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    Quote Originally Posted by GiovanniPollio  [View Original Post]
    Dear Mongerer88,

    Best of luck in your trips, and I look forward to reading your experiences! Thank you,


    P.S. If you are interested in the topic, have you read also my Prague trip report?
    Thank for the heads up. I had missed that great write-up and it inspires me to get back to Prague someday.

    Louise Pearl sounds like a gem, and I had no idea that really cute teenage girl in the fetish film Wild Party II had grown up to offer one on one sessions as Alex Zothberg (although her services seem rather limited, unlike Louise Pearl's).

    Prague is a spectacular city, but Spain and Portugal are a bit more straightforward. Prague has such varying prices and upsells that reviews like the ones you did are invaluable. There are more set prices and less upselling in Spain and Portugal for everything from cab rides to GFE / kinky sex.

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    Dear Mongerer88,

    Thank you very much for the links, especially the first one. I will look for your review as LaCatrina sounds great!

    I also considered but I was never able to meet two former workers of Diosas and Sumisas:

    *) Luna -

    *) Eva -

    The reviews for both seems to be excellent and they use whatsapp, although they might not be the young slim beauties you look for.

    Best of luck in your trips, and I look forward to reading your experiences! Thank you,


    P.S. If you are interested in the topic, have you read also my Prague trip report?

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    Submissive LaCatrina Update and Other BDSM Links.

    I also commend the effort of GiovanniPollio to list BDSM providers in Madrid, almost all of whom provide traditional escort services as part of the BDSM session. I thought I would provide some more links.

    I got a whatsapp message from LaCatrina, a submissive in her early 20's who I reviewed and really liked, letting me know she has a new phone number, so I found her new ad, and the email in the ad is likely different, too. I didn't look back on my old emails to see. I really liked LaCatrina, but to each his own if you prefer older ladies. I realize a lot of women don't get into BDSM as part of sex until they get older. The second link is simply the page where LaCatrina posts her ad. It has lots of ads from similar ladies who may be of interest.

    The third link is one of the longest threads on Spalumi. There is a commercial BDSM place in Madrid where full service sex is also offered, and many of the ladies do Greek. They have Doms, Subs and Switches. Prices appear reasonable. I have always been interested in seeing Luz (which translates into Light when the page is opened using Google Chrome to get a translation) since her pics are hot, and she seems to get excellent reviews in the thread. Many of the other ladies appear older and / of fatter than I like, based on the pictures.

    I have never been there. Here is the problem for most of us. They do not appear to use email or whatsapp, and when a person calls the phone number, they are friendly but they don't speak enough English to really communicate. I wish they would enter the 21st century. Based on the thread, it appears that someone can just show up. They provide the address as General Yague 62, with the apartment number being 3 followed by a Degree sign followed by the letter "see". So my guess is that it is apartment "see" on the third floor. Of course a person would want to take the elevator, since the Spanish have an unusual way of numbering the threads. I remember the madam of the General Yague 62 place posting that the door code to the building is 19, but there is no "19" button. A person pushes the 1 button then the 9 button then the * button to get buzzed into the building.

    It would be great if anyone could post any reviews if he has been there, or chooses to go there. It has been around forever (they have to archive the old Spalumi threads because they got too long), so there must be some satisfied customers. It would also be great if someone could explain whether 3 Degree Sign "C", is apartment "C" on the third floor.

    The fourth link is something I came across on the Internet. A popular Madrid Dom (who may not provide full service, read her webpage to see) has (or at least had) a submissive who offers BDSM and full service. I did not come across any reviews.

    The other thing that made me think of this subject is that a poster named straponfan mentioned in the Barcelona thread that he was considering seeing Mistress Natalie in Madrid. In the course of looking at the subject of strap-on play availability in Madrid, I stumbled upon an esaschicas thread on Lara S. , a lady in her mid or late 30's who tries to specialize in that activity. See the Barcelona thread if you have any interest in the Lara S links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardOnMonday  [View Original Post]
    Did a first time visit to Factory Air club which is located near the airport. Arrived by a short taxi ride from a hotel in the airport area. The club is in an industrial area just off the highway. Arrived at about 1030 pm on a Saturday night. This is a bit too early. The club is pretty empty of customers and the full contingent of girls does not appear to be present at that hour. The ones that are there are aggressive to get you upstairs. The number and quality of girls definitely improved after midnight. By 230 am the club was crowded with both customers and girls. Upon my arrival I went to the back of the bar and found a seat and a drink. After about 5 minutes I had a girl next door type from Moldova (can't remember her name) describing how well she would suck my cock. I saw no need to wait and we headed upstairs. There is 10 euro charge for the fresh sheet. The rooms are definitely better than the Vive rooms (no plastic cover on the bed). The girl gave my privates a nice warm wash over the bidet then did herself and we headed to the bed. I signed up for an hour but 30 minutes would have been enough. I started a DATY and after a bit she suggested 69. That happens to be my favorite position and I did not last long. Had a big release into her mouth without much warning. I gave her a tip for the extra service. Received a lot of aggressive upwelling plus an offer of a line. I had to say no a lot. She wanted to try for a second shot in the second 30 minutes but I had no interest. Headed back to the bar for a drink. Every girl came by looking for a chance at round 2. These girls are definitely a step or three down in quality from Vive. Finally A girl named Luna latched on to me. She was a lot of fun so I opened the door a crack. Finally she proposed a threesome with a beauty from Italy and I took the bait. We ended up in 69 but with 2 girls working their mouths on my dick at once. I have to admit it was fun but not worth the cost and with a 30 minute set I was unable to finish but not willing to extend the session. Went back to the bar. Luna ended hanging out with me most of the time. We both laughed a lot and did some drinking and dancing until I threw in the towel at 300 am. The big negative for me with this club was the constant up selling. This was likely due to my appearance which made it easy to tell that I was an out of town visitor. The local guys did not seem to get this same treatment. About 70% of the girls spoke passable English. For the others my basic Spanish was sufficient for good communication. The positive part of this club is the airport location and the quality of the rooms. If you want a good lineup plan to arrive after midnight. I had a fun time so I will likely be back. I will try Hotel Diana Plus on my next trip.
    What were the prices for the girls there? Like there? Cover? Drinks?

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    Re: Brasilian Puta.

    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeKicks  [View Original Post]
    One of the most beautiful Brazilian girls at Vive Madrid, unfortunately her service level is below standard! No DFK, no bareback blowjob, constantly ask's for drinks, in other words NOT recommended!
    Nice selection of pics. Thanks for posting and that's not even the best looking WG there. Show's you the irony in life that someone so superficially attractive is on the game. Bet she pisses ice cold water!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chame7777  [View Original Post]
    Have a business trip to Madrid during the Christmas holiday and seems the 25th is the only day I don't have to work. Does anyone know if any of the usual and great places will be open? Anyone know if the Whiskey Bar will be open, I enjoy that place.
    Similar question. I'm thinking of a quick trip to Madrid the week before Christmas. Anyone know how soon befor the 25th things start to thin out. For that matter, which European city would be best for that week.

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    Rachel en & Vive.

    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeKicks  [View Original Post]
    One of the most beautiful Brazilian girls at Vive Madrid, unfortunately her service level is below standard! No DFK, no bareback blowjob, constantly ask's for drinks, in other words NOT recommended!
    Hi Strange Kicks,

    Oeps, I understand your disappointment but IMHO it's not fair to "nail her to the pillory" like this. These girls have a private life and by publishing name, pictures (which I assume you have found here and there on the internet (I'm quit sure one of them has been taken in "MN" in Malaga so is not related to your bad experience in "Vive" etc. This private life "is over". By reporting your experiences without pics that would have been enough. Since the run on social media I wouldn't even post pics of positive experiences!

    If I have a bad experience (which doesn't happen often) I'll discuss this with the WG and hope she will improve her service.

    (I would have preferred this being discussed by PM but (as far as I know) you have blocked this service).

    Have fun,


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    What are the Christmas times?

    Have a business trip to Madrid during the Christmas holiday and seems the 25th is the only day I don't have to work. Does anyone know if any of the usual and great places will be open? Anyone know if the Whiskey Bar will be open, I enjoy that place.

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    Tantrausuaya Erotic Massage.

    My first report.

    I was in Madrid last month (October) and tried a few of the brothels mentioned here. After a few German FKKs and Madrid clubs, I decided that I need something different. I always loved Thailand's massage parlor scene so I had a go in Madrid as well. Since many reports here are circling around a few clubs and brothels, I thought a report about less mentioned venue would be helpful to all of us. I also visited an Asian brothel which will be my next report.

    The parlor's name is Tantrausuaya. They have a very professional web site and detailed explanations of the services as well as prices. I must warn you tough, it's a little pricey (as are all other happy ending massage venues) It was correctly placed on the google maps, however I had a very hard time finding it since there is no sign or name on the entrance of the building. If some guy wouldn't have opened the building gate, I wouldn't know which door to go to. So, it's best to text or call the place beforehand.

    When I rang the bell, a very cute lady named Paula opened the door. She was exactly as in her photos on the website:

    She was also the only girl available at that moment but I didn't need to see anybody else. I chose Usuaya Massage for 180 E / one hour. After a shower, I laid on the bed and she gave me a very erotic body massage with oils and shit. She was also a fun and a sweet girl, we kept talking during the massage. Towards the end, she gave me handjob and I came on her hand. She also let me finger her pussy and ass during the massage whenever I can.

    I know you are thinking "180 E. For a lousy handjob? Fuck that!" and you might be right under normal circumstances but I'm very glad I had this experience. After fucking 6 girls in one day in one FKK in Berlin and visiting several brothels in Madrid -although its higher price- an erotic massage has been a delightful change.

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    Madrid: Jan 19-23

    I will be in Germany for ten days in January but will split it up with a four day journey to Madrid in the middle. I will be there to monger in the brothels maybe Estark and some girls from Slumi as well. If anyone is around and wants to grab dinner or maybe go to Estark or maybe Vive drop me a note. I will be checking out some areas to live for a month in the springtime while there as well; ironically all within 5 METRO stops of dozens of brothels including my favorite, Placer Madrid, PM is walk able. Arrive 19, leave morning of 23 for return to Frankfurt.

    I am staying in a hotel right near Plaza Santo Domingo and will be futzing around shopping and going to shows and having dinners in that area up to Plaza Espana.

    Txapala in specific, I can be found there dining at the bar.

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    Mongering in Madrid (with BDSM and tantra).

    Dear ISG community,

    As a long-time lurker I would like to introduce myself with a Madrid trip report.

    Madrid can be a real treat if due diligence in searching and studying is done!


    If I had to choose two locations at different end of the spectrum I would go for:

    The Sungate Hostel

    The Sungate Hostel used to be a traditional hostel with 4 and 6 bed dormitories with shared bathrooms and extremely cheap. In the range of 15 per night with free churros and chocolate in the morning, pasta or soup for dinner (with a very small tip expected), reasonably fast WiFi, and great staff, activities and parties! The hostel is very clean and the shared bathrooms and showers are plenty. The location is excellent. Very close to a metro station and, most importantly, right in the middle of the nightlife! It was sometimes a little noisy but of course that is to be expected: one time I was even woken up by muffled moaning and sex noises coming from under the blankets at the other end of the room.

    According to what I read in the website, most recently they only have double or twin rooms for 45 per person per night. Still, if I were traveling with a friend and wanted to save some money in order to spend it on girls, I would definitely go there!

    Madrid Melia Princesa (Gran Premium room on The Level floors or better)

    The Gran Premium room was my choice when I decided to completely spoil myself, even if for one night only. My room was on the 10th floor (upper floors "The Level" to denote the "VIP" treatment). A front shield right opposite the door covers the entrance, so as not to see anyone inside while receiving room service. A king size luxury latex double bed is right behind the cover with a wide range of pillows (nonallergic, soft, hard, natural and more) and custom colored led lights for reading and diffuse lighting. Flat tv screen, stereo equipment with an iPhone dock, nespresso coffee machine and of course an in-room safe complete the technological room donation. I thoroughly tested the bed and it was amongst the most comfortable I ever slept in. But that are not even the main features!

    The room is clearly meant for a romantic getaway. The bathroom is magnificent, featuring a couple of marble wash basins, a very big spray shower with glass windows and a big two people jacuzzi with an amazing view over the Gran Via. A glass with electrical curtains separate the jacuzzi from the bedroom. I. E. , if that is open it is possible for a girl to tease you lying on the bed. The bathroom is truly a work of art, made with sex in mind.

    "The Level" means that you get priority check in and, most importantly, delicious tapas, snacks and drinks / spirits included from breakfast to midnight, with the assistance of their very helpful and nice staff. A welcome fruit and cheese selection completes the food, besides the in-house restaurant. Finally, an hand written note is slipped under your door as a welcome with the phone number of the hotel manager if you have any special need or for any assistance, if you don't want to call the general reception.

    For some of you that might be standard service. Even if I sometimes travel for work, I am not used at all to five star hotels, and I definitely rarely spend a lot for a room. Fortunately it was totally worth it, as this was the room I received Natalia in.

    *) Research protocol for the trip

    While there are many clubs and brothels available in Madrid, Valencia, Almeria and many other Spanish cities, I wanted to test my luck with the ads websites (, and, coupled with the community reports (in Spanish), looking for independent girls as a first option, and suitable agencies as a good second one.

    With respect to simply having a stroll in the what-you-see-is-what-you-get RLD, and the possibility of judging the girl's attitude via eye contact, a simple chat, and even observing the entrance / exit pattern of the fellow punters, I felt that the ads investigation and screening needed to be more systematic.

    As a consequence, I adopted the following protocol with the aim of contacting professional working girls. Let's assume that I found an interesting ad; I would then try to answer the following questions:

    1) Are the pictures real? and more recently Google reverse image search are your friend! By inputting a photo the search engines provide you the closest match they can find on the net. In my trials, I found successful matches of face-blurred ads photos with professionally done sets of playboy and MET-ART models!

    If I found a match, or reasonable suspects that the photo (s) might be doctored I decided to ditch the message altogether.

    2) Is it an agency or an independent girl?

    By writing the phone number in the search engine, or using the "find all the girl with the same number" facility in, it is very quick to ascertain whether the girl is independent or part of an escort agency. In the latter case, for which a single phone numbers corresponds to multiple names and photos, I would look for the agency website for further analysis.

    3) Is there a review on the web?

    By using the phone number on or Google sometimes I found a detailed review that could be helpful, even if, as usual YMMV. However, what I found was that most reviews on seems to describe genuine experiences (and there is a whole subsection dedicated to spotting fake pictures).

    4) How does it feel communicating and contacting via email/ sms/ whatsapp/ phone? And what about English?

    I would then try to message to the girls in written Spanish (which I am slowly learning). Beware that English might not be very common as in most Southern European countries, although Spanish people (in general) will be very kind and try hard to understand and communicate with you!

    The messages might be a good indication of the girl's attitude, akin to the negotiation advice in the FAQ. I. e. , if you have a bad vibe during this phase, that is likely to be true. Moreover, it is quite easy to understand if you are talking with an agency receptionist or the girl herself by asking about the provided services referring to a general "ad".

    Conversely, a different approach was chosen for the other case of wanting to know a "semi-pro" or amateur girl. In this case I adopted a seemingly counter-intuitive strategy. If I were a semi-pro, I would definitely choose to give the lowest amount of info for privacy concerns. As a consequence, I looked for any ad that (I) did *not* have any picture; (II) had only email for the first contact and the girl was reluctant to give me her phone number; (III) did *not* use any of the automatic renewal or premium placement and returned a low number of hit count for the same ad. My success rate was 50-50: an utterly cold rip-off with some mysterious disappearing in my room, which I won't even report since I have no concrete evidence to support this claim, and a most delightful one.

    Let me start from the experience with the pro girls!

    *) "Lia Rusa" on

    Lia is a sexy nice Russian lady in her late 40's, with true professional and amateur pictures in the ad, albeit taken maybe a couple of years ago, who also shot a video for the porn website leche69 with title "Russian * only wants anal". That movie is also a very good indication of what to expect.

    While she definitely is not the typical RLD stunner, what caught my eye was the "sexo extremo" with the detailed list of all the provided services, which she provided enthusiastically.

    In a short summary, I would describe her as a naughty rough-sex loving MILF. Although not a "submissive" from the BDSM point of view, being very active and not enjoying the power exchange role plays nor bondage. I've seen her for three times and my time with her has been great (two times in a room-for-hour, and one in a dungeon like setting with a big shower and a round black bed).

    Typically, after a thorough shower with tongue interlocked and making sure that every bit of me (and her) was spotlessly clean, Lia started to rim my ass under the shower and offering me her pussy for fingering.

    As a foreplay, vaginal masturbation, fingering and (true) fisting with the whole hand was just the prelude to get excited. Then a pyrotechnic display of her oral skills usually followed in the form of: 69 deepthroat and legs interlocked over her head to push her down; long ball licking and teabagging, with the occasional side-trip to my ass; straight mouth fucking with her hands behind the head, or in doggy. The BJ is done bare, and cumming on face or in mouth is allowed (unfortunately spitting only).

    If some rougher treatments are desired, (fairly hard) spanking was encouraged until her pale ass turned red, alongside with nipple twisting, pulling and biting (as they are not very sensitive). Penetration is performed mainly in the ass, which feels amazing and significantly tighter than her vagina, after the application of lube and penetration of fingers up to the whole hand as a warm-up. While I was fisting her ass with my right hand she started moaning and mumbling in a mysterious language (definitely not Spanish. Maybe Russian?) and looked like close to cumming with me playing and teasing her pussy with my other hand. And then in her ass I went, at first with her riding on me in cowgirl with her legs spread, playing with her pussy, and subsequently in doggy on the bed and on its edge, and missionary with legs up, and anything else I had in mind at the moment. The surprise to me was not being able to make her ass gape, not even fisting with my hands. Her sphincter control is nothing short of amazing.

    It felt to me as beast-like sex in terms of pure animal lust, with me going full bastard "hate-fucking" her, by alternating anal (with condom) while spanking her hard, and cumming deep in her mouth / throat (without condom). During one of the 2 hrs sessions I came 5 times, and we talked very little. I was too busy to utter coherent words, as I was immersed in penetrating her in all the ways I could with all I got (also because my Spanish is limited as it is her English), and too spent afterwards.

    As a concrete addition to the wank-bank, it is possible to shoot photos and videos (with face, for personal use only), which I declined. I prefer to subscribe to the more general Amsterdam code of no records at all. Moreover, pissing over her body was on the menu, but I did not take the offer, and I also declined the prostate massage and the double penetration with dildo (for her).

    Lia is a fun and very naughty lady to be with. If you enjoy a nymphomaniac-acting girl with a true passion for PSE rough sex, Lia is an absolutely recommended choice!

    *) Ana sumisa

    Ana is a BDSM enthusiast switch, providing both dominant and submissive scenarios. The photos in the reference website are real and recent, and it can be easily see that she belongs to the BBW kind of girl. First contact was made through her real life master who "rents her out" on occasional basis, who stated upfront all the limitation of the play (no long lasting marks, spitting on body below the face, only light face slaps.).

    I was received in a dungeon-themed apartment with a room for play close to the metro station Estrecho. For her safety, in both of my two visits there was either her master or a friend downstairs to ensure that the session was as agreed upon. While this felt spooky at first, and plainly embarrassing talking to the "chaperone" while being nude and with my hands over Ana, I got used to it fairly quickly.

    Ana is a very nice person to talk to, and besides BDSM, we share a passion for videogames, as I discovered by asking about a drawing that I recognized. While the time of the actual session play was 1. 5 hrs, this did not include the beforehand (separate) shower for both of us, all the session discussions and the in-depth tutorial on how to use her wide range of toys and tools, as well as the debriefing with traditional cake afterwards!

    I felt very guided and trained in how / where to strike with different implements, what to use to elicit different sensations, and even a practical demonstration that I will definitely remember. To show how the body redness is mainly due to increased blood flow in the specific struck area (if done properly and with suitable soft equipment) and this effect is very temporary, she struck her friend on the back on what I thought was an extremely harsh way: of course, my impression was wrong. As her friend was completely unphased, and what looked to me as definite strong marks disappeared in less than one hour.

    Her huge soft breast were amongst my favourite target in the sessions, as I put clothespins and slapped them off, with her tied to the cross and while deeply kissing. I spanked her and flogged her all over her body with her lying down on a medical bed, before going filling the pussy with a pump dildo for dilatation and then my fingers and my "little head".

    I would be sure of one thing. She definitely enjoys what she does, and it shows by her wild squirting. If the first one might have been pre-loaded during the shower, the legs shaking pointed toward a true orgasm. And I was definitely convinced by the second and the third gushing orgasms, which followed soon via vigorous finger-fucking (alternated with pussy slapping) and kissing. I wish she came during sex too, but unfortunately that was not the case.

    I also got to enjoy the other end of the whip as a prank / joke: I was tied up, teased with the crop with light taps and gentle nipple nibbling, and then enjoyed a long deep BJ while being restrained. It was unexpected and fun due to her playful attitude!

    If you like plump women, and are interested in exploring BDSM even as a complete beginner (like me) I can definitely suggest her for her true deep passion in pleasing and nice personality.

    *) Jennifer / Sara masajista nuru

    Saramymundosensual on b_l_o_g_s__p_o_t.

    Jennifer is a masseuse expert in a wide range of techniques ranging from relaxing and therapeutic, to erotic such as nuru / lingam. She describes herself as an "erotic masseuse" and the rules of all the massages are as follows: no penetration; kissing (also deep french) and touching is allowed all over with the exception of her pussy (Jennifer always wears a small thong that is not to be removed but can be occasionally and gently rubbed on); intercrural intercourse, titty-fucking and masturbating between her ass cheeks is allowed *without* coming; handjob (lingam) happy handing (with prostate massage if it feels right in the moment).

    She is a plain-looking MILF (40+) of South-American heritage, very gentle and soft-spoken. As in her own words, she "let her hands and body do the talking". I thoroughly enjoyed various slippery body-to-body massages, with a strong emphasis on achieving deep back and pelvis relaxation, while improving breathing and ejaculation control.

    I wish I knew the theory behind this. Be it tantra, nuru, Balinese techniques, or whatever magic it is. I can only say that the messages felt so liberating that I cried in the middle of one until cuddled and comforted, and I felt much more masculine and sexually-supercharged afterwards.

    Everything she does is wonderful and with its own purpose. I treasure the feeling of her hands working the stress out of my body; the deep breathing, sighs and licking of my ears; her tits and erect nipples sliding and brushing across my back and front; the full weight of her body on top of my back, with her pelvis pressing against mine as if penetrating me; the licking of my fingers, and my licking of hers followed by nipple teasing; her understanding and sparking eyes; our kissing and movements with my cock between her thighs with our synchronized breathing and following the underlying rhythm of the music.

    After some massages I tried a longer version, which started with me blindfolded and then worked all the way up to me pinning her down with my arms and rubbing my cock all over her and between her legs, wanting her so badly I almost couldn't restrain myself. In that occasion, she focused on relaxing me for 1-1. 5 hrs and then building the excitement and delay my ejaculation for the following 2 hrs. I got so lost in the moment and was so hard for such a long time, fully savoring and enjoying the plethora of sensations from my whole body and mouth. In the end the lingam handjob felt almost like torture as she expertly paused as I was coming, until I had one of the strongest orgasm I ever experienced.

    I tried some therapeutic and relaxing non-erotic massages, and Jennifer was far better from a medical point of view, with a deeply erotic twist to boot. I wish I could go back right now!

    Natalia (semi-pro deleted contacts?)

    This following description might be closer to an experience / story of what might happen with a semi-pro rather than a truly useful review since I do not know any of her current contact at all: the email account has been deleted, the mobile phone number does not exist anymore, the old ads have been removed and even scrubbed from google. I wasn't able to find her even by bothering all the girls sharing the same artistic name or vaguely resembling her in the ads listing. It might be that she either moved in another city / country or even retired.

    In the very far-fetched case that you are reading this, Natalia, I would really love to see you again. Contact me as you did by sending the sweetest messages on my phone, also for Christmas and New Year's.

    After a rip-off from a semi-pro, the experience with Natalia was stunningly sweet. The first contact was via email for services and requests (there were no photo in the ad on I asked for 3 hrs with the possibility of rough sex-and for her pictures, and she replied with true photos (no face) and literally stating "whatever you wish" for 340. Little did I know that it turned out closer to a true deep one night stand, much more than a GFE.

    Natalia was very punctual in arriving in the room at the scheduled time. I was breathless and speechless as she proudly strode across the room wearing a very elegant white dress with corset (which she said she designed herself), light makeup and a true diamond necklace, and deep green sparkling eyes with a seductive hypnotic gaze and a bright happy smile. She is definitely a 10 out of 10 by RLD and any standard: blonde, tall, big natural breast and round hard ass. I was almost on the verge of asking her if there was a mistake but it was not and neither was a dream.

    I slowly recovered my way to uttering Spanish and English words, until we settled for a Spanglish. I gave her the unsealed envelope with the money and she was putting the money straight away in her purse. I was kind of surprised, as the standard protocol I know is to double check in front of the customer. And so I stopped her, asking to count the money before going on with the date. Inexperience on her part or deliberate "defenseless" acting? I will never know.

    She was a true sweetheart making me feel very at ease with her personality and fun and nice sense of humor. In a very short time we found that we actually have quite a lot in common in terms of character, coffee taste, behavior with other people, way of life and thinking. A wonderful tattoo on her arm displays an inspiring life motto. As we shared experiences I started feeling so warmly relaxed I got unnaturally (for me) talkative with fully open heart. I was so into getting to know her that I apologized when I accidentally brushed my hand against her leg. As we talked about bad past experiences with the opposite sex and other people (hers and mine) we discovered a common theme in one. This was a very intense sharing and it kind of brought the loud chatter to a sudden silence, with both of us immersed in our own thoughts. As an healing and closing gesture regarding the previous talk, she very gently leaned forward me with eyes slightly closed, and I found myself deep kissing her before I knew what happened.

    And then the undressing begin, revealing layer after layer of exquisitely fine clothing and risque lingerie, while interlocking our tongues with me swept away with passion. I wanted so much to make her wet and lick her breast and pussy. And so she spread her legs for me with stockings on. She was perfectly shaven, incredibly sweet and juicy and oh-so-tight as I found out by slipping one finger in. Her round full breast with nipples that begged to be licked were erect and ready for action. I completely forgot the original plan and I had only one idea in mind: to pleasure her and to give her good feelings as she did just moment before with her perfectly timed, passionate kiss. The legs were spread wider and wider as I found out what she liked the most for oral sex and pussy playing, while holding her hands as a form of reassurance and "manly taking charge": after making her dry again for being too rough in the masturbation (trying to replicate what worked for Ana), I was finally rewarded by an outflow of juices wetting her, the stockings and the bed linen, while filling the room with the most erotic and pleasant scent.

    As I tried to get down on her again, she took the initiative and decided it was my turn to receive pleasure. My cock was hard and yet I was so relaxed I almost sank into the soft mattress. With her long hair brushing my body I felt the king of the world while she took the dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue and moving rhythmically up and down. At first, with soft and sweet movement, which to me lasted forever. I just wished it were possible for her to go on until the end of time. I then felt the desire of some additional stimulation, and so I put my hand over her neck to guide her harder, taking me all in her throat (although I am not big, mind you). My second hand followed suit, guiding her mouth with her providing strong pressure with the tongue, sucking and playing, until after a long time I finally exploded deep in her mouth. Natalia waited until I finished coming hard and then swallowed it all looking so naughtily happy at me.

    We were at the stage that went beyond words. I hugged her in silence, savouring the moment and feeling the weight and warmth of her breast and body over mine. And I was soon very ready and eager to fuck her. She slipped a condom on without further ado, and rode on top of me. Once again, I felt so at peace yet so hard that she rode for a while; then she stopped and I actively fucked her while still laying down, head between her breast and hugging her close. She started riding me again and she started to almost jump, as I almost tried to send her in the air with my movements as well. When she got tired, she rode off and presented me her delicious booty to fuck her in doggy. Just what I wanted. I slipped in feeling my cock making his way into her extremely tight and hot pussy and started pumping away like there was no tomorrow, which in a sense is true as I never met her again since. From the kneeling doggy I went for a more standing position and I fucked her with all I got, making her go belly down toward the bed into the "prone-bone" position. I couldn't take any longer (and it was already a surprise to me how much I lasted) and I came while strongly hugging her and I laid on top of her for a minute or two.

    It was now the time to get cleaned up. I had filled the jacuzzi and so we shared a bath with a few kisses here and there, but mostly cleaning and being together, feeling one. We jumped out of the water as she noticed it was late (more than 30 min over the scheduled time) and she hurriedly get dressed to go to her "normal" job. It took some times more to make her hair straight again after some manipulation during the blowjob, and to refine the smeared makeup. I wanted her to stay of course but she seemed extremely pressured to go. As a tease, I critically looked at her forehead while frowning until she asked me what was wrong and I promptly replied "You are so beautiful" .

    Seeing her taking her clothes wildly scattered around the room filled me with happiness for the encounter yet sorrow at the same time, and I lost myself in watching her and stayed in my bathrobe. After seeing her working through her complex underwear, I finally realized that the date was coming to an end. I was so stunned and sorry to let her go that I forgot to open the door for her. She tried to open the door with her hands slightly shaking so that the door slammed shut again (true or acted, I will never know). She said, referring to the closing door, "That is destiny! Following with the final sweet, long, intense, passionate, delightful kiss. And then she opened the door and walked into the corridor, while I was almost following her in my bathrobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DubyaMan88  [View Original Post]
    An absolutely incredible experience at this place. It has its own website and you can make selections on the website before you go. I did not.

    Reached there and the English speaking mama-san asked me to go the basement room. Immediately thereafter, 4 young girls paraded their "wares" for a selection.

    Tough to decide on one but I chose a lady from Paraguay. She spent one hour with me. Would give her an overall 9/10. One of the best GF experience I have had anywhere in developed Europe (East Europe is different, of course! She gave me a BBBJ followed by rimming and was willing to do anything I wanted to please me.

    Total damages was Euro 90 + 10 (tip).

    Only challenge is that these girls are not willing to come to your hotel.

    I notice that placermadrid is on a youth movement. They have been adding many new younger ladies based on the website profiles. The line-up from a year or two ago featured great providers who had been receiving excellent reviews on the local board for many years. The downside of course is that they were getting older. And the websites for these places never update the pics or update the ages. I get amused when I see a lady still listed as 25 on various escort agency websites around the world who I saw ten years ago. I hope she wasn't really fifteen at the time (although I am sure she wasn't).

    Three of the eleven listed providers at Placermadrid are from Paraguay. Given the lack of good reviews of Paraguay here on ISG, that is a representation that relatively unknown little country can be proud of. Perhaps one came and told her two best friends to join her, or it sounds like an exotic place to a Madrilenian and it is marketing. Regardless, do you recognize which of the three in the links above that you saw, and are the pictures and listed age accurate.

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    Placer Madrid, Madrid

    An absolutely incredible experience at this place. It has its own website and you can make selections on the website before you go. I did not.

    Reached there and the English speaking mama-san asked me to go the basement room. Immediately thereafter, 4 young girls paraded their "wares" for a selection.

    Tough to decide on one but I chose a lady from Paraguay. She spent one hour with me. Would give her an overall 9/10. One of the best GF experience I have had anywhere in developed Europe (East Europe is different, of course! She gave me a BBBJ followed by rimming and was willing to do anything I wanted to please me.

    Total damages was Euro 90 + 10 (tip).

    Only challenge is that these girls are not willing to come to your hotel.

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    Luz at Eden.

    After the time wasted at 280 Castilla, I went over to Eden de Anita on Calle Hirabuena, near Vive in Tetuan. Had the Lineup and chose Luz. Forgot that she had been reviewed recently as a good GFE. Had I remembered, may have chosen different SP.

    She is a cute Latina spinner, early 20's, from Paraguay. Nice body but had stretch marks of child bearing, she said she had one. Very friendly, but not as GFE. No DFK, but she did piquitos. *Oddly, during a nice BBBJ, she kept popping Jr. Out of her mouth with a loud "pop" then taking a wipe to it, then resuming the BJ. Very difficult to enjoy her headwork with that going on.

    Went down on her, no FIV allowed, but she got wet and seemed to enjoy. No anal play, either.

    After a bit donned the cover and hit a few postures, she seemed uncomfortable during Mish and A4, as I'm average size. Finished on her chest. Had pleasant showers on either end of the session with her assistance. Not sure if I'd recommend, would not repeat, despite her being nice.

    Glad others had good expes with her.

    Happy Hunting,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Novio  [View Original Post]
    I've been watching with mixed emotions as long-time Spanish favorites like Palaciodelplacer and PlacerMadrid have started to be "discovered" by members of this board. This may be why the houses have been busier than in the past. Guys, please don't ruin things by starting to think about tipping and / or offering more than the norm. Just appreciate the fact that you can enjoy BBBJ, BBBJCIM, and sometimes Greek, from some attractive ladies at eye-opening rates in a legal, clean and safe environment -- plus a free drink! I will second this review to say that Magali is a keeper. By the way, she plays rugby. Think about that for a second.
    What you are describing does not happen in a fixed price market open to everyone.

    English-only speakers are gleeful when they find out they don't have to tip in the restaurants of a country. They simply eat 20 percent more.

    When the 50-70 euro half-hour fixed price brothels of Spain are utilized by English-only speakers, none of them report tipping the ladies, they just go back again later and do another lady.

    In markets where the prices are negotiated, an influx of English-only speakers does drive up the price, since those guys do not come from a negotiation culture, and they often do not find it worthwhile to spend time negotiating what they might consider to be trivial amounts. Other ladies see this and start approaching certain targets.

    And in markets where it is impossible or at least very difficult for English-only speakers to access the local market, a market springs up to service the English-only speakers, usually with an English speaking middleman. If it becomes a large part of the market, many girls start gravitating toward the higher price opportunity.

    None of that is the case with Spain's brothels and independents, and the fact that so many of the places utilize email and whatsapp helps keep prices from going up on account of tourists.

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