoyed the view of her squirming and screaming "in pain" under my control. I continued for a while until I was completely drenched in sweat and I had to ask for a break.

    During the session break she inquired further on my fantasies, exploring the possibility of dirty talking, and quickly and rapidly assessed what I truly meant and wanted from it. And the second half of the scene was amazingly way better than the first.

    Alex went away running quicker and started shouting insults at me. I won't repeat them as they might not mean much to you since they were aimed to me according to what I said earlier and how I behaved. Let's just say that they were more than enough for me to get in the (very unfamiliar for me) mood of "You *****! I want to hear you scream and I am gonna punish you so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a while". She understood that I wanted to be "the bad guy" at least in my fantasy, and she stimulated me in just the right way to get me to be so.

    I wrestled her on the bed and put my full weight over her while hand spanking her with all my might. Every time she tried to squirm away, I caught her and put her back in her own place, pulling her and throwing her around. I forcibly spread her legs and with my knees to keep them opened I started slapping hard on her thighs and legs as close as possible to the pussy. When she tried to resist by closing her legs I spread them open again, beating the offending leg that moved. I tossed and turned her on the bed while she was trying to get away (offering me her back for easy grab). I slapped her tits and sensitive nipples with me sitting on top of her. I softly punched her stomach (which she didn't like much). Then I aimed for her clit only instead of the whole pussy for the flogging by swinging accurately at the tip, with the goal of making her suffer more, and I enjoyed seeing more real pain on her sweet face. And then I flogged the whole pussy until I got an "orange" warning that prompted me to return to spanking and back and front whipping, which I did with much higher strength and intensity trying to hit with full entry. Alex's body began to be a pleasant shade of red indicating that I was having some effect at last.

    A 10-minute warning was given for the last storm of blows. I put her with the legs spread wide open and her hands over her pussy (due to the warnings) while I beat her legs with my hands with all my remaining strength, ignoring the taunting of "you hands will feel sore tomorrow" and savouring the power in every contact, keeping her legs open with my weight.

    To wrap the session up, she offered me one last action to perform, to prove that I could be "the bad guy" if I truly wanted to. This required quite a lot of trust on her part, and I was not able to fully complete it due to my strong inner resistance to it, but I tried and it was much appreciated to have that possibility of play. I also got the shredded clothes to jealously keep as a memento of the session. In order to get ready to go out we separately had a shower, and she proudly showed me her red ass and legs approvingly saying "I thought you would have been much softer than this".

    During the debriefing in a very nice local characteristic pub I got to know something else about her. Under her real name, which I don't know, Alex teaches courses on both BDSM lifestyle (such as consensual humiliation) and group workshops and psychology. I wish I could attend her courses soon if they are taught in English or my own language as I have personally witnessed the degree of her empathy and understanding, as well as people management. I also got to talk to her about my life and she tried to help me understanding more about some issues.

    In summary, Alex provided a very professional introduction in pure BDSM / spanking scenario with implied only sex elements. Besides the fun, given her strong background in psychology I got some interesting thoughts and feeling from the session. That left me curious of attending her courses, and wanting more of her play.

    *) Louise Pearl

    Besides the spanking session with Alex, I wanted to have one an experience with a sexually "submissive" girl, involving both power exchange and passionate kissing and sex. As I was planning the trip, I wanted to save the best for my last date, and I am very happy to say that it happened so.

    Louise Pearl is a young (25+) wonderful good girl "next door" gone very very naughty. Her youtube introduction video, as well as website and instagram pictures are true and up to date. However, in person she looks way more beautiful and enthusiastic than she does in the photos. Her smile and laughter is so delightfully contagious and fun. Louise describes herself as a kinky GFE, and I would definitely introduce and use KGFE as a new acronym!

    Just from reading the website it can be easily seen that you are dealing with a true independent girl, with strong empathy and an education and culture well beyond the average university-level to go along with it. Privacy is one of her utmost concern: one of her email addresses is a special secure Switzerland-hosted one (protonmail (1)), and the phone communications are via (end-to-end encrypted) whatsapp messages. Moreover, if you look for "Louise Pearl" on google you will find that it corresponds to a watch brand, and is very commonly used elsewhere: it is as if she chose for her escort artistic name "Diana Conspiracy" (2)!

    I started by sending an email about three weeks before the meeting including all the information requested for the date. I. e. , name, time, location, mobile number, and desires. I very quickly got a reply to confirm the date and the place, and in the same message she asked me to elaborate more on both the attire and the fantasy. Louise asked me in detail what I wanted her to wear in terms of makeup, underwear and casual / business / elegant clothing in order to fit my taste and the location of the meeting.

    In my next reply I started to think more about the scenario with her as a submissive. As it is said "Anticipation of pleasure is, in itself, a very considerable pleasure". In this case, I wasn't even by myself in the fantasy, but I shared the scene and shaped it with her suggestions and engaging and sexy emails regarding slave protocol and positions (3) and many other details.

    As a role-playing dress I brought for Louise to wear some Obsessive catsuits (4) so that I could also have the option of tearing it off if I felt like it. I also took with me some (soft) nipple clamps and plushy handcuff, while she brought to the date a very long luxury real leather riding crop, a leather blindfold, flogger, a pin wheel, a teasing feather, and her self-proclaimed favourite. The Hitachi Magic Wand (5). She could also have brought a ball gag, but I am not fond of it since I always want the possibility to communicate easily at any time.

    We met in a square nearby the oriental restaurant we went to lunch to. (Please note the attention to privacy and security also concerning the choice on the meeting location). I was facing the chosen landmark and looking closely at the nearby metro station, and I was strongly surprised when she spotted me first. Later on kindly explaining "as I saw you I immediately knew you were a pervert! Since I pride myself on the sense of observation, it was almost a jump scare for me when I was approached from behind by a beautiful lady asking if I were GiovanniPollio and I was waiting for someone. I was enchanted and entranced by her sweet wonderful eyes and smile and left stunned and speechless.

    As I asked in the email, she wore very nice and smart casual street clothing (jeans and sweater) with light makeup so as to fit in the tourist crowd walking among the very temporarily sunny Prague. There was only one (not so little) detail that might have attracted some attention. The black riding crop showed in the youtube video that she held close alongside her arm, not fitting in her purse and neither in my backpack. And so we went into Louise's restaurant of choice. As I walked toward the seemingly most private table in the corner holding the riding crop as inconspicuously as I could (that is, attracting everybody's curious gaze), she went placing the order for us. I was very happy to try for the first time delicious Vietnamese food (with peanut based sauce, true spring rolls and savory green tea like the finest Japanese one). As a minus, I only have to report my own failure as a gentlemen, since besides placing the order she also offered the meal. I should have spotted that. She was outclassing me in every case!

    The company was more lovely than the food. Even if I was very nervous and basically starstruck in the beginning, she slowly started to make me feel at ease, finding a lot in common in the way of thinking and other experiences (e. G. , love for cats, mathematics, fondness of reading also young adult novels, adoption of euro, corporate environments and work-life balance, airbnb, being an escort and society.) As an aside, before the date she also sent me essential youtube videos and tailored tourist information. The National Technical Museum was fantastic.

    There is a huge difference between being at a table with a beautiful girl (a) just wearing a vague smile while she blabbers away thinking only about fucking her or (b) being so engaged and engrossed in the conversation such as it happens with a long time friend, wanting to kiss her so as to experience a deeper connection. As time went on I felt able to share some personal history and real life details, as well as for asking for some advice in some (to me) important matters. In short, to me it felt like a long standing KGFE date, with a deep emphasis on "friend" - the emphasis on "kinky" will be widely explained later on.

    A very strong black coffee later, and with peanut butter cups (6) in our hands for the upcoming breaks we went to the "dungeon" (with me secretly wishing I was going home instead with her). It was time to play and I was overboard with excitement. The equipment was laid on the table and after sorting out the formalities she went dressing up with the catsuit. The mobile phones were switched off and stowed away, and as a final item of clothing she offered me to put her blindfold on (which implies great deal of trust in me).

    She looked amazing in the crotch less catsuit and heels, and her walking by my pulling the nipple clamps was a sight to behold and it felt great to me (I was told that her nipples can be gently clamped and bitten as they are not extremely sensitive). I was supposed to perform some "slave training" with positions and punishing her for not properly obeying to the rules but this went straight out of the window as I brought her to the bed and tied her arms over the bed stead, with her legs free to move, waiting for them to be spread open for me. ​.

    I leaned over her mouth to kiss her and it was a full blown joy and ecstasy. Louise's kisses were the sweetest I ever experienced: deep, slow, making me sucking her soft tongue and her sucking mine, with gentle biting of lips, softly breathing together, and with a marvellous taste of her mouth. I moved my hand over her pussy and what a turn on it was to discover to my delight and surprise that she was already moist from the very beginning of the play!

    In the pre-meeting email exchange she wrote that "it might be difficult for me to come - ... either I have it or not - I am very keen on clit stimulation and fingering". So for me that moment was "challenge accepted" (7)! I kissed and lightly whipped with a soft flogger every inch of her body from the breasts, to the legs and pussy, alternating with some ice on the nipples and breast. Before long I went down on her and she tasted so good and sweet down there I went on licking and teasing her for a long time. She loved both fingering and even gentle tapping / slapping over the pussy, as it was vividly witnessed by the pleasure on her face and the moist sounds. Going back and forth from her responsive warm tongue and mouth to her juicy hot pussy was heaven on earth.

    "Please let me cum. I am a good girl" she moaned and then said louder to ask for the Hitachi Magic Wand. I rapidly plugged that in and started masturbating her (it was my first time using that toy). For a short while I focused on pleasuring her with the tool, when I thought. Why should she have all the fun for herself? So I placed the wand on her pussy, locking the position by placing her heels over it, leaving her the responsibility of keeping it in place or adjusting its position by spreading / closing and moving her legs (her arms were still tied). So Louise had to split between the focus on the legs to keep the magic wand in the desired position, and the building of the orgasm that made her legs twitching and trembling in other directions! Now I was fully able to participate as well by kissing her and fondling her breast. The intensity of the kisses soared and heightened as the orgasm built up until she came strongly with me hugging her. After the orgasm a short break was needed for her to get back in the mood. So I untied the arms, removed the wand, while I had the satisfaction of a job well done with a broad and wet smile on my face, and I was taking in the wonderful scent of her hair. I tried licking her pussy as a tease to see if she was really very sensitive down there as it should be after an orgasm, and as a "confirmation" of her really coming she jumped as soon as I put my tongue over her.

    I wish I had the confidence and determination to torture her post-orgasm by licking her even when it feels uncomfortable or even painful. With some luck, next time I definitely will, by previously tying also her legs up so that she could offer no resistance besides screaming her lungs out (see the end of (8))! You were right Louise, I really can have an evil pervert mind.

    Louise then offered herself in doggy for spanking and flogging. Her round ass is made for hand spanking and her moans were so loud and intense that at first I was not sure if it was acceptable play or if I was really hurting her. Of course it was within reasonable play except for some of my misplaced strokes, which were promptly corrected by her.

    It was then my turn to explore the possibility and skills of her oral pleasuring. She laid on her back and motioned for me to sit full weight on top of her tits (I am definitely not light) while putting my cock in her mouth. After a small hesitation, in I went with my hands holding and accompanying her head, with the occasional gag and cough (I am definitely not big). Pushing her down and feeling her tongue swirling tightly around my cock and her licking the frenulum was wonderful, and I enjoyed the power sensation of making her service my needs, with hands behind her head and without a complaint aside for the occasional needed gasp of air. I was so excited my erection faltered and Louise licked me both when I was hard and to wake up the sleeping beauty, gently teasing the foreskin and frenulum. For a while we switched back and forth 69 to me facefucking her while being on top and on her side. As I got turned on I asked her to put a condom on for fucking her with her legs over my shoulder but my cock did not agree with the plan and plainly refused the contact with the condom, and the mind excitement became a strong hindrance to the erection that failed me. It was 100% my fault and I still couldn't believe I wasn't able to get it up while I am rock hard typing this report!

    That was the signal that a break was needed. First step: replenish energy and fluids with peanut butter cups and a lot of water. Second step: clean up and get back in the mood by sharing a hot jacuzzi. While the bathtub was being filled with water, she put around and lighted in the bathroom a large set of candles so that we bathed together in the dim candlelights, with soft music I picked in the background. There was more time to talk and she did her best to save and made me recover from the previous embarrassment by boosting my confidence listing the actions she liked, and what she thinks I have to improve. It came as a surprise to me to hear that I got close to her having a second orgasm that I missed by very little. The conversation started friendly, continuing the one during the lunch, and slowly turned to sexual again before I even got aware of it. I got the opportunity to make true another fantasy of mine. Kissing by sharing strong mints (such as mentos or halls), flicking our tongues and switching the candy back and forth. My body experienced a wide range of temperatures going from the cool / warm of her deep calming tongue DFKing me, to the surrounding heat of the water, to the weight of her hot body on top of me. Once again, after the fall from grace of the erection failure, I felt on the top of the world just as if David Guetta himself was pumping loud music in my ears (9).

    I thought that the session was going to end to this uplifting kisses, since I was pretty sure that we were quite short on time. And oh boy, was I wrong. In spite of the time shortage, Louise wouldn't go until I experienced an orgasm as well.

    We ended up again in the bed, with my face buried in her delicious pussy, and her mouth around my cock trying every trick in the book to make me feel good. The use of the mint in the bathtub left a strong aftertaste in her mouth, so that the BBBJ felt like an Aircon (10) (which I may explicitly ask for next time). Being immersed in her sweet pussy, tightening her legs against my face and concentrating on her wonderful taste and trying to pleasure her, I let my cock free to act according the reasonable natural response until I got an erection at first, and later on get closer to cum. I tried to pull away because I did not explicitly ask for where I could come. However.

    "I want your cum on my face" said Louise in a sexy deep voice, and clearly meaning it. And how on Earth can I ever say no? After a while I happily exploded making a mess of the bed, and spreading cum all around her red lips. So as to savour the sight of my marking on her face I followed her in the bathroom while she cleaned up. I was relieved and extremely happy and possibly even almost tearing up for the joy.

    It was now time to get dressed as we were slightly late. While dressing Louise told sexual stories and tales: the first one, the goal of which was her explaining me the advantages of my (normal) cock size and complimenting on my attention and respect to her pleasure and warning about the danger of VR porn addiction that might adversely affect the true sexual performance (11); the other one being a description of a significantly harder BDSM session she had, that sounded extremely surprising to me as I wrongly believed that she focused on lighter play. This left me wondering if harder play might be possible at the right (time / donation) conditions? I will definitely ask more information about that as a returning guest!

    From the tropical temperature of the inside of the room suitable to us being naked or scantly clad for most of the time to the freezing Prague while going out the temperature discontinuity was significant. However, I had Louise by my side and feeling her kindly holding my hand while going out made me feel at home and as welcomed and warm as I had not felt in years.

    While she guided me to a sight I missed in Prague, she started acting as a tourist guide pointing towards the nearby monuments and explaining. Except that instead of a teacher's stick she was casually using the riding crop as a pointer. I laughed a lot and complimented for her choice of the pointer, much better than the standard issued laser for lectures. I got the distinct impression that she is extremely knowledgeable in history and art, and that going around the city with her would be a true pleasure to truly get into the Prague atmosphere (and that is another thing in the wish list for the next time). We went together for some of the way, while parting later on.

    But not before some others warm delightfully sweet kisses in public (yet without any ostentation) as if I were her boyfriend.

    After reading this, I think you can easily guess that I would surely love meeting her again and again and again being my best experience in Prague: there still a lot I would like to know about her, to talk about, and to sexually experiment in terms of plays, positions, sex. I just wish I could go back right now and, with some luck, I hopefully will soon!


    (2) Listen to Andy Hamilton Old Harry's Game jokes!

    (3) e. G. , and





    (8) and the list


    (10) Aircon -


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsMe101  [View Original Post]
    My five cent's.

    I am not shooting anybody here, just wanted to get this of my chest to others lurking / newbies on this forum.

    After reading the forum a year back, and checking and checking to make a to do list before I went on my trip. I had the sensation that I put to much in others expectations of looks and so, I had a hit and miss I do not regret on.

    What I am trying to say is, listen to the experienced mongers in here. They have done it before, and plow the ground ahead of us with a lot of knowledge (listen to them). But remember it is you who is to be satisfied, I went with really high expectations after enjoying the post's in here. (Maybe to high after hyping myself up).

    Like my visit to Sauna club where I found a lot of beautiful women, not any 10's but 4 to 7 in my book, and was satisfied with the collection. Where a more experienced one would have said something different.

    It's like I expected a higher class going there, but altogether I was ok with not hitting that high.

    I bet my criteria will up itself automatically when the experience comes. But for now I read and listen, harvesting others experiences and start planning my next trip wherever that might be.
    Sound advice.

    I look at the guidance on this board as just that. Guidance. But some dudes think it's like a recipe and if they follow it to the letter they will get a perfect souffle at the end. You have to just use it as guidance but then make your own way.

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    Katie Belle.

    Hi guys,

    I need your help please, had awful trip Prague as nightmare and robbed by a prostutelearned her name Katie Belle, met her at Bar13 on Chlumova, we drunk at there and deal for 600 for overnight, then we turn back my hotel by her car, at room I gave her two 500 papel and she told she forgot her bag at the car for give me back 400 , she left room suddenly and never turn back, of course I called police and embassy but they told me nothing to do ((I did my search and found advertisement of her escort-guide. Cz / girl5206. Htm and learn that she went Brno now, if she know about her please let me, She is the worst thief and a fox type of escort I have ever seen in my life, at least I will find her.

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