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    Emptying my drawers

    Two girls from a disco in Addis over a decade ago. Chewing khat.
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    Decent hotel in addis

    Hi, I'm Italian guy, I had a couple of business trips to Addis in the past years (2017 January last time) I have been at different hotel including 5 star, please avoid Hilton which has an awsome park and pool but for the rest its not Worth the money, consider that decent / good hotels in Addis center are available at euro 70/80 aproxl. USD aproxl. May rise if there are very importnat events, last time I stay at ELIANA HOTEL at USD 70. - incl. ABF and I can only suggest it.

    Addis is very safe city, I mean that there is nearly no police around, alst trip I see some, the trip before I see during 7 days 1 pattrol! By the way Hotels are guestfriendly (Eliana incl.) Eliana is a little bit outside the bole area which is the main fun area. But very centrally located, may consider to try it. If you like you stay, book room on the back side so that you avoid the traffic noise (on the back side totally calm!! Enjoy!!

    If you hire somebody to assit you (po. E. During exibition or so, consider daily rate of USD 50. - from morning to evening, (male of female) they will generally do your best to help you wherevever they can. In case I'll be pleased to give you contact of the lady which assisted me, she is real great kind decent and fine lady (daily servie only) take care!

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    Newbie Tips for Addis?

    Hi fellow mongers.

    It seems, that by beginning of next year, my company is planning to send me to Addis.

    This will be my first time in Addis, as well as in Ethiopia in general.

    Which hotel can be recommanded?

    Hilton seems to be a bit pricey.

    Also, what are the general mistakes to avoid for a total beginner in Ethiopia?

    Any hints are highly welcome.

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    What is happening in Addis?

    Whow, there was a bar here before. 4 months ago. Now there is a big building in progress. That's just one example for many places in Addis. Addis is almost chancing. Haoulet: Many new buildings on the main strip, bars limited now. More girls on small side the streets. Kasanchis: some buildings where girls where before are down. (Near the gasoline station, etc.) Piazza: Same as before. And the presence of police is growing after 10 PM. And around 20-80 guys (volunteers) with yellow striped shirts on every corner helping to keep the place clean. Mercado at night as dark as before. Bole like before. More girls around Atlas and the side streets. Still a nice place for a drink. Bars are no pushy like in Chechnya. Prices for girls growing up. At night (2 am) we drive around and ask for LT. Girls start around 2000 BIRR. Sometimes easy to ask them down to 500/800/1000 - sometimes not. H2O is still working. Sometimes you can find a rare diamond here. Jallal Park is still the same. A good place to relax beer and spaghetti now less than 2 Euro. Coffee Incognito was closed. Car rent still available. I got e-visa (do not forget to bring your internet. Driving license). Do not think its quicker on the border. They are going to go on the e-visa side and may take time. ("Internet is very slow") It took some minutes on the passport control. I got 350 birr for 10 Euros. My first time in Baro in Piazza. What OK. Big parking space 400 for the room. Had to ask for a bathroom and a bathroom. It would be so easy to paint the walls inside for 400 Birr in 4 hours. I think I will do next time. Room number 101 (Hahaha).

    Met some guys from ISG there. We had a lot of fun!

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    I'm in Addis, leaving Sunday. If anyone around PM,

    I'm in Addis, leaving Sunday. If anyone around PM.

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    Sheraton not so close,

    Quote Originally Posted by Swpc10  [View Original Post]
    Any recommended massage places near the Sheraton?

    I have the names of several from previous reports, but they are not really close (but not that far either).

    Sheratons a bit of an island. Take a cab to edna mall and walk around roads behind edna mall, you can't go 100 meters and not trip over massage house.

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    Any recommended massage places near the Sheraton?

    I have the names of several from previous reports, but they are not really close (but not that far either).


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    Meet in Addis

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkyGoldStar  [View Original Post]
    Staying at Caravan. It looked the best option after several hours studying trip advisor. Be happy to meet but I don't get there till 18th.
    Hi. Sorry for the delay in replying. I arrive Addis morning of Oct. 19th and will be in town for a week. I will probably end up booking the Caravan. PM me if are are there then and up for a meet.

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    Its good you share. Ethiopia is high on my todo list. Nice pics. I also like public transport so much. Hehe.


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    I guess, mentioned many times before, it is nice to provide pictures as well. I met this girl in public transport and she was a good sport, from the bus she also straight away offered to carry my briefcase. Besides the pics nothing happened, yet she made me happy.
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    New here, I thought I make decades of mongering a bit more official. I have been visiting Ethiopia since the early 1990's and as mentioned here before some Ethiopian girls look stunning, though their techniques and commitment are often below par.

    I still vividly recall my first Ethiopian woman. It was in Ziway and asked the girl at the hotel reception to facilitate some company, as she was about the only one who knew some English, she would do so, I went back to my room, after half a hour knocking on my door, and there she was; the girl of the reception. I thought why not, only a pity she was a bit in a hurry to go back to her station, maybe just in case another guest in the government hotel had urges as well / showed up?

    Fast Forward. Last July I arrived at Bole and as I had done some homework my date was waiting outside the airport for me, we had been chatting for about two weeks prior, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. It appeared Fast had come along as well, my date knew very little English, her friend a lot for Ethiopian standards. After the introductions I was in a hurry to take my date to the hotel, but Fast told me she would come along as well, that's normally a bad omen, less often a threesome opportunity. In this case the two girls came to my room and I asked through Fast for my date to show her body a bit, she complied up to her underwear and I was satisfied with the dimensions but now first they had to eat. I thought there we go again, but fine the Birr is not so strong, and they promised to come back to the room. And as Fast was not about to participate herself I got fantasies she would do the translations while I fucked her friend. Unfortunately it was not to be, only my date came after the injera meal to my room and gave me a proper BBBJ, but would not fuck, this is funny, while in Ethiopia it is mostly the other way round.

    When in AA I also like to go to the massage parlors as one can most of the time make a better selection after the parading (I like all kind of boobs but not so much the gravitated ones) and indeed I was able to find what I was looking for. But then some of those rooms have really poor light or the electricity goes off. So make sure you have a fully charged smart phone with good torch settings if you are fussy about the details. In one case on a Sunday morning I thought I still give it a shot and ended up with a choice of one, I guess the others I had met them on their way to church, anyway she had a nice body despite she had one child, so we got on with it. And things have changed from my early days; her English was good, she got nice moist, nearly dripping and in no hurry whatsoever. Only no BBBJ, but then again I already got one upon arrival.

    I also managed to get a few New Arrivals to my hotel, with no skills but compensating with beauty and with more englisch then the English teacher Zelikas which I also practiced on, a good 25 yrs ago. It is only a pity that there are those cases where you have agreed a price and then once you are in the room the whole negotiating proces is starting all over again. Only in exceptional cases I can agree an increment, e. G. When the specimen now looks better in bright light.

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    Great report

    Thanks John, pity we couldn't hook up.

    Piazza was busy last week all round the taitu hotel and the police station opposite (yes they line up under the wall of the police station, I guess its safer).

    There were dozens of girls, all shapes and sizes. Mainly skinny, with the economics like they are. I too took a Muslim dress one, can't remember her name, she had slightly wonky teeth but massive tits and a slim frame. Tits on a stick.

    I get charged 100 for short time sh*t hole. And before I agreed to 300 I insisted clothes off, with motions, and although she kept the headwrap on the rest came off. A fine site, those big titties.

    Also I went to a massage place behind Edna Mall another day, and a 22 year old big tit lovely, although she had the start of a beer gut, the big squashy tits compensated. Massage was absolutely sh*t, fuck was OK. To each his own, but massage places always let me down, only 1 or 2 girls, no choice, endless walking in the rain etc to get there.

    Plenty of action in chechenya road esp the cut through to Dijbouti road opposite yolly building. Chechenya girls noisy grabby and unappealing. Too much qat I guess.

    Anyway that is my story for the year. No photos sorry, too busy phucking.

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    Thanks for interesting reports John0.

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    Thanks for posting

    Hi John,

    Thanks a lot for the exellent reports 1-3.

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    Addis again Part III, (2 pic)

    Addis again Part III, (2 pic).

    Tuesday: At night I was heading for Piassa area, famous for young muslim ho*res. Having a spicy doro wot chicken at Taitu Hotel (a legend) before. Noisy place this street before Taitu Hotel, with load music shouting from most of the bars. On dark walls with little light, girls in long dress are waiting for customers. I chose tall and slim Samira, dressed in a white hijab. She walked me to Baron Hotel. They claimed 250 birr for short time room, "You have passport?" "No" I said. S. Wanted her 300 birr (9 EURO) in advance which made me already uncomfortable. She only pushed up her dress, means she did not undress, no suck, unskilled in stroking, no titty showing. I had problems getting a hard, might also be a side effect of pills for uretic acid and cholestenone I have to take? These cheap girls are a hit and miss I guess. I might better return to my massage girls, during their session things can develop, if not, a maximum of 200 birr are wasted. Out of curiosity I check the cheap pension I had a good session 2 years before: 80 birr the receptionist claimed! This pension you find opposite of Italian Restaurant "Castelli", next to it a broken sign which starts with a "Z. ".

    Wednesday: I got my medical massage from Meron, but she scolded me touching her pussy (in a way she liked it), she was not even around to take her tip, so I will not go there anymore. At night I wanted my cum from Salap at "Hani massage". Low medical massage, (I asked for soft), some erotic touch, no English, "you want extra?" I said "yes", she did not ask for any money and I gave her 300 birr which she did not count. Thats how I like it. She wanted to give to me her phone number, and asked me "please return", she would also do intercourse.

    Thursday: Ethiopia: my God what a country! As a rule there can never ever something be prepared in advance by these people. Yesterday morning I was promised by a young lady who seemed to be what she said- that I could pick up an important certificate to be ready next day! This morning when I returned to her office, she was just starting to print the certificate (with missing colors by the printer) and she excused herself by claiming that her boss will not be around to stamp it. She would have had time the whole day yesterday to prepare it!

    Same, no return of my car number plate yet, because software system for my payment ( 5 EURO) will be down for 7 days. Means I have to drive stressful for a week without front number plate, and this for wrong parking, which was not even wrong parking because the no-parking sign was completely hidden by bundles of wood to be sold for New Year's Bonfire!

    Ok, some old notes from 2004, so everything in range!

    * Ethiopia Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 24 2004 Submitted by: ?

    There are two things you should put attention:

    1) If you take a girl for a short time, she will usually undress herself from waist down, but the tits and body will be covered. You may ask her to be fully undressed but usually she will refuse. For them short time is fast fuck and go, removing more clothes is an additional job. They will expect you to cum in 10 minutes time and if they find themselves fucked for more than that, they will urge you to cum or increase the price. It seems that Ethiopian men cum within 5 minutes.

    2) In Ethiopia you have to pay before. At least don't give them money on the street, but wait until she is inside your room. In Ethiopia, there is a very big respect for rich people and money. So if you are sure you are going to stay in a particular place for some time, just try to find a girlfriend, they will be better than prostitutes and they are relatively easy to get. You should never offer her money in the beginning and speak about anything sexual in first 2-3 days. You should date her a lot and give her a lot of presents in this period. Let her feel that she is important for you, that you are going to stay with her for a long time and you will marry her and take her outside of Ethiopia (but NEVER tell her this, she will realise you are lying, just make her feel that way).

    Lunch I had at MK's near Edna Mall with my habesha friend M. Who lived in the USA. Oh God this disturbing rain, every day, every day. E. Phoned a kind of a praised call girl (who worked as a receptionist before at a Hotel K. , also on Tele Bole. We missed 3 years ago. Now she was on her way to my guest house. But heavy rain made her come late and her job stared at 4 pm So we were just sitting on my bed for some small talk and she promised to return on Saturday at lunch time. I liked her, she looked descent and innocent, actually she stays in a bad marriage and she complained her husband would not give her any money! When going she indicated not to run around with other girls until she returned. Friday: I kept quiet, actually I am already looking for my travel to Mombasa on Sunday. I was also going to keep my juice for E. Next day. Most important I decided to delete all of my old contacts here in Addis, because all of them were false promises, just waste of time. "Wechat" gives some possibilities I noticed, but girls were slow and when one was proposing "to go out at night for drinking" I was already leaving.

    Saturday: There is a noisy nightclub "Samakanic Lounch" next to ABC building Olympia, I did not go, but maybe someone wants to check? Opposite: cute "Cafe TRYST" with diaspora people visiting, delicious beef / cheese sandwich! How I hate waiting! E. Promised to come to my room at 2 pm, finally she showed up at 4 pm. She had a hot steaming body temperature as she was quickly running and she warmed my warm body. She wear a sexier dressed today, but she did not take any sexual initiative when cuddling with me. Finally she started stroking my best part, later I pounded her, but it looked like she did not enjoy it and made a funny face. No blow job, no kissing, so nothing special with her. I gave her 1000 birr (30 EURO) when she left which she took uncounted. She said she would only get 1500 bir per month, as it was a kind of part time job she did as a receptionist. I wonder how she was praised so much about 5 years ago by some other (Dutch?) members here. Anyhow. Heading off for Mombasa tomorrow. I used the new yellow meter taxi in the morning, Olympia airport 110 birr (gave 150) just call 8294 ! It was the very 1st taxi driver with whom I had a nice English conversation.

    MOMBASA: ha, real girlfriend sex with my regular, kissing, sucking, fu*king for hours, all this which I did not get in AA!) (last pic).

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