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    Seville report

    Spend a night in Seville on Friday, last week. First stop sala Colores, not very good impression, dark and shady place, bad interior entry fee 20 euro including one drink. Unfortunately they did not offer any wine, I not drink any spirits or beer, just in very rare case only glass of wine but in sala colores not wine. Around 15 girls mainly from Romania, few very fat black girls and 2-3 Spanish girls. Few girls came to talk to me, but not interested, very poor selection and girls 3/10 4/10,I drank my mineral water and decide to go. Next stop sala Prive, very close to colores 3,4 min taxi ride. Sala Prive is much better club, good party atmosphere, nice interior and way better looking girls, entry 20 euro again one drink, wine yes. Around 20-25 girls and lot of latinas, exactly what I like it, Brazil, Dominican republic, Colombia. I had chat with 2 Brazilians, decide to go with the second one, she quot 80 euro 30 min, and we went upstairs. On the reception she asked to pay and said to me 100, I said no, we had agreement for 80 first, and I said to her fuck off and went back to the bar. I saw one girls from Dominican republic, black, big butt, she came to me and start to touch my dick, I agreed for 80, and we went to the room. Very horny, she had in the handbag very big dildo and asked me first to use it on her and then to fuck. BBBJ was good too but not CIM, she asked for extra about this. Was good horny girl very passion, typical Latina, that's why I like them so much, the girls from south America are very hot and horny, like guy born and raised in east Europe, know very well the difference. After this girl I decide to go back to my hotel. Overall Sevilla is nice town to visit but really good for mongering, when you know Malaga and Costa are just 2 hours driving, Sevilla not worth to spend time and money there.

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    Massage Exp

    So had visited Seville during the Summer. Been tied up so below are my FRs. Since I was travelling with family, didn't have too many opportunities to sneak out for long period of time and managed to squeeze in whatever I could in my short trip.

    The first one I tried was trantra massage. Found the website through google. They had a number to chat using a popular messaging app and was easy. I could easily translate the text they sent me and would send them a translated text back. I had booked a girl by the name Marina (I can't seem to find her name on the website now and she may have left). My girl of choice Yaiza was busy. Great body but had silicone tits and face looked slightly older. But still quite good looking.

    She was friendly from the start. It was located in a nice house and she took me up to the floor with my room by lift. Helped feel comfortable and relaxed while she set up the room. Asked me to take a shower and be ready in a towel. The shower was one of those cubicle ones which was hard to fit into considering I am 6' 2" but I wasn't concerned about it much. Got onto the bed and noticed the well positioned mirrors (1. On the head of the bed 2. On the side of the bed and 3. On the ceiling). The massage was overall nice and relaxing with Marina being sensual from the start and using her every inch of her body to massage me. Gave a good bum massage too. She asked me to flip over and it continued. She was ok with me sucking her tits and fingering her gently or rubbing her clit. I don't know if she really enjoyed it but she definitely became more vigorous in grinding her body and erotic. She had a nice smooth V which was as pink as pink could be. Eventually it ended with a HJ which wasn't amazing and felt little mechanical. Was a good and different experience but quite expensive. Had taken a 60 minutes massage for 120. They seem to have several other rates for different massages which you can find the prices on the website. Marina had suggested I opt for this. Not sure if it is ok to be linking the website here so not doing that.

    The second one I tried was Kaizen. They have several places, visited the one in the city. The location of this place was slightly harder to find and since the only people at Kaizen knew how to speak Spanish it was a little difficult to reach and because I wasn't fluent in the language it made it harder for me to try and translate it on my own. This is a smaller establishment which had only 2 masseuse available when I went, 1 of who was busy. I thus had no option but to take Carla as on their website. She is an older lady but does not look 40! Had a completely natural and fit body. She only spoke Spanish and language was a barrier. The shower area was quite large and usually how a bath area is. I found the cleanliness of this place to be inferior to Tantra's. Also they had no ventilation which half way through the massage became hot and sweaty but not necessarily in a good way. These rooms also had mirrors positioned in the same way and the massage routine was similar to what I have described with Marina. Although I felt Carla was more playful and erotic than Marina (especially the HJ) but the B2 B of Marina was better. The massage here was 100 euros for 60 minutes.

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    Big mistake

    Called following agency.


    Was assured of a Blonde.

    But a brunette showed up. Tried to tell the agency that they messed up and am sending her back (but continued with her. Big mistake).

    She was fun with BBBJ and GFE. But at the end she got moody and threatened to call the police with the agency. Had to shell out 500 euro to get rid of her.

    Beware of this agency.

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    Eva. Amigas de Silvia

    Few days ago, when I was in Sevilla I called at"Friends of Silvia" agency.

    As it is said in their web, I think they offer services escorts in Seville and Madrid.

    After asking for the services and girls available, I chose Eva.

    And I asked her to go to visit me in my hotel room.

    She is a girl, her ad appears 19 years old, I think it's a little older. I liked her face, not so much her body. Her breasts are smaller than I expected.

    She looks like the girl in the pictures, although I can not guarantee in a certain way that she is the same girl as pictures.

    In bed she began with a natural blow job, not too good, I do not know whether because she is a young woman or because her little involvement. The blowjob was superficial, shallow.

    In sex the situation improved, I think that she got excited during the appointment. We perform various postures, some proposals by her and others by me.

    The girl is advisable if you are looking for an Spanish escort in Seville, but seeing the ads from Amigas de Silvia agency, now I think the have better options than this girl.

    When I return to Sevilla, may be I try again with a different escort, but not Eva.

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    An update on the below. Sala Colores has re-opened. It is at Calle Automacion on an industrial estate outside the centre. Easy to get to on the number 28 bus. 10 entry (including drink) and 80 per half hour. Open from 5 pm until early morning.

    The couple of times I went was around 7 pm. At that time around 15 girls and 5 or 6 mongers. Probably about 60% were skanky Romanians but amongst the rest there were some gems to be found. I had a stunning Venezuelan with amazing natural boobs. I would say a good 9 - twice and then a cute but chubby Moroccan and an Argentinian who was OK looking but I never tried an Argy before and she was a friendly girl who gave good service.

    Overall, I would recommend. All girls gave a decent GFE and while there was a bit of sales pressure, esp. From the Romanians, it wasn't too bad and no pressure to buy lady drinks. There is also Sala Prive very close by on Calle Borac but I did not try this place as I always found something nice at Colores.

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    No thrilla in Sevilla

    Spain boasts lots of great puti clubs for mongers. Vive in Madrid, Scandalo and others in Malaga, Glass Palace in Estepona, I could go on but won't. So to Seville. Well guys. The city is fantastic if you are a tourist. But a nightmare if you are a club fan for mongering. It used to be great. Colores and Jardin del Diablo. Both are now closed. Previous reports that Colores is open are just now wide of the mark. In April 2015 it is closed and closed for good to look at it. So having seen the the previously bright lights all out, we headed instead in the taxi (my wingman and I) for Jardin. Was around the corner. Not now. Closed as well. But the cabbie said Club Prive was around the corner. We jumped in there. It is apparently now the ONLY club open in this lovely city. The club entrance is gloomy, two large bouncers. 20 euros entry included one drink (rip off). Rectangular club with catwalk / stage down the middle. Dancers did get on it and stripped about every 30 minutes. Line up mainly latinos and some EE but not a lot. Mainly 7's, some 8's, one 9 and lot of 5's and worse! Not overly aggressive girls. Drinks standard prices for these places. VIP area for smoking and BJ's as I discovered when my wingman wanted a smoke! Curtained off booths for smoking, BJ's and I believe charlie. Of no interest to me but it was clearly happening. Significant number of spanish punters who the girls showed no interest in at all.

    Stars. Diana. Dominican republic. Very pretty face. 170 in room for one hour and very good service. Daniella. Brazilian, the only 9 in the club. Blonde, fantastic body and great tits. Sadly her completely persistent upselling in the bar (buy me a drink / champagne / take me with another girl) meant I decided to resist temptation for a second pop whilst my wingman (who loved big assed girls) was having apparently the time of his life with Linda from Cuba. Who clearly had the assets he loves!

    Seville is a great place to visit but not for mongering!

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    Yes was there

    Couple of weeks ago. Easy no hassle, Nice black gentleman in the entrance, but don't pay for a lady drink if your not in the mood or if you get zero back. One drink set me back 30 euros or something, don't really matter. Good time, also visited some casa in 10 minutes straight up in the town, but its not always looks like it does in internet.

    Did meet a Miss Nicuragua in the Colores Club.

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    Up to date info.

    I read that Colores is open again. Any other recent useful info?



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    Colores in Seville is open again, same place same name unfortunately not the same 9 stunners though. The club looks the same on the inside, there may have been about 30 girls mostly 6-7 with a few better I'd say 8's. Mostly Romanians. TThe club around the corner has changed it's name from something like American show to Prive, had about 30 girls, mostly Romanian and Dominican. Pretty much 5-7s maybe a tad better rate then Colores.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

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    Last weeks trip!

    Passed through Seville again last week.

    Asked a taxi driver to take me to Opium. Told me it was closed and took me somewhere else. Didn't object as was feeling horny and just wanted to get somewhere! No idea where he took me, but it was pretty good and I hooked up with a slinky Brazilian lady. Started with half hour, but she was great and ended up staying way longer and totally relieved me of more than just cash! Great BBBJ and plenty of positions for one satisfied gringo. Not cheap but well worth the Euro! Cannot remember the name of the place I'm afraid. I discovered Opium is still open the next night, and it's clear some of the taxis have an arrangement! Good selection of chicas and did not regret my visit!

    Happy mongering and thanks for some great info helping me plan the next trip east.

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    Villasecret (seville top class casa)

    My cabbie friend gave me this leaflet for my mongering pleasure.

    As I mentioned in my report, this is supposedly the best of the best in Sevilla, and the price is said to be steep.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_4286.jpg‎  

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    Taxi drivers still are the best source of information

    Quote Originally Posted by YellowFevers  [View Original Post]
    I was in Seville a few weeks back and took a look at Colores. Shame it's closed, it was good with plenty of stunners. The place not far away is called Opium and it is ok. There were 30 + girls hanging around mostly 5 to 6 in looks and shape. I took a cute Columbian girl; slender and tight thing and good performer in the room. Don't usually go for S. American chicas but did not regret it. Can't remember her name though, as I'd had a few too many Cruzcampos!

    I found a useful site with some accurate info and went to one place on the list. Can't remember exactly where it is, other than over a bridge and off to the right near where the US students hang out; would not recommend from what I remember.

    Hope it is useful for some fun in Seville and beyond!
    I got very worried that I would end up with my manhood in my own hand for fun in Seville. There is nothing helpful on the internet.

    But when I got here, my taxi driver set me straight. As always, taxistas are a source of information, but are never very accurate on the quantity and quality of he chicas, because they are usually too poor to be mongerers. Nevertheless, my driver confirmed that Colores is closed. The owner has a new club in the same district (but, thanks to my friend Johnny Walker, I have forgotten the name). The new club is said to be similar.

    My driver took me to a club in the industrial district named "Prive". It had a 20 euro cover and 30 chicas at the bar at any one time, from all over the world. Costs were 80 for a half hour. 120 for 45 minutes and 160 an hour (more or less). I took a tiny Romanian girl for 45, and then extended for 60 euros for another 20 minutes. Then I took a blond Czech for half hour. The only problem was that the girls did not want me to finish in their mouths, which is something I like to do (ok, call me a wierdo!).

    I heard of several other clubs including a very high end place called Villasecret (closed in August). The cabbie said the chicas all charge 300 euros an hour. This might be true, but I would not bet on this. I got a few other names but failed to get any information.

    Cab driver is named Israel and his phone is: Israel +34-625-116-184.

    If you do not speak Spanish, you will do fine at Prive. Many girls speak English and German.

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