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    Quote Originally Posted by BrassHunter  [View Original Post]

    How you get on?

    I went end of nov, going back again end of jan!
    I'll be in kech from 8feb to 11feb.

    Get in touch maybe Brasshunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awans  [View Original Post]
    I am in marakkech 10/01 to 13 can some one give some tips for hot spot.
    Am there 19th Jan until 26th if you want to party.

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    In Marrakech the main hotspot during the day (7-10pm) is Cafe Flore, at Marrakech Plaza opposite the post office in Gueliz. Here you will see lots of girls sitting around, some of them are very beautiful and others not so much. If you are interested in any of them the best way is to discretely pass them your number (local SIM cards cost just 20Dh) and then talk by phone / text. They mostly speak French and Arabic (English is less common). The McDonalds and Cafe Elite nearby also tend to have girls hanging around, and they also walk around this area but don't assume every girl you see is available. It is always necessary to be very discrete, especially if you are an obvious foreigner. Prices. Personally I wouldn't pay more than 500Dh, normally they go down to 400Dh. You need to have an appartment, as you can't take girls back to your hotel. I'm not so familiar with the discos, as I can't be bothered to spend a lot of money on drinks, entrance fees and taxis etc. I live in Marrakech and I have a very comfortable modern 1-bedroom appartment that is 5 minutes walk from the Post Office in Gueliz, which I can rent out for 80€/night. I can also show the scene to anyone that is interested. Just send me a private message and let me know when you are coming and I'll give you my number / email so we can meet when you get here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter4  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for the update on Marrakesh. It seems that the place for beauties is Club Silver. What is the going rate for an overnight with multi pops at Silver and any other places that you can recommend would be much appreciated.

    I am going there next week and will report back on my findings.

    How you get on?

    I went end of nov, going back again end of jan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Punter  [View Original Post]
    Himal, You probably need to gives us some tips on how you got a feel for the girl before taking them to your apartment. The serious stunners in Silver seem to have an attitude and want 200 Euros. When I raised the topic of multiple pops they even refused to come. So it was evident that they want 1500-2000 dhms for one shot which is ridiculous.
    Mr Punter,

    Spot on!

    I'm a regular to marakech, try once a month.

    Silver is quality,

    Weve started getting tables there now,

    Althought theatro on a Tuesday is ladies night and has some students too,

    BTW get numbers and call them round during day, even cheaper.

    Mr Punter and brassHunter need to exhcnage some stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf66  [View Original Post]
    Hi Brasshunter, I'm from uk and will be in marrakech and agadir from 7th to 18th jan. Please get in touch!
    Will send yu a private message and give you some tips before you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wee Nibee  [View Original Post]
    You have to have a paid membership to be able to use pm. See also the FAQ.

    Looking forward to seeing you around in a.
    I'm in Marrakech from 19th jan onwards,

    Been to agadir,

    Girls are cheaper,

    But lots more variety and talent in marrakech.

    Prcies are steep tho!

    Girls want double to what they ask for in Marrakech.

    I know a few girls from Agaidr who drive up once a month.

    These are same girls who charge 500dh in Agadir but in Marrakech they want 2000 and accept around 1200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir535  [View Original Post]
    I will be in marakkech in 27/1/13 is there anyone want to meet for clubbing and fun with Moroccan girls!
    I'm there the week before,

    Where abouts are you staying?

    I usually stay in Gueliz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf66  [View Original Post]
    Hi Brasshunter, I'm from uk and will be in marrakech and agadir from 7th to 18th jan. Please get in touch!
    I'll provate message you when my accounts up and running and see if we can hook up.

    I'm in kech from 19th Jan for 7 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimpus  [View Original Post]
    Hey first thanks for this forum its really interesting and I found lots of informations looking on it.

    I was in marrakech 1 week this month with a friend I'm arabic my friend too. We ve got an appartement but far from hotspot near airport.

    First night we decide to go on silver club near sofitel I think, it was on thusday we arrived at 1:00 few people and somes girls but very calm, we decide to take a bottle a vodka and enjoy ourself waiting more people coming later.

    And surprise seems likes morocco people like to party a 2:00 the disco was full. Lots of girls somes alone and some with others girls. Try to find some 8/9 but difficult I found 3 girls :

    - amina from casa petite girl black hair very cool girl maybe 23/24. 7/10.

    - fadoua skinny but very hot had multipop with her on second night for 1000 dhr 7/10.

    - rihana (I forget her name but she have same face) big tits nice ass 1000dhrs multi pop all night.

    So we brought them to appartement but cause we don't want trouble with police and taxi we paid a solo taxi for them and ask to follow us. We rent a car.

    On third night I decide to bring really stunning girl from silver it was Thursday night I want alone gived 100dhr for security to make him confortable with me in case of problem with girls.

    I took a drink and a was looking around from 1:00 to 2:30 and I saw 2 fucking girl :

    - amina from tanger small girl but big tits round ass very sexy 8/10 maybe 27.

    - imane from casa tall girl look like european with blond hait small tits but an incredible round ass 9/10.

    I decide to spoke with amina cause she look like more open than the other one, apparently they was looking for some clients but it was a poor night for them I asked her for a drink she said ok but her friend no.

    I enjoy with amina half an hour and decide to bring her at home, I asked for another girl for my friend who stay at home she said she had one girl at theatro. We arrange and exit from silver.

    When we reached the exit the second girl came on us. I asked her why she don't want to go with us? She said why not but how much you give me? In fact I was agreed with amina for 1000dhrs all night I said to imane same for you it s enought. She said ok but I give you good sex and you give me more I say maybe.

    We want a home in fact I decide to fuck imane and gived the small for my friebd who was really happy with that.

    She was a little bite horny but speak too much we had multi pop but I gived her 500dhrs more for taxi back.

    Last night I called back amina for a night with me, she was ok for 1000dhrs had a good fuck with her.

    Next time in marrakech ill try some cabaret like awtar ou else apparently more beautifull girl and less expensive.

    Silvers good,

    Sol used to be good but got shut down,

    Tuesday at theatro is ladies night and full of gash,

    Otherwsie I'm usually in Paradise.

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    Markech 19th Jan to 26th Jan

    Just got back from marakech in November,

    Usually go for aweek.

    I will be there from 19th Jan to 26th Jan,

    Will be staying in Gueliz area,

    If anyone is going feel free to send me a private messaage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf66  [View Original Post]
    Hi Brasshunter, I'm from uk and will be in marrakech and agadir from 7th to 18th jan. Please get in touch!

    I changed my flight and now going the following week,

    19th to 26th,

    I'm a regular in marakech so if anyone is interested in joining me for partying please get in touch,

    I'm not a paying memmber so you will have to send me a private message,

    I am in marakech 19th to 26th,

    I usually come for one week each month but I am going Thailand for month in March so won't be there in March.

    If anyone is interested please email me at my user name.

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    Morocco a big bordelllo? + photo

    I passed the "Night Club" at "Grand Hotel" in Fès. I was staying in the Hotel, noise of the night club could be heard even in the 5th floor. I woke up at 4 a. M and got dressed, it was a Tuesday and I was just curious.

    Party was in full swing! Nite Club complete full during those week day! Means about 100 to 200 people. Ok, a filthy seed, local people, drunken, smoky air, some corners smell of hashish? Noisy live music, men and women mostly in street cloth, Jeans, leather jackets, so they could walk strighly home or to work and to pretend not to have spent all night in a filthy club? Girls and women were nothing special, just ordinary looking girls, some fat, some not. I got no attention of them, but I was also sitting in a quiet corner and watched the scene.

    But its a phenomena, full party for these working class population, about 15 taxis were waiting outside when the club was supposed to closed at 5 in the morning, it was already dawn. Seedy bars and taverns seem to be a part of Moroccan tradition? Next day I was walking around this area, so many cafés, so many, filled with hundreds, thousands of men, sipping their coffee. They don't work?


    TRIPADVISOR: This one is probably one of the examples, a hotel that was great at the time. Nowadays it is a bit outdated. My room was on the fourth floor overlooking a park. It was a bit noisy, but bearable. It had a high ceiling and a good bed. There is no heating however on my second stay a few days later an electric oven appeared which kept the room warm enough to sleep in. Hot water was only available in the mornings though. Albeit the room was clean there was an ugly smell in the bathroom, particularly after a shower. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The location is good with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops around. I did the sightseeing on foot as well however the Medina is about 30 minutes walk. I didn't have breakfast there, the receptionist said it was too expensive, but there is plenty of opportunity nearby. There is no WiFi available, but again, some opportunity in the immediate surroundings.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails X-MAS-Agadir-org_Vga WSG.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by AfricaassLuv  [View Original Post]
    I am trying to fuck this cute moroccan broad names iman and who is 23 yrs. She is not letting me in. I came here a month ago on business and I met this cute pharamacy chick and has been chatting with her. She is really cute regular girl from a good family. She sometimes meets with me for lunch and brings she friend along. But this fucking girl will not put out for anything. It's driving me mad because I would be so happy if she lets me just fuck her once. I understand sometimes that the good girls from good families may rarely want to fuck in order to keep their virginity. But do you think I could at least get my dick sucked from her pretty thick red lips. She dick teases me with text messages saying things like "if only you were moslem I would marry you" and how I'm handsome with kisses and hugs but the fucking pants wouldn't come off. No matter how much money I promised to spend. My balls hurt just thinking about this. I just need to empty my ball sack with this girl and I can't let her go scott free without a good fucking. I have attached her photo. I think morocco men must be the most frustrated men in the world. All this pussy and the pants will not come off. Maybe I can promise a hymenoplasty after a fuck.

    My second question is if there is any strip clubs here and can you fuck the girls like in Mexico?
    If she brings a friend it is a bad sign. Good MUSLIM girls do that and it is a sign of her virginity and for her safety. And some of the types that are just after free meals will bring friends and family along.

    Ditch her and get laid my son

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    Pool hall 28 is on Rue Khawarizmi Which runs parallel to Blvd D'Anfa and off the main road of Blvd de Paris. Just near the roundabout where D'Anfa, Blvd de Paris and Blvd de Bordeaux meet. Meaning it is only 400 metres from the Hyatt Hotel. The building looks like a warehouse and has a garage like entrance where 2 beefy doormen stand. There is a simple 28 sign above the entry. If you get lost there is a restaurant across the road and a small kiosk just opposite and down the road.

    I posted this address many times here so RTFF whoever asked.

    28 gets cracking after midnight. All women there are p4p.


    Also, whoever writes crap about pimps and what not coming to apartments is full of bs. The Moroccan police virtually kill pimps when they catch them and the ho's get a good beating as well so DO NOT BE SCARED of the coonts there and if you get a bint back to your place and she wants money up front tell her NO or kick her out.

    For mind, 28 is the best place in Morocco for coont. Some 10s. 9s and many 3's and 4's

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