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    Trip Report Kampala Dec. 16 to 11 Jan. Part V

    2 Jan Today after my morning session with Suzan I am slated to meet up with a new girl I have been chatting with off of Afro. Nansubuga met her and thought she was nice. Smelled nice and clean, but her hair was in need of care and her teeth not so attractive. If I have no go to girl next week, I would call her up for a quickie even though she doesn't want to be a one-night stand. Oh well!

    3 Jan After not getting any action Wednesday night, and my girl Olivia making a brief stopover that did not permit us to have any action time together, I decided to finally head out and check out the night life in Kabalagala. Yes, this was my first time venturing out to Kabalagala at night time. I went straightaway to Capital Pub and arrived there just after 2 AM (yes that is outside of the sweet spot, but I still spied quite a few nice ladies). I rebuffed a couple of earlier come ons and selected a chick that looked nice wearing some short shorts and high heels (I would later discover that what you see in the club is often better than it appears outside of the club, kind of like the side view mirror statement that says objects are closer than they appear). Before I proposed leaving with her, I said I would give her between 10, 000 and 20, 000 UGX depending on how I like her. I bought her a drink and she gave me a lap dance and also tried to kiss me (not too keen on that; she also managed to get lipstick on two spots of my shirt). As we were leaving, I contemplated just checking into a nearby guesthouse, but decided against it since I wanted to capture this at least with photos (I did not have my camera on me at the time). So hop a boda boda which was actually quite a bit of a ride from Kabalagala to my hotel in Nankulabye. Back at my place by 3:30AM and after a quick shower, we hit the sack for some action. She was game but was hesitant to perform a proper BJ and I only performed a perfunctory DATY just so I could snap a photo of those elongated pussy lips I have encountered with every Ugandan chick I have bedded here. What I mean by perfunctory is I kissed her stomach, blew hot air on her pussy, and positioned my chin as pictured just so I could snap that photo. On with the jimmy cap and inserted for some hard banging. I snapped a few pics while engaged in the action and finally decided to blow my load. We got cleaned up with a after-sex shower and then napped out until about 8:30AM when I roused her and kicked her out. I gave her 20, 000 UGX plus 4, 000UGX for transport, and she tried to protest and demand 30, 000 UGX. I restated what I had said at the nightclub about the 10, 000 to 20, 000 UGX and merely gave her a couple of 200UGX coins I had lying around. This satisfied her and out the door she went. Now I know why I don't bother with going out to night clubs as my entire day was hell. I was dragging seriously due to the disrupted sleep pattern. I still went on my daily fitness run, but it was quite a laborious experience I hope to not repeat. Besides, why venture out when I have satisfactory hookups I have been rotating through?

    4 Jan I welcomed Irene back for a weekend bang. Nothing different to report.

    5 Jan Repeat of the previous day. I attempted to go up the Hershey highway, but she could not handle it so I stopped. I did note that the odor I kicked up would have probably made the experience not so pleasant for me.

    6 Jan Irene indicated she was planning to stick around with me until Tuesday, but I was not in agreement with that plan. So I told her she should go home today. She protested but I stood my ground. While she was in my presence, I was continually getting calls from my other girlfriends, and she suspects I fuck them. I don't care. No sooner had she left did I get a text from the chica I had picked up on the street during the daytime asking if it was fine to come over in about an hour or so. I replied that it was fine and she made it over by 4PM. She works during the day just like Irene, so she could not spend the night with me. She said she would have to be leaving for home by 7:30PM so I didn't waste any more time. I put my laptop on hibernate mode, and as I was doing that, she removed her blouse. When I saw her looking all sexy in her pink pushup bra, washboard stomach, skin tight jeans and painted toe nails, I immediately broke out my video camera and started filming her. I had her strike a few poses and undress. Then I set it up to record the action and away we went. It was a nice, short (30 minute) session and first time I did not go up her Hershey highway (which was quite pleasant the last two times, but more so the second time). I got her ready with kisses and a little DATY before entering her in missionary position. I came so close to coming several times, and once went just a bit too far as I felt myself about to cum as I lay still on top of her still inside of her. Being the responsible gentleman I am, I withdrew and let that bit of cum go on her stomach and pubes. A quick few strokes on her pubes to empty the sperm out and wipe on her bare skin, then I reinserted into her to continue the session. I was so tempted to just remain like that but wanted a bit of variety like always. So flipped her into doggy and banged away. I was able to go for quite a few minutes before I increased the tempo and came on her butt.

    7 Jan No action as I got my fitness program back on track after taking the weekend off. However, I met Val from Afro and also had my Afro girl Suzan Ritah surprise me at my hotel room while Val was sitting on the bed. We were just talking but I figured Suzan would have a fit if I let her in. Besides, she was supposed to come by the next day, not that night. Oh well, that minor snafu won't seriously impact my pussy getting ways.
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    Trip Report Kampala Dec. 16 to 11 Jan. Part IV

    now i will be playing santa tomorrow. i will see how far santa can get with this afro beauty who requested an iphone for christmas (i merely obtained an inexpensive but nice phone from overstock. com). well it is time to hit the hay as i have to go for a good long run tomorrow before donning my santa suit.

    deborah (afro) 27 dec i got up early and spent the morning doing some work. by the time i was finished, it was nearing 10 am, so i decided to have breakfast and then immediately go for my long run. i had arranged for an afternoon meeting with one of my afro connects. i am not sure of the exact distance, but the route i ran took me over an hour to cover going at a good clip, but with a few stops due to traffic, hills (steep grades cause me to attack hard to reduce impact on calves but tires me out after a few hundred meters) , and water break. i believe i will need to run this track a bit earlier when it is a bit cooler and less direct sunlight as the heat made it quite difficult to finish up strong as i had desired. i wrapped up workout with some calisthenics, pushups, and sit-ups. then i spent some of the day touching base with a number of ladies i have yet to meet but want to meet. one in particular was shaping up but fell through when she said my place was too far and suggested we meet downtown. unfortunately, i was too pooped from my long run and recent fuck session with deborah to oblige that suggestion. when she said she would come but would bring her sister, i decided against that and suggested we meet some other day. deborah is an girl i corresponded with on afro last year but did not meet. prior to coming to africa, i also established contact with her using whatsapp, and she requested i get her a samsung smartphone when i come over. now i had ordered two inexpensive generic phones from overstock because one other lady [irene] had requested one and i thought it might be a good idea to have an extra on standby. now i have a samsung smartphone, but it is the 2 year old version. i am used to the african ladies asking for the world and settling for a token gift, so i never considered getting her what she actually requested. however, that as well as subsequent actions on her part let me know that she uses her feminine assets to work a number of guys in getting some of what she wants. for example, on christmas day, she texted me on whatsapp and sent me a photo of her in just a bra and panties after just taking a shower, and she asked me do i like them on or off? now that was not even solicited on my part, but i played along. deborah was supposed to come over at 3pm, but she called me around that time when it was raining a bit and said she would be a bit late. she also said she wanted to take a taxi and hung up. then she called back and said she was hungry and wanted some food and tea. i then checked my whatsapp and she had asked if she could take a cab. now i am aware that taxi vans are the cheapest form of transportation, followed by boda boda, and that cabs are the most expensive way to get around via public transport. i didn't respond to it, but she came that way anyway. the difference is that taxi vans would cost around 2, 000ugx to get to most places in the city. 3 5, 000ugx by boda boda, but this cab fare cost me 30, 000ugx. tack on 10, 000ugx for boda boda and taxi fare to get her home, but at least i was spared buying her dinner since she showed up over an hour later. i had an emergent work issue to address when she arrived, so we got around to getting on each other about an hour later. she was clean but the pussy had that vaginitis smell, so i did not entertain going down on her. she gave me a precursory bbbj, then i donned a condom and started to tap that pussy. when she had arrived, i had noted she had a very protruding derriere, so i wanted to see that in doggystyle. i also wanted to see how far i could go and see if i could make it two days in a row of tapping some ugandan ass! alas, she was somewhat open to it but couldn't even take even the smallest bulb of the icicle i had brought with me to prepare some ladies for anal. the exertion from my run and her attempts to control the way and depth at which i banged her made me lose my erection. when i finally got it back up, i took control and put her in doggystyle and banged away until i lost my load. a quick washup and then i was bidding her goodbye. i had wanted to hit some clubs that night but i was too wiped out to really enjoy the pursuit, so i turned in early for the night. i won't be seeing deborah again.

    28 dec revisit from irene and now she is open to anal.

    29 dec girlfriend sex with irene.

    30 dec no action due to aunt flo visiting irene.

    31 dec 1 jan no action on new year's eve though i did meet up with zaitun, my afroi i hooked up with for several days last year (she was disappointed she would not be spending the night with me). we merely talked about life the past year and had some good ugandan food. i received a call from olivia that she was at my hotel, so i finished up eating and parted ways with zaitun. i went back to hotel and met up with olivia. since it was early evening, i needed to take a nap before heading out for the new year festivities. i ended up napping for 2 hours and then we both took a shower and headed to sheraton kampala to take in fireworks show. however, the line to enter the sheraton grounds was outrageously long, stretching all the way along the long road and down around the traffic circle toward speke hotel. there appeared to be a shorter line, and i presumed that was the vip entrance. so we just walked among the throng of people on the road that runs by speke (the road was blocked off to traffic) and saw that the line to enter rock garden was quite short. so we entered rock garden without too much delay and trouble, got some non-alcoholic drinks and passed the time until 2013 struck. the firework show put on by sheraton put the serena firework show to shame. after the firework show was over, we danced a bit and then exited rock garden about 40 minutes into the new year as i wanted to avoid any encounters with drunken drivers. we got back to my hotel safely and then it was on. i got her primed and then banged away in mish before flipping her to doggy style. i snapped a few pictures and also recorded some footage of me banging her pussy. then i attempted to insert myself up her ass, but it was a bit tighter. so i broke out my icicle and double tipped 12 inch white boy rubber dildo. yeah, i got some laughs whenever i pulled that bad boy out! i pushed the lubed up dildo into her vagina and the icicle into her ass. i could only get about 4 of the glass balls up in her. then it took me about 5 minutes to finally hit 'pay dirt. ' i had been on the verge of busting my nut while banging her pussy, but the long delay in gaining access to her tight brown eye meant it would be awhile before i came (good for me, but bad for her). she took it like a champ and stayed in place. i worked it slowly and varied pace until i felt myself on the verge and pumped like a madman and came deep inside her. this time, there was not a hint of brown residue on my tip. got cleaned up and then went to sleep for a few hours until she had to leave at 7 am for home. she surprised me with a call later in the day to let me know she was thinking about coming over that night (not good since i had suzan over at the time). so i begged off until the next days and made up a plausible excuse for her to not come over.

    suzan had texted me earlier in the day to say i was not being fair to her (i had pushed her away when aunt flo visited since we couldn't fuck and she was not open to anal). so i said come on over. she came over and we went out for dinner. before heading out, the power went out, so the place i had originally wanted to go i decided against since the inside was very dark and i like to see my food. the other roadside joints had not yet fired up their grills so we walked on down the street until we reached a place that had power. i ordered some chicken and chapat. not the best rendition of either but it hit the spot. suzan said she knew of a place in wandegeya that served good chicken and chapatti. so we hopped a boda boda (2kugx) and checked it out. unfortunately, tuesday was not a chicken day, so i just sampled the chapatti (definitely worthy of a revisit). we hopped a boda boda to head back to my hotel and for the first time, i was seriously concerned about the boda boda driver. apparently he was low on fuel as the motorcycle was sputtering for a short distance before he pulled into a fuel station. but even after that, i felt like we a bit out of control, just missing pedestrians and running up on vehicles. i was so glad when we safely reached our destination. just after dismounting the cycle, suzan told me that the driver was drunk. man, i have got to be more careful in selecting the boda bodas i hop on as i want to fly out of nairobi in february in first class, not casket class.

    i had another porno worthy session with suzan, busting 3 nuts before going to sleep. my fitness plan is starting to pay off as i was able to maintain my erection so long without the aid of viagra or cialis. a fourth was possible but i knew it would be a long time before i came the 4th time, so i just decided to turn out the lights. the 4th session would take place the next morning, and it was similar to the last marathon morning session i had with suzan.
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    Trip Report Kampala Dec. 16 to 11 Jan. Part III

    22 and 23 Dec no action as I needed to recuperate from the December 21st marathon session as well as some long runs I went on, going up against some of the steep, long hills around the Kampala / Makerere / Bwaise / Nakulabye area.

    Christmas Eve day I was able to get good night's rest over the weekend not having any night time company, so I was able to get up early and go on some longer runs around the area. I even ran in the rain on Sunday. 23 December as I determined I was not going to let anything stop me from getting back into tip top shape. I followed that run up with an even longer one on Christmas Eve morning. After that invigorating run, breakfast, and a bit of downtime, I had to venture into downtown Kampala to exchange some more money. A short boda boda ride and I was downtown. Some of the FOREX bureaus had closed up for a 3 day holiday (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day) , so there were only two of 6 that were open. I chose the one with the slightly higher rate and exchanged a Benjamin. After that, I was walking up the sidewalk to go around to get something to eat when I saw a very nice looking, tall, slim Ugandan lady with the most perfect derriere. I thought quickly and decided I would at least give it a go. So I caught up to her and asked her if she knew where I could find a good local restaurant. She was not sure but said one of the boda boda guys could help. So I played along, and even though they could not point out any eatery, I asked her for her number and invited her to join me in finding a place. She declined as she was heading back to her job, but she gave me her digits and told me her name is Olivia and I buzzed her so she had my number. As she walked away, I thought 'man, if only I had my camera, I would take a few snaps of that nice ass! ' By the time she reached the other side of the intersection and among the crowd did it dawn on me that I had my camera in my pocket all along! I had been that mesmerized by her beauty and derriere that I had completely forgotten about it! I confided in the boda boda driver that I merely wanted to get her number and he gave me a high five! Success is a beautiful thing! I figured I would have to chase after her, but I was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a call later that evening to confirm meeting up on Christmas for one of the local events (I had proposed that while asking about the restaurants).

    Suzan / Ritah 24 Dec night to 25 Dec morning She came over to be my Christmas present, but discovered she was starting her menses. After a few bathroom checks, it was determined her flow had not started so heavy so we went from prolonged BBBJ to mish intercourse. Since it was about that time, I just let loose deep inside her. No blood was visible on my prick, nor on the towel that I had put under her nice buttocks. But the onset of her period dampened (from my subtle suggestions) the plans she had to spend Christmas day with me, especially since she was not open to going the anal route. Her BBBJ was nice, but not nice enough for me to look forward to only that the entire day. So shortly after noon on Christmas day, she went to spend the day with her friends, returning that night to spend it with me (we just went to sleep). Before she departed, we exchanged gifts (she gave me some sandals and I gave her a pair of earrings I had bought last year on my way over to Kenya on a KLM flight). While she was away, I went to downtown Kampala to meet Olivia, whom I had met initially on the street the previous day.

    Christmas Day no sex but set up rendezvous for subsequent days. After breaking free of my Christmas Eve shag, I had Christmas dinner hosted by the hotel I am staying at and then ventured to downtown Kampala to meet Olivia at Holiday Express. I learned later that she thought that was where I was staying. We had a couple of fruit drinks there before hopping a boda boda back to my hotel. I had every intention of going out, but did not just want to head out to just any club. So we spent the evening talking, holding hands, caressing each other, dancing by ourselves, and just enjoying each other's company. She was wearing a nice, form fitting dress that showcased her figure quite well. I snapped a few photos of her and us before we parted ways for the night, with plans to meet up at noon the next day.

    Boxing Day Woke up early so that I could get rid of Suzan / Ritah and make all necessary calls (setting up meetings for 27 and 28 Dec) and finish my morning exercise routine before meeting up with Olivia. Olivia called to let me know she was on her way to my place shortly after noon, and then called again once she arrived. She was wearing some form fitting jeans, a white patterned blouse, and sandals. I would say her attire was nice, though not as eye catching as what she wore the day I met her or even the previous day when we spent time together. I had some work I was wrapping up, so she patiently sat there and when I was about finished, she gave me a couple of photos she had taken. I followed up my promise that I had a gift for her, pulled down my carry on full of all sorts of naughty gifts, picked out the g-string panties I had purchased at Lover's Lane and gave her the wrapped contents. She opened it up to see the g-string and thanked me. Of course, not one to miss another gifting opportunity, I suggested she should try them on to ensure it fit. She agreed and straightaway she stripped off her jeans and panties right there in full view of me (that right there let me know we were going to have a blast!). I did not ogle her, but out of the corner of my eye I could see her flat stomach, totally shaven beaver, and nice butt. After she had put the g-string on, I pulled out my camera and snapped a few pictures. She removed it, put her other panties back on and her jeans, though I did note she left her belt buckle undone (easier access). About 15 minutes later, we were DFKing, caressing and hugging. We stopped momentarily when the room started feeling hotter, so I went to open the window, and then started to remove my shirt with her helping me. Resumed kissing and then moved the proceedings to the bed, where she removed her top. Then I undid her bra with my right hand while kissing her and deftly removed it without breaking the kissing. She had some nice pert breasts and a very flat tummy. Little by little we were both finally totally naked. More kissing before I started my move down to kiss her breasts and then sample the Y. She kept her legs tight so I was not so free to do as I liked. But I did note that her pussy lips were elongated as all the other Ugandans I have been with. She was totally clean, and the thing that turned me on about her was that she has never had a hint of BO any of the 3 days I have been around her. I came up to kiss her and then she opened up and guided me inside her. Man did it feel nice! I could only pump 4 or 5 times before I had to stop to keep from cumming. But finally, I pumped one too many times and spurted a load onto her stomach. Quick dash to bathroom to grab wet towel and she was clean. Still erect, I reinserted and continue the session. Then I withdrew and had her assume the doggystyle position. I think I maintained my erection just so I could see her in this position because it was her ass that really caught my eye when I first saw her on the street. Although she had a bit of skin discoloration spots and a mole on her back, the sight was still quite nice. As I was pumping in and out, I palmed both cheeks and the sight of her winking a-hole was just too tempting. I first pressed a thumb to the opening and when she didn't object, I lubricated my thumb with my saliva and pressed the tip of my thumb inside her anus. No problem despite the news and pushback I had received from a few Afro hookups. So I decided to go all in. I spit in her crack and really gave her anus a good working with my thumb while pumping her pussy. I asked if she was okay, and she said, 'Oh yes. ' So I withdrew my prick and pressed it on her anal bud. A slight adjustment and I hit paydirt! Slowly slid it in and she amazingly just maintained her position, not running away at all. I spit on it again and started to pump in and out slowly. Her ass was gripping my cock, and the tightness and visual stimulation was too much as I quickly dumped my load into the recesses of her ass. I suspected some unpleasant secretions might flow out so I had her flatten out on the bed before I withdrew. Good call as that was the case. I was able to quickly clean her and I up and kept the situation pleasant. Then we laid down a bit before she attempted to resurrect my little man with a nice BBBJ (could qualify as ATM since I merely wiped it off with a soapy towel). But it was too soon and I could not get hard enough to give her another reward. So we cuddled and napped out for several hours. A quick shower, a bite to eat, and then I saw her off to the taxi stand so she could get home and go to work the next day. Would I recommend her? Hell NO! I am a selfish bastard with this chick; if she is banging some other dudes, more power to her but she is a true non-pro who lives with her aunt. I will be getting back with her when I revisit Kampala, so that is the reason I will not be recommending or giving any contact information about her. Now I am well aware that some African women play the "I am a good girl" routine but will drop the panties with a little gentlemanly persistence, and you guys can call me crazy, but she is several of young ladies I have met who has the intelligence, looks and bomb ass performance in the bedroom that I would move to Africa to include in my harem (yes, I want to be a "big man" when I move to Africa; for those who don't know what a big man is, a big man is a man who has the means to have multiple girlfriends and perhaps even a wife). Jumping back to my notes I wrote on that day. Now I will be playing Santa tomorrow. I will see how far Santa can get with this Afro beauty who requested an iPhone for Christmas (I merely obtained an inexpensive but nice phone from Overstock. Com). Well it is time to hit the hay as I have to go for a good long run tomorrow before donning my Santa suit.
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    Trip Report Kampala Dec. 16 to 11 Jan. Part II Photos

    Photos of Ritah failed to upload.
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    Trip Report Kampala Dec. 16 to 11 Jan. Part II

    Right now, I am in Cameroon. It is my first time visiting Cameroon, and I am here on a different sort of work trip. Not getting religious or anything, but the Bible says there is a time and a season for everything under the sun, and IMHO, that also includes mongering. Although it pains me to not even bother scoring a lay tonight, I truly think it would be more trouble than fun given that I gave ZERO thought to mongering in Douala. Now before I get the "what the hell are you thinking" responses, let me say that I am blown away by the figures on the ladies here. Nice slim, bubble butts; just the kind I like to fuck! Lucky French fellas! Also, on the airplane from CDG to DLA, there was a Cameroonian lady who appeared to have given birth to a baby girl not even a month ago returning to Douala with her French boyfriend and baby (I take it she went to France to give birth and then come back). This lady was tall, had a nice butt and slim legs, and a really nice rack (that baby girl is a lucky one if she gets to suckle on those breasts!). Unfortunately, my setup and reason for being here are not conducive to me doing my usual thing, so I will lay low today so I can come back and play another day. And I do vow to come back to Cameroon in the near future.

    Now on to my Uganda trip report, continuing where I left off from Part I. December 17.

    My second day in Kampala after having a morning session with Rhoda and seeing her off to work, I called up Irene who is a 30 year old, tall, slender Ugandan lady I had farmed from Afro the last time I was in Kampala at end of 2011 but did not meet. She works at a bank in Kampala, but lives in Entebbe and had suggested I stay there. But I knew that most of my action was in Kampala, so that was the main reason I did not let her know the exact date I was arriving in Uganda as I sensed she might be a bit clingy (my intuition was spot on to a degree). She also had nice breasts and a neatly trimmed patch. I told her where I was staying and a bit later that morning, she was knocking on my door. As soon as I opened the door, she was all smiles and engulfed me in a tight hug and soon kisses. We chatted for a few minutes before we got to kissing, caressing and rubbing each other. In short order, we were both naked and engaging in a BBBJ which I needed after having just busted a nut earlier that morning. I would rate her BBBJ a 5 out of 10 as it lacked suction. But it did the job in getting me up and I returned the favor DATY. Prior to coming, she had said she would get tested and she was clean, so when I came up from DATY, I just slid right inside her sans condom. In fact, I rarely used condoms while in Uganda given that I had taken time to establish rapport with ladies who were into me and had been tested recently for STDs. Of course, I did mix it up, and when I linked up with girls who I called out of the blue that showed up, I always used condoms. Same goes for my Capital Pub hook up (much later in my stay). Back to Irene. I got it on with Irene in missionary and doggy style, and at first she was dead set against anal sex. While we were getting it on, she would constantly ask me if I loved her (that got annoying after awhile). I took a few photos of her fully clothed and wearing panties. After our session, we talked about internet and phones. She had asked me for a phone before I came and I gifted her an inexpensive phone, the MTN dongle and 10, 000UGX taxi fare. She also accompanied me to the Orange center to get the better mobile broadband modem dongle for 99, 000UGX that netted me 3Gb of downloads / uploads (I had to make a return trip when the first one did not work, but after it started working, I had no problems; also, I erroneously stated I paid $65 USD for the MTN dongle; rather I paid 65, 000UGX for the dongle plus 3, 000UGX for the SIM I would have used with it). Now Irene is a non-pro who was on AfroI but left after we connected, so can I recommend? No. Would I see again? Yes, but I would tell her to go to the dentist at least a month before I come (she had some odor coming from her mouth from tooth decay of one of her back teeth). She stayed the night with me and was with me much of the next day.

    I would always say I would call when I wanted to see again, so in that way they gave me space to do what I was really there to do. On December 19, I called up 22 year old Dinah, another Afro from Entebbe. She is short and very slim and had very nice photos on the site. She was attractive, and I noted something that usually bothers me, but soon after coming over to my hotel, she was rendering a nice BBBJ. We then moved to covered sex for 2 pops. The 2nd pop was only achieved after banging away in various positions for well over 20 minutes, after which I removed the cover and reinserted as shallow as possible for about a couple of minutes. I withdrew and came on her stomach. I snapped some action photos and one video. I would have loved to have seen her again, but the major negative thing that bothered me was she had serious underarm body odor, and even when we were in the shower together and I was trying to soap and wash her armpits before we got going the first time, she clenched her arms tight against her body to prevent that. I did not bother to call her back after that encounter. A week later she sent me a text saying it is obvious I don't like her. I responded that my issue with her was her underarm BO and her reluctance to allow her pits to be cleaned. She then responded with an all caps blast that said that all Afro men want to do is take advantage of girls, blah, blah, blah. 10, 000UGX, blah, blah, blah [delete].

    The next day on December 20, I linked up with Justine, my Afrogem connect from last year. I snapped no pictures this go around as she was looking less attractive than last time. I believe she is a vendor, but has had to sell her goods more exposed to the sun. I gifted her a pair of earrings I had purchased on KLM duty free back in 2010. As I said, she had a darker complexion this time due to sun exposure, but the thing that got to me was that she was kind of puppy dog like in kissing (you guys that have puppy dogs you kiss know what I am talking about; I have never kissed a dog but I have seen other do it). She was still slim but I was not sure I want to spend more time with her (as it turned out, that was our only get together, much to her disappointment). Anyway, she gave me a BBBJ and then I entered her in missionary where I withdrew and came on her stomach.

    On December 21, I met Suzan / Ritah, a 28 year old AfroI from Kampala again. I actually met her on 20 Dec but decided to see my old standby Justine. I also did this to put the newbie on ice to gauge her reaction. Turns out, I had played my cards well as our get together the next day turned out to be spectacular. She gave me a nice massage before we commenced a fucking marathon. Before we got started, I gave her a gift of crotchless panties which she put on after taking a shower. She was completely clean shaven, clean and wet. She gave me a really nice BBBJ and then I donned a cover for sex for first pop. We started covered for 2nd pop but discussed HIV status (negative and she had papers to prove it) , so I went bare for 2nd pop. We washed up a bit and then we both slept for the night. After a short nights rest, we awoke to third marathon session pop. I went bare in various positions from cowgirl to mish to doggy for over an hour before 3rd pop on stomach. I regret I did not record our session as I sweated like I had ran a marathon! I took clothed and semi-nude photos as well as one of her sucking my dick. Damn, she is just how I like my women, short, tight, dark, shapely and clean and open to giving up the pussy on demand. Only knock against her was she was super dead set against anal sex. Would I recommend her? No. Would I see her again? I don't think she wants to see me again, but that is a long story that I will cover much later in my trip report (nothing bad, just that she is not promiscuous and doesn't want to be with someone who is promiscuous).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Irene panties.jpg‎   Irene Body.jpg‎   Dinah Funky Arms.jpg‎  

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    Trip Report DEC 16. JAN 11 PART I

    After my brief recuperation stay in Nairobi, on December 16 I flew to Kampala, Uganda where I had planned a nearly 4 week stay. I flew Kenya Airways coach class on a multi-leg ticket that also subsequently took me back to Nairobi, to Accra, Ghana and back to Nairobi, and the quirky thing about it is it saved me about $200USD doing this way instead of purchasing each RT leg separately. Going forward, I will put my plan in action to visit Ethiopia and use combination of Ethiopia Airways and Fly 540 to get around since I find Kenya Airways acceptable, but recent frequent flyer program change makes it no longer attractive to pay premium price while getting fractional mileage credit (I am a frequent flyer point / mileage hound since those programs have financed some great trips for me at little out of pocket expense).

    I obtained the entry visa at the airport for 50 USD, and was amused when the customs agent told me the Grant must be newer bills as they would not accept pre-2000 USD bills. I only had newer Benjamins readily available so I gave her that, expecting at least a $50 bill in return. I was not happy when she gave me 2 twenties and a ten spot. So apparently an earlier traveler had paid this way and for those who know currency exchange in East Africa, often you do not get the higher exchange rate when you exchange pre-2000 US bills or bills smaller than a fifty. This is not the case in West Africa except for the small bills. A hundred is a hundred, and a fifty is a fifty. Pissed me off but fortunately I had come well prepared. I did make the mistake of exchange a larger sum of money than I usually do at the airport and in the process lost out on about $60 USD in the process. I did so because I wanted to pay my accommodation charge the first day and figured the currency exchanges would be closed on Sunday (they all are not closed on Sunday). The next questionable decision I made was to purchase a MTN mobile broadband dongle at the airport for $65 USD. I have need to be online even when the power goes out and cannot rely exclusively on hotel wifi. In fact, some of web pages I have to access will not work with slower wifi connections. So it was a necessary business expense, but I should have waited until I got the 411 on mobile broadband providers and quality. In short, MTN sucks. Orange is much better. So I ended up giving that dongle away to one of my Afro connects. I took a taxi from the airport for 40 USD (I passed two of those twenties to him). Since I was staying for just under a month, I decided to not go with the apartment in Tank Hill Kabalagala which is really close to the night life there and opted to stay at Hotel Inter Tropics which was recommended to me by one of my old AfroGems chica (yep, I have a long list of contacts I farmed from that site, and I actually met up with another AfroGem chica (more on her much later). The daily rate at the hotel worked out to be 40USD or 100, 000UGX, and with the exchange rate of 1USD=2, 650UGX, it worked out in my favor to pay in UGX for a standard double with bed / breakfast, DSTV and internet included. I selected a room with a balcony and the difference between the room I had and an executive double that cost 20USD more was the Exec. DBL had the shower enclosed whereas my shower would wet the toilet and floor. No big deal as I used the sandals as a squeegee and effectively dried the floor after taking a shower, and boy did I take a lot of showers! I think next time, I will stay at the apartment in Kabalagala. Hotel Inter Tropics is nice and I understand the management is going to make more improvements to the property. Breakfast was good and since I paid for a double, my guests were able to eat for no additional charge. However, there is no A / C or fans which was not a problem in the December-January timeframe, but I do think that would have been a problem during the summer. Also, the beds are rock hard. The first few nights, I would wake up not being able to feel my legs because the blood flow had been cut off by the compression of my veins around my hips. Not good for mongering folks! For those still interested and not wanting to do the Speke or Sheraton or the other lower level hotels like Holiday Inn Express, JBK, or Aponeye, this hotel is about a 10 minute boda boda ride from downtown Kampala (I usually paid 3K UGX each way) ; 5 minutes from Makerere University; 15 or 20 minutes from Kabalagala and 45 minutes from Entebbe (via taxi).

    As soon as I got my MTN SIM and topup card at the airport, I gave Rhoda, my Afrogems connect who recommended the hotel I was heading to, a call. Rhoda is 29 years old, short and tight; nice breasts and a trimmed carpet. She also has 1 child and was open to straight sex including BBBJ. We had a session soon upon her arrival and again the next morning. I took some fully clothed pictures of her and also gifted her some black panties I paid all of 7 bucks for. Would I recommend her to others? No. Would I see again? Yes, but not on this trip as I had others to sample. The main reason I would not recommend her was the sex was not that spectacular, but I like her and think she is a nice girl.

    I also must mention that prior to coming over, I got in touch with LustyHombre who shared some good information with me. I regret that an emergent work requirement called for me to curtail my trip so I did not get the chance to meet up with him, just as I did not get the chance to meet up with a Ugandan lady he had passed on to me who lived in Mbale. But I did get the opportunity to meet a couple of lovelies in Mombasa he linked me up with, but at the rate that it is taking me to write my reports and keep the photos in sync, it may be around May before I get this all on here. Right now I am wishing we had nominated Herman Cain and that he had won the election because I absolutely hate the time it takes me to do my taxes. A flat tax is the way to go, but I digress. I will also have limited to no access to this site for a couple of months so I am not intentionally holding out. It is just the fact that my taxes have to be finished today and I fly out for this 2 month work project tomorrow. However, I did outline my experience as it happened, but I prefer to not just cut and paste my outline here as it is very much short-hand that I am taking the time to expound upon as I write. I am planning a return trip to East Africa this summer (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya). I do wish those who are going or will be there before the best and when I can, I will finish up my trip reports which also include Mombasa and Kisumu. My Uganda report will be a multi-part rendition.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC06746 - Rhoda.JPG‎  

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    Don't' worry about Afro.

    Quote Originally Posted by John Palmer  [View Original Post]
    Very nice report and welcome to the online dating club.

    Hope you can drop a few lines about differences between Rawanda Uganda. I always stayed away from Kigali because of the hotel price and lack of girls on Afro
    Thanks for the posts and the pics. Nice! Go to Rwanda. You will not regret. You will find what you want. Of course, Uganda is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goshawk  [View Original Post]
    Yes. I am familiar with the ongoings in Rock Garden or in Kabalagala, during a previous trip to Kampala I have sampled there. There is simply no comparison between those experiences and what I had experienced now!
    Very nice report and welcome to the online dating club.

    Hope you can drop a few lines about differences between Rawanda Uganda. I always stayed away from Kigali because of the hotel price and lack of girls on Afro

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    Some reflections on Uganda

    Just returned from a six week trip to Uganda and Rwanda. How I wish I would still be there!

    Last Fall, when I was certain of my return to Uganda, I posted my profile in the Kampala section of Badoo and not surprisingly was contacted by a great number of "ladies." Some of them told me in their first message that they had already fallen in love with me, and really wanted to marry me! Deleted! Others may have been "professionals" looking to book clients ahead of time. They sent very revealing to fully naked pictures, promising me the very best sex I ever had in my life. Deleted! Others asked me for money in some of their first messages, telling me amazing sob-stories. Deleted!

    But that still left a dozen or so of seemingly very nice more or less young ladies (from 20 to 30 years of age) who could write coherently, sometimes even very intelligently. Typically, our chats and mails were fairly "innocent," talking about life in Uganda, their life, their homes and families, their travel experiences, and so on. We exchanged some more pictures beyond those posted on Badoo. After a while I took a liking to one 24 year old lady from Kampala, a recent but still job-hunting college graduate. I told her of my travel plans, hiring a car & guide for a lengthy trip to the west of the country and to Rwanda, and finally asked her if she cared to be my travel companion. She understood that being my travel companion would include that she would be my bed-mate as well. It took her three days to make up her mind, during which she asked me many questions. I really respected her for that, and it convinced me that she was definitely not a pro or even semi-pro.

    Well. She met me at the airport and we had our first encounter in a hotel in Entebbe. We took it easy, taking our time to get to know each other, but eventually we both agreed that we had made no mistake, and the rest of the night was just wonderful, gentle and sweet.

    And so were the rest of the remaining 39 days!

    She showed me around in Kampala, introduced me to several of her friends, we went clubbing a few times, and each evening, each night we were into each other. Slowly and gently she also introduced me to some new ways (to me) of making love to a woman, showed me how I could please her more, and she in turn learning what pleased me. This experience is why I have essentially given up to avail myself of the services of a "pro." I find this TLC, this caring for each other, is the greatest aphrodisiac in existence. Mind you, I could easily have been this lady's grandfather. Yes, for the first night I popped a Viagra, but that was also the last. Simply the joy of holding such a lovely lady in my arms is obviating every need for any further "enhancement" treatment. Definitely more than one or two rounds each night (or morning, or afternoon). By the way, she produced test results from a recent HIV test. Negative. No condoms were used by us at any time.

    Oh yes. She was a beauty! Long-legged, a firm and perfectly round ass, narrow waist, and some lovely, proudly pointing breasts. And that smile!

    And it was a pleasure for me to watch the look of amazement on the face of my girl friend when we encountered some of the great sights Uganda and Rwanda have to offer. It was a voyage of discovery for her as well.

    In some of the resort hotels along our way, we encountered many "western" tourist couples, and sometimes I could detect a look of envy on the faces of some of the males, males of my age or even younger.

    Finally, saying good bye to my sweetheart was not easy. I had come to cherish her, if not love her in some way. We had come very very close to each other.

    Yes. I am familiar with the ongoings in Rock Garden or in Kabalagala, during a previous trip to Kampala I have sampled there. There is simply no comparison between those experiences and what I had experienced now!



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    Quote Originally Posted by John Palmer  [View Original Post]
    For absolute supermodels clubs is the way to go, but those girls (some from Rwanda) , needs to be impressed by money and not by charm so I will try to get one in order to justify the trip and get some modeling photos.

    Uganda is much harder for street mongering then mombasa but still the average girl from the street (as shown in the picture below) , provides sufficient fun and friendship without the risk of being a pro fighting for money as is the norm for Mombasa.
    Commendable comments and accompanied by some very nice pics. You're a credit to the mb and site overall. Thanks again JP, keep up the great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Benetar  [View Original Post]
    Thanks John. I also use print outs with notes. Lovely pics, as usual. Love the "pussy-cat" especially, haha. Well played. Would love to hear followup on your visit to Lamu, perhaps on the Kenya thread some day?
    Lamu report? Sure, but Kenya thread is the home for the trolls, spammers and fake mongers this days. Lets talk about uganda now.

    For absolute supermodels clubs is the way to go, but those girls (some from Rwanda) , needs to be impressed by money and not by charm so I will try to get one in order to justify the trip and get some modeling photos.

    Uganda is much harder for street mongering then mombasa but still the average girl from the street (as shown in the picture below) , provides sufficient fun and friendship without the risk of being a pro fighting for money as is the norm for Mombasa.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0011.jpg‎   IMG_0013.jpg‎   IMG_0049.jpg‎   IMG_0051.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Palmer  [View Original Post]
    Absolutely, but not for lamu while there it will be a fair fight.
    Thanks John. I also use print outs with notes. Lovely pics, as usual. Love the "pussy-cat" especially, haha. Well played. Would love to hear followup on your visit to Lamu, perhaps on the Kenya thread some day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Benetar  [View Original Post]
    I'm guessing John Palmer may have his plate full with prearranged "dates" via AI or some other site. !
    Absolutely, but not for lamu while there it will be a fair fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Benetar  [View Original Post]
    So, John, inquiring mongerers want to know!
    Why lamu knowing its hard?

    1. Just because a pro-monger need a challenge with tall sexy Ninja non-pro.

    2. Just because its a beautiful place

    3. Just because I want to be adventurous and want to go out of the monger track as I traveled earlier to rural places in madagascar without any disco / bars and got the best girls.

    Here is more of afro girl in kampala
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails afro.jpg‎   afro2.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Benetar  [View Original Post]
    So, John, inquiring mongerers want to know!
    Here is a typical scenario as I am using Afro in Kampala in my last trip. (video frame grab)

    1. Calling the girls from the list.

    2. Girls come.

    3. Girls fuck instantly.

    Eveything is free
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails calling the girls.jpg‎   arrive2.jpg‎   action.jpg‎   action1.jpg‎   date.jpg‎  


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