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    It has been very quiet in this forum for Casablanca for a while so if any kind people can help would be greatly appreciated. I am going to Casa soon for few days during the week. By reading the forum here "private" Apartment is the way to go but I am struggling to find one with decent location and price like $50-60 US per night. Even though if I find one but no guarantee it will be allowed to bring back a friend even with security bribery. Can anyone help with my questions / request below please?

    - recommend a 'private" Apt not share with good location to actions and within my budget range, girls friendly Apt?

    - is it easy to find and Apt when I get there? I will stay in the hotel the 1st night.

    - where are the massage parlor/hammas where I can get special treatment?

    Thanks in advance

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    The personal message option is not available for you. Perhaps because you haven't paid for a subscription. Anyhow I wanted to see if we are there at the same time in December, maybe we go for a beer and check out the scene. Send me a pm if you can.

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    Help with a place to stay and girls!

    Hi all,

    I'm going to Marrakech in December with a couple of my mates. There will be 3 of us. We are looking for a place to stay where its discrete and where we can bring back girls.

    I have read several reports on here. We will be looking to go African Chic and MonteCristo. Wanted to know how much it would cost for us to bring a girl back for the night. (In pound sterling please)

    Also, as there are 3 of us, is it safe for us to each take a girl back at the same time?

    We speak only English. No French or Arabic. Is that a concern?

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    Can I bring girls to a Riad

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerWoods100  [View Original Post]
    I am going to morocco for first time in December. Can I bring girls to a Riad?
    It all depends upon the Riad Owner / manager. You do understand that there could be other people staying in the Riad with a common compound.

    I stayed in a Riad in Essaouira and the owner was a young Moroccan and he did not care.

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    Going to morocco in December

    Hello fellow pooners.

    I am going to morocco for first time in December.

    I wanted to ask if anyone can provide contact info for a centrally located apartments in Marakech, Tangiers, casa where I can bring girls. Can I bring girls to a Riad?

    I have sent pm to a few members, but since no response, and December being high season, I am worried the good spots are going to fill up.

    Any help appreciated,


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    Don't walk. Run + pix

    "Don't walk away. RUN! Good pussy is good pussy, but 3 billion women in the world."

    Ok, was talking wz a friend to buy a cheap house in Asila. And renovate it.

    But there are no cheap houses in Asila,

    Or I proposed to buy an old farmers house in the country side.

    But the few Brokers in Tanger I contacted- just kew about new and expensive Villas.

    And weather is disgusting in winter in North Maroc, grey, windy, rainy, cold, could not get my ass up and drive around in the countryside to find a proper place.

    I guess Agadir area is much more pleasant with its decent micro clima.

    2nd Thing such a Girl as mentioned before, now working for 200€ in a Company including nightshift,

    Would be fair willing to work in my house for same amount as a maid. (and giving some extra sweet Service wz her asshole- mmm)

    But Problems would come up soon thats sure, either neighbours bringing rumours around, or her Brothers showing up, or she herself giving me shit after some time.

    Not to speak about Police.

    So better this way.



    Some other pix from a chick from the night Clubs, some blond poison. 800Dirhamm she wanted for an hour, afternoon, Service was not good, not bad.

    Actually just too expensive for something like that, but she was a beauty- if U want her U have to pay. No French speaking, only some English, I saw her more than a year ago, kept in phone contact and finally got her one afternoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Auro  [View Original Post]
    But just marriage, marriage in her head, nothing else, low language skills and low Imagination for life, so maybe better to let her go.

    Don't walk away. RUN! Good pussy is good pussy, but 3 billion women in the world. Third world girl will just bankrupt a westerner. Better ditch her before family finds your banging (disrespecting) her.

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    Tanger 3 photos

    Hi Man, think its time again to push this forum with some pix,

    Got this juwel, by sharing a taxi from Tanger RailwayStation, and we exchanged phone number. She visited me soon after at my apartment and she did not go any more and stayed over night, she became my regular. Still virgin, so her ass was ready 4 me. Normally I am not into ass, but with her really really I was, she f*ked my Skin off and red and I came into her back hole, very Special as I only did this once in my life before.

    Ok same story, met her several times over a year and 1/2 on my visits to Tanger for her. She wants to get married, I can't marry her, so her "love" got less, now she even gets angry at me and don't want to meet me any more.

    (As she is expecting me to find her a visa for France, which is kind of impossible I think; ok OK pair-visa, but I don't know much about it)

    Her Family is pressing her to marry a local, she hates it but in 2 weeks she will have a fiancier-ceremony wz the local near Casa.

    Oh God. 20 yrs Young, working, such a sportive, firm body, good kissing, nd I loved so much to suck her clean pussy 4 Long.

    But just marriage, marriage in her head, nothing else, low language skills and low Imagination for life, so maybe better to let her go.

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    A good spot in Fes is Café Victorine on F. A. R avenue in front of Banque Populaire (every taxi know).

    I pick up this girl for 1 hr including anal (sorry for the bad quality)

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    Apartment or Villa in agadir

    Quote Originally Posted by ReadyForOption  [View Original Post]
    I was reading someone's report below about their problems in Fez. It's not just Fez: this is the law in the whole of Morocco. You cannot stay in a hotel with a Moroccan girl unless you can prove that you are married. If a hotel breaks this rule it can be closed down and the owners / workers can go to jail. In any case Moroccan people love interfering in other people's lives more than anything else, so they will take great pleasure in stopping you and causing you difficulties if they see you walking around with a Moroccan girl and you're obviously a foreigner. If you want to stay with girl you need to rent an apartment, and not just any apartment as many will have neighbours / owners / security guards that will interfere (of course they'll take you're money upfront and then refuse to give it back). If you would like to rent apartments in Agadir or Marrakech you can find some here:

    I have a lot of experience here and spend my time between Agadir and Marrakech so if you contact me before you come I'll be happy to show you around and give you the low down on the scene in either of these cities. In some previous posts you can see some of the warnings I've given about taxi scams and by the girls themselves. The main precautions to take are:

    1. Never let more than one girl come back with you at the same time, even if they pretend to be sisters / cousins / best friends etc...

    Need some help with 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or villa in Agadir which is independent and guest friendly at night.

    We will be in Agadir from 24th October to 28th October.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ReadyForOption  [View Original Post]
    I have several apartments available for rent in Marrakech in January / February. Both are very comfortable and well furnished, with heating / AC, kitchen, balcony, living room and located in a good location the centre of the city, walking distance from the main square and sights. It is also 5 minutes walk from the Mcdonalds in Gueliz, and the discos such as Paradise, Teatro, Silver etc are either a 20m walk or a 5 minute taxi ride away. African Chic is literally just around the corner.

    The weather here is up to 25ºC during the day, so it's a good time to come and get away from the cold in Europe. The prices are:

    250€/week for a 1 bedroom apartment (1 double beds)

    420€/week for a 2 bedroom apartment (2 double beds)

    I can also arrange the flights from almost anywhere in Europe for less than 100€ return, and I can meet you at the airport and take you back there when you leave. I will also be happy to show people around and get them orientated with the scene, I know my way around pretty well and speak French and some Arabic. Anyone that is interested in coming please send me a message. You can see the ad for the apartment on craigslist below (with photos).
    I am coming to Marrakech in November with a few other like minded friends was wondering if we could use your services as a guide?

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    Morrocco next month

    I will be staying in the Golden Tulip hotel, down town next month.

    From what I hear there is no action in town.

    Any Assian assets would be appreciated.


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    The Reasons for Choosing Morocco

    Everything happens for a reason. So there are some reasons behind Morocco being popular as a sex tourist-spot. As sex related industries and services are easily available around Morocco, It is becoming popular. And another fact is that the sex tourist industry of Morocco is not that expensive compared to other sex tourist hot spots. Escort services are being offered at a much lower rates than most other countries. Popular Morocco Sex Tourism DestinationsPopular hotspots located around popular tourist locations where smaller sex tourism services are available in major routes and major industries are available in cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca.

    Usually all cities around Morocco have many types of sex related services like escort services and many other sex tourist attractions.

    Casablanca is the most popular sex tourist destination around Morocco with its beautiful red-light district located around the Boulevard Hassan Seghir and Rue Mohammed Smiha. It is famous among all the sex tourists who come into Morocco. European, Arabian and African sex tourists visit Casablanca in order to have a jizztastic time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince55  [View Original Post]
    Hello Rfo,

    I'm now in Marrakech until tomorrow. On Monday I 'm in Agadir. Whats your opinion, we can meet? This evening or on Monday? Where I could go there in Marrakech?


    I'll visit Marrakech and and I don't know anything how I can meet with an escort girl there.

    How can you help me?

    Thank you

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    Essaouira still tempting?

    Thanks for the recent advice about Fez,

    Will skip that boat. Looks like I have time to swing by Agadir.

    However, from a cultural standpoint I would much prefer to visit Essaouira.

    Agadir, from any picture I've seen, is quite ugly.

    I am not in need of a scene as full-on as Agadir either just some lady company now and again.

    My query is as to whether any cafe or nightlife action has been had in Essaouira at all.

    Thanks for the advice so far. Will write something up on my Marrakech & elsewhere experiences upon return early next month.

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