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    Experience with Diva from a couple of years ago

    Hello guys,

    This experience is from a couple of years ago, I recently came across this forum and I joined it a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd give my report on the services and experiences I had with Diva Escorts.

    This is an account of my first experience with an escort in London.

    I was in London on a trip and I had the sudden urge to be with a girl so I fired up the browser on my laptop and got to doing some research on different sites and Diva stood out to me, and so I went through the gallery with all the girls they had available, shortlisted a few ready their individual reviews other people had given them and then gave Diva a call, was greeted by a sweet sounding female voice, and I had a nice chat with her, I gave her my list and also explained the type of services I was expecting, she immediately told me to go with Electra from the list I had provided her, she told me that Electra was pretty much "Open Minded" and that if she was comfortable with me she had a lot of services on offer on her menu. I booked hesitantly as all the pictures of the girls on the site were heavily photoshopped and I didn't know what to expect. The girl on the phone told me that she would confirm with Electra and get back to me in a couple of minutes.

    I got a call back from Diva after around 5-10 minutes and my booking with Electra was confirmed. The address was forwarded to me via SMS. Was surprised with the professional manner in which everything was being handled.

    I left my place and took the tube to the address that was mentioned in the message, it was an apartment building just 5 minutes walking distance from the station I got off at and buzzed the number which was mentioned in the message, immediately I was buzzed into the building and at this point I had really mixed feelings of excitement and being scared, I approached the flat and was a bit hesitant as I didn't know what to expect. Got the courage and rang the bell, Electra immediately opened the door and greeted me in, I was left speechless, she was gorgeous, a real stunner! She was dressed in a sexy lingerie and high heels. The picture on the Diva site doesn't do her beauty any justice.

    She welcomed me with a kiss into the flat and complimented me on being "cute", the flat was upmarket and clean it had 2 rooms and a kitchen. She took me to the bed room and asked me if I had her "gift" I gave her the cash and she told me to get comfortable in the room while she went and put the money in a safe place. I took my coat off and got comfortable on the bed, she came back almost immediately and asked if I wanted to take a shower, I denied it as I had taken one just before leaving.

    We had a brief conversation and I told her that it was my first time with an escort and that I was a bit shy and feeling a bit awkward, she told me to relax and not to over think anything, she kissed me deeply and we DFKd for a while, she made me feel very comfortable and put me to ease very easily, after 10 minutes I felt as though I was with my girlfriend. The started with BBJ and it felt great, told her wanted to CIM and she gave me a naughty look and got to work, after 15-20 minutes of BBJ and tea-bagging I told her I was ready and unloaded in her mouth. She gave me a wet wipe and went to the washroom to get fresh. She came back 2 minutes later and we cuddled for about 10-15 minutes and did small talk and got to know each other a bit, it was great talking to her and while this she was stroking me, after a while I started to harden again and I didn't even have to tell her, she got back to business, she warmed me up with another round of BBJ and ball play and after 10-15 minutes I was ready for her, did her in missionary, doggy and cowgirl and ended it with a CIM again. She was great and gave me a really good time, everything was on offer except A Levels. She is not a clock watcher. She told me that she had a great time and was looking forward to seeing me again. Left her place 15 minutes after the 90 mins were over. Visited her again a couple of more times after and gave me the same memorable experience.

    Looks: 8/10.

    Body: 9/10 (5'3" 34 B and Dress Size 8).

    GFE: 9/10.

    Ambience: 8/10.

    Experience: 9/10.

    Damages: 200 for 90 minutes.

    WIR: Sure, I did! The experiences were great and left satisfied on all occasions.

    Hope this helps.

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    A little bit of help please

    Hi guys,

    This is my first time to UK.

    I will be staying in leicester for a couple of weeks.

    Can any one please help with a couple of links or contacts in leicester.

    Since I am new to the place I find it tough to go by ads in other sites.

    I have my PM activated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisMonger3  [View Original Post]
    Hi there,

    What are the decent massage parlors (spa) which offer happy endings in London? What are the respective prices and locations? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

    Best I've tried by far is Moorgatemassage. Co. Uk. 100 quid for body to body, price enough but a good massage and pretty / interesting masseuse. Great ending!

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    Massage with happy ending

    Hi there,

    What are the decent massage parlors (spa) which offer happy endings in London? What are the respective prices and locations? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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    Indian Palace

    I got messed around by this lot the other day:

    I have been a few times so did not bother with a plan be.

    I made a booking and waited because I was early in my car across the road.

    I waited and called back to see if they were ready.

    Their phone was switched off. I did not see anyone come or go for a while.

    I called a few times and send a few texts.

    I left 20 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start.

    I finally got through on my way home.

    She told me the girl had gone home. Hello, how about telling the fucking client!

    She told me she called and texted me. Complete lie.

    I did not want to argue with her.

    Have a plan be if you visit.

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    Massage Parlours near Tower Bridge

    Dear Bros,

    Visiting London, staying at Tower Bridge.

    Please let me know good Massage Parlours near the Tower Bridge, which provide FS.


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    Be very careful out there. Avoid

    I called the agency and requested one Brazilian and received another. At first, was all good, then almost needed security.

    Nothing close to the photos, body had been ridden hard and put up wet, tattoos and birth scars. Why do they photoshop so much?

    Hardly worth 600 and the other 300 that went "missing". Had the lack of love and little under the influence.

    I came back to the room with Champagne that was "demanded" and saw lines on the table. Hot mess, a real nightmare, Avoid.

    Otherwise I was happy with Soho walkups and House of Divine.

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    Finally something to go on!

    Quote Originally Posted by ElMujerista  [View Original Post]
    I suggest you check out Arabella at Agency Allure. She particularly likes to lay with her head hanging off the side of the bed while she gets her face pounded.
    Now we are talking! She is really pretty as well. A bit pricey, but maybe it's worth it?

    I found these on AW though, dunno if they are any good, but I figured I could get two for the price of one Arabella.

    (Not sure if posting direct links to AW is within the forum guidelines, so I'll post their user names.).

    GIRLFRIEND DIOR. Seems legit, and super slutty, complete opposite of Arabella.

    Sammy DEEPTHROAT PRO. Good ratings, a bit older but seems like her face can take a pounding.

    Leila-DEEPTHROATSTAR. Read some great reviews of her, but she might have sold off her acount to someone else.

    I will check out at least one of them. Dunno which one yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomTraveler  [View Original Post]

    The only thing I haven't found yet, the same problem with my visits to Germany, is someone who is proven to do a wet, sloppy deepthroat, gagging style. I mean, is a proper facefuck to much to ask in 2015? .

    If anyone have any tips on providers who are good at this, feel free to give me a shout.
    I suggest you check out Arabella at Agency Allure. She particularly likes to lay with her head hanging off the side of the bed while she gets her face pounded.

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    Great report!

    Fantastic report Ibn! I've been searching this forum for a while now, and haven't decided where to put it, so to speak, before now.

    I'm going to across the pond for a couple of days in December, and clearly I must check out HoD and The Phoenix club. Will write report of course.

    The only thing I haven't found yet, the same problem with my visits to Germany, is someone who is proven to do a wet, sloppy deepthroat, gagging style. I mean, is a proper facefuck to much to ask in 2015? .

    If anyone have any tips on providers who are good at this, feel free to give me a shout. I realize it's about trust, and trust takes time to build with a provider, but when you're only staying for a few days, there's simply not enough time.

    Again, great report Ibn, much appreciated!

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    April-May London trip: House of Divine. Visit 4: Parissa (at HOD 2)

    My final HOD visit (at #2) of my trip disappointed. Parissa should have had all the ingredients to make it good, being a tall, blonde Polish woman. But in person she didn't have the look I would normally go for, and more problematic there was absolutely no chemistry evident, a complete contrast to the previous day with Jasmine. Without any spark to waken my poor dick, tired from Phoenix House fun the day before, I could never really get aroused so most of our session involved her sucking me off, which was ok but nothing special.

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    April-May London trip: House of Divine. Visit 3: Jasmine (at HOD 1)

    Between Roxy at HOD 2 and a bevy of girls at Phoenix Club, I really enjoyed my share of Brazilian women in London. Perhaps the best was Jasmine, who I saw at House of Divine 1, by the Warren Street tube station; you can't imagine a more convenient or easy to find location, and since it's also a short walk from the Euston Square tube station you can get there it's reachable by multiple tube lines.

    I had waited a few meters from the building entrance since I was a bit early for my 11 AM appointment, and had seen a Latina looking hottie in tight jeans enter the building, and wondered if she was Jasmine. It turned out that she was, as I discovered in passing her in the hallway after I got showered.

    Jasmine was a knockout in her colorful bra and panties, but what knocked me out more was her kiss. As soon as she entered we embraced, her lips some of the softest to touch mine. We stood kissing for a while, tongues dancing around each other, and I appreciated her compliments on my kissing. Wanting to show that I wasn't one dimensional, I had her lie back, pulled her panties down, and dived mouth first into her pussy. Jasmine's juices and writing told me I was doing something right.

    I had broken my stay in London with a brief transatlantic journey, and this was my first session after an early morning arrival. But my Jasmine-aroused horniness trumped the jet lag, my cock rock hard and ready to plunge in despite the meager sleep and convoluted body clock. Jasmine made it harder with a superb blowjob, made even more enjoyable when I turned her around for a 69 and clutched her prototypically round Brazilian bunda.

    It was time to fuck, and we started in missionary, Jasmine's pussy squeezing my dick and her legs wrapped as tightly around my body. With a Brazilian ass like hers doggy-style was a must, and Jasmine gave as good as she got: I pumped her hard but she threw her butt back at me and gyrated around my dick, Later she climbed on top to ride me, and I leaned up to suck her nipples and squeeze her man-made round tits. We bucked wildly for a while until I exploded with a satisfying cum and another reminder of why Brasileiras are some of my favorite women in the world.

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    April-May London trip: Phoenix Club Parties

    For me, mongering in London means Emma's sex parties, however they are labeled. This trip did mark my first venture to Phoenix Club and its Paddington area location. As usual, the folks in charge were helpful on the phone with reservations and directions.

    My first visit was on a Thursday evening, and I unfortunately arrived a good fifteen minutes into the proceedings, and wacky proceedings they were. Apparently the party was in the process of moving from the street level floor to the basement, because the curtain covering the window in the main contact room gave way, potentially exposing a bunch of naked bodies to the prying eyes of the neighbors. All was taken care of rapidly, but my entry into the swing of things was slowed by the wild nature of that party (probably a cause of the curtain fall in the first place! Two really athletic and active guys were giving the girls all they could handle, but despite this the ladies did their best to be inclusive.

    I attended the following evening, and then the Wednesday and Thursday of the following week. The advantage of attending a number of Phoenix Club parties in the course of a week is the chance to experience the different moods the parties can have. The party the first night had been the most frenetic; at one afternoon party I was one of maybe four guys, one of whom left early, giving us lots of personalized attention. (The gorgeous weather outside could have been a factor in keeping the men away). I recall on that afternoon being serviced by three girls as the last minutes of the party ticked away, their working feverishly to elicit one final cum from me.

    The other two parties fell somewhere in the middle of these two in terms of size and activity. Each night had its own character and set of characters (one day I was among the youngest there, another day one of the oldest, long-standing veterans were in the mix sometimes, but I think on the last day it turned out that I was the senior attendee). Attending frequently in a short span of time also did help my performance; I'm not a shy one when it comes to public sex but repeating often helps me get into the swing of things more smoothly than if I attend after a long absence.

    The biggest bonus of making multiple visits is the chance to meet so many of the girls. I offer some comments on the hostesses I partied with (please forgive any errors resulting from my faulty memory):

    Barbara: She was usually managing the house most days I was there, but when she was part of the team it was fun to pump this nice, thick Brazilian.

    Bia: She was a familiar face from a meet-up at HOD as Roxy. I was more comfortable with her in the Phoenix setting, actually, as her sarcastic wit was in full effect playing to the crowd around her (she was even joking about how I looked like her brother-in-law! Her popularity was not surprising, I need to emphasize how gorgeous she is (and her ass looks amazing when fucking her in doggy).

    Charlotte: Ah Charlotte, with her they broke the mold. She is such a character, definitely a favorite of mine for her bubbly spirit, chattiness (though her midlands (accent bewildered me at times), and of course her wacky sense of humor. I loved her lithe build and how she loved to cum and cum when I licked or fucked her.

    Emily: This blonde was managing the house when Barbara was not, and was rather popular.

    Eva: Brunette who I noted was there, but can't remember specifics.

    Gina: Gina and Vera were the tattooed, short-haired Eastern European blondes who alternated at the parties I attended, and they played kind of the same role: tough, bad girl on the surface (as the tats might signal), but really nice. Very friendly but kinky, as I recall from fucking at least one of them in the sex swing.

    Ivana: She was at every party I attended, and the keyword for her is service, she will suck your cock tirelessly to make sure you cum.

    Jess: I recall that in person she didn't look a lot like her photo on the website, but I think all the sex clouded my memory of her.

    Kasia: Eastern European (Polish? Lithuanian? I forget) blonde with a great round ass, the moments I most recall involved her on all fours sucking another guest while I licked her pussy for a long time.

    Luiza: Sexy, brunette Brazilian with a saucy attitude. Fun!

    Megan: I had only a small amount of time with her unfortunately, I loved the looks of this curvy brunette.

    Misha: If I recall correctly Misha is Japanese, which was great since I didn't get together with many East Asian girls on this trip (see Peace below).

    Nicole: I got together with this curvy, big titted Romanian (I think) brunette a lot, over two or three parties. She was so much fun, and I loved the eye contact she gave while sucking me off or titty fucking me, and pumping her in doggy gave a great view of (and grip on) her round ass. I recall handfulls of her big boobs with fondness. Very friendly and funny too.

    Peace: This Thai girl was lots of fun and I spent much time face down in her pussy.

    Vera: See Gina.

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    April-May London trip: House of Divine. Visit 2: Roxy (at HOD 2)

    My second House of Divine 2 visit was less successful than the one the previous day. I had scheduled a 45 minute session with Brazilian Roxy to coincide with a break during a business meeting, and I underestimated the time it would take to get to the HOD2 location. So I arrived late and so my session was compressed to a half hour, kind of rushed.

    Roxy was everything I expected when I laid my eyes on her, exceeding her profile pictures with her gorgeous face (her Italian heritage evident) and amazing petite figure featuring prominent boobs (man-made) and legs and thighs adorned with exquisite tattoos. She may be one of the most beautiful women I've encountered in a p4 p setting.

    Maybe it was the rush of the session, but I never really got comfortable. Kissing was not part of the package with Roxy, so it lacked the current of passion or chemistry I need to really liven up a session. But a later encounter with this beauty on this trip revealed her at her electric best.

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    April-May London trip: Escort "Naughty Mel" from AdultWork

    Escorts are usually not a staple of my mongering life, but in London it's the way to go. I had one good experience on my first day with Gina, and on the second day I finally got in touch with the famous "Naughty Mel" from AdultWork whom I'd read so much about online. She really had a lot to live up to, so glowing were her reviews.

    After bouncing a few texts back and forth we arranged for me to meet at 9 PM at her place near the Earl's Court tube. It was easy to find, just a couple of blocks down from the Exhibition Centre tube entrance. As I reached the second floor after getting buzzed in the door cracked slightly open produced a rush of anticipation. When I finally laid eyes on Mel I got a thrill, from her greeting me in sexy lingerie, and the fact that she was even hotter than I expected. It was no surprise that she was pursuing a modeling career, as I learned during our conversations. Mel radiated such warmth as a hostess, making me feel comfortable as she offered a drink, and engaging in some conversation.

    Brazilians have been some of my favorite p4 p girls, partly for their rainbow diversity in looks. While I relish black and Morena girls, I've enjoyed my time with some Brazilians with European roots. Even here Mel was an outlier, a pale-skinned blonde who would look at home in Scandinavia. Surely a candidate for the most impressive looking blonde I have been with.

    Mel is also a candidate for providing the best service I've ever had. So much so that after our initial meeting on Friday night I visited her again the next evening, and for one last afternoon session a few days later. As on my first visit a new sexy outfit (lingerie, bikini) would get me excited, and we'd begin with some wet tongue kissing. Her bra would come off to reveal nicely proportioned enhanced freckled white breasts with pink nipples that I devoured.

    She'd slide down on the bed, or kneel next to the bed if I was sitting, to give me a fine blow job reflected in the wall mirror. I liked to flip her over into a 69 to lick Mel's pretty pink pussy until it was soaking wet. Her eye contact was intense as I slid my dick inside her, and she bucked on me hard in cowgirl. Even though she was a white girl she had Brazilian DNA, which meant a fine round ass great for grabbing as I fucked her doggystyle, or pumping her while she lay prone.

    After every cum I lay back with a satisfied smile, taking in the sight of Mel with her alabaster skin dewy with sweat. And Mel had her work cut out for her getting me to cum: usually I visited Mel a couple of hours after a Phoenix Club or House of Divine visit in the interests of maximizing my fun in London. But she was so good that I never had any problem getting my release! Seeing Mel three times in the space of a week was a pleasure, but also a pity, it was not nearly enough. She is that fantastic.

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