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    About anal in clubs

    Quote Originally Posted by EuroSex  [View Original Post]
    Hello there,

    I have read there are some girls that make also anal but there are some club that are known for this?

    Hello Eurosex!

    As far as I know there is only one club in Hannover where you can find a Girl who offers anal sex: the partytreff Deesse - The girl who might offer it (according to her "menue" on the webpage is "Victoria" - she also offers BBBJCIM. I am not sure about the anal with Victoria, since I never got the offer from her. Maybe because my little hanoveranian is too large in diameter for her back entrance.

    Sometimes it is not easy to have a dick which is not like the average .

    If you are looking eyspecially for Victoria / Anal sex you should visit the club only after calling the number +49 511 - 16 59 63 83 and ask for Victoia, since the timetable does not always reflect the reality. And maybe there is another girl who might fulfill your desires.

    Happy mongering!

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    Anal Club in Hannover

    Hello there,

    I have read there are some girls that make also anal but there are some club that are known for this?


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    Update about Hannover

    Quote Originally Posted by PussLicker  [View Original Post]
    In particular I like the Total-Club as I tend to be a voyeur at heart and get of on watching other or having them watch me. If you are shy though, this club is not for you.
    I do not know which Totalclub PussLicker visited, but unlike the club in Osnabrck the one in Hannover is without public action. Unless you really want it and find a girl who agrees to do it in public.

    Normally the action happens behind the closed doors of the 5 rooms they have.

    If you are searching for some public action you can visit the new "Partytreff Deesse" ( where prizes are similar to the "Summer discount in Total-club: 3 hours 69.99; no limit (including massage) 89.99 Euro.

    They have some separate rooms but also a public playground where you can be watched or watch, a small whirlpool as well as a sauna.

    I have to admit that girls as in most in Pauschalclubs are not always he best looking ones, but some are quite cute. And if you treat them well the less beautiful girls will provide real GFE.

    Yesterday I had such an experience with Carina. A little bit fat but with cute face and after giving her a massage and some sensual teasing she was so horny that she asked me to continue the session after having a short break (sessions are limited to 20 minutes each). We had 4 sessions in total which she obviously enjoyed.

    Three other girls were good, one a bit mechanical. Did not try all the 12 girls, who were there.

    I think it is important how you can connect with the girls. After all they do this kind of job for money and work about 13 hours a day.

    So you have to give them a reason to see you not only as someone who has to be finished fast.

    If you are looking for some action with more or less private women and couples the Swingers club "Bar Hemmungslos" ( next to central train station might be a good choice. It seems like there are many couples and single women visiting the weekend-parties. They also have Gangbang-parties with Pornstars or at least professional girls.

    Next one will take place at September 9th. (

    I personally wasn't in this club until now due to time-incompatibility. But it looks like a good place. In the street Wanking showed in his video below (Ludwigstrae).

    Happy mongering!


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    Very nice footage of Kurfürstenstrasse Berlin Girls! I wish I could go there tonight!

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    Redlight Hannover Ludwigstraße Girls Early Afternoon

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    Both are very good choices. I have been to Hannover many times and I would say that your spots are both very good. In particular I like the Total-Club as I tend to be a voyeur at heart and get of on watching other or having them watch me. If you are shy though, this club is not for you. You might also just explore the red-light area as it is not that big. There are a couple of good kinos in the red light area that I have found couples in and got some action.

    Additionally, there is a swingers club called Pärchenclub that I have had great luck.

    I will be at CEBIT as well. I arrive on Sunday the 9th and will there for a week. Maybe we should get together and hit the town.

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    Hi all,

    Will be visiting Hannover soon during Cebit and would like to get an update on the scene please.

    After reading this long thread I planned my visit as follows:

    I have one night free which I am thinking on spending in the Steinor region and particularly interested in Bangkok brothel.

    I then have a full day which I had in mind to go to the Total-Club Hannover (as Hanoverian is suggesting)

    Any other suggestions for a non-German speaking, Italian?

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    Dada and Anja two GILFS I adore and Tessa a MILF or a GILF

    Dada I pay 70 euros and then I also get anal without. It is unfortunate that she does not show her face in the ads at intimes-niedersachsen because she has aged well. She is getting a bit chubby though and she mumbles as she speaks German. It is very gentle sex despite the anal bit and it has always been her who moves my cock away from her pussy and guides it insede her asshole. We greet each óthers as long lost friends, while I hate to say Bulgarians are like this Hugarians are like this and I really want to focus on the individual Thai women deceive you with such acting skills that playing the warm girlfriend for 30 minutes is where they truly excel. If you want yound slim women offering a slap on the bum and the shout "whose your daddy Dada" perhaps you should consider other options.

    Oh yeah, she moves a lot between flats on Voltmer strasse 47 North of central hannover, tram 6 will get you close and the door bell "Eisner" is on the 3rd row

    Afterwards a punter was on the phone and told he could come visit in 10 minutes. Then she offered me coffee. Very generous woman.

    Anja has the same problem regarding no pics of face. She is very cute and incredibly charming. I got tongue kissing, a nice blowjob and then she went on top of me. Very soon I got the impression that there was something in it for her too which excited me. To the very extent that just about when I was about to ask her for a change of position I felt I was coming so instead of switching position I thought, better cash in, and shot my load deep inside of her. No condom in sight.

    Afterwards, despite my lack of German, it turns out that we watch the same television program about an old butler and an even older lady having dinner for one every New Years Eve. The place is Königsworther strasse 28 and as you arrive at the inner courtyard you want the building to the right. Here is typically red-head MILF Julia and fat Alexa good bets.

    Tessa from the Domincan Republic back in February from her holiday I have fucked many times. All I will say is that she is a popular fucking machine and on my last visit to Hannover I had saved myself for a week to really fill her up and I told her so. Normally, the girl, well MILF really, will follow you to the stairs leading down to the door but another girl told me that Tessa was already busy. My guess is that I was the first cum inside in a mini-schlammschieben (several guys cum inside without she washing her in between).

    So, none my tips are MILF and fat and I have gone for bareback. Slims do exist for example at Nikolaistrasse 32 where bareback is also offered, but they are rumored to be expensive and negative reports have been published so I am sticking with my favourites, however if anyone decides to visit Nikolai a report would be most welcome.

    The walk up brothels near Steintor will contain slim and beautiful women but the moment I hear this annoying "Schatzi" I just want to escape.

    Happy 2014!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hessen Bub  [View Original Post]
    There's the RLD with many houses and girls, starting at 20-30€ per session.

    There's quite a few appartments all over the city, starting from 50€ per session.

    And there's one FKK, FKK Villa, entrance plus 50€/30min.

    Can you give directions to any RLD in Hannover. Any particular establishment.

    I was checking out yes, sir. The price quoted is 80. 100 Euros for 60 minutes.

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    Senior Member

    Hessen Bub
    There's the RLD with many houses and girls, starting at 20-30€ per session.

    There's quite a few appartments all over the city, starting from 50€ per session.

    And there's one FKK, FKK Villa, entrance plus 50€/30min.


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    Laufhaus and Bordello

    Quote Originally Posted by Mankav512  [View Original Post]
    Can any one tell me what is the difference between a Laufhaus and Bordello.
    At a Laufhaus (literal translation: lope-house) you walk through the hallways, passing each room where the woman who are available have their doors open and are mostly sitting or standing in front of the door or in the doorway. You ask or negotiate for the price, then you enter and the door gets closed before you pay and to your thing. So a Laufhaus is a Bordello too.

    The difference to other Bordellos is that you pass the women's rooms in the Laufhaus, whereas in other bordellos you might get welcomed at the door, invited in and check out all girls in a living room or at a bar or in a club's atmosphere and then choose with which one you go to the room. So basically the difference is the walking around you will have to do at a Laufhaus in order to check out the women.

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    Can any one tell me what is the difference between a Laufhaus and Bordello.

    I will be visiting Hannover in Sept and trying to find out places having good girls.

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    Three Thais in three day in Hannover

    There is a lot more than Reitwallstrasse and Scholvinstrasse in Hannover, but for anyone who does not want to travel to other areas there are many hot women offering covered BJ and then, obviously, covered sex in the walk-ups in the area. From the main railwaystation walk towards the city and when you reach Kröpcke take a right. When you see stuff like Burger King and McDonalds on your right, stay on the left hand of the street and when you see the first signs of girls-girls-girls you have reached Reitwallstrasse.

    The walk-up furthest away on your left will offer up old fat latina ladies with a limited number of hotties, unless old fat latinas really are your thing of course. Then they are all hot! It was rumoured that a "Jenny" would offer AO-sex, but she was not around.

    Next to the latina walk-up you walk up the first set of stairs and look left. An older Thai lady with a beuatiful face and hot body named Thyphoon might be sitting there. She is rumoured to offer the usual 30 euros for a quickie but with AO thrown in at no extra charde. Maybe this is still true for some, but she offered me 1 hour at 100 euros and only then would she agree to AO. I tried to negotiate with her asking for 30 minutes at 50 euros, but she declined.

    Across the street and into the Thai place. Up the first stairs and then forward and to the left for Aymeah, just pronounced Amy.

    Middle aged Thai who complains that she has small breasts but they seem to be a very decent B-cupsize so I do not understand her worries. Now, finally I got the 30 minutes AO at €50 with a hot woman I had been looking for.

    After washing my best friend I went to the bed and waited for her. She started out by giving the usual handjob. I was fingering her pussy and it was ok to let a finger slip in. I also massaged her anus and she did not seem to mind. She got really wet and I kept stimulating her clitoris and even though she did not climax she genuinely seemed to like it.

    I wanted a BJ before fucking but was afraid I might waiste my load in her mouth so she got on top of me. She seemed to like bouncing up and down on me but after a while I wanted to fuck her from behind. I grabbed her hips and started pumping away. Even now, I got the impression that she really liked it. Then I came deep in her pussy. I would return for her two days later and then I stuck my finger deep inside her anus and so she asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass. I promised that I carried the +30 on me and that I would like to first fuck her pussy and then her ass. She got on top of me facing away from me. Then she changed into the missionary position, grabbed my cock and, oh what the? I was inside her ass. After about 30 seconds of fucking her pussy.

    Oh well, I wanted it after all so I moved slowly back and forth at first and then I fucked her harder and harder really pumping that asshole. She then told me to actually cum in the pussy. I just did what I had been told and went for the pussy until I came with a big smile on my face.

    One evening I was travelling up to Voltmer str 47. The girls may differ but well known doorbells to press for a sexual encounter would be K. Berger on the third, Stiler on the 10th or in this case P. Ford on the 5th. I was expecting Thai-MILF Porn to open the door but she was busy and instead Lily was standing in front of me. She is good looking in her 30s and she offers 30 minutes AO at €50 so I just handed over the money and went for a wash. Lily is very easy-going, she did not kiss, but apart from that it was very much straightforward good sex. Handjob-blowjob-fuck-cip. It really was like sex in a relationship. No exploring anymore, just two people who know what goes where. At the end of it Porn was called over by Lily just to say hello. She laughed, kissed me on the mouth and asked me to come over again so I could fuck her. I assured the two lovely ladies that they were both well worht a visit in the future and with a good feeling I left and went back to my hotel.

    Kim 36 years oid 150 cm tall looked really hot as she opened the door down at Anderter str 86a, inner courtyard.

    Usually I find it annoying that at Thai places you so often have to ask for other girls as opposed to the German habit of having you sit down in a welcome room where all the girls show up, shaking your hand while telling you her name. But in this case I had Kim as my number one and was happy to see only her. 30 minutes €50 and AO +20. Kim was a lot of fun. She fired off a great number of happy smiles and she kept touching me in an affectionate way. The room we used was in tip top condition but it was a little bit strange to have more than half of it just being open space leading up to the bed. Together on the bed Kim started tounge kissing. The kind where the girls sticks her tounge out and moves it around with great energy. It took a while of kissing like that before I could stick my tounge inside of her mouth. Pussytouching ok. Finger inside not ok. I then lifted her up so that she could sit on my face while I licked her pussy. She giggled and smiled and seemed to like it. After a while I think she got really horny without actually coming so I grabbed her pussy lips with my hands and spread them wide apart while licking away on her clitoris area. She probably faked the orgasm but I still think she got something good out of it. My plan now was to fuck her in the missionary so I could see her cute face and then if I started sweating like a pig I would change to doggy and fuck her until finish. In reality I got so horny after a few minutes of fucking her that I came in her pussy. Yes, I was also sweating like a pig. We smalltalked a bit while cleaning up and getting dressed and I told her she made me feel like it was my birthday. She misunderstood me and started to congratulate me but we sorted out that it was not actually my birthday, just that she had made my day.

    None of the three ladies used any special tricks, like finger up the mans ass, or very long blow-jobs close to the limit or scratching your balls with their fingernails or deep throat. No. But I will wholeheartedly recommend all three mainly based on ther relaxed hustlefree and warm personalities. Of course I do not visit a working girl just to have a chat, but it is awfully nice when you get the illusion that you are meeting a friend who is having a good day and on top of it all you also get laid.

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    Report of your stay?

    Hello Euro!

    You wrote you would be in Hanover this month (or already were here). I would be really interested in your experiences here. As many others might be too.


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