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    New guy in Kigali!


    First time in Kigali (arrived two days ago).

    Lovely place with stunning women.

    Have hit on a couple from work but no luck yet.

    Anyone with contacts of willing and hots gals?! Please share. Will update + share as well (when I get lucky).


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    Travelling to Kigali

    Hie guys,

    I am travelling to Kigali in a week. Can someone please PM some numbers of some good girls in Kigali.


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    Does anyone knows a good fuck, squirting girl? Please no street hookers. I'm staying for a couple of days over here.

    Kindly send pics and number on PM box.



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    For more information, please read:

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    In Kigali

    Any suggestions in town? Good massage or cute women?

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    In town tomorrow.

    Any cute contacts or places to go?

    Any good massage places?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NipeKitu  [View Original Post]
    Hello mongers,

    If you are looking to get laid in Rwanda I have contacts and pics for horny wet and willing Rwandan girls.

    Inbox me if you looking to visit the Country of Thousand Hills.
    Would you give the number on [Telephone Number deleted by Admin], thanks.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited or deleted to remove personal telephone numbers. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhizzKid  [View Original Post]
    Arrived for a couple of nights in Kigali. Checked into Gorillas City hotel which turned out to be totally GF. Wandered down to Milles Collines around mid-evening for a drink. A few girls in the bar area but nothing that really grabbed me. However on leaving bumped into tall slim girl from Burundi who had been refused entry by security because she was dressed too sexy . We went back to my hotel for a few hours. Excellent time. I have her number if anyone needs it via pm. Next day had a visit from a girl I had met via a contact site and had a great time. So far Kigali is proving to be very productive

    Would you give me the number of the Burundian.

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    Rwandese girls contact numbers

    Hello mongers,

    If you are looking to get laid in Rwanda I have contacts and pics for horny wet and willing Rwandan girls.

    Inbox me if you looking to visit the Country of Thousand Hills.

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    Any good places to go in Kigali? Any good contact for cute women?

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    A night in Kigali


    I arrived in Kigali on a Monday night. I let the taxi driver from the airport convince me to go to Sky Hotel (also called Eminence hotel). Ended up getting a room there for $50/ night, but changed my mind after I saw many reviews on Trip Advisor about thefts at this place. I ended up going to Stipp Hotel ($115/ night, after negotiation). Nice place, with a restaurant / bar by the pool. Girl-friendly in the sense that you don't have to go through the reception to get to your room. Only issue is that it took forever for a cab to get to the hotel after they called for one.

    I left the hotel around 11.30 pm, first to try to get some food. Stopped by a couple of restaurants, but they were all closed. Stopped by the bar at Hotel Mille Collines, but they said the kitchen was closed. I noticed there were at least 6 WGs at the bar, some looking pretty nice. I ended up going to Carwash where I was able to get some grilled meat (nyama choma); no woman in sight though. With my stomach stuffed, I decided to check out some of the places I read about on this forum; I don't remember where I went, besides Papyrus, but most places were empty. Eventually, I made my way to KBC / Planet night club, and it sure didn't disappoint. Quite a few girls there, got approached by a few, but politely declined. I noticed a stunner come in later on though: tall, curvy, dark skin with a nice smile. I saw her checking me out a couple of times, and I just bid my time, playing pool. Her friend tried to start a conversation with me, but I kept my distance. I finally stopped her and started chatting with her. Her name is R, probably mid to late 20's. She told me she saw me at Mille Collines when I stopped by earlier. We danced and flirted a bit, and she was still playing the good girl. I had learned my lesson from Tanzania, so I started negotiating prices. Eventually we settled on 30,000 Rwf.

    Back at the hotel, we took a shower together and she started with a BBBJ in the shower. Her body wasn't as great once she took out her clothes (a bit of a bump), but I was happy with it. We went through multiple positions, including a very enthusiastic ride on her part -she could really ride!

    The weird part was that she wanted me to pay again for a second shot, I guess I should have mentioned that in the negotiation. Anyway I relented and I think we agreed on 40,000 Rwf for an additional shot. We went back at it, and it was just as fun. I finished on her breasts and she was definitely naughty. After a while, she called a taxi and took off soon after.

    All in all, I'd say she was a lot of fun and had a good attitude, except for the part where she tried (and succeeded) to milk more money from me. I have her contact details if anyone needs them.

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    Anthing happening in Kigali?

    Hi gents,

    I'm planning a trip to Kigali, and was wondering if any punters have had recent experiences there-I noticed the last report on this thread was published months ago. I'll be happy to share my learnings when I get back.


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    Need Numbers

    I will be in Kigali for a week early May. I have a certification to pass when I get back to the US. I won't have a lot of time to chase women. Can someone PM few numbers that I can use. I will be staying at Chez Lando, not sure if there are plenty of girls there.

    PS: I can go to places like KBC, but since I am black I don't stand out in the crowd. I won't get girls chasing like they will for any other foreigner. My type is thick with a nice ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinjuku  [View Original Post]
    Girl-friendly and really convenient location. Walking distance to hotel Milles Collines and a 1, 000rfw moto to KBC.
    90$, they got crazy in East Africa regarding Mzungus prices.

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    Actos guesthouse

    Girl-friendly and really convenient location. Walking distance to hotel Milles Collines and a 1, 000rfw moto to KBC.

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    Back in Kigali. 3 pix.

    Back in Kigali. 3 pix.

    Came to Kigali again after more than a year, had my girl S. 21 years old. S. With whom I kept contact from last time. The tall Tutsi girl, who pretended to be an orphan, but most probably is not at all. But I don't know, sex along with a girl with whom conversation and discussion is low, always is leading to sack her after a while. And I seem to feel my age. 60, ejaculation does not give any more this crazy kick then decades before. The boy gets hard, but coming is not easy. Anyhow took some photos shots of this cutie.

    Thursday, last in night in Kigali, at least once I wanted to check nightlife. Passed at Milles Collines Hotel, some girls there but not in good shape. Continued to KBC (Kigali Business Center) and Planet night club. Going by taxi (3000) or motorbike (1000Rws, =1, 1)? Opted to spoil myself, it was also I little cold, country of thousand hills. I stood alone on the street next to the Indian Restaurant. A car approached. 6000 Rws to take me there. '[CodeWord140] off' I told him and took the next motorbike Taxi which passed for 1000. Some people already stayed at Planet at 11pm. But I was not going for a girl, just sitting on the sofa and enjoying reggae music with DVD screen and this new kind of African music, quite good, different this music style than 20 years ago. No idea how this music is called, a mix between ZOUK and R&B? One petit called Julia approached and was sitting next to me. She was not in a rush, I was not really receptive but after 15 min she squeezed my balls endlessly and made my prick hard while I was listening to the music. She also had a perfume I liked. She was hot sucking my fingers, I fucked her mouth with my finger, she tried to kiss me which was not for me (I don't kiss street girls unless they are young 18 and look innocent and clean). Actually I planned to be alone that night, but lets see how my mood will change. Also I don't want any disappointment from a girl with a mean character, so only when the feeling would come to really miss a hot girl, I would change my mind.

    She caressed me shamelessly for hours on the sofa in the not so dark corner, stimulated my hormones of happiness, actually quiet obscene, putting even her mouth on my trouser near my cock and biting me there. We danced, just cute everything. So she got me, we left at 2 in the morning. 30. 000 she asked. She disliked to take photos in the room, Sex was hot with her. She enjoyed my prick between her titties, and she was keen sucking me. I pounded her, then I came in her mouth actually she was keen on my sperm and she wanted to swallow with a gorgeous smile. I told her 'U are a crazy girl', 'No' she replied 'just a stupid girl'. Nice character but little crazy. She has a boy 5 years old. She came under the blanket, but after some hugging she asked permission to go. Fine for me as I had to get up at seven, and we had ugly beds pushed together anyhow. Why these girls never wash there pussy? Either before sex nor after she went not to the shower, same with S. 2 days before.

    Huu. 25 years she is, some scars on her body from bike accident. She did not count money. But a girl who loves to gulp and gobble my sperm with a smile, I will always remember her and miss her in a certain sense.

    Would have loved also to see the Burundi girl mentioned by WhizzKid, but could not PM in time.

    Ok, enough writing for this morning at 7am. My plane to Mombasa will leave next night 2 o'clock in the morning. Some great music station on TV: NTV2 african musique clips non to 24 hours. Oh Mandela died last night.

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