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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiT  [View Original Post]
    Haha, good for you.
    I think that am posting this message in right website, this website is not the right one to talk about the community & contribution so please don't reply like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumar6566  [View Original Post]
    Hi friends,

    Am coming to Warsaw by last week of Feb, I need a young polish girl contact no if anyone have a contact please message me.
    Haha, good for you. What is your contribution to the community?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IwthSatt  [View Original Post]
    Sorry about adding telephone number so here instead a link with the telephone number:
    I think that this is not Selena who worked in Mero few month ago.

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    Hi friends,

    Am coming to Warsaw by last week of Feb, I need a Polish girl contact number if anyone have a contact please message me.

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    Warsaw next week

    I will be in Warsaw Monday to Wednesday and if anyone want to meet up for a drink send me a pm.

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    Apologies for not adding correct info

    Sorry about adding telephone number so here instead a link with the telephone number:

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    I am a big fan of a professional massage with a girl that enjoys creating a very erotic atmosphere and this girl really does it for me. Selena used to work at Mero on Chmielna but has been away for a while but says on Garsoniera that she is back from next week so I will be among the first in line and will let you know how this works out. [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Some guys here blame the service of girls being attracted by a photo on which to decide to go there. In October 2016 I added a report on four ladies visited within a five days stay in Warsaw. With the exception of Zosia, who gabe birth to her third son in January, I suppose all other women on duty. OK, most of us here rely on their own choice getting disappointed afterwards.

    Spending 300 złote for this "wysoka I ulegla", meaning nothing else but "tall and horny", a bad idea. Don't go for more than 250 per hour. High price doesn't mean high quality but mostly a rip-off.

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    Masseuse. Warsaw.

    I took 40 minutes to find the building which is street Chodna at 48.

    The time lost to locate it was my fault, because in my head I was thinking about 8 Chodna Street.

    Once there I lose 10 minutes exchanging S. M. S with her to guide me to find her. (I am a foreigner and I have difficulty understanding the organization of an address in Poland).

    I do not know which access door to choose from the 4 that are in front of me.

    Eventually I get caught by the caretaker or the guard who understands where I want to go and eventually open the door to me.

    Once inside, she tells me the wrong floor in English (or I would have misunderstood?

    I send her a message: "what is the fucking number of your door?

    This is the beginning of our meeting.

    Finally I arrive at the right place and the lady who is well her age opens the door to me.

    I try to appear smiling and relaxed but the girl face seems very closed and tense.

    She accompanies me to her place of work that is clean and spaced.

    I give her the 200 Zlotys for an hour, she asks me to change, and goes away with my money. But she does not offer me a shower.

    The masseuse is gifted and has good technique. She will use a small towel and hot water with her massage.

    For the "happy ending" she will try more or less 15-20 minutes without making me ejaculate.

    I was going to suggest her show me her pussy even with extra compensation (I had not a chance to ask), the miss tells me the session is over. She covers herself and goes to open the door to bring in her colleague who had just ringed the door.

    I take my belongings to go to the shower which is in front of her room.

    Once in the shower not a drop of water to wash, I am covered with oil. I do not know where she is, I go back to the room with my things to change.

    I leave the room and go to the exit door, that's where I meet her.

    She will always offer me the same face, that is, closed and not smiling.

    Here is my conclusion:

    I am used to massages of poor quality made by Chinese (who are only gifted to take your money) and in comparison this one is the best I have had.

    I would not go back because of the masseuse's personality.
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    How can I contact the owner of Busty. Please website?

    Thank you!



    Here's how to contact other forum members.

    1. Buy a subscription.

    2. Send them a Private Message.




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    Warsaw. Anna. 21 years old

    Please note following my report number 4274.

    The good link about the girl is:

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    Warsaw Now

    I am in Warsaw now / this weekend. First visit. Are there any locals on this board? Trying to find recommended girls without spending all day on odloty. Not into nightclub scene- but brothels, independents, of course yes. Young only, students, skinny etc. Open to full weekend sponsor. Love kink but not necessary. PM only.


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    My first warsaw meeting was a complete disaster. After calling several numbers on odloty, one finally answered in english and provided an address. Took an uber to an apartment building secluded in darkness and snow.

    The girl that opened the door looked good enough at first glance. So I took a shower and waited in a tiny room. When she entered, I noticed that my eyes had been fooled by the dim lighting and heavy makeup. She was not that pretty. Not ugly though. However, when she sat down on the bed I saw folds of flab formed on her stomach. They were not so noticeable when she was standing up. But it was not a terrible amount.

    So she massaged me for awhile and it was fine. Then she told me to turn over so she could suck my dick. I could not get hard. I had taken my erection medicine not too long ago but it had not kicked in yet. Also, continuous days of hard fucking took its toll and the freezing cold had shriveled my nuts.

    I know what will get me hard, I thought. If I see her asshole, I always get hard for asshole. So I instructed her to get into a 69 position. That proved to be a fatal mistake.

    Her asshole stank to high heaven. I could not even believe that rancid stench. It was like she took a shit minutes before meeting me and did not wash. It smelled like dead animals. Her asshole was a chasm that opened up in the earth into a graveyard of sewage, human filth and rotting corpses.

    I awkwardly said I was not feeling too well, needed sleep, threw on my clothes and got the fuck out of there.

    Hoping for a more successful encounter tonight.

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    Anyone know of a reliable, honest pimp with a good selection of young, pretty girls in Warsaw? Please pm me.

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    Warsaw. Anna. 21 years old

    For my first meeting after my arrival with my mobile number in hand from orange (5 zloty), I contact:


    The Girl is pretty and I like her. I ask her if there is a problem for me, she confirms that she does not. We discuss her desires and mine, and it is there that I discover that she "Does not suck"! She does not kiss either. Which does not bother me for this last option.

    I would have preferred to learn it earlier but as I moved to meet her I positive and insist. She confirms that we can make several shoots. Once in action she is passive and must be guided. At that moment I should have left because there is no exchange, I feel like an abuser, (not to mention another word) who come to "enjoy a merchandise". I caress her everywhere. I lean forward to see her pussy, one moment she thinks I'm going to suck her and tells me she does not like it. It is the drop of water too much, and I realize at this same moment a needle with a patch on her left thigh. I ask her what it is and she tells me she's diabetic. It is by writing these lines that I see the patch in the picture.

    I get up for a moment to think about it turning my head and I hear her saying "it's OK we can stop here if I want". I don't know if she is telling me that I can leave without paying.

    I get up to get dressed.

    I gave her 100 zlotys out of the 200 Zlotys for hardly 15 minutes.

    So I do not know if it's a calculated game on her part, or if it came from me.

    Her profile nothing is mentioned on her offer.

    At that moment I was disappointed, very disgusted and told her it was my fault.

    True is that I insisted to meet her all day.

    Not sure for her Anna is her name. She likes Japanese culture. Her apartment is OK and easy to find.

    You are warned. Good luck.

    Google translate.

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