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Thread: Uganda

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    Neddy you the Man!

    Inspiring! Enjoy those ghetto chicks.

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    Good report!

    Hi Neddy,

    Good report!

    The south Sudanese girl was Dinka or Nuer (very very tall and dark)?

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    The great EA Shag Tour Kampala. Kabalagala update

    As I am down with a case of mild flu, perfect time to note down my impressions. Kabalagala as defined by me, that means pick up area runs roughly from Ggaba. Muyenga Road junction down along Ggaba Road through Kansanga and Soya on one side and up a bit Muyenga Road. This stretch contains De Posh and Capital Pub as well as the other two joints surveyed called Vision Congo and Robot Bar (was misspelled Rocket bar).

    Lets start with Capital. For me the prime pickup spot. While of course there are the hardcores which are here every day. Easily recognized by aggressively pursuing you and shake the ass and dress fancy, they are old by african standards. I can't be bothered with. But. I pay some drinks and befriend them, and they point out fresh meat to me. There is 2 types of fresh meat. Once the fresh muzungu who has no idea about prices and falls easy prey to the hardcores. On the other hand fresh young black meat. For me that is the age group 18 to 23 years more or less. How to identify them. They act rather shy and will usually not discuss prices. They are not dressed up. Some of them do not have even a working phone. Let alone a smart phone. This is the kind of chica I am aiming for. My sweet 19 y/o fell in that category. I was lucky but. She had no phone. I gave her my number. She never contacted me. What a pity. Disappeared in dead ground. I sorely miss her. The second sweet shag I had, was my South Sudanese chica. More like semipro. Hangs out playing pool. Had a blast. Damage 30.000. Will repeat.

    SWs. There is ugly ones of course. Loads of chicas filter in and out of clubs. Just walk junction area GGaba Muyenga Rds. But I found a gem squeezed in tight shorts and bra 2 sizes too small. LOL. Took telephone number. Fixed date for next afternoon for more shagging power. Again major comms hickup. The phone was her sisters. Comms is sometimes a real Pain in de A.... But. eventually date worked out. Very sweet, wanted to stay overnight, real nice and attentive good service. 20 years huge but slightly wobbly boobs, nice to play with. Came several times, I shot two loads. Perfect 2 hours spent in the afternoon. Started with 30.000. Slight complain. Ok baby you were really good. upped a tenner to 40.000 ugx. Sent her happy on her way. Will repeat. But. I hv a tall rwandese/kenyan mixed bred on my waiting phone list.....
    Tagged. Worked out to be total disappoint. The 2 sweet potentials I have been chatting with since Kenya. blablabla. Oh baby I use ONLY PRIVATE HIRE . I dont use public transport.... EEEH WTF. Oh baby its just 100.000 ugx from Entebbe. I blocked the golddiggers and told them to look for stupid tourists and UN types.... WTF. 100.000 for transport only??? In fact I never made good experience on social networks. I am an avid street hunter. Just sit somewhere on the street corners surrounding Kabalagala where the chicas come out from the not so well to do areas.... Loads of them. I didnt even start to work off my list of telephones collected that way.....

    I was stunned by numbers of eritrean refugees around here. Loads of shaggeable chicas. No need to go to Eritrea any more. You can shag yourself through Asmara right here.
    Now down to my impressions about the second hotspot down Ggaba Road. Deuces... I went in only one time. Empty. Next time I went in in the morning a few drunkards and ugly leftovers from last night were there. So I am not willing to invest a lot of time in there wait for 4 am in the morning for the drunk leftovers of last night. Loads of regular chicas to be picked up during the day. Just walk down ggaba road for coffee. If you see something nice which smiles at you. STRIKE. Takes about 15 seconds to take the phone number.... And then phone her up for a date....
    This is my preferred strategy. I am the classic big game hunter. I am not going for some lame expired prey like a hyeana. I am a Leopard.... Strike and disappear in the dark.....
    Who will venture soon in the unexplored areas of Kansanga and Soya.... Loads of ghetto chics with baseball caps and single mothers to hunt down.

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    Muyenga Road.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balanitico  [View Original Post]
    Hi Neddy,

    Where you found this club?
    Very easy. Its near capital pub. By walking. The name is Vision Congo. And the name of the other joint is Rocket Bar. Good Khat there. The atmosphere is like in the movie blade runner. Hehe. And loads of SWs. Took number of a sweet 20 y/o with big boobs and tiny waist. And they are very happy if you give them 30.000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neddy69  [View Original Post]
    Friday I slept in. During afternoon I found a Congolese club.
    Hi Neddy,

    Where you found this club?

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    Nice ass from one of my contacts

    Received on whatsapp.
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    The great EA shag tour. Kampala The heart of darkness

    Time to update what was up the last 2 nights. Thursday I went to Deuces on GGaba road. Absolute dead. Devoid of people. The security told me it's filling up after 4 oclock in the morning?? Eeh. Had a warm Bell and listened to old school 80's Songs. I always feel in a time warp. Africa is stuck in the past. An old Schwarzenegger movie was on. Oh tempos passados. I love it. I the say Deuces is past its prime.

    My Intelligence sources tell me there is loads of places you can pull poor university chicas. I went to Pyramidm nice outdoor African joint. Now Shishas hookahs are very popular. Nice place but little in terms of pickup. I moved back with taxi bus to Capital. Loads of chicas. Took number of a sweet tall rwandese chica. Thursday is a good day. Found a nice south Sudanese girl. She is a good snooker player. Paid a drink. Than I asked where I can buy Miraa leaves. To chew a bit. We went to a nearby totally african joint. Down and absolutely dingy. That place is only 50 metres from Capital. I am quite sure I was one of the first white man in there. Nice bongo and dancehall tunes. Got on the pisser. Hookers filter in and out of that place. Dirt cheap. Khat sets you back 2500. A Hookah which can be filled with stuff to your liking 5000. Bell 4000. Had a blast until 5 o'clock in the morning. Took number of my SS chic. I call you. Later. Totally wasted.

    Friday I slept in. During afternoon I found a Congolese club. Time to improve on my French skills. Live band was on. Cover charge 5000. Live lingala band. Loove that joint. And sure enough. I saw slim Congolese sharply dressed MILF. Pulled her over. Sat besides me. I chat away in French. We really hit it off. SHE paid 2 bells for me. WTF. This chica has pesa. We enjoyed each other on the dancefloor. Some dumbass NGO types spoiled the dancefloor. Annoying. My sweetheart got tired. Sure babe let's move to my squeaky clean guesthouse room. This is basically a 50 $ room. But I pay 10 $. We hit it off. I gave her good DATY. And in the morning. Money for transport. 50.000. And I have loads on waiting list. South Sudan. Eritrea. Uganda. Congo. Ruanda. WTF. I ll move headquarters from Gambia. She promised to get me a Congolese visa.


    Who practiced a lot French this night. And Lyonnaise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balanitico  [View Original Post]
    I was in both Mombasa and Kampala. I agree totally with you.

    Can I ask more info about Chez Johnson hotel? Is it girl friendly? Do they complain if you have different women every day? Do they have safe in the room? Otherwise do they accept to take in their office your money and valuables?
    No. The chez Johnson is a crappy run down joint. But quiet and close to the action. What you do is stay 3 nights and walk in the area. There is lots of new squeaky clean hotels and guest houses. Let them show you the room.

    In these places taking chicas is no issue. Most of these places do not have safes. I have my own safe. Its an old banged up aluminium suitcase than you buy a padlock and a chain. And chain it to the bed or another suitable furniture. NEVER deposit valuables at an African hotel. In Kenya they steal from deposited cash envelopes. And some hotels in Kenya ask to declare my valuables. So the employees know if its worthwhile to rob from you. I never write anything. Hehe. I only have emergency cash around 500 $ which I don't use. I accept bad Exchange Rate and pull out money only with my visa credit card. Stanbic bank doesn't hit you with a surcharge. Good bank. The ATMs are old NCRs but they work. I never pull more than equivalent of 200 $. When that's used up I pull the next. Hey that's all you really need. Visa card and passport. I had hidden pockets made in Nanyuki. Velcro closure passport size. Sewn on the inside of my trousers.

    Who had yet to find a non GF hotel in Africa...
    And BTW another long term Swiss resident was killed yesterday in Mtwapa.. Eyes gouged out... And Bamburi Beach Resort burned down to the ground my Intelligence tells me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neddy69  [View Original Post]
    Don't understand why people bother with that Sh. Hole in Kenya. Here little crime. No Tourists being killed like Kenya. All security are armed here. At least with an SMLE or semi automatic rifles and shotguns. Only the city council needs to improve on non existing Street lighting.
    I was in both Mombasa and Kampala. I agree totally with you.

    Can I ask more info about Chez Johnson hotel? Is it girl friendly? Do they complain if you have different women every day? Do they have safe in the room? Otherwise do they accept to take in their office your money and valuables?

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    The great EA shag tour. Kampala

    Don't do what I did. I arrived late afternoon on Monday by taxi bus on the old Taxi stage. For a 100 km 3 hrs. Traffic jam at its finest. Took private hire. At least I stuck in traffic in style. 5 km one hour. Now I know why everybody is using bodaboda. I spoke to the driver. 20 to 30 bad accidents a DAY. That's about 10.000 a year. Ripped off legs. Cracked heads. The hotel I stay right now is dingy. But cheap. Called Chez Johnson. Besides Kenrock. But I found a cosy guesthouse nearby with big new rooms. And it's quiet! I ll move tomorrow. For 50.000 ugx a night. Tuesday I moved on foot to recon the area. Cheap eateries hotel survey. And the joints mentioned over and over again in ISG. Surveyed Kabalagala. Then moved on foot to town centre. To hunt a bit. Had a bite at javas. Than had espresso at the famous rock garden. And sure enough while walking something Sweet with long dreads caught my eye. I asked for taxi bus stage to Muyenga. And the sweet thing took my by the hand and walked me to the station. Of course as a gentleman I took her Mobile number for later reference. Hehe. In the evening I went to check out De Posh. As the name said. Posh. Not my cup of tea. After I went to Capital pub for a Bell. I like that place down and dingy african joint. Some expired hookers played pool. Out of boredom and intelligence gathering I invited one. We had a good chat on sexual practices like Katchiabaly and Labia elongation. The girls are send to their aunt at age 13 to get proper training how to please a man AND themselves. And than. I saw her. Tall slim 19 y old. WTF. Agreed on 50.000 ugx ST. Vamos chica. I had a blast. Sucked in 69 on her elongated pussy lips. Be Cups and an Ass to die for. I went to heaven. And than she came and squirted on my bed. Kampala is kind to me. And I didn't even tap into my Tagged line up. Here is like Duck shooting. Don't understand why people bother with that Sh. Hole in Kenya. Here little crime. No Tourists being killed like Kenya. All security are armed here. At least with an SMLE or semi automatic rifles and shotguns. Only the city council needs to improve on non existing Street lighting.


    Who is off to a flying start. And rest assured. This time. I will tour the ghettos and unknown areas of Kampala. Not to write the 1000th report about capital and de Posh. Boring tourist haunts.

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    The ass of another one.

    Attached the ass of a girl from capital pub.
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    Some photos of my trip

    Attached some photos of my last trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil1687  [View Original Post]
    Hi Balanitico,

    Do you recommend Kenrock? How are the facilities and distance from the clubs?


    Clubs of Kabalagala can be reached also walking. Facilities toot (cash point / super market / chemistry / restaurants).

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    The great EA shag tour. Somewhere on the lake Victoria.

    After gruelling journey the bus dropped me on a dark dingy roundabout in the middle of nowhere. I went to a well lit Fuel Station nearby. The security was armed with an AK 47? Is this Iraq or what? Taxi nowhere to be seen. Only boda boda. What can you do. Either I die or survive. Through dim lit streets we reached my hotel which I found on Jumia. WTF. Gorgeous. Big terrace overlooking lake Victoria. Room with breakfast for a song. Went out to a local pub. As usual the only white man. Uganda versus Egypt was on. Mostly male revelers. I didn't expect too much. When I went to the loo. A chica passed me. Eeeh? Said I need massage. But too late she was already taken by another black brother. He paid chicken and chips. 20.000 ugx. I was about to take off. Outside. I looked left. And there she was. Sharon a 1. 42 m tall slim spinner with see! Cups No kid. I need massage. Ok give me 30.000 ugx. Vamos chica. I spare the details. Only as much. White jizz looks good on a slim black belly. I had an interesting night. And that's only for starters. In the town there is loads of clubs. And loads of chicas in dire need of financial assistance. And. No white monger in sight. And especially no overpaying dumba. S tourists. That's why details about the town and complete lists of clubs will only go to senior members and only PM. I don't want the place to be spoiled. And in any case. It's only for the hard core African monger. Who doesn't shit in his pants being the only white man in town. And is not afraid to use boda boda. The place I went today is like casuarina. Only. Devoid of overpaying white tourist mongers.


    Who found another unspoiled Shangri la.

    And still 9 clubs to go. That's why I ll spend more time in this cosy town.

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    Execellent report

    Hi bro,

    Excellent and well written report.

    Quote Originally Posted by Balanitico  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    I would report about my second trip in Kampala. Wow! This is an amazing city and girls are so simple!

    I traveled using Egypt air and I arrived to Entebbe in the night.

    I was at hotel kenrock in Kabalagala. At 8 in the morning I had the firs visit from the first girls found on badoo.

    She arrived, she removed clothes and I immediately fucked her bareback until to creampie her, then in the early afternoon we fucked again until to leave her.

    Damage was 80.000 + food + a pair of shoes.

    In the night I went to capital pub for meeting a girl from Tanzania. Then we went to the hotel and we fucked (this time no bareback)..

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