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    Marrakesh Finished.

    Alright, so I have already left but I thought I would post my last findings. I won't be too detailed on this one, but will try to point out the main things.

    Narjis again:

    I had such a great time the last time that I went there, that I decided to go again. Narjis on the weekend, and during the week are two different places. I can only assume that some of the ladies who work part-time come there only on the weekend, and that was why it was so crowded. Now when I went during the week, it was still a decent crowd, but I must share this: In order to get a table, you have to buy a bottle. Trying to get a girl while sitting at the bar is suicide, as again the wealthy Arabs go there, so the ladies are constantly watching to see who has what. That is how they judge who is worth talking to. I made the fatal mistake of sitting at the bar, and trying to talk with the girls while I was at the bar was not happening at all. See I don't drink, hence the reason for me not having a table, now on the weekend it so many people there that nobody is really paying attention to anyone else, but during the week when it is less people, the girls are watching, as they are all at tables, so I guess they feel that can't atleast talk with someone who is not a table. So didn't have success that night, so for anyone going to Narjis during the week, keep that in mind. Appearances are everything.


    I thought I owed it to myself to atleast see this place and see what all the talk was about. I followed what another poster said and got there about midnight, I can only assume that it's like Narjis during the week meaning it is a lot less people that go there during the week, and it didn't get going to about almost 3am. Paradise is more like a traditional dance club, there are still tables, but it's easy to sit at the bar and chat up the ladies. Hell even dance if you want, it's cool to do so, and with the ladies. Now I made a fatal mistake in here, I found a really big butted Moroccan that I had been looking for my whole trip, but communication killed it. My translator app got me going, but that place doesn't have wifi, and I had to rely on the history to say what I wanted. Luckily the girl had a friend there that spoke great English, and she helped me get the girl. My fatal mistake (and rookie too) was I didn't ask for what I was paying ($1500 MAD) the time that was included. And I was thinking too, I better ask how long this girl will stay because girls that I have already slept with will easily go for $1000 MAD and stay all night. Well I didn't ask and I am sure you guys know what happened immediately after we finished, she left. I am sure to go right back to the club LOL. Now this would have had to have been about 4am too, and that is what I got for not opening my mouth. But anyway the one shot I was able to get off with her was a good one, so I didn't trip too much, but as she was getting dressed I was in a little disbelief.

    Marrakesh Observations:

    - Would I go there again, probably not. But only because I want to see other places. The women there are smoking, like really smoking, but without being able to speak Arabic or French, it truly is a disservice as the girls won't hang around after the deed is done, and that is a bummer.

    - With Marrakesh becoming sex tourist destination, it is bring negative effects. The reason the girls ask for so much is because they will probably get extorted when they leave the club on the way to come see you. For example, there was another girl that I took out of Narjis, and her Taxi got stopped twice, and the police took 100 MAD each time to let her pass.

    - The police don't really want to take anyone to jail, and really happy just to be paid off. And they are really on the hunt at night, so just be on guard, and do not ride with your girl in her Taxi no matter what she says. Use the 2 taxi system.

    - Things really do get started late there, so don't really plan to leave till about 2:30 am, and if you just have to be early 1:30 at the earliest.

    - Day spot, all the places are really close with the exception of Narjis and Yasmeen (which pains me that I didn't visit) , but it is good to have an idea of where these places are so you can plan accordingly. It seems that the ladies will head to Monte Cristo and Afrika Chic early, then head to Paradise if they didn't get taken by anyone at those venues. I think another place closes later than Paradise, but I wasn't around that late. I believe Narjis closes at 6am.

    - More ladies will be around on the weekend, and I can only assume the major influx are because of semi-pros who just want to make extra money. Case and point, Nadia. I really liked her a lot, and after a few days called to say what's up, and learned that she was at home in Rabat, my driver leaned over to me and said it was 3 hrs from Marrakesh.

    - I agree with Hunter4, and probably shouldn't have paid the prices that I did, but I will admit, I really thought "Arab" women were off limits. When I saw that I could have them, my curiosity got the better of me. Also too though, keep in mind these same girls probably go to Dubai, and make 5 times as much, so I didn't trip on what I was paying as I know Moroccan girls won't even blink at saying $1000 for a night in Dubai.

    - One last thing, should you decide you want to repeat with a lady, if they really like you, they will accept 1000 MAD or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Kapitan  [View Original Post]
    Great report Poloz!

    I will be in Marrakesh for Christmas this year and a few days after.

    I need some tips on the following:

    Hotels. Prefer 4. 5 stars. I would like to know what is girl friendly as well.

    Massage. I am really into erotic massage / tantra massage. I am not a full service kind of guy but still would like to be able to get a great massage with a HJ or BJ in my room or hotel spa if possible.

    Don't. Any info on what I call "don't" would be helpful such as where not to go, what not to do, etc.

    Thanks for any / all help!

    Hey EK,

    For sure,"don't" get a hotel. If you will try to bring back ladies, you will have all sorts of problems. And that even came from a lot of the girls to, I can't tell you how relieved they looked when I told them that I had an apartment. Your best bet is the try and find an apartment in Gueliz, and go from there. It is a pretty centrally located area, and you will be around all the hot spots. My driver had told me about a massage place, but with all the other activities going on, I didn't get to make it over there. But even if you get an apartment, you might have to pay off your doorman to bring back ladies, but they seem to be happy with $200 MAD and under (my lowest tip was $50 MAD).

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    Once upon a time a great place however now it has become very expensive expensive expensive considering the average monthly wage is 3000 MAD and the ladies will not go below 1, 500 MAD. Trust me there is plenty of supply hence we need to club together and not go above 750 MAD. Lets not spoil the paradise. Once they realise that we will not pay and go without they will lower there expectations

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    Marrakech / Marrakesh Tips

    Great report Poloz!

    I will be in Marrakesh for Christmas this year and a few days after.

    I need some tips on the following:

    Hotels. Prefer 4. 5 stars. I would like to know what is girl friendly as well.

    Massage. I am really into erotic massage / tantra massage. I am not a full service kind of guy but still would like to be able to get a great massage with a HJ or BJ in my room or hotel spa if possible.

    Don't. Any info on what I call "don't" would be helpful such as where not to go, what not to do, etc.

    Thanks for any / all help!


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    Marrakech contd.


    So I went to check out this club when I couldn't get into Afrikan Chic. I went out to Afrikan Chic about 12am, and once I arrived, I was told that I needed a reservation in order to get in. I am looking at guys, walking in, and the guy that stopped me didn't have a clipboard or anything to say who can get in and who can't. I called him on it, and asked if it was because I was American and (shamed to say) Black, he pointed to one of the doormen, and said he is Black, and I jokingly said well he is outside too. He pointed over to a poster that had Afrikan Chic's number on it, and said make a reservation next time. I felt appeased when I saw that he didn't let a few others in as well, so I don't know if it was random or not. The taxi driver that had dropped me off, had came to pick me up and suggested Narjis as according to him it had plenty of beautiful girls there. I said oh what the hell, and lets do it. I have to say, this that was by far the best place to pick up that I have been thus far. It's the same layout as Awtar, meaning I guess you have to buy an expensive bottle in order to be seated. I don't drink, so I was told to head to the bar. At the time that I went it would have been about 12:30 as it wasn't so crowded, but still a fair amount of attractive girls. It is a Arab Joint, so they had live music of what I could remember a band or 2. I was so busy scoping the ladies, I can't fully remember. Anyway, I referred to "that drunk guy that translated in English" in my previous report, well he comes to this place, and saved my ass once again. I was by myself, and in he walks in with a group of friends, I remember him and make a beeline towards him. He recognizes me, introduces me to his friends, and they proceed to tell me how this place works.

    From what they told me, every girl in Narjis is a ***** (I can only assume the Moroccan men word for working lady, as I have heard that phrase numerous times in regards to the working ladies) and feel free to approach and talk with them at will. Now a note about this place, it is from what I understand where the wealthy Arabs come to party, so the girls dress, and cost accordingly. But at the same time too, since I don't speak Arabic or French, I can only expect to get hit with the Premium, which seems to be about $1500 Mad. Anyway, armed with my new friends knowledge, I felt comfortable enough to walk around and see what I could see. What I could see were very attractive women all over the place, and they certainly looked to out number the men there. After a walk around of up and downstairs, I head back to the bar, and discover Nadia, an attractive girl from Berber. I make eye contact, and go over to talk with her. I asked her if she spoke English, she said a little, which actually turned out to be a lot. We joked for bit, and somewhat had a normal conversation, then got to business. We settle on $1500 Mad, but she tells me she can't leave til 4am. The reason was either 1) the longer she stays, the more men talk with her, the more drinks they buy her (which is what the club wants) or 2) Because she wouldn't have to pay the security guard $200 Mad to leave as it would have closed by then. So to pass the time, we talk more, and dance some, and about 3:30am my driver calls and says he will be getting off shortly and what did I want to do. I told the girl, she says ok, but that she needed to pay the security (so she can be allowed in the next day) , and off we went. Same deal as before, she had her own car, told me to wait at a place close to my hotel, and she meet me there. True to her word, she showed up, again the doorman at my apartment got her info, and allowed her up.

    I was fairly pleased with her, BBBJ, multiple positions, finished, rested some, and proceeded again. I thought we connected, she stayed til the morning, I thought we would hang out some, but those plans were nixed as she said she had other things to do. She left me her number, and off she went.

    After Nadia left, I had previously set up an appointment with a driver that came highly recommended from the forum of Tripadvisor. When I visit a country, it's not just for mongering, but to experience the culture, see the sights, etc. We met at a local cafe, talked about what I wanted to see and proceeded to do a historical tour. After that tour my education began LOL. He said we can continue to do this or he can show me what I might be interested in. As soon as he said that, I already knew what time it was. This guy is a pro, knew all the pickup spots, and educated me on how to approach the ladies. He said that while it is beneficial to know Arabic or French, not knowing it has it's advantages as well, as the girls really do like foreigners, and they will actually make the effort to talk English as most at least know a little. We stopped by Cafe Bol Neige, he showed me how the McDonald's worked. For guys that say the can't pick out the girls, he said the eye contact will tell you what girl is into doing what, and some girls communicate over bluetooth, so if your phone has bluetooth, turn it on and connect with the multiple phones your BT will pick up. If anyone needs a knowledgeable driver around Marakech, and have a good time with the ladies, this is the guy. PM for his contact details.


    - Narjis is the Bomb, great music, tons of ladies all shapes and sizes, and I thought a overall cool place. It is a bit out of the way, and as late as it was, I thought my cab driver was trying to set me up or something by driving me off in the middle of nowhere. I can say I am really happy he suggested that place! I will return there is evening, not for Nadia, but to see if I can find the big butted Moroccans I saw that I wished I had left with before, but Nadia was truly a winner.

    - Moroccan girls are very attentive before and during doing the deed, but it seems that once it's done, the best you can hope for is a phone call for a repeat. Trying to do anything normal together seems to be off limits.

    - The girls aren't bashful about asking for drinks and cigarettes to be purchased, if they think they can get you (take advantage of you) , they will.

    - As my driver pointed out, believe it or not, most ladies are "not" out of reach in Marrakech, they are very approachable, and if they aren't not interested, they won't embarrass you in public. To demonstrate LOL, while we were driving we thought we saw two attractive ladies walking towards the film festival. He smiled as we were driving by, they smiled back, he pulled over the van and said come on, we must not hesitate. We walk up to the ladies (upon closer inspection, they wasn't that attractive) but friendly, said they were on their way to see a movie, and to contact them later to hook up.

    - Which brings me to another key point, always get contact details, as the ladies here don't seem to mind giving their numbers out all.

    More to come.

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    Agadir Christmas 2011

    Hello all,

    I am wondering if some one can help a fellow monger. I am looking for a 3 bedroom girl friendly accommodation for 5 nights from 27th December.

    Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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    This is my first time in Morocco, and I am having a fantastic time. I really didn't know what to expect, and tried to use the other's trip reports before me to prepare. Now I can add a few of my own. Well a little about me and my mongering past, early 30's, African-American, been mongering in Central & South America, a few spots around Asia, and now wanting to do something completely different chose Morocco.

    I am currently in Marrakech, and will be here until the middle of next week. So far I am pretty pleased with this place, the people are very friendly and accomodating, and even though I can't speak Arabic nor French, I have been able to get around good, and so far get what I want. That being said, this first report begins with my first night in Marrakech when I went to Monte Cristo. It wasn't far from my apartment at all, and I could / should've litteraly walked there. I say should've because I didn't know where it was, and when I asked the taxi driver to take me there, he pointed to where it was and said in French, and I didn't understand of course. So when he took me, I felt pretty stupid when I saw the proxmity to where I was LOL. Anywayz, I got there when the party was taken upstairs. Once inside, I must admit I was a little intimidated because it's not a nightclub how they are in the States. The night club consists of tables, where people dance, drink, and socialize at them. I didn't know how I would talk with anyone, as I "felt" it would be rude to intrude at someones table (aside from the obvious language barrier) , but I later found out that that is exactly what's encouraged. I met a Moroccan gentleman that was there, that spoke excellent English, and gave me the rundown of out it works there.

    Basically, all the girls there are in play and you just have to go and negoitiate. No soon as he said that, a Kim Kardash type mosied up to the bar. I was immeadiately struck by her beauty, or maybe I should say booty LOL. She had a gorgeous face, and a body (ass) out this world. I was elated when she spoke a few words in English, and invited me to her table. Once I got to her table, there was a another young lady that spoke even better English, so we exchanged pleasantries, and soon after got down to business. Just as another board member mentioned, I was asked to purchase champange. Now I am looking at this bottle at the table already unopened, and thinking OMG, they want me to buy one of these. So I pointed to the bottle, and they laughed, and said we are sure you are not a rich man, just glasses, which came out to $140 MAD apiece. They got the champange, we danced a little, and then came the mention of price. Off top $2500 MAD was thrown out. Looking at her, I was thinking yeah, I am sure she is getting that but told her that I can't do that, and countered with $1500 MAD, and I didn't even want to do that as I was thinking I wanted say $1000 MAD, but I thought at that price I would have gotten kicked away from the table. At my counter, I saw that their posture stiffened as they weren't thrilled at all. To try to get things atleast back to a comfortable place, I told them sincerely as possible, that that was all that I could afford, and can't pay more. If she didn't want to take it, by all means, it was okay, and I could step aside. The Kardash type said she liked me and it was okay. She said once we finished with the drinks we could go somewhere else or go to the apartment, which was music to my ears.

    Now as we were leaving the club, I got asked to pay (and paid) $50 MAD to get their coats, (I paied $20 MAD before I went up for mine) $100 MAD for the security (maybe it was $200) for them to leave and let's not take a taxi. She said that she had her own car, but for fear of the police, just stand by a place close to my apartment, and they would come right over. I was thinking to myself, yeah right, and they were going to take off. But sure enough. 5 mins later they pulled up. Now I was confused at this point, as the other girl was stil with the Kardash type, and I am thinking I hope they don't think I am paying for both. Now I see that was one of first mistakes (probably really 3rd or 4th by that point though) , I should have asked if what I was paying was for the whole night. And I guess the friend was coming either because the girl I was with didn't trust me, or the friend was to ensure that she got out at a reasonable time. Either way, they both came in, and immeaditely stopped by the guard. I had $100 MAD already in my hand ready to give to him, and as I go to shake his and pass the money, he saw it, and withdrew back. I got to thinking oh boy, I am in some real trouble now. He is a young guy and obviously takes his job serious. I don't know the severity of what I was doing, but they started an exchange in rapid French, that I couldn't understand in the first place. From what I gathered, the guard made her get her I'd, put her info in a book, and let them go up. I was praying the cops wasn't going to show up at my door, but the girls looked pretty comfortable, I figured if any trouble, they would have bailed.

    Well once we got into the apartment, it was smooth sailing from there. My girl was very accomodating, she smoked a little bit first, then they broke out the hash, smoked some of that, then she was ready to go. (Can someone please explain what hash is, is it a drug, or some offspring of Marijuana?) I am not into those things, so I wouldn't know. We DFK'd for a little bit, she let me snap a few pictures, she then gave me an amazing BBBJ, and then slipped on the condom for multiple postions. This girl was talented, and although she mentioned she was getting tired from our session, she let me finish. I could have sooner, but I didn't want her to think that American's couldn't put it down or something, so I thought I would take my time with her. She gave me the fake pornstar yes babies, but after sometime starting slipping off in her native tongue, so I must've been doing something right. Once finised, she showered, gave me her number, and off her and her friend went.

    Great ending for Day 1!

    Day 2, nowhere near as detailed as Day 1. I decided to checkout Le Comptir Darna, and Awtwar. I wanted to see authentic belly dancing, but I guess got to Le Comptir too late, and the party was moved to the club upstairs. It wasn't much going on, so I preceded to move on to Awtar. Awtar was very nice, and festive environment. The food was good, the crowd was good, and the place seemed to really get going about 2-3am. I could see who the working girls were as they took the tables to the front, and off the right of the club. I finally settle on a girl, and when the club closes, makes my move. She was with a group of friends, and invited me to share a cab with her and her friends. I remember reading that that was a big mistake, and felt so, but hopped in anyway, to which the driver immediately jacked up the price. My $40 MAD ride over had been turned into $100 MAD. Now as I talking with the beautiful girl, who again had a body out of this world, learned that she was 20. I couldn't bring myself to go through with our negoiation of $1500 MAD for the rest of the night I presumed, and bailed. That $100 MAD taxi ride turned into $200 MAD (my offer) because I didn't keep my atm card on me for fear of being robbed or something, had to go to my apartment, get my card, upon learning of the girl's age, saying I couldn't do it, and to turn around. There has to be some ethics in mongering, and with this girl's age, even though her face and body said different, I wouldn't have felt good about it at all. When I get older, I probably will regret that decision.

    Anywayz, observations:

    - Everything costs here in Marrakech. That drunk guy that speaks English, and does minor translations, needs to be compensated. Hell, it would appear everybody needs to be compensated. As in my first report about the Kardash type with her friend that waited, I had to pay her $200 MAD for waiting.

    - Moroccans are frinedly as hell, and will go out of their way to help (I guess to be compensated though LOL)

    - Women are smoking hot here, pretty easy to talk with (I have a handy translator app on my ipod that works great on wifi incase things start to stall) and suprisingly open.

    - Everything starts late here, it appears 12am things aren't even remotely close to warming up.

    - Do not jump in a cab with a girl as the cab driver will inflate the price.

    More to come later.

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    How knows "Girl friendly" Apartment to rent for 2-3 weeks in December 2011?

    Also ways to buy Viagra & Co in Casablanca.

    Thanks for your help / information.

    Shukram Habibi.

    Logrono (Stuttgart)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeeAuckland  [View Original Post]
    Iam also interested to hear of any experiences in Agadir?

    Are there any places during the day or outside of the discotecs?
    Just stroll along the beach you can hit lucky during the day but have patience. At night a bar called Steakhouse is ok. A bit hit and miss but girls are around.

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    Iam also interested to hear of any experiences in Agadir?

    Are there any places during the day or outside of the discotecs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poloz1133  [View Original Post]
    Sebans, preciate that information. I will be there in a couple of weeks or so, and will be posting my findings. When you made contact with the girls, did you speak in English or Arabic / French?
    I speak a little french so I contact them asking what their name is in french.

    Usually thel girls don't speak english but many of them Know few trade world in english such as : " how much are you going to give me "

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    Sebans, preciate that information. I will be there in a couple of weeks or so, and will be posting my findings. When you made contact with the girls, did you speak in English or Arabic / French?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow1998  [View Original Post]
    Found another MP and got FS. BBBJ a bit of DATY and ended up cowgirl. Damage to the girl Dhs800, massage cost 300. So now Rabat stayovers are that much more enjoyable. PM for details and contacts.
    Hi Snow, could you give us the names of the 2 MPs you mentionned?

    Or by email [Email address deleted by Admin]


    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poloz1133  [View Original Post]
    As your time permits, please post your findings. I will be heading there the beginning of December, and really want to know what's going on. The Marrakesh info is kinda dated. One of the things that concerns me about Marrakesh is that in the part of the world where I am currently at, I am long sleep by the time action starts, so trying to adjust is for a week is going to be difficult. In your time there, please say if you find in daytime options.
    Now the best mongering daytime is BDN (cafe Boul de Neige) , near Hotel Diwane in gueliz

    I never had any luck in the Mac donald since I'm not able to spot the working girls among all the girls there

    African Chic, from 11:30pm

    Best to arrive around 11:30 pm I visited it many times since it was near my appartment. There are Many girls Friday and Saturday night they ask MAD 1500 but

    I always counteroffered MAD 1000-1200

    Le Monte Cristo

    Downstairs it's a resturant and bar where 10-12 girls start coming around 11, 30 at around 12:30 the girls go upstair to the discoteque.

    Usually the girls don't approach you, you have to go to them and start a conversation or ask directly how much they want.

    Girls ask not less than MAD 1500 I always try to negotiate down to MAD 1000 but in case don't accept and I like the girl I raise it to MAD 1200.

    Le comptoir 11:30pm to 1:30 am.

    It is huge restaurant with an arab show and bar on the second floor. Girls start coming at the bar at around 11, 30. I visited IT on mondays, never more.

    Than 6-7 girls. I never contacted any since they looked expensive. One of them contacted me and I offered MAD 800 she left me annoyed by my low offer.

    Le PARADISE Nightclub, MAD 200 entrance from 2:00am to 4:00am.

    Located near the congress building, the worst place to go since the girls are all hardened pros used TO deal with congressmen and week ender

    From Paris and London. Many pakis and Indian british immigrants WITH cash come here.

    The girls are not ready to lower their asking price of Mad 1, 500/2000. I was there on a Monday and didn't feel like to approach any of them at this price, but.

    Would have done if the cost was MAd 500. 600 like the year before since the girls are all fukable.

    One girl having seen me at Le Comptoir BAR early in the evening approached me thinking l was too shy to approach the girls and offered herself.

    I didn't particularly like the girl but was so moved that I offered her MAD 1000. She insisted on MAd 1500. So there was no deal and she went home alone while I went to the Yasmine club where I finally found a 19 years old

    For Mad 1000.

    The SILVER discoteque from 2:00am to 4:00 am.

    Is good only Friday and Saturday nigth from 2:00am am There you will find mainly young people and Working and non working girls.

    THEATRO discoteque from 2:00am to 4:00 am.

    Near the SILVER discoteque good every night SPECIALLY TUESDAY WHEN LADY GET FREE DRINKS.

    YASMINE is the place that closes latest in the night (6. 00 am) I got there after leaving the PARADISE AT 4:00 cost me Mad 100 taxi.

    To get there and Mad 200 to get back with the girl. The taxi driver had to take a side route do avoid a police block on the main road.

    It is full of young Moroccan girls (SOME UNDERAGE) all sitting and drinking waiting for men to approach them.

    At their tables. It is an Arab place with Saudis and Gulf states people. I found this place to be the one with the most girls

    But I really had problems on how to approach the girls sitting at the tables.

    Finally, while leaving, I contacted a 19 years old girl at the table near the exit and she come to my apartment for MAd 1000

    I don't think I will ever come back to Marrakech since it has become a too expensive place for girls.

    Last year I used to pay MAD 500/600 Now they want MAD 1500 wich is about $ 200 dollars. Crazy!

    Why go to Morocco when in In asia I can Pay $ 30/50 for the night.

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    Suggestion for apartment in Agadir?

    Hi everyone,

    I am going on my first trip to Agadir. I understand that renting an apartment is the best solution if you want to bring a woman home. I also read that around the Kamal hotel could be a good

    Spot. Does anyone know a landlord etc. I can get in touch with to rent a central apartment? Also if anyone knows if it is safe to pay on advance, please let me know.

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