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Thread: Ethiopia

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    I'm in Addis for some days: 19- 23 March.

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    Anyone in addis

    Calling other mongers are you going to be in Addis Abab in March.

    I am there and want to meet up and monger, two or more is safer I'm sure.

    So contact me if you are in Addis in March and want to go and meet working girl.

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    Addis Massagesalon are best

    John traveller:

    I never went to Memos recently but I went to dozens of massagesalon last year.

    Fee was 120 birr (now mostly200 birr) for 45 minutes. You can check the girl how your energy is and you can upscale.

    With 200 birr for a handjob and 400 for a good pussy.

    If the girl is nice she can meet you on your day off.

    But taxi are a real rip off- right On the other hand rent a car will cost you 450+.

    You can do a few taxi rides for this.


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    It was the first time I visited Addis Ababa, and I must say I didn't like the place at all. Rip-offs everywhere.

    Interesting report!!

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    This is a true story part 2

    It was the first time I visited Addis Ababa, and I must say I didn't like the place at all. Rip-offs everywhere. I do like some of the other countries in Africa, but Ethiopia is different, culturally it is more similar to Western Asia, I guess. Also I didn't find the women here that attractive, unlike some other African countries. Still, I wanted to try the women here out, so I went to the club Memo.

    I arrive on a sunday evening, still the place is quite full. Working girls + foreigners. Most of the women are not attractive at all, but there are a few cuties. I get a beer and relax in the couch. A cutie approaches me, and I am tempted, but the price she quotes is too high (I don't remember the amount, maybe 1500?) so I say no. (Later I find out that this was a wrong decision). After a while I get in touch with another one, not as pretty as the first one, but still quiet good. She qoutes a lower price (1000), and we leave.

    We take a rip-off taxi the short way to my hotel called Selam Pension, this is in fact an ok place even if it's cheap, and it's GF-friendly (probably all hotels in Addis are). A quick shower (too quick) and we get to action. She makes some fake impressions that she is horny, but it's very fake, boring. No BJ, no kissing. She only wants to do it in the mish-position, also boring. But I still come after a while since her pussy is good. But one strange thing happens, which I have never experienced before. Just before I come she says: "3000 ok". I just continue of course, but think to myself: now we will have trouble in the morning.

    After the first session she starts to talk about that I should meet her family and so on. I find this very strange since she hasn't been giving any GFE at all, and it's been totally mechanical. Then we sleep for a while before a second session, same boring stuff and this time I cannot come. Then more sleep, before she gets up and get ready to leave in the early morning. I put the 1000 on the table next to her purse. She counts it and fakes some disbelief. "This is too little, you give me 3000". I reply "No, we agreed upon 1000". Then the show is on, she must think I am stupid to fall for this fake anger and drama. Spitting and curses in various languges follows. Also the police is mentioned. I now that all this is bullshit of course. So after a while of controlled arguing from my side I change tactics. "Ok", I say, "then I will give you nothing, and now we go to the police!" I open the door and start to walk. She then understands that I am serious and stops the stupid cursing, takes the money and leave without saying a word.

    This whole thing was very unpleasant of course, and I am a bit worried. So I quickly pack my things, head out to the street and hail a taxi to another hotel.

    So this was the opposite of my experience in Uganda. ("This is a true story part 1") And I will never return to Ethiopia. The concept of raising the price when you are in the middle of something (like a taxi ride) is common in the Middle East cultural area (which includes Ethiopia), but I didn't know it includes sex! It just says everything about this country, doesn't it?

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    Thanks Musha.

    So you think its possible to finalize with Afrointro / Badoo girls usually at the second date, right?

    I have read mixed reviews about the openness of non-pro Ethiopian girls. It seems most of them are quite conservatives.

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    Depends on Profile

    Quote Originally Posted by Traveller22  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the report Mushamisi.

    Did you succeed in getting 300 birrs ST sessions with some girls from Afrointro / Badoo / Tagged etc? If yes, how did you manage? Asking directly is the best way?
    It depends on how you setup your profile.

    Badoo and Tagged are mainly for civilians. Unfortunately you won't get them for just 300 bir because you have to take them on a date normally dinner and movie. They might not let you close the deal the first day but the option is open on the second day. Then there is Afro which can be a mix of civilian and semi-pros. If you are looking for short time for 300 bii then go with SW's. If you rent a car you can even do a car date if you get tinted windows saving you the cost of a ST hotel. If you are straight to the point but not obnoxious on your profile then you will save yourself both time and birr.

    Ethiopian girls for the most part regardless if they are SW's or civilians respond better to those you treat them well. They do try at times to treat manners like signs of weakness but that does not mean you be dr. Jekyll. You don't have to be an a. To bargain hard. You have to stand your ground and make sure to be honest about what you are looking for. Pay her after not before and make sure you don't negotiate in front of the taxi driver especially if she knows english. Ethiopian men will be your biggest hurdle guaranteed. The girls know that there are MANY, MANY more options out there. Walking away may lead you to better options or they will give you better prices. My biggest mistake was my location. If I picked what most on the forum had suggested then I would have had fun, from sundown to sun up to sundown.

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    Thanks for the report Mushamisi.

    Did you succeed in getting 300 birrs ST sessions with some girls from Afrointro / Badoo / Tagged etc? If yes, how did you manage? Asking directly is the best way?

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    Thanks for the posts

    Just got back from Addis. Must thank the senior members for the info especially a few specific ones who gave good guidance.

    I had RTFF and went with several approaches. I must say the women were never the problem. Very approachable and friendly but as another member said the guys are the kicker. I plan on visiting again since I didn't get as much out of it as possible but for the most part there is a lot to be had. I think flying solo is harder than with another monger. Even if it is legal in Ethiopia for reasons beyond my understanding there is still a stigma. Anyway, off the soap box.

    I had at last found a place where afro introductions seemed to work for the most part. I got the details for several girls through afro, badoo and tagged. The problem for the most part is I went against most mongers advice and booked at ag palace. It might as well have been Aaggghh cause it some how managed to be far from any fun and harder to get back to for any fun. I will not go back there again. A few mongers did manage (caught a glimpse but did not get time to chat with a few in the building). But I meet two off afro. Like most have said you have to play it slow with the girlfriend experience. I decided neither I met was worth the chase but one maybe worth keeping in contact as a guide for business only.

    I did however pick up a few SW's. Very affordable but again rolling with a taxi driver since I didn't know the area and that limited what I could ask for because he didn't like the idea to begin with but wanted the money. Anyway, I will rent a car next time around if a few mongers or an ex-pat are open to a group hunt. Or best yet a referral to a taxi driver who is monger friendly. I didn't met any in the 18 to 22 range but that again can be summed up to bad choice of hotel.

    If you go with one on Bole Road, it will be easier to hook up with the civilian girls as they all know where that is and how to get there. You have to be a tough negociator in Ethiopia to get a good price. Tough as in death before a bargin type of tough and even then tougher than that. Taxi drivers will forget english if you ask for guidance but minute you talk about going some place else they suddenly know where all the spots are. Literally there is a lot of fun to be had just go with the locations / hotels that other members have posted and you can have at it for most of your trip. I will not be back for another 9 months or so but it is worth a trip.

    Girls are much more open to discuss what you want if you approach them directly. Massage also available to your hotel but much more expensive. You have to be very direct when asking for what you want (remember it is legal).

    Price for a ST was about 300 birr, I didn't try LT. I will when I visit again.

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    Hey guys,

    I am going to Addis at the start of January for a week. My usual thing is that I go for the "girlfriend experience". Did my homework in that department. I have a setup of different hopeful girls to meet. It's dynamic and fun for the most part. I usually end up with a favorite.

    Anyone of you guys going in January? Write me a line and we can check out some nasty parts of Addis, or just have a beer.

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    I am here in Addis


    I'm a new comer here in Addis and supposed to stay here for some years since my family are not here with I would like to find a safe and good place to visit girls when I am in need I live near Gabriel Church if any one can help me please let me know thanks a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claudio  [View Original Post]
    Back from Addis after 10 days including 700 km in my car day and night.

    Nothing new: Had a perfect time in Addis the last 10 days.

    More massage places, more girls, more guesthouses and still a lot of traffic, etc.

    Feel free to write me a privat msg. If any questions.
    Hi Claudio,

    Next week I will go to Addis for 6-8 days and I would like to have some erotic massages (of course in a nice and safe place). Do you have any suggestion? I would like to find a nice place around Bole Area since I will stay in Friendship Hotel. I would like as well to call a girl in my room for a massage but on internet I did not found anything less expensive than 50 US Dollars.

    I have tried to send you a message but I am new on this forum and I have not been able to send it to you. Thanks in advance for your support!


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    Back from Addis

    Back from Addis after 10 days including 700 km in my car day and night.

    Nothing new: Had a perfect time in Addis the last 10 days.

    More massage places, more girls, more guesthouses and still a lot of traffic, etc.

    Feel free to write me a privat msg. If any questions.

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    Erotic Massages in Addis Ababa?

    Hi guys,

    I am going to Addis Ababa for approx. 9 days in December and I am looking to get one or more erotic massages while I'm there. I have read some of the reports in this thread but I am still unsure of which places are better.

    Some info:

    - I'm white.

    - Looking for erotic massage.

    - Preferably in a decent neighborhood (willing to pay the premium).

    - Would like to arrange via phone or mail before going.

    What are some good massage places in Addis Ababa? Or. Maybe more importantly. What are their phone numbers?

    I hope that you will be able to help a colleague out. Cheers!

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    Unwanted gift

    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyDog  [View Original Post]
    I went to Ethiopia in June for 9 days. Before that I had a three week trip in Angeles City in the Philippines in April / May. I would never fuck an African girl without a condom, but I got a couple of bare blow jobs in Ethiopia, and visited lots of massage parlors and Christmas light bars and fucked in their back rooms. And in Angeles City, (and Subic and Baguio) I had lots of condomless sex with many bargirls, that was fun. (brought five girls from Subic to Baguio for a couple days, etc.).

    In late July, I wound up in the hospital: Diagnosis, The Super Clap! Otherwise known as Gonorrhea That Can Kill You. It's the same bacteria, but in one out of 3000 cases, it takes a wrong turn, into the bloodstream. And the heart. And it often does not show up in ordinary STD testing for gonorrhea, no ordinary symptoms or positive test results with standard testing. I always get tested when I finish my Philippines trips, and it did not show up in my STD tests in May. 20 percent of people who get the Superclap would be dead by now (it's October, I'm pretty sure I'm past that stage.) 70% get a new heart murmur, 50% get heart valve surgery. I put a stethoscope on my heart when I came home from the hospital: wtf, its not LubDub anymore, its Lub shh. (my heart surgery is scheduled in a couple months.) I had a fever and tiredness for 9 days, no aches or pains, and lost 7 pounds, before they diagnosed it; it's difficult to diagnose because its rare and not easy to find in tests. Hospitalized for a week, then a PICC line for self administered antibiotics in my arm for six weeks. Since my second day in the hospital, when the IV antibiotics kicked in, there haven't been any symptoms I feel. But my heart is fucked up, it needs a valve job.

    If someone told me: if you get gonorrhea, then you've got a 1/3000 chance of getting super clap, and a 1/5 chance of dying from that complication, I would have thought: I'll take that risk, sounds pretty unlikely. But I never heard of it till I got it.

    Went to Burning Man in late August and early September, and fucked ten hotties there, LOL, with my PICC line still in. I vowed to not have condomless sex or blowjobs: the covered blowjob idea went out the window with the first girl who put her lips on me, but condoms for vaginal sex, yes, OK. And I guess I'll never have condomless sex in Angeles again, dammit.

    Just want you guys to know: I took the hit for three thousand of you guys!
    Wonder if the blowjob girls caught a dose from you? Wonder about medical services for them? Not so good I guess, and they'll need to keep working to keep the cash coming in.

    So. Truvada for hiv, and some kind of prophylactic antibiotics to handle these nasties. Then maybe I can put it about without double bagging in the future.

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