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Thread: Utrecht and Woerden

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoperenKarel  [View Original Post]
    Things are looking grim. The Zandpad is still closed with no solution to the predicament in sight.

    The city council, hypocritical as ever, refuses to let any party take over the boats. This may take a long time, unfortunately.
    Thanks Ko - as you say, it is indeed sad.

    Last time I was there almost 2 years ago, there were a number of 'official' looking people walking around with clip-boards and charts and making notes about what they were observing.

    Then I heard a few weeks later the council had closed it down or suspended business - for the time being, anyway...

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    Rode Brug

    Quote Originally Posted by Jdbkk555  [View Original Post]

    The brothel areas are closed still so all I could do was book an escort.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this city. Nothing interesting to see now and the mongering is very limited from what I could tell.
    Such a shame that the Rode Brug is still closed.

    Was a great place in its time...

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    Don't waste your time in Utrecht

    I thought I'd try something different from my usual route and stayed the night in Utrecht.

    The brothel areas are closed still so all I could do was book an escort. Figured out that the game in Netherlands is all about the same. Sexy, young girls on websites, fat cows in person.

    My reason for picking Utrecht was based on a couple of hot girls advertising on backpage. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch any of them via phone.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this city. Nothing interesting to see now and the mongering is very limited from what I could tell.

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    I had some good time in Utrecht on my past trip. I accidentally ended up there after I took a wrong bus. Decided to stay over night and had a very hot Romanian call girl, 22 years old, nice boobies, tiny almost skinny manlike butt and perky nipples. All nigh was 200 euros and hotel receptionist recommended her to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koperen Karel  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday I visited one of the girls who has now, for the time being, switched to receiving people at home. She said negotiations are ongoing with a security company that is interested in running the boats. She hopes to be back at the Zandpad in two months time. Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for the update, Karel.

    The girls might even take it over themselves, if they are given the opportunity.

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    Zandpad Gesloten!

    Panic in Utrecht as the famous Zandpad houseboats have been closed down in their entirety!

    Also, Hardebollenstraat in the city centre closed as well.

    City Council concerned about trafficking and illegality but girls are outraged and either want the council to take them over and rent them back at a reduced rate, or they insist they can take them over and run the area, themselves.

    Interesting times ahead...

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    Late Shift?

    Quote Originally Posted by Koperen Karel  [View Original Post]
    Day shift and late shift each have their own attractions. In my opinion there is not much to choose between them.


    Thanks, KK.

    If the late shift is as interesting as the lunchtime shift, then fair to say it passes the test, in my opinion...

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    Utrecht - Brief Daytime Tour!

    Stopped off on my travels recently in Utrecht for 24 hours. Hadn't really intended to 'play' so I restricted myself to a walk around some of the 'erotic spots' the following morning before I left town...

    There is a small red-light area in the centre on a narrow street that runs into Voorstraat, from the north. At mid-day, there were about 6-8 of the windows occupied. Maybe a little surprising to see this kind of area so close to the historic centre of a provincial city at lunchtime. Most were black 'matrons' and not very appealing but one dark-haired, white MILF was just about 'do-able', in this writer's opinion!

    After this I went for a ramble down Amsterdamser Straat and attempted to gain access to La Cloche 'erotic bar' but although the sign said 7-2am, it must mean 19.00 opening time and there was no response to the bell. So I shuffled on a bit farther and had a look into some of the adjacent sex-shops and chatted with the owners/managers. Most fun was with the lovely Diana and Petra in the vast Miranda XXX shop where the girls invited me to pour out a coffee and 'shoot the breeze' with them for a good half an hour. The other shops are smaller with in-house cinemas where the boss will let you have a look before you decide if you want to pay 10 and stay.

    Finally, I headed up the road to the famous Rode Brug (Red Bridge) area to have a look at the 'Love Boats' before I left town! Although it was barely 2pm, I was amazed at the selection and the quality. Having walked the length of the first half, I was already getting ideas of abandoning my purely spectator role and had already sized up 2 or 3 likely candidates. The second half was as interesting as the first and with my hormones begging for attention, I determined to do some 'interviewing' and take it from there.

    First up was the superbly attired - in black lace catsuit and shiny, black thigh-high boots - Natalia from Split in Croatia. Very cute and friendly girl in her mid-30s said enough to swing the deal so I just said 'What the Hell' and went for it. Usual 50 for 20 minutes 'manoevring'. Very good personality and great figure but I should have clarified exactly what was on offer first as she tried to 'up-sell' me a few times - although only for time, in all fairness. Strong consistent HJ to start with and then she asked me would I like it oiled, and when I said 'yes, please!', she upped the tempo. I was starting to get frisky so I suggested she blow me then and she applied the condom and gave me super, slow, playful head while maintaining constant eye contact and I massaged her lovely skin and played with her beautiful tits. Again, I was feeling edgy so I suggested we start f*ing then and she said she normally doesn't do that but then shrugged her shoulders and said it was OK. I indicated doggy-style but she said she didn't enjoy that position so she oiled her pussy and put me in to her in kinda-missionary while she half-sat up! Now, I was finding it difficult to get traction in that position so I pulled out and she started playing with herself and suggested I bring myself off while watching her. I asked her to go back to HJ which was terrific and I 'blew my top' a little while later. She complimented me on the amount that I shot, then we hugged, I dressed, declined the shower, gave her a 5 tip for a glass of wine on me when she finished, we kissed and I was out the door exactly 20 minutes later.

    All-in-all, a very good romp for an RLD. Although she kept a good handle on the time, she did all I asked and moved through the positions and back again which a lot of RLD girls won't do. The only up-selling attempted was for time so we could relax and take it at a more sedate pace. She's near the northern end, maybe 3 windows form the finish and identifiable by the clothing I mentioned and also the cheery wave she will give you to try and attract your custom. But, most of them will do the same and there is definitely something there for everyone; young, old, black, Latin, Asian, MILF, teenie, etc.

    Compared to the jaded Amsterdam scene, this is very interesting indeed. Must be a very interesting place, later on during the evening shift...

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    This was once a famous streetwalker scene. Since they have legitimise prostitution it ha all gone downhill. Now only shemales are plying there trade here. I wonder where the regular streetwalkers have gone too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Universe  [View Original Post]
    Anyone can recommend one to me?

    Uithof is utrecht. Go to the rode brug aka red bridge. All the hookers are concentrated there. At least the good looking ones. And I think its also closest to uithof.

    Grab a cab and when you get there walk around. Its a bit daunting at first. Because it will be quite busy. The girls are all in the boats. And you will be walking on a footpath, beside it are the cars and behind it the bycicle path. All the eyes are glued to the girls who are trying to sell there wares.

    Quite a unique experience.

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    Can you give me some details?

    What's the number of her room? Please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toyboyke  [View Original Post]
    Pip to go, I guess you must have visited "Elektra".

    She is half Bulgarian / half Greek and has indeed a superbody.

    Fucked her last week; can recommend her to all guys that want a super-fuck.

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    I am looking for a girl near Uithof Utrecht

    Anyone can recommend one to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepdiver38  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I'll be visiting Utrecht in December. Can any one suggest any club or brothel were I can meet some really beautiful ladies?

    Thanks all
    Hi Deepdiver,

    I see on you're post that it is a long time ago but if you come to Utrecht let me know. I can give you some good advice.



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    Utrecht clubs

    Hi all,

    I'll be visiting Utrecht in December. Can any one suggest any club or brothel were I can meet some really beautiful ladies?

    Thanks all

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    Utrecht : La Cloche

    Hello guys,

    If you are into chubby ladies in their late fourties +, you should find your pick at La Cloche, the boite described below. Kind welcome by Natacha, the hostress, a blond girl in her early 30ies. 150 or 220 /h, inclusive of 3 drinks - higher price goes with a tub ("jacuzzi"). 6 girls, from 40 to 60yo+, the coloured one was the most feasible if not a queen beauty by far.

    If you are not attracted by (very) plain, (quite) mature dutch ladies, this is not your place. You'll sip your drink, pay 5 (fair) and leave without hassle, as I did.

    The place is supposed to host the best looking working girls in Utrecht, therefore I kindly suggest you to hunting somewhere else!

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