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    Dokky Area.

    Any one have contacts to a decent WG who goes to Dokky area and willing to do anal?

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    Seeking Arrangement.

    Sorry it has taken a while to get this report up. My intermet was out for a few days and my ball and chain is here for a few days as well; so it goes.

    Anyway, the girl I met form SA was a whole bunch of fun; in my book worth the price for a whole day of companionship. Our afternoon delight lasted well in to the night. She knows how to treat a geezer like me. Don't always stay hard enough to penetrate after the first round but this young lady could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Happy I was. May repeat. If I don't its because either our schedules don't jibe since she lives outside of Cairo, or I may just decide to spread my faloos (and cum) around.

    Update: As I type this I'm corresponding with another sugar baby who is offering to spend a week with me for $50/ day! Too good to be true? Maybe? Stay tuned!


    Quote Originally Posted by SafariGuide  [View Original Post]

    This trip back to Egypt I decided to invest in the Seeking Arrangement site since there seemed to be at least a few active female users. I used to use Adult Friend Finder back in the 90's and had luck with that site then but when it turned to mostly scammers I left. Anyway I rolled the dice and invested $80 and started browsing. First young lady that hit on me said she wanted to stay a virgin but would give me a 2-hour blow job with lots of grinding for $1400 US. Really? Are there guys around who pay that? She thought so. One girl who was right in my neighborhood flaked out on me after I gave her my WhatsAPP number. But finally I met a young lady who agreed to meet for a bit more than I usually pay. Late 20's is all I'll have to say about her at the moment. She sounded genuine and professional, spoke good English and agreed to meet for dinner with no expectations, size each other up, and go on from there. That was 4 days ago. She was sweet, damn good looking for my taste, not pushy or full or herself and had just started her period. So we made a date for tomorrow. She's picking me up and we're going to the Pyramids just for the "F" if it, then coming back to my place for some afternoon delight. We discussed her menu over dinner and everything I like is on it. I'll let you know how it goes. Monger on!


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    Madam Ma. Abbasya.

    Hello seniors,

    Do you know anything about Madam Mar. As she has been off for longtime now?

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    Far East.

    Just returned from the far East (Kuala Lumpur). Prices are now similar to What we pay here (I guess the FCY flotation effect) but of course the quality differs, not significantly but the attitude and the service is definitely far better. Had some contacts if anyone is planning to go. For free not asking for exchange. And I hope we share overseas experiences for no return.

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    Malak an independent sharmoota.

    Through some personal connections I managed to snag this half local and half Bahraini 23 year old sharmoota from Maadi.

    We started with a nice DFK that lasted for quite some time, followed by DATY and BBBJ. I pushed her head down to give me a rimjob; she was reluctant at first but eventually gave in and started to toss my salad.

    As she was in the mood after her 2 joints of hash, she rode me cowgirl with full force and energy. When I turned her over for some doggy, I could not believe the amount of milk that came from her pussy, signifying she had experienced a powerful orgasm.

    Finally the good news is she allowed anal for the second shot. She took it easily without any lubricant, which means (despite her saying otherwise) she has had another man's cock inside her before.

    Willing to exchange her contact with you if you have something to exchange also.

    Total Damage: LE 1500.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoka87  [View Original Post]
    You forgot to tell us the damage rate.
    Total Damage was LE 700 for this particular shag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EgyMonger  [View Original Post]
    Got a call from Madam Mona in Zahraa Nasr City telling me of a new 23 year old sharmoota called Ibtesam. I rushed to her place and found Ibtesam. I found her with a red lingerie and with white skin as milk. She has large boobs (D size) which I am crazy with. My main problem with her is that she is a BBW which is a little bit behind my appetite. Anyways, we started chatting and I knew that she is still studying.

    Everything was normal, DFK, BJ, boobs playing (more than 10 minutes), tits fucking, cowgirl, doggy style. And then I cum deep inside her pussy.
    You forgot to tell us the damage rate.

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    Mona and Amany from Madam Mona

    Got awaken by a continuous attack of messages and calls at 10 AM this morning from the infamous Madam Mona in Zahraa Nasr City, who had a fresh pair of busty sharmootas at her disposal.

    I tried to get her to make it another day, but she says she can't guarantee they will be available soon.

    Left with no choice but to agree, I decided to hit the road at 11 in the AM and brace for the traffic jam going into her part of town.

    Arrived at 1 PM. Was indeed shown a pair of busty sharmootas Mona and Amany as per her description. Was kindly informed that Mona is still a virgin, so she takes it in the ass only.

    Chose Mona who started with a nice BBBJ. I slowly moved into her snatch, giving me a taste of a true virgin pussy. We then went into DFK and while sucking her tits I already started fingering her ass to prepare for my cannon. Missionary, cowgirl and doggy was OK.

    The feeling of pumping her ass hole with milk while she Deep French Kisses you simply cannot be beaten!

    Total Damage: LE 700.
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    Hey guys,

    I will be soon coming to Egypt for business. Will be staying in Portsaid for 10 days. Any info on pick up spots. An old friend who hasn't been to Egypt for around 10 years has had some luck in the past at some well known restaurant by the sea near the stadium.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aalvaroh  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    I would like to ask for hooker with only maximum fare of 300 egp? Also I don't quit understand how this site works do I have to register a visa to share and get info?
    That is almost impossible nowadays in Egypt. You will be very lucky if you find someone who accepts less than 1000.

    You have to pay for a premium membership if you want to contact senior members who have contacts. But again, you must have something to exchange with them.

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    Met this busty sharmoota last week. Imagine being with a sharmoota whom didn't have sex for almost a year & more horny than you already are, after some very deep French kissing she started grappling my cock, she is a pro. Really in sucking I my self moan forced not by choice when she slightly very slightly bit may cock sometimes while sucking, 1,2 minutes we changed roles, I my self started penetrating her pussy with 1 finger, then 2 while sucking her G-Spot.

    She kept moaning while I am really enjoying sucking her pussy while my fingers in & out many times with diff. Speed & moves while grabbing her tits with the other hand, I really felt in control over this sharmoota as I will do whatever I want.

    Total Damage: LE 2000.
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    Am new here.

    Hey guys,

    I would like to ask for hooker with only maximum fare of 300 egp? Also I don't quit understand how this site works do I have to register a visa to share and get info?

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    A report I should have posted a few months ago: I found a madam who works on Facebook. She sent me Vita's pics, a Lebanese girl in her late twenties who lives in Egypt for sometime. I met her for 2 hours and paid her 2000 LE. She is the same girl in the pics but the pics were very old. She is a nice companion but not what to expect from an average Lebanese escort girl.
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    I didn't realise we were on the forum to critique grammar. But if we are, then you need a comma after 'sentence. '.

    For those “urbane” chaps who couldn’t understand the sentence, it meant that mongering here is hard and people know that. I hope that clears it up.

    Perhaps you’d also clear something up for me - does your handle refer to a duality of inference or penile discharge from gonorrhoea. With all due respect, I’m just curious because it’s an intriguing username.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pompetus  [View Original Post]
    With all due respect, with the 4 negatives in this sentence I could not understand it. I'm sorry.

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    Got back late to hotel and was bit lazy to go out. I thought of using WCht app, as I had good success with it in other places. There were actually few WGs nearby. I was able to connect and start the conversation, but response is very slow. I guess this is not something you can do on the spot, or maybe they are already engaged with other guests. But the pics are real, they look pretty attractive.

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