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    Visiting Barcelona till the new year. Need some tips!

    Hi guys,

    I've been browsing the forums as I'm going to be here in Barcelona (Gracia) until after Christmas. I hope you don't mind but I have a few questions. Not sure of the etiquette here yet and don't want to mass post so will ask all if that's OK.

    1) I'm interested in these Chinese hairdressers mentioned a lot but my Spanish is non-existent. Does that make them a non-starter? I'm guessing they won't speak English?

    2) Can anyone recommend one in the Gracia area. Definitely don't want to walk in to one which is a 'straight' business as it were. Especially with the language barrier!

    3) I'm massively into Arab, Persian, Middle Eastern girls. I guess there must be quite a lot of girls from Morocco and elsewhere in BCN. Has anyone got any tips re that?

    Thanks again. Will report back with findings in due course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IbnButtita  [View Original Post]
    I had limited options for the morning of my departure: I needed to visit a place that was open by 10 on a weekend morning, and close to my accommodation. Felinas fit the bill.

    Like the day before the presentation offered several nice options, and though I expected it I was a bit disappointed when the manager replied to my query about Puerto Rican Patrizia that she had worked the night shift. No matter, I was able to put together another interesting Pan-Latin American dupla combination. Ingredient one: cute, light skinned brunette Lia from Chile, the girl next door with curves, nicely attired in a party dress. And add ingredient two: lithe, toned, and tanned Samantha from Salvador in Brazil clad in a tiny bikini, and crowned with a frizzy, curly head of hair like a cartoon (so similar in many ways to Patrizia; I didn't miss out so much after all).

    I loved playing mix and match with this kind of combo, and it came across in their personalities too, Lia more reserved and Samantha bolder (she liked to rub the bare head of my cock against her pussy lips and clit, using it as a dildo)..
    Great reports!

    In addition to your Venezuelan hottie, would you say overall La Vie en Rose had the best line-up of the places you visited? From your report it sounded so, but you didn't make a direct comparison.

    The website has some great looking girls on their, but I was worried the prices would be significantly higher than you reported.

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    Thank you

    Damn IBN Buttita, those were some fantastic reviews. It was very entertaining and very useful, as now we will all have some names to remember for upcoming trips. It takes a long time to provide that kind of detail and it is most appreciated. My worst mongering experience in my life was in Chile. Hopefully the Chilean learned a few things from her Latina counterpart in your threesome.

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    36 Hours in Barcelona: Some Last Morning Fun at Felinas

    I had limited options for the morning of my departure: I needed to visit a place that was open by 10 on a weekend morning, and close to my accommodation. Felinas fit the bill.

    Like the day before the presentation offered several nice options, and though I expected it I was a bit disappointed when the manager replied to my query about Puerto Rican Patrizia that she had worked the night shift. No matter, I was able to put together another interesting Pan-Latin American dupla combination. Ingredient one: cute, light skinned brunette Lia from Chile, the girl next door with curves, nicely attired in a party dress. And add ingredient two: lithe, toned, and tanned Samantha from Salvador in Brazil clad in a tiny bikini, and crowned with a frizzy, curly head of hair like a cartoon (so similar in many ways to Patrizia; I didn't miss out so much after all).

    I loved playing mix and match with this kind of combo, and it came across in their personalities too, Lia more reserved and Samantha bolder (she liked to rub the bare head of my cock against her pussy lips and clit, using it as a dildo). Samantha sucked and rode me energetically, though I was a bit distracted by having Lia straddle me while I ate her pussy and squeezed her round, white natural boobs and curvy ass. I was also distracted by Lia's innocent, delicate looks, and spent a lot of time just taking in the view while Samantha did her thing. That was partly because Lia was not all that engaged while I was fucking Samantha. It wasn't because they didn't get along, though. The two of them actually began to strike up a friendship in my presence, and it was fun to observe them interact but they did get a bit preoccupied with that.

    Despite that, how could I complain about wrapping up a trip with a threesome with two young girls as cute as these? It gave me another good memory for the airplane, yet one more for a trip loaded with them. Was this the best sex tour I've ever had? I'm not sure, but it's got to be in the running.

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    36 Hours in Barcelona: A Busy Second Night at Top Damas & La Vie En Rose

    A break for some dinner helped me recuperate, and I proceeded to the evening's entertainment. I took a bus north up Aribau to the stop just near the end of San Eusebi street and went into Top Damas. It would have been good to have gotten there earlier to see the day shift, but the advantage was that I had already seen many of the girls in the lineup, making it easier to choose. This time I went with a white girl who had interested me the night before, short, big boobed Katy from Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands. She looked amazing in a short, tight dress.

    She was petite but curvy with a large set of fake tits, and I loved how her eyes just peeked out from under her bangs. Showering with her was a treat, and she then led me to the bed to apply a fine uncovered blowjob. Her tits were a star attraction as she rode me cowgirl, giving me the chance to alternate sucking and grabbing those large melons. BUt her ass was something to behold as well, and we finished with a banging doggy finale to our 45 minute session. Throughout she was very sweet, a pleasant surprise since with her looks I was expecting a diva.

    The neighborhood at the end of Aribau by Top Damas is ideal for a night out mongering. The drawback with a brothel setting is that once you're done, you leave, whereas in a club setting you can relax a while until your next round. Fortunately, La Vie en Rose was only about three blocks west of Top Damas, so for the rest of this night I bounced between the two.

    La Vie en Rose really impressed me. From the descriptions in the forum I was not expecting too much, either in the quality of girls or the venue, but I was very wrong on both counts. The place itself was quite distinctive. One of the young managers greeted me and she led me down the twists and turns of a long corridor lined with mirrors and black reflective glass, something out of a carnival fun house. In a room at the end she sat me down for the presentation.

    And what a presentation it was. I was not ready for the non-stop entry of around 15 hotties. Long legs, tight dressed, glossy lips, it was quite a rush, so much that I soon gave up on jotting down the names on a piece of paper I had brought and just withstood the onslaught. There were a couple of hot European looking blondes but most were sexy olive skinned Latinas, and it was hard after a while to distinguish among them.

    But choice was made easy. The last woman to enter the toom was Venezuelan Camilla, a latina in a little black dress. Her gorgeous face, long, black hair, and tiny waist between big bolt-ONS and a badonkadonk ass (possible implants here too) had my heart bursting from my chest and tongue spilling from my mouth like a cartoon character. I usually steer clear from women who mold themselves like this to match the template burned in men's lizard brains, but I could not say no to the prospect of fucking a woman like this, for having a trophy wife like her, if only for 45 minutes. For that 115 Euros was a small investment.

    The room where she led me came right out of the magazine liquor advertisements where you would see a woman like Camilla sharing a top shelf glass of spirits with a slick date. This was the peak of ultra-modern lounge decor, with shiny acrylic furniture installations, walls aglow with lava lamp back-lighting, squared fixtures with chrome finishing. And of course the pumping beats of international djs in the background. I had never mongered in a room like this.

    I fully expected an ice queen, and to console myself by fucking a stunner. Camilla stunned me, and not merely with her looks, when she returned to the room after depositing my payment, greeting me with a warm embrace and sweet kiss. Amazingly, her modus operandi was not only to rely on her looks to hook a man, but her charm too to actually satisfy him: with gentle touches and soft words, her full attention was focused on me. She invited me to take a complimentary drink of my choice from the mini-bar, and showed concern that I found something I liked. I could get used to pampering like this.

    Then as she stood before me she pulled down the top of her dress to reveal a set of big, round, hard fake tits that could star on the cover of the catalog for a breast implant surgeon. Mesmerized, I ran my hands over them like I was a boy seeing tits for the first time. Camilla snapped me out of this trance by somehow pulling the rest of her dress down over her bulbous butt, and lay down on the bed.

    I have little memory of what followed, actually, I think it is because we didn't to all that much. But what I do remember well is Camilla riding me, her body parallel to mine, bouncing her big booty up and down with speed and force while I held on to her ass cheeks for dear life, and soon surrendering my cum. None of this lasted long, and Camilla was in control the whole time (maybe this helps her preserve her pussy). But I didn't care, I just got fucked by a supermodel. And then in a miraculous turn of events she did not jump up for a shower, but lay down next to me and actually cuddled.

    As we chatted (and I continued to stare and marvel at her body, no matter how man-made it was), Camilla told me something hilarious. She said that the other girls at La Vie en Rose didn't like her. She claimed she wasn't sure why, and asked if I thought it was because she always being chosen to go to the room by guests, much more than the other girls, and whether they might be jealous. (Sure enough, when I returned later that night and mentioned Camilla she laughed and told me that of course she was busy in a room with a client). To Camilla's question I mumbled some reply about competitiveness among girls, but all I could think about was that American television commercial from the 1980's and its tagline: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" As I finished getting dressed Camilla sat demurely at the edge of the bed, and meekly asked if I would give her a gift. I immediately pulled out my wallet, removed a 20 Euro note and handed it to her, receiving a kiss on the cheek. It was a reflex on my part, I had no control, such is the power of Camilla over a man's mind (and more).

    I headed back to Top Damas to find Erica for one more session, but the manager there told me that she was with a guest, though I could reserve her when she finished in an hour. I knew what I could do with an hour to kill, so I booked Erica for an hour later and walked back to La Vie en Rose. Remembering the lineup, I expected that it would not be hard to find a suitable playmate. Among all the beauties presented to me in a small room off the dizzying corridor was Amanda who I remembered from earlier, a friendly morena with a sparkling smile. She had looked to me like she was from Colombia but it turned out that she was a native of San Luis in Brazil.

    This being Friday night, I was not surprised when the manager told me that the rooms were full and that I would have to wait a little while. This was made pleasurable by being confined to a small space with Amanda, basking in her smile and clutching her ass through the gauzy fabric of her party dress. When we did get admitted to a room I noticed to my dismay that I had only half an hour left until my appointment with Erica at Top Damas. Only the shortest of sessions would be possible with Amanda, and I would have to rush out of even that. A half hour at La Vie en Rose is not the best value at 90 Euros, but with the quality of the girls there who cares.

    With limited time, Amanda and I made do as best we could: it was as much passion per minute as I can recall, with delicious kissing throughout. After Amanda provided a terrific bare blowjob I maneuvered her tight body down and penetrated her hot pussy in missionary. Amanda was slight of figure, without the big bust or booty Brazilians are famous for. But she still had some moves in that ass, and pumping her in doggy offered fantastic views and sensations, and produced a powerful cum. I hated that I had no time to linger with Amanda, so I departed with a kiss and some thoughts about coming back later that night but, alas, I failed to muster the energy to do so. As with Patrizia earlier, and Carmen in Girona, this was yet another one-session wonder that still makes me regret missing out on a repeat.

    I walked briskly back to Top Damas for my late night date with Erica. No lineup for me this time, and the manager (I was getting to know the entire staff there) led me to a room where Erica soon joined me. This room was maybe the most stunning I had ever mongered in. Besides the enormous double wide bed (they really do need to host sex parties at Top Damas, they have the facilities for it), it had starry night lighting on the ceiling, couches and chairs, and a couple of dozen knickknacks and other art objects around the room. They really took it to the next level at Top Damas.

    I never judged the time right with Erica, for some reason opting for a 45 minute session, and like the night before we were still 69-ing when time was up. So I extended for another hour, easy with Erica since I got absolutely lost in her kisses and especially looking into her incredibly entrancing eyes. Of course, her skills helped keep me there too, from her. Fine blow job to the way she sensually flexed under or against me, snake-like, as we fucked. Her soft skin, soft boobs, soft hair, soft everything (in the context of a slight girl), melted into me. This high GFE quotient made this the right ending to the night (by now it was after 3), but if I had more energy I would have gone all night. Instead, I decided to get in one more session the next day before my flight home.
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    36 Hours in Barcelona: A Busy Day at Arizala 74, Felinas & Apricots

    Preparing for my trip I had mapped out my main target venues in Barcelona, and noticed a corridor of puta places running west to east. That's how I approached the full day I had available to me. I started with the westernmost outpost, Arizala 74, setting off later than I hoped, around 2 PM. A useful bus map showed that from a couple of blocks from where I was staying I could have a city bus drop me off right at the doorstep of this brothel; not quite door to door service, but almost. My two-day transport pass was going to pay off.

    I entered the unlabeled entry door and then was buzzed in the inner door, and the middle aged mama led me through a corridors to a room in the back. The presentation started off slow, definitely the be team with a couple of older ladies. Then two knockouts in a row, the first Estefania, a 20 year old Dominicana with huge brown tits in a striped bikini top straining to contain those puppies. (For some reason the website lists her as Cuban). The second was Agata, a petite 18 year old from Medellin. I decided to return to my pattern from earlier in the trip and opt for a threesome for 200 Euros for the hour.

    There truly is no greater showcase for Pan-Latin American cooperation than a dupla with Latinas from different countries. Estefania and Agata made quite the team, starting me off with a sexy shower (as I dried off I drooled watching them rinse off). Once they rejoined me their smiles lit up the dimly lit room. Literally, since they were both fitted with shiny braces. It was absolutely adorable.

    With kissing missing and the blow job covered, the organic passion I like in a threesome was lacking, but the fun quotient was still very high, as we all laughed and chatted through my basic Spanish. Highlights included sucking and squeezing Estefania's big brown tits, and looking up at cute little Agata riding me cowgirl. But the best part may have been the naked dancing. Estefania turned on some bachata on her smartphone and gave me a lesson right there. I probably should have been watching her foot placement to improve my own footwork, but I paid more attention to her bouncing breasts and wiggling hips. Agata joined the party with her own Colombian moves. With all of us laughing and smiling, it felt like a slice of heaven.

    From Arizala 74 I walked several blocks to the next point on my map, the Chalet, en route taking some photos of Camp Nou for my football fan friends. I found the Chalet at 17 Violant the'Hongria, a quiet side street. A private house set back from the street, it looked nice from the outside but it was clear from the workman doing renovations inside that I was not getting fucked here today.

    No worries, as several blocks away I reached Felinas, further east at 44 be Calle Can Bruxa, a small street near Les Corts Metro. I walked through the discreet entrance and got buzzed into the inner door and led to a nicely decorated room to await the presentation. And what a group it was, a lineup that made choosing hard. But two women stood out for me, both in part due to their homeland. Petite, tanned Patrizia had big frizzy hair making her almost cartoon character cute; I was amazed to find a girl from Puerto Rico in this business outside her home island (I was also surprised that she was not a US citizen). The second, Dana, was lily white with big tits and a huge booty out of character for a white girl, but as much as her body shape it was her country of origin, Uruguay, that hooked me. I had never encoutered a puta from there before.

    Tough call choosing between two girls so different? Nope, I just picked 'them both (more expensive than other places at 250 Euros for an hour, but the extra cost was not going to deter me). They got along great despite the age gap. I don't mean with me, though I'm pushing twice the age of 22 year old Patrizia; it's that Dana at 34 (but incredibly sexy) was a lot older than her partner. The contrast in not just age but skin tone, body type, hair, you name it, added so much to having this duo together. After sharing some time with them in the shower, I lay down on the bed and pulled Dana's legs astride my face to suck her pussy, grabbing her big tits, and looking up at her reaction.

    Meanwhile Patrizia sucked my dick and soon mounted me. Dana backed away allowing Patrizia to brace up against me chest to chest, which I loved. I loved Dana's body. While Patrizia serviced me I spent a lot of time leering at Dana's tits the fantastic curves of her hips and ass. I also was fascinated by her aristocratic face; I could imagine her as a courtesan in the court of Louis XIV. And I did cum while grinding against Dana's ass as she lay face down; the view in the mirror spanning the wall was amazing.

    But like so many threesomes I've had, I gravitated toward one girl, and here it was nubile Patrizia. I think the feeling was mutual, as I heard her tell Dana how she liked how I kissed, licked, and touched her, and even said she wished all her clients could be this way (I know it's probably bad form to repeat these kinds of bedroom compliments, but where else can I if not on a forum like this! I planned to come back to see Patrizia one more time (fucking this little filly was amazing), but at the end of my night I had no energy to get back there before her shift ended at 5 AM. More below on what sapped my energy at the end of the night.

    I wanted to try the easternmost venue on my map, 328 Rossello. I took the Metro to Diagonal and walked several blocks and eventually reached the place, an apartment building. The doorbells had no indication of this kind of enterprise inside, and when pressed the button for the flat on the first floor as indicated in old forum reports, it was answered by a guy who did not seem to be inviting any visitors up.

    For whatever reason I forgot about 315 Rossello, which by recent reports is operating these days. But at Arizala the madam had given me a card for a new branch they had opened on Corsega, so I took a westboud city bus in that direction and found Apricots easily at 252 Corsega. Real estate must be much more expensive in that fancy part of Barcelona, as the room the manager led me to, down a dark, narrow corridor, was pretty small.

    As it was a Friday evening, I was not surprised that there were only three girls available. This made selection easy, once the first girl did not appeal to me. The next two really did appeal, so I chose them together for an hour. They were from the Dominican Republic, and the pair had a lot in common with the two girls I took at Arizala 74 that afternoon, especially looks-wise. One was brown skinned with large, heavy breasts (Another Estefania or Erica, I forget), the other petite and white (Cintia). I enjoyed watching these two strip down, Cintia pulling aside her tiny, lacy panties and her partner releasing her big jugs into the open.

    Like the girls that morning these two also loved to dance. Cintia put on some reggaeton and the girls began to move, squeezing each other's tits in the process. The erotic show evolved to include me, as the other one mounted me in cowgirl, bouncing on my dick to the beat of the pumping music while I grabbed her ass and buried my face between her big brown boobs. We switched into doggy and then flat doggy, all the while her friend bumping and grinding her ass on me. Cintia fingered herself to give me visual stimulation throughout, and I eventually got her into the act also, fucking her teenie body in a couple of positions. I missed kissing, and the covered blowjobs were not that great, and ultimately I was too worn out at that point to cum. Despite that, this was a nice reprise of the session from this morning.
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    36 Hours in Barcelona: First Night. Top Damas

    All I can say is, I wish I had the chance for more than just two nights, a day, and a morning in Barcelona. It's Latina heaven, and there's lots of choice of venue that are pretty easy to reach, and all had impressive rooms. The prices were a better value than elsewhere in Catalonia too.

    Due to late arrival my evening got off to a later start than I would have preferred, but I had no regrets as spending as much time with Africa in Girona was well worth it. After some indecision on where to go, I made Top Damas my destination. My lodging was near Sants Estacio, so I had public transportation options. I bought a two day pass for 14 Euros, which came in handy. I took the Metro to Fontana station, then walked the 10 minutes to Top Damas. (The next day I found it simpler to take a public bus up Aribau; the bus stop is right at the end of the small side street where Top Damas is located).

    The building at number 68 Sant Eusebi looks like an ordinary apartment building, but there is a discreet metal sign outside with "TD" cut into it. I entered the unlocked outer door to the foyer and rang to be admitted. The English speaking manager ushered me into a curtained space at the end of the hallway to await the presentation. A pencil and notepaper were thoughtfully provided, and necessary as one of the biggest difficulties of this kind of selection process is remembering the names in order to identify one for the mamasan.

    There were many tempting options among the parade of a dozen or so chicas in sexy dresses who introduced themselves to me (almost all were indeed Latinas). My choice was a mid-20's brunette from Colombia. After telling the manager my choice she brought me to the opulent Chinese room to await Erica's arrival. Every room at Top Damas has its own distinctive decor, in this case a Chinese theme. But all of the four rooms I ended up using at Top Damas were designed and decorated with great care and attention to detail, the best I have ever encountered in any paysex setting, even deluxe German FKKs. Erica soon entered with the towels and sheets and took the 70 Euros for the hour I desired back to the office (an hour cost 125, and 45 minutes 105).

    Erica was from Cartagena but didn't fit my mind's picture of a Colombiana, as she had slightly indigenous / Indian facial features, quite exotic. She had this slinky black dress on, into which I soon slipped my hands to fondle her breasts, and pulled up in the back to squeeze her ass. We kissed a bit before she led me to the shower, where she soaped up my dick and stroked it clean.

    Erica was fit but her body had a softness about it that I loved. Her lips were soft too, and we kissed lots and long. Out 69-ing was even more enduring. This was mutually very satisfaying, and I was happy that reports indicating that Top Damas girls could be counted on to give uncovered blowjobs were correct. I could have ended it sooner, or she could have moved the action along to fucking but my face was buried in her pussy and her mouth around my dick for a good twenty minutes, as our half hour came to a.

    Close (I can't blame her, we both seemed to like it and it was in her financial interest but she was not cheating me). So I gave her the cash to round up to an hour, and after she gave it to the manager we got down to fucking. This too was sensual. We kissed and I sucked her soft tits as she rode me, mesmerizing me with her incredible eyes. We finished with her lying on her stomach as I came inside her, and I mentally scheduled a return visit to see Erica the next night.

    I didn't wait that long to return to Top Damas, though. It was not yet too late, I had too little time in Barcelona anyway, and the girls at TD were too sexy to pass up. I stepped out for no more than half an hour and had something to drink, and then came back, though I did feel a little sheepish greeting the same mamasan again. Seeing the girls present themselves again made the selection a but easier, but not much, and I again furiously scribbled names of candidates on the pad of paper in the presentation area to aid my memory. One brunette stood out in a number of ways. First, Luciana identified herself as Italian, to my surprise, as I rarely find Italian girls in this line of work. Second, she was positively bubbly. Third, she resembled and had a lot of the lightheadedness of an Egyptian girl I know. Oh, and her boobs were practically falling out of her long blue evening gown.

    The room assigned to us was as over the top as Lucia; the shower took up one whole end of the room behind glass, with two nude Roman statues; it would be great for a wet orgy. There in the room I got clued into why Luciana was so hyper, as the first thing she did was to use a condom package to channel some white stuff into her nose. I liked the Energizer Bunny effect, Luciana bounding happily on my cock. I especially loved it when she titty fucked me, smothering my dick between her big jiggly boobs. That and the laughing and smiling throughout made this session so much fun.
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    I do not have a trip to Barcelona for several months, but if anyone knows if this chick is for real, I would very much appreciate it:

    She is sort of my type, and the 150 Euro per hour price tag is acceptable.

    I can't find any reviews on the local Barcelona board, but she did set up a profile there, which is a good sign.

    Really hard to find girls of that size with those looks and those perky little breasts that offer GFE service.

    I hope this girl is real, and she is still working when I am there.

    Any information is most appreciated.

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    Top Damas price

    Quote Originally Posted by IceCake  [View Original Post]
    . . . .
    Heard and read lot about Top Damas, can anyone let me know the rate. I am bisexual guy, so any other places of interest.
    125 euro for one hour.

    / BP.

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    First Barcelona visit

    Visiting Barcelona for next weekend. Would like to know the interesting places for visit for sex, massage.

    Heard and read lot about Top Damas, can anyone let me know the rate. I am bisexual guy, so any other places of interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoHappy  [View Original Post]
    I've done the drive a few times and it has always been worthwhile. Dallas, Paradise and Madams, in that order of preference, are great; Moonlight on the way is definitely missable. Also often some stunning SWs in and around La Jonquera, if that's your thing.
    Ended up staying put in the city. Went to Apricots which was a bust with only an ugly and a fat girl. Also visited la vie en rose which had more selections than apricots, but not better looking. Finally went to Top Damas which had around 8 girls, about 4 of the above a 7. Picked a nice looking Spanish girl with dark hair and soft white skin. She was very chatty and engaging from the beginning. Choose the 45 min service which started with a Nice shower and play for about 1/2 hour followed by another 15 minutes of cuddling and talking. No rushing whatsoever, real GFE.

    Second day went to Felines, as Top Damas is closed on Sunday. Picked up a dark, Brazilian, and indulged in a 2 girl BJ for another 20 E which was quite nice. Good service, but not as nice or GFE as Top Damas.

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    Hotel in Barcelona


    Can anyone recommend a cheap and nice hotel in Barcelona that is guest friendly. I'm going there for work in 3 weeks and have never been in the city before. So I'm a little lost about where to stay. I know my working place is near La Rambla and the harbour. But nothing else I know about the city. Can anyone help.

    I hope I can find a nice brothel near by or order some escort. Also Thai massage near by can be interesting. Anyone have some suggestions?

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    Thanks for the reports, BennyHill.

    The independents I saw at 150 Euros per hour, Laura Conte and Jacqueline the Colombian allowed multiples without any question or upswell.

    At Felinas the Madam indicated that it was 30 Euros additional to cum more than once in the allotted time.

    An hour should be an hour with an independent charging premium rates, and multiple pops should not even be an issue. That is complete bullshit that Eva pulled that. I had her on my list of 150 Euro per hour providers to possibly see, and now she is definitely off that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark16  [View Original Post]
    IME: No. But it's a good question though, and I would be happy to be corrected.

    If the key word here is "relaxation" you may want to explore the massage parlour scene. It can be everything from 25E to 300E/60. Services/experiences also vary substantially, so you better do a thorough search (like reading this thread 6 months back or so). Or be clear with your expectations so we could lead you in the right direction. However, you cannot hang out in a massage parlour, if that's your main objective.
    Thanks for the reply, Shark, I'd mostly meant just being able to enjoy a drink or two, have a look around and choose the girl you like in your own time. Massages at the FKKs are more of a bonus feature. TBH, I was more hoping than expecting that such a place might exist

    Anyway, I arrived yesterday, and had planned on taking the edge off with a quick SW BJ in the ramblas, walking about around 3 pm, the selection was again pretty bad, perhaps about 10 in total, and 8 that could only be described as hags. The other 2 were nothing special and I decided not to bother. I went around another time later on my way home at about 10.30 pm, curious if there had been a shift change but it was much the same.

    The main activity of the day was a visit to Eva, an independent who advertises on girlsbcn and erosguia.

    And has a lot of positive reviews on the spanish forum sexomercadobcn.

    Had some initial communication trouble in getting the address, but worked it out eventually (a couple of blocks south of Av. Diagonal, between El Corte Ingles, and L'Illa Diagonal).

    Her photos are very representative, she has a great body, slender with a curvy ass and perky boobs (implants) and is pretty in a way that I like. It became quite clear to me that we weren't going to be able to communicate very well, but she has that kind of giggly manner that meant it didn't feel awkward. We'd arranged 150 for an hour, and after a shower we got started. She began with a very enthusiastic, deep blowjob, and then after a few minutes mounted me for some cowgirl, going through about 5 or 6 positions, a lot of fun, very athletic and passionate. I don't think I lasted much more than 15-20 minutes, and since I was expecting a second go with the hour appointment, I didn't hold back. After we were done, she gave a nice enough massage and then we went back to the shower, at this so then we go back to the room, I was still a little unsure what the deal was, but putting her panties back on kind of put it beyond doubt. When I asked about another go I think she said something about if I'd like to pay for another half hour. I declined and decided not to push the matter since I was a little unsure of the normal rules here, and wanted to keep it friendly in case I decided to return. All told, I think it was no more than 50 minutes between going in and out the door of the apartment.

    So I don't have so much experience with private incalls in spain but is it normal to only get to cum once in an hour's appointment? I'm more used to something like a 'getting to know you BJ' followed by a massage and then a longer sex session. That's normally how it's played out when I take an hour at Costa Blanca clubs or bordellos like Top Damas, so I was a little surprised.

    I can't quite decide whether I'll go back for another, my main reason for not is the language gap and that I was a little disappointed with only getting one go in the hour. OTOH, the sex was very, very enjoyable (my abs are really aching today) and if I'd known it was a one shot only deal, I'd have managed myself better. I'm weighing it up though, because the sex was that good. Anyway, I think I'll try another tonight, and see how the experience compares.

    Thinking about Dunia at

    Or maybe Jesica at Felina with a mind to arrange a 3 way with her and Roxy later.

    Just one last question, thinking about the language trouble I had, maybe I'd be better off going for an east european next time, is there any particular agency or bordello with a lot of e. European girls that anyone could recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BennyHill  [View Original Post]
    I'm going to have a decent amount of free time in the evenings on this trip so I'm considering checking out some of the clubs, I'm hesitant because I find the experience in Spanish clubs is spoiled by the hard sell (as many have said before, the German FKKs are a lot more relaxing in that sense). Are there any clubs in Barcelona where you don't feel like a sheep thrown into a shark tank?
    IME: No. But it's a good question though, and I would be happy to be corrected.

    If the key word here is "relaxation" you may want to explore the massage parlour scene. It can be everything from 25E to 300E/60. Services/experiences also vary substantially, so you better do a thorough search (like reading this thread 6 months back or so). Or be clear with your expectations so we could lead you in the right direction. However, you cannot hang out in a massage parlour, if that's your main objective.

    Quote Originally Posted by BennyHill  [View Original Post]
    This one's not so important since I have a bit of good experience, and its been well covered on here. On previous trips I've enjoyed TopDamas, always had excellent service and I'd absolutely recommend it, I'll probably go there again but it's a bit out of my way. I was wondering about trying another in the same price class, maybe perla negra or la vie en rose.
    Felina is of course a great alternative. If geography is important you may want to check this map out:

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