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    Gabon visit


    I will be visiting Gabon in two weeks time and was asking about the girls quality there where to find them and how good are they?

    Is there any Lebanese or Moroccan girls there?

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    Hi gents,

    Seems like this thread is all but dead. Trying to infuse a bit of life here. I spent a few weeks in Libreville earlier this year. Nice city, good food, and lots of beautiful women.

    As far as hotels go, I only have experience with LE Meridien, and I can report that it is definitely girl-friendly. Security has a desk by the elevator and will just take the girl's I'd before she goes upstairs. There are even a few pros hanging out in the bar area downstairs and you can certainly have your pick from them.

    I never took a WG, but in general, it's very easy if you're an expat. The best place to find them is Cotton Club, near the Louis neighborhood. The club is full of girls waiting for your attention. The dance floor is somewhat small, and in true African fashion, the girls usually dance in front of a mirror. It's quite a scene to see them shake their stuff. Not sure about prices, but I would say try to keep it under 30,000 FCFA (almost 60 USD).

    Libreville may not be Nairobi or Accra, but if you find yourself there, there should be a way to have fun.

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    Libreville, Gabon

    I was in Libreville for several days and went out to dinner with colleagues.

    I attempted to contact my old Afro contact and one receptionist at the hotel I stayed at in Port Gentil, but I came up empty. However, I saw quite a few attractive ladies but my lack of French, my duties, and my setup were not conducive to being successful.

    I did chat up (as best I could) a receptionist at a hotel near the US Embassy and will likely be successful in hooking up with her when I return.

    Will have to return on my own terms.

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    Erotic Massage

    Any recommendation on erotic massage with HJ in Libreville, Port Gentil or anything? I guess there are no websites for these places. However, I'd like something high-end. I speak French fluently.

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    Action In Gabon

    This thread is quiet, and it must be that the French do not like to share! I observed that Gabon is the French man's playground. Or if you can speak fluent French, Gabon is your oyster! I cannot speak fluent french, and I was bogged down by a lot of work requirements. Lots of work and cannot speak much french, now that is a recipe for late nights and early mornings and not having much fun. But I am happy to report that I scored action in both Libreville and Port Gentil, the party city. Would I go back? Yes, but only after I have taken an intensive course in French and can understand it to the same or better level as I do Spanish (me thinks I need to take a trip to DR or Costa Rica or Colombia!).

    Gabon is still expensive, but you can still find some bargains as it relates to hotels, food, and transportation. The Gabonese girls are not desparate for sex for money, but there are some West and Central African imports that are looking to score some of that oil money. It wasn't until my last night in Port Gentil that I came across some SW's. Not my preferred thing. I also was working on some non-pro action, and scored that back in Libreville.

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    Josette patio


    Can you tell me more about Josette?

    Is she from Cameroon?

    I think I know her.

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    Josette in le Patio bar

    Was about to give up hope in Libreville when a friend invited me to drinks in his hotel; Le Patio, in Qtr Louis. The bar is sparse and my eyes weren't intent for mongering but in walked a SP around 10h30, alone. I actually left the bar as to not draw suspicion from my colleague sleeping there and went down to another bar. Then returned 45mins later and she was still there. Her name is Josette. She's from Nkoltang. Been in Lville for just under 2 years and frequents Qtr Louis establishments.

    Back to my hotel after we agree on 13000CFA. Beautiful full hips but a / be cups at about 155cm. No kissing / DATY for me this time (though it's my favorite) as I wasn't convinced she was DDF. But being in Lville a week, I needed to release. Focused on K9 and lazy K9 to finish in cup. Not the best service but in those positions, you do the work and hold onto those hips.

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    Cost of living

    I'm planing to visit gabon but I hear that the cost of living there is double then europe.

    It's true?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Libreville, Gabon

    Well, there is really not a lot of activity in this forum. Thought I'd add a bit here:


    Have not tested them and only stayed at the Meridien which is a totally overpriced and lousy hotel built in the 60's or 70's and has never seen any update since then. The bad news is. There is not much competition for them in Libreville. Have not seen any hotels of international standard that are newer around here. The good thing: The Meridien is GF so no much hassle to bring somebody, except she'll have to leave her I'd with the security guard over night.


    Most of night life is concentrated in the "Louis" area. Plenty of nightlife venues there.

    La Licorne: Awesome place with the cutest girls ever. Highly recommend. Some expats, not very crowded. The pizza place next to it is quite good.

    Cotton Club: More upscale venue that asks for 5. 000 CFA entry. Great selection of women inside. Seems to be the hangout of the expat community. Bursting with activity on Fridays / Saturdays.

    Tropicana: Right opposite the airport, on the beach. Nice atmosphere, decent food, next to it there is a venue with plenty of girls and music bursting. Beware of burglars though.

    Generally food and drinks are on the expensive side compared to other African countries. But the women are just great. I have had only one I met the first night I stayed here. Decided to stick to her since she was fantastic. Never asked for money. I gave her CFA 10, 000 anyway as taxi money in the mornings.

    Transport: Taxis are crusing back and forth on the main street. Within city limits you pay between 1000-2000 CFA.

    All-in-all, there is not much to do in Libreville and if the girls weren't so hot I'd give it a pass. But they are. So enjoy.

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    Prices in Libreville

    Hi folks,

    I am planning to visit Libreville and was wondering what the going rates for girls are (ST and LT). Would appreciate any recent information as the prices of earlier posts date back 5-6 years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zouk Love
    Guys, I dont know if you had a look at this website but I found interesting places and went to the places described there.

    Thanks for these useful information!


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    Advices on Libreville

    Guys, I dont know if you had a look at this website but I found interesting places and went to the places described there

    I liked the Dorian Hotel, clean, safe area, not that expensive and... a huge mirror near the bed ;-)


    Nice area on the seafront, not very nice rooms but in the week-end, the beach is full of young and attractive girls

    La Licorne

    This club is amazing... 90% of girls ready to jump on your pants to take it off and suck it to the bone
    Beware of young burglers around the club...

    Very nice and tasty restaurant

    I definitely enjoyed Libreville

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    Libreville - Question Answered

    Well folks, I can now answer my own question (post below). The answer is. Absolutely nothing.

    What was once perhaps the gym + sauna at the Laico Okoume is closed and under development by some architectural outfit from Beijing. The website description can best be described as "aspirational".

    Wasnt able to venture further afield. Maybe next time!

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    Hi folks,

    Will be first time in Libreville in a couple of weeks. Been offered accommodation at the Laico Okoume. I note among its facilities the attractions of sauna and massage. Now if I was back in Asia I would know exactly what to expect. But what can I expect here (if anything)?

    Hope to get a chance to "explore" elsewhere, but its always nice to get on-site service for those times when you can't be arsed to venture further afield.

    Also, what is current price guide, and preferred currency, for taking a girl back to your room for an hour or so?

    Many thanks!


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    Interesting website

    I have been across this website in french and english.

    Apparently still making content but interesting info about local life.

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