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    Going again to Marrakech

    Hello to all fellow Morroco lovers,

    This is my first post in these forums. I would like to share my previous experience and would like

    Tips for my three days trip in Jan2014.

    My previous trip to Marrakech was in Dec 2012 just over a year ago. It was me and one other guy friend. We had good

    Experience overall, it became expensive, first night club Silver, every girl we approached asks for 1500DH we knew it was too.

    Much and the going rate should be 500dh from cafes and 800dh from clubs. We approached 5 to 6 girls each and ended up

    Convincing two girls for 1000dh each. I realise now its too much. After leaving club 2 taxis at 100dh each. Security on apartment 100dh. And one of the girl was trouble maker early morning at 7 she's demanding for 1500dh screaming and shouting throughing.

    Things around.

    We learnt from this and next two evenings were slightly better and trouble less. On one evening we managed to pick a freindly girl

    Restaurant in Gueliz for 800dh all night.

    I have been wanting to go again and have booked my flight, I know how taxi costs can be kept low by taking taxi avert no and

    Calling them to pick me, Also I will not go to any nightclub would only want to pick girls from cafes & restaurants or Djmaa el fnaa market if possible? Could someone please suggest me girls freindly apartment or preferably any apartment without security

    Guard. Also if anyone has any freindly girls numbers who won't ripp me off and would accept 500dh for 4 hours will be higly

    Appreciated. I am happy to pay 100dh for info to any senior members.

    And I will also write my full review on my return.


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    Marriage and US foreigners

    Quote Originally Posted by John Auro  [View Original Post]
    Hi Man, think its time again to push this forum with some pix,

    Got this juwel, by sharing a taxi from Tanger RailwayStation, and we exchanged phone number. She visited me soon after at my apartment and she did not go any more and stayed over night, she became my regular. Still virgin, so her ass was ready 4 me. Normally I am not into ass, but with her really really I was, she f*ked my Skin off and red and I came into her back hole, very Special as I only did this once in my life before.

    Ok same story, met her several times over a year and 1/2 on my visits to Tanger for her. She wants to get married, I can't marry her, so her "love" got less, now she even gets angry at me and don't want to meet me any more.

    (As she is expecting me to find her a visa for France, which is kind of impossible I think; ok OK pair-visa, but I don't know much about it)

    Her Family is pressing her to marry a local, she hates it but in 2 weeks she will have a fiancier-ceremony wz the local near Casa.

    Oh God. 20 yrs Young, working, such a sportive, firm body, good kissing, nd I loved so much to suck her clean pussy 4 Long.

    But just marriage, marriage in her head, nothing else, low language skills and low Imagination for life, so maybe better to let her go.

    They all (well most of 'them) want to get out of Maroc and the best way (if they are not educated and /or rich) is to marry a foreigner. A much better life is assured that way over going the local route.

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    How are you all my Moroccan friends, well I'm from Egypt and I'm supposed to visit Morocco after two weeks, going to stay for just one week so I wanted to know if somebody could help me with a contact since I don't know anybody there and I need to enjoy that week with a pretty lady and also some good places for picking up nice ladies.

    PM me in case you are willing to help me.


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    Hi guys,

    This is my first post. I have been reading this forum for a quite a while now. I will be travelling to Marrakech for some good old mongering in March. After reading this forum I have contacted Ready4option to arrange the apartments through him as there has been some good feedback on here for Ready4option. Can anyone who has used ready4option recently post some info on his apartments, price, location, security issues etc. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terjep  [View Original Post]
    Most girls from Morocco dislike men from Saudi Arabia, and charge extra.
    Wrong, they are pretty much treated badly by all Arab men but love the extra $$ Saudis bring. If you don't believe that go to the beach near the Saudi compound when the Princes are in town. Every Moroccan hooker is there those nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrasilSoccer0  [View Original Post]
    What do the girls say about Arab men? Do they favor or dislike one nationality over another?
    When the Saudis are in town prices go up. The women love money. But overall they like light eyed (blue, green) and light haired western guys.

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    Dusty Casablanca versus Toursity Marrakech

    Quote Originally Posted by LifeIsABeach  [View Original Post]
    I just stayed a short time in Casa but agree that it is the most cosmopolitan city in Morocco. Don't know much about apartments in Casa but the hotel I stayed on my way out had Haman / massage etc downstairs in the basement where I saw the most beautiful Moroccan girls working with a great attitude, laughing and playing with me. This place offers 'extras'. I had it. This will take are of the buildup while you are looking for an apartment. Don't say anything up at the reception even though I think they know it. I hope your French is good or use a translator on your phone or the calculator for the extras. At that time, the girls did not speak English. The name of the place is SALIM Hotel. 37, rue El Araar (Bd 11 Janvier) , Casa. Not sue I am allowed to offer the phone. If you are paid up member, PM me and I can send it. Have fun.
    Casablanca is a party town "Arab" style whereas Marrakech is a tourist town with prices to suit.

    See many of MY previous posts on what to do in Casa, where to stay and where to go.

    There are p4p options in the hundreds every night of the week in Casa, especially at LA Fleurs and Pool Hall 28 or out at the Corniche in any bar especially Le Sky, Balcon 33 etc or try the Major hotels downtown. There is pussy everywhere and many freebies if you know how to get a local girl interested (usually just many marriage and travel and it is all on)

    You will get 500 Dh trim at La Fleurs during the day and later at night at 28. Girls ask 1000 or nowadays 1500. Be almost rude, firm.

    The man rules in the Arab world. Stick to 500 Dhs or if early 800 and only pay the * in the morning after she has fucked and sucked all night.

    Good luck why'all.

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    Girl friendly apartments in Marakesh

    Hello you all!

    I am new to the site, but I have been lurking around for a bit while doing my thing in HK, Russia and elsewhere. Now I am looking for girl friendly apartments in Marrakesh, and they have to be really friendly. The fact is that I like charming local girls rather they paying them upfront, so I am going to get this 18 YO quite normal Moroccan girl from Casablanca to go to Marrakesh with me, and she can't be screened as a by any "front desk" or anything.

    Do you well seasoned lads have a solution? It is not a question about money.

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    Did you find any decent places to stay and go at night? I'm heading there for the last few days of 2013.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia45  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I'm going to Marrakech in December with a couple of my mates. There will be 3 of us. We are looking for a place to stay where its discrete and where we can bring back girls.

    I have read several reports on here. We will be looking to go African Chic and MonteCristo. Wanted to know how much it would cost for us to bring a girl back for the night. (In pound sterling please)

    Also, as there are 3 of us, is it safe for us to each take a girl back at the same time?

    We speak only English. No French or Arabic. Is that a concern?

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    Hey guys,

    I have visited this forum from last year and it has been fucking helpful in my travels so I thought why not.

    I am off to Agadir in January and have read mixed reviews on this so any advice would be helpful, where to go etc.

    I was last in Morocco (Marrakech) a year ago and refused to pay WG's more than 500dh for the night. Is that still the going rate? I read about guys paying 1000dh a night and think what the fuck. These girls are already overpaid, stop inflating the prices or you will spoil it for the rest of us, we already got fucking oil barons from Saudi to deal with.

    Anyway, last time I was in Morocco I was a regular at Paradise club and I'm looking for the equivalent in Agadir so any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm going with a couple of guys and we have rented a villa. I found the apartment business too much of a hassle. Yes it is easier than getting a girl into a hotel but tipping off the security guard every time I entered with a girl was getting on my nerves, especially since I was bringing back a couple of girls a day on some days adding 100dh to the bill each time. Also hired a car for the week so two less conmon to worry about, in my experience taxis and guards are the biggest expense after WGs in Morocco, take them out the picture if you can afford to. The initial outlay is a bit of a hit but it keeps costs more predictable and holidaying stress free, haggling with a Moroccan is no easy feat.

    Anyway, things I am interested in:

    1) Where is the best place to find the WGs in Agadir in January (day and night)?

    2) What are the entrance fees at clubs / drinks prices?

    3) What are people paying by the night nowadays?

    Appreciate thoughts of anybody who has been recently.

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    Guys, I am senior member with long morocco experience and I an say it in one word : do not go to Morocco unless you want to over pay and get hassled to death by scammers (girls) and door keepers and police. In fact, I found that Moroccan girls working brothetls in Frankfurt area far more professional and honest. My last visit to morocco was for business trip to casa and it was awful. Went to 28 cafť and it is full of hardened pros and not cheap either it is like 100 EUR for 1 shut. MPs are also expensive and girls are rude and super greedy that is if you find one that give extras.

    Turley, fly to Athens in Greece and have choice of 60 brothels in one place called Omonia square with super models from CIS for 20 EUR and it is standard. Straigt forward, no hassle no risk of being arrested or beaten. It is all legit.

    Morocco has changed in a bad way. Prices are up and people became aggressive and rude. Also, no more they are looking for white guy who will take them to Europe, they know that this is not happening and now, they want Europe to come to them in the form EUROS. Lot lots of them.

    It is a petty becaz when I use to go 15 years ago, it was like heaven. With all the extra cost such as bribes to police, taxis and watchmen of building plus girls fees which is expensive compared to level of service, it is by far not worth visiting anymore. Even for touristic reasons, it is an expensive country as prices are comparable to south spain while quality of services are far less.

    Just check out Athens or even red light area in Frankfurt and do the math and soon you will find out that you are making big savings by staying away from morocco and guess what in RLD in Frankfurt there are Moroccan girls residents in these buildings with their Arabic name written on the doors. Just check the girl and if you like her. Go for it.

    Good luck

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    Anyone looking for apartments in Marrakech or Agadir can find them here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FellowPunter2  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for your reply, can you please give me a bit of info regarding scene and how and where I can book an apartment? Also Ready4option please get in touch with me if you can meet up in Marakech in January will be great help.

    Thanks in advance.
    If you read the forum you will find the answers to your questions. You can even seek words like apartment and get your answer.

    This has been answered many times before.

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    But they like their culture / religion much more than ours; and they are loving more money for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrasilSoccer0  [View Original Post]
    What do the girls say about Arab men? Do they favor or dislike one nationality over another?
    Most girls from Morocco dislike men from Saudi Arabia, and charge extra.

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