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Thread: Madagascar

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    Hotels and girls

    Herebelow some pics of hotels I stayed and girls in relation with below memo.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails H CARREFOUR SAMBAVA.JPG‎   H HAZAVOLA ANTALA.JPG‎   H HAZAVOLA ANTAL.JPG‎   P3.JPG‎   P4.JPG‎  

    F1.JPG‎   F2.JPG‎  

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    Various activities in Antalaha

    Antalaha Sl2 and Hotels.

    As the tricky receptionist exasperated me, I decided to have a look to other hotels to move to.

    I decided first to stay at Florida Hotel which has one room with old A/C.

    Highly disappointed, as expansive for quality (60000 AR) for old A/C, dirty room, smelly towels, awful bathroom.

    Moreover that day it rained.

    I decided to hire for nap time a small and thin girl from Andapa of 18, with no carte, I met on the beach Promenade.

    In fact she did her best to excite me, as I was pretty tired and exasperated by Hazavola receptionist. I finally joined her hole and came, without having a clear idea if she had enjoyed or not in the darkness of this awful room.

    So I decided in my mind I would renew in better circumstances.

    I decided to join the most expansive place of the city Ocean Momo.

    Room with A/C 111 500 AR.

    With less amenities than Hazavola: no minibar, no TV, and no water till 10 am in the morning because of city electricity cut ("Délestage") -as in Hazavola- but there with consequence on water supply! So, plenty of water buckets provided.

    However, as in Hazevola good Wifi in pleasant big main hall / restaurant.

    Another point is that it is pretty isolated from city center, with a dark lane to join the place. But I would have accepted this constraint, if not so expansive for lack of some basic amenities.

    By the way, I do not understand vazahas going to Vitasoa Hotel, as the rooms are very basic and mattresses have reputation confirmed to be hard as wood for 40 000 or 45 000 AR. You have excellent rooms with no A/C in Hazavola or Ocean Momo for 60 000 AR.

    I spent three nights there in Ocean Momo.

    First night I exercised a new girl (20) with mammals not affected by motherhood, but standard shape. She was not shaved and did not seem to enjoy DATY. She was surprised I used condom, and wished BB, I refused. When I told her moreover that I was no more inducing babies (vasectomy) she seemed disappointed. Maybe the kind of girl wishing baby lottery with vazaha?

    She came pretty fast over me, then I continued.

    We had 2/ 3 night sessions and she came another time.

    I succeeded to retain my load till last session, I decided to offer my liquor.

    Not a bad experience, even if not exceptional.

    Second night I played my vanila worker again, so happy to renew and come in my arms with a charming smile. She loves sex with me. So I enjoy too.

    Third night was Friday. I wanted to look at disco action, especially as it seemed there was a special " bachelor night" at Bamboula.

    But on the way to, I observed a big music meeting in a city hall where a lot of young people were enjoying a group of singers. I stayed there a while. I observed two girls who might attract me. Finally we started to talk. They wanted to go to a new Disco which is just in the main street, not far from Florida. I decided to accompany them.

    As usual in MADA, two other family girls joined us. And when we arrived at Disco, they wished I pay their entry fee. So I did (12 000 AR).

    Inside we had drinks, a brother joined. Finally around 15 000 AR more!

    One of my targeted two girls looked affectionate to me, we danced.

    She seemed to be half Chinese, with attractive long hair.

    She looked young, but age unclear.

    As we arrived around 09.30 (night activities are early in Antalaha) by 11.45, I expressed the wish to leave and asked the girl if she wanted to follow me. At first she said no, but when I decided to leave effectively she said I want to follow you. Maybe in the meantime talked with other family members, especially an older sister with bad face.

    When outside the disco, this older sister came to ask me to pay one more beer and her taxi. (7000 AR).

    As no taxi in view, as so seldom by night in Antalaha, we walked in the night to Ocean Momo in the darkness and deserted streets.

    As usual, no control at all to go to the bungalow in Ocean Momo.

    When the girl was in room, she went to the bathroom, arranged her hair differently, and I finally saw in bright light her face. Now she appeared clearly [CodeWord902]. And she told me she did not want to stay. I fully agreed, but was angry that she had asked to come with me, without any hassle from my part. She did not answer. In the meantime she had looked in detail my room and my belonging. She implored I accompany her to houses, as she was afraid in such deserted place. Angrily I agreed, and walked back with her in the dark lane along the beach, asking her several times with no answer: " but why you said you wanted to go with me, if finally you did not want stay with me, for perfectly agreeable reasons?

    When back in my bungalow, I thought that with the rest of the family, especially the sister with bad face, they might invent a kind of blackmail, notwithstanding the fact that I had no relation with the girl I discovered in room clearly [CodeWord902].

    I did not want to find the family next day on the beach near Ocean Momo.

    Next morning I decided to leave with taxi Brousse to discover Sambava, in line with my commitment with receptionist lady to stay 3 nights. I paid my bill and leaved.

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    Pics of Sambava stay

    The first was really a non pro, cute and clever.

    The second was a pro with no significance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails S4.JPG‎   S8.JPG‎   S11.jpg‎   S13.JPG‎   S14.JPG‎  

    V2.JPG‎   V4.JPG‎  

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    Experiences in Sambava

    Sambava Sl3.

    It took less than 90 mn with surprisingly a half empty taxi brousse, to join Sambava, from Antalaha. (5000 AR).

    I already made a comparative post about hotels and restaurants in Sambava, compared to Antalaha. So, I settle in an excellent wide room with A / C of Carrefour Hotel (90 000 AR for several days stay).

    After a nap, I decided to go hunting around the taxi-brousse station. It was a good idea. Finally, in a lane not far from the station, I crossed a thin Liane, with nice smile, 21.

    (cf pics).

    She agreed to follow me straight to my room, but was moving in all directions when in room / on bed. I wondered how to calm her. She explained to me that her father passed away when she was 10, and accordingly could not go to school. Notwithstanding the fact she would have clearly loved to learn. She seemed very affected to tell me about this deceased father. In such a way that after we ended our first session, she suddenly had tears on her cheeks. I am quite sure she was thinking at her passed away father. Finding in me a kind of love by substitution. Then she fell again in my arms for a second session. She was very fond that I frigged her clitoris.

    Next day, as I was taking my breakfast in the gloriette of Carrefour hotel over the beach, a pleasant girl came to sit under a palm tree waiting for my call. As other mongers mentioned, it is clear that there can be opportunities from the beach in Sambava. But it remains aleatory. As I wanted to refrain in consideration with meeting with previous day girl, I did not take her. And she had no mobile. So I spent a nice afternoon with my girl, bed then brochettes on the beach.

    But this girl was for afternoon only, as she had to stay home with family for the night, so I wanted to find a night pillow.

    The day before (a Saturday), by 11 pm, I had gone to the supposed best disco of Sambava (les Balladins) , two mn by foot from Carrefour. No comparison with Pandora of Tamatave or even discos of Antalaha: less than 10 people, mostly friends, no girls opportunities. However, out of the disco, in bar area, I targeted a nice barmaid, who agreed to give me her phone number.

    When I called her on Sunday, as I knew she was not working, I thought she had understand an evening dinner in the only acceptable restaurant (Mimi resto) . But she did not come (will or misunderstanding. In fact when I met her again at her bar a few days later, I understood she did not want to go with me.).

    So my bed remained empty!

    On Monday morning, I felt horny. No beach girl! So I went again to taxi. Brousse station and a young chick agreed to follow me. I understood she had just come in town from a 22 km village, where she wished I follow her. It was clearly excluded, so she came to my room.

    I confess I discharged immediately, when below me, as it was my mood and I wondered how old she was. Straight from the Bush, I gave her just 10 000 AR + 2000 AR taxi money and she was happy. She tried to call me again with her mobile, but I did not follow.

    In the afternoon, I get my " regular" (cf above). After I visit her home, with mother, brother. But no action as she was having beginning of her period!

    Next day, Tuesday, was "Womens's day" , so she wished I pay the family chicken (10 000 AR) plus my standard gift (20 000 AR) to which I added generous taxi money (2000 AR).

    So I had to hunt again!

    So next day, I started by a beach girl. Not exceptional and requiring 30000 AR. No follow up.

    Around 5 pm, I decided to walk on the beach: no action, then, as I was on the way to have my dinner at Pizzeria Boule the'or (decent pizzeria, in a restaurant desert in Sambava! I met a couple of girls.

    One of the two (19) had exciting tits to me. The second one was also doable.

    I invited them to pizza dinner, telling the second one that I would take her for tomorrow night, but the first one for tonight.

    Finally in bed the selected girl was soon naked, then loved very much DATY, with nice tits and lips, but not so much straight action, which seemed painful to her.

    After 30 mn I delivered my load. I gave her gift of 20000 AR, but she clearly refused: she wanted 30 000 AR. So!

    On Wednesday, no action on the beach.

    At dinner time, I met as planned the girl and° 2 at Pizzeria, but she was with another girl, a friend. And they were talking together without consideration of my existence. I concluded that girl and° 2 had no appetite for me and went back to bed alone.

    Thursday: I planned a new booking with Hotel Hazavola in Antalaha, (the only one decent with A / see in Antalaha) through the boss wife who was in her Sambava hotel (to avoid to talk with receptionist, and to have a reservation from the management).

    Finally, I had a last session with the girl and°1 of pizzeria, before going back to Antalaha. Much better for girls opportunities.

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    Pics of come back to Antalaha

    The first girl is clearly a pro with no pleasure. She perfectly understood, no reiteration.

    The second girl is the one I met first at first arrival. My most mature conquest (25). Was clearly addicted to me. Fascinating to see how the face of a girl can change when in pleasure.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P 15.JPG‎   S 6.JPG‎   S 7.JPG‎   P 14.JPG‎   P 7.JPG‎  

    P 9.JPG‎   P 10.JPG‎   P 11.JPG‎   S 2.JPG‎   P 8.JPG‎  

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    Antalaha tale

    Antalaha Sl6.

    Taxi Brousse trip was not as nice as on the way to, as I had to wait around noon time more that one hour to have it filled. And I was requested to pay 10000 AR to have a front seat, to avoid to be crowded on the back where they put at least 1/3 passengers more than seats!

    I had made a pre- booking, with the thin, small girl from Andapa, I entertained in such bad conditions in Florida hotel, the week before, and who succeed to have me coming notwithstanding bad conditions demotivation.

    I took her for the night. No need of ID with night guard- (evening and morning session) but she clearly had no pleasure.

    She perfectly understood my disappointment and did not insist next day (no phone calls).

    For my Saturday, I had planned a nap session with my first love, (who had ID) who is coming in my arms so willingly. I made a VIH test with a her, in such a way we enjoy better forthcoming actions BB, and to check previous BB actions.

    She enjoyed once again. I gave her an appointment for Monday. She perfectly understood I had several girls. But was so greedy of me. She accepted my wills, without complains, even if she would have like to have me full time in bed with her!

    It is that evening, I met in the crossroad near my hotel a thin beauty of 19. She told me she had ID. Appointment made for next day: Monday 6 pm.

    On that Sunday, after my beach swimming time in the morning, I collected various phone numbers:

    - an exciting fleshy girl (not my style usually, but her nice smile excited me).

    - another thin girl with nice eyes.

    I later put both successively in my bed.

    But by 5 pm, I received a strange message from my scheduled 6 pm beauty: " Good evening Sir, I am already missing you!" I confirmed our 6 pm meeting.

    She arrived, thin, elegant, with her nice little tits, thin back. All I like.

    She spoke surprisingly good French, notwithstanding the fact she seemed late in studies. She told me, she loved French language, hated maths and physics, and her parents changed her in various school, and each time she joined a lower level. Honestly for French, she seemed at baccalaureat level, not 2 years late.

    She confirmed she had ID. But in refection. So we had dinner at Cap Est, then at night guard time, brought her to my room.

    She was completely wet.

    However, she was so tight, I did not succeed to join with condom. And my action was painful to her. Even if she wanted it!

    She confessed she was virgin! (and she was not lying: cf other post!

    So I took her very smoothly BB.

    She had wonderful little tits, with a little Christian chain. The most exciting way to enjoy the spirit of Christianism! (cf pics).

    It is clear she did not want to miss the opportunity to be deflorated by a vazaha like me.

    And she had taken her decision in a while at a crossroad, when we met no more than two minutes.

    Of course there had been no mention of money.

    But I consider unfair to enjoy poor girls who spend in nice garments, elegance to please, and give nothing as old professor. I put without a word 30000 AR in her handbag. A defloration of a 19 years old girl for less than 9 EUR!

    As she told me she had school exams that very week, so would be free as from Friday.

    I fully supported her serious school attitude. And in the forthcoming week we had several sweet talks in the evening. But in the meantime, I did not remain idle!

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    A superb experience in Antalaha

    This girl is clearly a semi-pro; but we enjoyed a lot of mutual coming together.

    Sure I would like to reiterate with her.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails E 5.JPG‎   E 6.JPG‎   E 4.JPG‎   E 1.JPG‎   E 3.JPG‎  

    E 14.JPG‎   E 13.JPG‎   E 11.JPG‎   E 8.JPG‎  

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    Antalaha mixed delights non stop

    Antalaha sl7.

    On Monday, after my morning sea swimming, I had a nap appointment with my nice connection of 2014. Same smile, sweet, nice body (cf. Pics). Now she had ID, so no problem for nap time. However my end with her, her mother. Was not my best souvenir of 2014. So it remained a one shot opportunity, as she did not become wet.

    For dinner then night action, my experienced BB orgasmic girl was booked. And we had wonderful time, as I loved her coming. But she had get a cold, so in consideration of my schedule, leaving next Sunday, it became my last night with her.

    For Tuesday nap, I wanted to experience the exciting fleshy girl with nice smile I noticed on Sunday afternoon.

    In fact she was fantastic: so happy, laughing, enjoying (cf pics) . I could not resist to come in cowboy position, when she excited just the extremity of my little boy. What a remarkable technician of men's pleasure (as usual left in her handbag a 20 000 AR tip: 6 E).

    As I was fully booked till end of the week, I could not renew with her. But very good souvenir. When I met her once later in the street, and of course wanted new session with me, as I told her it was impossible, I could not resist to give her an additional tip equivalent to 3 E!

    But for Tuesday night time, I wanted to experience my other girl with nice eyes, which phone number collected on Sunday. No problem, she had ID.

    I was also sure she was well experienced with men.

    Notwithstanding my nap coming, she was so exciting, sweet, wet, both moaning together, loving give and take caresses. That I came again at evening session.

    With her I could not stop to be as strong as a stick.

    After she left, she sent me a message in the morning: " I adorn you. I spent a wonderful night with you!

    So I took the decision to stick to her till my young virgin be free from her exams.

    So on Wednesday lunch, we went together to Cap Est. Both came again at nap time.

    Both were exhausted and slept as logs!

    Dinner: After a Coco chicken at Joyce restaurant, back to bed. Evening night session shorter as we already gave the best of ourselves at nap time.

    But after a good sleep, morning session became memorable. I was terribly tough. Both ended in moaning in cowboy position. But she left at 05.30 as she was going to help an aunt to sell garments on the market.

    She joined me at 4 pm. We ate ice cream, then went to a mediocre dinner Chez Momo.

    Before night session, I thought a lot: to lie, or to tell her the truth (my liaison to come with other). Beforehand, when dining the previous day, I had explained to her, that I was not the kind of vazaha to promise things to girls, then not to implement. I had seen Malagasy girls suffering of trust betrayed.

    So I explained to her on the pillow, that before having intercourses with her, I had met a young virgin who wanted me as first lover, but she was in exams till Thursday, but I promised to be her beloved as from Friday.

    She appeared clearly sad. She thought about.

    But I did her a delightful DATY, I knew she liked. Then she loved me with passion.

    In the next morning she reiterated. I was sure she was the kind of girl wanting to have pleasure until all possible limits. She came again in deep abandon.

    Ah, what wonderful butts, sex and tits to taste as delights.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the Forum's Zero Tolerance policy prohibiting reports containing any references to any persons under the age of 18. This restriction includes references in the form of code words like "very young" and "young girls". Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.

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    Antalaha life

    Antalaha Sl9.

    End of Saturday morning, I went to visit her home.

    I was received by mother, father and two children around 4 and 8.

    My beloved clearly resembled her mother who was around 38/40 years old.

    She kindly looked at me and confirmed the promise made by her daughter.

    We had a simple, formal conversation, translated by daughter to mother, with father saying nothing, just looking at me with no comment. Nothing was asked to me, no complain or request of money, just interested by my appearance.

    My surprise was father. With Muslim head cover.

    She had told me, her father was car painter.

    As my beloved was clearly Christian, with Christian chain on her breast, later on I asked her about her family religion.

    She told me her mother was Christian -and accordingly her- but her mother converted to Islam as she married a Muslim.

    I indirectly understood the family story: my beloved was the wished child her mother made when she was around 18/20 as so many girls in Mada, with an attractive man passing by. (Maybe also reason for which this lady wanted to know the first lover of her daughter. To remember her own freedom at same age).

    Then when around 30 she wanted to settle a family. She married this Muslim gentleman and since then had children from him.

    Until now Christian and Muslims live in good harmony in Mada. Especially, the indo-Pakistani Muslim are owning shops and trade, they are rich and they live and marry between them. Often they are chiites. Their girls are not accessible, but there is enough to do with ethnic Malagasy girls!

    But with Saudi Arabia help, Sunnite charities seem in development. And more generally Islam appears in great progress according to all people I talked to. Easy to attract people with some social actions in such a poor and corrupted country. So, all observers living there say: the question is for Mada in 10/20 years from now. What share Islam will have taken in daily way of life? Will girls with mini shorts or skirts continue to decorate the streets. Or will it become a completely different atmosphere?

    I spent my last Antalaha night with my girl. Two interesting sessions. But she was still so tight. I started to initiate her to cowboy position, but it was still painful to her.

    She told me she would like a new mobile. I gave her accordingly a final gift to buy one correct one (100 000 AR /30 E).

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    Sambava end 0316

    Sambava sl10.

    On Sunday, I had a good taxi- Brousse trip back to Sambava.

    I had promised to my and°1 Sambava girl to be there for her 21 birthday which was on Monday.

    We had a very sweet session on Sunday afternoon. She made a very good BJ with sweet actions on my most sensitive parts.

    Then, dinner. But really no good restaurant in Sambava. Went to a restaurant who had been mentioned to me (on the road not far from airport) : Restaurant Capricorne. She found her fish non edible I found my seeôte de zebu, impossible to eat!

    Back under the rain and night together.

    Monday we spent together birthday date: bed and beach.

    This girl was clearly sad to miss education. At a moment she took one of my books and started to read three times the same sentences. She wished I correct her reading (even if did not understand what was written).

    I was clearly moved by this girl who would have like to be educated.

    She wished and I paid her an Alliance Française course (45 000 AR /13 E).

    I told her I wanted my last night alone, to prepare my luggages to AairMad plane. With so few weight allowed (20 kg+ 5 kg).

    I believe she understood, we had good time, but my thoughts where. Somewhere else.

    And luckily. As on Tuesday morning, I had the surprise to be called by my Antalaha virgin. Who had come to Sambava (with an aunt visit pretext). She wanted to join me at the airport, and wanted to kiss me a last time before I leave Vanila coast.

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    Tamatave in August 2015

    For technical reasons pics with short comments have already been put on the site in Feb 2016.

    Hereafter detailed reports which were written on my Ipad, but could not be transferred from my PC (where stored) to this site without hard return.

    So I send them directly from Ipad before deleting them. As I discovered that direct transfer from Ipad to this site did not induced Hard return!

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    Tamatave August 2015 1

    I arrived from Paris through Reunion Island to Tamatavewith Air Austral on a Friday, with a buddy who wanted to discover MADA with me as first trip. And so much said on safety problems.

    Settled in Hotel Anjara, as for previous trip (70 000 AR = 21 E).

    As it was early afternoon, I had time to buy a new SIM card and to exchange cash at my usual changers office, which always offer best rate over Adam et Eve coffee shop.

    1 E = 3320 Ariary.

    The best news for MADA is that the rate is always weaker at each trip, but prices remain roughly the same (hotels, taxis.) . Also girls' gifts which remain between 30 000 to 50 000 AR depending upon your generosity, girls profile and satisfaction (I. E 9 E to 15 E. And I never talk of gifts with girls well chosen: the maximum you have to endeavor in case of post discussion with badly chosen girl is 50 000 AR).

    First dinner at restaurant of Hotel Joffre, but since they change the decoration to "modernize" it, and the waiters no more in dark jacket, the old colonial flavor completely disappeared (80 000 AR for two, I. E 24 E).

    Of course, as soon as arrived, I was eager of action. And the best " library" to chose good "books": is Pandora Disco opened only on Friday and Saturday night.

    Action does not start before 11.30, time to go after a nap, with night taxi (6000 AR =1,8 E).

    Unfortunately, probably because of my previous night in plane, I was not very accurate in my choice. And agreed with a little animal with too attractive smile and shape who litterally shot on me after I spent more than 30 mn to wander here and there.

    Usually I never take girls who canvass me. But I was too tired to resist.

    Good behavior but with no pleasure. Started to talk to me of her grand mother sickness. Message well understood, she was not with me for what I am only looking for: girl's pleasure. I was fast demobilized and preferred to tell her to go and sleep alone.

    Second day, I had to handle an unexpected question!

    One week before we leave, my buddy confessed to me that he was not interested by girls but by malagasy boys (I did not know at all how to handle this question, as to see vazahas with local girls is everywhere you go. I had never seen in MADA a vazaha, with a boyfriend!

    I read on Internet that homo relationship with a minor below 21 was liable of jail in MADA. But, even when respecting this rule, I did not know how permissive was the local society on this behavior.

    I decided to contact a voluptuous libertine I enjoyed last January 2014 (with another girl, and also alone, even looking at porno video during action to be more aroused).

    She remembered me quite well, and as it was Saturday, I conveyed her to a meeting in Pandora night club.

    She cheered me very much, arrived with a girl friend; then arrived another past night partner with a girlfriend.

    I had soon four attractive girls around me, greeting me with fun.

    In the meantime, my buddy was in the doldrum, dull in this exciting hetero world, where he could find a male partner. He refused several girls welcome.

    I finally told to my libertine girl the problem: he is gay. How to handle!

    She confirmed there was no gay club in Tamatave . But there was gay in Quenn's club.

    So we went there. A nice transexual guy came to us and my buddy. But he said she confused, he had no interest in transexual, but only in real boys.

    Luckily, my libertine told me she knew such a boy and gave me his phone number.

    We left Quenn, my buddy and my libertine. And had excellent moments with her moaning and me enjoying her splendid body: thin, long legged, with superb little tits of perfect shape as I like them. She is really an Angkorwat apsara" sculpture! (unfortunately she is too acquainted with Internet: no nude photo of her).

  14. #1802

    Tamatave August 2015 2

    Tam 2.

    Next day was Sunday.

    My "apsara", who is a student in tourism, told me she was visiting as from Monday her mother for a fortnight in " la brousse" south of Tamatave.

    So accordingly, we had a delicious second night together on Sunday evening.

    In the meantime, contact was initiated between my buddy and the " boy " recommended by my " apsara".

    They soon had "their business" I did not care more.

    Through gay Internet networks, my buddy told me there was plenty of available gays in TANA, but quite none in Tamatave. However he succeeded to initiate finally some other contacts. His conclusion is that Tamatave is missing a gay bar, as they seem to exist as in TANA but it is a small hidden world.

    By the way, he told me that he had given 20000 AR (6 E) to his bed boy. And even nothing to other he finally get through Internet. They were just asking "taxi money", he gave 5000 AR (1,5 E!) . Happy world for aficionados of this sect (However it will not change my tastes!

  15. #1801

    Tamatave August 2015 3

    Tam 3.

    My "apsara" having left to visit her mother for a fortnight, I called my most beloved little doll (cf my post).

    On Tuesday evening, she came to my Anjara Hotel room and had our first " floating " session in various positions. She was completely mad of pleasure when my little boy was frigging her sensitive parts and falling from time to time in her private juicy hole.

    Next day, Wednesday, I suggested, we meet on the beach with her little boy. Now 2. 5 years old, with the same smile than his mother.

    After she left him back home, we went back to my room for another evening then night session.

    It would be boring for readers to repeat what we did the following nights together.

    However, I cannot omit an exceptional evening we had together as we did not used the multiple positions we were accustomed to.

    One evening, we were both lazy, laying on the back in bed, our sensitive parts not aroused.

    I started to orient her hand on my precious organs. And of course, I came progressively aroused. In the meantime, I started to action her little button and caress her fence. After such mutual excitement, we came closer together. And my stick started to lick her private parts. Always laying lazily along on our back. I started to go in. Her little buttocks started to go up and down, she was moaning with delight. A thigh just going over the other, we continued action always in this lazy position. It excited her more and more, my hand was operating her button and her lips. I do not know how many orgasms she get in this position. But her fluid ejaculated a lot. My tool, my hand, all my balls, my thigh were covered of her juice in a way I never obtained from any girl in my whole life! My tool was rowing as an oar in a pond!

    Notwithstanding our difference of age we enjoyed an incredible mutual pleasure. The Chinese Taoïsts are my bedside books, and the more I deepen my sexual experiences, the more I trust their wisdom. My girl finally fall asleep completely exhausted: my yang had been strongly reinforced by swallowing her yin fluid. And I effectively believe that absorbing the yin of multiple girls through mutually enjoyable sessions is paving the way to achieve immortality!

    The following week, my buddy and I, went to Foulpointe just for tourism, enjoy the lagoon, the beach and the lobsters.

    I did not bring any "pillow" this time, in consideration of my buddy abstinence.

    I do not suggest July / August season for tourism on the east coast, as there are often showers on daytime, certain days, and the water is pretty cold for swimming. However, the temperature is pleasant (around 25°).

    In Foulpointe, I stayed in Manda Beach as usual. They increased their rates (85 000 AR for double room double occupancy, or 77 500 AR for double room single occupancy, with breakfast).

    The point is that they say that now they offer WIFI (a great improvement) but they are most often lying. My buddy (and I) were angry, when we discovered as it appeared on our IPAD that Orange was asking the hotel to add "credit". After lying, the manageress recognized that as there was many clients. WIFI was costly for the hotel and she refrained to add credit on the hotel's Orange account.

    Another point is that July / August is not the season for lobsters and camarons, told us Gentil Pecheur restaurant which is best lobster cooking place.

    But on the beach: beach boys were proposing lobsters, cooked by them on the beach?? (50 000 AR per kilo - 15 E).

    I understood that restaurants are normally buying lobsters per 10 or 12 kg to fishermen, who are fishing beyond the coral barrier. And it is not the fishing season.

    But some fishermen, in connection with beach boys keep some lobsters in cage in the lagoon.

    Finally I negotiated with Gentil Pecheur their cooking (with coconut sauce) for 10 000 AR per person - 3 E; and sale of the animal by the beach boy at 40 000 AR -12 E -per kilo!! It did not increased much the Price list of standard Menu. And we get our lobsters!

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