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    I was in Germany and Britain for 10 days, just returning to Ireland, yesterday. I did ERW and the 2 Total Clubs in Osnabruck and Hanover. I will post on my adventures in those over the next few days. But I shall begin with what was the last session of my holiday Airport Girls in Berlin on Thursday, June 22, from 11- 16.00.

    There was supposed to be an S & M theme, which was not the case, at all, thankfully!

    I had not been here before, but it was very easy to find, it's just across the road from Schonefeld Airport. I arrived early at their entrance which is at the side of their building, I was told to come back in 5 minutes. When I did so, there was already another customer there before me. I paid the €60 euros early day entrance; I was given a towel a locker key and a wrist band where each session would be marked by the particular girl. 6 sessions were permitted in total. Soft drinks and some alcohol are free; I just had Cola Zero, when I needed refreshment. I showered and spoke to a few of the ladies, all of whom were Romanian.

    I then asked a petite (they all wore skyscraper heels) Brunette in her 20's, Amira, if she would come to the room. She was more than willing. So we went to a room with a massive bed, half of which was occupied by the first guest riding his lady like the clappers! Amira left her top on, gave me a covered BJ and then we went into missionary and doggie. I eventually finished with my own hand as she caressed my balls. Functional but satisfactory.

    The next lady, post a cola light, I requested to session with, was the lady, Jessica, a tallish blonde with nice boobs and a bit skitty. Who had been riding the other customer. By now more customers had arrived, but there was never really more than 1 customer per lady, IIRC there was about 8 ladies on.

    In the room with Jessica, she got naked, gave me a covered blowie and we fucked missionary and again OI came through my own manual stimulation with her caressing my balls. Same conclusion as my first encounter.

    Then, I tried the first lady there whom I had spoken to. This turned out to be Julia, a tall Brunette in her 30's who was quite slim wearing a black dress. She brought me to a new room, stripped, wet wiped my lad to clean him and commenced some OW. She rode me cowgirl and reverse cowgirl which was quite pleasurable. Again, I finished manually with her playing with my balls. This was my best experience there so far.

    My next encounter was with, Elena, a petite Brunette, dressed in a sky blue dress with gaps, which looked very cool. Again she is a pleasant lady. She stripped, gave me a covered BJ and we had sex missionary style, with me finishing as per usual by now. It was another pleasurable experience.

    Then I met arguably the most beautiful girl there, Michaela, a blonde in her 20's, who reminded me a bit of my friend, Jude.

    We went to a room upstairs and she stripped wiped my lad and we went into fucking doggie and missionary without oral. She then played with my cock and balls and then I asked her to concentrate on my balls as I wanked to completion. She stuck out her tongue seductively at me and played with her big pussy, to encourage me to my 5th cum of the day, which eventually happened.

    Finally up was the busty MILF in her mid-30's, Kacey. She was wearing a brown top and matching skirt and pink skyscraper shoes. I massaged her legs which were dangled across me in the lounge and gave her a neck massage before retiring to the room. We went to an upstairs room again. She was well into getting some action. She stripped revealing big beautiful tits. We went arse to arse to do a touche push. She then got a nice massage from me. I sucked her nipples which became erect like clothes pegs and she enjoyed it immensely. She did a small quick massage using her boobs on my front. Then onto some covered oral. Which was quite good. We then fucked missionary style, which was quite good, but I felt I wasn't going to cum. So off with the condom (all my hand jobs here were condom less) and I requested some lube as I had got off some of the other ladies, but Kacey reacts to lube and doesn't have any. With some of her stimulation and ball stroking, I reached a peak of sorts and then mostly stroked myself as she played with my lad's 2 best mates. However, despite her best efforts and no time pressure, I couldn't pop for a 6th time. So I thanked her for providing me with a good time and we had a final touche push and off to the showers for me.

    I then went to the bar and thanked the ladies. Went down stairs to get dressed and return my locker key. By now it was raining heavily and I waited until 4 pm to venture out with 2 young German Lads.

    In terms of having to bed share with other couples, it happened when I sessioned with Amira, Jessica and Elena. Indeed while I was sessioning with Elena, Amira was on the other side of the bed with a Pakistani Customer and Amira was worried that the condom used might have broken, when with him!

    In comparison to the two other Berlin Flat rates, I have been in, there is a wider selection of ladies and drinks and nationalities in Caligula and more a possibility of extras such as DFK, OWO, CIM in it also, although, the ladies seem to upcharge quite a bit now for those services in Caligula. However, there wasn't as much competition to see a lady in AG and every lady was more than willing to see me in AG, although the ladies in Caligula seem to have more fun. You can also easily access the showers and you have a locker in AG unlike Caligula. Both AG and Caligula are miles ahead of The King Georg! The lounge area is much bigger in Caligula!

    All in all it was a bit on the functional side, but for 60 Euros, it was fantastic value and all the girls, I sessioned with were definitely in the at least all right zone in terms of looks and erotic talent and all were quite personable people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarMond  [View Original Post]
    I'm New to Berlin can any one tell me best areas to meet street hookers and where to fuck them, costs etc.

    It is around the street called kurfurstenstrasse, Bulowstrasse and an der Urania,+Berlin,+Germany/@52.500809,13.3503485,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a8504c52671fed:0x20215c00e7deb33f!8m2!3d52.5017945!4d13.3550824?hl=en

    Do a search in Berlin Forum using "kurfurstenstrasse" as a search word, you will find reasonable number of reports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinky69  [View Original Post]

    Last time I was in Berlin I walked up and down Kurfurstendamm strasse but not many street walkers.

    Any tip on where to find them? I have hotel close to the end of Kurfurstendamm strasse where station Halense (and also close to Artemis).
    You should try Kurfürstenstrasse, not Kurfürstendamm. Its two distinct streets that could not be more different).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarMond  [View Original Post]
    I'm New to Berlin can any one tell me best areas to meet street hookers and where to fuck them, costs etc.

    Sure you can read the past posts, known as RTFF.

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    Vanessa at Anna's Oase

    So I finally made the trip to Berlin. Things didn't turn out the way I expected. It's hard to find good and credible sex providers. Too many of them are into scams. On the first day I called Private Modelle. I asked for a girl on the website but after several hours still nobody had showed up at the hotel. I didn't call again.

    The following day I decided to contact a MILF on omello. De with the name of Gretta. On the pictures she really looked good with a great big butt. I called early in the morning and a woman answered in Russian. I asked if she spoke English and she did. I told her I'the like to visit her and she gave the address: Selchower Str. She said I should call back an hour before coming over to give me the rest of the details, like street number, floor and name on door. Around noon I called again to get the info. Now I was told she wasn't on the address previously mentioned and that I should await another address. She would send me an SMS, she said. The whole thing seemed weird. I waited for about an hour but no SMS. I got tired and decided to check out a brothel.

    Berlin was very hot this afternoon and the sweat was dripping from my forehead. I took the S-train to Treptower Park station. I had seen Vegas online and the place didn't seem bad. After walking around a few minutes looking for the place on Stralauer Allee I finally found it. A guy opened the door! I don't know what you guys think but I hate talking to pimps. The guy was obviously Polish and his English wasn't the best. He was trying to be helpful and making me feel comfortable but when I visit brothels I prefer dealing with women. The only guys around should be the customers, in my opinion. Anyway, in spite of being afternoon all girls were busy except for one, a blonde with a somewhat chubby ass which I didn't find appealing. I declined the offer and left. My Berlin adventure was getting a bit annoying by now.

    On my way back to the S-station I got the SMS from the Russian MILF. The message was in German and the new address was Albrechtstrasse. Since the message was in German I figured it wasn't sent by the woman I had talked to at first, because she knew I didn't speak German. The whole thing felt like a scam and I ignored it. It was obvious I wasn't going to see Gretta from omello. De. She was most probably nothing but a made-up figure. I decided to check out yet another brothel that seemed to provide what I was looking for: Salon Engel on Feurigstrasse. When I finally got there the only woman available was a real skank from Thailand. The place itself wasn't bad, really clean with comfortable beds and cozy lighting. But the Thai woman present was just too skinny and ugly so I declined. It was still afternoon and perhaps too early for some serious action. Most women work in the evening. However, I prefer my sex in the morning or afternoon which might be a problem when mongering.

    I came to think of a Thai MILF I had seen on busenladies. De. She was operating from Lynarstrasse in Spandau, quite far away. But I couldn't get her pics off my mind and decided to give it a shot. I took the subway all the way to Spandau and then the bus to the address. Finally after 30 minutes or so I found the place, it was horrible. I was received by an old mama trying to look sexy. She took me to a shabby room that resembled a closet more than anything. The bed was small and dirty. She offered herself but I asked for more girls. She left and came back with a girl with big tits. I was inclined to meet the MILF I had seen online though and asked about her. She was in fact there. The MILF excused herself though because she wasn't feeling well, something she had eaten, she said. She suggested I'the come back later in the evening. But the place just turned me off, I could stand the look of it and the smell. I couldn't understand how they could work in such conditions or even get any customers at all. The whole day was more or less ruined and I had spent two days in Berlin already without any action. All the running around had made me fed up and I decided to give it a rest.

    On my third day I woke up in the morning and thought through what to do. I know most guys would recommend Artemis but FKK just isn't my thing. My hotel was in Halensee and conveniently close but I prefer private sex and one session is enough for me. And an entry fee of E80 I don't find sensible at all. Fearing that the day would turn out like the previous ones I was somewhat apathetic. I had a few addresses left to explore. If things didn't turn out well I would simply visit some Thai massage parlors in Rudow and Altglienicke, in the southeastern part of town. I had called another brothel, Anna's Oase, before traveling to Berlin but they were not able to respond in English. However, I was curious because they seemed to have good-looking girls from Eastern Europe working there for short periods. To get there I had to change trains at Gesundbrunnen and get off at Eichborndamm.

    From the station the place is easy to find, it's a short walk of about 100 m. It's in a residential building on the ground floor and the doorbell says Anna's Oase. It was afternoon when I rang the bell and it took less than a minute to open. (I hate to wait in the street when people are passing by and it's obvious what you are doing there.) It was a blonde MILF who received me and she spoke no English. She took me to a room and introduced herself with a name I can't recall. I knew however she wasn't the one I'the like to be with. The room was good. It had a bed and a couch. Everything was clean. Another woman showed up, another MILF! She wasn't bad. She was a bit fleshy but was wearing a dress that gave me a boner. She was very friendly as well despite not being able to communicate in English. She said her name was Vanessa and explained to me in German and gestures how much it cost. She also said she and her colleague were the only ones available in that moment. Her friendliness was seductive and I decided on 30 minutes for E50.

    After giving her the money I was shown to the bathroom. It was a small one and the shower wasn't functioning so I had to clean myself with tap water. No towels either so I had to use paper towels. This was the only negative thing about the place. Finally back in the room I was ready for some hot sex. She didn't undress but simply pulled down the upper part to display her big and floppy tits. I enjoyed sucking on them just as much as she loved having them sucked. Before starting with the BJ she licked my belly and chest. The BJ was covered which I don't mind. She switched between sucking and licking my balls. It was great. Her tongue was extraordinary. We then engaged in hot sex and changed between positions. She was particularly fond of doggy which suited me because I could grab her ass. It was big and fleshy and gorgeous to watch while pumping her full. While I was riding her from behind she was watching me in the mirror and enjoying every minute of it. While fucking she touched herself at the same time. I could see in her face how horny she was, she could have spent the whole day and night doing nothing else. Her pussy was dripping wet. In the end I came on her tits.

    It was indeed good value for the money. She had a pleasant personality and we chatted for a few minutes after cleaning ourselves. She said she came from Latvia and had been in Germany for five years. She said she was happy to be in Germany because it was civilized compared with her home country. She was also happy with our session and praised my performance. Before leaving I gave her a E20 tip. Her service had been splendid. I had felt welcomed and taken care of all along. It had been a good experience and a real bargain. After the boring beginning I must say Vanessa was what saved my trip to Berlin.

    Her hunger for sex combined with her charm is what makes her stand out. Vanessa is highly recommendable if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. You won't regret it.

    Vanessa at Anna's Oase:

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    Street gilrs

    I'm New to Berlin can any one tell me best areas to meet street hookers and where to fuck them, costs etc.


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    Airport Girls

    I've been meaning to post a short review but have kept procrastinating -- my bad.

    I was in Berlin in early Spring. I have tried most of the other sexual offerings in the city except for Artemis. (I've been to numerous FKKs in other parts of Germany and Austria and wanted to try different things). I made the trip out to Airport Girls one evening right after their mid-day closing and presumably their cleaning. Up front, I would say this was as close as I have come in a long time to the flat-rate Partytreffs in the NRW. The change area was small and literally right behind the counter where you first enter. The showers and other facilities were small but adequate (They worked). There were about 15 girls present and an equal number of guys. Most people, except for me, seemed to know each other because there was a lot of interaction between everyone in the room with the tables off the bar area. Like an FKK, all you had to do was to sit down in the table room or near the bar and a girl would come up to you and say, "Want to f**k?" Because you paid a flat rate and because the girls were tolerable if not reasonably attractive, there was absolutely no reason to say "no. " I probably had sex 4-5 times that evening. The action appeared to be semi-public in rooms with multiple beds. I don't recall seeing true public sex right out in the open. At an appointed time, everyone went into other room on the same floor as the bar and table room that contained a stripper pole in the middle surrounded by benches. They cranked up what sounded like Romanian Gypsy music and one of the girls broke into a dance. She was actually quite good. After about 15-20 minutes, the dancing ended and many people paired off and went to rooms.

    Outside of the travel time to get there, it was a reasonable evening for a reasonable price. If you go there with modest expectations, you'll have a decent time.

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    Back in Berlin

    Well, here I am in Berlin again. I came in late today courtesy of Deutsche Bahn. The train from Cologne was delayed by about one hour and a half. First, there was an accident affecting another train, then a man was taken sick, and then there was yet another foul-up. This is not the first time DB let me down. I was half expecting a meteorite to fall on the train anytime.

    Anyway after checking into the Motel Plus hotel in the Silbersteinstrasse (very convenient for Insomnia and the EW, I should add), I made my way to Insomnia for the traditional Thursday night gangbang, but it proved to be rather a disappointment. All the girls only do covered BJ and there were a quite a few pussy blockers. Nothing to turn me on, really, BUT I had the pleasure of meeting a girl from San Francisco, studying in Berlin. She was there unescorted and actually sat down at my table while I was eating. I thought this would be my lucky day. However, she promptly went downstairs and got impaled by a guy not unlike me in my prime, 30 years ago. But she let me feel her up at least. She didn't stay for long with him but kept getting up to get a drink. And the she was gone. I will dream of her tonight I hope. She was easily the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in such a venue and I would have given anything to lie with her. Pert little breasts and a hairy Bush with a finely sculpted mons venus.

    Tomorrow I will try my luck at EW. I am worried that I can keep it up long enough to get into position. . Tonight I quickly shot my load, which I had been saving up for days, but then had difficulty getting ready for round two. Still, I had a few covered blows so the evening was not a total waste. I don't know that I would repeat though I was here a year ago and had a very much better experience. Things are a changing in Berlin and not for the better.

    DAY TWO. Thanks to Mustafa for holding up under pressure and still staging the best sex party in town. I am so glad I came (no pun intended). It is still not as good as the old place in the Karl Marx Strasse and the pauses between girls tonight dragged on for 30 minutes or more. Two of the girls were superb--a Cuban lady, and a blond woman in glasses in very sexy white panties, but she wouldn't let me lick her, though. I can understand that the girls don't wanted you playing with their pussies but licking! Two of the ladies do BBBJs, otherwise it's covered the whole way, but there were a total of 5 different girls tonight after 6 PM and they kept going until almost 12 o'cock. One girls did on the tits bukkake to finish her shift. Mustapha assured me that everything would be like before after July 1, but I just don't know. One thing is for sure and that is that BBBJs in public will soon be a thing of the past. We will be lucky if we get to keep the present gangbang format. But even there I wonder. Downstairs is another place and I fear that we will see an Artemis-like makeover with some kind of show upstairs and then private dates downstairs for a fee with the girl of your choice. Let's hope I am wrong. Fortunately, tonight I was in great shape and had a raging hardon for almost four hours. I felt like a young man again despite my 72 years.


    Today I started out at Airport Girls. It's a real pain to get there, S-Bahn to Baumschulenweg and then a 20-minute bus ride. But I am glad I went. Much better than all the negative posts I read. Two super nice girls, a blond with tits to kill for and a slim Rumanian girl. Well, the girls are all Rumanian but all but one very doable. About 10 girls during the time I was there. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, I came right away but stuck around for about two hours and managed five girls total, one of them twice. It is too bad they only do covered everything. No titty sucking or pussy licking and everything covered. Naturally, they are all shaved. But the service was not at all rushed. I enjoyed 15-20 minutes with each girl in a room. Not bad. Check it out for yourselves. Beer is included and spirits for a fee; no food.

    That evening I went again to the EW and boy it was even better than last night. Maja and Joy are fantastic. All uncovered BJ and then a bukkake facial final at the end of the evening like in the old days. The other girls are all great as well. The EW has the hottest in town, I think, and tonight they even played some German-style schlager, which is a nice change from the disco beat. All but a few girls are German and we were all singing along. "ich war niemals in NewYork." Much better than last night, so who knows about the future. I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

    I hear contradictory rumors about the new law. Some say that there will be a transition period after July 1, so with any luck we will still the present regime until new year. I hope, but I am sure things will change for the worse soon. Enjoy while you can because it ain't going to last. My vitamin supplement worked fine again, and I am thankful for all the good times on this visit. Berlin is still a lot of fun. Keep the reports coming. I am anxious about what will happen after July1.


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    There's King George at Grunewaldstrasse 23, SexinTheCiti also at Grunewalstrasse 23, but what's that? - or is it a third place in the same building? Something new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milfotronic  [View Original Post]
    Is this site OK?

    I called them up and a confused woman answered. I asked for a specific girl and was told she could be ready within 2 hours. I don't trust however that I will see the model I picked from the website.
    It depends on what you mean with OK.

    Yes it's not fake, it's real people. Most of the girls hang around at Karlsruherstrasse 7. But actually it's in the middle of the block, you can as well approach from Joakim Friedrichstrasse right beside Halensee-Grundschule (school).

    Most of the reviews are, as said before here, negative. But some of the girls are good looking and supple standard service at the same level as street girls.

    I heard from Germans that the are going there for a decent priced quickie. And only have to pay 50-60 euro for a half hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milfotronic  [View Original Post]
    Is this site OK?

    I called them up and a confused woman answered. I asked for a specific girl and was told she could be ready within 2 hours. I don't trust however that I will see the model I picked from the website.

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    Re: Privat Modelle

    Quote Originally Posted by Milfotronic  [View Original Post]
    Please see here.


    Mixed Reviews, but mostly negative. Happy hours girls are not so happy.

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    Privat modelle

    Is this site OK?

    I called them up and a confused woman answered. I asked for a specific girl and was told she could be ready within 2 hours. I don't trust however that I will see the model I picked from the website.

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    Steinmetz eck

    A friend of mine told me about this place were do you meet the girls to take there and how much dose it cost.

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