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Thread: Djibouti

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    Djibouti is dull during summers

    Many of the old spots for nice girls like mask are closed.

    What is left in most discos are old stock.

    Currently many Yemeni refugees here, and so scene is a bit dull.

    I would strongly recommend to focus on Addis instead.

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    Seeing the forum has been dead for a while, is Djibouti still a good spot? Or Addis is still better? I like Djibouti girls though.

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    Just spent the week in Djibouti and stayed at Kempinski. I can confirm that Safari Club is no more. It has been taken over for more tables in the casino. I was told there is talk of maybe bringing it back though. But who knows when? Anyway there were a few pros biding their time in the casino. I chatted with a beauty from Ethiopia but we couldn't agree on prices / services so I passed. She did tell me the hotel charges 5k francs for 'extra person' to stay. Will try again next trip. Kempinski is good but expensive.

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    I can confirm that the Sheraton is no problem for brigging back girls but you won't find girls there because of the casino. It seems that they don't want to mix both populations. Just go out in the city and bring back. Max USD 50.

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    Had been to Djibouti recently. Was staying at Kempinski. The only good hotel in Djibouti after seeing many. The Safari Club had a gret collection of girls to choose from. The hotel had no issues in taking girls to the rooms from their club. A many Ethiopians and Djiboutians. Many of them are good looking. Can close the deal in between 30. 50 USD. Usuall we do bar hopping to choose and in Djibouti I had to do "girl hopping" at the same bar on the same night! Girls are bit reluctant in BBBJs. Rest fine. Great bodies, nice attitudes, good looking. Great mongering destination like all other African cities, mainly for a short trip.

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    Djibouti Visit

    Was in Djibouti for a couple of days last week. Djibouti is not very developed and still very laid back. The Djiboutian girls have a very distinct phisique which I must say is not really my type.

    Was at the Sheraton and my taxi driver told me that plenty of girls are available in the nightclubs. However, I did not have time for this. So asked him for alternatives. He agreed to take me up to a block of apartments (in a poor state of maintenance) and that was where most of the ethiopians live. The place is 5 mins walk from Sheraton hotel.

    Walking out of the hotel, past the police (securrity post) just down the road, you will see where all the taxis are parked at the end of the road. Going at the taxi place, on your right there is a large road, with aparts on both side and its these aparts that I am talking about.

    Coming back to my girl, I was shown quite some girls and finally choose a new entrant from Ethiopia. She must have at max 22 years and had a very nice slim (not skinny) body with tits to die for.

    Had a great 2 hour session, mutiple p[ositions and paid her DF 5000 which is like USD 30.

    Only problem is that no BJ would be entertained despite my insistance. Definitely a good place for mongering.

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    Visiting Djibouti

    Hi Guys,

    I will be in Djibouti at the end of the months for a couple of days. Likely to be staying in the Sheraton or kempinski. Is there anywhere senior members can reccomend for nice young ladies. Price is not too much of an issue.


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    Hi all,

    I've been there lately.

    French Legionnaire are gone, so maybe the BJ situation will change.

    As there are less soldiers around, the number of girls melt in the sun. There are still many of them, but even at Safari club, the business is going low.

    Ethiopia seems to be the place to go.

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    A Short Trip to Djibouti

    Quote Originally Posted by Kvochko  [View Original Post]
    Hi poeple,

    I'm traveling to Djibouti city in June. Any places recommended for finding locals?

    I was in Djibouti for a short business tour from Nov. 13 to Nov 15. The weather is so hot, even if they told me it is already a very cool season now. You don't find many people on streets, and almost no women are walking outside. Tried to hit some spots, like Safari Club in Kepinski Hotel. I didn't see any local there, all the "chicks" there are from Ethiopia, I mean ALL. And I was joking to you by calling them "chicks", cause they are really over-aged women, who are totally leftovers from Ethiopia. Therefore, I didn't make any action, just talked to some ladies, bought them a drink and left.

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    In Djibouti City

    Hi poeple,

    I'm traveling to Djibouti city in June. Any places recommended for finding locals?


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    Zig-Zag can you clue me in on the hotel situation? Any moderate ones that are girl friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safari Traveller
    There are so many bars in downtown! So many beautiful Ethiopian and Somali girls. That's a absolutely lawless paradise. Stay in Bellevue or Plein Ciel. You can take them up, if you arrange with the night guards.
    Hey. Am in Djibouti. For the week. Ie till 11/November/2010 Sheraton.

    Any girls yaal can suggest? No hookers plzzz don't want to die of aids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked Gunz
    Anyone have anything to add about this place? Have to go there now...NG
    Anything to add? Lomion (11-22-08) said it very well. Very recently I visited Djibouti City. Toutes were out and about as early as 16H00 and took me to a building five minutes walk from the Hotel Menelik (close by the Sada Mosque), the top two floors of which were similar to the Frankfurt Eros Hotels. Rooms, doors open, with women available for a "massage" ($20) or "everything" (DFr 5, 000). They were not terribly attractive, the beds didn't look too clean, so I tipped the toute and moved on.

    Downtown club scene as described by Lomion.

    There is a disco at the Sheraton, under the casino, that is "staffed" by obvious pro's with decent English and good French. The place opens at 2000 but doesn't get going until midnight. Closing bell is 0430. As I was with colleagues who wouldn't have approved of anything more than a rekkie, I had to pass it up. I am sure the hotel desk would let you take a gal up to your room as the place is a dump in all respects and what keeps it afloat is revenue from the disco and casino.

    Cabs are cheap; never felt personal security an issue in any daylight or after dark situation.

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    Anyone have anything to add about this place? Have to go there now...NG

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    In few time I go to Djibouti. some one can say to me some clubs where are these clubs?

    Thank you

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