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    No idea, had never heard of her. Her instagram states she's in the UK however.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xakall  [View Original Post]
    Does molly charlotte von prime still work?

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    BP alice

    So she has several ads seemed genuine, called a few times always same girl answered, so I decided to visit, however fake photos. Not bad mind you but no comparison, full of tattoos, I actually like tattoos but hers. She also has a tattoo of a cat's face on her pussy. Weird.

    Besides that she is patient ok and doesn't rush you but cold as Ice. She goes by Alice Aly sweet and has ads on all websites you can name. Not worth it avoid her.

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    Does molly charlotte von prime still work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franss  [View Original Post]
    Lucienne the skinny one of the grey door near misterfish?

    I have info.
    I am. Eager to hear the news.

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    Best strip club in Malta anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malti  [View Original Post]
    She doesn't seem to answer her emails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xakall  [View Original Post]
    Who's lisa66 on aw?
    Did you see her photo?

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    Is there a high end escort services in Malta? Somewhere it is very clean with extreme hot girls?

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    Who's lisa66 on aw?

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    Marsa today

    Just ended a round in Marsa. 3 girls in the area. Donna Camilleri near Ventura, there was another girl near ex HSBC but had a hoodie and could not recognize her, although she did not seem pretty. Another girl with blonde hair was opposite ex HSBC but she had earphones and as soon as I have slowed down to negotiate, she said something and I suspected that she was in contact with her pimp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franss  [View Original Post]
    Nakita Mifsud aka Shana Mizzi is a TS.

    So unless you are into TS's: the.
    Nikita now is full. Lady she is wonder full full pussy.

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    Massage parlors offering sexual services spreading STIs, Labour MP tells parliament

    Labour MP Etienne Grech blamed parlors for spreading STD's. "One report said that the number of people visiting the GU clinic has increased from 15 to 40," said Grech, adding that the clinic also had information showing that a considerable amount of men in their 60's and 70's were frequenting these parlors very often.

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    Police Raid

    Seems like there was a massive police raid this week and just yesterday about 6 Ukrainian females were taken to court. Let's face it, although its healthy to have many choices, in terms of discreetness all shops are a big fail with all the flashy signs and nowadays Facebook open publicity's, so no wonder they were raided. These shops never attracted my attention as I prefer more privates in their apartments. Last thought is about ages of these ladies, news mentioned 36-38 age group, simply Ukrainian old and reject dolls LOL.

    Be safe guys.

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    Taken down

    Made a couple of turns yest around Gzira and Marsa, rather late, Marsa was dead but in Gzira saw a new face seemed east European.

    Also some shops closed down today.

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    Camilleri Sisters

    Quote Originally Posted by Franss  [View Original Post]
    Most likely she is one of the Camilleri sisters, either Donna or Amanda. Both convicted thieves and filthy junkies. In this case I tend to believe Donna is the one you experienced, the younger of the two.

    You did well, don't be afraid if these cases happens as their accomplices are usually spineless sons of bitches, also junkies which are almost unable to stand on their own two feet. Face them as you did! They had been at this for more than five years now, every time they are released either from Corradino or from Mount Carmel they start all over again.

    Please do report these cases anonimously and mention her by name, as I also believe that Donna Camilleri has a wanted status at the moment!
    Welcome back on board Franss. I like those sisters although are a bit dangerous. Amanda is back?? I thought she was settled and no more in drugs.

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