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Thread: Warsaw

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    Vika back in town

    I tried to see Vika a few weeks ago but she was out of town, yesterday however she was back and as fantastic as the fist times I visited her.

    She has picked up some sun during the summer and looks great.

    I spent 2 hours with Vika at her place. Atmosphere GFE with long and deep oral, great sex and a lot of talking and laughing so a high recomendation to see this girl now that she is back.

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    Viki in ul. Zelazna 67

    I got her on the phone and she sent me sms with her address.

    Tel 733 851 782.

    No opinions so far on Polish Garsoniera board.

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    Beautiful Nigerian girl in Warsaw

    I was shocked to find a black girl working in Poland! This was the one I was trying to reach all week last week. Although I usually don't cross the 200 zl threshold, I am willing to do so from time to time, but only for a special occasion. This was definitely one! Her ad says 600 zl, but in reality she charges 500. If you decide to call just say you are calling from the Roksa. Pl site (not Odloty) under the ad name Megan (not Fergie).

    I took a major chance because the address was the same as the total dud from last week. However, I was rewarded. This girl was really beautiful! Tall, thin Nigerian with beautiful eyes and a smile that leaves you astounded! At 500 zl I was expecting a bit more though. Given the bad experience with the other girl, I made sure we cleared things up front. To my surprise (and despair) she did not offer BBBJ. I seriously thought about leaving, but she was just so amazingly hot and had a pleasant attitude. I stayed. For 500 zl 2 shots in all positions. At 24 years old her ass was so amazing from the back! However, she was also a bit mechanical. Very smart and cool to talk to, but not quite GFE. Oh well, I guess you can't have it all. I will probably repeat to see if the second time she'll act a little more into it.

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    At Beserker. Is Warsaw worth a visit

    Yes, indeed it is worth going there. Don't mind double, triple or however times a similar ad may appear on the current boards in Poland. I suppose most of us are misled by targeting mainly optical shots making the brain Cinema in advance working well.

    I already mentioned several ladies in the 30's and 40's. I really recommend to try one of them close to arrival in order to have a first date with very good Performance and a woman with an attitude making guys happy. Afterwards be happy to struggle around with your phone and look for your own gems.

    As you may have seen, I got a bad experience with a woman called Malgosia two weeks ago. Nobody can be sure to be always on the right track although on the phone you think it could be a great date.

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    List of places to avoid in Warsaw

    Well I stupidly did not keep the Odloty links but here are places I tried and just got ripped off with bad service (short changing on time) and bait and switch.

    Towarowa 35.

    Grochowska 186- paid for two girls and given one only for 30 minutes.

    Al Jerozolimskie 117 - paid for two girls and given one only for 30 minutes, I really need to complain more but when they don't speak english.

    Mila 37- arrived and then told no longer available.

    Chodna 39.

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    Awesome threesome

    Booked one hour for 300 zl with these two girls. One blonde and one brunette.

    The blonde spoke English and together they were up for anything, when the time got close to finishing the brunette got on her knees and the other sucked me off until I came on her friends face.

    Amazing. Communication for the booking was quick and fast and the flat was very clean. I will be back.

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    Don't know if mongering in Warsaw is still a good idea.

    Spent a week there and all the girls I dated were very unpleasant, had faked photos, asked for additional charges for services already in their profiles.

    Met Inga, [CodeWord901] 19 and Ola Masażzdojazdemdodomu near Centrum station.

    Inga was pretty, but CBJ, no shower together, did not want to speak, looked away and made the atmosphere unpleasant.

    [CodeWord901] 19 was the worst of the girls I met in Warsaw. She is in the early 40's I'd say. Unpleasant face. As soon as she got in my hotel room, her first words were "let's talk business" with a nasty tone, then she sat down and was texting on her phone, when she finished, she said "I have texted my boss, now everyone knows where I am". Sex itself was so unpleasant that I wanted to ask her to get off, but she left first without me finishing of course saying I fucked her for too long.

    Ana from Masazdojazdemdodomu was the last girl I met. She came one hour late, but she was more welcoming that the two others. She had quite a few kilos more than on her photos, however she was very professional and gave me a very good BBBJ.

    So my experience for my last two travels to Warsaw have not been very good for the money I put in them and I definitely don't want to meet girls which make the atmosphere so unpleasant.

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    Called and told her I would be there in 30 minutes. Was there in 28. Kept calling but no answer. I hate when they do this! Wasted trip. Take your own chances.

    Address: Jana Pawla II.

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    Another fake ad

    I made sure to ask whether the girl from the photos is the one working. She said yes, this is a private ad not an agency. Once I got there a short plump woman around 40-ish opens the door. Astonished I asked whether she was the one working. She said yes. Where is the one from the photos? "Oh, I'm so sorry but she's not here now. " Fuck you! I turned around and left. 5 minutes later she sent me a text asking why I left. What fucking balls!

    Address: Okopowa.

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    Wish I had better things to say.

    Lured by her photos I took the plunge. Her ad said 200 zl for massage, oral, and sex. I was greeted by a very pretty blonde with a nice body in her early twenties. So far so good. She collected the fare and left for a minute or two. Once back in the room she suggested we start with oral. No complaints. From here things just went straight to hell! First she takes out a rubber for the blow job. When I asked why she said "this is just how it is". OK, nice attitude! After a few minutes of her sucking the condom I knew this was going nowhere. I asked her to get on top. She did but was looking away the whole time and very mechanical. This was not working for me so I got on top. She did not allow any body contact and positioned her body all the way to the side in such a way where the only point of contact was my dick going in and out of her. And to boot she did it in a very dramatic fashion, pushing me away every time I wanted to shift. This was going nowhere fast. I told her to get on all fours. Took her from behind, but at this point I was so turned off that I couldn't finish. I asked her for a massage. She said that it can be for only a couple of minutes since she's not going to do a massage and sex. On the phone she said cum twice and massage. I knew this was going to be a waste of time so got up and left after perhaps a total of twenty minutes. She said "fine!" since "I already paid". True, I paid for a mistake that I will warn others about. One of the worst experiences ever!

    Such a shame since the girl was really pretty. Contrary to her ad title, not a virgin, not erotic, and no massage!

    Ad: Virgin Erotic Massage.

    Address: Aleja Krakowska.

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    A suggestion on the avoid side

    Consider avoiding anyone "servicing" from ul. Rozlucka (in the area of Goclaw). Messy apartment with no privacy and the massive lady in charge knocking the door after 35 minutes, and then again after five. Go there at the risk of your own deception, similar to mine.

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    Real Viagra Fresh And Worked

    Quote Originally Posted by HornyMonger  [View Original Post]
    The shop in the below post has re-opened and the shop's number is the same as last year
    and the shop is at 730250162. As you can see, it's the same.

    As usual, to avoid losing time, I called the shop at the number above right after I landed in Warsaw to pick up some Viagra to get ready for my mongering activities. Now the number to the shop is working again.
    If you call and cannot call through, try calling again later, and it will work.

    The service, as MongerNick pointed out, is still outstanding and prompt. It still provides Genuine fresh products that work great.

    It offers money back guarantee that the products are genuine and fresh!

    Anyway, it sells high quality Viagra as before at the same low price, which is a lot cheaper than other shops; because the expiration date is again more than three years away, I picked up enough packets this time to last me 6 months and to get a boost before starting my mongering activities. I saved many hundreds of zloty, which is more extra money for mongering.

    I am now heading towards Centrum to bone this young good-looking chick; hopefully she'll be horny because she's going to get a good pounding. Of course, I took a pill already. I've compiled a list of subjects to bone; so I'll just go down the list.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uoykucf  [View Original Post]
    I stopped by Warsaw and called the number to the shop in the above post written by Horny Monger.

    (if you are not using a Polish simcard, you must dial +48 before you dial the shop's number.).

    They just had a fresh new stock coming in. I bought 10 packets because they are so fresh with date of 02/2021, more than 3 and half years away!

    It seems they just come out of the pharmaceutical company.

    I am certain that I'll finish them long before then.

    Probably should have bought more.

    I've tested them and they worked great as always.
    "more than 3 and half years away!

    That's so fresh!

    As I wrote earlier, when I was in Warsaw, I too called the shop mentioned in the above post.

    I bought 36 tablets of 100 MG Viagra or 9 packets.

    There were indeed fresh and didn't expire for more than 3 years.

    But now more than 3 and a half years away. That's even more fresh than the time I bought mine.

    The most important thing is they have always worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beserker  [View Original Post]
    Also had some preparation this time before flying to Warsaw, so called this guys for some pills; he is definitely a man in gold and was very helpful on the phone.
    You are talking about the shop mentioned by Horny Monger in the above post.

    I agree he is "a man in gold and very helpful. ".

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    Best deal in town?

    I decided to give this spinner a shot. Her ad says 33, but in reality she is a bit older, perhaps 40-ish. Don't let this deter you. Pleasant girl with a very slim body and small breasts. Anal included in the 200 zl price! Because of this and her general willingness, zloty for zloty perhaps the best deal in town. Not quite GFE (but close), but definitely worth a visit.

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    Does anyone know what the deal is with this one?:

    I've been trying all week but I'm told she's not working and to try the next day.

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