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    Limbe, November 2014

    Limbe, November 2014.

    100 euros = 65 000 CFA.

    Drive between Douala and Limbe, one-way = 25 000 CFA.

    Daily rate at hotel Seme Beach = 45000.

    Limbe is only 30 miles from Douala, but 11 miles must be added to reach Hotel Seme Beach, on which I had set great hopes after seeing a Youtube vid about a "Miss Seme Beach" contest. It turned out to be as devoid of mongering opportunities as a place can be. Even the female staff seemed less flirtatious than female staff usually is in Africa. There was nothing for it but to bribe one of my Douala girls to hop into a taxi and join me. I promised one of Gogo Dance's butt shakers - 100 euros / day she would stay with me at Seme Beach. She was there within three hours. She's the girl below. (first pic taken at Residence La Falaise in Douala).

    Seme Beach is a wild-life paradise but the resort seems to be run by monkeys. Only one restaurant with a limited menu, breakfast a joke, no taxis. I was told Limbe doesn't even have a single night-spot anyway. I only stayed for 3 nights out of the 6 originally booked. During the drive back to Douala a female voice called me alledging the euro notes I'd used for the deposit were "fake". The trick they probably wanted to pull was for me to naively replace those allegedly fakes notes with new ones. They would then hand me back "my" notes (in fact fake ones they have at hand). Such a cheap trick. The voice was from someone who had access to my check-in data complete with local phone number. This is not the only instance of dodgyness with Seme Beach. When I'd booked by email one week before flying to Douala I got an email reply suggesting I made a down payment into a European (!!) bank account. So this hotel has scammers operating from inside it (and has no in-room safe). Avoid it! Avoid Limbe altogether. For a beach go to Kribi instead.
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    Douala, November 2014

    100 euros = 65 000 CFA.

    Price of a car ride into town one way = 2000 - 3000 CFA.

    Girl for a short time or all night = between 20 000 and 35 000 CFA.

    Price of a meal at Mediterranee (drink included) = between 6000 CFA and 9000 CFA.

    Daily rate at Hotel Residence la Falaise = 70 000 CFA (breakfast included).

    One beer at a disco = 2000 - 4000 CFA.

    I never experienced such a lawless border crossing than I did at Douala airport. I started in front of the queue for passport control and ended up near the end. The two officers on duty kept being fed piles of passport from passengers who paid for the spurious privilege of being fast-tracked. Light was dim, cables hung from the ceiling and from walls. Obviously some renovation had been started, then abandoned. Some passengers merely walked by into Cameroon without being checked (not recommended though). After a frustratingly long wait my passport was stamped. I retrieved my suitcase and walked by unchecked past "customs". Anyone (including any of the many intruders / loafers coming from outside the airport) could've made off with my luggage without any questions asked.

    I was relieved to see a man holding out a paper with a garbled version of my name and "Residence la Falaise" in bold print. I mistook the two flunkies beside him for his co-workers but he later told me they were hangers-on waiting to make money out of me and they had been making even him uncomfortable. All this is rather scary and different from my orderly arrival at Yaound airport some months ago.

    The two main nightspots in Akwa are St-Peres disco and Gogo Dance (both places next to one another). Girl congregate at St Peres' between 23:30 and 01:30, then move along to Orange Metallique in Bonanjo. Hence their numbers is easy to overestimate. I see 30 girls at St Peres at midnight, you see 30 girls at Orange Metallique at 02:00. We wrongly assume 30 + 30 = 60 while in fact they're mostly the same girls. On the whole the number of girls has gone down compared to some years ago, but the F / M ratio remains good. I remember the days where up to 15 girls sat at the Mediterranee terrace in late evening, now I never saw more than 3 on a single evening.

    The street scene in Douala is now non-existent. I was told police scoop up girls even in front of discos.

    I booked a cab twice to cruise around town but I didn't spot a single doable girl.

    Things were different in Yaounde both as regards SWs and cab cruising for girls (see my report).

    One upmarket place you should visit is Brasilia. Live music, first-rate food, a few girls paid to dance (not naked though). On some nights they mostely play salsa and afro beats, and it is a pleasure to see everyone (including some very sexy and sweaty girls) having the time of their life. Go there on two consecutive days and you may happen upon the day where they mostly play jazzy-whiney tunes and the African magic fails to materialise.

    Strip tease at Printemps (in front of Gogo Dance) and at Chat Noir. No lookers though. Gogo Dance has better-looking girls, though not catwalk quality either.

    I visited the central market ("March central") after hints some sexyly-dressed women used to shop for beauty articles there, but it is mainly a man's world.

    I was scammed by Stephanie (from Gogo) and by Marie from St Pere. I'm sure both were menstruating and still didn't want to pass up. Girls working while menstruating is the world-wide plague of P4P. I sympathize with cultures who put it under heavy punishment (at least flogging, why not hanging).

    This is B from St Peres'. As regards body language during intercourse, a good faker beats a good orgasmer IMO. B was such a good faker she managed to coax spunk out of my lazy cock through latex and without Viagra in my system (look Ma no Viag! This hadn't happened to me for years.

    P.S. All the accents in French get mangled by the Internationalsexguide editor. I replaced them with unaccented "e's".
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    Re: Strip Club

    That previous post about LE Printemps had me intrigued. Since poontang is so easily available in this region, why bother getting all riled up by some naked chix?

    Apart from the ladies of the night who seem to stand at every corner in the city center around the Carrefour de l'intendance, this area is happening. I arrived at 23:30 at the club and followed the description on how to get upstairs. Once you push open the door, a deceptively big looking room with low ceiling (actually, the beams are so low you have to bend and they are protected by foam) awaits. Just to the right of the door is a bar annex, where I spotted suspiciously slutty looking girls. My assumption being correct, as most of them later got on stage. Ordering a coke for 1500 at the bar (with a mandatory beer for the waitress at the same price thrown in), I got offered a lone stool with limited view. Which wasn't a big problem, as I started flirting with said waitress, and waited until the local crooners had finished their karaoke. The waitress came by every five minutes, addressing me directly whether everything was ok. Finally around 01:00 two girls started pole dancing simultaneously, one being the mentioned albino (who previously raced through the club dressed and in a mood as if she owned the place. The other girls was in far better shape, killer bod'and'ass, just too small tits. Anyway, they did their pole tricks which mostly looked like someone had glued a frog to the pole. Then they interacted with the audience by humping a few selected customers. Guess what. Me being the only pale face in the room got selected every time. At least I got to rub some bills on their naked pussies (1000-2000 is fine). Interestingly, the whole scene did not have a seedy feel, as there were many couples and posh ladies in the audience who also enjoyed the close ups, laughing and egging the dancers and customers on.

    Later two other girls took stage, one a rather chunky bit with big melons, the other also slim and toned. Furthermore, one "dressed" lady was roaming the floor, making sure that every customer got to notice her lack of underwear when she ground on them.

    Once I had finished my bottle, I left at 2 am, being harassed by the streetwalkers on the way to the parked car, which had been guarded by the on-street car wash gang. Might come back with friends or chicks to have fun in a raunchy atmosphere.

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    A weekend in Cameroon. Yaounde

    Hi gents,

    Just a short report about a quick trip I took to Cameroon earlier this year in February (better late than never). I landed in Yaounde on a Friday and stayed at the Hilton. I used points for the stay and I was given a room on the executive floor (or whatever the name for their VIP / high-status floor is, I think it was the 8th floor). I think it was legit, because there was a hot shot with his wife staying on my floor and he was being shadowed by two uniformed and armed guards the whole time, and he had an entourage of people waiting to come visit him in the lobby.

    Anyway, after checking in and taking a shower, I set about to explore the town. The receptionist mentioned Club Platinium, which is right down the block from the hotel, so I made my way over. It's a pretty small place, with a dance floor on the center, sofas around the room and a bar tucked at the corner. There is an upstairs level, with more sofas and VIP areas, and kind of a balcony where you can hang out and survey the first floor. I got there around 11.30 pm, but it was still quite empty, mostly a handful of expats and about 10 local girls, most of them seemingly available for the taking. I took a seat at the bar, ordered a drink (5,000 FCFA), and the bartender also gave me some snacks (nuts, and that kind of stuff.). In between making small talk with the bartender, I had the chance to survey the scene. A couple of group of girls were seating at various tables around the room, and there was a somewhat larger group of expats with a couple of local girls in tow. As I was sipping my drink and taking the sights in, a local guy came over to me; now I had seen him give instructions to the waitresses, so I figured that he runs the place or at least works there. He told me to pick which girl I wanted and he would talk to her and close the deal for me. Now, none of the girls was to my liking, so I politely declined his offer and tried to express that I wasn't interested. After about 20 minutes, I was ready for the next spot. So if you want easy pickings, go to club platinium, but be aware that the prices might be inflated. I do have to say that even though I didn't like the girls, a lot of them looked young, I. E. , in their early 20's, which is a nice change from some oldies you tend to encounter in such places.

    Some friends had mentioned Djeuga and Sanza as good options for the night, so I opted to start at Sanza. I took a cab from the Hilton and the driver drove through Hippodrome, where I had the chance to observe some freelancers. Again, no good quality, but then again, we didn't exactly stop so that I could examine the offerings a bit better.

    By the time I got to Sanza, it was about 1 am, and it was definitely very lively. Very nice place with outdoor seating and food, if you just want to relax with a group of friends, and then the club inside with lots of seating (tables and "VIP" areas with sofas) and also a dance floor. The club was packed and people seemed to be having lots of fun, so I did too, just having a few drinks, enjoying the music and checking out the girls. The crowd there is mostly Cameroonians who come out in groups, well dressed and just to have a good time. It might be harder to approach a woman there, since they're usually in mixed groups (men and women), but YMMV, especially if you're an expat.

    After about an 1.5 hour of listening to good music and just people watching, I decided to head to Djeuga, and I arrived there around 3 am. Now the place was somewhat light, with a few groups and then some working girls roaming about. I sat at a table not too far from the bar, off the dance floor and observed people dancing. The waiters were pretty good about clearing the table and offering another drink. A WG came about and tried to make conversation with me. She was not my type, but she had a nice personality, so I entertained her for a bit and bought her a drink. After a while though, she became a bit pushy about trying to get my attention and I had to let her know that I was not interested. I walked away from the table and inched closer to the dance floor where I started dancing a bit. As the night went on, the crowd started thinning even more, and I zeroed in on one girl sitting at the bar alone. I went over and tried to make conversation, but she flat out ignored me. I moved on to the other end of the bar ordered a drink to soothe my ego. I noticed this girl on the dance floor with a a very nice butt, slim waist and an okay face. She seemed a bit tipsy, but at this point I didn't care. I smiled at her, and she barked at me in french, asking why I was looking at her. Undeterred, I motioned her over, and immediately disarmed her by saying that I was trying to get her attention so that I could buy her a drink. That did the trick, as she started smiling and let her guard down. Up close, her face was probably a 6, but her body was definitely a 9 or 10. We did very little talk, only the basic (name, where from, etc), and then she grabbed me to go dance, and boy, could she move her body. After about a couple of songs, I brought her back to the bar to hang out and soon after, I told her I was ready to leave and asked if she wanted to come with me. She asked where I was staying and I said the Hilton, which was only about a 5-minute ride by taxi. She agreed to come along, without any discussion of the price.

    We walked outside the club and grabbed one of the taxis waiting outside; before we left, she took some change out of her purse and gave it to one of the young guys who hang outside the club, and she told me she likes to help those guys. It was a short ride, and when we got to the hotel, the receptionist told us she had to register downstairs for safety reasons. The problem was that she didn't have an I'd, only a receipt showing that she had recently applied for one, which the hotel wouldn't accept. I had to sign a form, to release the hotel of any responsibility arising from her being in my room, which I happily did.

    Back in the room, it was time for a shower, and then some action. She started with some good and slow BBBJ and then we moved to different positions. Her ass was just perfect, and it was a sight to be able to fuck her in doggystyle. After a while, she became dry and my little head took over, which led me to fucking her without a condom (I know, I shouldn't have done it). We went at it in multiple positions for a while, and finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and pulled out and finished on her stomach. At this point, she was beyond tipsy, so she passed out, which was fine by me, because I was also exhausted. I woke her up in the morning, and went at it again, except that I kept the condom on the whole time this time around. She took a shower and got ready to leave. At that point, we had not discussed prices at all, so I just took 10,000 FCA and gave it to her. She took it, said thank you, and went on her way, leaving me a happy man.

    So I'd say if you want a place where you can find girls looking for you, go to the Djeuga, and you'll probably have your pick.



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    Fantastic. That's ass perfection!

    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    She was a kind of nympho.

    When I went down on her she pulled on my ears like they were Obama's in order to steer my face between her legs. She pressed my head hard against her pussy and my lips got bruised against my teeth. When we fucked she wanted to lie flat on her belly with closed legs while I took her from behind. All the while I had to contort myself to finger her from my already precarious posture. A nympho is fun the first time but soon becomes a chore. I don't like frigid cows of course but as far as I'm concerned it is enough for a girl not to dislike what she does and to put on a good show and a good service for me (instead of chasing her own orgasm).

    She'd given birth once so her tits were no longer that great. They were hypersensitive though and she also demanded that I massage them. She told me they'd been damaged by her son because he'd played with them until her was four. I said did you let him suckle until he was four? No she said, but he slept with me and therefore I let him play with my boobs. I later challenged her on this: "you can't fool me", I said. "Tell me the truth, did you sleep with you son because you enjoyed his playing with your boobs". She nodded and chuckled. At least African women are transparent (in spite of their dark skin). Men are often blamed for going after younger women, but females are the genuine peados. Anyway, such a tailend is what I travel all the way to the Cameroons for. I used up my second HIV test kit to be allowed to bareback her / it.

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    A girl I picked up in town (Yadoundé continued)

    She was a kind of nympho.

    When I went down on her she pulled on my ears like they were Obama's in order to steer my face between her legs. She pressed my head hard against her pussy and my lips got bruised against my teeth. When we fucked she wanted to lie flat on her belly with closed legs while I took her from behind. All the while I had to contort myself to finger her from my already precarious posture. A nympho is fun the first time but soon becomes a chore. I don't like frigid cows of course but as far as I'm concerned it is enough for a girl not to dislike what she does and to put on a good show and a good service for me (instead of chasing her own orgasm).

    She'd given birth once so her tits were no longer that great. They were hypersensitive though and she also demanded that I massage them. She told me they'd been damaged by her son because he'd played with them until her was four. I said did you let him suckle until he was four? No she said, but he slept with me and therefore I let him play with my boobs. I later challenged her on this: "you can't fool me", I said. "Tell me the truth, did you sleep with you son because you enjoyed his playing with your boobs". She nodded and chuckled. At least African women are transparent (in spite of their dark skin). Men are often blamed for going after younger women, but females are the genuine peados. Anyway, such a tailend is what I travel all the way to the Cameroons for. I used up my second HIV test kit to be allowed to bareback her / it.
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    From the disco

    Nigerian girl. She was a modern girl, shaven and owning up to having had bisexual contacts. In the course of our conversation she said:

    - "There are no laws in the Cameroons".

    - "What about Nigeria" I said. "Are there any laws in Nigeria?

    - "Nigeria is like America".

    A hard-headed girl. Sagging breasts though, rather in need of a boob job. Five minutes after she left with 30 CFA for a rather short time she knocked again on my door to ask for taxi money. I hate that. She disqualified herself for the next round. She was too "modern" for my African tastes anyway. I like my black meat to be unshaven, sweaty and slightly pissy. If I want scrubbed shaven cunts I can find them over here in the FKKs.
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    Another disco girl

    I didn't do much with this one. Very childish and anxious to go back to the disco. She didn't look as great naked as she did dressed. Some girls are like that. Also she had one of those botched up, protruding navels, a great turn off.
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    Great report! For stay, try the Hotel des Deputes, nominally just three stars, but very decent and technologically surely no more challenged than the Djeuga. Has a pool, too, and pretty much everything is half price compared to the Djeuga. Staff doesn't give a flying shit about who's in your room. I can relate to the "leech" incident, though: the Deputes pool guy tried to hook me up with a young girl and later demanded my payment from her. I am slightly averse to finance pimping studies, so I tricked him off her back.

    The taxi money is a great idea, should try that myself.

    I did not find the girls in Yaounde to be particularly vertically challenged. I hooked up with several between 1,70 and 1,80 m. But I haven't yet been to Douala, maybe it's even better there. Where is that Sanza place? The trick with the dead time between dinner and disco is to head out for dinner not before 10 pm. The boites really only get going way after midnight.

    The Carrefour de l'Intendance (also called Carrefour Campero) really shouldn't be more than two minutes away from the Djeuga by taxi, at the end of Rue Kennedy. I think the taximan took you for a ride.

    Police hassle is still very much in evidence. I have been stopped about 4 times during a 3-week-stay, only once merited due to me telephoning while driving. They will extort 20.000 Francs from a white guy any time.

    For SWs I think you're talking about Rue Elig Efi, separating the Melen and Elig Efi quarters. Students come in all ages, and sizes. I hooked up with a 22 year-old who seemed somewhat of a part-time student, she went into class maybe two days a week. Also, a lot of students may be older than what us westerners are used to, if they've had to negotiate a pregnancy earlier. Some girls are still in school for their Bac aged 23-24.

    Air France is not so bad if it weren't for the layover at CDG, which must be one of the most dreadful airports in the world. I much prefer Brussels. But then, Brussels is usually stopping over in Douala, which adds over an hour to the total flight time outbound.

    Quote Originally Posted by XXL  [View Original Post]
    First some figures (65 000 CFA = 100 euros):

    Djeuga Palace Yaound: 85 000/ day including breakfast (10 000 CFA below list price for a stay over 10 days).

    Hotel buffet dinner: 14 000 CFA.

    Taxi money to street girl for her to come to hotel later: 1 000 CFA.

    Two other discos I didn't check are Club Loft (carrefour Bastos) and Bunker night club (at "rond-point Nlongkak" Carrefour = cross-roads; rond-point = roundabout. Bastos and Nlongkak are good places to eat, unfortunately the discos get going too late with respect to eating hours so you're left with nothing to do in the intervening hours.

    A ten minutes' drive from Djeuga Hotel, the "Intendence" district (in front of the army HQ) has what the locals call "cabarets", with nude dancing. One of them is "Printemps". Have the taxi driver escort you inside, drinks are cheap and there's no cover charge...

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    Another pick

    i liked that crack. i paid her 30k for a sex-only session. i paid her 60k for sex + photo sessions. the lingerie is lingerie i brought along. all the same, it was all i could do to bust a nut. my sex-drive went pretty much flat from day one. age (mine) is not the sole reason for as soon as i resume my routine of work in europe libidinous thoughts and unsollicited erections return to background level. why is this happening to me? is there a book i can read about this? off topic: it seems the report count on this site remains stuck at the same level (520 in my case).

    p.s. i've just found out my camera is missing. it could've been stolen in paris for my suitcase had a "security check transaction" label on it when i retrieved it at final destination. it had the sd card with the other girl's pics in it. come to think of it it could've been stolen by the policewoman who searched my hand luggage when i flew back in yaoundé. she confirep001ed a pair of batteries alleging i was not allowed to have them in my hand luggage. it may have been a diversion for me not to notice she was setting aside my camera. she was rummaging with gloved hands through my belongings in a suspicious way, like she was pursuing a mouse in there, all the time talking to me about how i was carrying so many medecines and what they were for.
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    Yaoundé barebacking fucklet (barebacklet?)

    I picked up this 27 year-old SW on my first evening in the "rue de l'Hippodrome". Not a looker but a nice butt and an especially wicked-looking crack. I'd brought two HIV home-test kits along and I used one one this girl. My aim is to convince a girl to go bareback with me so I only test myself for the girl to see. I don't test the girl. I feed her the garbage that I know she's clean and she's the one who's in danger from an old fart like me. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to bareback another girl for HIV home-kits were not available in Yaoundé (they had been in Douala back then). Next time I'll make sure to bring more kits.
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    Yaoundé, July 2014

    first some figures (65 000 cfa = 100 euros):

    economy flight from eu through paris (af): 984 euros.

    fee for a 6-month multiple entry visa: 200 euros.

    djeuga palace yaoundé: 85 000/ day including breakfast (10 000 cfa below list price for a stay over 10 days).

    hotel buffet dinner: 14 000 cfa.

    downtown taxi ride with hotel cab, one-way: 2 000 cfa.

    one-hour cruising around town in hotel cab: 10 000 cfa.

    taxi money to street girl for her to come to hotel later: 1 000 cfa.

    playmate from disco or sw, whole night: 30 000 cfa.

    two beer at olympic disco: 20 000 cfa.

    cover charge at a downtown disco: 10 000 cfa (one drink included).

    decent meal in town: 6 500 – 10 000 cfa.

    yaoundé airport: no hassle at customs (don't forget to bring along the who yellow fever booklet). the djeuga shuttle was waiting for me. i was the only guest he'd come to pick up. he agreed to wait for some 15 minutes while i negotiated an mtn sim-card with 20 000 cfa on it. i'd brought spare copies of my passport but none were needed. within 30 minutes of landing, i was safely on my way to the hotel equipped with a functional phone number, not bad.

    yaoundé's night-life suffers from the "hangover effect": night-life gets going in mid-week, climaxes on saturday night, then dies down until the middle of next week. sure enough the line up at djeuga's olympic disco on tuesday night was disappointing: only about 13 girls. i was the only pale face in the disco though, so in a sense the m / f ratio was still outstanding. what disappointed me was the type of girls. where were the tall gazelles with exceptional waist-to-hip ratio i remembered from my stays in douala? as i was to learn, contrary to the coastal tribes (douala) the people in and around yaoundé do not grow very tall. thursday turned out to be the best day at olympic's ("ladies night" with between 30 and 40 girls and no more than one or two other white guys. again, the girls were not ugly, just not what i have been looking for in africa. i would describe them as "run-of-the-mill african", the type you would find eg in cotonou. the disco is within djeuga palace so as a hotel guest i paid no cover charge.

    friday night: visited the two other major downtown discos, safari and sanza. many locals present on that day, the next day being a holiday, so m / f ratio less favourable, but this is not so bad since the locals are not in the same league as we are. it's not that they don't pay for girls (some even pay more than we do). rather, it's because our money comes with a green card lottery ticket. even when a girl seems to belong to a clique of locals, if she's available she will steal glances in your direction and regularly gravitate away so that you have a chance of making contact. what i do is i hand over my phone to the girl with "contact-name-phone number" ready to fill in. alternatively, i give my phone to a waiter for him to do the job. i can't hear human speech in discos, so hand phones are the only alternative for me apart from sign language anyway. sanza had first-rate music and a wild atmosphere. i wasn't there for the music but i enjoyed watching people having fun (it reminded me of brazil in the days brazil was still brazil). i was told the kind of music on that day at sanza's was from nigeria. because djeuga's olympic is reportedly the disco with the highest number of girls (and one of my reasons to stay at djeuga's), attendance in those two other discos on mondays and tuesdays would be expected to be low, but i was told sanza had some sort of nude dancing on mondays (not verified). it made sense for sanza to put on a special show on an off-day like monday. two other discos i didn't check are club loft (carrefour bastos) and bunker night club (at "rond-point nlongkak" carrefour = cross-roads; rond-point = roundabout. bastos and nlongkak are good places to eat, unfortunately the discos get going too late with respect to eating hours so you're left with nothing to do in the intervening hours.

    a ten minutes' drive from djeuga hotel, the "intendence" district (in front of the army hq) has what the locals call "cabarets", with nude dancing. one of them is "printemps". have the taxi driver escort you inside, drinks are cheap and there's no cover charge. you will see normal drinking and dancing on the ground floor. walk up the wooden stairs. at the top of the stairs, push open the door to the left and take a seat among the crowd of locals. a big bottle of beer that lasts hours costs 2000 cfa. the place is crowded, sweaty and squalid for our standards but it's worth a visit. when we were there two second-choice, piglet-looking girls were wriggling naked to some nondescript rhythm. if you fancy one of them (you probably won't), she will give you her phone number. come to think of it, is there a single woman in the cameroons these days who will not give you her phone number when asked? what made my visit to this dump memorable was that of the dancers was an albino african, arguably the closest to white trash within reach of those local guys' pockets. albinos have a hard time in africa. they're considered bad omen and often murdered at birth or later. this opportunity to strip as an ersatz white female must be a godsend for that albino woman. talk of nude dancing being "empowering" (instead of "white slavery".

    what's sorely lacking in african cities is eateries or watering holes where girls on the game also drop in from time to time. places where i drew blank were: dolce vita terrace restaurant (a ten minutes' walk from djeuga), black-and-white bar at "carrefour bastos" and the grilled fish restaurant at "carrefour nlongkak". istanbul restaurant at "carrefour bastos" may have some potential though. apart from decent pizzas, i saw two obviously prowling girls there one evening. more importantly, i've seen quite a few girls strolling around in the quarter of a mile between black-and-white, the bastos pharmacy and istanbul restaurant. they seemed to walk to some place but where? club loft disco is nearby but it doesn't get going until several hours later.

    a very good news about yaoundé was the total lack of police hassle. i was not stopped once and didn't see a single police road-block. apparently orders had come from on high for the cops to stop bothering motorists. some change from douala where i would keep movement at night to a minimum for fear of face-offs with ransoming cops. this positive development incentivized me to move around more and might be the reason why i got the impression that street action was more diverse in yaoundé than in douala.

    sws are to be found after dusk in the otherwise deserted "rue de l'hippodrome" as well as in the permanently busy "rue eli-gué-fa" (correct spelling unknown) in the melen district. i'll post a pic of the girl i picked up in rue de l'hippodrome. eliguéfa street is overcrowded even at night and parking is difficult. it's near the university and english is spoken rather than french. girls will be standing discretely behind the ramshackle market stands. they tend to be short, not very sexily dressed, and younger than the other sws in yaoundé, though still way above legal age as far as i could discern. i was told they were university students and therefore didn't dare dress up or advertise their goods too openly. i'm sceptical about their being university students. they looked too much like small-town girls driven to the street by teen pregnancy to be university students, at least as i imagine university students to look like. the taxi told me if you give those melen girls 20 000 cfa they'll feel like princesses.

    one way to put the time to good use during daylight hours is to book a taxi for an hour of cruising. most taxi drivers will love to play "spot the girl" and will be helpful in securing girls' phone numbers. have 1000 cfa ready to give a girl as "taxi money" (in fact as retainer). all girls we tackled in this way eventually showed up. most "hotel taxis" have air-con but even if they didn't, air-con is only really needed in yaoundé when the sun is out. serge was one of the hotel taxi guys with whom i had a good time. he remarked hand phones had tremendously boosted prostitution among african women and who was i to disagree. he would have all sorts of ideas and tips about girls and he seemed to be looking forward to our sorties as much as i did. he correctly predicted that a tall girl we'd accosted would not be as easy as the other ones. she turned out to be a sociology student and indeed wouldn't strip when she first came to see me. i didn't press her too hard though. who said liberal arts studies are worth nothing at all? they still have the power to prevent a cameroon girl from dropping her pants on the first date. wow!

    if you stay at djeuga's beware of rooms with double mattresses that come apart during sleep and especially during play. room 315 was such a room. i asked to be moved and they put me in 617 which still had a double bed but with a one-piece heavy mattress on top, so it functioned as a single unit. buffet breakfast was included in my room price. of course if you linger in the night spots until the small hours you will not want to wake up for breakfast but djeuga's was ok, though identical from one day to the next. on the whole the best food i ate in yaoundé was at the hotel. my stay at djeuga's was marred by one little incident. a senior luggage employee named "thimotée" blackmailed me for a tip after i'd seen off a girl who'd come without i'd. she had been waved in by the security guard after 5000 cfa changed hands. thimotée was incredibly pushy, insisting he had no agreement with the security guard. i reported the incident to management on hotel stationary. a manager called me back and i gave him the facts. this is a reminder that in our hobby we're surrounded by leeches (and a reminder of the poor hotel standards in the cameroons, considering djeuga boasts 4 stars). the girl in question was visibly a 20-something, so there was no age issue. otherwise regarding the hotel there was "only" the usual expected incompetence to report, like my tv in room 617 not working. i guess it will never be fixed. also, in typical african fashion there's no "do not disturb" option. cleaning women will knock at your door for cleaning, then knock again to bring in towels, then knock again to bring the complementary bottle of water, etc. all in all, if i were to spend some time in yaoundé again i would still stay at djeuga's, if only for want of alternatives. the ecobank atm near reception was another plus. i could withdraw 400 000 cfa (610 euros) at one go with a visa prepaid card. i made three such withdrawals on three different days and i remember seeing the atm out of order one day. the transaction fee on my card statement turned out to amount to around 1. 7% which is acceptable for african standards (if you bring in a wad of cash it may be a better idea to spend it before flying home though because yaoundé airport has warnings about exporting undeclared currencies). last but not least, rooms at djeuga have an in-room safe that is dead easy to use (code in, code out). djeuga "generously" allowed me to overstay until 3 pm on the day of my departure, otherwise a whole night was due. luckily i availed myself of the possibility of watching world cup soccer at the hotel bar between 5 pm and 7 pm. otherwise leaving the room at 3 pm with a flight at 11 pm would've been unpleasant. this extra afternoon / day is something to be budgeted for. another thing: djeuga didn't (or forgot to) take an authorization on my credit card or demand a deposit when i checked in. they only asked me to settle one week into my stay. you may not be so lucky. it's best to give a deposit in cash as there's a report in tripadvisor of a frenchman having got his credit card charged twice.

    a general strike had been called for on the monday after my departure in the whole country to protest against the government's plans to scrap fuel subsidies. this may mean higher taxi bills in the future.

    if you fly with airfrance, beware: i was not a trifle put out to find out in paris that my flight was paris-bangui-yaoundé. this meant a 9:30-hour flight instead of the usual 6 hours. this really matters if you have to suffer in economy class. my fault for not paying enough attention when i booked the flight! apparently only the tuesday af flight is through bangui, otherwise they fly direct. a return flight on tuesday might be ok though, as it should be bangui-yaoundé-paris (unverified). i'll be back with some pics for the voyeur-minded.

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    My take on malaria

    I wouldn't travel to Cameroon for short-term stays without prophylaxis. Malarone 1 day before, during the stay and 7 days upon return is the least complicated medication. If you stay long-term it's another matter. You can't take those drugs for months on end. You have to accept to become "malaria positive" so to speak. If you retire or settle in Africa, malaria is something you have to accept. You can live with malaria though. But as long as I'm not staying for good in a malaria country, I want to stay negative. After all, it is a Damocles' sword once you've got it. Even if you carry the antidote in case of an attack, because of the nausea and the high fever you may not be able to swallow any medication, much less keep it inside. An injection is then the only way out and it may not be readily available.

    Dengue is a much more painful matter than malaria, but it isn't much of a problem in the Cameroons I think (it's more of a problem in the Amazon region).

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    Thanks Jack, Jiggy and Golfinho for the input. As usual, I'm going to extrapolate what I want to hear, and so travel without anti-malarials again. I'll be in the cities and Kribbi and Limbe so won't be far from help if I need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten2  [View Original Post]
    I'm thinking of spending a month in Cameroon, mostly on the coast. I've been in other parts of Africa quite a lot in the last couple of years and never take anti-malarials. So far, so good.

    The Bradt guide says malaria is a big deal in Cameroon. Although it may be because the author got it twice during his trip. Is it any worse there than in other countries?
    I'm like you and never take anti-malarials. I don't like the long list of potential side effects. Your daytime infection risk is practically zero and if you care to sleep under a net by night you literally have nothing to worry about. Avoiding to get bitten is still the safest path. I'm claustrophobic, so never sleep under the net and get bitten every night. I caught Malaria twice in the early years of my visiting Africa, but never in the coastal regions, always upcountry. You do really feel sick and will notice straight away, but being treated immediately it doesn't normally pose a serious health risk for a healthy and well nourished adult. Practically every local doctor knows how to diagnose via blood test and to treat it effectively. Your bigger concern is that you develop symptoms at home, where doctors are not as experienced in diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases.

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