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    Quote Originally Posted by Botaki6  [View Original Post]
    Between Maroantstra and Antalaha there is no access by automobile so anyone wanting to go north must go on foot using the trails. .
    Correct. I will fly directly with air-mad.
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    Hotel Vitasoa

    Just walk outside the hotel and many new friends will come.

    the most simple tool to resize photo is paint in windows. No need to download, its part of windows
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    Tana-Tamatave by air.

    Tamatave Mananara.

    RN5 is the worst road in Mada so I will take TAXI-BROUSSE from Tamatave to Mananara its around 1 or two days. In mananara I will stop for 3 nights to see the town.

    After that another TAXI-BROUSSE to maroanstera. Its 9 hours. Then 4 days of mongering.

    Maroanstera-Sambava by air.

    As I have said we already have a gopro camera for action and a DSLR for girls Action.

    I already crossed last time from Antalaha deep into Masoloa by 4 x4 with friends I have met at hotel vitasoa. Hotel vitasoa is good to meet other mongers and to get info.

    Dont worry for the hotel pool info i will post when on the ground

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigeDeJade  [View Original Post]

    As I mentioned, it is my next destination from mid October.


    Interesting info: You discourage Hotel Momo, which is the most lauded by guides. I forgot it for good reasons you give: I like to leave the hotel by night without fear.
    Forget about Momo hotel, very dark and isolated.

    Quote Originally Posted by TigeDeJade  [View Original Post]

    I) I know you like Hotel Vitasoa: have they rooms with AC? Have they WIFI?

    II) What is the name of the hotel nearby with a pool?

    III) What do you think of Hotel Palissandre? Bad location as Momo??
    Hotel vitasoa is not for you since no aircon or pool. However its good for the first day. All mongers go to vitasoa so after a few hours you will know the name of the other hotel. (I forgot). I will PM you the skype / phone of my friend that lives at hotel vitasoa. His French! You can try also

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigeDeJade  [View Original Post]

    As far as the maps show: there is no road between Maroantsetra and Antalaha. Only food paths? (And probably non scheduled flights).

    Between Maroantstra and Antalaha there is no access by automobile so anyone wanting to go north must go on foot using the trails. This trek takes 4 to 5 days from Maroantsetra, andyou walk between 6 and 7 hours per day. The walk is not too strenuous, but in some areas you ascend gradual mountains. You will need to hire a guide and some porters for food and tents to carry.

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    As I mentioned, it is my next destination from mid October.


    Interesting info: You discourage Hotel Momo, which is the most lauded by guides. I forgot it for good reasons you give: I like to leave the hotel by night without fear.

    I) I know you like Hotel Vitasoa: have they rooms with AC? Have they WIFI?

    II) What is the name of the hotel nearby with a pool?

    III) What do you think of Hotel Palissandre? Bad location as Momo??

    Your trip.


    A lot of sport!

    I met once an expat knowing very well "la brousse" (in local development business. But at dinner in ANJARA he was like us with a local meal) who told me in 2013 the cost for chartrering a "taxi brousse -private / equipped. " with needed pieces required in case of mechanical problems. And subject to feasability according to the situation of the "piste". (It is right it is no more the rainy season. But on the east coast there is "the rainy season" and "the season when it rains".).


    Tamatave. Mananara: 900 000 ar.

    Mananara- Maroantsetra : 1 200 000 ar.

    As far as the maps show: there is no road between Maroantsetra and Antalaha. Only food paths? (And probably non scheduled flights).

    But sure you will find the freshess meat in "la brousse" !

    I would be happy to meet you at the end of your trip!

    Do not hesitate to use Private Message for giving phone number when in MADA.

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    Finance management

    Thank you for your congratulations.

    It is sure it is a big work to write all that in English and resize pics.

    But I obtain so useful infos from this site that it is a duty to contribute.

    Additional info:

    I always do a follow up of my spending during / after my trips.

    All included for this Tamatave holiday (hotel, restaurants, girls, living.) : total cost: 80 E perday.

    What is always costly for MADA: it is flights! International and more domestic (Tamatave -as Nosy Be- can avoid domestic Aairmad flights if you arrive through Reunion with Air Austral).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigeDeJade  [View Original Post]
    It is not loving girls who are missing in Tamatave , but your own capabilities to feed them all.
    When they are in appetite with you, they are waiting hot, for your phone call, for a new night of ecstasy they enjoy so much. And me too.
    What a delight for an old gentleman, to have the proof he can still bring such pleasure to young beauties.
    These girls are not polluted by supposed " modern" stereotypes.
    They discovered in total freedom, than they can enjoy as much, and maybe more from old men -who have the capacity to refrain their load-than from younger ones.
    They like " vazahas" who bring them a more caretaking attention to understand their intimate pleasure probably more than most malagasy boys and men.
    It is the reason for which, as I already wrote on this site, I consider Madagascar, as the true paradise in the world for the adepts of Taoism.
    Pimped girls in typical monger countries moan for money, not interested in a climax but how fast you cum that she can move on. But easy to get even for the introvert men.

    Mada is the country for gentlemen lovers with style: he differs in that he will respect the women he makes love to. He gets his pussy by courting her as though he truly cared about the girl, making the girl want to sleep with him. And she has the power to select. Also the gentleman lover does not have as many women pissed off at him at the end of the day. Instead it is difficult for him to part and even after a 2 years break she is happy to be with you again.

    Great report TDJ!

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    Bad timing.

    All these pictures and stories right when I was asking myself why I wasn't going back to Madagascar this year!

    Thanks a lot! Like I wasn't second guessing myself enough as it was!

    (Nice Pics!

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    Tamatave Day 1 and 2

    It is the reporting of my mongering season in Tamatave from mid December 2013 to mid January 2014.

    DAY 1.

    I arrived in Tamatave at 19.00 by flight from TANA.

    Settled in my excellent base: Hotel Anjara.

    They know me well, with no problem for them, and my long stay, so as the Manageress suggested me last time, I proposed by email they reduced rate at.

    65 000 Ar instead of standard price 70 000 Ar (24 E) for an excellent aircond double room; which was immediately agreed.

    After my belongings in cupboard, I wanted food, and was to lazy to go in town; so I took my dinner in the hoteĺ's restaurant (but not same owner) to confirm that it is too pricy for mediocre quality of malagasy-Chinese cooking.

    Afterwards, considering my trip from mid-afternnon, I wanted to have one hour rest, before the temptations for the night I could not refrain.

    The standard pro place is Queen ' disco wher I usually go first night to smell the atmosphere. It was 23.45 and it was empty, except some few girls outside who immediately tried to hire me. The waiter told me that as it was the day before second round of elections, it had been decided to sell no alcohol and close at midnight all bars. Wise decision.

    Accordingly, I drunk a bottle of sparkling water (Cristal PM) and went to tour around.

    Of course lot of pussies available offering to go with me: this place between Queens and the beach is the pussies market!

    I walked around and after 5 mn I found a thin beauty, with small tits as I like, walking with a girl friend. I told her: " you come with me two hours: 30 000 Ar (10 E)". She immediately agreed and proposed to me to go with her friend too. I said " not tonight" (her proposal. I used delightfully later. Cf Day 6.).

    In Anjara, we went to shower, and agreed immediately for photos (cf pics). Nancy:

    She is 24, with a 4 years old kid with few consequence on her tits.

    And I started an excellent very long DATY session she enjoyed delightfully. In fact this girl is really a DATY lover, her moaning and wetness were not theater. But she loves that a lot. It was my first plate of Foie Gras. As lickering such a demanding pussy is really as eating a slice of hot Foie Gras (those who never ate an "escalope de foie gras chaud". Let try eat and compare afterwards with eating a sweet pussy).

    Of course, then came the main course (cf pics) but for quotation, I would say that this girl is more DATY oriented than intercourse oriented.

    As it was so good for both she suggested to stay the whole night for 50 000 Ar (17 E). I agreed. And the first night is always a night of gift. We ended sessions by 02.30. But next morning she woke up at 06.00 and it was really too early for new action to me. She understood perfectly and made a serie of nice massages on my back and my belly to compensate, without any request from me.

    Conclusion: nice girl to try again!

    Cf pics.

    Day 2.

    It was Friday but election day. Accordingly all shops and offices closed. I changed some money at my usual Money Changer, but the rate was below the airport rate. I told it to the lady. But so it was, and I understood they did not want to take risks in consideration of long and post elections week end.

    Afternoon, I went swimming to the swimming pool I like, near the beach at 15 mn in Pousse-pousse: Hotel Miramar: 50 m swimming pool (5000 Ar entry fee: 1,70 E. Good food also possible).

    Dinner at L'Affiche, I consider one of the best quality / price restaurant in town -with La Veranda.

    But strong rain started: I had not taken my raincoat and had no umbrella. In consideration of this adverse situation, I decided not to go hunting. As not equipped!
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    Tamatave day 3

    Day 3.

    Some shopping on this Saturday morning before shops close at 12.00.

    I get a new SIM card: essential tool for action!

    And I had decided to try to know what happened to nice and so sex loving Elinah who had been my beloved in March 2012. (Cf past report) and that I did not try to contact last February as I fell in deep sexlove, first hunting night shopped in NeptuneE night club, with Mina who was so addicted to my little boy (cf. Report).

    As I knew her language so limited, I gave my name but more the story of our past love: Pandora, Flamboyants, Foulpointe, Anjara. So it was immediately very clear slice of her past life!

    She was still in Tamatave and available! (In fact there has been communication of thoughts as last February I would have found her. In another mood: cf infra.).

    She suggested -in an always so limited vocabulary. In fact she speaks only malagasy. Meeting at 15.00 at La Terrasse bar restaurant.

    Surprise: she arrived at La Terrasse, with the same smile, eyes, shape than in 2012 -she was just 18 in that time and is now 19,5. But her look did not change at all. But she had a gift in her arms: a really superb (like her) little 9 months boy! (honestly, I have absolutely no interest in babies. But her baby is really nice looking, nice smile, with her eyes.).

    Clearly she preferred now broken quite ununderstandable French, to English (in 2012 she had just ended a 7 months relationship with a mining engineer of South Africa) we laughed when I reminded her that he rang her by phone from South Africa when she was in bed with me in Foulpointe and in her so limited vocabulary just answered "sleeping"; when I reminded her the MANDA BEACH guard in Foulpointe telling us: "mora mora" as we were in action too loudly! What a lot of wonderful souvenirs, I had brought photos of our past good time for her.

    I understood, that after our idyll she went to Tana 9 months. There she had sex with a restaurant waiter from whom she conceived this little boy. I perfectly understood in 2012 that it was a very caring girl, not intellectual at all. Accordingly her dream was to have her child to care him as a doll and become housekeeping girl. As usual, as malagasy boys do: they enjoy, then leave the girl. The boy was born on 29 March 2013. And she was clearly happy to be a mother. So it is clear she would not have been in condition when I was there last Feb. March 2013!

    As it was Saturday, I proposed her to come to my hotel by 20.00 to have a rediscovery session, then go to Pandora. She agreed.

    Of course her tits full of milk beloved by her little baby (as demonstrated in La Terrasse) have been affected by motherhood but she was still a lover of sex in all possible position, I cannot even describe: the bed is for her a stadium, she squeezes my dick in all possible movements, with her head at my feet, her legs sandwiched perpendicular etc.

    After two hours of action and relaxation, we left to Pandora.

    She was still the nicest dancer! One malagasy karane partly drunk was putting his thumb in my direction, meaning: superb! From time to time she was phoning home to check her baby OK. By 01.30 I suggested we leave back to Anjara (I had in mind a second session); she told me she would like to pass through her home first. I thought it was to check her baby, I agreed. She negociated the taxi, and we went in dark night in unknown places: very narrow lanes with high fences protecting houses on both sides in enormous paddles in which the taxi tried not to be blocked. I was worried and even a little afraid if there had been some mechanical or other problem with the taxi completely embué de surcroit.

    We arrived at her home. And after a few minutes, she came back with the baby. She had imagine, he might go sleeping with us in hotel! I said " no cannot sleep with baby!" She understood, and I went back alone with the taxi in these so dark, muddy and wet lanes. The taxi was good and honest, so brought home without problem except my frightness of mechanical incident from paddles in the middle of the night in these deserted areas.

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    Tamatave day 4

    Day 4.

    Sunday: Relaxation to walk near the beach, be contacted by some candidates; I take the phone call of an interesting pro.

    At 16.00 Elinah comes at Anjara, for a new session. But with her baby. She told me, when he will be tired, he will sleep. And after 30 mn sleeping time came for the baby. She lied him on an Hotel cover, behind our night table, so he could not see our action on bed.

    And unlimited action in all directions started again. What a lionness in bed!

    Then when we went to shower, the baby wakes up.

    I put 80 000 ar in her handbag for our two sessions. She thanked me much by phone when back home. And so I shall do each time: 40 000 Ar per session+taxi fee 5000 or 10 000 ar.

    As end of afternoon, is convenient for both of us, we take apointment in Anjara for next day: Monday 16.00.

    Conclusion for action:

    It is clear that this little Elinah brings me full pleasure in a total mutual abandon and as last time in a psychological honest mood: both of us reaching heaven!

    In consideration of her baby, I decided from first session that I shall take her bareback. And without baby risk for her (I told her, but sure, she even did not understand. But do not care with me) as I did vasectomy in Japan 15 years ago.

    But this time, in Tamatave , I want to enjoy my lust in many flowers, so I came to the conclusion, of an optimal situation:

    - I shall share mutual pleasure in bed with Elinah late afternoon when she can leaves her baby, everyday except when I shall decide of a rest.

    -I shall go hunting other flowers in night clubs, streets or restaurants. That I shall dedicate to night, except when I shall decide rest nights.
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    Tamatave day 5

    Afternoon with Elinah alone, superb session as usual.

    Exchange of Christmas gifts (she had bought a frame on Kings and Queens of Madagascar ) as last time, it is very symbolic for her to give me the rank of her King.

    At night time, I am too greedy.

    I go to Neptune for fresh flesh. Very few girls. I took the most acceptable: Mariette (no pics) Absolutely no good sex. I was not aroused at all. The only thing for which she appeared good has been a HJ with her tongue at the extremity of my sweet instrument, for which I regret to have not taken pics in action.

    (Pics of the lady).
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    Tamatave day 6

    Tuesday 24 December.

    A memorable night: two excellent collaborative girls in my bed for the Reveillon!

    I went to Pandora and Nancy came close to me, to tell me that she had seen me with another girl the previous Saturday (it was my superb Elinah).

    I said: yes Nancy, I agree to go with you again tonight, but as you suggested last time, this time, I want you with another girl (She said OK, I shall look after one for you.

    After 5/ 10 mn, she came back and a girl who looked at me at a respectable distance: she looked a nice fleshy fruit with nice tits (effectively still no baby) there was still some discussions back and picked the girls to Anjara.

    The new girl is called Natasha: semi pro, student in Tourism.

    Both of them loved DATY and were completely relax to respect each other pleasure.

    But Nancy is less vagina oriented, she is really a clit girl loving mostly DATY.

    Accordingly after offering the best of my kisses and tongue to both of them, I finished in Natasha sex with Nancy clit in my mouth and tongue.

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    Tamatave day 7 ;8

    Day 7.

    Wednesday Christmas day.

    I wanted to have a new session of love with Natasha to explore her better than during Christmas night.

    I called her. But she wanted that I contact Nancy.

    I said OK, and fixed appointment at 22.00 at L'Univers.

    I understood she did not want to have the reputation to steal her vazaha, as she had been my introductory.

    Effectively, I tried the whole afternoon but " not available for the moment".

    At 22.00 I met Natasha, told her that I fully understood that she did not want problems between girls, but that probably, Nancy had fucked the whole afternoon and would be tired, so I preferred to have her alone. She agreed.

    I offered her my DATY, at a stage she told me she was just so close but not wanting to come before main session. She was completely wet. Next session in the morning.

    Day 8.

    I decided a day rest.

    I went to La Terrasse and have been stupid as I saw a couple of one very tall girl (Felixima) with small tits with a shorter but probably juicy girl friend (Felicia).

    I get the phone number of the tall one.

    Follow up?
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