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    Well. and are two German forums, that specialize in Mongering in the Hannover-North-German-Area. Both are a bit tricky to get in to. Yes there are a lot of rules (like don't print anything from there, post reports regular).

    Both have a mandatory German official language. Yet no one is being kicked out for using Google translator either. Plus people will also help in English if you put in some content first (its considered very rude to ask sth before sharing something).

    Try German independents. Most of them can speak micky-mouse-english at least. For instance try Irina.

    Very hot body, but over 30. Yet very extensive offer including A-Level. Just ask me questions if you got some.

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    Hi Mowhmod,

    Can you let me know what is this Nordfick and Hannover board? Is it only for Germans? From what I was able to read from the translated version, it has quite a lot of rules. But if all discussions and available contacts only speak German, no point breaking my head on it. I tried to use Google translate to make an attempt to join but failed.

    I am current hooked onto Kaufmich and me some. But again although they mention English as one of the language they speak, but when you meet them, you realize they cannot (even basic) and all responses they made were using Google translate. No overall the session turns out mute:

    Anyways, would be great to be keep in touch specially for Hannover region, and share our experience's in this forum, to keep it alive.

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    Well. FKK Villa is in the Area of the main wholesale market for food in Hannover (Am Tönniesberg, near Metro). Never been there myself. Reviews are mixed. The Venue housed the Europe Convention of a well known "Motorbike enthusiast Group" some 5 y ago.

    Usually. As I said: Everybody in German should be able to speak basic English. Its mandatory at school. Well. Should.

    As for ladies. De and independents. Look over the photo. There is a small line: If its FKK. Or club it means an establishment. Intendants are the others.

    Hannover only has a few larger venues as mentioned further down. The rest are IP. If you check Podbielskistraße 185-187 its almost all intendants. Little rundown from the outside, but "OK" on the inside. Been to much worse venues.

    Feel free to ask me questions for Hannover. I'll check back here from time to time.

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    Penthouse visit

    So I finally visited Penthouse. Was there around 3.30 PM yesterday.

    As explained earlier, the setup is quite nice. The building is well located and can be traced using Google Maps.

    Once at the door bell, a lady will show up and greet and welcome you to the penthouse. She will take you the bar inside which is dark and the available females would be sitting somewhere gossiping and waiting to be picked up.

    The lady would then let you know the rates 30 minutes- 60 Euros and 1 HR - 100 Euros. Will then ask the girls to parade.

    These girls would come up, shake your hands and tell their names. I remembered the names from the website. But was not able to recognize the ladies, May be it was too dark or may be the pics were highly glossed on the site. The girls however looked really dull with absolutely no smiles whatsoever!

    There were 5 ladies available during my visit from which I selected a fair looking, tall Romanian. Xenia. She could speak "little English", which was fine with me.

    I selected an hour with her and was asked to pay up at the bar itself. Once the payment was realized, Xenia grabbed her stuff and took me to the first floor.

    The room was nice with attached bath. Xenia asked me to have my bath before the start, which I did and by that time she had made the bed ready for the action. She although was not looking pleased or had any smile on her face. I asked her the reason for that and she said she was just too tired from the day. She said, she already had 5 customers before me. This already gave me a signal that I am in for a dead fish experience.

    So, I choose to relax her first rather than moving directly to action. I started with giving her a massage, which she gladly accepted and damn she even enjoyed it!

    Her body was just too curvy and smooth to get my Jr up and ready. But I held up until she was ready. Around 15 minutes later she was ready and we started with DFK and BBBJ. She indeed was quite good in her skills and in no time, I was ready to pump her!

    She asked me for the position and I chose doggy. What a sight it was to pump that curly body from the back. Since, I didn't have sex since quite some time, I came quite early.

    We than relaxed a bit and she returned the favor by now giving me a nice and soft massage while talking about the whereabouts and her time at penthouse. She mentioned she was there since 4 years, was originally from Romania, etc etc.

    After some chat, she started preparing me for round two with some nice DFK and handjob. Her DFK and soft melons were such a treat! Was up again and choose other positions this time around and ended up in missionary.

    Had some bath to cleanup and realized the hour up almost up. She asked if I wanted to carry on for round 3, but I knew it would take me sometime to be back up but then since I had to leave, gave the offer a pass.

    Overall it was indeed a nice experience at Penthouse and will definitely make a visit again!

    I would still want to check FKK Villa who seems to be spending a lot on marketing with their posters almost all major locations.

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    Thanks Mowhmod, the information is quite helpful!

    I am new in Hannover (and Germany) so this is really helpful to avoid the long travel to FKK clubs in FMM.

    However, since German is really bad, I was not sure how to go about option see and the. I really enjoy the independent kind of setup instead if the street pickups or even FKK. But speaking directly to independents is where the challenge begins due to lack of communication From the websites you mentioned, I really liked the setup of Penthouse and may be make them a visit soon. So you can just walk and ask for the lady you saw on the website right?

    Sites like in times and Kaufmich are new to me, but really like it as it links directly to the lady, but I am sure when I call, I won't be able to communicate. Is there a way or any websites where you can look for English speaking ladies and thus can call them directly and plan the meet?

    This is also one of the reasons I use to visit FKK's as you can directly communicate in English.

    I also like ladies. De, but mostly the listed ladies belong to some establishments like FKK but really hard to find and reach to an independent there. Any pointers?

    BTW, I am planning to visit FKK Villa in Hannover, but the ladies shown on their site doesn't really interest me, but I am guessing its worth the risk?

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    So guys, since there doesn't seem to be much current intel about Hannover around I will share some since I live not too far from Hannover and am a native speaker.

    In theory everyone in Germany should be able to speak at least a little bit of English, because it is mandatory at school.

    Generally current opportunities can be divided into.

    A) street action around the so called "eight" (Die Acht). Its around the streets of Herschelstraße, Mehlstraße, Georgsstraße, going rate is 30 EUR per pop. Many Bulgarian and Romanian chicks, many with some drug issues. Not to be recommended for the quality punter.

    B) Large size Brothels "Laufhäuser". Going rate also 30 EUR, 1/2 h 50 EUR. Service is a hit and miss. Area around Reitwallstraße. Shower facilities usually available.

    C) Brothels like the mentioned agentur-stern, yes sir, haremXL or penthouse-hannover. The latter one has very very nice rooms directly at Osterstraße (30). Rate is 60 1/2 h 110 1/1 h I think. Was there under old management. Just check

    D) Independent flat-Pros. My Fav. Either check. you have to type Hannover in the box on top. Ich suche escort in Hannover (=I search for escort in.).

    A large house full of flat pros is at Podbielskistraße 185-187.

    Try to avoid Ludwigsstraße. Its usually a scam (95%.

    What prices are to be expected:

    "Hannover-Standard" is 50 EUR per half hour including BBBJ, DATY, DFK, Covered intercourse, extras rund 30-50 EUR (A-Level, CIM, CIF.) 1 hour is 100 EUR in most premises. Some try to charge more like 150 EUR but that should already include CIM and / or Anal.

    Do you have any first hand tips:

    A bit strange as a person but a good bang, 100 per h including deep and very hard anal (seems to like it). Does almost everything (Fisting, [CodeWord140], CIM, CIF. Used to do BB a few years ago, don't know if still possible, not my business.).

    Check her Whatsapp for an unblurred face pic.

    Veteran. Claims to be mid 20's, is mid 30's but body is extremely nice. A bit more expensive (150/ h, but with Anal and CIM included), does not DFK anymore though.

    Face a bit used up, and a bit trashy "well, I had anal 3 times today. ".

    Tip at the end: If you Google the chicks phone #, in style of xxxx-xxxxxxx or xxxxx-xxxxxx plus the word forum, you'll usually find reviews from German forums like ladies-forum, lustscout, hannoverboard or nordfick (which is very difficult to get in though, thorough screening process but hannovers mongering elite).

    If you cannot find reviews, better stay off.

    Try to avoid taking a taxi directly to a club. They get a "finders-fee" that you'll end up paying. It is no problem to take a taxi to a flat though.

    Price wise its either Hannover or Berlin. Try to avoid bavaria and baden-wurttemberg if you are on a budget (Hannover / Berlin 1 h = 100 +-, Munich = 180-200!

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    Penthouse Hannover experience

    Hi again guys!

    Unfortunately, my second day of visiting CEBIT (I. E. Thursday) was even a busier day and I couldn't arrange a time for visiting any of the clubs I wanted to visit. The third day was going to be my flight back home which was in early afternoon. So, I thought I could visit one of them from 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning till noon and then go straightly to the airport to catch my flight.

    But again, due to my lack of fortune, I found out that all the partytreffs including the ones I wanted to visit open in the afternoon on Fridays (I don't really know the reason). So, as soon as I realized that I had no chance to visit them, I started searching for other available options and found "Penthouse Hannover" which was again close to my hotel and the photos of the girls and establishment seemed very promising.

    So, off I went there. Again, it was not hard-to-find and in a few minutes, I was behind the door. Ringing the bell, a lady dressed in a official-looking black suit opened the door and welcomed me in. The establishment was very clean, elegant-looking, and really upscale. We went to the bar area with each other then she asked me to sit and started describing the rules for me. 30 Minutes for 60 Euros, 60 Minutes for 100 Euros, and a really really surprising option: "We have one girl with whom you can have sex for free". WTF? I immediately asked why and her answer was "Because she has to do it". Again WTF! Well, why would they service me for free if I am there to pay. It seemed somehow stingy to me so I turned down her amazing offer and chose the 100-Euro one-hour option. So, she left me to call the girls to come one-by-one and introduce themselves to me. From far, I was able to see the girl which was advertised in their website as "Alena". Exact figure and exact same dress. So, I expected her to come first, but in a few moments, The black girl named "Naomi" came in. Very nice figure, lovely face, friendly behavior, and I'm really into black girls. So, I decided not to see the other available options and chose her.

    The manager lady asked me to pay her the price in the bar which I did and then she went and came back with her stuff. Off we headed to the room which was located upstairs and man the place was really beautiful (much better than "Yes Sir") and while going upstairs I was both enjoying the area and more importantly, her amazing apple-shaped ass. Once in the room, which was also very nice with a big bed, a big mirror on top of the bed, a washing sink, and a shower, we took off our clothes and she asked me to take a shower first which I obeyed and after me she went and wash herself. Off-the-shower, we started touching each other. She had small but firm tits which I liked and her body and sense of skin was really amazing. She seemed to really like my body and the size and style of my junior and she mentioned it several times during our time together. We then lied in the bed deep-French-kissing each other and again her lips were really soft and delicious. She then proceeded down while kissing my body and started giving me an uncovered blowjob. Oh man she knew how to do it and she could and did deep-throat my fully-erect not-small-at-all dick and also did some ball-licking between while I was touching her. Then we put on the condom, changed to doggy, and started the sex. I really enjoyed watching her beautiful shape from the back and also our image in the mirror while fucking so stuck to that position till I blew a big load in the condom.

    Amazing experience which I really wanted to repeat. So, we jumped in the shower and washed ourselves and after coming back, she started to massage me which was kinda soft but really nice. We went for the massage for a few minutes and she slowly went down my body and started giving me another skilled blowjobs of her. Again very nice. This time we started the sex part in missionary position and after a few minutes, switched to doggy. The view was fantastic and I was really enjoying the action, but I was somehow out of load and couldn't come even after 20 minutes of pumping with various paces and styles. So, I finally gave up. She was still enthusiastic and wanted to proceed and make me come but I told her to call it a day. So, we cuddled and stayed with each other for a while and then separated, took another shower, put on our clothes, and left the room. And due to her amazing performance, and her very warm and friendly behavior, I tipped her 20 Euros which she thanked me for. She also mentioned and appreciated my good performance in sex and said that she really liked my body which I don't know if was real or not as I do not have so much self-confidence with me regarding my sexual appeal.

    I finally thanked her and the manager lady and left the place.

    Will I repeat? Of fucking course, I'll do as the quality of everything was much higher than expected. Highly recommended guys! BTW, the amazing offer of a girl for free is still a big question in my mind. Anyone has any ideas about it?

    Have a good time.

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    Yes Sir experience

    Hi guys!

    Last week I was in Hannover for 2 days to visit CEBIT and had planned to visit "Party Inn" (Hildesheim) and "Total Club" each evening.

    Unfortunately, My first day happened to be very busy visiting CEBIT and then by two lengthy business meetings. So, as soon as I got back to my hotel, showered, and became ready to go out, the time was already near 10:00 PM which I considered too late to take a visit to either of these two clubs. So, I decided to visit a brothel establishment for a one-hour experience and due to closeness to my hotel, I chose to visit "Yes Sir".

    The address was easy to find and I was at entrance at 10:15 PM. Ringing the door-bell, a mid-aged kinda big lady with a noticeable lip prosthesis opened the door and welcomed me in. The place was clean and nicely decorated but was a little dark in the night. She immediately asked me if I wanted to go to the public bar area or wait in a private room. I don't know why but I chose the private room (Still don't know why as I really don't care about privacy). In a few seconds, another younger and let's say gorgeous lady came to my room and welcomed me again. She asked me if I know the rules which I confirmed. The basic one-hour service, as indicated in the website, was 80 Euros but you can also choose to pay an extra 20 Euros to have some extra services like french kissing included. I chose the 100-Euro option and then she asked me which girl I wanted to choose. I asked her to tell me which options I have as I didn't know who was available (pity that I haven't chose my girl online), so she told me to wait for the available girls to come to my room one-be-one. In a few minutes, a few girls came one-by-one and introduced themselves politely and I finally chose Flori

    So, Flori it was. We went upstairs which was a corridor leading to a handful of rooms and I think two or three bathrooms. Once in the room, which was nicely decorated, Flori asked for the money which I immediately paid. She went for a while and then came back with her stuff and also a glass of drink for herself which, as she said later, was a glass of energy drink. She seemed to be really exhausted working since morning. She asked me if I smoke which I answered negatively but told her to be comfortable and light herself one if she would like to. So, she started smoking her cigarette while drinking the energy drink and as soon as I found that her back and neck are in pain, I started giving her a back / neck relieving massage which she seemed to really enjoy. Well! A few more minutes passed and then clothes went off, towels put on, and off we went to one of the bathrooms for a mandatory shower. Another five minutes washing ourselves and then back to the room we started the action.

    She was slim with a well-shaped ass but her breasts was a little disappointing. We started with touching and hot deep French kissing while I was touching and massaging her sensitive areas gently which she started responding to after a while. Then it came to the blowjob which was uncovered but energy-less and let's say too light for me to really enjoy something out of it. Then sex which we started in missionary while French-kissing and after a while we switched to doggy. She seemed a little uncomfortable with doggy possibly due to her backache, nevertheless, I continued with doggy until I came. Now, I think 35 minutes was already passed and I thought I could go for another shot. But I decided to call it a day as she was not really into the action which kinda turned me off. So, we went and had a shower again and then back to the room, we took on our clothes, went downstairs, and then I thanked her, kissed her goodbye, and left the establishment.

    Will I repeat: Don't think so unless I have no other choices. Quality of the girls I saw was not bad but none of them was a real stunner for me. Also, Flori's lack of energy turned me off somehow although she was all nice and friendly during the whole time together. And to be fair, may be I visited the place in a bad time (the later I visit, the less energy remaining in the working girls).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanoveranian  [View Original Post]
    Hello Eurosex!

    I do not really know which acronyms you have in mind. And since there is no centralized list of services I had to copy some from the menues of the girls:

    GV= vaginal penetration.

    Franz. = Franzsisch (French)/ oral sex BJ.

    Franz. Bei Ihr = french on her (Cunillingus).

    Franz. Beidseitig (Oral sex both /69).

    Span. / BV (Spanish (titfuck).

    GF6 = well that should be clear.

    Flotter Dreier (MFF) threesome with two females, one man.

    ZK= Zungenksse (french kissing).

    Schmusen, Kuscheln, (cuddling).

    Krperksse kisses on body.

    DS (Dildospiele) aktiv = she treats him with a dildo...

    Thanks for your help. I think you're right. Yesterday I was in and there are only 3 girls.

    I have chose Sonia, she's tired and bored. I hope tonight to have more luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroSex  [View Original Post]

    I'll be in Hannover next week.

    I need some info on

    My problem is that the site is only in Germany. But I can't translate the acronyms.

    Of girl service.

    Help me?

    Hello Eurosex!

    I do not really know which acronyms you have in mind. And since there is no centralized list of services I had to copy some from the menues of the girls:

    GV= vaginal penetration.

    Franz. = Französisch (French)/ oral sex BJ.

    Franz. Bei Ihr = french on her (Cunillingus).

    Franz. Beidseitig (Oral sex both /69).

    Span. / BV (Spanish (titfuck).

    GF6 = well that should be clear.

    Flotter Dreier (MFF) threesome with two females, one man.

    ZK= Zungenküsse (french kissing).

    Schmusen, Kuscheln, (cuddling).

    Körperküsse kisses on body.

    DS (Dildospiele) aktiv = she treats him with a dildo.

    DS passiv. The other way round.

    KB = Körperbesamung (cum on body).

    Aktiv. I wonder how that will work.

    KB passiv. Well. That is something I can understand by cum on body.

    Mast. = Masturbation (handjob. As far as I understand).

    Badeservice. Bath-service. Maybe sex in a bathtub / whirlpool.

    Duschservice, = shower-service most likely sex in a shower.

    Extra langes Vorspiel = extra long foreplay.

    Gekonnter (experienced) Striptease.


    RS= Rollenspiele (role play).

    EL= Eierlecken (ball-licking).

    LS / Duo = Lesbenspiele (lesbian).

    If I missed something just send me a PM and I will try to explain.

    I wish you a good time here in Hannover and much success on CEBIT. Girls will be pretty busy next week I think.

    I will wait for the week after I think.

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    Hannover coming


    I'll be in Hannover next week.

    I need some info on

    My problem is that the site is only in Germany. But I can't translate the acronyms.

    Of girl service.

    Help me?


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    Day one part two


    After the trip to Yes Sir I felt the need to relax. So went to an erotic B2B massage.

    Price for basic B2B was 65, gave 70 nothing returned.

    All were MILF's and old but smiling and seemed in good mode. I opted for the only small slim one (rest were chubby).

    Massage was very good and he was good followed by massage. Only thing I didn't like was that touching was not allowed as she wanted me to go for extras and I didn't bring money with me so it wasn't possible.

    I would repeat if I'm in Hannover again as the price of the massage is comparable to prices in my region.

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    Hannover day one

    First time in Hanover for a business meeting for few days.

    Went online for preparing as time was tight and decided for few places. First one is "Yes Sir".

    They are cheaper than equivalent places in Stuttgart and place was very upscale and clean.

    There was only one girl free Michelle, she was okay so I opted for the full extra service of 100 E 1 hour.

    She was good looking and little with small perky tits.

    Service was good but legs were initially we not very apart then she opened completely. Then a good massage.

    Then she said time was not enough for the second shot and I have only 10 minutes. So we cuddled a little and I went to get dressed to find out that I still have 30 minutes. And then it went south.

    I told her we still have enough time she didn't argue long and accepted a second shot. So, mechanical blow job followed by a doggy then a shower without a word.

    Place is good but watch out for the time and make it clear.

    Other reports to follow.

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    Update on the Hannover Scene


    I had intended to go to Total Club in Hannover on Wednesday for FKK day, however I had sessioned with so many women in ERW, 17 in some way or other that My penis was worn to a thread and I literally had to give the Hannover club a miss!

    However I did visit the regular Hanover Red Light area just to check out the scene at around 11.00 that night!

    It was relatively easy to find being on 2 streets not far from the station which are parallel to each other, Reitwallstrasse and Scholvin Strasse! Basicall walk into the city from the central station.

    Along the street where the famous man with the umbrella ststue juts onto and further where Schillers statute is! You will see a macDonalds and a Burger King close to each other on the right hand side.

    The 2 redlight streets are on the left hand side across the street!

    There are a few eros houses with several rooms! You may have to avoid drunken would be punters on the way up the various stairs in each house, some have 5 floors! There were not many ladies in each of these houses!

    There was a range of Eastern European ladies, mostly in their 20's and some quite attractive similar to Amsterdam windows! One Romanian brunette in sexy gear with beautiful puppies and glasses caught my eye but I wasn't physically in condition to engage with her!

    One lady from Kazakhstan and a blonde Turkish girl were also available! One floor had a few Transexuals! Another house claimed to have Thai girls who offered massage and BJs for around 30€, only one was attractive. One of 2 houses offering South American ladies had 2 Brazilian MILFs, one of whom was well presented though about 50!

    Another south American house had some attractive Panamanian, Dominican Republic and Brazilian ladies, some of which were good looking!

    2 black ladies were available, one from Ghana and one from Cameroons who was well presented with nice breasts and offered oil massage and sex for 50€!

    Prices were generally 30€ for 20 minutes, some were 40€ for that and 50€ for 30 minutes!

    I reckon similar to Amsterdam RLD conveyor belt and clubs such as Total Club probably offer far better value!

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    "Yes Sir" and other places.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dulich  [View Original Post]
    Dear Friends!

    I stay in Hanover for next few days, my hotel just few minutes to 36 Hamburger Allee, I just know about this forum and want to try there tỏmorrow night. The price 80,- for an hour includes massage? How about tip for girl there?

    Thanks for any suggestion.
    Hello Dulich!

    First of all: I haven't been at this location, but according to their website I would say that the massage is (can be) included. most likely you have to tell in advance that you want to get one. And because of the time-limit of 60 Minutes I guess it would be only massage and one session of sex (not two or three as it would be otherwise).

    All in all it seems to be a similar prize to what you would pay in "Agentur Stern" ( at Raiffeisenstr. 4 for a similar service. The main difference might be the location and ofcause the girls working there.

    Both offer french kisses and probably BBBJ as standard-service everything else is something you should negotiate / ask in advance, since it might depend from the girl.
    I do not think you have to pay a tip to the girl, except you think you should pay her because she gave you an extraordinary service. Normally the prize includes the service orf the girl. I would do that AFTER the booked time - like an gratification - not in advance.

    If you are more in massage only there are other places like (near to Agentur Stern / Central train station) or - which is further away from center. Both quote more than 80,-/ hour though and offer only different kinds of massage with "Happy Ending".

    I am sure there are some other places too, but I am not so deep into this topic I havce to admit.

    May you have a happy time here in Hannover and success at the Agritechnika.

    You do not have an (old but working) traktor you want to sell for around 5000,- Euro by any chance?!

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