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    This time leaving cold Warsaw with a smile after the hot evening. At Ferry77, thanks for priceless advice journey with Celia ( was remarkable. I've called her on Monday my fault, did not read carefully looking for last minute appointment as I usually do. She bring me back down to the earth fast but we agreed Tuesday with second call at the morning to confirm. The rest of Monday was not worth of notice well known A. Ujazdowskie with typical service, not bad, not good, just usual. Two calls on Tuesday and I'm starring at tall brunette entering the restaurant nearby the hotel. Well dressed, with a smile crushing the distance before she landed next to me. We have pre-agreed light dinner before moving to hotel caution! Once you talk to her falling into romantic date the time is passing by. Hotel, shower together as appetizer and then pure eroticism she mention at her webpage from soft cuddling, massage to exhausting main course. Good skills combined with young and fit body made the job with brutal perfection. Clear, once you look for silicone f*ck toy bimbo it is not an option at all I've found her rather as well distillates pure GFE shot for good taste connoisseurs better than polish vodka. Short sum up, true offer, tall (180+? Slender, natural, rather at declared age. As I understand from conversation both outcall and incall are possible don't know incall details / location (yet). Obviously for such class an offer above average Warsaw rates. If match with expectations you get a prize. Now, with twitter clanging time to time I keep an eye on her, still hearing whispered "see you next time" at the door. Hope soon.

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    Short report.

    Not a great few days in Warsaw with many mistakes, mostly due to lack of time to hunt around.

    I did manage to get a time at Touch Magic (not easy so start calling early!) on Sienna for a massage with Dominika, she has great reviews on Garsoniera and was a frenzy of erotic massage. Great GFE!

    Also due to recommendations here I booked Vika for 2 hours. This is a fantastic girl, made me feel welcome from the start and left me feeling 20 years younger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyMonger  [View Original Post]
    The shop has changed its numbers, and now the shop is at 730250162. If you call and cannot call through, try calling again later, and it will work.

    It offers money back guarantee that the products are genuine and fresh!

    As usual, to avoid losing time, I called the shop right after I landed in Warsaw to pick up some Viagra to get ready for my mongering activities. The service, as MongerNick pointed out, is still outstanding and prompt. It still provides Genuine fresh products that work great. I took a pill and got bone hard and headed for my mongering subjects that I have compiled in a list. Pity these chick! For they will have to bear the power of these pills as they are getting boned hard and fast as always.

    They are still much cheaper than the sex shops. I was pleasantly surprised the expiration date is more than three years away; so I picked up 5 packets, saving myself a couple hundred zloty, which is extra money for more mongering.

    Anyone knows if this guy has a new number?

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    Returning to Kasia.

    After the one or the other decent experiences in some Polish town outside of Warsaw, it was already some time ago more than due to return to the Polish capital. Having been pretty convinced in the past that it is so easy to find adequate playing partners by using, I started to be a little less enthusiastic about that. Well, this may be related to the fact that Kasia- the one who already was referred to in this thread earlier- was my first date in Poland ever, and it was high time to return.

    So another meeting with Kasia- quickly arranged when you already know each other; and only afterwards I learned that she actually was coming to her working place exclusively for me on the day of our date. An amazing attitude; this makes a veritable difference. In the awesome situation to be between the poles of meeting someone for the first time and actual routine, her welcome was as warm-hearted as relaxed- leaving place for a slow increase of erotic tension and arousal. I love this erection (no pun intended of energy that fits to the purpose of the meeting- to be able to let lose at some point and jump into the real game. Kasia is a champion of creating that atmosphere, as well as she is in playing the game itself -- and after the "action," which to describe would be a repetition of what I already wrote in the past, with suitable variations and an increase of intensity compared to the initial meeting, Kasia also manages to provide a return to real life that makes a high-level meeting a unique one.

    Where I am living, we tend to use the proverb "Es kommt nix Besseres nach," meaning "Nothing better follows". In the case of my Polish experiences so far, this so much holds true. Thank you, Kasia!

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    Vika a favorite.

    On a short trip so I only managed to meet 1 girl so went with a favorite, Vika!

    As before Vika was very accommodating in agreeing time and where to meet at my hotel.

    She was on time and looking as great as she does in her photos.

    We spent 2 fantastic hours together and she does everything she says she does to perfection, so high recommendation!

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    Visiting Warsaw after a long time

    I was a regular in Warsaw till about 4 year ago. Used to select great girls from

    Allowed me to choose age, body type etc etc and quickly listed out the options.

    Looks like this site has been closed down now. Any other alternatives from Warsaw visiting brothers?

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    Recent discovery. Out of typical service pattern, looks trully independent with outcalls only. As for me perfect companion once you expect top quality. Seen on Odloty, but keeps her Twitter (at meetjustcelia) and webpage ( alive. All what I needed was there. Mid level prices, IMHO worth to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filet  [View Original Post]
    I never hear that the girls form both clubs offer sex, but you can ask.
    500 zl usually in Sogo. 200 for headjob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigmaSigma  [View Original Post]
    How much is needed for sex?
    I never hear that the girls form both clubs offer sex, but you can ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filet  [View Original Post]
    Hi Josun and Dan.

    Also Night Club Sofia and new Dopamina at Foksal str.
    How much is needed for sex?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiT  [View Original Post]
    I visited Zerżnij uległ261; ( on 4 November. It was well worth the 200 PLN. Friendly, English speaking girl with excellent rimming skills.
    Real photo? How old does the girl look like?


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    Zerżnij uległ261;

    I visited Zerżnij uległ261; ( on 4 November. It was well worth the 200 PLN. Friendly, English speaking girl with excellent rimming skills.

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    No matter how careful one is, there's always moments of stupidity or horniness that resulted letting one's guard off. When you deal with prostitutes or girls who fuck for money, this occurs often. When one did not receive the services agreed and paid, one should handle them with a strong hand. Then Poland is one of the best place.

    Quote Originally Posted by MichiT  [View Original Post]
    What I can say is that I made different experience. I made the experience that mostly 200 zl and less was not so much fake and tend to be better service than the higher priced girls.

    Other than that, yes I agree, Poland is mostly cheaing. Not the best place.

    And, sorry for laughing, but your text illustrates that you are a total beginner, and therefore the girls saw in your "2ine Weihnachtsgans", as they say :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gretsu  [View Original Post]
    **To sum up* I think the appeal of odloty. Pl, that made me go to Warsaw, is fake. Verified profile photos are probably from models that are paid to appear on the website and the reviews are put by the hookers / pimps / accomplices. Any advert for 400 PLN / h or less should be ignored. The other adverts should be taken with caution and you should always ask if the price is for one hour, like it's written, or for one orgasm. If you take into account this, it might be worth going to Warsaw if you have cheap flights or intend to spend many hours with escorts. Otherwise, it's not worth going to eastern europe and sticking with the dutch kinky. NL or belgian quartier-rouge. Be, for example, are better options for GFE.
    Good report! Though my experience first time in Warsaw was much better that yours. Also, I rarely paid such high prices as you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gretsu  [View Original Post]

    You should avoid any advert for a hot girl for less than $100/ h (400 PLN).
    Generaly its not true for Warsaw and a lot of ads with price more then 400 PLN are not real or strongly photoshopped.

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