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    Ah yes, just checked, that's unfortunately only available after 6 months. What a shame.

    I didn't quite understand what the forum policy is and whether it would be OK for me to add me to add my site to the classified ads or whether that's for the ladies only. It is much less a business than an information resource, Google will also help you if you search for Moscow and some of the words in my name.

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    Help. Thank you for your help in advance.


    I need your help. "Hotel Tverskaya 12" allows girls to enter to room? Or, Do you know reasonable price girl-friendly hotel on Tverskaya street in Moscow?

    This is first time to visit to Russian for me. So. I plan to bring a girl from Night Flight-or-Karaoke club or to call a girl from "". I will report later. So, please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Couldn't send you private message I guess you are not paid member. I will visit Moscow on Feb, and may need some help to make some appointments (most providers don't accept SMS) since I don't speak Russian at all. I can buy you some drinks or pay you fees whichever you like.

    Quote Originally Posted by MscNightGuide  [View Original Post]
    I don't know whether that's of interest for some of you but I live in Moscow and have access to free passes to some of the strip clubs. More precisely, I can hook you up with free entry to Aurora, Hunters, Penthouse, Angels, 911 and Loft. If someone's interested, shoot me a message I guess.

    Also happy to help with any other questions regarding Moscow. Pay for play is personally not my thing but I've been living here for over two years and speak Russian fluently, so maybe I can be of help.

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    I don't know whether that's of interest for some of you but I live in Moscow and have access to free passes to some of the strip clubs. More precisely, I can hook you up with free entry to Aurora, Hunters, Penthouse, Angels, 911 and Loft. If someone's interested, shoot me a message I guess.

    Also happy to help with any other questions regarding Moscow. Pay for play is personally not my thing but I've been living here for over two years and speak Russian fluently, so maybe I can be of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyle  [View Original Post]
    Hi fellow punters,

    I got much interested in Moscow's salon culture (never been experienced in Moscow).

    Can anyone chime in their experience in salon?

    Is it safe for foreigners and also all night. Any restrictions?

    What can you do in Salon?

    Salons in Moscow are a little less common than in SPB in my experience. Moscow seems to favor the facade of the "Massage Salon" rather than the straight up knocking shop. However, for the few that there are, the procedure is quite simple. You call ahead, give them your name and arrange to be at a designated location. Often at a bar or in front of an ATM machine on the street if the weather is not too bad. A "representative" of the establishment comes over and asks if your name is "John Doe" and then leads you back to the place. In Moscow the places are never advertised openly. Until recently, the representative normally did not speak anything but Russian, nor did the lady on the other end of the phone so if you did not speak Russian, you were stuffed. However, it seems that these service providers are starting to get staff that speaks little English.

    But once inside, these establishments are first class. Clean and fresh with nice clean bathrooms and showers. And very safe from a personal security standpoint. Very discreet. These are usually 7 x24 operations. I have called at 4:00 AM and been able to arrange a rendezvous.

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    Any intel on Salon experience?

    Hi fellow punters,

    I got much interested in Moscow's salon culture (never been experienced in Moscow).

    Can anyone chime in their experience in salon?

    Is it safe for foreigners and also all night. Any restrictions?

    What can you do in Salon?


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    Great Read

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake993  [View Original Post]
    Great report BB. Thanks for sharing.
    I concur with Jake, thanks BB for the super article and posting the link so as to point us mongers in the right direction.



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    Tinder Scams

    I have never posted on here, however I am doing so now to make people aware of a Tinder scam I suffered from recently in Saint Petersburg. Whilst it happened in SPB, I am sure similar things happen in Moscow also so please be careful when using any online dating platform in Russia!

    Basically, I met a woman on Tinder back in June who I was chatting with for some time and then I arranged to meet her on Nevsky Avenue for a drink one evening. She took me to a place called the Secret Service Pub on Nevsky Avenue. I immediately grew suspicious upon entering this bar as it was only around 7 pm and the place was quiet yet it had 1 or 2 security guys on the door, plus my instinct was telling me that the staff there knew my "Date" without any of them actually acknowledging each other, and in addition there were a couple of attractive girls sat at the bar alone. Even though I had these instincts, I still stayed as I had never heard of people being scammed in this way in Russia, or anywhere else for that matter and I am very well travelled. Anyway, the Date kept wanting to go into a separate closed off Karaoke area of the venue which I wasn't too keen on as I had not even had a drink yet that day, and when the menu arrived to order she wanted to order a bottle of wine that was priced around 80 and some kind of meat tray which again seemed somewhat overpriced after the meat tray arrived as it was very basic, however I had not been in Russia too long at that point so I was not aware of what the prices for things should generally be also. I refused to pay for the wine and asked her to order another drink instead, so she opted for a cocktail (which I did not see the price of) and the meat tray, whilst I order a reasonably priced beer for myself. I was getting a bad feeling about the bar still, so I told her I wanted to go somewhere else midway through my first drink, however she was quite insistent that she wanted to stay in this bar. I managed to persuade her to leave after a while, and when presented with the bill it came to something like $80 which I thought was highly excessive but which I felt I had to pay as we had consumed the items. After checking the reviews of this bar on Google some time after, it was clear other people had had a similar experience to me and that this bar was clearly a scam bar. Anyway, after leaving that bar, the Date wanted to go to another bar just a few doors up from the Secret Service Pub, which again looked quite empty and ominous so I refused and instead we carried on walking up the road until I found a bar that was quite busy and looked safe. She was reluctant to go in, but I managed to persuade her saying we would just go to this bar for a couple of drinks. Anyway, when we got in there her attitude completely changed and she began constantly playing with her phone, and after 15 or so minutes two of her friends showed up and I then even get a worse feeling about events and made my excuses and left.

    So after a couple more drinks on my own, I went back onto Tinder and started chatting with another girl who, quite quickly, agreed to meet me that night. I had had a few drinks by this stage so I wasn't thinking straight, as there should have been alarm bells ringing as it was around 10 pm at that point on a week day night (not the weekend) and she agreed to meet me after not such a substantial degree of conversation. Anyway, she asked if she could bring a friend, which I didn't mind, and then also asked if I would pay her taxi, which when I asked her how much, she quoted something in the region of 12. Going on UK rates, I didn't think 12 was too much so I agreed to pay it, however after later learning the taxi rates in Saint Petersburg I know that 12 is highly excessive and that taxi's do not cost that much even if you are going from the centre to the airport. Anyway, when my second "Date" showed, her and her friend seemed really nice and I did not have any suspicions this time around. They asked me if I liked Karaoke and so off we all went to a Karaoke bar (which was called Granada Bar on Stremyannaya Ul. 4 according to my credit card receipts from the night). So when we entered this place the girls wanted to order a bottle of champagne, which again seemed highly overpriced (around 5,000 Russian Rubles from memory), however I agreed to pay for just the one bottle to start things off with the intention of then going on to something cheaper as I was well aware of the expensive pricing. But after the first bottle, the waitress kept coming back and I kept ordering this clearly overpriced champagne, even though I was well aware from the first bottle that it was overpriced, which leads me to believe that the waitress must have put something in my drink to make me more suggestive to keep paying for such low quality overpriced champagne (or one of the two girls put something in my drink, either way it was apparent afterwards that both the two girls and the venue were in on this deceptive scam), and the venue even charged an excessive amount for each Karaoke song (I have been to quite a few Karaoke bars around the world and have never been charged per song for Karaoke) and also charged excessive prices for Sheisha, which again I knew was highly overpriced yet I kept paying which leads me further to believe that I was drugged in some way. You were even allowed to smoke cigarettes sat at your seat in this Karaoke bar, which should have raised alarm bells also given that smoking in bars appears to be banned at all the other bars I have been to in Saint Petersburg previous to this bar. Anyway, I cannot remember leaving the bar at the end of the night, however counting my credit card receipts up the next day including the money I took out with me that night, I spent a total in the region of $1,500 (in hindsight it was very stupid to take credit cards out with me that night but I was hungover from the previous night and not thinking straight). The bizarre thing was, that second Date was messaging me the next day asking if I wanted to go out again with her! When I questioned the pricing from the night before she said that was "normal", however we all know that type of spending on a night out is not "normal" for most people! Again, after checking the reviews of this Karaoke bar on google other people have had the same type of scam experience at that place.

    Anyway, in summary, I did not report any of this to the police as there did not seem any point as I would not be able to claim such "theft" on my travel insurance and, as I am sure you know, the police have a reputation for being very corrupt in Russia.

    Stay safe people!

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    Moscow gangbang.

    I would like to join gangbang in Moscow. Anybody who has experience with this?

    On Wamba this girl told me she is looking for gangbang. If you tried her already or meet her in future, please let us know the result of you meeting?

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    Erotic massage Moscow

    Hi fellas!

    Finally reached out for here.

    Visiting Moscow from time to time for business occasions.

    Used to go to all-inclusive strip clubs, but got tired of spending around 500 $ per intercourse (including entrance fee, drinks, etc.) for quite an ordinary experience.

    So I recently opened for myself the world of Moscow erotic massage.

    As I booked a hotel close to Lubyanka, at first we cheered up at Dream bar which is on Myasnitskaya str. And then my local friends invited me for a continuation.

    The Massage place name is "Center", it is in the walking distance from Kitay Gorod or Chistie Prudy metro stations.

    8 beauties showed up, chose an 1,5 h program with 2 girls for! 7000 rubles (100 $), champagne went for free.

    Enjoyed 2 endings, could touch them everywhere, but no "penetration" was permitted. Room was a little bit tidy, but comfy.

    The Place also had a hammam bath, so you may relax there, but I decided not to take it this time.

    Center's web-site, if you decide to follow my lead:

    Would recommend the Place and erotic massage clubs in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbird747  [View Original Post]
    Following my adventures with Xenia, I continued my search to keep warm in this windy city. Not many independents offer Whatsapp, mostly preferring for voice calls, which is impossible for non Russian speakerss.

    A gem not to be missed.
    Great report BB. Thanks for sharing.

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    Keeping warm in windy Moscow

    Following my adventures with Xenia, I continued my search to keep warm in this windy city. Not many independents offer Whatsapp, mostly preferring for voice calls, which is impossible for non Russian speakerss.

    After a lot of failed attempts in English, I tried using Google Translate and asked in Russian. Very quickly, Aloyna (from intimcity) replied and we quickly worked out an appointment. She happened to be near my hotel for an incall in the Olympic stadium / Prospect Mira area. I did ask her about language and she said only Russian and Spanish, so I downloaded both into the app and saved a few choice words for faster communication.

    The door opens and she is a lot more petite than in the photos, though very nicely porportioned. A brief greeting and into the showers. She seemed business like at this point, so not much GFE, though it is most likely due to the language barrier. But once the doors were closed and we got onto the bed, she transformed into a tigeress in heat!

    A sensual cat bath with DFK before she took off the rest of her undies to show off nicely shaped breasts and a shapely hips that had just the right amount of flesh. I showed her the Translate app with my needs (slow BJ, no rushing) and she read it quickly with a shy smile. So she flipped her self over, and pulled me onto her breasts, which was literally a perfect natural mouthful with pert nipples. At the same time, she guided my hand downwards into her really tight mound as she spread her legs wide for full access. I needed no further invitation to feast upon her beautiful body.

    Soon, it was her turn to return the pleasure, and boy, did she go to town on my member. Without hesitation, she deep throat until I could feel the tonsils! She truly was a specialist and I had to slow her down (by pulling out my phone to type the words! Haha) before the main event. She giggled and was very accommodating, changing positions and rhythms for maximum pleasure.

    I flipped back into missionary to start and to my surprise, she didn't even reach for lube, which is almost a given for many at this stage. She was as tight as her lithe frame suggests, and she had a skill to arch her back, while stretching her legs and feet to lock at my shoulders or hips for maximum effect. Through all this, her face in ecstasy and the right amount of grunts intepersed with half gasps and laboured breaths was an aural complement to the physical pleasures as our bodies moved in sensual unison.

    There were surprising moments as well- after doggy, I wanted her to get on top, but my gestures were obviously not clear as she quickly popped my member back into her mouth and continued to use her mouth to devastating effect. Again, in my experience, this rarely happens without a change of cap. I grunted so loudly, she actually thought I had finished! But when I indicated I still had miles to run, she quickly smiled and quickly got on top to grind away. That's a sight I will not be forgetting for a while.

    She could clearly sense when the peak was to be released and I could feel her own body tensed up as she used all her Kegel expertise to grip me while moaning into my ear and kept pumping me even when I had exhausted myself into the hat. Another sweaty mash of hair, heaving chests and spent limbs. A quick cleanup and she helped me up into the bathroom. By the time, I got cleaned up, she turned business-like again. Again, I'm hoping its just the language as I will very likely RTF if she is still around on my next trip.

    A gem not to be missed.

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    Please share your experience

    Hi bro,

    I am from India also. And wanted to see if you could share your experience. I have heard that a lot of girls will simply turn you down based on ethnicity. I will be visiting Moscow later this month. If you have any tips. Please do share.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman2007  [View Original Post]
    Hi Members,

    I am from India and will be visiting Moscow for official purpose again. It is my second time and this time I am coming to Moscow for 2 weeks this time in September. This time I will be staying in Mosfilm hotel, Ramenki, Moscow. Wanted to understand from fellow Moscow forum members whether this hotel girl friendly or not. Is it possible to ask Girl to come to hotel room directly.

    Last time I had nice time with Diana ( I tried to contact her again some time in August but she said she is on vacation. Now as per her profile in she is back in Moscow but she is not responding to any of my emails, sms messages, what's app messages. Sad Not sure why she is not responding. May be again not interested in meeting Indians..

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    Moscow Independents

    Thanks to all who provided info on Moscow, here is my contribution.

    As mentioned before, there are no outright brothels or FKK style establishments here, closest being the strip clubs which then to be more high end. There are also many Massage and salons, but I'm not clear if its just rubbing, HJ type of places or full service. The pictures seem to suggest full service, but think you need to be able to speak Russian to get more details. Plus no one here has ever mentioned them as a good place to monger. So I chose to try the independent scene, using intimacy and rusdosug.

    Firstly, you need a VPN since both are blocked. Its kinda funny that you need to be 'out of country' to get information from within the country. The main difference between the two is ease of usage, especially for non-Russian speakers.

    Rusdosug has English text, and allows you to search specifically for Eng, French, Spanish speaking ladies as well as map based searches for incall. That is very useful to sift through the many offerings. Phone numbers are provided for contact, though mostly require direct phone calls, with some offering whatsapp or viber channels. A small map shows you where they are located for incalls. Somepages have reviews, but not many.

    Intimacy is basically Russian text, so you need to use chrome or some other tool to directly translate the text, then try to understand the translation. Haha. But unless you are a English teacher or ocd, that won't matter too much. Again, map searches also available, though not by language capability so mostly pure Russian speakers here. Contact details also offer some with Whatsapp or viber details. There are much more reviews as well as responses from the girls, so it seems much more interactive.

    I put the numbers into the phone and tried to whatsapp. A few did not respond to my english texts, found one but she rejected based on my Chinese nationality. Thought about getting a burner phone to make local calls, but I don't speak Russian so it was moot.

    I managed to find a beauty Xenia, who was on her last day of her Moscow working holiday. Luckily, she answered her whatsapp in english so was able to work out the details for an incall since close to my hotel, which wasnt convenient for an outcall. Arrived at the door and she was just a bit different from the pics, though still cute as a button. (Closer examination of pics afterwards shows she mixed in someone else holiday pics, but were really lookalike).

    Quick shower and onto a fantastic covered BJ, feeling her strong tongue lash my member, with deep throat and plenty of eye contact. She was a bit hasty in getting to the main event so had to slow her down to maximise my full hour booking. DATY and 69 was quickly follow, then she seemed to get really turned on and mounted me before I could react, but no complaints there, to see her lithe frame and huge silicone bouncing inches from my face. She had a full bag of tricks and knew exactly how to get the best out of any position without slowing down.

    Couldn't hold it for too long, so had to flip her over to missionary so I could control the pace instead. Pumping her hard with DFK to feel that tongue again was heavenly and she made all the right sounds with orgasmic screaming and writhing limbs to get me to finish with her. It was a hot sweaty mess of exhausted bodies on that bed as she squeezed every last drop as she pounded my mouth with her tongue.

    An hour well spent and back onto the cold streets on rubbery legs. And a desire to learn Russian.

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    Avoid beauties student or Love student

    This is their site. I think they recently changed their name:

    Anyways, onto the report. I always make sure that I list out all the services and prices before scheduling an appointment. After all, this is a transaction. I spoke with I can only assume the person who handles all the scheduling. Through that person in WhatsApp, we agreed to services and prices. I had scheduled it for 3 hrs for the set price on the site. As the person shows up, it isn't who I requested at all. In fact, the person didn't even realize their name was incorrect when I asked (which should've been my initial tip off). In the hotel room, I started to pay but she mentioned that it would only be an hour and the services were cut short by almost half of what I originally negotiated. I showed her the messages and she then got defensive. We called her dispatch and they said that some girls negotiate prices when in the room and they can't do anything about it. This whole time, she's rubbing herself against me. In the end, I turn her away but am leaving Moscow with a sour taste in my mouth (luckily nothing Germany can't fix!

    So just a word to all the fellow mongers, beware!

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