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    Nice club

    Went to that club in Abidjan before the troubles. Found a lot of girls ready to go.

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    Loooong time + Political Problems in IC

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick update.

    After the elections (end of November) the country is in a state of diplomacy fight.

    The country is not safe anymore.

    Almost the whole expat community left the country.

    Keep you update,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabilo Boss
    Perfect for tomorrow.

    Let me know where and at which hour.

    See you,

    Let's say 10:30 in front of the Montparnasse

    LMK if it's ok, see you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ic 2010
    No problem, I was away this week end too.

    Is Friday night good for you?
    Perfect for tomorrow.

    Let me know where and at which hour.

    See you,


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    No problem, I was away this week end too.

    Is Friday night good for you?

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    Sorry IC, I missed your message.

    It was a busy week and then I left abidjan for the weekend.

    Is it ok this week?

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    Hey boss, no problem, we can grab a beer thursday or friday night if you want.

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    Hey Boss,

    We can do that, thursday or friday around 9pm, is that ok for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ic 2010
    Hey boss,

    Do you have a more precise location for this new gogo bar, really interesting

    Hi Ic 2010!

    Yes, is the first street left after the restaurant Montparnasse in Rue Mercedes. The name is Rue Marconi.

    The street is not in good condition and there is an hospital just few meter after the Sanza.

    If you want, we can have a beer together there. Just let me know.

    By the way, if you look for white girls here, the club Cleobattra will welcome you. (in Carrefour de Koumassi / Zone 4 side).



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    Hey boss,

    Do you have a more precise location for this new gogo bar, really interesting


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    back in the country

    Hi guys,

    I discovered a new gogo bar: La Sanza. (near rue Mercedes)

    Really nice girls there.

    If someone need a guide, you know where you can find me. Here.



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    Caster Semenya look a like


    The black dressed girl - a la bonne heure.

    Just my taste.
    Lemon Tree

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    Caster Semenya look a like?

    Hope you will change your mind with this pictures recently taken in Abidjan
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mini-a.JPG‎   mini-b.JPG‎   mini-c.JPG‎   mini-d.JPG‎   mini-e3.JPG‎  


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    Castor Semenya

    All the pics I've seen of Ivorian Women seem like Castor Semenya.

    How can you say they are the prettiest?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchhero
    Absolutely no reason to be scared of Abidjan.. It is Heaven on earth for the one who is looking for freebies. My friend and I have met 51 girls in two weeks, it is That easy to score. I have been 16 times in Thailand, also ventured in manila, Angeles City but it is never as exciting as Abidjan.

    Streetwalkers are plenty in Zone4 Bietry and expect around 5000 or 10 000 CFA; you can bring them to the nearby hotels Kenty, Golden Hotel or Chic Hotel, all located on the Rue du Canal. They dress very provocative but they are not really good looking. Who needs them anyway since mostly every girl in disco will be willing to sleep with you.
    Kenty and Golden hotels have short time rooms but they also have larger suites an appartement available for 30.000 per day (no swimming pool btw).

    On saturday and sunay afternoons, you could meet some girls at the popular swimming pool of the very nice Wafou hotel.

    regarding pickup joints, Taxi Brousse and Saint germain are still the two most popular nightclubs. In those joints, there are always some girls who will follow you and expect nothing but your phone number and a taxi fare.
    In Treichville, there are also some upmarket nightclubs (Ritz, Afrodisiak), mainly for Ivorians but any white guy will be welcomed.

    As I have said before, Ivorien girls are sophisticated and a thousand more prettier than Cameroon, Congolese, Kenyan (yukkk) girls.
    If you don't believe, just check this link with pictures of the nightlife scene in Abidjan. Awesome, isn't it?

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    Girls on the net in Cote d'Ivoire

    How does one meet girls on the net here? Any URLs you can share?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frenchhero
    Don't worry, nothing bad happened to me in Abidjan.

    On the opposite, I stayed there recently and as always, this trip was full of girls.

    I found this very sleazy bar in Zone4, it is called the "Toi et Moi".

    It is a very small bar, very dark with a few sofas. People can have sex with girls on the sofas in front of the other customers.

    When I was there, there was a group of three spanish sailors busy screwing 6 girls right in front of me. Three girls immediately came next to me, touching, caressing, grabbing my cock in order to get a tip.

    Girls are not really cute, but they are open for anything. They do expect a tip of 10. 000 afterwards.

    The "Petit Folies" is quite similar, much larger, it is mainly a stripclub where one can have sex with girls in another room, so it is more private.

    The owner of Jimmy's bar has left and opened another bar "alizee" also in the zone4. Pool tables, disco, girls available including the barstaff of course.

    The Caliente, on the Boulevard de Marseille, is the Ivoirian version of a gogobar. You could believe that you were in Bangkok if there was not so many blacks girls around. Ladies dance, not many customers inside, easy to touch the girls on the sofa.

    In the evening, it is quite easy to flirt some lovely girls at the terrace of the Patisserie Abidjanaise, every taxi knows the place. Good and cheap food.

    Besides the hookers, it is also quite easy to meet girls for free from the net, I met 14 and slept with. All of them, it is that easy. I usually give them a 10. 000 bill for their transport, but they really don't expect anything.

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